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Transitions to a Heart-Centered World Comparison of the Piscean & Aquarian Ages Comparison of Open 5. Blocked Chakras The Astrological Ages Introduction to Kundalini Yoga Tuning In Warm-up Exercise Set Concluding a Set THE SETS

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Wake up Series (NOTES) 27 Gururattan Kaur's Complete Warmup S, Preparation for Meditation 28 Sets for the Navel Center & the Lover Triangle Navel Adjustment Kriya (MED) _ 32 Abdominal Strength Tone S. Fitness (NOTES) 33 Sun Energy (NOTES) Expansiveness and clear mind 34 Nabhi Kriya (MED) Get abdominals in shape quickly35 GRK's Strengthening the Navel Ce Balancing and Distributing Creative Energy (NOTES) 36 Exercises for the Navel Center (MED) 39 Release the Navel Energy (MED) This is fun! 40 Prana-Apana Balance (YOG) Subtle release of Kundalini 42 Set to Balance Prana & Apana & Energize the Aura (Notes) 44 Exercise for Navel Point Strength (SURV) 46 Short Set to Balance Prana & Apana (NOTES) 46 Kriya for Physical and Mental Vitality (YOG) 47 The Navel Center & Elimination (MED) 48 Strengthening the Heart Center Pranayama Series (GSK) Powerful energy and prep for meditation 50 An Aerobics Set to do at Home (BEADS) 52 Heart Opener (NOTES) Powerful! 53 Heart Connection (NOTES) 54 Heart and Soul (NOTES) 55 Exercise Set for Balancing Head S. Heart (JOY) 56 Bridge Series (Power to the Heart) (NOTES) 57 Heart's Delight (NOTES) 58 Heart of Gold (NOTES) 59 Kundalini Set for the Heart (NOTES) 60

Strengthening the Immune System GRK's Circulation, Strengthening the Heart S. Immune System (NOTES) 62 Clean Lymphatics s< Adjust Lower Back (NOTES) 65 Cleansing the Symph Glands and Energy Balancing (NOTES)66 Balancing the Depository Sy For Immunity (NOTES) 70 Thymus S. Immunity Set (NOTES) 72 Thymus and Immunity and Cellular Oxidation (NOTES) 73 Alligator Set for 3rd Lotus and Glands (NOTES) Workout!! 74

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Popcorn Set (NOTES) For immune system workout Fish Fry Kriya (NOTES) For immune system workout Kriya for Disease Resistance (KEEP) Kriya to Balance & Recharge the Nervous & Immune System (NOTES) Disease Resistance S. Heart Helper (SADA) Exercise Set for the Lungs and Bloodstream (JOY) Serabandana Kriya for Curing any Disease (NOTES) Negativity and Tension Relaxation Series to Remove Negativity and Tension (RELAX) To Remove Negativity (RELAX) Removing Tension and Negativity (RELAX) For Negativity (NOTES)

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ElectroMagnetic Field Electro-Magnetic Field and Aura Perception (NOTES) 88 GRK's Quick Aura Fixers (NOTES) 90 Electro-Magnetic Field Set #1 (NOTES) 92 Electro-Magnetic Field Set #2 (NOTES) 93 Strengthening the Aura (SADA) 94 Exercise Set for Electro-Magnetic Frequency (JOY) 95 Magnetic Field and Heart Center (SADA) 96 To Balance Circumvent Force S. Recharge Divine Shell (NOTES) 99 • Auric Balance & Nerve Strength (NOTES)99 Preparatory Exercises for Lungs, Magnetic Fi Deep Meditation (SADA) ' 100 Prosperity and Abundance Opportunity and Green Energy Set (GSK) MEDITATIONS Meditation in Kundalini Yoga Meditation Facilitators Basic Meditations Silent Mul Mantra Meditation (NOTES) The root mantra Laya Yoga #2 Sank or Conch Kriya (NOTES) Laya Yoga #4 (NOTES) for the early morning Laya Yoga #8 (NOTES) tune into your undying consciousness Mars Meditation for the heart (NOTES) 107 110 113 113 114 115 116 117 102

Pranayama, the Navel S. the Nervous System118 Breathing to Change Nostrils at Will S. Primal Power of Creation (MED) 119 Pranic Meditation (NOTES) for youthfulness of mind and body 120 Maha Shakti Pranyam, Whistle Kriya (NOTES) 121 Mental Levitation (MED) 122 Breath Purification and Navel Energy (MED) 123 Raja Yoga Meditation for Tapa (NOTES AND MED) 124 The Heart Center Heart Shield Meditation (NOTES) quick pick up Instant Heart Chakra Opener (NOTES) It works! 125 125

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Builds Capacity 126 #3 For the Heart and Lymph System 127 £4 Harmonize with the Magnetic Field of the Earth & Experience Peace and Joy 127 #5 Prana to Make You Younger and Eliminate all Disease 128 #6 For Radiance and Reversal of Age 128 #7 Lotus Kriya to Cross all Adversities. Meditation of Creation 129 Triple Personality Meditation (NOTES) 130 Yoga Extension Meditation (NOTES) 130 Laya Yoga .Trea Kriya (NOTES) for the Heart Center 131 Deep Meditation to Open Heart Center (NOTES) 131 Projection & Protection from the Heart (NOTES) 132 Kriya to Adjust Magnetic Field (NOTES) 132 Smiling Buddha Kriya. Mind Curing. Breast Cancer. negative approach to Life (NOTES) 137 Last Meditation (NOTES) to think. Fulfills desires (NOTES) 141 Meditation for Intuition & Opportunity (NOTES) 142 Opportunities and Abundance Prosperity Meditation (NOTES) 143 Meditation Bringing Prosperity. act and see right 138 Hari Shabad Meditation (NOTES) brings positivity 139 Ong for Negativity and Tension (NOTES) 140 Chaipad Gaitri (NOTES) to erase negativity from your destiny 140 Meditation on the Divine Mother. 152 Another Healing Chant (NOTES).Meditation Series (NOTES) £1 Beautiful & Blissful to Increase Courage and Bring Kindness to the Expression 126 #2 Infinite Kriya: A Guarantee for Happy Days. Opening the Heart to Christ Consciousness (MED) • 133 The Positive and Neutral Minds A Splendid Experience (NOTES) For Happiness 134 Dr. Money and Indecision (Notes) 155 . Good Will & Projection (NOTES) 144 Meditation for Gurprasad (NOTES) for blessings from God 145 Meditation for Abundance (NOTES) 146 Meditation to OPen up Opportunity (NOTES) 150 Healing and Cleansing Breath Meditation to Strengthen the Mind & the Immune System (NOTES) 151 Healing Circle (NOTES) . 155 Sitali Pranayam (NOTES) for cleansing 156 For Self-Regeneration (NOTES) 156 .-. Feelgood for Ecstasy and Protection (NOTES) 135 Chatachya Kriya (NOTES) to feel good and happy 136 Happiness in the Circle of 8 (NOTES) to elevate energy 136 To Heal.4 - . Blue Light Cleansing Meditation (NOTES) . Heart Attack. 153 Healing Meditations for the Self and for Others (NOTES)154 Yoga Karma Kriya Meditation for Lymphs. Adhaar Kriya 'NOTES) to block. Console s> Wash Away All Negativity (NOTES) 137 Prann-.

Healthy. Holy Breath (MED) The Cosmic Teddy Bear (NOTES) 157 158 158 159 160 161 162 163 164 .Higher States of Awareness Manta Extension Yoga (NOTES) Maha Gian Agni Kriya (NOTES) for power and purity Pran Siti Kriya (NOTES) Magic Mantra Meditation (NOTES) For gifts and to get high Tattva Siddhi Kriya (NOTES) for a Kundalini rush Law of Light Meditation (NOTES) Rishi Haring Meditation Super Transcendental Meditation to Develop Trust (NOTES) The Happy.5 - .

September 25.LOVE is a constant. you have started to become human. 1985 LOVE IS THE ULTIMATE STATE of human behavior. It is the Diuvine in radiance. where compassion prevails and kindness rules. Your "soul mate" is your own soul. It is an experience of oneself in oneself. Undated HEAD & HEART: There is a conflict of head and heart. It is ever was.6 - . consistent flow of life. and ever shall be. Undated . January 1986 LOVE is between you and you. It is the vehicle of Prana. When the head learns to bow to the heart.

If held less than a minute. raise feet head and hands 6" off the ground and hold with Breath of Fire from minutes or a≤ long as possible. raising head so that nose comes between knees and hold with Breath of Fire for 2 minutes.WAKE UP SERIES Yogi Bhajan recommends the following series.7 - . rock back and forth on the spine from neck to tailbone for 1 minute. rest and repeat pose. arms and legs kept straight. collecting any darkness. Spinal Rock: In same position. 2. to clean and energize the aura. Nose to Knees: Bend the knees and clasp legs with arms. Then deeply inhale and VERY SLOWLY raise arms until thumb tips touch overhead. place hands beneath hips for support. increasing time daily. flatten hands and slowly arc them down. They can be done while still in bed. . Distributes pranic energy and relaxes spine. If the waist comes up. sweeping the aura with the palms. 4. 3. Ego—Eradicator: Sit in Easy Pose and raise arms to 60° out to the sides. Feel light around you and meditate on that light. thumbs extended straight up and hold with Breath of Fire for 2 minutes. negativity or sickness. Stretch Pose: Lying on back. Eyes should look at big toes. and hands point towards feet. every morning upon (or even before) arising. 1. Combines Prana with Apana. and press and release it into the earth. Sets the navel. fingertips on pads of fingers.

In Easy Pose. and exhaling. Sternum Potations. flexibility and elimination. Rotate the upper torso without moving the hips 15 times in each direction. stimulates liver. as the upper rises overhead.8 - . thighs. You may select from the list. tension release and h . Releases tension in the groin. . Feet hip width apart. flexibility. 1-2 minutes. For flexibility. 2 . adjusts hips. hands touching the ground between and behind the feet. For digestion. Pelvic rotations.GURURATTAN KAUR ' S WARMUP & PREPERATION FOR COMPLETE MEDITATION All exercises are to be done 1-2 minutes with powerful Breath of Fire unless otherwise specified. swinging the arms for momentum. Standing. 6. inhaling. 5. 1.") Good for waistline. For abdomen. Be sure and keep the body straight. slims waistline. promotes spinal flexibility. lock hips (bending knees if necessary). Place heels together and swing the torso from side to side. facilitates sitting in meditation. hands grasping feet and move the knees up and down to touch the floor. (not 'pinking. Adjust hips. 3. 4. liver. using the arms for momentum. heels touching Perineum. allowing the lower arm to swing behind the body. but do them in the sequence given. and grounding sexual energy. and twist upper torso from left to right. Sit with soles of feet together. bend forward . at the hips. stretch arms overhead and arch backwards. rotate the lower torso 15 times in each direction. elimination. feet hip width apart.

) . inhale. 9. (Alternate: Bend the head from side to side. (Alternate: Upper arms parallel to the ground and out to the sides. including the neck. c. still sitting heels. forearms up at 90°. on in as to to Side to side twists. For the upper spine. back. in Rock Pose. exhaling the right. For 1st & 2nd chakras. For thyroid arid releasing tension in the neck. roll the head evenly and slowly forward. arching the back forward at the waist. twist back and forth with the breath. moving it neither up and down nor forward and back to give the entire spine. right. coordinating the breath. keeping spir. Then place hands on knees with elbows straight and continue arching and contracting the spine with the breath. 8. touching ears to shoulders. hands on shoulders. inhaling you twist to the left. thumbs in back.a straight. fingers front. hands on knees. and stimulates heart. and exhale.7. Shoulder Shrugs: Alternately shrug shoulders up to ears and down to the limit. grasping ankles. releasing shoulder tension. continue with spinal flexes. seated on heels. Moves energy from navel heart. Spinal Flexes: Try to keep the head in place.9 - . thymus and throat center. as above. ironing out kinks as you go. contracting it back. slims waist. 10. In Easy Pose. Moves energy to the navel. Then reverse directions and continue. For moving energy from heart to throat. Still en knees. left and forward again. a good workout: a. hands in Gyan Mudra (thumb and index fingers joined). Then. b.

Setting the navel. stretch out over outstretched right leg and hold with powerful Breath of Fire. releasing tension in the pelvis. Rock and Roll on the spine from the base to the neck. Two Leg Life Nerve Stretch with legs together. inhale up and exhale down.10 - . knees remaining on the floor. . Life Nerve Stretch: With left heel pulled into groin. alternately or together to 90° as you inhale and lower them as you exhale for lower abdominal strength and the navel. holding on to the toes or ankles. 15. Circulates energy in the entire spine. Raise legs. upperspinal flexibility and the glandular system. head up on the inhale. moves energy up the spine. For heart center. 17. 13. For spinal flexibility. backs and behind the knees. Start slowly and increase speed. nose between knees. 12. Leg raises on back. with powerful breathing. 14. flex the spine up (like an angry cat). head dropping down on the exhale. Repeat on the other side. Opens the pelvis. and prepares legs for sitting. Cat-Cow: On hands and knees. and exhale as you stretch forehead down to alternate knees.11. around the navel after these exercises. (You should feel a strong heart beat with the fingertips pressed together. Relieves tension in the small of the back. knees clasped to chest. 16. Alternate leg stretches with legs wide apart. Massage the legs on "'the outsides.) a. Inhale up at center. and then down (like a tired cow).

tightening the buttocks to raise Kundalini energy up the spine. Prevents P. removes stress from ovaries and pelvis. clasp hands in Venus Lock behind the back. Crunches: Sitting with knees up.11 - . Then inhale. come upright on the exhale. digestion and elimination. c. keeping arms and legs straight. 18.S in women. Go immediately into normal Cobra (on stomach. Camel Pose: Kneeling. 21 . grasp ankles and rock back and forth on the stomach.b. and hold with Breath of Fire. Relax down. exhale and apply Mulbhand and feel the energy rise up and out the top of the head. 20. and adjusts the Calcium/Magnesium balance. Strengthens abs and navel. and raise legs and upper torso. press the pelvis forward and drop head back. hands under shoulders. straighten arms as you arch the back. Bow Pose: Still on stomach. lean back back as far as possible. arms folded. and hold with Breath of Fire.M. bend knees. Cobra variation: On stomach. raise straight legs and head 6" off the ground. 19. twisting to the left and the right. For strengthening the upper abdominal muscles and the navel point. Good for tension in the upper spine and shoulders. . laying palms of hands on soles of feet. exhale and pull Mulbhand. drop the head back and look at ceiling) Inhale. keeping the spine straight on the inhale. Then lean back. Stretch Pose: With the hands under the buttocks to protect the back. using the breath to move you. vertebra by vertebra.

It can be done in 'combination with other Nabhi (navel) kriyas. exhale and apply Root Lock. 4. hold a few seconds and come slowly down. Without navel energy. The Navel Chakra is well-known as a center of physical wellbeing. FISH POSE: Cross legs in Lotus Pose and grasp the big toes. BOW POSE: On stomach. With the fingertips you will be able to feel one point that beats strongly. arms and legs are straight. In Kundalini Yoga. If the beat is exactly in the center of the navel. Inhale. It is possible to build the time to 10 minutes. Gurucharan Singh Fowlis. the mental and physical are interrelated and co-regulating. WHEEL POSE: On back. Inhale. the navel chakra energy must be strong and fluid. also. and arch the neck so that you can look at your thumbs. and speed its assimilation. First do Stretch Pose (#1 below) for 2-3 minutes. you can meditate for years and not have the effect you can get in 3 days with the navel energy! (For complete text and 2-person navel point adjustments. It is a center of energy transformation in the body. The Navel Chakra is located in the region of the belly button. one can test the navel pulse (or abdominal heart). as well as to observe the intensity of energy coming from it. Raise head 6". fingers pointing to feet. with arms raised and not touching the body. Hold with Breath of Fire for 1 minute. To sustain the effect of a meditation. place the top of the head on the ground. please see Kundalini Meditation Manual. raising the chest up.inhale hold and relax down. in front of the spine. on the stomach. hold a few seconds. It is not just a point. "The Navel Point". fingertips pointing towards the toes. STRETCH POSE: Lying on back. integrate it into the personality.. gracefully. hold and relax down.S. Center yourself there and hold with Breath of Fire for 30 seconds to 1 minute.12 - . by M. carefully arch up so that the navel is the highest point on the body. then the navel point is in place. but lies back of it. point toes and raise heels 6" off the ground. (Mulbhand is automatically pulled in this position. do the following set. 3. 2. arching the neck back and hold with Breath of Fire for up to 3 minutes. place palms on the floor under the shoulders. reach back and grasp ankles and pull up. 1. Hold with Breath of Fire for 2-3 minutes . Now. Arching the neck and back. in its optimal location. Relax.) Inhale. balancing on the navel. feet together. If it is displaced.S. and then make a circle of the fingertips and press them gently but firmly down around tho belly button towards the spine.) . COMMENTS: It is written in the ancient Shastras. bend the knees and bring the heels to the buttocks.NAVEL ADJUSTMENT KRIYA To observe whether or not the navel point is centered. "All yoga starts at the navel point". and focus eyes on the toes.

1981 Ea ch e x er ci se is t o b e d o ne 108 times and then the whole set is to be repeated. "2" down. 1 . Clasp hands in Venus Lock under neck and bring the knees to the chest on "1". etc. raise legs to 90°. and on "1" stretch them back overhead into Plow Pose. counting "1" up. and stretch them out straight on "2". with situps. ) 2.13 - . etc. without allowing them to touch th e gr o un d. 3. returning hips to ground on "2". c o un ti ng to 1 08 (54 repetitions). Hands in Venus Lock on forehead. "2" down. to 108. raise and lower both legs. Hands still clasped at navel. s 4. Venus Lock the hands at the navel.ABDOMINAL STRENGTH TONE & FITNESS June 25.. to 108 (54 repetitions. Survivors will quickly up their abdomens! shape- . counting "1" up. counting to 108.

raise and lower heels with Breath of Fire (flat to tiptoes) for 2-3 minutes. knees drawn to chest clasp ed by arms. allowing the navel to pull in the breath. aids digestion and releases tension in upper back and shoulders. 2. Redistributes energy. b) Hands in Venus Lock on top of head eyes focused on Crown Chakra. a) Right hand in Gyan Mudra on right knee. d) Relax for 3-5 minutes. Inhale deeply. Gas Pose. Stretch Pose with Breath of Fire for 2-5 minutes. exhale relax and meditate for a clear. 6. feet stretching towards head with Breath of Fire or long. to end. c) Bow Pose with Breath of Fire for 2-3 minutes. tongue pressing roof of mouth with Breath of Fire for 3-5 minutes. deep breathing for 23 minutes. Raises energy from lower chakras. Best practiced in the morning. 4. Spinal Rolls for 2-3 minutes. COMMENTS: This set brings in solar energy for expansiveness. Opens 7th Chakra. 3. bicycle feet 18" above floor for 2-3 minutes. 8. Onback. head on floor for 1 minute. It also centers you and aids digestion and body purification. Sets navel.SUN ENERGy 1. hold the breath. raise both legs to 90c on the inhale and lower them on the exhale for 2-3 minutes. action-oriented mind. GK . Cobra Pose with legs together. Onback. 7. Opens heart center. focused mind. Raises energy to the higher centers.14 - . 5. enthusiasm and a clear. Standing. Balances energy in the first 3 chakras. Sets navel. left thumb blocking left nostril (fingers pointing straight up) with Breath of Fire for 3-5 minutes.

E sets hips and lower spine. Rest in this position for 5 minutes. bring left knee to the chest. exhaling down for 1 minute. 5 minutes. arms stretched straight up too. apply Mulbhanda. Continue alternate leg lifts with deep. Bend knees and clasp them to chest with the arms. powerful breathing for 10 minutes. inhale and lift right leg up to 90°. Repeat with left leg.) E.15 - . F is for entire spine. while D charges the magnetic field and opens the navel center. B. C eliminates gas and relaxes the heart.NABHI KRIYA June 1971 p. G. Totally relax or meditate for 1015 minutes. On back. open the arms straight out to the sides on the ground and extend the legs straight out to 60°. hold it there with both hands and rapidly raise the right leg to 90° and down. F. keeping the arms straight and hugging ears. To begin practice. hugging ears. Without pause. start with 3-5 minutes on the longer exercises. COMMENTS: This set focuses on developing the strength of the navel point. Together. B is for upper digestion and solar plexus. Exhale and return to original position. Continue at a slow pace for 2 minutes. A is for lower digestive area. inhale. exhale and lower it. Times indicated are for advanced students. Switch legs and repeat for 1 minute. . C. Repeat the com plete cycle once more. In #C position. lift both legs up to 90° on inhale. (#C & D are Pavan Sedan Kriya. D. then more rapidly for 1 more minute. and inhale up. Stand up straight. spiral fluid and the aura. On back. palms facing each other. and lower them on exhale. On exhale. Repeat and continue for 15 minutes. and press fingers back so that palms face sky/ ceiling. for balance and energy. inhaling up. Exhale as you bend forward to touch the ground. raising arms overhead. above. these exercises get the abdominal area in shape quickly. allowing the head to relax back. VERY SLOWLY with deep breathing.

This exercise opens up energy in the lower spine and aids in digestion. tongue. hold the breath out and pump the stomach in and out as long as possible before inhaling again. lean over with arched back. release tension and tightness in the diaphragm. Sit Ups (& Downs): Cross arms across the chest. 26 times in each direction. decreasing physical vitality and general health. Stomach lifts: Stand up. (Practice until you can reach the floor and come back up. a person is not as prone to ulcers. Do it several times.AUTR STRENGTHENING THE NAVEL CENTER BALANCING & DISTRIBUTING CREATIVE ENERGY EL I M I NAT ION S. preferably in the morning upon arising.16 - . Rotate the Pelvis: Sit in Easy Pose. to pull the scalp apart along that line. cleanse the intestines. opens the lungs and aids in elimination A tight diaphragm produces anxiety. and lean back as far as you can and then come upright again. The following exercises promote good elimination. constipation. Before navel exercises.GURURATTAN K. This exercise eases fear. constantly holding and tightening the abdominal muscles. DIGESTION. Many people store chronic tension in the abdominal area. this procedure helps strengthen the abdominal muscles. sluggishness and other "stomach-worry" all ments. knees bend (feet can be anchored under something). The tension interfere with "the function of all the abdominal organs. fear and constipation (All long deep breathing exercises have the same effect as this exercise.) 2 . exhale all the air. 3 . Number 1-8 help present PMS in women.) . you will move the entire abdominal area. and hands on knees. and stretch and strengthen the abdominal muscles. On releasing this tension. 1 . (Try leg lifts before and after and notice the difference): Imagine a part in your hair along the top of the head. Place the fingers of both hands on either side of the part and attempt. all the way up to the diaphragm. with hands on the knees. Deeply roll the pelvis around in a grinding motion. Then lean back alternately to the right and to the left. out. With practice. Inhale. Do this 5 minutes a day on an empty stomach.

synchronizing the breathing and the movement. relaxing and stretching in the position. Check with the doctor first if there is lower back pain or trouble. Slowly repeat this exercise a minimum of i2 times. . on.notes. Then bend the knees drawing heels to buttocks. through the nose. or long. 6 . and continue to 60" back overhead for 1-2 minutes. with feet flat on the floor. bring the legs all the way back over the head in Plow Pose. hold the breath for 10 seconds. Rock & Roll on the Spine: On back. holding the breath for a moment as you stretch up as high as possible. mi. and then back.4. to a maximum of 26 reps.7. and the neck up first. (Try not tc over arch the lower back) Do Breath of Fire. (Make sure you Are on a soft enough surface) 1. and relax down. clasp the knees to the chest.) For extra stretch. Inhale as your raise the hips. Cross crawls: " Raise alternate arms and legs. or hold steady with Long. (to protect the small of the back). deep breathing for i-3 minutes. arch up and rock fc£k and forth on the abdomen. Bow Pose: On stomach. "7 . bend the knees beside the ears.Cobra Pose: Slowly arch up into Cobra. arching the lower spine and lifting the navel to the sky. stretching the legs out. keep hands at sides and use the arms to help push you up. Begin at 12 and increase 2 lifts per day. the spine. Try to let the breathing do the . (Exercise tips: If you can't grab your ankles. 8 . and roll back and forth. grab the ankles. a n d r a i s e l e g s u p t o 90* and lower them for 1-2 minutes. Hold Plow for 1-2 minutes. Then raise them to 60' cut. while lying on the back. and exhale as you lower them. Grab ankles.ying on the hack. deep breathing for 1-3 minutes. Lea Lifts: Hands at sides or under the buttocks. relax a moment. pressing the sternum forward.17 - . up to 54.Pick Me up Exercise: T. To end: Inhale up. This keeps abdominal organs from dropping To end. Relax on the back and feel the energizing effect of the exercise. with powerful breathing. and slowly raise the hips. 5. (This releases a lot of tension in the back and shoulders. *9 .

sure muscles are loosened up. To enjoy its vitalizing effect. deep breathing or breath of fire. between the knees. 1-3 minutes. I I . or knees)r keeping the knees straight. Now bring the right foot into the left thigh. Con tinue with long. keeping the left knee flat. Then bounce and massage the legs and relax. Then inhale at center. Relax. exhale and relax. 12. Inhale deeply. palms facing up. Bring legs together. J6- . to right knee. Inhale at center. Be. Begin long. hold and stretch. grabbing the foot (or wherever it is comfortable). eyes straight ahead. inhale up. exhale down. This exercise releases abdominal stress and give you an immediate boost of energy throughout the body that lasts well into the day It also stimulates the thyroid and allows you to breathe deeper. with powerful breathing. Alternate Lee Stretches: Spread the legs wide apart. and apply root lock.Frog Pose: Squat on toes. Inhale as you raise the buttocks up and lower the forehead towards the knees. deep breaths 26 times (up to 1CS repetitions). and exhale down to the left leg. -Switch legs and repeat. Exhale as you return to original position. but do not strain. and bounce them awhile to relax and massage them.inhale the hips up and exhale them down. This exercise automatically causes deep breathing. Keep the eyes closed throughout this and the other exercises so that you Can experience your rythmn without distraction Rest on the back for several minutes. adding to your energy level. head lifted up. Slowly bend over the left leg. keeping the heels off the ground. Bend from lower back. Relaxation: Deeply relax on your . 1-3 minutes.18 - . and get a good stretch. hands at sides. (it moves energy from the lower spine to the upper spine ) I O . bending over and grasping the toes (or ankles. fingertips in front of feet. and slowly come up. center. (heels touching each other and up off the ground). hold.

