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Sayyid Saeed Akhtar Rizvi - Your Questions Answered - Volume III

Sayyid Saeed Akhtar Rizvi - Your Questions Answered - Volume III

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I have come to understand that it is because of the music accompanying them that films
are forbidden in our Sheriat. Is it true? If so why is it haram to see silent movies?

A. As explained above, it is not only because of Music. There are other factors involved. If
there is a "silent" film which is free from obscenity, dance and "crime-training" then it is not

By the way, I have been told that even in educational films, there is always music in the


Are we (i.e. Ithnasheris) allowed to see the film Pilgrimage to Mecca'?

A. The films in general have some features, anyone of which is enough to make it a
'Gunah-e-Kabira'. (See for detail. Question No. 59).

Then there is a principle of sheriat that a man should not go to a place which is generally
used for Haram deeds even if he goes there for a perfectly Halal purpose. Because, first,
the passer-by would not know his real intention and would think that he is going there for
committing that sin. Secondly, he will become used to go to such places which is
dangerous in itself. Thirdly, others by seeing him going there will be encouraged to follow
his example.

Now, even if a perfectly safe film is being shown in a cinema, it is not good to go there.
Apart from the above-mentioned three reasons, your children will think that there is nothing
wrong in going to cinema; and thus you will be responsible to create in them a sinful habit.

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