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Select Menu> Settings> Call settings and one of following options:

Call forwarding — to forward your incoming calls (network service). Call forwarding
and call restrictions cannot be active at the same time. See Call restrictions in
“Security,” p.76.

Anykey answer> On — to answer an incoming call by briefly pressing any key,
except the left and right selection keys, volume key, camera key, or the end key.

Answer when fold is opened> On — to set your phone to answer a call when you
open the fold. If the setting is off, you must press the call key after you open the fold.

Automatic redial> On — to set your phone to make a maximum of 10 attempts to
connect the call after an unsuccessful call attempt.

Speed dialing> On — to dial the names and phone numbers assigned to the speed
dialing keys, 2 to 9. To dial, press and hold the corresponding number key.

Call waiting> Activate — to set the network to notify you of an incoming call while
you have a call in progress (network service). See “Call waiting,” p.23.

Summary after call> On — to briefly display the approximate duration of the call
after each call.

Send my caller ID> Yes — to show your phone number to the person you are calling
(network service). To use the setting agreed upon with your service provider,
selectSet by network.

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