After 3 minutes. . Inhale. On stomach. Balancing gracefully on the buttocks. hold with Breath of Fire for 3-5 minutes. Chant pulling in on the navel and Sat Nam relaxing the navel. 6. raise hands. Kundalini Lotus: Raise legs up to 60°. feet and head 6" with straight legs and arms. apply Mulbhand and relax. with Breath of Fire for 3 minutes. Push up moderately to try to touch head to toes to complete the circle. pressing pelvis forward so that thighs are perpendicular with the floor.19 - . clasp hands in back in Venus Lock. squeeze the energy from the buttocks to the top of the skull and out through the hands. Camel Pose: Sit on heels and arch the hips up and forward allowing the head to drop back. exhale. and hold. head. hold a few seconds. and hold with Breath of Fire for 3-5 minutes. and place palms together overhead (or clasp hands in Venus Lock extending index fingers) arms straight and hugging ears. Sat Kriya: Sit in Pock Pose. Then inhale. Stretch Pose: On back. 2. 4. hands grasping ankles. 5. Cradle Pose: Sit on heels and lean all the way back to the ground. pull Mulbhand and raise energy along the spine. arms and legs straight. lifting arms. placing palms on the ground under shoulders. clasping big toes with hands. and feet (legs straight) off the ground. inhale. and hold with Breath of Fire for 35 minutes. Inhale. Hold with Breath of Fire for 3-5 minute 3. Exhale and relax.EXERCISES FOR THE NAVEL CENTER 1 . exhale and slowly come down.

Then inhale. Breathe on command. Fixing the eyes on the toes. exhale completely. hold for 15 seconds exhale and relax. Immediately lie on the back. inhale deeply.RELEASE THE NAVEL ENERGY A. Arms are straight overhead with elbows hugging ears. Immediately place hands overhead. and exhaling through the one that feels more closed. Sit on heels and do Sat Kriya. . under any hair that might inter fere. In Easy Pose with a straight spine. Then inhale. concentrating at the top of the skull. inhale and hold 25 seconds. Elbows are parallel to the floor. page 118 . thumbs behind and breath long and deep for 3 minutes. raising the head 6 inches. and exhale. E. Don't let the elbows drop. With Sat pull in on the navel and apply a light Mulabhanda.) Continue for 5 minsB. place hands in Venus Lock on back of neck. press the toes forward and lift the legs up 6 inches.20 - . inhale and squeeze energy up from the buttocks to the top of the skull and out the hands. Inhale for 5 seconds. chest is lifted and chin lock is applied Begin long. Then take a deep breath and laugh loud and hard for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Make a "U" with the hands. but keep them parallel to the ground. fingers interlocked with index fingers extended straight up.slow breathing. and with Nam relax the navel. hold for 15 seconds. exhale and relax for 1 minute. hold. interlacing the fingers in reverse Venus Lock with palms up. After 3 minutes. C. exhale. Exhale and relax. Concentrate on inhaling through the more open nostril. deep and . D. (See To Change Nostrils at Will. One nostril will feel more open than the other. grabbing the shoulders with the fingers forward.

That one act. and jump up to the sky 10 times. Sat He Nam Siri Guru Kar in any way comfortable for you. In Easy Pose. press the navel in. When the dog starts wagging its tail. How intricately is it designed? Go through every organ and cell. Every organ and muscle of the body should relax. hands in Gyan Mudra. that vibration brings love to anything in the world. Then chant sweetly EK Ong Wha. When the cat purrs.F.21 - . And when a man praises the Lord. and go deep within and explore yourself and ask yourself about this beautiful machine. PRAISE GOD: Praising God is your food. Then inhale deeply and bring yourself back. G. July 19. nobody can misunderstand. Sit up then stand up with a jerk. praise anybody and you will get him anyway.Mentally take yourself under the navel point and raise your mental body out of the navel up 3-5 feet above the physical body. Float there for 5-10 minutes. there is never a reaction against her. Reach high with the fingers. 1975 . H. no evil on earth can attack him. I also tell you. Relax completely on the back.

lower buttocks down to floor. clap the hands overhead. and keeping them parallel to the ground. clasp hands in Venus Lock in back. (If you keep the eyes open.22 - . Then. for 2 minutes with hands relaxed on thighs. inhale powerfully and arch the spine up from the waist. THIS EXER CISE MUST ALWAYS FOLLOW THE PRECEEDING ONE. lift the legs 6" off the ground and hold with Breath of Fire for 1 minute. with the eyes closed. Sit gracefully in Celibate Pose between calves and ankles. 2 & 3 stimulate sexual. hold for 30 seconds. slowly exhale and lower the legs. lower torso and open the eyes. breathing normally. in 6 counts. Repeat this cycle 10 times. eliminative and navel energies. pedaling them in a bicycling motion. exhaling powerfully. Then stretch arms out to the sides parallel to the ground. Lie on the back with hands at the sides and raise the legs 1j feet off the ground. 2. and complete the mixing of prana and apana at the navel point. 4. Inhale for 6 counts. Hold for 30 seconds. it can cause temporary dizziness as you rebalance. 6.) This exercise allows the expansive heart to dominate in your attitudes. Slowly exhale . Inhale. On the stomach. 3. arising to a kneeling position. Exercises 1. hold. palms up. for 2^ minutes. Hold position and the breath for 12 counts. Still on back. Repeat 7 times and on the 8th time.PRANA-APANA Spring 1970 BALANCE 1. Immediately inhale and raise the legs to 90°. and then relax. 5. .

A & 1970 SET TO BALANCE PRANA & APANA ENERGIZE THE AURA 1. Repeat once. deeply inhale. head up. feeling their location in your aura. fingertips on floor a foot in front of toes. Frog Pose. you are at the top of the spine. 5. hold and pull locks for 20 seconds or more. When the location of each fingertip is firmly fixed in your mind. Take 10-15 seconds to inhale and straighten knees. To end. Inhale. Concentrate on the points in your aura and feed them energy. raise feet. and inhale as you bend left.23 - . pull locks and exhale as you relax the feet down. Meditation: Sit in Easy Pose. 4. exhale. hold and exhale 2. slightly spread. Lying on the back. Concentrate on each fingertip. In Rock Pose. Continue for 3 minutes. Build energy around and through them. hold. move the concentration up to the next vertebra. inhale and raise feet 1 foot above the ground. until on the 26th. On each successive repetition. with the fingers pointing up and out. 3. bring the left hand to rest on the knee in Byan Mudra. . grasp opposite arms below the shoulders. and concentrating on the first vertebra at the base of the spine. Place the thumb of the left hand on the Ajna Chakra (3rd Eye). exhale as you bend right. exhale and relax. Squatt on balls of feet with heels raised and touching each other. arms between knees. Keep the spine in perfect alignment (without twisting or bending forward or back). back straight. hands at the sides. Meditate in the center of the head at the Pineal Gland for 3 minutes. right hand in Gyan Mudra resting on right knee. dropping the head down to face them. Then inhale.

Then draw the points in through your Ajna and feel light. Experience this auric energy surrounding your physical body. Allow it to amplify and expand so that you feel connected with Universal Energy. .GK TO BE SPIRITUAL is be crystal clear. 1989 . allowing Kundalini energy to be raised. For God's sake Don't be opaque. bright and energized.24 - . cleansing energy. It focused the mind and clears the aura.) C0MMENT5: This set balances life-force energy (Prana) and eliminating. to "seen through" and see the spiritual everyone. Be light and you'll be bright to be to in then June 23. unlimited. Feel that it is part of you. (Time. (Apana).

and a well-balanced physical body. It will make you weel several pounds lighter. try the stairs again. safely. Relax for 7 minutes. This exercise will shew the large amount of reserve energy stored and regulated at the navel point.25 - . with Breach of Fire for 1 minute. so that the awareness is stable and well integrated into the personality. strong will. Lyi ng o n b ack. deep breaths for 3 minutes while concentrating at the navel point. arms stretched overhead. and increase your energy proportionately. B. The roost important for the physically demanding situation is the chakra or center near the navel.What it will do for Your: To develop sensitivity to energy flow. on e le g u p 90 " w ith Breath of Fire for 1 minute..S t i l l on back. and see how heavy you feel. the navel center must be strong. You will feel as if you have lost several pounds of weight: SET TO & APANA A. EXERCISE: KOR NAVEL POINT STRENGTH COMMENT BY GKK: Practice the same concentration before walking SHORT BALANCE PRANA How To Do It: Walk up and down a flight of stairs. It is the coordinating point for over 72. take long. . This vortex of energy has energy channels which spread out to every area of both bodies. Each area coordinates different physical and mental functions. After this navel breathing.000 main energy channels. Then. raise both legs one foot. with an erect spine. There are many areas of energy concentration in the aura. A person with a strong navel point will rave endurance. Switch legs I and repeat.

palms facing up. 2 . chant any divine mantra. a<? the energy is moved through the throat chakra to the higher centers. you may have sore stomach muscles and weak legs. 6. apply Mulbhanda. and you are rising above the clouds. and repeat the inhale. inhale and apply Mulbhand. spreading them wide in between. and the feeling that you have the latent power to cleanse and revitalize yourself mentally and physically. exhale. This moves the energy through the heart center. 5 .26 - . Rest 2>s minutes S. hold. Lift both legs 2 feet. Mental projection and meditation are automatic afterwards. The sexual and digestive energies require a little work to balance. and begin a bicycling motion. Feel that light energy lift to your head and project your mind into an expansive peacefulness. with Breath of Fire for 5 minutes. The hardest part of the series is the beginning. Seated in Easy Pose. If you attempt the full time prescribed. keeping the legs straight throughout. fingers interlocked. and your entire body is filled with the light energy of the breath. Mulbhand 3 times. and inhale deeply. Lie on the back. breathing consciously throughout. 3 . Feel all the worries of the day drop away. at first. thumbs forward. and do it gracefully. Separate the mental body from the physical. Sitting in meditation pose. Then inhale. exhale. The hard work brings deep relaxation.KRIYA. arms behind the head. FOR PHYSICAL & MENTAL VITALIY 1 . keeping them parallel to the ground. Do what you can. and move it around for about 5 minutes. Exercises 1 & 2 move the Kundalini energy from the lower three chakras. Rest 2>s minutes and repeat the cycle.Clasp opposite shoulders. Do Breath of Fire for 5 minutes. Exhale. Relax completely. 4 . . After 5 minutes. repeat cycle. or when you want to work very hard. Then bring it back. right over left. lift the arms straight a ove the head. the day of Saturn the Task Master. hold and circulate the energy. l i f t legs 12" and begin criss-crossing left over right. COMMENTS: This is a good kriya to do on Saturday.

1-2 minutes. clasp knees to chest and roll back and forth on the spine for 2 minutes. bicycle alternate legs 1. arms at sides and sway like a pendulum. On stomach. raise arms. rock back and forth with the breath for 2 minutes. lowering them. raise up into Cobra Pose and try to kick buttocks with alternate legs. keeping arms and legs straight. inhaling as you kick the other. On back. 8. rising legs to 90° and exhale. head. 5. 2. On the back.27 - . 4. grasp heels and bend forward in Gurpranam w 7.sitting on heels. exhaling as you bend right for 2 minutes. Inhale. eyes fixed on toes. In Rock Pose. Rest for 30 seconds. and hold with Breath of Fire for 1-2 minutes. hands point ing to feet. raise heels and head 6" off the ground.THE NAVEL CENTER & ELIMINATION 1 . arms hugging ears. inhaling as you bend left. hands in Venus Lock and stretched overhead. deep breathing. chest and (straight) legs and hold with Breath of Fire for 1-2 minutes. In Stretch Pose. 6. 9. 3. . rapidly for 1 minute.1/2 feet from the ground with long. Stand. exhaling as you kick one leg. Repeat twice. On Stomach. In Bow Pose on stomach.

10.In Easy Pose. Then relax. exhale and touch palms flat on the ground before feet. rhythmic breath for 1 -2 minutes.) 16. then exhale as you twist right. arms hugging ears. Continue briskly for 2 minutes. (Hands in Venus Lock. look to 3rd Eye and chant EK OngKar- Sat Nam Siri Wha ((he) Guru (See pg. 14. 11. 12. extend ing the left arm. inhale and twist the body to the left. CM back. thumbs crossed. raise alternate legs to 90° at a fast pace for 2 minutes. or palms together overhead. hands in Venus Lock on the lap. exhale "Sat" pulling in navel.Stretch arms and legs straight out in front with Breath of Fire for 2 minutes.Then perform Sat Kriya (see page 40 ) for 2 minutes. Standing. In Rock Pose. 17. left hand to the heart. 13. Then inhaling straighten up and arch backwards.28 - . hands raised overhead. Repeat 1020 times. Repeat bicycle exercise for 1-2 minutes. index fingers extended. 117) for 3-5 minutes. right hand extended. right hand to heart. and inhale "Nam" relaxing it. Still standing. 15. hands in Venus Lock behind the neck. holding the breath in for 10-20 seconds. . palms together. inhale Sat and exhale INTsim with a soft.

parallel to ground. inhale and bring backs of hands together overhead. inhale and bring hands down to the sides. palms forward. To end: Inhale. 3. (To balance prana & apana In Easy Pose. Inhale and lift hands overhead. bring palms together.PRANAYAMA SERIES 1. Then. pull Mulbhand. pumping navel for 2-3 minutes. arms straight out to sides. 2. and exhale down. exhale and bring them down in front.29 - . and exhale in 4 parts. turn palms over and press them out. exhale down to parallel again. . repeat and continue for 2-3 minutes. (Balances the vertical and horizontal auras) Interlace fingers. arms out in front. (To bring in Sun Energy) Upper arms parallel to the ground forearms up. thumbs and ring finger touching in Surya Mudra. To end: Inhale. Inhale in 4 parts. do Breath of Fire for 2-3 minutes. hold. palms up. repeat and continue for 2-3 minutes. palms out. Part 2: Arms out to sides. stretch palms up. and exhale. palms facing out.

5. forearms up 90° out to sides. Hands on shoulders. inhaling left. Repeat and continue sequence for 2-5 minutes. allowing head and neck to relax. bend side to side. Closing right nostril with right thumb and left nostril with right ring finger. thumbs in back fingers in front. and exhale through the nose. first three fingers touching each other and opposite fingers. Alternate Nostril Breathing.30 - . Repeat and continue for 2-3 minutes. . quickly inhale through left nostril and exhale through right for 2-3 minutes. then inhale through the mouth and exhale through the nose. exhale and twist right. with chin lock pulled. With hands at heart center. Sitali Pranayam: Curl the tongue and stick it out. thumbs and little fingers pulled apart but touching opposite fingers.4. Upper arms parallel to ground. 6. thumb and index fingers touching in Gyan Mudra. Repeat and continue for 2-3 minutes. exhale through mouth. inhale and twist torso left. Continue for 3-5 minutes. look through the fingers at the little fingers and inhale through the nose. 7. exhaling right. 8. inhaling through the curled tongue.

Archer Pose with right leg forward and bent so knee is over toes. 2. Stand with feet together. and clap hands overhead 8 times. chanting "Har" or powerfully breathing. 6 . Bend over and pat the ground hard with both hands. 8 times. building stamina and exercising the whole body. To end. 4. Knees may bend. (Or run in place punching air. with arms COMMENTS: 15 or 20 minutes a day prevents aging and stimulates the 12 glands. . Arms straight out to sides. with powerful breathing (or chant "Har" with tip of tongue) with each clap. raise and lower them 1 inch (patting the air) 8 times.AN AE ROBICS SET TO DO AT HOME la. Repeat the cycle as long as you like or for 15-31 minutes. Repeat exercise #2. 1b. and left arms is bent back as if pulling a bow and arrow. 7. 1c. relax on the back wrapped around bent legs. Powerful breathing or chanting "Har" accompanies each movement. left leg straight back. Right arm is raised parallel to ground. with breath or "Har" chanted. chanting "Har" with each movement. Arms straight up overhead.31 - . 5 . parallel to ground. foot flat on ground. Arms overhead. Repeat exercise #2. Feel tension across the chest and look over the right arm to fix eyes on horizon. Repeat exercise #2. extending the stretch 8 times. bend to the left and right 8 times. Crisscross arms and legs. 8 times for a total 8 counts. bend backwards 8 times. 8. Try it on a mini-trampoline.) 3 .

but bring the raised arm as straight up as pos sible. head to knees. 1 6 times. NOTE: Times were unspecified and added bv G.a) In Cobra Pose.32 - . squatting on flat feet. d) Same exercise as "c". 8. 3. inhaling up. Lying on stomach. interlace hands behind the back and lift the upper body and the arms as high as possible. 1984 1. exhaling down for 2-3 minutes. Lying on the back. clasp knees to chest and rock back and forth on the spine for 1 -2 minutes. c) Still in Cobra. b) Bring heels up as close to head as possible and hold for 2-3 minutes with Breath of Fire. *Notes specified j_ Wheel Pose with fingers Pointing away from the body as shown in 2nd picture. with Breath of Fire for 2-3 minutes. Lower leas and arch up into Wheel Pose and hold for 1 -2 minutes. Meditate in Easv Pose. and hold with J3reath of Fire for 2-3 minutes. 9. 5. raise and lower chin to chest. raise and lower alternate arms UD to 90° for 2-3 minutes. In Crow Pose. 2. inhaling up and exhaling down for 2-3 minutes. Sit UD extending leas straight ahead. On the back.K. raise legs up to 90° and hold with Breath of Fire for 3 minutes.* 7. arms extended straight out in front. We found the oosture too difficult! . lift alternate hands up to shoulder level. stretch forward catching toes. 6. grasp ankles aid rock back and forth on the stomach for 2-3 minuter.HEART OPENER April 11. 4. In Bow Pore.K.

alternately with Breath of Fire for 2^5 minutes. Lie on the back and raise legs and arms to 90*. "Feel goodness of the heart . 6> . Focus eyes on the t i p of the nose and . . Pull knees up to chest and lock them tightly with the hands. 5 . Then inhale deeply through the nose and hold for 30 seconds. Seated. . all the toxins". Surya Mudra (thumb touching ring fingertip).meditate. Baby Pose (sitting on heels with forehead on the ground and arms beside the body).. think of oneness . "burn out everything. Place both hands over heart. V . and left hand in Buddhi Mudra (thumb tip touching l i t t l e finger tip). With heavy Breath of Fire. feel the totality of God right under your hands. 3 minutes 15 seconds. This exercise balances the meridians. place hands on heart (as in #2).33 - . 3 . Now jump up and down(J) for m minutes. sleep for 6 minutes. •4. In Same position as #4. . CONNECTION 1986 !L . Breath powerfully thru the mouth (with Breath of Fire from the Navel Point) so that the cheeks billow in and out for 3^ minutes." 5 minutes 15 seconds. move arms and legs back and forth about 18".Right bend in. both hands up at sides with palms facing forward. .HEART March 12. elbows down. . Exhale and repeat twice. 2 . keeping them straight pointing the toes. and meditate or chant for 14 minutes.

GYAN MUDRA: Inhale in 3 parts. for 6 . 2 LEGS OUT IN FRONT. . toes pointed. Yoga Mudra: Focus at 3rd Eye. 8 . EASY POSE. as you look down.HEART AND SOUL 1 . meditate on the breath. Relax for 2 minutes. touching forehead to the ground. Gyan Mudra. raise arms forward and up 60* hands stretched. with 4 . and exhale in 3 parts for 6 minutes. EASY POSE.34 - . feeling the heart. LYING ON BACK. 5 . 2 minutes. and raise one leg. foot to chest level. raise legs up to 90*. Breath of Fire for 3 minutes. Relax 1 minute & repeat on the other side. Breath of Fire for 3 minutes.STAND ON TIPTOES.. with Breath of Fire for 3 minutes. CAT-COW. Then inhale 1 minute. 7 . arms parallel to the ground. and chant Ong. catch toes. into CROW SQUATS. and Sohung as you raise up for 3 minutes. 3 BACK PLATFORM ON ELBOWS. hold a few seconds. with Breath of Fire for 3 minutes. for 10 minutes. mentally inhaling Sat and exhaling Nam. rapidly for Then relax in Easy Pose for 1 minute.

arch arms overhead. EXEROISE BALANCING SET FOR HEAD & HEART 2. with arms out to sides. add Crow Squats. stand up. palms facing out. squat down in Crow Pose. Continue for 1-2 minutes. Inhale in first & 3rd positions. on (3) return them to original position. with arms outstretched to the sides. arms overhead. Continuing the arms movements of #2. As you exhale. 1 cycle in 4 seconds. on (4) rotate them pointing fingers straight back. palxiis crossing each other slightly IN FRONT OF top of head. palms up as before but slightly BEHIND top of head. exhale on 2nd & 4th. for 6-7 minutes. (1). palms out (A) inhale and raise arms in an arch. arms straight out to the sides. moving rhythmically. on (2) rotate hands so that fingers point straight forward./ Changes brain chemistry. . As before. Continue for 3-4 minutes at about 1 move per second. fingers together.1 .35 - . 3. and as you inhale. (B) Return arms to outstretched position on exhale. (C) Inhaling. In Easy Pose. without touching each other. hands bent up at wrists at a 90° angle.

6. meditate on Pineal Gland. slowly for 1-2 minutes.36 - . chanting Ong Sohong aloud for 5 minutes. inhale and pull hard a few times. exhale to squat. In meditation pose. drawing them to buttocks. fix eyes on something. hands at sides on floor. exhale and pull Root Lock (Mulbhand). then silently for 3 minutes. deep breathing for 1-2 minutes. relaxing feet down. *With silent mantra. Then deeply inhale. and inhale to stand. 7. weight on hands and feet. others are irrelevant. let me live my life as you wish it. 1969 Prayer to begin: *Oh God. CROW SQUATS: Squat with feet flat on floor. BODY CROPS: Legs stretched out in front. 5. then raise hips. all creation accompanies. In Easy Pose. with straight spine. Then kick heels to buttocks with Breath of Fire for 1-2 minutes." . sit with index fingers locked in front of heart.(Power BRIDGE to S SERIES Heart) October 8. deep breathing for 1-2 minutes Then Inhale. 4. and circulate energy. Repeat §2. BRIDGE POSE: Bend knees. 3. head dropped back. COBRA POSE with long. with long. torso in a straight line from knees to shoulders. We don't know what we need." 1. raise and drop body 10 times for the heart. 2.

Place left hand at center of back. pull Mulbhand and breathe long and deep for 5 minutes. deep breathing for 3 minutes. and hold with long.37 - . Feel the flow of energy between them and meditate with long. pull hands and apply Mulbhand. left palm facing out. 6. In Easy Pose with hands pressed together in Prayer Mudra at Heart Center. 2. palm facing up and right arm 30°. Keeping the eyes open and focussed on a point straight ahead without blinking. 3. raise left arm up 60° at the side. left and back. breathe long and deep. palm down. right in. keeping head and hips in place. deep breathing for 5 minutes. . exhale. (Practice this isolation lying on the back: Lift the chest. BEAR GRIP: Clasp fingers like hooks . STERNUM ROTATION: Circle the chest only. several times. at Heart Center. right. so that they form an almost straight line. palm out. Then inhale and pull hands with maximum force. only. Then slide it left and right a few times. 5.) 4. forward. Repeat 4 times.HEART'S DELIGHT 1 . BACK PLATFORM ON ELBOWS: Support the straight body on the elbows and heels. and right palm on heart. Hands in Gyan Mudra. concentrating on the heart beat for 3 minutes.

for 1 0 .HEART OF GOLD !. See a golden ball of light between the hands. 6. and then follow by 1-2 minutes of Breath of Fire. Place palms 4-6" apart at the Heart Center. 8. Brings energy to the heart in 2 shifts. 4. and meditate on the energy between the hands for 7-15 minutes. lean forward to 60°. right arm under left. palms facing each other. grasp opposite shoulder blades and pull. 5. Then tense hands and relax. parallel to the ground. right one above. EGO ERADICATOR: Arms up to the sides at 60°.1 5 -minutes.38 - . fingertips on pads and thumbs extended up. feeling heat at the base of the palms and hold with long. spread the fingers wide apart. 2. index fingers extended. Upper arms at sides. YOGA MUDRA: In Lotus (or Easy Pose). bring left one out to the side away from the body and hold the right one close in. palms facing each other. pulling the shoulder blades together with long. Arms stretched straight out in front. Rub hands in a circular motion around the centers of the palms for 3 minutes. Expand the light with each breath. and raise the arms straight up. left below. 3. deep breathing for 3 minutes. In EASY POSE. hands in Venus Lock behind the back. and hold with long. deep breathing for 3 minutes. deep breathing for 3 minutes. Repeat #4. 7. breathe long and deep for 1 2 minutes. . bend over placing forehead on the ground.

always keeping the heels raised and touching. fingertips on the floor with arms straight between legs. head looking straight ahead. grasp feet and raise them.) Continue with Breath of Fire for 1 more minute. lowering head to look at knees. outside forelegs. b) Spinal Flex five times per inhale. lift buttocks. . KUNDALINI LOTUS POSE: Balancing on buttocks. Squat into Frog Pose. 54 of them. 7. exhale and apply Mulbhand. keeping arms and legs . CHAIR POSE. 6. 4. with long. Then inhale.KUNDALTNI SET FOR THE HEART ( 1 9 6 9 . heels raised and touching each others. (Squat and pass arms inside thighs. returning to original squat. a) SPINAL FLEX in Easy Pose for 2-3 minutes. etc. 3. facing each direction (1 minute North. Exhale. hands on feet. deep breathing for 1 minute. BODY DROPS with legs stretch ed out in front for 1-2 minutes.39 - . arch pelvis up dropping head back and grabbing heels. FROGS. 1 minute East. South & West. and sit up as much as possible. Sit on Heels. deep breathing for 23 minutes. 5. Inhale. CAMEL POSE with Breath of Fire for 1 minute. Press the pelvis forward. if possible) with long. RUN IN PLACE for 1 minute.) 2. and 5 times per exhale for 2-3 minutes. straight (holding on to big toes.7 0 ) 1.

) . 1 1 . 12. 108 times. On back raise head and hands 6" (arms & legs straight). STRETCH POSE. raise arms to 90° with long. arms and thighs parallel to each other. SPINAL FLEX in Rock Pose. 10. on the Heart minutes. 1 4 . deep breathing for 1 minute. with hands in Venus Lock behind the neck. (Times added by G.40 - . SPINAL FLEX in Rock Pose. and press the back up. dropping the head down (like a cat) as you exhale. with Breath of Fire for 2 minutes. ON BACK. of pressure. with Breath of Fire for 2 mins. MAHA SHAKTI POSE with left foot 6" above right foot. then relax the back down and arch neck up on the inhale. 108 times. CAT/COW: On hands and knees. 9. On each inhale. Inhale as the spine arches forward. press elbows to chest. and look at toes. Then Inhale and draw tension to the chest and relax.K. 108 times.8. push chest up and lbs. exhale as it contracts back.

This jogging substitute will get your energy going if done vigorously. exhale. raise . 1 . Then alternate arms and legs. Standing. the weakened electromagnetic field contributing to the phenomena. which absorbs shock. Run in place raising the knees and punching the fists alternately. RUNNING IN PLACE. keeps energy balanced. Carrying things weakens us. Alternate with right leg and left arm. Bring the knees up as far as possible and really go for it. To end: inhale. and strength intact. the left leg to the chest while raising the right arm straight up. (Studies show that people laden with packages are particularly vulnerable to assault. 2 . On the back. It is great to do it on a mini-trampoline. 1-5 minutes or up to 20 minutes.feel centered at the navel and focus at the 3rd eye. letting the energy circulate end the breath relax . 1-3 minutes. with arms swinging at the sides. alone. CROSSCRAWLS. and strengthens the electromagnetic field. Coordinate with a powerful breath. with the right arm overhead on the floor. They can be done individually or as a set to give you a quick pickup.) . Cross crawls e s t a b l i s h balance in the right & left hemisphere of the brain.GURURATTAN KAUK CIRCULATION STRENGTHEING THE THE IMMUNE SYSTEM HEART & The following exercises stimulate and balance the whole body.41 - . using a powerful breath with each punch. while walking the natural way. and stand perfectly still. raise the left leg 90*. Breathe powerfully.

buttocks resting on heels. SIDE TWISTS: Sitting in a comfortable cross-legged position. Be sure to have an empty stomach. toes wide. thumbs back). You will definitely be able to sleep if you do this before going to bed. At the height of inhalation. heels together and raised. fingertips on the floor. FROG POSE: Squat . inhaling as the left elbow goes back. necktie. sock. head up and facing straight ahead. ankles or toes. (Actually it can be done as long as you can or would like to do it. exhale down for 1-3 minutes.) If you can.) This is a good physical work out. knees spread. exhaling as the right goes back. twist the upper torso from side to side. Do it 5 minutes a day for unbounded energy. raise the buttocks high. the buttocks strike the heels sharply.. (fingers in front. grab the toes and press big toenail against the fleshy part to stimulate the pituitary. Inhale up. keeping fingertips on the ground. . whichever you can. (If you can't reach your toes. etc. Frog Pose can be done 26. use a towel. Keep arms parallel to the ground. coming down so forcefully that. and a positive mind. Keep knees on the floor. for 1-3 minutes. This opens the heart center.3 . hands on shoulders.42 - . facing the knees. the head is down. arms between knees. LEG STRETCHES: Legs out in front grab knees. or 108 times. though!) 4 . Exhale and return to the original position. It stimulates and circulates the creative energy and helps maintain potency. 52. or in Rock Pose. to place around the toes and hold on to. and heels together and raised throughout. Inhale. (You may not feel positive during the exercise. comfortably.

. fingers together. (At minimum. through the nose.43 - . expands the lungs and cleans the entire upper torso.) To end: Inhale deeply. This exercise makes you feel light and at ease. Shoulder and neck muscles are isometric ally flexed and a wave of relaxation flows into them afterwards.6 . eyes closed. the easier and more beneficial and enjoyable it gets. This exercise relaxes the heart. or pick any of the heart meditations that you enjoy. Concentrate on your breathing and keep the elbows straight (the 2 keys to the exercise). to a maximum of 3 minutes.. raise the arms up to a 60° angle. MEDITATE from the heart. RELAX in Easy Pose or on the backfor 1-5 minutes. The arms may shake slightly. but KEEP THE ARMS IN POSITION to experience the effect of this pose. or do a powerful breath of fire for a minimum of 1 minute. Begin breathing long and deep. from the release of built' up tension Any tingling is caused by increased nerve activity. keeping the elbows straight with the palms facing up. Remain seated for another minute. through the hands and arms into the chest. as tension is released from the upper body. and stimulates the. In Easy Pose with a straight spine. EXERCISE TIPS: If some of your thoughts tell you to lower the arms before you should.HEART STRENGTHENING EXERCISE. 8 . V . resting the hands in the lap. through the stimulation of the lymph system. feeling the calming effect of the pose. add 20 seconds a day until you reach maximum. nerves that go from the fingertips. hold the breath for 10 seconds. and eyes closed. let the thoughts come and go. then exhale and relax. meeting at the heart center. The more you do this exercise. Holding the position properly for 2-3 minutes relaxes the heart muscle.

K. bend knees to hit the chest. moving hands quickly in and out while SLOWLY raising alternate legs for 2-3 minutes. (You can go to sleep while whistling. raise and lower the arms quickly. Lie flat on back with long.) . holding it steadily in place for 1 minute. deep breathing through the lips.) 1 .TO CLEAN LYMPHATICS & ADJUST LOWER BACK July 9. With leg still up. then stretch them out straight and off the ground. 3. from floor to 90° and back for 1-2 minutes. 1984 (Times added by G. fingertips together. arms raised above chest.44 - . On back. whistling. 2. POWERFULLY. 4. Change legs and repeat. Lie on back and raise right leg to 90°. Repeat for 1-2 minutes. Totally relax. kneed fingers. Hands at sides.

This affects the thyroid and parathyroid very powerfully and moves the "Chi" energy. then forward slightly. . palms down. moving from the hips. Continue for 2-3 minutes. for 2 minutes. then point them down. back and forth to build the muscles that save you from old age and back trouble. 1984 GLANDS 1 . 4. Then repeat. Bend hands up at wrists (palms facing forward). to balance the energy. Now stretch arms out in front. Now. It will be soothing and annoying at the same time. Now clap the hands out in front of the body for 2 minutes. changing hands.CLE ANING T HE LYMP H S ENERGY BALANCING February 1 5 . In Easy Pose. palms down. keeping the left hand perpendicular to the arm. stretch arms up parallel to the floor and out 60° from each other. about 60° from starting position and back. 6. and circle the right hand on the wrist. but with the palms down. then parallel. move the hands so that the fingers point up. parallel to the floor and 60° from each other. Slowly rise one arm to 60° up. as in #1 . 3. 2. lean back slightly. forcefully. 9" apart. for 23 minutes. with arms stretched out to the sides. 5.45 - . Now interlace the hands in Venus L o c k o n t o p o f th e he a d a n d t w ist the body rapidly from right to left for 2-3 minutes to move all the energy you have created. jerking them in three stages. Arms still straight out in front. Keep the spine straight and move the arms along with the body and move like a fulcrum for 2-3 minutes. lowering the other and continue as arms move slowly from front to back.

7. Now sit straight and at peace with arms folded at chest. fingers interlac ed behind the neck and lean back as far as possible. (NOTE: CHIN LOCK must be applied during all exercises. 8 Now sit on the heels and bend for ward resting the forehead on the ground in Baby Pose. 1975 . Pull the energy up between the navel and the 3rd Eye and continue for 2-5 minutes. one unit of earth. But God doesn't live there. right over left. keeping balanced..) GOD DOESN'T LIVE IN CHURCHES & TEMPLES: Churches and temples were meant to let people know that there is a God. August 7.. (The) householder is the pivot of life and God lives in cozy homes. Relax for 2 minutes 9 Kneel on forelegs.K. Times added by G. Hold for 1-2 minutes and relax. They are like "God Fairs". This should be done at least once a day to balance your energy with the spinal serum and rejuvenate the nerves in the spinal column. and chant Har H Hari SL yr ± Har concentrating between the eyebrows and the root of the nose. The Law of Polarity governs life. Each male has a "fe" and each "fe" has a male .46 - . peace to all and happiness. where people come for God Consciousness and live in God Consciousness and know we are alike in that Consciousness. Think of one God.K. arms at the sides. God is not fool enough to live without a woman because that is not the way God is.

Turn over onto back and raise both legs to 90*. 2-3 minutes. Repeat for 2-3 minutes. 4. Pull legs over the head into Plow Pose. Stand up. and exhaling. cross legs at ankles. and raise them 1 foot. lower back. Slowly arise. . 2-3 Mins. and then squatt to Frog Pose again. swing alternate arms up to the sides and down again. leting the arms hang. Sit in Frog Pose. and inhaling. Bundle Roll with arms tightly at sides. Put both hands on' ground and raise alternate legs as high and as fast as possible. lock hands behind the . and raise them back to 90*. across the floor and reverse. Lie down on stomach. letting the hands hang as in #1. lower them. and swing them from side to side. Still bending over. reverse . ankles. On back.BALANCING THE DEPOSITORY For the Thymus & Immune SYSTEM System May 2. 3. 2-3minutes 2. catching the toes with the hands. 2-3 minutes.) 1.K. 7. 8. 2-3 minutes. 3 . bend forward. lift upper body and arms. rolling back to original position 6. 2-3 minutes. On stomach again. and lower them. 5. 1984 (Times have been added by G.47 - .

26timss. coming a l l the way up in between. Then change arms and circle the left one. Standing still. resting on the elbows. 26 . 15. raise the right arm out to the side and circle it. for 1-2 minutes. and strike the ground with alternate hands. and circle the upper body in each direction. 15 times. .. fingers in front. bend over and touch alternate toes. Sit in Easy Pose. 14.times. hands in Venus Lock. In Easy Pose. Sitting. Standing up straight. thumbs in back. Then circle both arms in alternate circles. drop head back. Still standing. legs slightly apart. bend down and touch the floor. and hold with normal breathing. 26 times. 1_2 minutes. with hands on shoulders. 16.9. arms up with one hand on top of the other. bend forward.48 - . twist from left to right 2-3 minutes. 11. Standing. In Easy Pose. (Make circles 1 or 2' diameter) 1 minute each. 10. with chin up. 13. arms overhead. arms overhead. 12. squatt into Crow Pose and arise again.

FOR IMMUNITY January 1. (It takes 23 breaths for the legs to go up and down. Keep the legs straight and alternately raise them to 90° with a slow Breath of Fire. 5. 4. and exhale bringing them down to the sides. Extend the arms straight out to the sides.) Continue 3-4 minutes. Remaining on the back. very fast.49 - . Sit in Easy Pose and join the hands in Venus Lock behind the back. inhale and raise both legs up to 90°. Then inhale deeply. Without pause. Immediately place then hands inside the armpits. This is called VAYU NANTHNA KRIYA and it is regenerating.Lie flat on the back and place the hands. inhale deeply. using a powerful breath. Continue for 2-3 minutes. proceed to next exercise . with palms facing down. stretching both legs straight up to 90°. Continue for 2-3 minutes. 2. 3 . beneath the lower back. Continue for 2-3 minutes. clasp hands in Venus Lock behind the neck. raising the arms as high as possible behind you. with elbows out to the sides. building a good momentum. Begin twisting. and banishes negat ivity. exhale and relax down. and hold for 5 seconds. like wings. up and down within 60°. 1981 1 . exhale and go right on to the next exercise. The breath will be like a steam engine. Go faster and faster for 1-2 minutes. Inhale up and exhale down through an open mouth. heels together. It takes care of the complexion. and begine flapping them like wings. Inhale and raise the elbows high. Exhale. Inhale deeply. Exhale and lower them to floor. without bending the elbows. making you young and beautiful. palms down.

and quickly come into Easy Pose. focus straight ahead into infinity. parallel to the floor. heels together. in monotone: Continue-^f or 10 minutes.50 - . bending the elbow. Stretch the arms out from the shoulder and chant: for 4 minutes. extending both arms straight out in front. Then relax. Then inhale deeply and proceed with the set. as if pulling an arrow. Keeping the legs straight. Inhale deeply. Continue for 2 minutes. Jump to raise legs and upper body. and the upper body to form a "U" shape. Eyes open. with left leg in front taking most of the weight. left arms extended out in front. 9.6. and exhale down. Archer Pose. Inhale up. Pull the right arm back. Concentrate all your energy into it as you chant. feet together. . Cross hands over heart center. so that the hand is near the arm pit. Still standing. 8. hands in place. raise the legs to 90°. making a cup with the hands. A stretch should be felt across the cest and navel. Chant aloud:(p140 (to the faster melody) for 8 minutes. right leg extended straight behind. 7. as if holding a bow.

creating a body rhythm. 7. palms pressed together overhead. quickly. heels striking buttocks as knees bend. Stand straight and move hips up and down by lifting alternate heels and bending knees. In Cow Pose. . hands limply hanging from wrists. and on "2". arch back and touch heels into Camel Pose. just shake the whole body. Repeat with the opposite leg up. 52 times. elbows slightly bent.10-15 mins. counting to 108 (54 repetitions). Kneeling. 4. straighten body. Shimmy. twist. palms down and bring knees to chest on "1" straighten legs to 90° on "2". on "1" thrust pelvis forward. 52 times. counting to 52. hands still on heart. Relax on back with Gong Meditation. but giving the entire body a shake-massage like heavenly hell! Get wild! It starts to happen after you don't want to shake anymore.THYMUS July 14. 6. In Easy Pose. Lying flat on back. counting to 108. 8-10 minutes (another version gives 10-15 minutes). especially in the trunk. twist forcefully and fast from side to side for 5 minutes. Lie down. 3. hands under hips. palms facing each other 1218" apart. Every pore in the thighs has ' to sweat to get the toxins out and adjust the pelvic bones. hip dance! Extend arms out to the sides. relax for 1 -2 minutes. only! 8. and continue at a moderate to slow pace. 5. both hands on heart. lift left leg straight up as far as possible and keep it up as you bend elbows and touch fore head to the ground between hands. lie back down again. sit up and touch head to knees. On "2". Every tissue has to sweat . continue shaking and roll the shoulders in unison with the hips.51 - . Then on "1". 2. with hands before chest. & 1984 IMMUNITY SET 1. In Easy Pose.

5 . Count 4. C. "4". five times. "6". Raise right leg to 45°. Then count. 3 . Continue sequence. On "2". 2 . Raise left leg to 90°. "1". Raise legs into plow. On "2". Sit up with legs stretched straight out. E. to 108 (54 times). Raise left leg to 45°. Stand up straight. "1". hugging ears. F. 6 . counting once each leg lift. Arms up straight. Relax completely on back with Gong Meditation. high. A . Repeat sequence for 5-10 minutes. Lie on stomach. hips down again.THYMUS & IMMUNITY And Cellular Oxidation 1 . Count aloud "1". Lower legs. "2". 52 rotations. Lie flat on back. "2". counting to 108. Roll neck so that forehead comes towards knees in each front. hips down again. inhale and stretch up into Bow Pose. exhale and relax down. so that toes touch hands overhead. .come up and left hand touches heart. Count 2. Extend arms behind head on ground. and crab ankles On "1". "5". 7. Lower both legs.52 - . hips up and right hand touches heart. and repeat 52 times. Count 3. "3". Lower both legs down together. On "1". bend over and touch ground. D. stand up again. Raise right leg to 90". Continue counting to 108 (54 times). Frog Pose: Count 1 . 4. holding on to toes. "2" . B. etc.

interlace fingers and rest them on head . continue 26 times. place fingers on shoulders. In Easy Pose. fingers front. Still in Easy Pose: (a) Raise arms straight out in front. In Crow Pose. squat down. move the left arm down and out to the side. palm down. raise and lower alternate legs to 90° for 2-3 minutes. with hands on knees. Return left arm to original position and repeat the sequence on opposite arms. palms down (b) Raise left arm up to 90°. and stand up. flex the spine from top to bottom. 7. twist back and forth for 2-3 minutes. palms down (b) Raise arms straight overhead. Still in Easy Pose: (a) Stretch arms straight out in front. 8 Still in Easy Pose. palms turned backwards (c) Lower them straight out to sides. In Easy Pose. raise arms overhead and dance them for 2-3 minutes. 6. In Plow Pose.53 - . and keeping both arms stiff and straight. 1984 ALLIGATOR SET Lotus & Glandes 1 .For the 3rd April 23. palms UP. (inhale to left). In Easy Pose. (c) Continually vibrating the right arm. 3. vibrate the right arm up and down for 1 minute. powerfully for 2-3 mins. palms down (d) And bring them straight out in front. 5. 4. Repeat the sequence for 2-3 minutes. put both hands on heart center. 2. supporting hips with hands. one on top of the other. thumbs in back.

inhaling more (c) Incline 60° forward. Raise arms to 90° and alter nately move the rapidly back and forth. (b) Catch heels and continue lifting and lowering buttocks 26 times more. Move like an alligator on the belly. Still on back (a) Place hands under lower back. Lying on back.3 minutes. 2-3 minutes. raise forehead only (c) Circle the torso left and up to upright position (d) Tuck chin into chest (e) Circle torso right and down. inhaling the final quarter (e) Exhale to original position and repeat for 2. 10. returning forehead to the floor. Baby Pose. 13. inhaling of lung capacity (b) Raise torso to 90°. raise feet 1 foot above floor.(a) Bend and place forehead on the floor (b) In same position.) . 11. (Times added by G. bend knees and with feet flat on the floor. 12. inhaling another quarter of capacity (d) Bend all the way forward. 14.54 - . chin on floor or head turnted to left side for 2-5 minutes. Still on back. 9. and point and flex alternate toes for 1 -2 minutes. lift and lower buttocks 26 times. and repeat sequence rhythmically for 2-3 minutes. hands under buttocks (a) Raise torso to 60°. Gong meditation 15. swinging the torso from side to side.K. forehead to knees. in line with the body for 2-3 minutes.

4 .How are you. by itself. head and upper torso up and out. to touch the floor. and keeping them in place. Don't be gentle . POPPING: For 1 minute. "If you want to be sane. roll the knees left and right on the floor together. grabbing with outstretched arms which remain up throughout. so do the best you can!) 5 . Five Fingers?" Introduce yourself to Mr. feet flat on floor hip-width apart. You can do this exercise for 62 minutes. exhale through mouth. heels under they make any sense?") Continue for 3 minutes.. for a quick lift and to expend the tension & frustration of the day. Pop up and out.POPCORN SET September 18. we've been doing it in morning Sadhana (prefaced by morning exercises) with the times slightly shortened. heels about 4 inches apart. from the NAVEL. and hold for 5 minutes. STAY ON STOMACH. for 4 minutes. 8 . LIE FLAT ON BACK and jump like a fish on a hook. ("Can you remember your problems .B. SHOULDER STAND: Alternately lower legs back behind the head. . lift and arch the body. Do it till you are in a sauna bath. 3 . or huge feet. legs. and it is WONDERFUL!" Try the POPCORN exercise anytime. RAPIDLY for 3 minutes. Fling arms. 6 AS ABOVE. Breathe thru the NOSE. LIE ON STOMACH S. 1985 i_. WHEEL POSE: Knees bent.fight for your life! Be quick! 1 minute. AS ABOVE: Lift left leg up straight and grab on to it with both hands and massage your toes. (Note: Without very long arms. hands overhead & under shoulders.55 - . and alternate legs. nice to see you. You will feel it in the lower back. straightening arms and legs to form a half wheel. STUDENT COMMENTS: "Ever since Siri Singh Sahib taught this set. and then you are entitled to 3 lemon cookies! 3 minutes "7 . LIE FLAT ON BACK. Inhale through the nose. It's fun! You can even laugh. you have to do two things every day: sweat and laugh" . "Hello Mr. exhale through the mouth.Y. Keep knees straight. 2 . Toe. Inhale through popcorn. now be popcorn in the popppr. it is impossible to keep the back on the floor and the leg at 90". Toe and his 4 associates. relax and sleep on belly (to taped music "Himalayas" was played)..

clasp hands in Venus Lock behind back.) 5. and raise torso as high as possible into modivied Cobra Pose.) 2. rock back and forth in Bow Pose. He at the 3rd Eye. 108 times. Meditate.) 4. move! for 3 minutes. then you can have control. (Opens the heart and energizes the throascic region. inhaling up and exhaling down. . and move. (Pro duces energfy to revitalize the cells and keep you young. Rocking Bow Pose. hot skillet. Allowing the breath to move you. On stomach. and Har at the Heart Center. imagine being a living fish thrown into a red. place hands under shoulders and push up into Gobra Pose. Rock Pose into Gurpranam: Sitting on heels. move. and Guru at the Crown Center for 11 minutes. Internally chant Harat the navel point. Lying on back. (For elimination.77 F I 1985 SH FRY KRTYA 1. 3. Relax. 6. Lying on stomach. and exhale bending forward to touch forehead to ground. Wa at the Throat Center. (If you act like someone with no control over your nervous system. and extend arms out in front in Prayer Pose. inhale. 108 times.56 - . 108 times. Do 108 Cobra Pushups.

Inhale and arise. Still on heels. applying maximum force without separating hands. and then relaxing it. Stretch legs out in front. hold and try to pull the hands apart. keeping shoulders relaxed and still.57 - . Exhale. exhale and relax. inhale and repeat for 1-3 minutes. rhythmically until you must exhale. Inhale. Inhale. forearms parallel to the ground. 4. Inhale. Bend and bring forehead to knees and elbows to the floor. Cpens the Heart Center and stimulates the Thymus Gland. exhale and relax. parathyroid. for 1 -2 minutes. Inhale and pump the stomach by forcefully drawing the navel in towards the spine. exhale and bend forward. Relax. Implements circulat ion of glandular secretions from prev ious exercises. Then revers directions for 1-2 minutes more. gently stretching neck as head circles smoothly around. . Inhale. 5. Inhale. Improves digestion and adds flexibility to spine.Still sitting on heels. reach forward and grab toes. and deep relaxation. place hand in bear grip at chest level. roll the neck clock wise.KRIYA FOR DISEASE RESISTANCE 1 . exhale and relax. Continue with powerful breath ing for 1-3 minutes. palms pressed together. Sit on heels and stretch arms overhead. clasp hands in Venus Lock behind the neck. 2. Continue for 1-3 minutes and relax. bringing each ear to shoulder in turn. In Easy Pose. Inhale and begin again. Stimulates digestion and Kundalini energy in the 3rd Chakra. 3. and remain there breathing normally for 1-3 minutes. thyroid and pineal glands which work together. touching forehead to the ground. This and the following two exercises open circulation to the brain and stimulate higher glands including the pituitary.

and with head relaxed down throughout. inhale. exhale and slowly come out of the position to relax.6. Trans forms sexual and digestive energy while stimulating the nerves of the lower cervical vertebra. Keepding the body straight. Hold the position for 5 minutes breathing normally. arms at sides. Dog (or Triangle) Pose. Sitting on heels alternately shrug shoulders as high as possible without moving the head.58 - . A strong metabolic balance adds heartiness. and exhaling as the right is lifted for 1-3 minutes. Inhale and raise both shoulders. 10. 8. inhaling as the left shoulder rises. Inhale. Cat/Caw: Supporting yourself on hands and knees. Aids elimination and adjust the magnetic field to prepare you for meditation. reach and grasp ankles. Form a triangle with buttocks at pinnacle. and from buttocks to wrists. Aids digestion. exhale flex it up. palms up for 5-7 minutes 9. Continue rhythmically and powerfully for 1-3 minutes. Relax. walk around the room in this position. arms straight and shoulder width apart. body forming a straight line from heels to buttocks. strengthens nervous system and relaxes major muscle groups. hands about 2-j-3^ feet from toes. knees hip width apart. Deeply relax. it is essential to keep digestion and elimination well functioning. shoulders pressed straight (and towards knees). flex the spine down. COMMENTS: To avoid persistent colds and illness. Standing. 7. for 1-3 minutes. exhale and relax. Sit down and relax. gradu ally increasing speed. head in line with body. This kriya develops these capacities and builds disease resistance. lying on the back. .

) The breath should sound like a steam engine. and you won't have to go to psychics for your sensitivity. . lock palm over palm. held by the thumb. which controls the nervous system. bending the ring and little fingers into the palm. and then relax. 1987 ' ^. Hold IS seconds and exhale. The arm and the extended fingers remain straight and rigid like steel and do not move throughout the meditation. These are very important and must be in balance. This is the most sacred kriya in yoga. place arms out straight. After 11 minutes. In easy pose. and if you are a man. your calcium is off. COMMENTS: This exercise brings the navel area into balance and recharges all the pranic areas and the immune system of the body. if you get tired.. (Imagine you are shooting a derringer. .) left Hand: Keep the elbow straight with palm facing the floor. You will become intuitive so you can subtly pick up messages. even if done for only a few minutes. In Easy Pose. inhale and hold 5 seconds. You'll think better. parallel to the floor. take 2 bananas because the potassium is out of balance. Then exhale and relax. your magnesium is out of balance. fingers overlapping the back of the opposite hand at Heart Center. keep index and middle finger stiff and straight. It is like taking a huge vitamin pill (so you won't need vitamins either). It will slowly and steadily build very strong steel-like stamina in you. Immediately inhale and hold 20 seconds. It balances the 3 powers. It will put you into a deep meditative state.CEMMENIS: If you get cramps during this exercise. tense every molecule to rebuild the body. with right palm facing body. (This breath from the base of the navel will burn out the garbage. rapidly exhale. Do this kriya so you will never be in pain. and it will balance every molecule in your body. The last time. menstruation i≤ impaired. at 30 degrees forward from the sides in a line with the thighs. and the Belly Button automatically jumping. inhale and hold 10 seconds. If your lower back hurts (and you are a woman). and exhale. . 2. arms and rib cage begin to shake. . Inhale and press hands together so hard that the hands. . solidify the body and keeping the attention at the 3rd Eye. . Right Hand: with palm facing forward.. sympathetic.59 - . If the arm hurts. the three systems of the body: parasympathetic. This kriya is for the spine. inhale. If the head hurts it means the flow of blood to the head is obstructed and nutrition is not right. you are on the verge of impotency. Repeat twice more (3 times total). Papidly exhale. the breath becoming like Breath of Fire.. 1. and nerve-active system.KRIYA TO BALANCE & RECHARGE THE NERVOUS & IMMUNE SYSTEM March 23. Move the left arm rapidly up and down (about 9" total). Hold 30 seconds. act better and be precisely accurate in life.

