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Animal Class Habitat

This kitty like creature looks
Tasmanian Tiger The Tasmanian Tiger come like if as the mother was a
This cute creature is also know from Australia, Tasmania, and Tasmanian species and saw a
as a Thylacine. The name Thy- New Guinea. attracting tiger and told herself
lacine can from the Greeks. It OMG he is so cute. So they
means “Dog Headed Pouched The Tasmanian Tiger lives in a slipped off into the night
One” Den where they have there then…..
cute babies which are MAM-
They are mammals. And what MALS. When they are done with the
they use to call it was The Tas- process of making a baby. It
manian Tiger because of its turned out as a half lion and
striped back. tiger Its appearance helps them
Their nicknames are know to
be Tazzie, Tazzy Tiger.

Since this animal is

extinct they took a This picture is the
clay with fur like Tasmanian as you
coat so this is a fake can see the strips
This is a picture picture of the Tas- and the tiger like
so that you can get manian. figure.
a idea of what it
looks like. It is
also a common
Food Young Threats

The Tasmanian Tiger had an Threats to the Tasmanian Ti-

exclusively carnivorous diet. ger are this species:
Its stomach was muscular and • Cheetahs
has the ability to digest large • Lions
amounts of food at one time. • Poisonous Snakes
This is though to have al- • Poisonous Ants
lowed the animal to survive • Elephants
for long periods of time when
little food was available or
when hunts were unsuccess-

Its prey would have included

kangaroos, wallabies, wom- Baby inside yolk sack.
bats, birds, and other small
animals such as possums. The
prey might have also included
the then prevalent Tasmanian
Emu, however this species
was hunted to extinction.

This looks like

when me and
This is the mother with her
Marcella wake up
baby. And yawn!!!!!

This Is the mom

guarding the food This is our Favor-
under her legs. ite picture!!