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LESSON PLAN TEMPLATE Sindy Salgado What Is Renewable Energy? 3rd Grade STANDARDS CCSS.ELA-Literacy.RI.3.

.2 Determine the main idea of a text; recount the key details and explain how they support the main idea. 4-ESS3-1 Obtain and combine information to describe that energy and fuels are derived from natural resources and their uses affect the environment. LESSON SUMMARY/OVERVIEW In this lesson each student will be assigned to read and analyze a book to determine the main idea either on coal energy, solar energy, or wind energy. The students will be grouped into groups of three so that they can collaborated what they each have learned about the different forms of energy. The students will be able to reflect upon the three types of energy and combine the information found to describe the affects it has on the environment. In conclusion the students will be able to develop their own opinion on what form of energy is best for the environment. OBJECTIVES Students will be able to read and identify the main idea on either coal, solar, or wind energy from an informational text. Students will be able to reflect upon their reading to develop what form of energy affects the environment the most after learning about each form of energy form there collaborating groups. ASSESSMENT/EVALUATION The students will write a three-paragraph essay to demonstrate mastery of reading and comprehension of informational text. Introduction: Body: Conclusion: Essay Lay Out Students will introduce the three forms of energy that they learned about. Students will decide which form of energy least affects the environment and why. Students will state their decision on why this form of energy is better than the other two. PREREQUISITE KNOWLEDGE Prior to completing this lesson the students must know what an informational text is and have had past experience reading informational text. Also the students should have been previously taught what comprehension is and how to identify key details form a text. Last but not least the students should be able to retell what they have read from the informational text. MATERIALS Books Document Camera Lets Learn It Worksheet Scaffolding Worksheet for Writing SMART Board Vocabulary Worksheet

VOCABULARY/KEY WORDS Renewable Energy Nonrenewable Energy Coal Energy Solar Energy Wind Energy Fossil Fuels TEACHING PROCEDURES Teacher Will Student Will 1. Tell the students that they will be 1. Listen to the teacher. learning about renewable energy. 2. Have the opportunity to make educated 2. Ask the students, What do you think guesses on what renewable energy is. renewable energy is? 3. Write down the new vocabulary words in 3. Present the students with new their vocabulary worksheet. vocabulary words, renewable energy, 4. Look at the examples and illustrate each coal energy solar energy, wind vocabulary word on their worksheets. energy, fossil fuels. 5. Feel free to ask questions to deepen 4. Give students visual examples on knowledge of the new terms. each vocabulary word. 5. Explain each vocabulary word in detail. 1. Instruct the students that they will be 1. Pick form the hat their form of renewable assigned to a group of three but first energy. they have to pick their form of 2. Students pick one book on their form of energy from a hat. energy. 2. Tell the students to pick from the 3. Listen the teacher. books provided on their assigned 4. Continue to listen. energy. 5. Begin to read their book. 3. Tell the students to read their 6. Answer the three questions provided informational text. Teacher will remind students what an informational text is, Informational text, is a nonfiction book that provides the reader with factual information on the topic. 4. Remind the student that in an informational text the main idea is usually the title. 5. Tell the students to begin reading their book. 6. Explain to the students that they have to focus on answering three questions from the Lets Learn It worksheet: 1. Is your form of energy nonrenewable or renewable? 2. How is your form of energy captures? 3. Where is your form of energy found?

Guided Practice 15-min.

Instructional Input 10-min.

1. Collaborated Practice 20min.



Instruct the students to join their groups (that the teacher has previously made due to their forms of energy). Tell the students that they will have to teach their groups members about their form of energy based on the three questions they answered while reading. Prepare the students to write their short essay on, What Is Renewable Energy? worksheet.

1. 2. 3.

Get into their groups of three. Teach their groups members on their form of energy. Gather their notes to write their short essay.

RESOURCES Non-Required WAYS OF THINKING CONNECTION In this lesson plan students will use Systems Thinking when answering the questions on the Lets Learn worksheet in gathering the information form the informational text they read and the groups discussion they had with their peers in their collaborated groups. The students understand Systems Thinking by writing their essay and seeing the connections between the three forms of energy (coal, solar, and wind) this lesson focused on.