DISEASE RESISTANCE & HEART HELPER 1. hand in Gyan Mudra on knees. 4. Feel your radiance and light. . pump the stomach in and out as long as possible. pressing the thumbs together and rest in the lap. palm facing away from body. continuing for 3 minutes. Chant GOD AND ME ME AND GOD ARE ONE. pull the locks up a little tighter. endurance and nerve strength. completely exhale. for 3 minutes Invigorates first chakra and elimination promoting disease resistance. and with the breath out. and with each repetition. applying Mulbhand. with right hand in Gyan Mudra on knee. 3. exhale slowly lifting the rib cage. bending it so that the hand stretches toward the right shoulder. sex organ and navel point. 2. In Easy Pose. interlace fingers. In any comfortable meditation posture meditate on the regular energetic flow of the breath. #3 strengthens the heart and increases circulation above the diaphragm. In Easy Pose.60 - . bring the left arm in back of the torso. hold the breath out as long as possible. Stimulates the 3rd chakra. inhale deeply. COMMENTS: Three repetitions of this kriya is a very effective practice. Deeply inhale. then inhale and repeat for 3-5 minutes. In Easy Pose. Inhale and repeat. Apply Mulbhand by contracting and pulling up on the rectum. palms up.

If you do it for . It is necessary to hold a full inhale for a full minute to supply optimum oxygen to the blood stream.61 - . and don't leak). organs and glands function poorly and systems break down causing illness. make the blood suck up oxygen from the lungs. and help the heart muscles regulate and and reorganize themselves. done for 11-22 (maximum) minutes a day will totally purify the bloodstream.EXERCISE SET LUNGS AND BLOODSTREAM FOR In Easy Pose with a straight spine. When less oxygen is available. COMMENTS: This is an excellent exercise to build stamina. stretching the ribcage to the maximum (do not sip more air in later. Gradually increase the time of breath retention to one minute.22 minutes. holding the knees. Place the tongue against the back of the upper teeth at the roof of the mouth. the brain. This exercise. It pressures the kidneys. . and then exhale. gonads and adrenals. and flex the relaxed spine rapidly until you can no longer hold the breath in. and then continue. inhale completely. Continue for 11 minutes. rest after the first 11 minutes.

universe and it will support you. their creation. just as happy parents will support their offspring. then you have communi c a t e d with the.62 - . This relationship of consciousness to Infinite Consciousness is the one fundam e n t a l requirement of l i f e a n d t h e a i m of yoga.IF YOU CAN RELATE WITH THAT UNIVERSAL RADIATION so the beam and frequency of projection is clear. Quoted from Sadhana Guidelines i .

October 12, 19??

SERABANDANDA. For curing any

1. Begin in Triangle Pose, heels on floor, hands and feet one foot apart from each other. Hands and feet remain in place throughout.

2. Fran Triangle position, inhale, exhale and lower CHIN ONLY to the floor.

3. Inhale and exhale into Cobra, back arched, arms and legs straight.

4. Inhale into Triangle pose ON TOES, then exhale and lower heels. Repeat from #1, 26 times. Relax 10 minutes. Thend repeat 26 more times, relax 10 more minutes, and repeat once more, relaxing deeply afterwards.

COMMENTS: This kriya WILL CURE ANY DISEASE. It opens valves in the veins and arteries for complete circulation. It opens the vertebrae to allow blood to flow through every part of the spine and then to every part of the body.

YOU ARE THE UNIVERSE! If you are not beautiful and graceful, there is nothing beautiful or graceful. This is a truth, for you are the universe and the universe is you. October 14, 1971 "Sermon on Two Cushions"

- 63 -


2. Lying on back, raise hips ONLY off the ground, without using hands, keeping legs and back on the ground. Hold with long, deep breathing for 1-3 mins. (For youthfulness.)

RELAXATION SERIES TO REMOVE NEGATIVITY TENSIOM February 15, 1972 1. In Easy Pose, inhale for 5 seconds, exhale for 5 seconds, and pump stomach for 5 seconds. Continue for 5 minutes.


3. On back, raise both legs 4-6 inches and hold with long, deep breathing for 1-3 minutes. "The whole body will salute you and you can digest anything." All toxins will come out and it is good for the heart. 4. Raise left leg up to 90°, keeping the rest of the body relaxed with long, deep breathing for 3 minutes. Cleans toxins and renews vigor. 5. Raise head only, keeping the rest of the body relaxed, with long deep breathing for 3 minutes. Good for headaches. 6. Make a pillow of the right arm and relax on the right side, raising the left leg as high as possible and hold with relaxed body for 3 minutes. 7. Relax on the stomach for 1 minute. Good for the colon and eliminates toxins 8. Catch heels with hands and pull into buttocks without raising the body and hold with long, deep breathing 3 minutes 9. Raise upper body in Cobra with the support of the hands and hold with long, deep breathing for 3 minutes or as long as possible. 10. In meditation pose, chant (pg. 132)

for 5 minutes. Set takes 26-31 minutes. You'll come out of it as fresh as from a sleep. Tension is good if followed by relaxation.
- 64 -



1. Clasp fingers in Venus Lock, but curl Mercury (little) and Sun (ring) fingers into the palms instead of crossing them. Then hook left Saturn (middle) finger over right Sun (ring) finger and pull, hard. Focus at the 3rd eye, continuously pulling hard on the finger lock for 1 -3 minutes. Removes anger and enthrones the neutral mind.

2. Fit base of palms under the cheek bones and push as hard as you can for 1-3 minutes. It doesn't have to hurt, but if it does, you have the right spot. Makes you feel happy!

3. Grasp left wrist with the right hand and pull the left arm as far to the right as possible, and then some more!, for 1-3 minutes. Removes tension across the shoulder blades.

4. Make wrist lock behind the back with the hands touching the spine and try to bring elbows together. Pull! Arch the spine forward and apply chin lock for 1-3 minutes. Raises energy up the spine and elevates you!

COMMENTS: This short set leaves you feeling great! Perfect for depression, anger, fatigue or stress.

- 65 -

REMOVING TENSION I V I TY Exercises for periodic headache

& NEG AT tension &

1. Apply thumbs to cheeks, below eyes and massage in a circular motion for 3 minutes. Releases tension. 2. Right hand flat, place base of palm on center of forehead just above the nose. Vibrate hand ,3/4" up and down, twice a second, meditating on the brow point for 3 minutes. For eye tension and mind focus. 3. Center of right palm on center of skull. Look up through top of head and massage in small circular motion for 3 minutes. Aids memory. 4. With hands in Venus Lock behind neck, lean back 60°, and raise legs to 60° and hold for 3-10 minutes. Can be done in the morning to balance the Electro-Magnetic Field. 5. On back with legs up to 90° and spread apart 60°, hold on to toes with long, deep breathing for 3 minutes. 6. Seated in Easy Pose, roll head on neck easily for 2 minutes. 7. In Cobra Pose, walk your hands for ward lightly dragging the body for 5 minutes. 8. In Easy Pose, silently meditate on

S a- T a .-N a .-M a .
for 5 minutes. For tension and periodic headache.

- 66 -

deep breathing. Then switch arms and repeat. Fire for 3 minutes and then relax. Perform 15 Frogs: Heels together and raised. In Easy Pose. inhale and straighten knees.67 - . palms up. hands in Gyan Mudra. hold with Breath of. fingers entwined in inverted Venus Lock. raise left arm 60° up and hold with long. dropping head to knees. deep breathing for 2 minutes. 5. head FOR NEGATIVITY raised. Inhale 2.4. hands and feet remaining in place. In Pock Pose. raise up to toes and straighten arms overhead. palms facing ceiling. up and exhale down. lie back on the heels with long. Hold with long. 6. 3. fingertips on floor between knees. Release arms down and meditate at the 10th Gate (the Crown Chakra at the top of the head) for 3 minutes. Standing. deep breathing for 3 minutes. arms and legs straight. pulling Mulbhand on each exhale for 3 minutes. lifting buttocks while 1. .Arms out to sides.

and exhale as chin comes back to chest. upper arms 1-2" from body. Still seated. arched. Raise hands in three parts with three sharp inhales and exhale them down all the way. 2" apart. 2. inhale as head arches and drops back. to 60° up and 60° down for 5 minutes. To see the aura and increase it. for 3-5 minutes. left ear to left shoulder. Extend right arm. palm facing right.front.£"> . In Easy Pose. hands clasped behind back in Venus Lock. Aura . Relax. ! 15 in each direction. and cross it under left wrist. Neck Rolls in Easy Pose. Eyes open briefly with hands almost together in . etc. inhale in 4 parts and exhale in 4 parts concentrating on palms for 11 minutes. To end. In Rock Pose. forearms at 90° from upper arms and 60° forward (over thighs). Clasp right fingers over left palm.68 - . arms straight. chin to chest again. Also over comes depression and brings in a lot of energy and healing power. 4. right ear to right shoulder. Then cross arms on chest and lower chin into notch with light. and exhaling as they swing forward. Looking to the 3rd eye. extend left arm straight out in front. Keep arms straight and continue for 11-15 minutes. thumb down. Rajwari Mudra Meditation: In Easy Pose & Gyan Mudra. 3. Roll the head easily. to heart center. raise and lower hands.. 15 times in each direction (chin to chest. bend forward so forehead touches ground. inhaling as they arc back. palm facing right. then left fingers over right. swing arms back and forth. and Perception 1972 1. 5.ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD. long breathing for 3 minutes. 6. head describing a large figure 8. nose pointed to ceiling. and then reverse). Figure Eight Neck Rolls.

July 11.I5 yearsIn Easy Pose and G and exhale Guru (Time unspecified). (To see auras for. Never try to know your demerits. This helps. move the hands mechanically (in short jerks) 1/10 of the way toward the forehead. 8. With each sniff.69 - . Break the inhale into 10 equal parts or "sniffs". (SADA) INNOCENCE: As a human. 10 Part Meditation. separating them at navel level and returning them to Gyan Mudra on knees. Continue for 3-11 minutes. palms facing up. When you don't know ANYTHING. join the fingertips from base to tips of the 2 hands and lower they slowly. This builds the nervous system so nothing bothers you. palms to eyes: Sit in Lotus or Easy Pose with hands on knees in Gyan Mudra with the eyes nearly closed. the palms are on the forehead with the fingers pointing up. 1975 . but (instead) know your good points. why try to know your own demerits? Then you are not innocent. if you are innocent you will never be punished. With weak nerves and aura it is difficult to act on your ideals. fingers straight. On each sniff of the inhale mentally vibrate and on the exhale. On the 10th inhale.7. As you exhale.

make small circles. bring fingertips to shoulders and exhale. To end. hold and exhale down. inhale. in 3 equal parts.Arms straight out to sides. Palms together at heart center. fingers spread as wide as possible. Then exhale completely in 4 equal parts as you silently chant Sa Ta Na ZYJa with each stroke.70 - . arms straight. bend and place fore head on the ground. back. bringing the arms 1/3 of the way up on each.GURURATTAN KAUR QUICK AURA FIXERS 1 . begin with palms on knees. 3. 4. inhale arms to 60°. inhale with arms up. feeling good. down and forward with Breath of Fire for 2-3 minutes. hands in Venus Lock behind the back. This exercise connects all meridians. Exhale and relax in this position. To end. up. Press palms firmly together and inhale in 4 equal parts to completely fill the lungs. . and inhale once more. 2. hold and press the palms together as firmly as possible with tension in all parts of the body. inhale. Relax quietly and notice the change. Continue for 23 minutes. To end. To end. heart and glandular balance and im proves circulation. Exhale them down. In Rock Pose. fingers pointing up. Inhale in 3 equal parts. hold. forearms parallel to the ground. shifts nerve. Still sitting on heels. inhale again and bring them parallel to the ground. filling the lungs and bringing the arms to 60° up. parallel to ground. and exhale as you bring them down again for 2-3 minutes. Inhale and bring the arms up to 30°. exhale arms down and relax in the position. One minute is sufficient if you press very hard and breathe very deeply or you can do it for up to 5 minutes to maintain a high energy level throughout the day.

( A t that time) your energy gets out of balance. God. S t a r t t h e d a y w i t h G o d . In the evening. A cold shower cleanses the aura and produces powerful energy. day to day and walk away with the precious gift of life. give yourself to God and to sleep. (A c o u p l e o f minutes of the Mul Mantra will do it. And never sleep without meditation and relating to your own Unknown.71 - . who knows if tomorrow shall come. And if the morning dawns on you again. Isn't that simple? And at the end of the day.) July 14 & 18. Life is a precious gift! There is a very important must. automatically In the morning you are fresh with ambition. ^ PRAYER: My friend. get up (and live) moment to moment. Yogi Bhajan teaches covering the thighs with pants because the body's Ca Mg balance is regulated there. Try it for 40 days (and meditate daily).pick a place where you c a n close your eyes and pray f r o m 2 to 5 or 10 minutes. and massaging it on every part during the shower as well 6. 1975 . a thing you must do: P r a y i n t h e e v e n i n g . and see what happens to your state of mind. Don't try to stop it .5. Keep the a c c o u n t c l e a r . it is natural to want to freak out somewhere. learn never to wake up without meditation and without relating to your own Unknown your God. He also recommends massaging the body with oil before showering. The wearing of white or light clothing amplifies the aura. w h e n t h e s u n s t a r t s s e t t i n g . see the day with God and then God will take care of it.

When breath begins to become important. while the other fingers remain relaxed. press elbows and upper arms tightly against ribs. Continue for 3 minutes (but no more than 5 at first. Allow shoulders to relax. with the eyes 1/10 open. gradually building to 31 minutes). Then inhale.72 - . and extend forearms up at a 45° angle. you become 84 times stronger and experience peace and joy.June 11. palms down. parallel to the ground. and meditate on the Heart Chakra for 5 minutes. stiffen the hands very tight ly until they shake and the ears itch. and raise the arms 60s forward and up. . thumbs beside fingers. palms facing each other with thumbs extended and stretched straight up. rising above pain. breathe long and deep with the eyes 1 /10 open for 3 minutes. This harmonizes you with the earth's magnetic field. Then stretch and meditate a few moments. elbows and fingers straight. 12 (in New Orleans) 1970? MEDITATION To MAKE YOUNGER STOP THE CICLE OF DECAY 1) In Rock Pose (or a comfortable meditative position^ arms stretched put to the sides. This is "Meditation of Prana" and it eliminates all disease when done l l MEDITATION FOR REVERSAL OF AGE In Rock or meditation pose. hold let go to the universe and relax. NOTE: These are 3 of a series of 7 beautiful meditations to be published in Transitions to a Heart-Centered World. It makes the whole area radiant. 2) Now. one will be connecting with pranic life force.

3 . 8 . stare into palms with long. 7 .73 - . right arm straight out in front. 5 . 2 . cup hands at Heart Center. bring them back to Heart Center. End by shaking entire body. palm up. palms together. Meditate for 3-11 minutes. Still in Rock Pose. feet together and raised. and relax with forehead on the ground for 3 minutes. As you inhale. FIELD SET#2 .ELECTROMAGNETIC 1 . On elbows and knees. palm up and do Breath of Fire for 1 -2 minutes. edges of palms still touching and as you exhale. stare into the palms. 4 . Continue for 5 minutes. Spinal flexes in Rock Pose for 3 minutes. and with head bowed. Then reverse arms and repeat. 6 . palms up and together. In Rock Pose. raise arms to 60° up at sides of body and hold with Breath of Fire for 3-5 minutes. left arm straight back. stretch arms out in front. In Easy Pose. deep breathing for 5 minutes. back arched (like Cow Pose). bend down stretching arms straight out ahead. Gurpranam: In Rock Pose.




1 - Stand up and bend forward so the palms are on the ground and the body forms a triangle. Raise the right leg up with knee straight. Exhale, bend the arms and bring the head near the ground. Inhale, resume Triangle Pose. Continue this Triangle Push-up for V^ minutes. Switch legs and continue for another l^ minutes. Z2. . Sit in Easy Pose. Extend the left hand forward as if grasping a pole so the palm faces right. Cross the right hand under the left, palm facing right and thumb pointing down, and wrap the fingers over the left hand so that both palms face right and fingers lock. Inhale, raise arms 60°, exhale them down for 2-3 minutes 3 . Put both arms forward, parallel to the ground, palms facing each other about 6" apart. As you inhale, let the arms drop back and stretch them towards each other. Exhale, returning them to original position. Continue 3 minutes with deep, rythmic breaths. COMMENTS: This is a great kriya for keeping disease away and developing your aura. The time can be built up to 71$ minutes for each side, in #1,. and 15 minutes each for exercises 2 & 3. Exercises 2 S. 3 can be done standing in Horse Stance, (a martial arts posej, with the feet wide apart, toes pointing out, knees bent, hips tucked in, lowering yourself as much as possible (as though seated in a chair). Breathe powerfully from the navel. You w i l l achieve incredible strength from this posture. This, kriya. will induce profuse sweat. It will cure almost any disgestive problem. It strengthens the arms and extends the power of protection and projection in the personality.

- 74 -




1. In Easy Pose, extend arms out to the sides with curled fingers stretched back from the palms and tensed like claws, rigid and taut like two lion's paws. Alternately cross the wrists overhead, moving powerfully and rhymically with Breath of Fire, coordinating one movement with one inhale-exhale for 9 minutes. 2. Without stopping, stick the tongue out all the way, and continue for 15 seconds more. 3. To end, inhale and raise the arms up to 60°, hold for 15 seconds, exhale down and repeat, holding for 30 seconds this time. Exhale and relax. 4. Sitting comfortably, breathe long, deeply and quietly for 34 minutes (or sing "Nobility" along with the tape, from the heart, for 3-4 minutes). COMMENTS: This exercise works on the electromagnetic frequency of the brain. Hand position pressurizes each fingertip, controlling the brain and its functions. Lymph and nervous systems are tuned up and the pituitary gland is stimulated, causing the pineal to change the frequency and radiance of the magnetic field.

- 75 -





1. Easy Pose, arms up at 60°, palms up, with Breath of Fire for 1 minute. Then inhale, hold the breath, and pump the stomach in and out 16 times. Exhale and relax the breath. Repeat continue for 2-3 minutes. Builds the psycho-electromagnetic field. 2. Immediately sit on the heels with arms parallel to the ground at the sides, allowing hands to hang limply from the wrists, with. Breath of Fire for 3 minutes. Inhale, hold and relax. For the heart. 3. In Rock Pose as above, spread the knees wide apart and lean back 60° supporting the body with arms back of hips, tilt the head back, inhale, and pump the stomach in and out as long as possible, exhale, repeat and con tinue for 1-2-2 minutes. Then, tilt the torso back to 30° and repeat the cycle for 1-2-2 more minutes. Stimul ates the thyroid, parathyroid and navel center. If you practice these, you will never need cosmetics for a smooth radiant complexion and glow. 4. Still on heels with knees spread, stretch forward, forehead on the ground arms forward and relax for 1 minute. Then breathe long and deep for 2 min utes. Then chant

for 2 minutes. Moves spinal fluid, feeds brain cells and helps repair brain damage of drug and alcohol abuse.

- 76 -

Back Platform. legs out in front. For thyroid. Inhale. grab toes and hold for 1 minute. spreading them wide open and hold with Breath of Fire for 3 minutes. head dropped back. Inhale. This is the great seal of yoga. arms straight. Switch legs and continue for 1 minute. Balances prana and apana. Maha Mudra. Slowly raise legs in shoulder stand. then walk them together again. with diaphragm lock also pulled. eyes fixed on big toe. with Breath of Fire for 30 seconds. Relax for 3 minutes. and continue Breath of Fire for 1 more minute. holding the breath out for 8 seconds. Then "walk" the legs wider apart until they are spread wide.5. For the thyroid. Lift the body on hands and heels. slight ly spread. clasp heel with left hand and keeping chin tucked into chest. Lie on the back and stretch arms overhead on the floor.77 - . It can be practiced by itself. stretch right leg forward and grasp and pull big toe with right hand. 7. exhale. 6. 8. Then Relax for 2 minutes. Legs stretched out in front. heart and lower back. Then relax on the back for 3 minutes. Sit on left heel. Then raise both legs 12 inches only. Then relax on back for 5 minutes. raising the left leg to 90° and hold with Breath of Fire for 1 minute. . exhale and immediately go into 2 leg life nerve stretch. inhale deeply. Repeat and continue for 3 minutes. 9. pull Mulbhand. repeat and continue with Breath of Fire for 30 more seconds. and body in a straight plane. Its effects fill pages. grasped by hands and hold for 1 minute.

12. and 30 seconds in the other. grasp opposite upper arms across the chest and roll the head in a slow figure 8 for 30 seconds in one direction. This set strengthens and balances it. on the exhale. the most important thing is e x p e r i e n c e . Your normal feeling of happiness. exhale and arise as fast as possible. Then. Still on the back. Continue for 3 minutes with long.10. Relax for 2 minutes. In-Easy Pose. bend forward to the ground. Chant COMMENTS: This set works on coordination and repair of the nervous system by stimulating the heart center. connection and well-being depend on the balance of your psycho-electromagnetic field.78 - . Y o u r e x p e r ience goes right into your heart. Meditate. Then deeply inhale. EXPERIENCE: In Kundalini Yoga. chin to chest. and raise both legs 6 inches only on the inhale. For the heart center and thyroid. lower legs and raise head. Best results are obtained if you practice a set until it is mastered. For the heart and navel centers. Quoted from Sadhana Guidelines . stretch arms straight up with the palms facing each other. deep breathing. 11. Repeat 10 times. and to balance the hemispheres of the brain.

Incline head to knee as you inhale for 5 seconds. 3. Balances energy flow in and out.79 - . Hold the breath in for 15 seconds. raising energy to the 3rd eye. weight over forward foot. and inhale in 22 equal sniffs. Recharges divine shell around you. left knee to chest. With 22 count breath. right arm bent back as if pull ing an arrow. and fix gaze above the horizon with 22 count breath for 3-5 minutes. Legs outstretched ahead. Then switch logs and repeat exercise. hold for 3-5 minutes. stretching arms and torso forward with palms to gether. Right ankle crosses over top of left foot. . Grasp left toes with both hands. AURIC BALANCE & NERVE STRENGTH 1. and spine is straight. Then sit on_ right heel. foot flat on ground at base of thigh. left arm extended in front as if holding a bow. Focus gaze above the horizon. right leg back. pressing big toemail with both thumbs and index fingers.TO BALANCE CIRCUMVENT FORCE: AND Recharge DIVINE SHELL Sit in Virasan. Then raise head while exhaling for 5 seconds Repeat 26 times. left forward and bent at knee. 2. then exhale in in 22 equal parts for 35 minutes. bend right leg and press heel into groin. NOTE: None of the exercises were to be done on the reverse side. hands clasped on left knee. Then stand in Archer Pose. both hands at heart level.

. bring the fists to the chest. bending arms at elbows. fairly rapidly. 4. B) Ex hale and bring hands in towards chest. exhale down behind the neck for 2 minutes. inhale and slowly clench fists. 3. stretch the arms out in front at a 60° angle to each other. with palms facing up. Interlace the fingers as before. deep breathing through the mouth with a whistle on both the inhale and the exhale for 5 minutes. repeat the entire sequence for 2 minutes. C) T hen inhale. D) Hold the breath and bring the arms straight up overhead. Relax. holding the breath. palms facing out. arch the spine as far up and back as possible and begin long. continue to hold the breath and repeat A. and with tension. 2. A) PREPATORY EXERCISES FOR LUNGS MAGNETIC FIELD AND DEEP MEDITATION Stretch arms straight out in front with fingers interlaced. Inhale and stretch arms up overhead. release the tension.1. stretch arms out in front again.80 - . In Easy Pose. and place them behind the neck. maintaining an angry face throughout the exercise. Repeat and continue for 2 minutes. Without resting. Repeat and continue for 3 minutes. Exhale. stretch arras straight overhead with palms together.

