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PIANOf{CONDUCTOR ara (Prologue-t) _“Little Shop Of Horrors” ' Prologue {r 8/0 Orchestra y Troob, nic HArPrologue" 8081 ¥ CAMERA wide 3 EI 7 coneen send] gnc (GA GS [pomem | (inp) ATH | (o.st0arTinp) Voiceover: "On the tentyfit day of the month of Serene, in am earl yee ofa decedent yc — (onueupatsr) too long before our own, the hnoman race ruddenty encnntered a endly threat its very exitenc. And thi terrifing emery noficed ae nich enemir often doin the seemingly mart innocent and tnkely of pce.” — a i ago Daer LN tata WA MSE LG phe ob Pees) —7 ‘Segue as one “Little Shop Of Horrors” den Girls : 193 “Little Shop Of Horrors” ' Little Shop Of Horrors fares] Orchestrath Qunsz sv o> Direct segue Fologue”] iy Was Heth any easya? OS Say capa WAST fr (curt, 2 al Cchiticyston: F Lice de shop, Lit” = de shopea hor = rors, Lit-de shop, Lit - de shop-a ter ~ ror | Tam) TsuTpo 3s Lit de shop-a hor - rors— No, Call a cop, iii [2 “n” is not to be repeated, asa stutter. Rather, ithas a strong attack and the “0” pe a wr-ts0H" ies de shop-a hor - rors, Bop sh’ bop, Ue shop-a ter - ror Min Watch ‘em drop, i fal . . CHE. What a creep-y thing to be hap-pen-ing— Look out! Look out! a “et Chitton rp. = Shing-a-ling Shing Shing- thing. hap-pen-ing——— Look owt! Look out! Look out! (ers var) (Hand taps) r Shang coun ent Shang-a-lang Shang Feel die seurm and drang Shang-3- lang dang Sha-la-ls Stop right where you are - Don Sha-la-ls = la Stop! Don- “You ber - ter Tal-lin’ you you bet - rer 2 in he sir cha cha coytchit 350" ore —), move a thing, => move 0 thing— ‘Fell your ma-ma #U-LsOH" i803) 28 Yeah, y - eah, yeah. Yeah, y - eah, y-eah. Solo_p i 22 Covers Some-thing’s gon-na gether (otptsicen i + #1508" tray Cys Chi Ron Be = ‘ny = ba = dy bet- ter he- ware —e~ Gate Tee) sexton (Or—rote) r re (a #1LS0H" fr s05) coven y Ton F on, hhere— it comes, ba = by Te the bums, 350 Cosine Ron Chit'oh, “°™ hie the dir, Ira Red— 2 - ler, Ob, ob, Oh, oh = no d care Cans aw > © Me FS aictey oop iol i off ehestoopcild, Tin warning you Look out, Took a, look out, ook out coyscnit ae S setae MP Al-ley oop, shoop. Shoop-ashoop stoop. Warn-ing you * Look out, look out, look out, look out! (Hand elope) Frum away! Child, you gon=na pay oon my Ran away, hey, hey, as way pay Yeah, y - eah, y-eah. Solo gt Wig ip f ition Look a-roun’ Some-thin's com-in' dawn, clown the strcet—for you! Look a-roun’, roun’ Lock a-roun’, down sweet for you YOu beth OSS oN seotyto er-tsonT reat (73) cavenie 7 Ro Bet yer bust ya bet chat est be-lieve it, sump-'n's come to get - cha! (otptsicta cw qo n A few FF see ter watch your back and your” wy. You bet - chat Cail) ~~ —————— my yail. “Y Come-a come =a come -a ry isan 4 & Chifcyston: Fic ~ de shop, hor = rors y = (Bse a nev-er stop the ter = ror Lit - de shop, + de shop-a hor = rors (eSetTpte) O. Cut RCN Fens ft Couch fay IN THe FF S Oh,— oh, n° = 19, Oh,— oh, a" =f. (etme) (“ai PIANO LONDUCTOR 1A “Little Shop Of Horrors” Tick Tocks . - =e (ra/12/03}, oO [Applause segue from “Little Shop Of Horrors”} Tick tock tempo Goxyawany (eFuce Do, [=a oom Sea nn: D asoreao2 Miter Susie Serie 251 W880 Sree YC 0026 2121625832 ‘ANO{CONDUCTOR 2 rs) ris “Little Shop Of Horrors” ‘ymour 52 (Actor playing Orin) Yarn [Mushnih ae [Ceystall: “Miner, when jon from Skid Row ain't no sul hing.” wre . ino Skid Row 2a ger natn ea ino 4 (actor playing Audrey It) 8/03), Orchestration: Danny Troob “Sa bow do you intend to better yourselver . 4 A= lorm goes off at se ~ ven and you start up = town You Trin Nn 2 # Ronnette: "Sing i, child.” been (oFUBeCIIBalls) powers thac have al = ways for the your eight hours— Un tempo) 2 Wine Ti its five |B es eon i te Then you go | e Gam} cortigeid : : 42 °Skud Row tea) Tempo a ta Ki wy e 8 wt ces yg aon: cit © ceysitons “Town - town, where the falks are own = row, where your Tek (eshoker) Bb ont Cys com ga Nope CiyaRon: 5 down - cowry When you buy your home to Skid ° chitone 2 21 Minot Ys, A (oRderTyt) Miler aie Semi 251 W.80 Set NYC 10024 son #2 °Skid Row" 8/031 chit criticryaiRon: aa CHOC down town Where the cabs don't stop—— Down - town OMe wine wr Wino: Mushoike Wir down - town > ‘Down - town Where the ChitiCrys Rone 26 Down - town Where the hop-heads Mop —_in the food is lop "Downtown Where the hop-heads flop in. the Down on Skid snow. Down on Skid Row. Gays Rone fiw - townyou ca- ter to 2 million jerks_— (Drum Ft Up - town you're messengers and mail-room clerks Enevin” all your lonch-es at the hor-dog cars—— The borsses tke your mon -ey and they break your hear Up - Mite Masi Service (Dr fil 251 WS Sree NYC 10024 aavensar ric s #2 Skid Row" Ir atay (Crystchifton) tome your cali" 10 4 mil toa whore "You TTect ter-roz-20 on their Winow Musil: Tong ™P py co ee. Oring ont) Sf bathroom floors — Your maraving’s wib-u-la-don, af-ter - noon a curs And af a ff 2 Wand ‘ 6 #2 -okid Rowe fis) (Crystonspom (] five o'clock is @ - ven worse Down-town Wherethe (wns ae wn Sve of =clock is PD own-town fa; Downtown x2) ab F (Shaker «0 guys are drips Down - town Where they tip your slips_— Down - town Miter Masie Service 281 9.80 Sreet YC 10024 anaes somegaener pie #2 "Skid Row” fr 8:05) ea (Audeey) 53 Down - town Where r= t= tion ~ shipp—— are no go - conip TergaTRaw) ‘Bown - town om (wUWs-aiMushy (oRedalrigels) SSS co TY rT pe #2 "Shia Row" [e509] Autrey) Row Down Warts: woe GRdttpe Miter Mei Service 251 W595 NYC 10024 212362.5831 Seym Poot! tout ing Ally life ve wx Eee) God what Tin for I strt-ed life as anor = - phan, zu al = ways been poor! And he tell thae floor kid” a child of the steeet___. #2 Skid Row" fray) aI whee ask - SLL “Gee— I'm not (scus.cutptactchimes) Here on Skid saree Geymour) te. #2 Seit Rove” [e805 aI He took me in, gave ine shel - ter, a bed, crust of bread and a job Treats me like dire rit. poco a poco = Miler Suse Service Coysichitnons Ook. MP en woe Calle me “a slob, which 1 251 V.58 Set NEC 10024 an #2 °Skis Row" te 3 swe J 99 Geymoun os, os or Thats your home ad - dress — you live When your lifts 2 mess— you live Down-rown,.. Down-town Wis ‘Down- town... —— oes SS espressioo GK \ Where de - press-ion's jes sta-ms quo. CeysiChitons Down town, Abh———— woh = Ly Down on Skid as #2 kid Rowe" Irs0n) (Seymour) e Some-one show me a way to gee out - ta here "Cause 1 con-stane-ly pray AGilsisushdWinas), _ v * Row 1} (Soult half notes (Ky, = ____ = Mil get our = here Please won't some-bod - y say Tl get out - t here s 100) or.TIl rot here Show me how and wil,— 8 coyicnite Rone Some-one give me my shot Dawn = town MP vinountush Down - town There's 0 tee ——— FPP accel. poco a poco ~--~-~ este av ane te treme ee ‘ee aie Service 251 WAM Suee NTE 024 2123625002 fe a “Shit Row" 103) (Seymour) re ending “ap “hill Sd gee our “here "Cause its dan - ger-ous__ (Winosinsinikd rules for "Cause its dan - ger-ous— Seme-one tell me T st Could get out - 2 here Some-one tell la-dy huck— oe Down - town Where the rin-bows just ano = show. ——_=. Wie Down - town Where the rain-bows just ano - show—____ — weet naw est ‘Tempo primo SeymouelAudeey: Seymow) or = thar Pim stuck here Gee it sure would be swell to get out = ta here chit ‘CrysRon: — (cine = ‘When you live (insti) Down - cown Where the Wi ‘When you live Down - town. Where the sun don't shine AA eK Of comes) marcato no Bid the gut-ter fare-well and get out = ta here Td move hea-ven and hell— Down - town Past the bot-tom line — Down - town Go atk v Down - town Past the — bot-tom fine Down - town, Go ask a Miler Mae Service 2S1 9.890 Seat VC 10034 nur sen-sant ma as: #2 Skid Row" [9/03] una (Seymounlaudrey) us Tw get out - (Giey Vd do 1 chun = no what SS To get out ~ - es Skid. rT own a asp Waa Se Re tae ene ih ye~ wi - no hell know. Bur a hell of a loc—Wwrger out - taki People tell me there’ nor— Cryschitnon: a 16 #2 -ykdd Rove” [e80051 119, (SeymowAndeey) TT away out =e Skid. Togot =m ger out - te Skid (cnsicupron eer A ALA (see ? (Timp) ier Masi Service 251 W 80m Sie NYC 1024 28s 2A “Little Shop Of Horrors” Skid Row~Playoff— _ 1 frat1/03), [Applause segue from “Skid Row”] 1 : — os ee GTSuTptlCrichimes) 7 (Bs) 9 nf legato Gus our “WX ¢ a Tip (Mire) a ) 4 aptet02 Miter Musi Serie 251 WAP Sree ve toma elanoGONDUGTOR) 3 i e413) Girls eel “Little Shop Of Horrors” Da Doo 7 ~ - [rer3i03] ‘iam {Customerk ‘I've never seen anything like it.” Orchestration: Danny Troob symour: "No one ba” tomer: Where did yon gett” ve Seymour} “Wall.” Easy 50's Fel cywcnumen [2] seymour ‘mu working in he ‘Seymour “You remember thet total eclipe of the son a couple of weeks ago?” @ |] Ab vibe crue (43-6108) wholesale lever dive shat day.” Ard ped ty thi place where thiol Chinese man Shoop da -dloo Chang da -db0 D He sometimes sels me weird and eget tings 9 "Cee be kaon, —arange plants 4 (Cabosa—snip) Ship G - doo swore #5 Os bo9" Ie stains) pe rebated i ay . s 22S SS) Da da da ds ds da ~ doo LQ Natt _ tao way wR SS Ptr tte tr ° a) er a . a= SS = Se Se - oo ictow recedes ° , 3 And tao ogo nolo ly. Good for” you fi fas fA Cryschitiose Seymour and vithont warning, S77O8E sy Seymour ‘There was this f evdlipse ‘of the sun Ie got ve-ry dark, (Tea serpy e : (BellaCeestlciy [13] And tem Heard range bnming sn, lke something fiom another word aw 20 oyschititon: 2 And when the light came back, Da - doo ang Be (vives) Pawan 3 ety ab (Ky 2—t0m) (ariD2/0r) 1 Mate Service 251 ¥.39h Sct YC 1026 212382.3832 Ae . 13 Dade" eaaa08 this weir plan wa jt siting thre. ast tuck in you know, among the zvmis? 22, a a g 23 td Oops, ce don ao we dye eoulda sworn it hadn't ben there before, But the od Chinese man sold it 9 me anytony. For a dollar ninety-five. %, 28 2 28 Sha a I Ie a a do doo doo! nce gu1crmp9 Ab. > =| ont mene! ter Masi Serie 251 Wah Sect NYE Hae 2rseser PIAN UC sy 1010 7 HBG 3A val. ut “Little Shop Of Horrors” One Strange And Interesting Plant ~~ [8/26103} Cue [Customesl: “Ye st thar it one srange and interesting plant.” Orchestration: Danny Troob ile exits—Door closes} asy Swing AAA conn rartu—teey 2 (ee) 3 4 ‘Reoastid Rhodes nf (6Be—15b) 5 vamp 10 Cue to proceed (Mushnik] making sll gies Haste b> af DO Jv-l010 wenay VOL DORI b, apieve02 Miler Mase Service 251 W, 89h Sica NYC 10024 212 302-8892 MANO{CONDUCTOR, 4 ‘Seymour 1-20) “Little Shop Of Horrors” ~ Svea Grow For Me~ 3 Mahi "Sef Good ihc Poo ese) Eisy 50's feel Coie rie THteusH OUT) Seymour “Ae Thay dn nme mba et de fry eu, a (Mrz Musik and Audrey, they just met yo, but I've been going through this with you for weekr— GeMereo) ee a — ———) 9 grow ond wilt, spurt ad lop. Are ye sickly lite plantor just stulbern? What iit you wana? What iit ou need?” sorter Wier Mie Serve 251 0.800 Sieet NYC T0024 2 Mase ae a #4 °Crow For te tr ai26031 oy seymove a ve giv-en you sun-shine—— Ve givcen yom dire given me (Bet T/Cym ™ cw PP De or ‘but heart-ache and hurd Tm down on my knees, wwe KI Tye giv-en you plant food= And wa-ter to sip Ive giv-en you fo RGD OF ahr — ie ar Miter Masi Service 251 WAPI Sree WY 10026 2 362san2 14 "Grow For bt” tr 86/03) Oh pod how you Tve giv-en you eee) south -em—_ expo = sure t get you to thrive ve pinched you back esutpn —! mp liter Musi Service 2ST WAM Sree NEC 1024 . #4 °Crnw For Me” fr 8196103), You're live Te wied you at hare «iy of mois - ur from de ~ sere siren you grow lghss and min-e-ral sup-ple-mens. What do you want from me, blood? @ CS) enta Miter Mase Service 251 WAM Sieet NYC 10026 212.992.8932 1 Grow For Me” a16i03} ST cnet oeree) IPlant responds to Seymour sucking finger] Miler Mase Service 251 W.API Street NYC 10024 awe W4°Crom For Me" irsn6insy = ue “9 Cyutnety [Seymour “plays” with the plant] 58 THC. BA =i FF FE UE ca "Teh Lene wha me yo da that Wel I get few drope couldn’ rt Miler Mesie Service 251 0.89 Street YC 0024 anes 1 €°Grow For Me" (816103) eo a ty = == $F — pig dn make abit of Fabing*™"(etay ~~ TE given. you ya Tee giv-en you rain—— Looks like you're not ess To o-pen a vein! Til give you 2 Slower, poco rubato - 251 WAM Sire YC 0025 22382-9892 HE Grow For Me" fe st6io3} Cue to proceed ISeymouel"Graw for me?” Atempo mon He Leaves! Miler Stsie Service 251 WSR Set NYC 10028 2123628092 Jv er fay (anc ar PIANO{CONDUCTOR ° A Girls Guys “Little Shop Of Horrors” WSKID Radio Jingle fv “Oto z| [ive band, Fra vox] (-2-3-4- §-G-4-§ Easy swing (swung 8th's) (AoUGGE-OOS Wide Rhodes} (SeaTpts!Ky2/Bets) 4 ow (o5=) Bite doo da doo doot doo ° Girt: = of Dov-ble-U Skid Row . Ra-d —= PF, Guys u Dou-ble-U K I D— Skid Row Rd : = be (vibes Segue as one aeoieveo2 “Ya Neyer Know” Miter Mute Service 281 WAM Sree WC 10026 aaa AN 5 : waa Mushnik yymour “Little Shop Of Horrors Ya Never Know fren203} Orchestration: Danny Troob guess one fom WSKID adi inglel pen . : Dye And bus we coche our interview with Sepnaur Krelbour, the young btanicel~ do yu mind if cll you a genius?” s a 4 n a oxy : , 4 7. a ) symour “Gab, n." DJ: “The genina whol developed a mew breed of plane life, hitherto unknown om this planet. The Audrey I a S 4 a sun one last question, Mr: Krelbourn. Do you fed it anything special?” a A bg: a bi )) b asorstoa * 5" ever Know” [STU 031 1s 16 > Seymour, “Special? Gr... mo.» ire sears forma, eit. wh rot hard to comely.” e be 98 Me bg: A 18 20 Di Toe, Wal, hanks for dropping by ond” Mushke ‘The aden, te addres! Merion the— a a . & is 2 ovis, opens day -wekk, sf Arcdey I sa dla exclusively at Musik Skid RO x a ‘Seymour Td like to remind our reners J a em a LO 258 258 250 deans for al or amen there in aia land thanks for unig im t2 WSRID,~ a — 22142802 ale nie Serie 251 W Sh Set NYC 10034 I canttbelieveit— fe couldae be hap ~ pening. Pinch me, girls Ik coul Age wee ITS Ste GACH ancIT ee A ehap = pening (Ger fades out) fa (usin) ‘All of this sud-den success ‘coming out of the blue! CChinceyston: Gightty) MF Doo door deo doct doo doo doot doo doo Rn (Flatptrcatente) cen 1 puta signup— sight in the frontwin—dow— A A Anad-ver-tse-ment— right in chefrontwin - dow— ler Musie Service 251. 89h Set NYC 10024 212362582 + 15 "Ya Never Kaowe” [81201 cstuchnit) — "top in and see the a ~ maz-ing new plant Aud-rey Two” And the Chien: Two wo two doct doo doo doot door doo GoFUcITpts"Celeste) a a realy revmark = a-ble ching. is chat peo-ple, they do! cyivicrys/tom: Doo doot doo doot doo They sure do doo (Corutpte Celeste") bo gs aoe ty i Oe Sey-mour chat ewirp of a Klute fin'ly did something right, Aud-rey Two drives'em muss. What a bless-ing this Gist ‘mp Hm (arn P POF FP 1 Music Serice ASH W. aM Slee NYC 10024 22302-5002 15 “Ya Never Know" (6/12/03) ashi mis So ee 2 oI I won-der-ful plant should ex - ist and shoulil rake in the bucks for me hand © - ver fist! (ins) Creche: —=———— HF, oh Wah % (+"Celeste”) wen 5 Aon > seen? —_ “Well bow'd I do?” Chiffon: "Ver war great, Seymour!” Crystal: "You sounded sexier than the Welfinan’!