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Hello and welcome to the Tec de Monterrey Campus Quertaro! Now that you have been formally accepted to study with us, you are ready to begin your admissions process to our campus. My name is Juan Carlos Castillo, and I am the International Programs Coordinator for the Tec de Monterrey Campus Quertaro. From this moment on, I will be your personal advisor, so please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have. I hope that I can help to solve any of your doubts or issues prior to your arrival in Mexico as well as ensure that all the stages of your admission process go as smoothly as possible. In this document, you will find information about: Important dates for the spring 2014 academic period. The remaining steps you need to complete in the admission process. How to choose your classes for the semester. Housing options that are available to you. University costs and how to make payments to the Tec de Monterrey. To better prepare for your international experience in Mexico and at the Tec de Monterrey Campus Quertaro, I recommend that you check out these links online to see important information about events and dates for international students as well as get a sneak peak of what the international experience has been like for past exchange students at the Tec de Monterrey: The official webpage for the International Programs Department: Our Facebook page: Our Youtube channel: I hope this document is able to answer many of your remaining questions before you come to Quertaro, but if it does not, please do not hesitate in contacting me at any time. I look forward to meeting you and welcome you to what will surely be one of the best experiences of your life! Mxico te espera!


NOV. 15, 2013 JAN. 7, 2014



MAY 21, 2014

Tecnolgico de Monterrey Campus Quertaro

Epigmenio Gonzlez 500 Quertaro, Quertaro 76130 Tel.: +52 (442) 238 3370




1. Contact the International Programs Office at your home university to familiarize yourself with the requirements of their study abroad process. 2. Have your university send us the following documents both electronically and by mail. Please use DHL, UPS, FedEx, or other international mailing services to send us these forms - DO NOT use regular mail: Your nomination letter that includes your full name, the academic period for which you wish to study at the Tec de Monterrey (spring semester 2014), your academic level (undergraduate/graduate), your academic major, nationality, date of birth, passport number, and your e-mail address. In addition, the letter should note that you are coming as part of an exchange program to Campus Quertaro. Your academic transcript with your most recent grades. PLEASE DO NOT SEND CHECKS, MONEY ORDERS, OR ANY KIND OF PAYMENT BY MAIL. 3. Send us the following documents ONLY by e-mail: A copy of your passport A short personal statement stating your reasons for wanting to study at the Tec de Monterrey Campus Quertaro Your pick from our housing options (the university residence halls, a host family, or an independent living situation)* A copy of your international health insurance plan in the form of a card or document** Your cover letter and resume if you are interested in applying for our internship program*** If you are coming to Campus Quertaro as an independent student or are making tuition payments directly to our university, you will also need to submit a statement declaring that you are able to cover your university expenses on time. If you are unsure of the dates for when each payment is due, the university will be able to supply you with this information. Any questions or concerns so far? Please feel free to send me an e-mail at and I would be happy to help you complete the first steps of your admission process.
* For more information about our housing options, please see page 5.


Send all your electronic documents as attachments rather than in the body of an e-mail so that we are able to open them more easily. Check the e-mail address that you have given us as your contact address frequently as we will use it to send you important information prior to your arrival in Mexico

Tecnolgico de Monterrey Campus Quertaro Epigmenio Gonzlez 500 Quertaro, Quertaro 76130 Tel.: +52 (442) 238 3370

** If you do not have an international health insurance plan from your home country or university, you can purchase one from our campus after your arrival for approx. $200 USD.

*** If you are interested in learning more about the universitys internship program, please contact Alonso Estrada, our Internship Program Coordinator, at




Once you have sent us all the required documents, please fill out the Universitys online registration form, SIM. How to complete your SIM: 1. Go online to 2. You will see a page that says User Login. Select between English or Spanish as your preferred language to complete the registration form and click the link that says Not registered yet? Create an account. 3. On the following page, please fill in the required information as shown below: In Admission Type, please select non degree-seeking student In Academic Area, please select the area that you are studying in your home university In Level at which you wish to enroll, please select undergraduate/bachelor`s degree In Program type, please select regular university courses In Campus of your interest, please select Campus Quertaro In Academic period at which you wish to enroll, please select Semestral Ene-Mayo de 2014 4. Once you have filled out all the required information, click on Register. In about an hour, you will receive an e-mail at the address you provided on your registration form that confirms your registration with SIM. The confirmation e-mail will include the username (your provided e-mail address) and assigned password that you will use to confirm your registration in SIM. 5. Using your username and password, sign in to the SIM website and fill out the rest of the registration form with your information. 6. On the following page, you will be asked to provide your personal information as well as information about your home university. Please try to fill out the information to the best of your ability and if you have any doubts, please send me an e-mail. In addition, if you are coming as an exchange student to the Tec de Monterrey, be sure to choose this option when it appears. 7. After you have finished registering on SIM, please send me an e-mail at and I will confirm that your registration was completed successfully. Tecnolgico de Monterrey Campus Quertaro Epigmenio Gonzlez 500 Quertaro, Quertaro 76130 Tel.: +52 (442) 238 3370



NEED HELP? If you are having trouble registering for your SIM, please do not hesitate to e-mail me at and I will do my best to help fix any problems you are experiencing.