Roll the eyes up as far as possible and concentrate at the top of the head. inhale and twist to the left. thumbs in back and keeping elbows at shoulder level. 6. This is an excellent preparation for beginners who need to learn deep meditation. Place hands on shoulders. Interlock fingers at chest level with palms facing down. stimulating the circulatory system. and exhal ing back for 2 minutes. palms together. In Easy Pose. still. hands on knees. exhale and relax them down for 2 minutes. 10. 7. inhale twist ing left. COMMENTS: This series purifies the blood and expands lung capacity. Then. and the upper magnetic field of the body is enlarged. exhale twisting right for 2 minutes. exhale back down to chest level for 2 minutes. flex the spine inhaling forward. . exhale and twist right for 2 minutes. 9. Stretch arms straight overhead. thumbs crossed. 8. fingers in front. The secretions of the thyroid and parathyroid are added to the increased circulation. Meditate for 15 minutes. place hands on knees. Inhale and bring hands up to eye level.5. inhale and flex shoulders up.81 - .

course through the shoulders. with Breath of Fire for 23 minutes. arms out to the sides. forefingers extended. Exhale and relax. 6 . To end: Inhale. and letting it drop.3 minutes.ARMS OUT PARALLEL: In Easy Pose.CROU POSE: With arms straight out in front. hold feel the energy continue to enter the left palm. To end: Inhale. project out from the Heart Center. (concentrating at the 1st vertebra or chakra). parallel to the ground. hold. 3 . hands cupped below the navel.82 - . forming a powerful arch between the hands. hold. and exhaling Nam (concentrating' on the 4th vertebra or 3rd chakra)# for 2-3 minutes. mentally inhaling Sat. rapidly for 2-3 minutes. leave the right palm. fingers interlaced. with Breath of Fire for 2. Repeat 3 times. hands on floor besided hips lifting body (and heels) off the floor. 2 . exhale. KUNDALINI LOTUS: Balance on buttocks holding on to big toes. pointing out to infinity before the heart. pull Mulbhand and hold \0 seconds. exhale.OPPORTUNITY & GREEN ENERGY SET 1 . To end: Inhale. palms up. BODY DROPS: Stretch legs out in front. and arch overhead. exhale. RUNNING IN PLACE: Run vigorously pulling knees up high. . draw energy up the spine.Sit on heels. with Breath of Fire for 2-3 minutesTo end": Inhale. 4. concentrate on the energy coming in the left palm and going out the right. SPINAL FLEXES: . TREA KRIYA: Sitting on left heel with right foot on left thigh. pull Mulbhand. with a good punching motion for 3-5 minutes. 5 . legs & arms straight. lift up the diaphragm and chant Ong So Hung strongly from the heart. and hear the sound at the heart. 7 . back.

focus the eyes up and out of the Crown Chakra with Breath of Fire for 2-3 minutes. Exhale and relax. and arise. ARM LIFTS: Extend the arms straight out in front. Raise alternate arms from parallel to 60*. and continue -to project in and up. (C) Without lowering the hands. COSMIC CONNECTIONS: (A) Hands in Venus Lock 4 inches above the Crown Chakra. hold project out. hold and project from the 3rd eye out to infinity. exhale and relax.To end: Arms together at level of 3rd eye.83 - . for 2-3 minutes. inhaling as right arm goes up and exhaling as it comes down. sitting in a shower of energy coming to you. Love every breath that comes. bend . 1 1 . . (almost a Breath of Fire). (B) Hands remaining in place. inhaling. and that God loves you. comfortably relaxed. continuing to focus out the Crown Chakra. hands in Venus Lock behind the neck. exhale and bring the forehead to the floor. I don't need to struggle. inhale bring the forehead to the floor silently chanting Sat. and love all things. Meditate and think of all the things you can be grateful for. place the fingertips together with the palms apart (like a teepee). palms down. breath long and deep for 2-3 minutes." Start realizing that opportunities and prosperity can come in different forms than you have previously imagined. GREEN ENERGY PRODUCTION: Arms at sides. BOUING TO THE INFINITE: In Easy Pose. 2. known and unknown.8 . the more I can attract. COMMENTS: This set attracts opportunities and opens up the Heart Center. palms down (Shakti Pose). This consciousness can be summarized as follows: "The more I open myself. 1O. exhale and relax in Gyan Mudra. I have the ability to attract opportunities. chant from the heart. feeling a slight pull at the navel: Hari Hari Hari Har for 2-11 minutes. forearms up.-31*"***. with Breath of Fire for 2-3 minutes. visualizing green energy. palms flat and faced forward. Believe that you deserve prosperity. To end: Inhale. point the forefingers straight up. It allows one to approach prosperity from the Heart Center consciousness or plane of attraction. inhale. silently chanting Nam. 9 . To end: Inhale.

someday. think of those who really live through their Sadhana. and dress yourself in white from top to bottom and walk out of your room. tr y i t : I n t h a t s ta t e of ne g a tivity. push for a minute. and how much they can change. 1975 IF YOU REALLY WANT TO EXPERIMENT. without letting them bend. So. go and take a shower. July 19. a beautiful life in which you can perceive in yourself the contentment of existence. and put your left hand in front of your heart. consciousness and energy of a person. when you are depressed and negative (as normally w il l h ap p en ) . Now. 1975 . a fulfilled life. palm facing right. balance the energy this way and positive thoughts must come. holy and wholesome life. You will be a different person. July 18. my people. happy. A gross physical action can change the temperament.T HE AT T I T UD E O F G R A TI T U D E: Yo u h a v e t o u n de r stand your physical relationship with Infinite Energy and how you can tune in for your own purposes. if you do not know how to stop a negative thought. resisting. Place the right palm against it and press. resisting with the left hand. towel yourself. on just the fingers. Then let go and think the same negative thought and that same thought will now appear funny to you. just get up. So.84 - . "Thank you! " Quoted from Sadhana Guidelines TO STOP THINKING NEGATIVE THOUGHTS: Think of a negative thought. you would just say. so that you can have a healthy. You should be so contented that if you had to quit this planet.

& The Nervous System The Heart Center The Positive & Neutral Mind Opportunities Abundance & Healing & Cleansing Higher Awareness States of The Cosmic Teddy Bear .Meditations PRANAYAMA The Navel.85 - .

paid for and the title is clear. You can make it or mar it. 3) basic flexibility. 2) potential. June 23. you didn't pay your $5. 1978 . Between eating popcorn and drinking Coca Cola. It is paid for! (You have earned it!) With Guru's grace. and know where your emotions are. One who can withstand it knows the Law of life: Assess your 1) stamina. You've paid the money and you are now seated at the opera and the performance has begun.. Be a yogi .00 to sleep in that chair did you? Why did you do it? In exactly the same way. you did the Bhakti. give them your money and they give you a seat and start the film for you.EVERYONE IS MASTER of his own destiny. and then God granted you a human body. If you sleep and snore through it. It is earned. Now. life is gained here. Those who do not know how to be commanded do not know how to command.don't be an ordinary person.86 - . Temptation is the law of Maya (illusion . It's your business. You go to a movie. 1975 TAKE NEW VALUES: Leave behind a legend to be followed by those who follow you. . 1972 LIFE IS LIKE A MOVIE. who cares? July 14. January 9. you fall asleep. through previous karma.

repeated. Prayer is another powerful tool. neutral mind. this is the time to listen and know. mental and emotional being to receive and utilize the higher frequencies induced by meditation. The sounds of mantras affect the cosmic spheres as well as individual consciousness. Yogi Bhajan has given us several mantras in English. common among those who practice other types of meditation and yogic traditions. safe and almost imperceptable ascent of Kundalini energy. Though affirmations have a powerful . The real meditation begins AFTER the chanting is done. Each focuses consciousness to implement specific effects through the mantras and mudras. These meditations are actually premeditations. tuning us into cosmic frequencies. has a powerful impact on the subconscious mind. (though unintelligible to the Western conscious mind). Therefore. The touch of the tongue on the palate. enabling us to listen and receive. touches the heart and opens one's sensitivities. effect on the mind.87 - . To enjoy its full effect. taking one from a negative to a positive mind-set. Lastly. sounds or phrases in one of the sacred languages (Sanscrit or Gurmuki . Yoga without meditation is like cake without frosting. Instead. but it is usually a one-way affair. safe and effective means of achieving altered states of consciousness. as well as press our cause. melody MANTRAS Mantras are the repeated words. they experience the gradual. or thanking or praising God for those already bestowed). (So be sure to savour those precious post-chanting moments to enjoy a conversation with God or your higher self. and meditation without yoga practice is like the dessert without the dinner. or to use the heightened awareness to survey the body and take stock of its needs. additionally. (asking for blessings. spontaneous Kundalini designated because in these languages the sound of the word vibrationally approximates the concept it represents). the music that often accompanies the chanting. Repeated repetition makes the effect "kick in" despite blocks and scepticism. mantras take you from the polarities of the positive-negative mind to the Universal. The practice of Kundalini yoga strengthens the nervous system and the entire physical. and link the finite self with the Infinite Self. ask your teacher for the correct pronunciation. with its attendant pleasures and talents and without the traditional fireworks and pain. reflexes to impact the brain in a scientific and precise manner. too. when the mantras are correctly chanted. The Kundalini Yoga/Meditation combination brings the meditative mind into everyday life and elevates day to day living to a higher plateau. The meaning. too. Chanting mantras opens up a two-way communication.) Most of all.MEDITATION IN KUNDALINI YOGA Meditation in conjunction with the practice of Kundalini yoga is the most powerful. rhythm and the prescribed breathing. practitioners of Yogi Bhajan's technology do no' experience destructive. It is of paramount importance to chant a mantra correctly. traumatic. This is called "Nad Yoga" or "the yoga of the mind".

to focus the mind. many people are discouraged from meditating. or penetrating the body down to the cellular level. and you should be seated on a natural surface ie. Two ways to empower mantras are (1 ) to visualize the mantra written on a screen before the closed eyes as it is intoned. You can program yourself with prayer or visualization of the desired results. Distractions .the "primal hours". and at sunset. Sit in a clean. You may also feel the mantra . and churches are ideal retreats.M. You may wish to begin with short meditations (some are as short as 3-5 minutes in this book) and proceed to longer ones with practice. 6. and (2) to listen to the mantra while inhaling between repetitions. But. and this will be useful in all phases of life. cotton. 7. so you will find you need less sleep when you do a morning and evening routine (which processes the suoconscious fears and concerns of unsettling sunrise dreams). 8. wool. "tune in" (with the Adi Shakti Mantra: CNG NAMO. but stick to the same one every morning for at least 40 days. During the course of chanting. 5. and when we sit to meditate. But if you are meditating in a subway. A timer of some sort is useful to avoid "clock watching". circling up the spine. 90 days can b r e a k a habit pattern. Meditating at the same time and in the same place everyday. especially spinal flexes.if visualizations are specified. Follow with a Yoga set of your choice. gradually sanctifies the area. take your t im e. GURU DEV NAMOJ Then do warmups.pulsated at the heart. 3. Then add pictures. Other powerful times are at 4:00 P. The very best time to meditate is in the early morning before sunrise as yogis do. What you may encounter: Because of a misconception that one can simply sit down and quiet the mind for medtation. or stand ing in line. we become acutely aware of these thoughts. Nature offers good settings like under a tree. Att en d to on e thing a t a time . That is why we use mantras . in a knot on top of the head (to prevent energy 'leakage'). consolidating the entire effect. Bedtime is a must I Meditation and yoga actually replace sleep. movements o^ energy or pulsations. sample a different one every evening. concentrate on the specified techniques and absorb yourself in the sound and the energy. vibraing in the head. 4. during the meditation. The mind generates one t hou sand tho ughts pe r win k o f the eye. perhaps. beside a stream or the ocean. If you like variety. Then relax a few minutes on the back before meditating. first set the breathing and chanting on "automatic pilot". and or wondering. (Sadhana!) 2^ hours before sunrise is the usual time to begin . The hair should be worn up.and meaning. before and after the meditation. First. wood. The feet should be bare. It is recommended to practice one meditatio n dai ly for 4 0 d ays t o achieve its effects. quiet place. 2. MEDITATING AT HCME 1 . Most of Yogi Bhajan's meditations are designed to attract or deliver specific results. After a little practice you will find it is possible to hold several things in the mind at once. imagine a sanctified place and program yourself to tune out distractions.88 - .

You may listen to the mantra chanting back to you. You may even become negative or emotional.89 - . Perhaps you will achieve only a minute or two of fully focused consciousness during the first attempts. It comes with practice. the breath and other points of focus. 10. To repeat. Fine. Over a period of time. but you will feel much better afterwards. Since meditation is also a cleansing process. don't reflect or act on them.are the rule. You may feel uncomfortable during meditation. meditation really begins in the spacious moments after pranayama or chanting. Yesterday's sinner can be a saint this minute! The only thing required is a decision. Enjoy that time and space! 12. 9. Don't expect to sit in bliss every time! When thoughts come up. 11. Have patience with yourself. he is respected for generations to follow. Everyone can be like that. during all meditations unless otherwise specified. Daily practice for only 10-30 minutes can change the course of your life. Experience whatever happens and let it go to the universe. Be sure to keep the spine perfectly straight and apply Chin Lock (see Appendix). He does not lack in any material comfort. "Am I to guard my future and choose to be a liberated person or am I to block my future and by the material-physical aspect of the world?" 1969 . The process is working. He lives in grace in this world and when he leaves the body. and in fact. you will be pleased at how much lighter you feel and how certain things no longer bother you. to the mantra. allow physical effects to develop (like watching the energy you have engendered pursue its own course) or simply commune with yourself at a cellular or super-conscious level. desirable. It is rewarding at that time to sit for a few minutes and experience the effects of the previous effort. a lot of "garbage" may come up. Just let them pass like the flow of a river. transform your personality and help you to become your own best pos sible self! Even meditating only once a week produces a more illumined and evolving consciousness A LIBERATED PERSON is always a happy person. for the alignment of the chakras and to facilitate energy flow. Just keep going back. He does not know any power on earth which can insult him. This is normal. It means that the process is working.

extending the arms straight ahead (or place hands in Venus Lock on top of head). Follow with forward bend. Or. inhale as you come up. CROW SQUATS to stimulate and circulate enerov from the 1st & 2nd chakras. try one or more of the following exercises before sitting. and continue. and head up. holding and exhaling (or inhale. arms between legs fingertips on floor. End each by inhaling. pulling Mulbhand. allowing head to drop and look at knees and repeat 26-52 times. sit with legs spread wide apart. Raise buttocks. exhale and then pull Mulbhand and hold FROGS to stimulate the 1st & 2nd chakras and help you sit: Squat on the toes.MEDITATION FACILITATORS When you want to meditate but don't have time to do a complete yoga set first. and stand.90 - . and to make sitting easier: Squat. You'll be glad to sit down. bend over grasping toes and exhale as you pull the head to the knees. . stimulate the life nerve and navel energy: Sit with legs stretched out in front. FORWARD BENDS to stretch legs. repeating for 26 or 52 times. heels raised and touching each other. touching head to alternate knees for 1-2 minutes.

< ------------------------------------- CHAKRASANA (or Wheel Pose) to stimulate all the chakras and energize the spine: On the back. and hold with long. and hold with Breath of Fire for 30 seconds-! minute. arms and legs perfectly straight.91 - . . bend over and place hands shoulder-width apart about 3 feet in front of the feet. and hold with long deep breathing from 3-5 minutes End by pulling Mulbhand on the held inhale. Raise buttocks in a triangle. TRIANGLE POSE to stimulate the pituitary and relax the spine and the mind: With feet hip width aprt. returning to first position on exhale and continue 26 or 52 times. Inhale and lift torso into an arch. Arch the neck and look at the hands. The spine tingles with excitement after this. palms together. GURPRANAM to stimulate pituitary and pineal glands and 6th and 7th chakras: Sit in Rock Pose and rest the forehead on the floor. stretching the arms out in front. and bend knees bringing heels to buttocks. keeping the arms straight and try to straighten the knees. Grasp ankles and arch the pelvis up. deep breathing for 2-2 minutes. Follow with Gurpranam. or as long as possible. lifting the navel towards the sky on the inhale.INVERTED CAMEL LIFTS to raise kundalini energy up the spine: On back bend knees drawing heels to buttocks feet flat on the floor. pointing them towards the feet. place fingertips just under the shoulders.

with Breath of Fire for 3-5 minutes. TO OPEN THE CROWN CHAKRA: A) Right hand in Gyan Mudra on left knee. focusing eyes on the crown chakra. exhale. relax and meditate. hold and savour the space. Breath long and deep for 2 minutes and then reverse legs and repeat. Instant higher consciousness . fingers pointing straight up. Inhale. focused mind. B) Hands in Venus Lock on top of the head. For a clear. Meditate at the Brow Point for 3 minutes. deep breathing (4 or fewer breaths a minute) and presto. Inhale deeply.JANUIRASANA for concentration: Sit with the left heel in the perineum and the right leg stretched forward. and exhale as you slowly bend forward and touch the head to the right knee. tongue pressing roof of the mouth.92 - . AFTER ANY OF THE FACILITATORS assume or continue in meditation mosture with a perfectly straight spine and slightly tucked chin. clasping the toes of the right foot with both hands. stretching arms overhead. YOGA MUDRA for moving energy up and opening the spine: Sit in Lotus Pose or Siddhasana. lifting feet and shins up off the ground and balance with the hands in Venus Lock on the back. Place tongue on the roof of the mouth and begin long. and lower the head to the ground clasping the hands in Venus Lock on the back. with Breath of Fire through the right nostril for 3-5 minutes. This is a classic meditation facilitator. breathing long and deep for 1 -3 minutes ADHA SKAKTT CHALNEE KRIYA to stimulate the 6th & 7th chakras: Kneel and bring head to the ground. block left nostril with thumb of left hand.

and mentally chant the Mul Mantra. True in the Beginning True through the Ages True at Present Nanak shall ever be True. It is both a mantra and a sutra. Repeat and continue for 3-11 minutes. as follows: Inhale slowly and deeply while silently chanting one repetition of the mantra. It is a compass point that points to God. It sets you on the right path.93 - . hands on knees in Gyan Mudra.SILENT MUL MANTRA MEDTIATION Sit with a straight spine." . chin lock applied. COMMENTS: The Mul Mantra is the basis of all mantras in Kundalini Yoga. and hold the breath out with another silent repetition.that consciousness that exists in our very souls. Hold the breath in. describing Human-in God consciousness. AAD SUCH JUGAAD SUCH HAI BHEE SUCH NAANAK HOSI BHEE SUCH. "To repeat this mantra and go into its depths is to entranced by the depths of your own soul. KARTA PURAKH NIRBHAO NIRVATR AKAAL MOORAT AJUNI SAI BHANG GUR PRASAD JAP . and silently chant another repetition of the mantra. EK SAT ONG NAM KAR God is One Truth is His Name Creator Fearless Without Bnnity Immortal Unborn Self-Illuminated By Guru's Grace Meditate. Begin with the shorter times and slowly build to the longer times. Then slowly and completely exhale while chanting another mental repetition. This version is particularly powerful. eyes almost closed. It forms the basis of the consciousness we wish to acquire .

) 3. Turning individual ego to Universal Ego insures liberation. not viceversa. time will affect you. If you call on your ego. The sank and the conch and the gong represent the Infinite sound current. . Raise arms at the sides with hands in fists and thumbs pointing straight up. Don't waste your body . there will be nothing that you cannot know. If you want to go 800 miles. your action will be unattached. Continue for 3 minutes. Sit in EAsy Pose with chest out. A man who masters sound current. and now available to you.) 2. which is what matters. making a triangle of your two eyes and the top. masters time. thumbs still pointing straight up. The same power creates as destroys. This mudra is the shape of a conch shell. and the gong opens up the chakras. Sank is the Divine. Concentrate on the top of your head. shall have mastery and the whole creation shall serve him.94 - . Then circulate the 3-2 cycle chant inside of your head for 10-15 minutes. Breathe slowly and deeply inhaling to the bottom of the spine to purify the system. Conch is the symbol of that infinite sound current. Infinite Voice. it will not form a magnetic field. Now. move your fists next to your ears without touching them (2" away). Laya Yoga tunes you in to the Universal are listening to the eternal ocean through them. 1970 1 . in the same mudra. chin in and spine straight. The craft known to sages and saints. you have to iusa an aircraft. (Gives the power to control your death and destiny. is Laya Yoga teaching. devotion and faith. Continue for 2 minutes. Listen to the sound through the hands . (See pg„ 117) Siri EK ONG KAR Sat Nam Wha He GURU COMMENTS: If you perfect this mudra. (Whosoever shall do this sadhana with love. he will stand between you and time. elbows a little forward. the "know how". Whenever you call on your teacher. If the angle of the hands is a little off. Personality serves yoga. All who breathe are brothers. nor any sound you cannot hear. If your Sadhana has been done.use it for sadhana.LAYA YOGA #2 Sank or Conch Kriya May 29.

the prana. chant the 3^ cycle Laya chant for 5-10 min utes. After awhile. then inhale. A clean. Kundalini will rise from the navel to the top of the head. replace the mantra with "Sat Nam" and continue for 5 minutes. (See pg. 2. pure body indicates a rediness for the destination. from your hand in to the Infinite Hand. Sit in the posture most comfortable for meditation. exhale and relax. Bring the Mudra to the Navel Point. pointing the thumbs straight ahead and the fingers down. Without Mulbhand. 4. with the chin tucked in and the neck and back straight. Remain for 2-3 minutes. ( w i t h t h e A d i Shakti Mantra). exhale and relax. 3. 1 . We mess up the journey when we mess up the body. and Hung on the exhale. Hands still in Bhujan Mudra. focus on the top of the head. Continue for 5 minutes. Apply Mulbhand and Neck Lock. equally. If the body cannot sit still.A Sat a Nam A S iri Wha A He Guru COMMENTS:We become immortal when we create Him in us. but join them to the fingers and thumbs of the opposite hand and place the mudra (Bhujan Mudra) at the mind nerve (solar plexus).95 - . .LAYA YOGA #4- June 7. how can the mind be made still? Wisdom belongs to those who practice it. 1970 and October. Really hammer the area between the 2nd and 3rd chakra with the breath. this kriya can't happen at all.) Ek Ong Kar. silently chanting So on the inhale. The most humble on the earth are the most high in the House of God. Tune in to the personality of the teacher (within) and find the radiance. May love flow from all of us. Inhale. 117. 1 9 7 1 NOTE: This kriya is to be done only in the early morning. spinning it up the spine. It is possible to exchange the current of life. Breathe deeply and quickly. Separate the fingers and thumbs from each other.

5. slightly separ ating the fingers from the adjoin ing ones on the same hands. 1970 1. or between them in Celibate Pose. for 10 mins. Look at the top of your head. and place the mudra between the solar plexus and the Heart Center. 3. God consciousness never dies. exhale completely. and pulling Root Lock. Prayer has no meaning if you can't relate to God. Wrap your arms behind you and clasp the elbows with opposite hands. concentrating at the top of the head. let it happen. . NOTE: Laya Yoga #1 . Don't oppose yourself. 6 & 7 appear in Sexuality & Spiritality. (Time unspecified. Sit on the heels in Rock Pose. Let it flow. ) COMMENTS: To tune into the rhythm. chant A K A L 7 times. Inhale deeply. To tune in is to consciously relate to that Supreme Consciousness.96 - . "Akal" means one who never dies.LAYA YOG/\ 8 August 22. While long your Sat teacher • chants Nam inhale on the Sat and exhale on the Nam. raising the pitch on the 5th repetition. Place the fingertips together. you have to take that voice to the center of your consciousness. and pump the stomach for 5 minutes 2. but not the palms. 3.

visualizing navel energy descending to the rectum and sex organs. chant the 3-j cycle mantra: EK Ong Kar A A A Sat a. 3) Chant H 3i i~ for 3 minutes. Inhale the Lord's sweetness and love. and on "He". Nam Siri Wha HE GURU On "Ek". Thoughts will oppose your joining with Spirit. relax Mulbhand and Diaphragm Lock and allow the spinning energy to leave through the Crown Chakra. and cup hands before the heart. Inhale and exhale by inches. but trans cend them and unite. seeing energy spiraling up through the neck. so that it may open up to Him. Once you set yourself. (Time unspecified. then inhale and exhale 3 times.) 2) Lower chin into cavity between collar bones. Right meditation will bring right desserts. The entire mantra is chanted in one breath. with neck and spine straight. Continue for 45 minutes. On the first "A". Relax. On the "A" after "Wha". and exhale negativity. 4) Then.up to this point. pull the chin Lock. . Request the Lord to open up your heart. forget the body and the pain (just nerve adjustments). Meditation is an individual thing. Wrong meditation will have negative effects.MARS MEDITATION December 15. pull Mulbhand and on the second "A" (after "Nam") pull Diaphragm Lock. visualizing energy spiraling up the spine through the chakras. 1970 (For the heart) This meditation wipes away all previously created karma. Demons will hover over you. 1 ) Sit with straight spine.97 - . sharply contract the navel. with eyes closed.

depressed. . consciously change to your right nostril. (This changes the energy from fire to cool). The science of the nostrils is called Swara Yoga. If you are thinking something neurotic. you can switch nostrils simply by concentrating and shifting the gaze to the side you want to breath through. If you cannot relax or sleep. solar. but none at your shoulders. It teaches that when one nostril is dominant. See from which nostril you are breathing.BREATHING TO CHANGE MENTAL NOSTRILS STATES AT WILL & ALTER How to Do It: Sit in a comfortable meditative posture with your spine straight. the opposite hemisphere of the brain dominates. Be sure to keep your shoulders completely relaxed. change to the right nostril. change to the left nostril. instead. It is recommended to change nostrils at the first sign of disease. The left nostril and right hemisphere of the brain are considered lunar. Place your hands at the center of your diaphragm line. But if you are irritated. NOTE: With practice. You should have a pressure at your hands. Concentrate on your breath at the tip of your nose. pressing it with the weight of the body. and the right nostril (and left hemisphere). Within 3 minutes you should know. or in a wierd mental state. start breathing through the right nostril. Exercising this ability can prevent nervous breakdowns. touching your body. Interlace your fingers with your right thumb on top. 1 minute is a good time. You can do up to 31 minutes. What it will do for you: This exercise will alter your energy by changing the active nostril. start breathing through the left nostril.98 - . This ability to change nostrils should be taught to children within their first 3 years. Then change it. Practice changing this breath back and forth for as long as you like. Close your eyes. If you are tired and need extra energy. Another technique is to lie down on the side of the operating nostril and put a small cushion under that armpit. If you are breathing primarily through your left nostril. In 3 minutes you will be a different person. and find that you're breathing through your right nostril.

