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ANSYS CFD SYLLABUS Introduction and Welcome Introduction to CFD Solver Basics Boundary Conditions Solver Settings Turbulence

Modeling Heat Transfer Modeling User-Defined Functions dvanced !"ysics Transient Flo# Modeling !ost $rocessing #it" F%U&'T and CFD-!ost Wor(s"o$ )* Fluid Flo# and Heat Transfer in a Mi+ing Tee Wor(s"o$ ,* Transonic Flo# over a ' C --), irfoil

Wor(s"o$ .* /oom Tem$erature Study 0!arts ) and ,1 Wor(s"o$ 2* &lectronics Cooling #it" 'atural Convection and /adiation Wor(s"o$ 3* Centrifugal !um$ Wor(s"o$ 4* Modeling of Catalytic Convertor Wor(s"o$ 5* Tan( Flus"ing