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Gettingstarted Tutorial_SilkTest

Gettingstarted Tutorial_SilkTest

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Published by: hano66 on Aug 25, 2009
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When you create a testcase, keep the following in mind:
•A testcase has three fundamental tasks:
-Drive the application to the state to be tested
-Verify that the actual state matches the expected state
-Return the application to its initial state (also called the base state)
•Each testcase is independent of other testcases; that is, no script or
testcase should rely on the successful completion of a previous script or
•Each testcase should have a single purpose. This makes it easy to
determine specifically what aspect of the application is either working or
not working.
•A testcase starts from base state. In order for a testcase to be able to
function properly, the application must be in a stable state when the
testcase begins to execute.
Tip After learning the basics of recording a testcase in the next
section, be sure to read about “Recording from a Testplan” on
page95. That section describes how to make recording easier by
automatically generating the links that connect the testplan to the
testcase for you.

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