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Planning an essay

It is very important that you plan your essay carefully before you begin writing. The following are recommended guidelines for planning your essay: 1. Read the question CAR !""#$. %a&e sure you understand it completely. If necessary' create a question that needs to be answered in the conclusion. !or e(ample' if you have the following essay title: )Newspaper reporters are right to invade the privacy of famous people, because the public has a right to know about their lifestyles.) $ou need to answer the question: *+ournalist are allowed to invade the famous people,s lives -,.iscuss. /. Thin& about the arguments on 01T2 sides. Remember that you need to ac&nowledge the ideas that you disagree with' as well as the ideas that you agree with. "se this table to help you list your ideas: This essay is about 3ournalism 4o 3ournalist should invade privacy of celebrities $es' papara55i,s should go and investigate the life of the famous people. I agree with the information stated above

Arguments that support the title

!amous people have the right to privacy.

Arguments that dispute the title

Remember to try and cover as many fields as possible. 6. Thin& about your conclusion. 7hat e(actly is your answer going to be- This will help you to decide on the structure of your essay. 7hich arguments are you going to present first- These should really be the arguments that you disagree with. 8. 4ow thin& about the introduction. And then you can begin writing.