Once we receive your nomination letter from your home university, our Academic Coordinator will contact you in order to help you select your courses for the upcoming academic term. Here is what you need to do in order to pick your classes: Take the preliminary Spanish exam if Spanish is not your native language. This exam is designed to test your level of Spanish in order to see which Tec de Monterrey courses suit your language skills. To take the exam, please visit qro.itesm and sign in using the password itesm. Select Espaol (NOT Spanish) and enter your first name, last name, and e-mail. THE USE OF DICTIONARIES AND/OR ANY OTHER TYPE OF ASSISTANCE IS PROHIBITED. Check the course catalog for available classes. Please keep in mind that the course catalog may change in terms of course code, name, equivalency, or language without prior notice, so be sure to check with our Academic Coordinator if you are unsure about a class. E-mail your course selection list to our Academic Coordinator. In order to ensure that you are able to enroll in your desired course schedule, please send us your selection at least two months in advance and make sure that your chosen classes are approved by your home university. * HELPFUL HINT: You can check to see the equivilencies of a Tec de Monterrey course by going to Google and searching for itesm + the course module code. In order to get more specific information, change the word sintetico to analtico on the address bar, then press ENTER.
* The administrative charge is only applied to international independent students once during the semester. * If you are coming to the Tec as an independent student, you will need to cover at least 50% of your tuition fee prior to your arrival and the remaining balance within 10 days after your arrival to Quertaro.

Tecnolgico de Monterrey Campus Quertaro Epigmenio Gonzlez 500 Quertaro, Quertaro 76130 Tel.: +52 (442) 238 3370

Administrative fee*

MAX. 48 TEC units = 30 ECTS = 15 American Credits MIN. 32 TEC units = 20 ECTS = 12 American Credits

$100.00 USD
Cost per course

$1,150.00 USD

HAVE QUESTIONS? For more information about about our course catalog, contact Vernica Martnez, our Academic Coordinator, at For more information about academic costs, please contact me at




Now that you have been accepted into the Tec de Monterrey, it is time for you to choose where you will be living for the duration of your semester in Quertaro. Currently, we offer three different options:

HOST FAMILY (approx. $440 USD per month)

With this option, you will get to live with a Mexican family, enabling you to experience their culture and traditions first-hand while practicing your Spanish on a daily basis. Families live within 7 kilometers of the Tec de Monterrey campus and the monthly payment includes basic utilities (water, internet, gas, electricity), laundry services, your own bedroom, and three meals per day. If you are interested in this option, you will be required to fill out a questionnaire so that we are able to match you with a family that best fits your lifestyle.

Tecnolgico de Monterrey Campus Quertaro Epigmenio Gonzlez 500 Quertaro, Quertaro 76130 Tel.: +52 (442) 238 3370

RESIDENCE HALLS (approx. $360 - $540 USD per

month) The recently constructed Residencias TEC are located directly on our campus. You will be provided with a double room and the weekly payment includes basic utility costs (water, internet, electricity); however, the cost of laundry and meals are not included. Food can be purchased on campus for around $5.00 USD per meal. In addition, it is important to note that students who choose to live in the residence halls must abide by curfew policies and other rules. If you are interested in this housing option, it is also recommended that you apply at least one year in advance to avoid being put on the waiting list.


For more information about our housing options, contact our Housing Coordinator, Claudia Ugalde, at

INDEPENDENT HOUSING (approx. $200 $450 USD per month) There are many apartments and houses available near campus with either Mexican or other international students. Services included in your monthly rent price will vary. While you are in charge of contacting the owner of the housing you are interested in renting, we do have a lawyer available on campus to help you review any legal documents you are required to sign, such as your rental contract. In addition, we recommend that you do not make any rental payments prior to your arrival in Mexico.




All international students should obtain a Mexican Student Visa from the Mexican Embassy in their home country prior to their arrival in Mexico. Our university lawyer, Arturo Bravo, is available to answer any questions you may have about the Student Visa process. You can e-mail him anytime at


(approx. $200 USD)

You are only required to purchase the TEC health insurance plan if you did not apply for one from your home country or university prior to your arrival in Mexico. In addition, we also offer several other health insurance plans with different coverage packages. The costs will vary, so please send me an e-mail at if you would like to know more about these other options.

Tecnolgico de Monterrey Campus Quertaro Epigmenio Gonzlez 500 Quertaro, Quertaro 76130 Tel.: +52 (442) 238 3370


All payments can be made once you arrive to our campus. Please DO NOT send checks, money orders, or any other anticipated payments.


Thank you for taking the time to read about our admission process. I hope this guide has left you feeling well-prepared about finishing up the remaining steps of your application as well as excited to join us for the upcoming spring 2014 semester. However, if you still do have any doubts or questions prior to your arrival in Mexico, please remember that you can e-mail at any time at and I would be happy to help you solve any problems. Thanks again and I will see you in Quertaro! Juan Carlos Castillo International Programs Coordinator Tec de Monterrey Campus Quertaro Tel.: + 52 (442) - 238 - 3370 E-mail: