This is the document you are going to use to plan your eTwinning project, which needs to be completed by the two founding partners from the two different EU or eTwinning Plus countries.

Project title: Partner Schools: Coordinating Teachers: Duration: Level(s): Number of students involved: Language(s) used: e! Com"etences: School subject(s) # to"ics: Project summar!: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Students’ age: Countries :
e-mail: e-mail:



%ctivities # Tas&s:

Project # %ctivities Planning (stages' "hases):

• • • • • • •

()"ected "roducts and results:
(Project *ebsite' "osters' videos+)

(valuation "rocedure and tools: ,CT materials needed:

• • • Hardware Software ICT tools • • • • •

Coordination *ith other subjects: Dissemination of results:
(descri"tion of tools and activities to disseminate "roducts and results)

(an! relevant information to consider)

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