™ ss rcv ss — 5 ereatse eur ud A Beat) Mushnik: “But you didn’ mention the addres ofthe shop. Hew many times bave [tld you...” _ so 6 * a5 -y Never Know" [PIE Aunlvey? Sino she'd bebe Mush Seymour: “Pin erry [was nervan Wheo “Forget alent Airey to tCU oo 1 gtr more ri interias ined op for torr Stil Rew Herald Beaming want 2 plow!” —— i —__—" 4 )) Cueto proceed (Ronnette: Sena Eresenightsension Soman — Who'd ave beled it Vane 21 & Freely 9, Ronnette: a (orate) tector One ay he sls ast x ony) | |e s Cou j Caribbean Groove he lie 2 fse—and pushed a broom— No -> thin’ in his news bor gloom and doom— Then. StopTine » yy ir Mate Sees 251. Set YC 10024 pases ne S 15 va Never Kors” 812.031 2 (eon 7 a1 vit CryaRons give him room— Stand. ‘acside and wareh that muth-a blow! Ex-plo-sion! en ry Bang ker-boom!—— Don's. it go to show ya nev-er know? in a funk He—_was mum-ber 2¢ = so Who'd a thunk Hed. CB (ane a eb Ibe-come 2 he - 10? Le (ow eb an oo vm Jost ponk— on fd WAST Tor-gor-ten so and 50 Then one day ey, a Never Kos” (e128 once er eo = Bs 2 SS SF Don't it go «0 show ya nev-er —$_— (Chiffon: “Sit down, Seymour. Chiffon’ gomna sing for ye. wow LL a Ceasht ker -pluake” — ye F m7sus Bb Bue _—*—9 ‘ff, wham, pow——now they in ter - view him mx the world wed to screw him G80 cp naton = = te Ooh————_— sb. PG ‘And, they da-mor to put his re-marks on the __—___—_—_ ———————— ————— Wa Och (ciate 2232502 5 "Ya Never Knot fe 811205) 109 All the world used to hate him Now they start-in’ tapp-re > i= ate him eo) (CrysiRon) _(oVibes) — vc Ooh door doot wah. ‘And all be-eause of the strange lit-de plant o-ver there Ob-serve him! Wah Ob-serve him! i (ote Ooh. hy =| fe onm tn To] Cite 6) 314) coiscryston: @ J Seymour us u7 Heres a chap—— Ev'ry thing is land in’ in his pl. just cut my hand and : 1940 6 a Sires NE 10026 212362-5832 15 -¥4 Neve Know" franzas) (Sey ina snap Some - thing out of Bil Poe. has hap-pened! chit Coys Rone Deo wap! cnincyster zs_ Gv o SeymiCryaion! Zam ka-tap!_—_Don't_it go to show ya nev-er know? One day you're (eset) sling-in’ hasha— Feel = int so re-ject-e) —Light-in’ Mash! You. get ret-ur-rec-tedt xyuem (Conduct tll 135] (Borges) Miller Mase Service B51 W. 8M Sree NYC 10026 22182992 ne a 15-Ya Never Know” [r9/12/03) as 132 133 aon Make 2 splash Now yoo rate the big bra-vis-si ~ mot And with a CrysChit on: 6 13 wb, Mp -_ SS hun -der-crash!_— (Crash ker=plunl Bam ker-boom!—— ersurtpi)_ = ——— sub. P Gmifcrese. poco a poco | AM Zam —_ka-200m!— Zow-ee Pow-ee Hol-y Cow, He Miler Masi Service 251 W, Ath Steet NYC 10026 212 362.5892 : at 45 Never kno” [es1203] Gide y = yee Wow! Pow! Lonk out be-low! ZA Dove go 10 show ya ne-ver ar nH or-deced up a rsin-bow to g0. wy Gs 1S (oxy Miler Musi Service 251 9.40 Sret YC 10026 sun yan 02 2A 6 Audrey ° Tv loro Vu Poul! (12.32) “Little Shop Of Horrors” Somewhere That’s Green farming (Ronnettel: “This child mifers from low rfimage.” F801 cen Rope Ti ea i irchestration: Danny Troob he bave a problem.” 1 know Sey-mours the — great-ext But I'm da-tng a se-mi adi (evar bes) fs dole So I got a black eye (g=)---- and my arms in a ast Sill that Sey-mmours a cunts Wall if not hes got cae aso1nee2 a 1 6Somerchere That's Green 913.05) beu-y And T drei of where we could be to geth-er 3] ——~ s A tempo 7 18 wen OE 20 Crystals har hind of plc ita? Am emergency rema™ Audrey: “Ob, m,n daydream of mine. bile Enon Eero SEome ee Swe IE i =o PO, =, io 4 evelopment I dream of. Fu off the Interstate, Not fancy lke Levittown. Just litle eet ima litle ruburb fer for from urban Skid Row. ee (fae jfaewn 2 gee Th secs rene pla — wre very ate oe a ot ft dh smile oro pti back Al sh eae (Be)-- —— oo TD CATACH Mille Musi Service 281 W 80h Sreet NYC 10024 anarss pic + #6 “Somevhere Tha's Geen” [r 4/23/03) so ment amd presiy.. "ans they all uk rot alike. Ob, leans about ital the tine. Just me andthe waster anda mace litle gry like Seymeern:” 3 22 Vamp 3 (ge): —_ Ady ay 3 Gently . match - box of our own —— A fence of real chainlink —~ - Ton Grace fill out on dhe pw Dis pos = all in dhe sink —— (Me Teed wash = er and a dry = oF i= ron - ing mach-ine. Ina we J La Eon 16 “Somershere That's Grcey”fe5/3'981 a, trace house that we shat@—— Some-where— that’s green ——_____ He a: (Gt) Qe (oMte Tee | tt it 9 se ss rakes and ims che grass—— He loves v0 mow and wee . I ‘espressivo (Dre—Tine) cok like Bee-wy Croce ~ er. and 1 look like Don-na Reed —— mw AAR = oa There's ol (only phs - de on our fum-i-cure—_ to _—ikeep neat and clean In the ter suse Serie 251 W 3h Sires VC 10024 pe + 16 °Somehere That's Green” [r823103} 4 $s ca fe ——— == Pine - Sol scene-ed “oF Some-where—— thacs green. our fro-zen din And our bed-time: P. P 2 34 Slower > snugegle watch - ing Lu fon our big, e-nor-mous_ewelve inch screen. I'm. (orci eo 76 Poco slower, very sweetly o his De-cem-ber Bri Hes father, “he knows best —>, £ (THI Mated Vine") a “et? (eGtiBelay 