Put the verbs into the correct tense (simple past or present perfect).

1. I (just / finish) 2. Mary (already / write) 3. Tom (move) . My friend (!e) $. I (not / !e) %. &ut I (already / travel) *. 'ast week+ Mary and ,aul (#o) my homework. five letters. to his home town in 199 . in "anada two years a#o. to "anada so far. to 'ondon a (ou)le of times. to the (inema. a new

-. I (an.t take any )i(tures !e(ause I (not /!uy) film yet. 9. (they / s)end) 10. (you / ever / see )

their holidays in ,aris last summer/ a whale/

Put the verbs into the correct tense (Simple Past or Past Progressive).
1. The re(e)tionist (wel(ome) them to fill in the form 2. The (ar (!reak) walk home. 3. The !oys (swim) . while the #irls (sun!ath) down and we (have) to the #uests and (ask)

. My father ((ome)

in+ (look)

and (tell)

me to tidy u) my room. $. 1hile one #rou) ()re)are) wood for the (am)fire. %. 1hile the )arents (have) a!out. *. Martha (turn) off the li#ht and (#o) to !ed. !reakfast the (hildren (run) dinner the others ((olle(t)

Put the verbs into the correct tense (simple present or present progressive)
1. 'ook2 3ara (#o) to the movies. her hand!a#.

2. 4n her ri#ht hand+ 3ara ((arry) 3. The hand!a# (!e) . 3ara usually ()ut) white trainers. $. 5nd look+ she (take)

very !eautiful. on !la(k shoes !ut now she (wear)

an um!rella !e(ause it (rain)

Present Perfect Simple or Present Perfect Continuous.
1. 2.
3. . $.

56(you ever )lay) 77.tennis/ &6 (I / only/)lay )77..tennis on(e or twi(e. 5nd you/ 56( I learn) 77..tennis for two years. &6 (you take )777)art in any (om)etitions yet/ 56 ( I )arti(i)ate) 777.in four (ontests this year.


&6 (you win )777any )ri8es so far/ 56 9o+ (I win )777anythin# yet. I.m not that #ood yet.( you/ever/ enter) 77..a (ontest/ &( I swim)777. for seven years and I ( already re(eive) 777 some tro)hies.

*. -.


1= >ave you ever )layed 2= have only )layed 3= have !een learnin# = >ave you taken $= I have )arti(i)ated %= >ave you won *= have not won+ >ave you ever entered -= have !een swimmin#+ have already re(eived

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