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The Letter of the Law (of Attraction)

The Letter of the Law (of Attraction)

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Published by: S. James Webb on Aug 20, 2009
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The Letter of the Law (of Attraction) The good news is that there’s no Spiritual Law Police that’s going

to come get you if you don’t follow spiritual laws to the letter. On the other hand, Spirit doesn’t give out warning tickets, either. Spiritual Law is completely unforgiving. You follow it to the letter or else. Fortunately, Spirit is 100%, completely and totally forgiving. Every single time. Contradictory? Well, not really. Spirit is personal, intelligent, loving, and knows that you’re doing the best you can at any given time. Sometimes, of course, that’s not too good. In fact, the best some people can do sometimes is downright despicable. No matter. Spirit still loves and forgives everyone equally. Now that doesn’t mean people who act despicably get off scot-free. There is such a thing as karma, also known as “what goes around comes around.” We know now from Near Death Experiencers that when we hurt another, we re-experience the event at our life review, and we feel it from the other’s point of view. So if I bullied Tommy Jones in sixth grade, I get to feel what it was like to get bullied by me. Not a pleasant thought, now that I think of it. But God loves the bullies as well as the Tommy Joneses. Spirit loves the bullies so much, in fact, that it makes sure they have a chance to learn from their mistakes in the most effective way, by fully and completely experiencing the consequences of their actions. And if they really need to get it, they may have another lifetime or two to balance things out. So that’s the forgiving Spirit side of things. But what about the letter of the law side that you follow exactly “or else”? Well, this is not the vindictive side of God, it’s more like the law of gravity, and this is where some people get confused. The law always operates: follow it to the letter and you can do some pretty amazing things, ignore it at your own (dire) risk.

Or, since you’re probably reading this on a computer, think of it this way. All of us who use computers know that when you operate them according to their own rules, they can do amazing things. Ignore the rules, and you’re going to end up wanting to throw them through the window. Sometimes even if you do obey all the rules. And so it is with the Law of Attraction. It’s always operating. If you’re not getting what you want, it’s not because the Law of Attraction isn’t working, it’s because of the way you’re working it. The Law of attraction is actually a great feedback mechanism, because it always shows you your point of attraction, the frequency at which you are really vibrating. So the Law of Attraction, unlike your friends, will never lie to you just so that you won’t feel bad. But the Law of Attraction really is your best friend, because like a mirror, it always gives you the truth. Say you’re driving a car. As you look down the road, you need to know whether you’re drifting a little this way or that. You wouldn’t want a windshield that distorted where you needed to make all those tiny adjustments as you’re driving just so you wouldn’t feel bad. You need to know exactly where you’re going from second to second so that you can stay on the road and reach your destination safely. Now the difference is that the Law of Attraction has a built in time buffer, so that you don’t draw what you’re thinking into your life instantly. Trust me, this is for our protection! Our vibration changes pretty often, sometimes even from moment to moment. And so it averages out our frequency. It’s our predominant frequency over time that draws our circumstances to us. Every time. And the leeway that we get as a result is about as close as it ever gets to issuing us a warning ticket. For more information, go to http://thestressreliefcoach.com/sq

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