3 wide nn wa in thew (yy TIE) A ~~ en —<$<— Aids watch How-dy Dod dy. (Sun Cy Evan 1 Far from Skid Shon) and Gar-dens mag +a - zine pie-rure out of | Bet-ter Homes taxgar oH 0 ———— Row A 1 dream we'll Some-vihere thats poco rit. 7 35 96 or (oteta bo Applause segue “Closed For Renovat Tin Miller Marie Serrice 251.3 Set NC 10024 PIANO[CONDUC ‘Seymour 13.35) udrey ashnik AN “Little Shop Of Horrors” ut Closed For Renovation So[-2-3-4 (803) Orchestration: Danny Troob {Direct segue from “Somewhere That’s Green"] Brightly, but not fast (a la Gilbert & Sullivan) 1 Js1D yt) ——? mf titely We're closed for re - no - vation rune corn 7 4 crusaw fF (Tenby Be anoinyo2 #7 -Revevation” (68/0) spitfing up and grooming "Cause cus-to-mersare flock-ing and bus-'ness has beenboom-ing We . —. " —. — i ui eae ot ot ot et ot at otek need re-frig-er-a-tion in our new, im-proved dis-play So we're closed for re7n0-va-tion to - h rine day. {Renovated shop reveall = aee n bbe Mw Milter 3 #7 -Renowation® (7603) w pnt 19 2 Mushnik: "Ye, indeed. This isthe shop you heard abou on Charmel Five newt. Ys, the Avrey Teo ir display errr Teich exclusively bere!” We're closed for dec=o-ra-tion ‘Cause for-rune has been smiling, Audrey closed for dec-0- ra-tion ‘Cause for-tune has been smiling, (orUBeli) 5 * Lease CTpts—teb,") —} mf E (9DsCU"Pizs Celli) 2 now we're ilve for paint-ing New plumb ig. and re-ul-ing, Well “nake a ship-shape show-place of a eal Tw we're due for psint-ing New plumbeing, and re-dl-ing. Weill ot wy? inahe a ship-shape show-place of 2, ir (eso) 2, (ee © well be 0 pen = gain { lie = de shop and thea, To + mgr-roy 3 cane 1 Te mor-row we'll be open a = gain, j } 2 tie - de shop and dhen, 2 “Avene jom finished yet?” Seymours “I'm doing my bet bu all sere bandagee make ie kinda bard.” a top _ Audrey: “Fn've been geting burt 1 much lately." Seymour: “Er..[ knmw.2cems like everytime I pick up a pruning shears, Islip.” maasen ste 5 BSL W-SPN Sire NYC 10024 pe s #7 *Renovation” tr 81031, We're closed! for re-no-va-tion For swaly-bing down and broom-ing "Cause Audrey/Mushnite We're closed for re-no-va-tion For swab-bing down and broom 1B "Cause mn (eto onion) i mp F bus-'ness has been thriv-ing since Aud-rey Two's bee bloom-ing ‘The phones have not stopped ring-ing with the Mushnike = ror business has been thriving since Aud-rey Two's been bloom-ing The phones have nor stopped ring-ing with the (Xyl0) 600 4g cus = €0 = mers who say: “An oth-er bunch of pe - on - ies Ger - Aud ‘An ~ oth-er dor-en daisies, please CuFt mers who say: Mushy With grads home de-liv - er ies On For ~ gec-me-nots and Fleurs-de lis" 4 “ paid in fills and C. 0. Dia closed for re- no - va ~ tion. in fills and C0, Dis paid dosed for "we ~n0 = va ~ ton. Be (osteTiee) irvceryen a u ~ et ct f ' ——_S oe | fom ETE ‘ =— ¢ 251 WBF Steet NYC 10026 anes ation 80 (Seymowristushwit) _, 5 pg ng ory. fan wim i ow ITH PG rr F BD Bbm (ere ha Miter Musi Semice 251 8B Sires NYC 10026 PIANO(CONDUCTOR Sv vay diay Cour, wee) 7A isa 2 sites ; ~. ite Shop OT Horror W te 2 = Orin’s Play-on [8/11/03] Orchestrati Danny Troob Cue [Audrey “Gee, I'd beter go fix my fae (My dae be bee any minute.” Heavily ““AcousticIDry Wurly” f z (Sareecr'ts) vorsst07 Miler tue Service 251 W.89th Sieet NYC 10024 212302-5812 PIANO (v.18) 8 Orin (13-41) Girls . “Little Shop Of Horrors™ / Be A Dentist [We 8/03) Orchestration: nny Troob Leman paih and suffering.” . Cue lOrink: “Aline eel Orin: 2 : 3 4 ‘When Twasyoung-er Just a bral litte kid, ‘My marma noviced fun-ry things 1 did— ~ (on THE: hor? | ntiismtes See (BWK2) Like shoo-tn’ pup-pies with 2B. B. gun.— Td poi-son gup-pies,and when 1 wasdone,— Yd find 2 pus-sy-cat and bash in its head. That's when my ma-ma said:— ?,|? ot Bet 2 48 -Oentet ir 3103 pc 7 ty hoy 1 think sine cay. You'll find a What did she say? (eandsapaltngernape Risin) (Congestion cont) to make your nat -u - ral = den -cies py! You'll be a Play 2 coxyzisettace (Hlandclapafingerenaps out) 5 — den - ost _ You hive 2 tal-ene for caus-ing things pain Son, be queue eythane —— Heavy | tonya ™f Bea den- cise — P ook, f Miler Satie Semi 251 0.89 Seat NYC 10026 2230s 1 8-Dentst” (8103) Orin Pa oo den = st! —-——Peo-ple will — pay you to be in-hu =-mane ~~ ———Yoie> (Cryptcnif ron cers PY son, bes dente temp -er-'ments wrong—— for the _priest-hood ‘And teaching would suit you still P Ook. ™P Ooh less! Son, be a den = tat You'll be 2 suc - Coyle ——3— cae [Tom Ab F son ve 3 den = at You'll be a suc - ites ont) + #5 “Dentist (801 acne Lele ofTiePaqse Wich hn nck up datgu!