Simple Present or Present Continuous

Don´t forget to take your umbrella. It _____________ (rain).
I don´t like living in England. It always _____________ (rain).
Look!. It _____________ (snow). We are going to have a white
Maila _____________ (watch) TV every morning.
I have to go now. It _____________ (get) dark.
Right now I _____________ (spend) time with my father.
We usually _____________ (go) to the gym on Mondays
Simple Past or Past Continuous
programme, there ________________(be) a power cut.
Who ______________ (drive) the car at the time of the accident?
I ____________ (do) some shopping yesterday when I _____________
(see) that Dutch friend of yours.
What exactly _______________ (you/do) when I _____________ (come)
into your office yesterday?
While I ____________ (try) to get my car started, a man
_______________(offer) to help me.
Although it rained a lot, I _______________ (enjoy) my holiday last year.
I ________________ phone) you yesterday but you _______________ (not
answer). What ______________ (you/do)?
Present perfect simple or continuous
__________________ (you / buy) your train ticket yet?
The kitchen is a complete mess! What __________________ (the children
/ do)?
Julie ___________________ (learn) to drive for six years!
Amanda ___________________ (already / have) lunch, so she’ll meet us
How much coffee ___________________ (she / drink) this morning?
Simon ___________________ (write) three books.
I ___________________ (do) everything I needed to do today! Hurray!
It ___________________ (not / rain) all summer, so the garden is dead.
I ___________________ (read) your book. Here it is, thank you.
She ___________________ (forget) how to get to my house.
Past perfect or simple past
We had already eaten when John ______________ (come) home.
When I __________ (get) to the airport I discovered I _________ (forget)
my passport.
When we ____________ (arrive) at the station, the train had already
We ____________ (get) home to find that someone _________ (break)
into the house.

I __________ (know) my husband for three years when we __________
(get) married.
William ___________ (feel) ill last night because he _________ (eat) too
many cakes.
When Julie _____________(get) home from her holiday, the flat was a
mess. John
_________________ (have) a party.

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