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Integrated Marketing Communications Plan

Baskets and Brackets

Laura Roberts, Tiffiney Kavars, Shannon George, Rebecca Kuhle, Amanda Kaiser

Executive Summary
Mission and Vision statement:
To be a nationally prominent athletic organization which is excellent in all respects while providing fans with the highest entertainment value as we promote integrity and sportsmanship to unparalleled levels of excellence.

Overall Goal
Raise overall attendance to mens and womens basketball games by 15%.

student attendance

Mens Average Attendance: 1,073 people
Increase of 15% New Goal = 1234 people (average)

Womens Average Attendance: 566 people

Increase of 15% New Goal = 651 people (average)

UD Mens and Womens Basketball Teams
Make the games an attraction to student body

UD basketball games

IIAC bracket
$5 to enter contest Time (Volunteers)

Place (Distribution)
University of Dubuque Campus

Bracket Bash/Bracket Personalized Basketball

Mens and Womens Schedule

Banner Social Media

Situational Analysis
Struggled with student attendance
Led the Iowa Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (IIAC) in average attendance

People go to see other fans

Birds of a feather flock together

UWPs Athletics
Student Loyalty Rewards Program Halftime shoot outs Sub sandwich/ice-cream eating contests

Reaching out to the community Reading to local elementary kids Community service Adopt A Team

Sponsors and Partnerships

Big Apple Bagel
The Olive Garden Buffalo Wild Wings

Pickle Barrel

SWOT Analysis
IIAC champions SAAC
Brothers and Sisters

SWOT Analysis
Inconvenient game times Live Web-Cast

Hatz in 20 years

SWOT Analysis
Its winter
Less things to do and more time to spare

Other activities on campus
Some activities that only happen once

Marketing Objectives
Brand Awareness Change customers beliefs and attitudes Increase repeat attendance

Target Audience
University of Dubuque college students Ages 18-23 Competitive, sports oriented

Target Audience
University of Dubuque faculty and staff Ages 30-60
Competitive, sports-oriented Good relationship with students

Public Relations Campaign

Bracket Bash
Research Action
Target Audience Goal and strategy Budget and Timeline

Flyers, free-floating basketballs Promotion through basketball players


Bracket Bash
Free event to UD community IIAC Bracket Shoot-out Free food and drinks (donated)

Teams present

Communication Channels:
Posters Flyers Word of Mouth Social Media



Regular Season Bracket

Tournament Bracket

Bracket advertising
2-3 weeks before the first IIAC season game.

Bracket Bash advertising

1-1.5 weeks before event
Begin promoting Baskets and Brackets 2-3 weeks before (End of October) Bracket Bash Last week of Oct. or first week of Nov. First IIAC season game (Mid-Novemeber)

No proposed budget
Donations UD Print materials Student workers/athlete (SAAC) volunteers

Did we reach our goal? Baskets and Brackets

Print Marketing
Buzz Marketing