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Explore the eTwinning platforms: (Spanish) and (European).

2. In your groups, you will work in pairs: 2 students will represent the Spanish partners and the other 2 represent a E s!hool. "e!ide on the s!hool profiles: the Spanish s!hool and the E s!hool.

Enter the Training eTwinning platform and #oth s!hools register: www.etwinning$

%. Ea!h s!hool&pair logs$in and explores the desktop. '. Ea!h s!hool&pair updates the profile. (. Ea!h s!hool&pair posts a message in the forum: )ge group %$** and gi+es a #rief summary a#out the potential eTwinning pro,e!t. -. .oth s!hools !omplete the !ommon eTwinning pro,e!t prototype. /. Ea!h s!hool&pair goes to the eTwinning desktop, !li!ks on 0find eTwinners1 and looks for the other partner s!hool. 2. They send a message to the other s!hool. *3. 4ne of the s!hools !li!ks on 05ro,e!ts&6reate a new pro,e!t1 and follows the steps to !omplete the whole pro!ess to found a !ommon eTwinning pro,e!t. **. Explore the eTwinning spa!e of your !ommon pro,e!t. *2. pload the eTwinning pro,e!t prototype file on the eTwinning spa!e.

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