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Academic Advising Research & Plan of Study

In the following semesters,I plan to take the courses I need and Im interested in to accomplish the requirement in the department.The requirement in statistic department is 4core courses and 6 elective courses according to my direction of professor.Here is my plan in order In the summer term,I decided to take three courses each of which has ! credit.They are " language#$asic %&% program and %'%%.These are all important softwares using in statistics,I choose to learn them all in summer (ecause I want to learn them all as soon as possi(le to give me a preparation for internships in the ne)t summer semester. In this fall semester,I chose two ma*or courses in statistics %T&T+44 &pplied 'ro(a(ility and %T&T66, %tatistical -raphics and .ata /)ploration I, and two (ridge courses0+12 and +134 . /ach of them has , credits. %T&T ++4 is a(out random varia(les and e)pectation, multivariate and conditional distri(utions, conditional e)pectation, order statistics,transformations, moment generating functions, special distri(utions, limit theorems. %T&T 66, is a(out graphic design using software ". 5e)t semester, I plan to choose (iostatistics %T&T +61611! which using statistical methods in analy7ing (iology study. &lso, I would like to choose %T&T 33, %tatistical -raphics and .ata /)ploration II (y the same professor in designing graphs. The

term after ne)t I will choose %T&T 6+6 . %T&T 6+6 is on aspects of simple and multiple linear regression, polynomial regression, general linear models, su(set selection, step6wise regression, and model selection. &lso covered are multicollinearity, diagnostics, and model (uilding as well as the theory and practice of regression analysis. &ll the models I choose (efore are , credits.

In ne)t spring,I plan to take four courses in statistics which include one core course and three elective courses.The core course is %T&T6+2 %tatistical Inference,and its a(out fundamental principles of estimation and hypothesis testing. The topics include limiting distri(utions and stochastic convergence, sufficient statistics, e)ponential families, statistical decision theory and optimality for point estimation, $ayesian methods, ma)imum likelihood, asymptotic results, interval estimation, optimal tests of statistical hypotheses, and likelihood ratio tests./lective courses are %T&T+61 0formerly 6614 $iostatistical 8ethods#$I9% 34, 6 -enomics, 'roteomics, and $io6informatics and %T&T6,4 :ase %tudies in .ata &nalysis.Im interested in (iostatistics so I choose these courses to satisfy my interest. In the final summer semester,I plan to take the rest two elective courses in statistics which are a(out applied statistics in using since I plan to work after graduate. Its a(out two year period of study and I wish to learn what I need as soon as possi(le to work in the future.