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Windows Enabler

Windows Enabler is a program that runs on Microsoft Windows 95/98/Me/NT4. /! . "t allows the user to enable disabled windows and controls such as buttons and tic# bo$es and choose menu options that would normall% be disabled. This is ob&iousl% a &er% dangerous practice if used rec#lessl% but ha&ing said that' %ou(d be surprised at how often it comes in hand%. Windows Enabler has a &er% simple user interface) it appears as an icon in the s%stem tra% and can be turned on and off simpl% b% clic#ing on it. Windows enabler ma% be freel% distributed as long as the entire pac#age *or a superset+ is distributed unaltered.

Windows Enabler is a &er% simple utilit% and does not ship with an install program. The installation process is simple) ,ust cop% the two files *-Windows Enabler.e$e. and -Enabler/00.dll.+ somewhere on %our s%stem and run -Windows Enabler.e$e. to run the program. " normall% place a shortcut to -Windows Enabler.e$e. in m% -1tartup. program group so Windows Enabler is alwa%s a&ailable2 Windows enabler does not ma#e an% registr% entries or use an% data files so uninstalling is accomplished b% simpl% deleting its files *-Windows Enabler.e$e. and -Enabler/00.dll.+.

Using Windows Enabler:

To run Windows Enabler e$ecute the file -Windows Enabler.e$e.) the simplest wa% to do this is to place a shortcut to it somewhere on %our s%stem such as the des#top' the start menu or the -1tartup. program group. When Windows Enabler is running %ou should see one of the following icons in the s%stem tra%3 or . To e$it the Windows Enabler right clic# on the icon and choose -4uit. from the popup menu. 5n about bo$ can be displa%ed b% right clic#ing on the icon and choosing -5bout. from the popup menu. 0eft clic#ing on the icon toggles the Windows Enabler on and off. When the Windows Enabler is acti&e the word -6n. is superimposed on the icon as seen in the second icon abo&e. For example here is a dialog box from an application on our test machine. As you can see most of the controls on this dialog box are disabled and therefore can not be pressed or edited:

Here is the same dialog but we have used the Windows Enabler to enable some of the controls. We can now use these controls but how the software will react can vary greatly. !ometimes the results are disastrous" #$% HA&E 'EE( WA)(E*++

Here is another application from our test machine. (otice that all of the items in the Actions menu are disabled and cannot be selected,

Here is the same application but now the menu items are all selectable. When the Windows Enabler is active all menu items are enabled,

5lthough the -Windows Enabler. wor#s on man% applications it is ob&iousl% impossible and impractical to ma#e an app that wor#s 7 8 of the time. 9or e$ample on some applications if %ou enable a button and press it the app is smart enough to ignore the command. "n other cases the button is disabled almost immediatel% after being enabled. Windows enabler may be freely distributed as long as the entire package (or a superset is distributed unaltered. If you have any !uestions" comments or wish to report a bug E#$I% me.
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