1975 . Breathe in such a way that __ the breath creates the mental sound Sat with the inhale. 3.99 - . PRIMAL. because he never sent you as an angel! He won't accept you as a devil because he never made a devil out of you. Inhale and contract rectum x ^ and sex organs.. spine erect. He will not be affected by his past negativity and no negative thought will penetrate his projection. Sit in Easy Pose. Imagine pranic energy flowing in and to the navel point. the entire back and spine will heat up.. 4. COMMENTS: If concentration is good. August 7. but it deals with the PRIMAL POWER OF CREATION. (No time was specified. Then Exhale and release the . eyes fixed at the tip of the nose. DEVILS AND ANGELS: God won't accept you as an angel. Hold briefly. POWER 2.1.^ locks. either. He can learn to transfer prana to another being for healing and even extend that person's life. It is written that one who perfects this kriya can master death and old age. and Nam with the exhale. Pull in the navel point. hands in Gyan Mudra. It is a simple meditation.

just as happy parents will support their offspring.To maintain youthfulness of mind and body. thumb on tucked fingers.). If you can relate with that Universal Radiation so the beam and frequency of projection is clear. despite age. <P Inhale slowly and deeply for 15 seconds through nose. their creation. etc.fertilizes the brain so there is no depression. then you have communicated with the universe and it will support you. gives constant flow of energy. You say . 1976 In Easy Pose.. Then lock fingers and stretch. You"11 become intuitive and universally sensitive (sensitive to phenomena like earthquakes. Quoted from Sadhana Guidelines .. palm facing up). r i g h t on top. make fists. Jupiter fingers cross at m i d d l e sections. w i t h Jupiter fingers straight out. (palm facing down.PRANIC MEDITATION February 16. Never do this with a quick breath. PRAYER: Have you ever understood what a prayer is? You create a vibratory effect and it goes into the Infinite Creativity around your psyche. l eft underneath. COMMENTS. for 11 minutes maximum. Eliminates fatigue. "p ray er w ork s!" It is o nly yo u r mind which has the power to concentrate and work with that beauty. This relationship of consciousness to the Infinite Consciousness is the one fundamental requirement of life and the aim of yoga. you will not get tired. Fingers are straight & flat. at diaphragm level. You may yawn or stretch but keep on with the breathing. and the answer comes. Brings health and healing ability.100 - . expressed in the energy of a job done. and exhale slowly & completely and forcefully (so tips of Jupiter fingers are touched). Meditate on your own prana carried by the breath. w i t h straight spine. through puckered mouth (not whistling) for another 15 seconds Fingers will feel cold.

to join prana and apana.) 2. strong mindedness. 2. A positive magnetic field or aura attracts friends. The mind goes above right and wrong when we have a confirmed positive attitude. two of which gave it as above. takes you to unknown limits. 4. twice (3 times in all) with breaks in between. Keep your vibrations high .MA H A S H A K T I RANAYAM (Whistle Kriya) September 7. The comments below came from this version. to be increased to 7j minutes. after practice.(the company of a positive man will uplift you. focusing at the 3rd Eye for 15 minutes.) 3. The third version omitted #4 completely. 4. you'll get the power of life! The rules of this exercise are: 1. For the upper brain. Mind is governed by breath and breath is the physical method of controlling the mind. (For the lower brain. has four red petals representing the 4 magnetic fields. The Muladhara Chakra at the rectum. Seated in Easy Pose. 1974 1 . not the self. Reverse . hands in Gyan Mudra. and produces tolerance.inhale with a whistle and exhale through the nose. Keep up! 6 lines describe this exercise and 6 pages describe its effects! . focusing at the 3rd Eye. and a negative man will bring you down). Listen to the whistle at the Brow Point and to the sound as it surrounds you. No one can help you. and repeated #1 & #2.* (Brings clear consciousness.) CCMMENTS: This exercise massages the brain. inhale through the nose and exhale with a whistle (opening the lock of ignorance) for 5 minutes. and on the back of the neck. The ring of the rectum is the base of the Silver Chord and when the Chord massages the crown. Negativity is insanity or conscious loss of mental control. Meditating on the rectum and obses sions. Practice morning and evening for 15 days and you will never be disturbed. stimulating certain brain cells. visualizing the 4 red petals of the chakra rotating.101 - . man becomes a god. Inhale. virtues and high vibrations. Mind is energy. By meditating on the teacher you will get his power by meditating on God you will get His powers. NOTE: We found 3 versions of this pranayam. while rythmically contracting and relaxing the rectum for 5 minutes. eliminates tension. unfolds closed cavities. hold the breath and medi tate on the rectum. The subconscious is the self. You can make the brain work to clear the the subconscious. and the durations of each were 5 minutes only. with 4 repetitions in all. the elephant represents wisdom and tolerance. 3. You must be determined. chant Laaaaaaa for 5 minutes. Then it specified doing each (#1 & #2) for 15 minutes without breaks or repetitions. By meditating on the breath.

hear the echoing sound. On each beat. after a powerful navel kriya) opens the capacity of total relaxation and physical regeneration! . see the spinning vortex spreading out from the navel. Sometimes a person tries to project and has a weak navel center. Then bring yourself consciously back to a full body feeling. lie on the back to deeply relax. As you feel your energy begin to vibrate with the sound. let the mind raise up and out of the navel chakra to float freely in the vicinity of the physical body for 515 minutes. Take several deep breaths and stretch the body. Then let that sphere of energy descend to the navel chakra. Collect all your conscious energy at the brow point. Rub palms and soles together. archig the spine like a bow a few times. Feel the beat of the heart there. Enter the same way you left.102 - .MENTAL LEVITATION After doing a powerful navel kriya. the ability to project the creative center of the psyche to points beyond the body. By leaving through the navel point. In this mental body. the physical energy is stimulated to maintain the body. Circle the hands and feet on the wrists and ankles. This technique. Then sit up and feel great! COMMENTS: This is the beginning of mental levitation. The body can then get cold and illness and disorientation can result. (through the navel point.

hold the breath and apply Mulbhanda. Then inhale very deeply. at the sides. Self-respect leads to respect for others. Raise upper arms parallel to the ground. and continue to apply Root Lock with the breath held out. continuing for 5-10 minutes. If you are to have a strong mental foundation. *See "Breathing to Change Nostrils at Will" page 118. Press the hands back with palms up. Then exhale completely. as though you are pressing on a weight. Meditating on the breath gives you a. four times. deep and powerfully through both nostrils for 10 minutes. . it must begin in the recognition that you are a beautiful soul. imagining pranic energy flowing from the cosmos to meet apanic energy at the navel point. 1970 & NAVEL ENERGY A) In Easy Pose or Lotus Pose.103 - . Inhale deeply. As navel energy is distributed through the nadis the entire body is cleansed and regenerated. ^. and breath long. * COMMENTS: This meditation charges the navel center and balances the lung meridians. Straighten the spine. imagine yourself to be a very beautiful person and a perfect yogi. sense of the beauty of life and the beauty of self. Meditate at the brow point. Feel very divine and light. rest the hands on the knees in Gyan Mudra. and exhale completly while pulling in the navel. increasing the flow of healing energy through the hands. If you slowly build the time up to one hour a day. hold briefly.BREATH PURIFICATION February 23. and gives the power to accomplish tasks. and bend elbows with forearms at right angles. projecting the mind to unite consciously with the Divine. be straight forward and truthful. the nerves will be strong and the mind easily focused. focusing at the 3rd Eye._^^ B) In Easy or Lotus Pose. Relax the breath and repeat the cicyle. mentally vibrating Sat with the inhale and inhale Nam With the exhale.

with hands on knees and practice Breath of Fire for 3 minutes. 8. hands in Gyan Mudra. exhale and hold the breath out. vibrating with all the atoms in the cosmos. Then focus on the 5th (Throat) Chakra. From the Navel Point. 22. 6. Sitting in Easy Pose. Focus on the 3rd (Navel) Chakra. slow. 3. 2. be aware of the breath as divine flow. deep breathing. Repeat. Focus at the First (Anal) Chakra and contract the anus. drawing all three lower centers together with each inhale for 1 minute. Look out top of skull and chant Ong f recti where the nose joins the throat. Feel elimination through it on the exhale. Power of the set depends on mental focus of pranic energy channeled by the breath along the silver cord into Infinity. awakening energy. with long.RAJA YOGA MEDITATION FOR TAPA 1. Relax and go into the sound current. 5. Continue for 1 minute. concentrate steadily on the pranic flow up the spine into the Pineal Gland. pumping the belly 8 times. Inhale. applying Chin Lock. deep breathing (and notice if it is from the left or right nostril).104 - . Feel it as the pulse of life. 4. Focus at 2nd (Sex) Chakra. inhale and pull all locks. pull all the locks and pump the belly 5 times. Pull Diaphragm Lock on the inhale. 14 and then 26 times. 9. . Inhale and draw the first and second chakras gently together. Inhale and relax the breath. "Hum" means 'we' and ong". Exhale. feeling the breath massage it on the inhale. chant HUM faster than once a second for 3 minutes. 17. Inhale. Continue for 1 minute. pumping 10 times. Concentrate on the 4th (Heart) Chakra. deep breathing. 'Infinite Creative Consciousness'. Press lower back forward. with long.Visualize a shining rod up and down" the spine. pull energy higher and higher up the spine. Look up to the 10th Gate (stimulating the 6th15 Chakra). then 12. With long. Then. 7.

wrist resting on the right knee. Then inhale and begin chanting the mantra with the usual melody. 1972 OPENER Inhale. thumb and fingers straight. Left arm is bend and relaxed. If you are around other COMMENTS: When you feel very tired and feel nothing is coming out. the 'antennae ' must be tense.T I ON Sit in Easy Pose with a straight spine. people. whistling Exhale. Overdrinking nectar can sometimes give a bad belly. So just do it three to seven minutes in absolute calmness. Repeat twice more. Continue for 3-5-7 minutes but don't overdo it. Place right hand in active Gyan Mudra (index finger curled under the thumb. tense and joined. 1980 MED I TA. Concentrate on the hand as a shield to the heart. As you concentrate on the shield of the hand. you will feel a heat of powerful energy going through the hand to the Heart Center.) INSTANT HEART CHAKRA March 7. this is a tool. left hand about 6" from Heart Center with palm facing the body. For the magnetic field to correspond.105 - . BUT DON'T OVERDO IT! I have given you something which is very sacred and very secret. Try it. Inhale deeply and exhale completely.HEART SHIELD November 10. chanting "Whewwwwww" "Laaaaaaaa" It works! . (Concentrating on the head is wrong. you may just whisper it. the other fingers straight and joined).

A BEAUTIFUL. with the other fingers straight. Then stretch and widely open the fingers. Then relax and enjoy. To harness human energy. #1 . spine straight. hold the breath. The charming illustrations accompanying the notes showed the figures in Rock Pose Each may be practiced alone with the time extended. the hands. with chin tucked in. hold the breath. . keeping them very straight. A guarantee of happy days. cup the hands one over the other at chest level in front of the heart. In comfortable meditation pose. Then stretch up. thumbtips touching ring fingertips). Continue for 5-11 minutes. This meditation will add years to your life if practiced regularly.106 - . and relax. on June 11 & 12. BUILDS CAPACITY.K. lift the arms to 60° up in front of the body. G. #2 . Breathe very slowly and deeply as you concentrate on the tip of your nose for 5-11 minutes. BLISSFUL MEDITATION TO INCREASE COURAGE AND BRING KINDNESS TO THE EXPRESSION Sitting in Rock Pose and Surya Mudra (sitting on heels. turning the body left and right.MEDITATION SERI ES Note: The following 7 meditations were given in a series. and look at them with the chin firmly in. raise the arms overhead and clap . year unspecified. chest out. Then inhale. sensitivity and strength of heart.INFINITE KRIYA: A GUARANTEE FOR HAPPY DAYS. exhale and repeat 3 times. To build capacity. SENSITIVITY AND STRENGTH OF HEART. in New Orleans.

deep breathing. with the palms down. When flowing with that rhythm. relieve stress and strain under any circumstances and harmonize you with the earth's magnetic field. It strengthens the heart and tones the lymph system. deeply inhale and exhale 3 times and relax. Continue for 5-8 minutes.#3 . for the rhythm of the heart is the rhythm of the entire being. . deep breathing. combined with the breath. Then raise arms and make hands into fists. With eyes 9/10 closed. COMMENTS: Power of accomplishing must be in harmony. parallel to the ground. with long. This tunes up all the glands associated with the heart.107 - . Keep the arms. stretch the arms directly out to the sides.MEDITATION FOR THE TECHNIQUE TO ACCOMPLISH. gives one the technique to accomplish. continue for 3 minutes. hands and fingers very-tense until they shake and vibrate vigorously. Then stretch and meditate. & FOR THE HEART AND LYMPH SYSTEM In meditative pose. You become 84 times stronger. we are in harmony with creativity. make claws of the hands and curve the arms in front of the chest without touching them (as though you were hugging a barrel). This meditation. and long. To experience peace and joy. TO HARMONIZE WITH THE MAGNETIC FIELD OF THE EARTH AND TO EXPERIENCE PEACE AND JOY In comfortable meditative pose.

#5 .MEDITATION FOR RADIANCE AND REVERSAL OF AGE. raise the arms straight ahead and 60° up. Then inhale. Continue for 5 minutes. thumbs by their sides. . Continue for 3 minutes. hold. This meditation literally makes one younger and stops the cycle of decay. Do this for no longer than 5 minutes at first.108 - . but you may gradually build up to 31 minutes. Press elbows tightly into the ribs on each side and bend the forearms up at a 45° angle. and stiffen the fingers. very tightly until they shake. you will be connecting with pranic. keep the shoulders relaxed. Meditate on the Heart Chakra. rising above the pain. Pull the thumbs strongly back so that they point up. When the breath becomes important. Reverses the aging process. life force. Makes the whole area radiant. How.MEDITATION OF PRANA TO MAKE YOU YOUNGER AND ELIMINATE ALL DISEASE.) Eyes 9/10 closed. #6 . It is the "Meditation of Prana" and eliminates all disease when done regularly. allowing the other fingers to relax. (The ears will itch if it is done correctly. let go to the universe and relax.

in the Language of God . it may be safe to assume that this one is shorter than Kirtan Kriya.LOTUS KRIYA. and last. chanting "Ma". Then repeat the mudras and mantra. It is a promise to one who practices this kriya that he will cross all adversities ! NOTE: How many repetitions in each language was not specified. Since the others in this group are all short. the thumbs and small fingers are separated. in the Language of Lovers. joining the thumbs and little fingers.) .#7 . nor was the length of the meditation given. This is the meditation on the power of the word and the creational power within.silently. chanting "Ta".109 - . TO CROSS ALL ADVERSITIES. chant "Sa" Then join the ring fingers. and finally. MEDITATION OF CREATION. Chant the "Bij mantra" Sa Ta Na Ma first in the Human Language (audibly). COMMENTS: Meditation of creation is one of the most powerful meditations known. the middle fingers. join the hands at their bases in the shape of a lotus at heart level. Still seated in meditation pose. then the middle fingers. whispering it. Rhythm of polarity is changed. and then joined as follows. To begin and between each repetition of the mantra. chanting "Na".

We know we want to change. in cycles: Heart. but we can't. palm up. Patterns bring the same pain again and again. Don't be attached to the path! Shakti Yoga . in the key of C. exhale and relax. la. La ra um ' . Throat and Pituitary. Bhakti Yoga must become . hold. Repeat entire medittation with palms open on "Ong".110 - . Chant. and closed on "Sohung". with the eyes closed and focused at the Brow Point. um. COMMENTS: A child in the womb does 84 yogic postures. palm up. eyes focused at 3rd Eye.TRIPLE PERSONALITY MEDITATION April 30. 1973 Sit like a great yogi and meditate on the basic sounds. Place palms over ears. Diagnose the effects and tell no one! COMMENTS: In our sequence of life. As you chant Ong fold the fingers over the palms and as you chant Sohung open palms. nor an object to reach. We exist and it exists around us. When we do not have a longing to belong. YOGA EXTENSION MEDITATION April 6. Change position of the arms every minute. We are caged by our environments. fingers pointing back. 1971 Sit in Rock Pose or Easy Pose with right arm forward and 60° up.then submit to God. we all know the sequence will lead to the consequence. we cannot act. and left arm back and 60° down. ra releasing and then pressing ^ way after each syllable. Continue for 11 minutes Then inhale and pull in on the navel point. the language of the mysteries.

Repeat again. Inhale.LAYA YOGA - TREA KRIYA. (and pulling it in and up). this time chanting "Hum" 20 times. parallel to the ground. "I am Thou". the total universe". . 1970 OPEN Sit with upper arms out at sides. Any time "So Hung is chanted. as you chant Sohung COMMENTS: "Trea Kriya" is an advanced Laya Yoga chant for the Heart Center. forearms bent straight up. right knee off the ground. it affects the Heart Chakra. COMMENTS: Hum means. chanting "Hum" 24 times. DEE:P MEDITATION TO HEART CENTER December 19. If you meditate on it. Sit on the left heel. chant Ong Release the navel point and allow the energy to flow up to the heart Center. with the right foot on the left thigh. hands in Gyan Mudra. pull Mulbhand and chant Hum 16 times as you exhale.111 - . it will open the Heart Center faster than anything else. "We. Concentrating at the navel point. Apply Neck Lock and Mulbhand through out the exercise. Repeat from beginning. "Ong" means "Creative Consciousness" and "So Hung" means. Then deeply inhale and completely exhale 4 times and hold to prevent chest pain. Hold the right foot with the hands.

Inhale deeply. pointing straight up exactly perpendicular to the ground.112 - . extending them again as you chant J ugad Gurey Name Inhale.-. unseen Wisdom. 1975 Sitting in Easy Pose with palms together at the Heart Center.PROJECTION FROM . Then slowly pull the hands out in a perfect straight line with the elbows about 5-8 inches away from the ears. thumbs crossed. &* PROTECTION THE HEART February 20. Watch out! The MANGALA CHARN MANTRA surrounds the magnetic field with protective light. KRIVA TO ADJUST MAGNETIC FIELD March 26. 1979 Sit In Virasan (sitting on left heel. with many unexpected friends. returning the arms to the Heart and chant Sat Gurey Name and repeat. Inhale powerfully as arms return to Heart Center. "I bow to the Primal Wisdom. and continue. with fingers and thumbs extended and joined. spine perfectly straight). chant AD Gurey Name as you extend the arms up to 60°. I bow to wisdom through the ages. It means. Hold the pose without movement for the entire meditation. I bow to the True Wisdom I bow to the great. until you feel perfect at it. Press the hands on their respective ears.. focusing the eyes at the tip of the nose. but directly opposite them. COMMENTS: This meditation gives you an enchanting. and keep them in flat planes. adding 5 minutes per day up to 31 minutes. with right foot flat on the ground in front of the body. . Continue for 11 minutes. chanting Siri Guru Devey Name Project the mind out as you chant. hold the breath in for 3-4 seconds.. Palms can part as the arms extend. Continue for 11 minutes. magnetic personality. then completely exhale and hold the breath out for 3-4 seconds.

all thought to the Creator for 40 days and see what happens! October 12. (Mahan Gyan Mudra. COMMENTS: Historically. this is an outstanding kriya. unhappy condition. too. keeping index and middle fingers straight. it is important to practace what he practiced in order to earn his state of consciousness. pressing them down with the thumbs. the brahman gave him this (one) kriya to practice. 1969 . regeneration. You needn't worry about learning this kriya to be a Buddha or a Jesus . the forearms parallel to each other.Infinity. If you love a man as great as he.D e a t h. Then share it by creating beauty and peace around you. " N a " . Master the technique and experience the state it brings.Life. It was the first of many that he practiced. The whole mantra means "I am truth. then inhale deeply.just learn it to be yourself! Be a little selfish for your higher consciousness. and relax. existe n c e . "Ta" . Continue for 11 minutes. Ma "Sa " . SMILING BUDDHA KRTYA 40 DAYS OF NO NEGATIVITY: Offer all action. open and close the fists several times.OPENING THE HEART TO CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS Sit in Easy Pose. " M a " . Elbows are pressed back and a 30° angle is made between the upper and forear ms . Bend ring and little fingers. light. You have probably seen this mudra in paintings and statues.R e b i r t h . He began eating slowly and that great brahman fed him and massaged him.) Concentrate at the 3rd Eye diliqently.113 - . palms forward. exhale. It was practiced by both Buddha and Christ. and mentally chant (at the 3rd Eye) Sa Ta Na. Jesus learned this in his travels. Buddha was unable to walk after his 40 day fast under the fig tree. Make sure the elbows are pressed back and the chest is out. The great brahman who taught Buddha this kriya found him in a nearly starved. • When Buddha finally began to smile again. It is a gesture and exercise of happiness and it opens the flow of energy to the heart center.

and palms perfectly fitted against each other. so opportunities and grace are offered to mankind. 1975 . come what may" there can be a tremendous change in your destiny. it takes courage to separate hands! We get interlocked by our own magnetic field as we practice this pranayam. and with the breath HELD OUT. But Y OU are ne ver s ub ject to time and space . Each dawn shall bring a message of freshness and opportinuties.114 - . If you resolve "this is to by my kriya and from today onward. repeat the mantra at the same rhythm and rate. completely exhale. As goodies are offered to God. 1 9 7 9 Sit in Easy Pose with a straight spine and press the palms together in Prayer Mudra. I will do it before going to bed. Continue for 31 minutes. you'll find the guide and the guidance. (Sometimes. wonderful and the simplest thing to remember. when practicing this. COMMENTS: This will give you a splendid experience 1 Be careful that the firm. It brings neutrality of the tattvas. Inhale hold the breath in and mentally vibrate Then.SPLENDID EXyERXECE April 11. the line of vision parallel to the nose. It's beautiful. God himself will bring you the breath of life and the breath of dawn and make you pure of essence so that you can eliminate hassels and life will become healthy. fingers exactly placed against corresponding opposite fingers. happy and holyl LEAVE THE RESULT TO GOD: From God you have come and unto God you shall just pass through it. When you do this kriya with Kirtan Sohila the next morning. In between' is a temporary passage through time and spac e. With Guru's blessing. July 14. Eyes are 1/10 open. perfect lock of the hands does not come loose.

115 - . turning head over alternate shoulders. Make the hands into a lotus. (Time unspecified. GK . (Time was unspecified) C. Concentrating at the root of the nose. Sat Nam. Legs out in front. deep breathing. Continue for 7 minutes. Hold the breath briefly. inhale in 3 parts. We have transcribed the notes as written. silently chanting Sat Nam. especially the shoulders. With long. raking a fire torch.) COMMENTS: Do this meditation when you are feeling down. fill these hands with fire. FEEL G00D For Ecstasy & Protection 1972 A. grasp big toes and totally relax. B & C lead to a state of ecstasy and create a protective shield around you. B. then exhale. A. Look at nose tip and thumbs. It is a delicate meditation that can be done for short periods. chanting W a h e ever right shoulder. Relax and work with the prana and sound current. focusing— at Ajna (Brow) Chakra. and feel the energy of all the planets. Repeat #A. You'll feel good right away. Dreams will become clear. NOTE: Slightly different versions of •#A & B (only) were published in Kunda-lini Meditation Manual.DR. D. This bathes the forebrain. Sat Nam. and Guru over left.

and extend the thumbs up. elbows at sides. Place hands 8-10 inches out from the mouth.116 - . right on top of left. Do not practice it if you have work to do. ("Wahe Guru" should be "hooked up". and pointing out at 60°. and completely exhale as the mantra is chanted in monotone. or to recharge after work.) . Exhale completely.CHATACHYA. HAPPINESS IN THE CIRCLE OF 8 Nay 6. both thumbs touching center section of left Jupiter finger. for 11-31 minutes. Hands are relaxed and raised to 6" out from the diaphragm with fingers together. Practice until you fall asleep. press heels of hands together. 1t> elevate energy. It will extend your age and make your face innocently charming. 1976 Sit in a comfortable meditation pose with the eyes shut. Fold Saturn fingers on top of opposite hands. COMMENTS: This will make you relax and feel good and happy. but only if you want to relax after. 1976 KRIYA. May 24. Inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth. directing the air through the opening in the thumbs. and cover left fingers with right fingers. Inhale deeply. eyes closed. In Easy Pose.

bend the elbows and raise the forearms until they meet. hands in Gyan Mudra. Exhale. consoles and washes away all negativity. PRAAM ADHAAR KRIYA. striking each chakra in turn. silently chanting Wha on each part. 1979 Sitting in Easy Pose. fingers interlaced in Venus Lock. and then projecting the sound around the body. keeping the arms relaxed. relaxing and merging with the shabd. It was secretly given to people. It can be done with Mulbhand. . This heals. palms in. chant releasing the silent to heal console MEDITATION & wash negativity away a l l Seated in Easy Pose. at h e a r t l e v e l . P r e s s t h e p a d s of the thumbs together and keep the eyes 1/10 open. Inhale deeply and exhale completely as the mantra is chanted in monotone Start with 1 1 minutes and gradually increase week by week to half an hour. following Sat Kriya.117 - . inhale in 8 equal parts. with a straight spine. Stay at 30 minutes for gradually work up to an hour. (Don't be fanatic!) awhile and COMMENTS: This kriya is very ancient and very sacred. August"! 7. Anyone who can practice it for one hour can intuitively block any negative approach to his life.

"You are beloved of my Soul. see right. relax the arms with the hands in the lap. The mantra means. The practice of this kriya will enable you to think right. thumb tips right hand resting in left. As long as your songs live. you will live and everything will come to you. they forget their harmony. Everything else follows. look at yourself. The tongue and lips correspond to the sun and moon in their movement. Start with 11 minutes maximum and then increase to 22 minutes. You will wipe out a lot of negativity. Close the eyes and chant the following mantra 8 times per breath. gradually building to 33 minutes. which will take 60 seconds. their melody and essence of life.118 - . Oh God". and in the East as Sattvica Buddha Bindu.“LAST" MEDITATION June 15. practice this meditation. It causes a very subtle rub against the center of the palate. 1982 In Easy Pose with a straight spine. and stimulates the 32nd meridian. imagine and meditate. known in the West as the Christ Meridian. If you want to destroy a nation. take away their songs and they will suffocate and die. Sing them as a human and God will walk behind you! August 7. 1975 .* You will have to breathe very deeply to complete the cycle. you will cut through all clouds of destiny. COMMENTS: When life doesn't work for you and you don't want to go to anybody. If the breath doesn't hold for the full 8 repetitions. act right. palms up. As long as you sing your songs. stop chanting and wait to begin again on the next cycle. *Practicing Breath of Fire will build up the capacity to do this. MUSIC: When people forget their songs. These songs have been given to .

HARI Nam. Continue for as long as desired. If a person can learn and chart all three mantras. 1978 Sit in Easy Pose with a straight spine. stressing In the same pose. it will bring up Kundalini. in monotone. This meditation eliminates negativity.119 - . Sat Nam. COMMENTS: Pulling the chin in and pushing the chest out creates an equilibrium and prevents freaking out while meditating. Sat Nam. Hari Nam. pulling the chin in and pushing the chest out. Repeat and continue for 31 minutes Then. It is of higher potency and multiplies the power of "Hari" millions of times. Arms are relaxed at the sides. If the third mantra is chanted. brings positivity and arouses the spirit to blossom. inhale deeply and chant the mantra three times. remaining in same pose.D MEDITATION June 14. he will recuperate 10 times! . chant Hari Hari Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaat Nam for as long as desired. it makes a combination that has nothing parallel and equal to it! "Hari" is the Creative Energy of God and "Sat Nam" explodes it. Palms face forward in Shuni Mudra (thumb tips touching Saturn or middle fingertips. with forearms raised until they slant away from the sides of the body at a 30° angle. how(ever) dumb and unfortunate and condemned from the heavens he may be. Hari Nam. When "Long Sat Nam" are chanted with it.HARI SHABA. Three times per complete breath. very forcefully. remaining fingers pointing up). With the eyes 1/10 open. chant the first syllable of each word. as the breath is completely exhaled: Sat Nam. in a monotone.

