The negative effect of the limited access of instructional technology in the teaching learning process in the English language major at Universidad Tecnológica de El Salvador. Instructional technology is concerned with improving the effectiveness and efficiency of learning in educational context. That is way it has been a requirement for universities, in order to improve the education quality and develop more competences in the students ’ learning. There are many students enrolled in the English language major at Utec, who do not possess well developed competences, do not know have to manage technological resources and have a low English level. These problems are consequence of the restricted access or not enough technology in the Language Department at Utec. The restrictions to internet and other important technological devices cause limitations and disadvantages in the acquisition of the second language because there are many technological tools which can be used in the ESL classes to improve students’ both English and technology skills. The use of the instructional technology in class environment is important, inasmuch it is a great stimuli for second language learners, who study more independent at any time of the day, feel less stress and they can repeat the lessons studied in class as often as necessary.

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