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APPLE Apple Inc.

is one of the most important and most commercial companies in the whole world that designs hardware and software. With more than 370 stores in different countries, resellers and a store online, Apple has succeeded until our days, the 21st century. History: Apple Inc. was created on April 1st in 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne. Jobs and Wozniak worked on making drawings and drafts of their own computer. After many time, the result was the Apple I. Jobs decided to sell the new invent to his friends. Then, more people were looking for the Apple I. But the success was not enough because the limited characteristics made the computer a little obsolete. Jobs and Apple: With the earned money on the first computer, Jobs gave more time and ideas for a new project that would be potential for the next generation of products. He got the vision and the concept of the brand with his projects some of them were produced on bad times-. Apple improved. Macintosh was one of his best works: it changed and replaced the concept of personal computer. However, he decided to change his steps: he left Apple for a while and created NextStep Inc., and he bought the Lucas Film Empire called Pixar after the purchase-. When he returned to command Apple, he forwarded the company to grow more and more until get recognition from the young generation. After his death, all his products are bought every day and people are still getting the new gadgets because they know that this is the result of Jobs effort. Top 5: *iMac: desktop computer-2005 *MacBook: portable computer-2006 *iPod: audio and media player-2001 *iPhone: touch screen Smartphone-2007 *iPad: a combination form a Smartphone and a notebook

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