000 times is the VARCHIC SIDDHI.) Chanting the mantra in this mudra 11. Continuously chant Ong for 3-31 minutes. toes even with left knee) and raise the arms overhead. right wrist in front of left. GOBINDE. MUKANDE. . Repeat and continue for 11 minutes. UDHARE. 10" from nose. Keep thumbs in line with hand. chanting rhythmically and rapidly. palms facing face at eye level. Liberator. APARE.Ong For Negativity & Tension Sit in Virasan (on left heel.120 - . AKAME (Sustainer. Holy lines"). Arch spine up and back and apply Chin Lock. NIRNAME.) CHAIPAD GAITRI January 26. Infinite. 1976 To erase any negative thing in one's personal destiny In comfortable meditation posture. manifest any positive wish and erase any negative thing in one's personal destiny. Creator. right foot on the floor. Focus eyes on the 3 lines of the wrist ("Wrist bracelets" or "Healthy. cross wrists at 90°. KARIANG. (Guru Gobind Singh sat in this pose chanting "Ong" for 2-2 hours. God in various aspects. Enlightener. Nameless. Desire less. wrist and forearm. HARIANG. Inhale and chant the Guru Gaitri Mantra 3 times in one breath. hands clasped in inverted Venus Lock with palms facing up. Destroyer. Happy. Slowly increase the time. One can avoid a pre-written death through this meditation.

It is very mind-curing. going on to Infinity. You'll see the interplay of manifest and unmanifest in the Cosmos and in man's consciousness.121 - . Eliminates fears and fulfills desires. meditate on Infinite Energy coning out of the primal womb. . Gives power of action by removing blocks of insecurity. 3. and primal. Tunes into the frequency of the Divine Mother. Guide your reason to go through the powerful imaginative circle you've created with your hands. 4.MEDITATION ON THE DIVINE MOTHER (Mind curing — Fulfills Desires) November 16. Watch with mental eyes. Meditate with long. cup hands 4-6" before the face and beam a mental light through them to the Infinite Light. Then chant Saataanaamaa. generating energy. and see a beam of light going to Infinity. Do it! It will start happening. In Easy Pose. . You'll be shocked. 1973 1. Put your mind into that Infinite Light of it's own ecstasy and chant Gives concentration and mental beaming. through the hands. Go deeper into meditation. like a huge beam of light from a torch. in an unending spiral without beginning or end. using the sound as guru. With eyes closed. Keep the hands fixed in place. You'll fall in love with it. deep breathing. protective.

if open!). November 7. Re-create this mantric space several times during the day and allow the mantra to reappear and bring clarity.) Then sit quietly for 5-10 minutes afterwards and meditate on the mantra. Early in the morning is good for it will set you up for the day. Narayan is 'Infinity'. do not do anything negative. (This meditation is so strong. other fingers straight up near ear lobe level. Each repetition is in a different tonality. HAPPINESS: If you want to be happy. Hari Narayan makes you become intuitively clear. opens the Heart Center and activates things on your horizon. Inhale. Raise forearms up at the sides. With the eyes closed (as the eyeballs might heat up. The emptier the stomach. raise arms up to 60° with Breath of Fire. Plans may come to you. inhale.122 - . exhale and vigorously shake out the arms. making you sensitive to them. you must break it at the end. the easier it is to do. stretch up very strongly. Feel the energy in the hands and around the Heart Center. To end. 1985 .MEDITATION FOR INTUITION & OPPORTUNITY To clarify intuition and bring in solutions so you'll know what to do (not bad for starters). hands in Gyan Mudra. the aspect that relates to water. just letting it fin your mind. repeat the mantra 3 times on one breath. do not hear anything negative . inhaling deeply and exhaling completely. this meditation is protective. do not say anything negative. Sat Narayan Wa he Guru Hari narayan Sat nam for 31 minutes daily for 40 days. and arms as comfortable as possible and not pressed back. The arms will hurt. Hari Narayan makes you intuitively clear and healing. Hari means God.

The tongue hitting the palate ridge activates neurons in the brain which will bring prosperity if done correctly. The Guru Gaitri Mantra (without the "Hara's") eliminates karmic blocks or curses from the past and cleanses the aura so that it is easier to meditate and relate to the Infinite. The closed eyes. Guru Gobind Singh (1666-1707). 1989 In Easy Pose.123 - . With the eyes closed. or in monotone. Chant 11-15 minutes when you wake up and 11-15 minutes when you go to bed (and you can listen on auto-reverse while you sleep).PROSPERITY MEDITATION January 15. The closed eyes must be fixed on the tip of the nose to maintain concentration. by many. centers us and stimulates the pituitary gland. The tongue must be stiff. Please keep track of your indications of prosperity. as in pledge of allegiance. which is said. so that the success of this meditation can be reported to Yogi Bhajan. fixed on the nose tip. You can make a tape of your own voice. the Krishna aspect. Then place left hand on left knee in any thumb + mudra* and place right hand on heart. with a straight spine. held breaths. to be the most effective. . COMMENTS: "Hara" means God. singing the mantra in one of several melodies. GK *Please see appendix for choice of mudra. center yourself with several long. It is an ashtang mantra (meaning it has 8 vibrations which balances the brain) given by the 10th and last Sikh Guru. GOBINDE Sustainer MUKUNDAY Liberator UDARAY Enlightener APARAY Infinite HARING Destroyer KARING Creator NIRNAMAY Nameless AKAMAY Desireless Chant with the tip of the tongue hitting the ridge on the palate.

deeply inhale and completely exhale as the mantra is chanted.MEDITATION GOOD BRINGING PROSPERITY WILL & PROJECTION August 30. of pressure per sq. The spine must be kept perfectly straight throughout the entire meditation. Face the left palm in (toward the face) and the left palm out. and press the index fingers together at the tips with 10-15 lbs. With the eyes 9/10 closed. good will and projection. 1979 Sit in Easy Pose with a perfectly straight spine.124 - . slanted at an angle so that an equilateral triangle will be formed. Once people find out from you about your Guru. Relax the arms down with the elbows bent and raise the forearms up and in toward each other until the hands meet at mouth level. Wealth will come to you ( i f you) create Bhagatas (devotees) and do bhakti (devotional worship) and share with others. 1988 . gently folding the other fingers and thumbs into the palms. COMMENTS: This meditation brings prosperity. Many different mantras may be chanted in this posture. Continue for 31 minutes. inch. Extend the index fingers.. you shall be blessed here and hereafter. The following was given: Focus on the breath and the chanted mantra. PURPOSE OF MEDITATION is prosperity here and Hereafter. August 26.

Or Santa Claus. flow of life. this prayer exists: 'At first. Then you start feeling the experience and it becomes the reality. Simply meditate on the boundless flow of the Universal Soul. 1977 Sit comfortable in meditation pose and cup the hands together at heart level. Lower yourself into this hallucination until you start feeling it as a reality Get into your very simplicity . Do it for just 3 minutes . come out and sit on his heel or stretch his legs forward. . In their prayers. upper arms pressed against rib cage. centuries old. like a blueprint.125 - . eyes 1/10 open and allowed to close. That's the difference between imagination and reality. happiness. Keep making your spine straighter . Early in the morning a human being would not get up . Just let it happen.. As you practice this meditation.MEDITATION FOR GURPRASAD December 14. Feel that you are asking for a blessing from God. curled up like a dog. Just be simple. I'm telling you the original.just ask for simple grace. do it as best you can. It doesn't matter. That is why it is hard for you to concentrate.we never used to stand up in our cave and we had some kind of hair things where we used to sleep.time unlimited and the following comments: 'Gurprasad means "gift of the Guru". feel yourself showered by all the blessings of heaven . even in prayer). Feel that something is dripping to you from the heavens: light of God. supreme energy whatever you believe in. NOTE: Keeping up with Kundalini Yoga has a slightly different version . But . palms up. Have you seen a dog sleeping? That was the human way of sleeping. Mohammedans still do it. everything is an imagination. Fill your heart and soul with all the bounties of comfortable way of prayer. We used to draw ourselves onto our knees . COMMENTS: Let us become old. Feel something is dropping from above into the cup of your hands. your ultimate caliber and capacity. Jesus Christ is sending you cookies! Or Moses. You are not simple. This is a very restful posture.he would crawl on his cannot be done for a long time. The subtle pressure against the meridian points in the rib cage gives immediate relaxation.(a crooked spine will make one crooked. old human beings. and feel a deep inflow of spirit. wealth.

BECOME THE VIBRATION.126 - . Guruchitter Kaur Khalsa) MEDITATION FOR ABUNDANCE. you will tune into the tone that is in harmony with the universe. Be clear in the beginning on the desired outcome. ATTUNE YOURSELF to this source of energy and acknowledge the source. so each will find a comfortable sound current. chant the mantra one time. white or green. That vibration opens you to your higher centers and puts you in harmony with all your bodies. ATTITUDE: Feel that you DESERVE what you are asking for (. with the "har" going up at the end. when you HAVE WHAT Y?0U WANT: Mudra Hands slightly cupped. After a few repetitions. feeling its energy and vibration in every part of the body. filling your whole body. BE THE SOURCE. Don't just do the meditation to be doing it. On the inhale. This light can be golden. and down into the earth for 25 feet. Feel as you WILL FEEL. at heart center chant: HARI HARI HARI HARI HARI HARI HARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR on one breath. slow it down and breathe long and deep.not that you desire it). Consciously use the POWER OF THE BREATH. which is held out. filled with golden light. and with the universe. . See and feel a steady stream of energy coming in. Establish the cylinder of light as constant channel of infinite flowing energy and abundance. coming out of the base of the spine.) Breath & Timing Inhale deeply and on the exhale. They each take about 10 seconds to equal about 20 seconds of chanting on each breath.(Prepared by Gururattan Kaur S. DEFINE THE GOAL: This meditation can be directed to any goal. right on top of left. Be clear on the goals and the way you feel about them. take the breath to every cell of awareness. To Start CENTER YOURSELF: Using the breath. ACKNOWLEDGE that YOU ARE THE SOURCE. thumbs touching. The goal is to really FEEL THAT ENERGY AND BE IT. (Each person has a natural pitch that harmonizes with universal pitch. The 6 "Hari's" take the same amount of time as the "har". visualizing a funnel coming into the top of your head. in a monotone. Inhale and exhale the strength of the cylinder of energy. Visualization OPEN YOURSELF UP TO THE SOURCE. The breath also opens up all your channels to receive.

When you bring the source to every cell of your body. That is why it is important to do the "hari's" and "har" for equal time. So pull it in. exhale and give all the energy out. releasing a shower of energy out as you relax. Inhale. so that you can receive on the earth plane. knowledge or healing you receive. to the seller. release light all around you. or to what needs to be done. Inhale. to the class. Groundig BE IN THE BODY (rather than out of the body). and feel the awareness in your whole body. hold the breath and vibrate it in every cell in your body and in your aura feeling it expand. vibrate green energy out to f i l l your body and your aura. store or bank. too!) Inhale. you anchor yourself here in earthly reality. Done correctly. hold the wisdom. As you chant the "Haaarr". this meditation balances receiving and giving. Possibilities are: Inhale green energy.for you will actually receive even more. go back out. Repeat 3 or more times. . Once they receive. they are afraid to give. BRING THE SOURCE TO YOU. Ex-hale and direct it to what needs to be paid for. There must be an exchange for balance. anchoring yourself with the shaft of light going 25 feet down into the earth. or whatever you need come in. a house. Ba1ance Balance what comes in and what goes out. we must also give back to keep the flow even. but to be a channel. Open up and let it flow. pull mulbhand (tighten the base of the spine and pull the energy up). rather than going to it. * to let all the energy. resources. Inhale knowledge. let it all GO OUT FROM THE HEART. Most people have an imbalance of giving and receiving. So don't be afraid to let go . fill up the cup. release it to the class and the whole world. hold. and give it away with equal ease and confidence.127 - . (YOU can'give it to yourself. giving it away. Be HERE & NOW in your body so that you can receive the information and abundance that is given to you. Deserve to be who you really are. Exhale. And don't block receiving with negativity. Open yourself to RECEIVE (rather than to go out and get). \s you chant the "Hari's" SEE THEM COMING IN AND FILLING UP THE :UP you make with your hands. Others give away everything. To End Inhale deep. The source is infinite. someone in need. hold and pray for a result. then exhale it all out. and exhale. Create a cycle of giving and receiving. hold.SEE & FEEL energy coming in thru the shaft. feel money.Inhale long and deep . trip. and are unable to open to receive. Use the meditation to be grounded. the whole earth. for fear of losing and not getting back.

and ask that your v:ish be granted or fulfilled. THE UNIVERSE. the consciousness of the universe and the laws of the universe are being brought to the earthly plane and manifested here. so that we can be anchored on the earth plane..000. Just open yourself up to receiving. Also.. ETC.. See your budget expanding and vibrant. This meditation facilitates that process for each of us.THEN... etc. wi l l come from.) Other Points Don't think about where. You can be specific so that the goal is reasonable and you can relate to it. don't limit yourself.. We need goals to have them happen. the earth will nurture you. in the beginning. The experience and the feeling we seek to achieve is ONENESS.. after you calm yourself. YOUR GUIDE. (You can use this instead of. JESUS. at the heart center. visualize pulling the cord on a water closet. openness and the vibration of the universe in your very being. written clearly. be sure of what you want. You can use this with fears. a month. or before going to the source.000... FEEL TAKEN CARE OF. PLUS. USE THE MEDITATION TO DEAL WITH ISSUES AND GET RID OF BLOCKS Inscribe the issue on stone.. And then let the earth fill you back up with light and healing.. flushing the issue into the ground 25 feet. specifically. Let the water rush down. The mantra. You may be able to feel earning $2. etc. Ask that the consciousness of the meditation be granted.. ^a job you can't handle.128 - .. you may wish TO HUMBLE YOURSELF AND ESTABLISH A RELATIONSHIP TO GOD. . in tone with the universal tone aids this feeling. As you inhale.000. In the New Age which is upon us. As you give back to the earth. So chose the amount you can relate to. Pray for consciousness of . the money resources. Give it back to the earth... Cultivate the abundance. Bow and humble yourself. down to every cell.. etc. So be clear. before . If you are thinking of money. then specify that amount. old belief systems. in higher consciousness to attract the universal consciousness to us. Ask permission to be there. too. Don't ask for a house you can't pay for."a house with the money to keep it up". See yourself in the holy court. doubts. and get freaked out at $2. GURUS. Be specific on qualifications .

.129 - .

breathing anyway you can to chant the mantra evenly Ennunciate clearly. even now. Abundance of wealth should roam around you.PROSPERITY: Normally your faces should be radiant. 1988 MEDITATION TO OPEN UP OPPORTUNITY This meditation will "unstick" anything that has become stuck in your life. arms relaxed with hands up at heart center and palms together but slightly separated after 2nd knuckle. "Such makes it work. it enriches itself. POVERTY is a curse. but attachment to wealth is also a curse. provided you walk on this path with the word of God presiding. thumbs stretched away from fingers at a 45° angle and out to the sides and not touching each other. . you become big. Whenever gthe finite tunes in with Infinity. exaggerating "such". 1975 \. Nanak shall ever by true". June 19. August 10. 1972 THE SECRET OF PROSPERITY: Why praise God? It's a very selfish act. fingers at a 60° angle. Good things will manifest and come your way.130 - . August 26. it pumps the heavens into your life. keep the eyes 1/10 open and focus on the tip of the nose. God is an Infinity. Happiness is a given gift to you. It means "He was true in the beginning. That's the secret of prosperity." NOTE: This is the last part of the Mul Mantra. When you think big. true through the ages and true. In Easy Pose.

Wha He Guru (by Singh Kaur) or about 3 breaths per second. clasp hands in Venus Lock before the face. 1985 . 1986 Sit in Easy Pose. thumb. STRENGTHEN SYSTEM COMMENTS: To be healthy we must have moral and mental strength. To have strong projected strength. self-defeat and blame. creating great tension. resisting as hard as possible.BREATH MEDITATION TO THE MIND & THE IMMUNE April 15. Do Breath of Fire through the left nostril to the rhythm of Sat Nam. clasping other fingers in a fist. Our psyche and energy centers have to be adjusted by us. usually with anger. with index finger pointing up. GUILT has one gift in life .doubt. romancing the heavens. strongly pumping the navel. hand up to side in Surya Mudra (thumb tip touching ring fingertip) at shoulder level. To end. Our projected strength is created or blocked. Doubt is nothing but that which splits your personality . and then you always hang in hell. Right arm bent up. with left arm bent at elbow. December 29.. we won't have mental strength.. We are born with inherited strength which is equal to the power of God. If we don't have moral strength. Exhale and repeat three more times. hold the breath and try to pull the hands apart. blocking right nostril.131 - . we must consciously work out what we are using to block it. by ourselves. Inhale.

Just project healing energy to the person in need. creating a sense of community and sharing. It also permits one to feel that it is alright to reach out to others for help. Let the "Hung" go forcefully out the top of the head. but dong drage it out too long. Feel a bright golden light in your in the center of the circle. and it is a combination of earth and ether. stretch up straight and peace. It has the 8 sounds of the Kundalini in it.132 - . send healing energy this light and share its healing energy to YogiJi. vigorously vibrating in the skull. It is chanted in an ascending scale and vibrated up the spine. state. first) Keep the arms straight and stationary. . chant. country and then energy to those in the center or else bathe th~ whole earth in healing light. or extend it rto 31 ± minutes. one of our most powerful abilities is to offer help to others and to be able to turn to others for help. SAY is the totality of Infinity. "I am Thou". DA is the earth. Continue for 3-11 minutes. This mantra will carry you through every test because it is a "big mantra". It can also be done even by one person alone. and SO HUNG means. Inhale deeply. Those who form the outer circle. alternating male and female. heal oneself and for long-distance healing. heart. the 1. hold and project whole city. exhale. The ratio is 1 person in the inner circle for every 3-5 in the outer one. palms facing down. where. Rise above the earth and beam then relax down. knowing that you can maintain 3. Ma the moon. hold. if possible. A strong sense of community is recognized as a prime factor in the ability to deal with stress. Repeat as the group desires to have everyone 4. chant the Siri Gaitri mantra: "RA MA DA SA" is the earth mantra . Arms are raised up 30° in front. as well as to strengthen the immune system. See the environment healed & the hearts of our leaders penetrated by love and 2. RA is the sun. simply by smiling or greeting others. (Rub the hands together first to get the energy flowing. OIRCLF: This meditation can be done in circles of any size.HEALING In times of stress. meditating silently golden energy on it. Inhale. Exhale. ersal Light. Gradually come back (if you can). the vicinity. expanding to fill every cell of TO END: (Modify according to your your body. to develop healing powers. "SA SAY SO HUNG" is the ether mantra. Those who need healing lie with their heads at the center and stretch out like the spokes of a wheel. Merge it with the group's own desire): light and feel it expanding to radiate throughout the room. Merge with Univfor a few moments. Together. The Healing Circle offers an enjoyable way of healing. chakra by chakra. Inhale.

the technique of saying a mantra and mentally listening to it. Bend the arms at the elbows.ANOTHER HEALING CHANT The Siri Gaitri Mantra can be used with another mudra and rhythm.) GK .133 - . Chanting while reading the mantra on the forehead movie screen is a technology that works faster than others. Once you tune in. It will work with the Guru Mantra. many things will happen! The other vayis listening to the mantra as it is chanted. and the first "Sa" is very short. When the practice becomes perfect. the whole universe chants for you and you just listen as everything sings to you! You get in a car and it has rhythm. "Hung" is forcefully vibrated in the skull. pressing the upper arms slightly into the sides. This is DARSHANI MANTRA which can give you the power and reason of God. "Sat Nam" (listen). This is JAP JAP. "Sat Nam. everything starts talking to you because the world is never without sound. Sat Nam ________________________________ " Automatically. Sat Nam. useful in healing oneself or others. I have practiced it daily for several years. etc. Certain unexpected things will happen. July 18. with the forearms up about 60° and out at about 45° and the hands are bent back. like this: "Ek Ong Kar" (listen). 2 POWERFUL WAYS OF RECITING MANTRAS: Sit quietly and close your eyes and see the words on a screen before your eyes. inhale deeply and chant "Ma" and "Say" are slurred on tvo notes each. Mul Mantra or all the Ashtang Mantras you chant. word by word. CCMMEHTS: When practiced 11 minutes daily. this gives tremendous healing power to the hands. Adi Mantra Shakti Mantra. the Universal Sound becomes the mantra. witch a lot of practice. 1975 . so that the palms are up and there is a stretch in the wrist. With closed eyes.

Inhale deeply.) Continue up to 34 minutes. you can do it to anyone. inhale. 4. 2. Exhale. Keep the hands stiff and the fingers straight. Think of someone you love and send them healing thoughts. Feel the path of energy. hands pointing up at 60°. Concentrate on hands contacting energy. Exhale. then concen trate on the part of the body that needs healing and direct energy there. mentally and spiritually. 3. massaging them. Concentrate at least 10 minutes. finger tips at eye level. (When the mind wanders the hands cool. 2. massaging fingers until they tingle. palms facing each other and 6" apart. anytime. (Prayer Mudra with right thumb crossed over left). Exhale. It is divine medicine. 3. Healing for Powerful Enough to Levitate Others 1. Medit ate on the spine. white and shining. physically. place hands in Pranam Mudra. Extend the arms out to the sides. In meditation pose. picturing it as a silver cord. Concentration will build the power of the mind. The centers of the palms will be charged with cosmic energy and inflow will be automatic. Inhale. Concentrate on the Heart Center and press the hands tightly together. Place hands before chest.HEALING MEDITATIONS Healing for Self 1. (Once the channels are open. be with that person totally. inhale again and send this breath to that person. parallel to the ground with the palms up. . inhale and continue. fill the chest with love and project prana like thunder bolts. with the total weight of the body. Relax. Concentrate energy for 4-5 minutes. Sit in Easy Pose. to make you one with the Universal mind.134 - . feeling energy going through the hands to the person. base of thumbs at throat level.

MEDITATION For Lymphs. and continue for 15 more minutes. visualize a blue light like a gas flame emanating from your pores and filling your aura. Continue for 15 minutes. mind and soul. arms • straight. extending up to 9 lengths.135 - . inhaling in 5 equal lengths. and either one works in this meditation .* As you exhale. 1975 In Easy Pose. This is cleansing and produces great heat. ("Each one. in his own beauty. raise hands to chest level. hand in receptive Cyan Mudra. slowly. Resume. OOMMENTS: This stimulates the higher sel f . 1971 In Easy Pose. has the right to do that. palms in.") you exhale for 31 BLUE LIGHT CLENSING MEDITATION January 28. Monev and Indecision March 11. *Yogi Bhajan has designated both the Crown Chakra at the top of the head and the Navel Chakra as solar centers. as minutes. Relax. and mentall chant Hariang. deep breathing. Breast Cancer. With the eyes 9/10 closed and long.YOGA KARMA KRIVA. mentally chant Hariang as you inhale. Touch the thumbs together and press the upper arms into the ribs. Heart Attack. b al an ces th e h ear t. one on top of the other and 9" out from the body. inhale in 4 lengths as you concentrate on a white light coming in through the solar centers.

In mystical terms.) Sitali Pranayam is a well-known practice. making the back of the neck as short as possible. regulates the sexual and digestive energy. hold. FOR SELF REGENERATION (March 7. in turn. and the practice of 52 breaths daily. Close the eyes and drop the head back. This breath is often used for lowering fever (and it can cool you in warm weather). which. placing the fingers only under the armpit (thumb out). Curl the tongue up on the sides and protrude it slightly past the lips. Inhale. but as you continue the tongue will taste sweet and you will have overcome all sickness inside. Then repeat for 5 more minutes. It is said that people who practice this kriya have all things that they need come to them by planetary ether. It is an excellent kriya to do before chanting the Siri Gaitri Mantra ("RA MA DA SA SA SAY SO HUNG"). Daily practice of 26 breaths in the morning and 26 breaths in the evening can extend the lifespan. The tongue may taste bitter at first. Continue for 5 minutes.136 - . 1977 In Easy Pose. The breath regulates itself as you mentally chant . cross arras over chest as follows: Place right hand completely under armpit (thumb too). 26 in the morning and 26 in the evening. cross left arm over right. Self-regenerating. (Variations include: 2-3 minutes periods. It soothes and cools the spine near the 4th. you are served by the heavens. a sign of toxification. for 3 minutes.SITALI PRANAYAM Sit in a comfortable meditative posture with a straight spine. pull the tongue in and relax. 5th and 6th vertebrae. Inhale deeply and smoothly through the rolled tongue and exhale through the nose.

Stretch legs out in front. 11 minutes. should F. Place hands in Gyan Mudra. B. you'll be in a different world. left over right applying 25 lbs... hanging head down. Repeat and continue for 3 minutes. elbows bent. G. very quickly for 3 minutes. D.MANTRA EXTENSION YOGA April 25.137 - . omitting #A-D. Inhale through left nostril and exhale through right. bend and catch right big toe and chant for 3 minutes. and exhale in ^ second through the mouth ("Whooo"). hold the breath in for 10 seconds. In Easy Pose and Gyan Mudra. chant Ha Qul Hu Hu Shapes solar plexus. . fingertips at shoulder level. bend over and catch big toes. and as you inhale. E. NOTE: This was also taught on April 23 and 26. affect axis. Forget this universe for 11 minutes. Resume first posi tion as you exhale. C. . of pressure per square inch Inhale for 5 seconds. "After 11 minutes. Repeat "B". 1972 — A. Repeat and continue for 3 minutes. Sit in Easy Pose and cross arms over chest at wrists. raise the arms straight up to 60°. To change metabolism. 1972. Rest and repeat. Then sit on the left heel.

slowly building to 31 minutes.GK) COMMENTS: "Maya Gyan: means great knowledge. . Fold the thumbs so that the tips touch the Mercury Mounds (at the base of the little fingers). It is a very powerful one. allowing no gaps.. It will pass. Breath is automatic. with hands before the Heart Center. inhale deeply and chant in a monotone. Move your lips and concentrate on them. chant as fast as you can Concentrate on the Shabd. 8 times on one breath. Begin with 11 minutes or less. this may be chanted 5 or 6 times only. Practice it unto the Infinity of God. press the fingertips together. hands in Pranam Mudra (Prayer Pose with right thumb over left). for positive effects. 1976 SITI KRIYA In Easy Pose. Gaze at the little fingers (or close the eyes). (See "Magic Mantra". This is not a light kriya. bases of palms and fingertips joined to opposite hands to form a little "boat". (For immediate quick help. "Agni" means the purity of fire. 1976 In Easy Pose. fingertips raised to eye level. Breath may fade out and you'll feel suffocated. Continue for 11-31 minutes.138 - .) PRAN May 31. eyes 9/10 closed. joining the little fingers and the outsides of the palms together. 10" out from the face and up at a 60!° angle.MAHA GIAN AGNI KRIVA May 2.

