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SEQ INGLES Bjork Cardigans Cardigans Lady gaga Flight facilities the police Army of me Lovefool Eraser rewind

Bad romance Island in the sun Crave you Every break you take Dont feel like dancing Droops of jupiter Come undone Every boys changing Great dj Boys avenue Its my life Hella good J'en ai marre Just the way you are Mr. Brigthside Human Read my mind Pumped up kicks We are young Moves like jagger Lady Undisclosed desires Bohemian rapsody Its no good Policy of thruth

SEQ ESPAOL Erick rubin Lucybell Gustavo cerati Dame amor Mataz Beautiful

ACUSTICAS ESPAOL Azul violeta Cafe tacvba Cafe tacvba Caifanes Enanitos verdes Fobia Jarabe d palo Jumbo Nacha pop Zoe Aterciopelados 5ta estacion Jessy joy Shakira

Ting tings No doubt No doubt Alizee Bruno mars The killers The killers The killers Foster the people Fun Marroon 5 Modjo Muse Queen Depeche mode Depeche mode

ACUSTICAS INGLES Tu luz Una manana El baile y el salon ### Eterna soledad Vivo Depende Fotografia Lucha de gigantes Luna Baracunata Algo mas Corre corre Antologia Adel Aerosmith Alanis morrisette Amy winehouse Blind melon Chris cornelle Bon jovi Bob marley Creed Creedence Def leppard Goo goo dolls Incubus Janis joplin Kings of lyon Marroon 5 Pearl jam Semisonic Pink floyd Rolling in tha deep I dont wanna miss a thing Ironic Valerie No rain Cant to change me Always Is this love With arms wide open Where ever you will go Proud mary Two steps behind Benny and the jets Iris Drive Mercedez benz Use somebody Sunday morning Yellow led better Secret smile Wish you were here