——Ob, my Go (Gr) (oHondlaatingernge RIVE) mp fom Gite a eva denisandhell never ev-erbean-y good Who wanttherteedh doneby the MarquisdeSade? Ohvthae Aw shut up aepon wide here 1] coset Tam your Pim noe sumb! A (Sesto) Let Miter sie Service 251 WA Sie NYC 10028 pic & den = st! ‘And 1 en = joy the car-eer that 1 picked! Uh Chit 1 om a Tam your a PF den ~ sist Goodness gra-cioas—— (TSuTptgchines Ff “pomelly” 0 5 0 SS And I get off on the pain I in - flict! + tist Fie-ting bra-ces—_ ™P Ooh. You real-ly love it I st eg 1 surterizacvingthose mo-lars You girls will be sereaminglike ho thrill when I drill a bi ~ cur pid Ie vel, tho'tbey tell meT'm mal Don'tuy it Ooh = mf wah, aI bi = eutepid = no > Solo i PS eat = as ssatyen (Staten) ty Miter Masie Serie 251 WABI Sire NYC 10024 . #8 Dentist” 803) And though it may cause my pa-dencs dis - cess (Cryschitnon ™? Ooh. Some-where in hea- ven a = hove mey T know that my ma = ma's proud (oxy (Ook: feo, on, 9 crete. poco a poco = cs 4, : a “Caw I a i eas 3) GB tMama sites} Dees Be (ecole (Seatytn ( Gu tHe sft Mitte Muse Service 251 WA Sie VHC 10026 anys re WO Dentist Ie 03) ci Oring, bs hha Cangestnnelapaingersnapn vw xan ye A Me sti Service 251 W. Bh Sect NYC 10026 Pe PIANO{CONDU: 8A Orin’s Playoff “Little Shop Of Horrors” Orchestra Danny Trool [Applause Segue from Dentist) (oT Ssprstchimes) GB saBsky2) =r Cue to proceed: {Orin closes door) 1% | sesornece Mile Me Service 2511 uh Sree NV 10524 a PIAN' 9 ‘Mushnik TV “1010 Vou. Dow 3-47) Seymour “Little Shop Of Horrors” Mushnik And Son {6/03} Orchestration: Danny Troob " Ler's Go sy [Repl y-1010 vou. Dour: roceed on cue [O: Mush (ast): — got the handel?” rq 7) z Helll think a = bout xvid) sub. mp wen - =~ Ss imp Te. ‘Seymour: “I don ike thet guy, Mr. Mushnik Hell think 2 - bout ie ‘And you should hear the ay he tals 19 Audrey.” ‘s, = ae, (4Ky2) SS | —S _ —_ 4 co ‘Seymour: “No wonder she loks 0 id just sid he'd moll it o-ver! enti. des enough to mare on ick” bd: ‘ich ‘ 2 19 Musinhi son f 805) (stash) Tf he lefe me ‘If Sey-mour left me Why then Td be right back where T start-ed which was gre a SS OS | stg 4 20 24 Wal broke and starving U Seymour “Steet and good and besnefi a hei the deserve a prince, mat asad ree ike him!" sub mp d ‘asc Clove to bank-nupe Seymour “What a foe.” ——_~ =~ oa. — eset, be-fud-dled, and be ~ ree (onary mf A 1 23] Poco meno mosso Thats what I'd be if Sey-mour efit Seymour: "Hea digrace tothe dental profesion.” 4 A mp & ery, 251 0.30 Seat NYE 10074 pro encan Pic » ». 14 9-Mushnik’Son” (8103), (usinit) seymour _(T032132 Mashnile 39) Sey-mour. Si Sey-mour. How would you like to be my (rcs for de) (oor sas sha ane teen 2 IN TENPO es mg > ~f > A = Tos aa Atempo : How would you like to be my (casts (I neveer liked him much be - fore but count the cash that’ in the drawer Ive goTno choice! I'm much too = = = seymour Mushnile Se a 2 0 poor) Say yes! What for? Sey-mour, 1 want to be your dad! —_—_—. (Tp ne (E0C1—Kleemer) (Ma ier Ss #9 Musinit’Son” [e803], 4 (stusin T want to see you climb-ing up —_— my Tin = ly wee, 1_used to think you left a 74 i stench but now I see that you're 2 mensch,so I'm” pro-pos-ing! Be my son! Mush = nike and sounds great! on BOE re 0 3 words wich che ring of say you'll in-corp - or = ate > (ot t fl ee mE PU a AT, om 8b 281 W Amb Sires YC 10028 na 342sen2 Miler Masi Service Pre + 4 9-MushitdSon” (e803) 58 eMtustnikd me A. florists dream come true Mush - ——_——_—.. <———_: ——. (oTanby nik and his boy - chil bbus-'ness we'll do T Tow ‘bout it, Sey-mour? A Tue) es Sumeur Jost say theword, Ill have my —aw-yer on—thephone! Now, Mis-ter Mush-nik,Don’tbe v ™P 0, (ocoat) & E Miter Masi Serie 1c * #9 °stusiihlSon” fe 8981 (Seymour) Mushaite Mathoite ”, S Seymour 2 rash You al-ways said that [was ssh. Oh, I was jokeing! Sit, I'm chok-ing! 'Scuse the phy-si-cal ex- Le. preion of my ple OF de sees oosarotal she goss Uwe bald per up invade #E WEA) _ a (hae 77 Mutha 73 Seymour, 79 Mushrite Geet So? Wal... wale Seymoue ax Mushnile You. Go ahead! and say it, Sey-mour. ‘ conan Tall me that you will fie Sts Service 251.9 Set NYC 10038 . nunsensan -—— e #9 -Mushie Sou” [331031 Pic Atempo Seymour Must ry Seymour a 86 Gee, 1d real -ly like t0, but... PL hold! my bresth un = i. O-lay you win Til be your (eB Se/BarTinp) =) ae) m3 dks “Hooray, Twin! son! Bey son Draw up the pa-pers, dad I'm touched, I real = ty am ae — Jeena PZ eco 1 eee g2__Mushnik: Seymour __Mushite ‘And when you reach age eight-y three I'll et you come move in with me You swest? I prom- we rt ccutey = 95) Dance Hemet —__= (+Tan) (05s) Mase Service 27ers cones NO nn 99 MushnbiSon” 9103) "soy (082 wor (ocurtpesBets) (sup) (orimp) SeymourlMushaite In cou-ble, sick-ness, and in 3238. Miter ssi Serie 251 0.80 Seat YC 10028 Son” [r 8/2303), (SeyrnitMushniky Mushaiks Seymour 10 Mushnike health, we'll share the plane and share dhe wealth. ("ll call my law-yer, Call me son. Son! seymourhMushnike Seymour _5°7™ Son! Mush = nik and son Thats that! (cum dppb tien Bk Be > bs Ga- =~ HOUNG Foeun nt GT pt), sub, ff (oTytartond m Seymmout/Mushinik 1s —— 16 = sid'- er the mat ter Mite Marie Service 251 W, $9 Street NYC 10024 2 sa2-sanr 4 #9 -Mtushik/Son” [e308 re * Cseynuntuat ia_sermeue ‘Mashnike Now, senior and junior scheick. ‘Through 1 ath) ns 126 127 Seymour, ‘hin and through chick, Through slop-py and slick, Miter Suse Service 281 W 89h Sree VC H08 ee a #9 -MushnibiSon [r8'13/03) : SeymourMushaike i Seymour Mushniks29 13 \ come kiss me quick! Please don't make me sick! Mush ~ nik. and scvKy2 . . ~ 8 [Applause segue) 251 W.89U Sire NYC 026 annse2-sen piaNo(CONDUCTOR) 9A ‘Seymour (13.52) Sudden Changes {72703} [Applause segue from “Mushnik And Son") Orchestral “Little Shop Of Horrors” Listesso tempo 1 eco (oKy2iTptn Ff (Tenby 5S FF A Tomb out (2) easter Seymour “His son. I'm bieson.” 