Normally there will be no opening whatsoever. There is nothing equal to it. and when you chant them wrong. It is very rare that the Mercury fingers are joined in this way.MAGIC MANTRA MEDITATION April 26. Ek Ong Kar". However. Sat Gur Prasad wrong. The entire Siri Guru Granth Sahib is nothing but an explanation of this mantra. THIS MANTRA IS NOT SECRET. It will make the mind so powerful that it will remove all obstacles. or the "Mangala Charn Mantra" (see pg. Look into the hands but keep the eyes closed and chant. A couple of days practice can give you a certain stimulation which is beyond explanation.keep it to a minimum.when you chant them well they benefit you. 1976 Sit in a comfortable meditation posture and lift hands to heart level. Normally we chant to God before prarticing this mantra. It is so strong that it elevates the self beyond duality and establishes the flow of spirit. IN A PLACE OF REVERENCE. Ihe important thing is to keep the line of Mercury connected at the edges of the palms and little fingers. Sat Gur Prasad is a pritham mantra. ie. however. they don't have any ill effect. it can finish you. sides of palms and Mercury fingers comfortably together. We call it the magic mantra because its positive effect happens quickly and lasts a long time. NOTE: This mantra is usually chanted forwards and backwards. You can mock any mantra you like except this one because it is known to have a backlash. SO CHANT IT WITH REVERENCE. If they don't do any good. G. Sat Gur Prasad. and gave the mantra as it appears above.B. "Ek Ong Kar. (Mantras normally have no backlash . Sat Gur Prasad" is the most powerful of all mantras. . (elbows relaxed at the sides) and form a shallow cup of the hands. in a monotone. One cycle lasts 4-5 seconds. Ek Ong Kar. We leave it up to you. if you chant Ek Ong Kar. Y. Either chant the "Mul Mantra" (see page 113) first. the lengthy notes for this meditation took no shortcuts. But IT HAS TO BE CHANTED WITH REVERENCE. In fact Yogi Bhajan says that it is useless unless it is reversed.K. be sure that your surroundings are serene and reverent and that you practice it with reverence. palms up. at least they don't hurtyou. but that is what makes the difference. Continue for 31 minutes. When you meditate on this mantra. WRITE IT WITH REVERENCE & USE IT IN REVERENCE.132) before meditating to prepare yourself. I must give you this basic warning. nor can anything explain it. some people will have a gap between their little fingers . Sat Gur Prasad. edges of the "cup" about 30° up from the parallel.) But. letting the breath naturally find itself. BUT IT IS VERY SACRED. COMMENTS: 31 MINUTES OF THIS CAN GET YOU VERY HIGH.) "Ek Ong Kar. thumbs out and away from hands.139 - . (Remember to keep any gap to a minimum.

during this meditation. focusing at the top of the head. chant pulling Mulbhand and focusing on the 1st chakra. To end. and picture Guru Ram Das. September 28 and October 1. inhale deeply. Energy rushes effortlessly up the spine. with a straight spine.140 - . still pulling Mulbhand. Continue for 1 1 . pull Mulbhand. 1971 Seated in meditation posture. "Akasha" is the ether tattva. in a golden temple. and Guru Ram Das is the 4th guru in Sikh tradition.TATTVA SIDDHI KRIYA. almost as though it is sucked up. GK . COMMENTS: "Pritvi" is the earth tattva (or element). hold and relax.3 1 minutes. swinging back and forth above the head. hands in Gyan Mudra.

Smile. Curl the fingers ijnto the hands and open and close them quickly several times. Your light can penetrate the solidity of the ground.Meditate on the sound: for 1 minute. Light is surrounding you. The voice. Use your mind energy..starts low and raises in pitch to a peak and then descends back again each time. onwards to Infinity." 3 . You are an Infinite Diety.. this exercise must follow .) 4 . 2 . Whenever you practice this meditation. This is not available in books. "R ah" is two words. If ye seek. Extend that light on.LAW OF LIGHT MED I T AT I ON '' _ ~ Rishi Haring 1 ... Meditate on your own crystal clear light which surrounds your body. concentrate on that expansion from the very edge of your outer skin. Be calm. quiet and peaceful. (This is the key to the exercise.. Offer your physical. the GREAT YOGA of all times. ye shall find. This offer ing is very precious and the one who is accepting is within you . Himself.. In this oval-shaped aura of pure light you are dwelling and you are living. Your light is going to relate to the Supreme Light. and you are part of the Infinite. Meditate on that light.. and you are a light. YOU and HE are going to have a yoga. Inhale and exhale deeply several goes together as one. mental and 1 spiritual self to your Creator. "All that was is Light. Shine out! Expand! Under you there is no ground.' There is ho middle man between 1 you and your Creator. Rays of light are coming from you as the rays of the sun project light -to this earth. With your mind. but when you chant it like a siren. You are shining. . is Light. all that is. remove all tension and the ego. which is the real YOU to relate to the real HE. Don't ever do this meditation and get straight is God. Be constant.141 - . Your physical self w i l l help you. Finite you are. Close your eyes. and on . It is the YOGA OF LIGHT... Feel that you are offering yourself. In Easy Pose.

SUPEP TRANSCENDENTAL MEDITATION To Develop Trust March 10 & 14. palms forward. building to 31. mentally chanting during exhale. I don't know whether you'll be on the Moon or Venus tomorrow. Everything in life should be evaluated in terms of whether it is directing you toward the goal or away from the goal. Continue for no longer than 3 minutes. fingertips folded on to pads.142 - . with God's help. thumbs pulled back. focusing on the breath and trantra. at ear level. forehead to the ground. bent at 90°. Get into it and let God take care of you. exhale and bend from lower spine to bow. mentally chanting and exhale. 1975 . you must have a target t o achieve. upper arms parallel to the ground. Whether you understand the meditation important. 1977 In Easy Pose. with God's help. Inhale. eyes 9/10 closed. Make a point not to miss your destiny point! From the beginning. but can simply make you a saint I" LIFE IS WHAT YOU CONSCIOUSLY MAKE IT: Therefore. forearms perpendicular. Lean torso back as far as possible without falling over. the human should be human I August 7. Comments: "Simple. raise arms to the sides. the TO END: Inhale. to the end. or not. is not NOTE: Tne March 13th version was given with the back erect for 3 minutes. COMMENTS: This is a very powerful meditation.



July 10, 1975



Sit comfortably. keeping the spirit perfectly straight. Bring , the mental focus to the brow point. Take a deep, full breath, inhaling through the nose. Hold the breath by suspending the chest, and silently repeat, from the heart S* navel, connecting them:

3 times. As you exhale, repeat the mantra out loud. Each repetition takes about 5 seconds. Continue for 11 minutes. Then inhale deeply, relax the • breath and sit silently for a minute or two. Then Inhale deeply and stretch the arms overhead, fingers interlocked. and pull the spine up. COMMENTS: This meditation uses the power- of the breath to enhance the depth of the effect of the basic mantric phrase. Healthy, Happy, Holy. A person who does this meditation properly w i l l breathe two and one half times per minute. This shift from the normal 12-15 breaths per minute is significant. According to Yogi Bhajan, once the breath rate is slower than 4 breaths per minute, the brain starts functioning intensely. The pineal and pituitary glands shift their relationship to each other and in this condition, the effects of inner and outer sound is grater and the mantra w i l l penetrate. A larger portion of yourself wil l be able to synchronize and carry out your intentions. (In yogic Shastras, mantra without breath regulation is considered low grade energy to run your mind on.) When teaching this meditation, it is best to guide the student by saying the mantra out loud as they hold the breath. The extra guidance will help students to focus on the mantra and to relax.

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After any exercise set or meditation, ' before and/or after the deep relaxation, go deep within to feel and experience that space of peace and silence. Listen for the silence or the vibration of the mantra, or for the cosmic sound. Be at home - you are home. You are at one with God. God and you are one. Feel secure, cozy, love yourself and love your soul. Feel that you are begin hugged by the Cosmic Teddy Bear. Love it, nourish it, feel it in every cell of your body. Yogi Bhajan said at Ladies Camp, "if you have difficulty experiencing God, feel that He is a teddy bear."

ON SELF BLESSING: One secret - when you get up in the morning, BLESS YOURSELF! I d o i t a l l t h e t i m e . I d o i t l i k e t h i s : When I t a k e m y f i r s t ' c u r l 1 , I s a y , 'b l esse d ar e m y h a n d s a n d b l e s s e d i s m y h ead that bri ngs them over me, and blesse d a r e m y e y e s t h a t s e e t h e m . A n d b l e s s ed is my body that has awakened from the s p e l l o f i n f i n i t e D e a t h u n t o a c t i v i t y . I shall tell the whole world how beautiful Ram Das, and how God is working in personality, through this 'pipe' to give his people the miracle beyond what is written in their destiny.1 And then I curl around and I sleep a little more, and then get up again. And I a l w a y s d o i t s e c r e t e l y , t h r i c e . And once I got caught by my own teacher.
December 2 9 , 1985

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Make no excuses for your desire to be prosperous; it is a divine desire that should be given divine expression. The shocking truth about prosperity is that it is shockingly right instead of shockingly wrong to be prosperous. You ought to be rich; you have no right to be poor. Your supply is equal to your demand. There is no lack of supply, only a lack of demand. No one els6 can limit you. If you want to limit yourself, you can. Otherwise the entire resources of the Universe are yours to use. Visualize as much as you can conceive of yourself receiving and then lay positive claim to that visualization. Success adores a prosperous attitude. One prosperous thought is more powerful than 1000 thoughts of failure. A failure is only a step on the way to your success. Make the intelligent choice, persist with your success and not with your failures. Gratitude is the open door to abundance. Paying debts is one of the primary prerequisites to becomming prosperous. The plain truth is that you must start giving before you can start receiving. This is the nature of the universe we live in. Truly great fortunes were not received by hoarding money but by circulating it. Think only in prosperous terms and think big I

(From "Renew to be New", April 1989)

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A weakened immune system not only prevents us from fighting off illness. Bone Marrow. ultraviolet lighting (which predominately produces the part of the light spectrum corresponding to dusk. viruses and chemicals. These include a feeling of responsibility and control over ones life. WHAT IT IS . But Adrenalin lowers our immunity by reducing the number of Immune Cells.THE IMMUNE SYSTEM The immune system is the body's defense against disease It is composed of the Thymus Gland. which is the physical equivalent of the Heart Chakra. lack of creative outlet and isolation. repressed emotion. air conditioning (the negative ions [which are actually positive because they are the prana in the air] are removed by air conditioning). Stress sabotages the complex defensive network. the Appendix and Peyer's Patches found In the intestines. jealousy and alienation. putting the body in a state of fighting off sleep).146 - . It produces substances to conquer the invaders. anger. the experience and belief in a. White blood cells mature in the Thymus Gland and "B" Cells are produced in the bone marrow. oneness with creation and with the Planet Earth and confidence in the reality of God and Divine Order. alcohol and all types of drugs and tobacco. our body produces adrenalin to help us react quickly and effectively. Spiritual attitudes can strengthen the immune system. The immune system can be further weakened by lack of joy and fun. is an important key in the healing process. Attitudes that weaken the immune system include frustration. fear. air pollution. WHAT AFFECTS IT The immune system is a delicate mechanism which cannot withstand constant emotional and physical stress. Long ignored by traditional medicine. it is now recognized that the Thymus Gland. it keeps us in a less productive and less creative state because we do not have the energy to live to our fullest potential. powerlessness. Environmental assaults to the immune system include noise pollution. chemicals. Tonsils and Adnoids. Whenever we are in a stressful or crisis state. The immune system serves as the internal police force against unwanted bacteria. processed foods. polluted water. Lymph Nodes.

etc. Enjoy it now! Lighten 11. frustration and sorrow. Herpes. Dental disorders Dependency on sugar. time with yourself. preferably organic and fresh. 5. 8. Exercise for at least one hour every day. Learn to relax and meditate. doing as much as possible out of doors with fresh air and in a relaxing environment. Depression Chronic infections Candidiasis Allergies Chronic fatigue Environmental sensitivitiies Recurrent illness like colds and flu 8. 9. giving and receiving. Cultivate joy. al11# cohol. drugs of any kind. bloating. 6. Digestive disorders like heartburn. constipation. 3. Laugh everyday. 10. 3. diarrhea. 2. 12. 2. change your situation or your focus. ulcers. Choose to be happy and healthy and visualize yourself full of life. in the Psychic Reader. 7. 4. emotions and thoughts. WHAT WE CAN DO TO STRENGTHEN THE IMMUNE SYSTEM 1. Open your heart to experience God. Let out negative feelings. pp. such as grief. Reduce stress by taking action and doing our best to deal with issues as they arise. up. 6. Nourish your body with healthy food. 6-8. instead of ignoring or putting them off. Get enough vitamins B6. 9 # Reduced sex drive TO. coffee. anger.) 7.147 - . love and life! From "You Can Heal Your Immune System". Tell someone a joke or make someone happy. Take responsibility for your own life. Cultivate friendships and reach out to other people. Slow healing wounds 13. Find groups where you can enjoy sharing. your own soul. especially iron and zinc. stomach pain. love. B12 and C and enough minerals. Give yourself permission to spend time in creative activities that you enjoy. gratitide and adopt uplifting attitudes. 5. A sense of being in control reduces stress. . Life is short. (See page 176.Any disease 14. Choose relaxing activities and spend 4.SIGNS OF A WEAKENED IMMUNE SYSTEM 1. December 1987. Stop complaining about things that bother you and change them.

Selenium is an antioxidant. Phoenicians. "King of the Blood Purifyers".148 - . All the B vitamins are depleted by stress. Vitamin E improves immune system responses. neutralizing harmful effects from toxins. often taken with calcium.ADDITIVES RECOMMENDED FOR THE IMMUNE SYSTEM Along with fresh. is a powerful anti-oxidant and anti-tumor agent. increase white blood cell production for a strong. worms and snake bite to pneumonia. and an antibiotic. Zinc. Minerals Calcium seems to inhibit cancer cell growth. Together with the amino acid. Echinacea & Myrr). Greeks and Romans to treat or prevent everything from fleas. help to cleanse the digestive system of mucous and germs. is an enzyme activator for absorption of B vitamins. vegetables and grains. Vitamin C reduces colds and stimulates the production of macrophages and antibodies. cleans the blood and Lymphatic system. and component of many herb formulas including "Jade Screen Powder" is for the white blood cells and bone marrow. Germanium has properties. research has indicated that the following vitamins. high fiber fruits. they bolster the Inrnune System by stimulating the production of antibodies. may detoxify the body's enzyme system for carcinogens (cancer-causing substances). Garlic. in small doses. known as "lipotropics" (Fat loving) that liquify or homogenize fats in the body. Herbs Astragalus. two essential elemments of immunity. Copper is necessary to form antibodies. in concert. chili and jalepenos. Methionine. plus Selenium & Zinc. C & E. minerals and herbs may bolster the immune system. especially in the form known as Beta * Carotene (which comes from yellow and green vegetables such as carrots. Choline and Inositol are two B vitamins. Antioxidant formulas often include vitamins A. may prevent cancer and is an anti-oxident (along with vitamins C & E. Herbrews. a Chinese Herb. a favorite of Yogi Bhajan's was well thought of by ancient Egyptians. sweet potatoes and is not toxic in high doses) stimulates the Thymus to produce "T Cells" necessary for eliminating infection. Bee Propolis is an antibiotic as well as a Thymus stimulator and Immune System enhancer. Antioxidents protect the cells against "free radicals" formed by environmental toxins. one of the best herbal antibiotics (along with Golden Seal. organic.) The B vitamins. Chaparral. Vikings. healthier immune system. enhances "B" and "T" Cell functions. Vitamins Vitamin A. Capsaicinoids contained in Cayenne. especially Pyrodoxine (B6) and Cyanocobalamin (B^ 12). Echinacea. and work better together. as well as for healthy nerves. and strengthens the nervous system. iimrunity-regulating Magnesium. Increases resistance to infection and it is an antibiotic .

Pau D'Arco (AKA Taheebo). Suma. Contains Germanium. Linqustrum. (AKA Lusidum or Privet). Glutathione. We think that what you eat is less important than what you think. Eleuthero is a form of Ginseng that boosts the deepest level of the immune system. to stimulate white blood cell and interferon production. . Atractylis and Sileris. It is intended only as a point of reference for investigation. which is included in natural environmental protection vitamin formulas because it is a more stable and effective antioxidant than L-cysteine. by Michael Tierra. and the rest from various sources. contains giant sugar molecules. Marigold. defends against free radicals. F>A:RTS OF IMMUNE THE SYSTEM Tons±1s S< Adnoids NOTE: This material is offered as a handy guide to what is currently supposed by wholistic and orthodox healers. a prodein made up of 3 amino Oriental formula that builds resistance to colds and flue and stregnthens the constitution. teamed with Choline and Inositol. from South America. "The King of Tonics" rejuvenates and treats degenerating diseases. a tonic for the Immune System. polysaccharides. contains Astragalus. is another Oriental herb that stimulates the Immune System. and what you think about what you eat! SOURCES: Much of this material comes from The way of Herbs.149 - . helps produce antibodies. Goldenseal. N-acetylcysteine. Known as 'South American Ginseng'. combats infection and regenerates the body. also from South American rain forests. a powerful anti-biotic. Ginseng. is a remarkable Immune booster and blood sugar stabilizer. strengthens the Immune Slystem. fights bacteria and virus infections Jade Screen Powder . Amino Acids Methionine.Germanium is an anti-viral agent which stimulates and strengthens the Immune System. is an all-round tonic.

then you begin to do what is wanted by you. and lurnd it to you. Thai j* why an indi¬vidual has to understand his Self. but it ivorks. I know. rather than what is needed by you. When you eat without the urge to eat. "Whenever you see some¬one. sleep without the urge to sleep. Sometime you may tell yourself that you are not pure. Sneakiness and cowardliness are the unfortunate result Everybody wants to sneak around and withdraw. Self-healing is a genuine process or the relationship between the physical and the infinite power of the soul. It will heal. nor is self-healing J dramatization of the personality a»> though you could do something superior. Instead we see that it is six o'clock. And there is no disease. but do you ewer tell them that they have to h*i|M&ein*eivee . equal and opposite. they should all die.Self-Healing And Knowing The Self by SIRISINGH SAHIB BHA! SAHIB HARBHAJAN SINGH KHALSA YOGIJI October 7. Whetr th« juices come. but actually you are changing your-self inside. That is what heals.150 - . but they also want things to happen. The doctor came and he gave medi¬cine. that this patient appears to be dying. Self-healing is not a miracle. your being. "Yes. Finally one day the doctor told his wife. You are pretending to be impure because you don't like the responsibility. It is a contract. You can give water. put their hand on it. and so on. chant a mantra over it. Have no doubt about it. four doctors and Anally a surgeon. You can call it quackery. you are in trouble: if it is in phase you are right. of compassionate meditation. within the being. because from inside." Now. It doesn’t matter if you give medicine. 1974 The process of self-healing is the privilege of every being. then the urge to eat comes. you eat. because it is eating time. but actually you are not begging for anything. the way*' you treat people. She said. but you don't want to be holy. that much pain he will have in his life. When you are blessing the sick. If the rhythm ofprana is out of phase. This is the basic secret behind every happiness. you beg of the Almighty. Some spiritual healers take a glass of water. behind every joy that a person wants to experience. and feel we have to eat. It is from a state of compassion. You are merely trying to pretend you are not pure. What is life? Life is the rhythm of pram. Bat the reaction is happening inside. If the stomach did not have the capacity to give you Hunger pains. Every action has a reaction. it is you who are changing. his ego. Look at this drama in the individ¬ual play. so that God could take a little rest. Any time can be eat-ing tune. you can give food instead. because then everybody has the right tocriti-cize you if you fall short of that image and you don't want to be criticized. there is no such thing as eating time. and he wanted to understand what she was saying. because God is in every Self. And one who can stand under h» Self." You may pretend you are praving to the heavens. And then that person is known as a bektved of God. But in reality. energy is> pouring intu the other person. Once a person called the doctor. three doctors. Understanding the Self means to itand under your own Self. You can fake it as a granted fact. Actual¬ly. no one would tat. and sent on earth to enjoy. You are holy. that the healing activity of God. given a human body. My divinity is in my purity. this hurt. flows. She said. you just give them medicine. Then the doctor brought two doctors. and at that Hme you should eat. One who does not belong •has no experience of what belonging is „ my purity is what I am within myself. can stand under every Self. The doctor tried everything. When a person prays to the merciful Lord. It will heal. You don't want to be known as holy. your itching soul was punned. It doesn't matter if you are hungry or not.. he is extending himself out-side. a union. As much doubt as a person has in his sub-conscious. but that is not true. mv dear hus¬band. The next day the same request cameagainand the doctor came and the doctor went.

"Gad. Wherever he sits. who feels the goodness of that infin¬ity. cures itself. To whomever he talks. Truth is Thy Name. When the mind is out of without. The seeker must know the art or finite and infinite. He watches the television to feet God. Why shouldn't you experience infinity? Instead you take your get cured* as well?*' H* h#d nevui done that. God <aae-ated m»n and maivoeated God. That is actually the way it is. "God. All you have (t> do is send a message or somehow establish communication between the mind and body of the sick person. there goes God. but collects a fee for doing it. You should MU then*. He has merely diag¬nosed the ailment and given you the medicine so that your own body. who has a gratitude for God. and you inflate it like your balloon.him is God. could help itself to become all right. there is God. Thatis why we<Jb "japa". The intellect will generate thought waves anyway. Where the man of God got*. ." Japa is calling on energy. and you cait yourselj a man. but after telling the sinner that he is a sinner. under him it God. on." He had studied eight years in the medical college. we are connecting with Qod through the." When he watitshe saw*. the art of ecstecy. he listens to talk about God. that trw medicine will help them to help themselves get cured. On the telephone. he does not purify him. M. he has done nothing.151 - . Every lover will call the beloved God by name. Only the one who has experienced God. and you don't live in grati¬tude.thiSyearth there is. there is neither i body nor a soul. because he will con¬stantly call the Name of Cod. She said. "WeU. That's ajl the cunt i*. or any part of $ dis-ease." He takes a shower and says. and you tail on your face. there ndy. nothing except Qod.he art of healing. It is the same with the mind. The mind has to fee given the medicineof thought The higher thought is the medicine of the mi©d*hat allow* it to hdp itsetf cum itse& Otherwise the mind »a5-********-pieceof glass. TJurre can be . He Kings up the tele¬phone if there's no God. there e ease. and the science which teaches him the art of finite *nd infinite or known a* the science of yoga. But the middleman who made this simple. There is no need to blame the doctor for not being able to cure you or for killing you. "Cod. power or our thought wave. Why not bea*n these theught. The one who lives off the sinner makes the sinner believe he is a sinner." When he is in fever. you caH yourself a man. The mind should be in peacer so that the b$<|y cap do the job. a Sikh. Disease is nothing but an out-of-rhythm rhythm." He gets up and says. He eats and says. Dtuv he can'purify you who is himself pure. The moment we know and experience that mere is some¬thing beyond us. no happiness. safe God sadifrktdt to get to not otrfy make* a normal man believe that he is a sinner. my dear friend. *bove.Around him is God. who has seen God.that is beyond us. "God. "God. The body.the mind there is no . but nobody had ever taught him that God cures. he brings God. When the x>dy. your own sell'. It is a technology that makes * seeker. You blame the Creator. or to praise htm to-saving'you either. Without knowing the manners of life. When he gets up there is also God. Nhen the body is in the body goes out of rhythm. th**t yeu only give them halt the medicine. Japa is the thought. Even if you have Cod and Cod is your slave. And if he doesn't feel God. God-€Onsaou$ness lias millions of reality. can be pure. The air goes out. Then what a silly creature you arc.waves on God? The only thing that comes to you without asking for it is the breath of a part of inhnity. will become pure and healed and have the power to purify and healothers. The man of God telephones about God. he shuts it off. ~ . the \rt of names in nystic terms. * man t* Cod. Medicine allows it to get into that space v*h*re healing can take place. U has to do with rliythm and rhythm. he says.*Sat Nam. And. itill it is useless. Actually. because tah'ty." He belongs to God and God belongs to him. Not only that.

don't be frigid. Count your merits and leave off the deficiences . totally di vi ne a nd n ot hi ng b ut t he G ra ce o f Go d.that's the secret of life. July 14. 1975 . it is efficiency. planning. That's all it takes. Live! Be totally you.. July 11. Keep up and you'll be efficient. 1974 LIFE IS A PRECIOUS GIFT: Don't waste it in ridiculous will carry you 'through . brittle and biting. December 20. the more humble you will become.they were meant to be filled with your efficience. The higher you go in consciousness.. Get your scene together. Ego will make you mentally frigid and you won' t ejaculate and you won't experience the essence of living.HUMILITY: Who can be humble is he who has seen the vastness of the universe and feels humble in relation. You're not a sinner .152 - . just deficient. You'll be cold. get into the stream of life and just live it! Then you can magnify and experience each moment. That's all it takes and . When you don't give in to your deficiency. In chief moments. scheming. 1975 COUNT YOUR MERITS: You always count your defects and never your merits. Nobody's perfect.