8 molto rit, yt i oe a Cae br Play (solo) a fr) Rubato Sud-den chang ~ es sur ~ round me La-dy luck exine and found me 251 9.0 Sree NYC T0024 an vea.ce 2 1 94 “Salen Ca me er 109) ‘Thanks 2 mail-Hion for mak-ing the mag-ie you do%5————" ——_ za (oMetree) ———, Tae 7 o Mush-nil’s kin’ jun iah (Banat some day when I own this whole shop Til re = mem-ber 1 owe it Sm. SSS SS Calls yar 2 Quasi tempo, very gently 7 coy jay SEYRUE Who cre Me ben = ° 7 Miler Msi Semice 251 9 800 Street NYC 10024 2382.802 ne . 94 “Sulen Changes" Irs) a Tnieon the nner sle ese pas few weeks? Silas if Woe la fir diz sy pel ete lights Py dng IF been worth tol pal Wl, Tory Tm alike mgr. Tm gona ram down a Shmindrit's and et a bie te ext” Cul immediately on: “Til uegowlarer™ * 3 2 a 24 qd cy by \ st sae Ste 20140 sea snesone 2se2sa7 Tv Iolo ou uP (4148) 10 (13-54) “eymour (peal Sus wiuo? ~~ Gat Tt Warning (Audrey IN: “Muse be blood.” [r8/16/03] Seymour: “Tse, thar’ disgusting.” ‘Audrey 1: “Mut be fresh.” Cue (Seymourl:*fdon'r want 10 bear shi.” “Little Shop Of Horrors” Motown Seymour “Dees it Seymour “Dos it Seymour “i 1 Aedreytt: __haverobebrnan?™ hetebenin? Toprd gi eed met (ITE, F . Feed met CE Feed! me! Feed me! (te) Mnf “AeovatieiDry Warly” ‘conga “That’right, boy.” & Feed me all night long: == = woe = as Feed me, Sq mou Feed me all righe long! — a entre tacit (eansiony 1" 2 if you feed ue to proceed (Audrey 1]: "“Anyehing your sere greasy bearedetire.” Vamp 13, ag (istxonly grow up big and ee Sits then mp Woull you like a Cul = dhe ex? OF a puest shot on CoywenitiRen: <—— SS Str Mais Service 251 80 Siet VVC 024 sn ne . s10-Gie re franeraa, 18 (Audrey 1D Uy“La+mat?== You gon=nd— git i! How a-bout a date “with He trys Well,— well, well, welll. b How'd you like to be—— a big whecl Din = in’ out for ev - er-y meal Hoe. Hoo orl the plint can make it all real You yom=na git it - You're gon vim gee om. - - bade = = tet eE aes 3 5 F SS 3 eb F | 1 eed = i = +S ig Ho-ciewransos, (Audrey Um your gen - ie, 'm your friend (Cryslcntony Fin your willing slave. 3 "Pah, (abbey Sac) CoTStoh) 4 B Take a chance, just feed me and” know the kinda eats, che kind-a red hot treats, che kind-a ah rors) stick = y lick = y swe 1 Tipo 2 one 251 0-99 Sent YC Lona pears re 5 10 Gie te frareios) 0, (auley ID sorely ‘Come on, Sey-mour, Don't— be a) pur" Trust’ me and (CrysiChipon) by OTST) Poe! Yeah, - - 2 Seymoun 3 Show 2 lit- de 'ni- ca-sve, Work up the guts. and you'll sit it 1 don't Show a it~ de ‘ni da-tive, Work up che guts know 1 dost know. Bam) so man = y strong. on Be Cue to proceed [Audrey II]: “Dightysi real quiet-like, ad get ne sme ne” sts ony) mud ff tesone fal 6 Audrey It How’ a-bout Coys Rone —~ PP Git it, ie esr ‘room at che Riee Gic it, Git ie, (sup) = 2S1 9% See NVC 1024 presi rie 46 audrey ID * Wrapped in vel-vet, cov - ered in glitz (Crys Ron) re Gic i, Gie ix, Gir ig Gi ie rl 494 mp itis, Gite __ bad. fe Gitit, Gitie, Gieit, Gieie, Tool-in’ a-round—like twas James Dean ea-citte*feanti03) (A lit-tle noo-kie gon-na clean wp yo" zis) and you'll Mm—__ if ts) & (nse —— Makin’ all theguys —— —— Fr Gitie, Gitit, Gitie, Gieie Cp agar Wey ary Clean vp yo! zit 4 Seymour Gee,I'dlikea Har-ley ma-chine apr ot Gicie @ coo Se4Bsslap as tefor) fon the cor-nerturn green So go z £ == = wae S== a & F ————— 4 ot <1 SSS Zz 2 a = * roc trans, git ie If you wan ~ na be— pro - found and you Cryst CupRon) Gi it, Gie ig, Gie ie Woh. Se SSS SESE lery lee Lewis pianoehysteia Sola Cocongsed ly. got to just - ify — 1 Sto jmour]: “Wait a mime!” 6 szaSt0P on [Seymour]: "Wa lott folk de-serve 10 die! 281 WS Sees ¥¥C 10020 anvesia a * 10 "Git fearing} Cue to proceed (Audrey Il}: Cue to proceed [Oring "pi up “Sure yan do” fit fobleen rocco day 23") yy _= = = = ai TiS wo vame, anb, mip 4 1Onstapl Cue'to proceed [Orin]: © Cue to proceed: “Chr, yom rapid bead (Orinand erent toed on!” Audrey exit st on (vai Cee crt c1ese. Ir, 3 1 you ras donale—— Ie is-t ve-ry hard to see Audeey th sent verry hard to ste F (Tam) “1 sv y-Gie a ison, (Seymour) Stop and think ico - ver, psl— ‘The guy sure looks like plant— food to mel The audrey 1D — GRIP Stop and think ito - I— The guy sure looks like plant food @ mel The uy sure looks like plant—food to me! ‘The guy sure looks like plant. food, to me! xy sure looks like plant— food to me! ‘The guy sure looks like plant. ‘ene. poco a poco ya Tp Seynoue 72_Aurey te Hes so nas, ceat - in! her rough Smack-in? her arround and al-ways talkin’ so tough mp t Sia hp 33 ier Musi 251 9 400 Sree NYC 19024 212 282-5892 he 7 #w°Gir te (rans, ig Audeey tt 2 Seymour B, igh + T need blood — and he gor more than enough ‘You need blood — atid he's gor more dian SeymousAudrey I 7 Freely n 5 Audvey Ik 7p Youll) need blood, and he's got more than e-nough! So go gic it CrystChitRon: and he's got more thi e-nought——— You need blood, poco rall (ore fits) aD (Tp) sz f Sf ory Attacca “Dentist’s Chair Intro” Mille Sasi Service vrwa on “Lie Shop OF anor On Orchestration: Danny Troob Dentist Chair Pl tr9/12103] [Applause segue from “Git It”) Maestoso Spookissimo ri a (onae Ceta8s Brest) ‘Onn’ appearance SH 1G10 You Deut ein Miler Muaie Service 251 WABI Sire NYC 10024 212362.5812 PIANO{CONDUCTOR [Transposed} W ome C3v- 1010 vu. Deut!) tea Orin “Litlle Shop Of Horrors” —- Now (It’s Just " ae Gus) [rr 812/03} Orchestration: Danny Troob Warning [Orin] "I want to realy enjoy tht.” be with you in a roment.” pee . (GB suBatTinp) z z Seymour 3 3 2 3 2 2 2 Now! Doitnow! Whilehe's gaesinghimesl'o a palpa-blesr»por,The timing’ bdealand themomentis su-per to ° 3 (Orin ugh, ofttage reacdy and fire and blow the sick bas-crd a - way! Do itaow Just a (xy!0) siz Sherer 2 (ptt te | Of sub, 2p sina os Bs #1 -Now Gay (rsa (Seymour) a 2 Aick-r of pressurerighthere on the nother day ~ s (c1—t0a) (osintaugh agin a Now, forthe and witysa a yp — | 7 fp (Orin “Obit, Spr Lam yn’ a! Othe ns or gonad aor sah Henesbnbenbcaenyea! (Bel ate Well guess I've had about enough ofthis suff Ujuattate oh mask ff row and The HAS f (7's f jn take the nak fo Eo ie y cw AO yp me poco rit. "er Masi Serice 251 W Sah Sweet NYC 00K, 21282-5812 Pic * 2 Slower Sejimoge: “iWon” (Dialogue continues] mt Cay) =P #11 -Now (Gan ar08 Slowly at first Gr. eee ° Cue to proceed [Orink: “Ldow' think you unesand.” Done be tot accel. poco a poco Jee that fact de-celve you an-y mo-ment T could _ 2 d Fie le ad I ehore bain ind Yn potato Why the ee Z 4 wd 2 rit. poco a poco Tq ‘whole ching srikes me fun-ny, I don'tknow ‘Cause it a 1. #11-Noww (Gee) Teaniz05) Tempor” teal-ly ie a rot-ten way @ go —|2 moo (oTptet6ty) — Seman ‘What we have here isan ech-i-eal dl-tem-mna:'Lest help im get the mask re-moved, ie does-nt have a prayer True the corucy fin was nevoer fr-ed, but the way ev-ents wrans-pir-ed, T could finish him with simple lis-een fire. er ase Sere 251 W890 Sree NYC 10024 anaes nic # Now (Guay rz seymour What we have here is 2 wie-ky more problem, Dy 1 help-resnume the mask or let hn ge for lk of air? Coulee “cua Slowly at first shoot him when I wied, but the fates are on my side, Toul off the guy hy sty-ing im the chic! Conn) fooled if K should chuckle like y-en-at in a 200, 1 just dhe gar Ie rome me a ‘ecvectin “Accel, poco a poco. fet my mind dese ad gone! 0 Not Wucky Qin. vical signs are fing, ‘couse che or-ide Tm in-hal:ing makes ie diff-i-cule a6 hell wo catch my breath! | > i i i ? iT it. poco a poco Freely 7% amb? Or bard of hearing? Or re-leed my end is ns wile 3 y cone wy — Dramatic! A 4 Seynoue Gran puste, IEdviea~ motte rall. cent BSL W898 Sree NC 1024 oa * #11 Now (Gon) Te 13203) Al my 2 Are you 3 (GSequeasone"Codi7] oie i) - gnsesin PIANO(CONDUCTOR) 1A Giris -Coda-69) ‘rey Il 1 Act I Finale. el Orchestration: Danny Troob {Segue from “Now (It’s Just The Gas)"} ‘il © Chilton feciy _-. Shing-a-ling What a erce-py thing tw he ke aim. |I-2= B-o hap-pen-ing— (BsC/G BaKya) | Sa ——— Gin) Ronnette a Shang-a-lang, Feel thescurmand drangin the ai,_______—- Cueto proceed (audrey II) “Bore, mere! a Feel dhe—sturmand drang in the air ony Vs a a 2S == a 2 = = es sin) ie tT (MiB) (tra) a : a f at : _——_—— —————————— ——— wwoteene "Little Shop Of Horrors” aay, creep irs (128) ” 2 251 9.80 Sree NC 10024 ainasz-sin me 2s #114 “Gas (Codey [9181035 Driving, Hard Rock” Bl csemm HS, TACET ae Hai. mu . ay St Mater Mase Service UB ox E nN tr’ac te “Little Shop Of Horrors” ‘ ws We (82809) Orchestration: Danny Troob | eu GK SF (steno (ceB9 [: bee - (part SeIChimes) a 2 (850 7) MERESTETE] 2 #119 “Act Openig”les26:031 , a ee 1 281 WE Sree NYC to024 2rss92sen2 HB A211 Opens cky1Ltgtsn |ab7 Grandly (1 (ersartptatkyay SF tosu8 Com) Broadening Segue as one “Call Bi Miter uae Service 251 WB Suet NYC 10036 \ °1ANO{CONDUC- . 24, “avin “inte Shop Of Horror? Call Back In, The Morning a Orchestratic anny Troob 7 2 Beewow #12 “Call Back” frst03} “ pion nde ote Jpenee Clie Ronee Sp gh compatts takes elk, 1p and se the rein Andre Ten The rege th mo inereing cecutpy 2 Customer Toruaris* Rona “relevent yeah Sciam fra Ganeoer ar 26 Masiks “dry I forte yer Ring TlSorur whet Comm grb afta Aedvap awe ims, geraniums, forthia, wiser, you name it we slit aeeet abe ‘There i is!" Customer: “Remarkable.” abe 251.190 Sree NTC 0004 aisesen pie Ronnett abe Ronnette: “ivimt ‘bs Kp she some flseeni™ Customep “Y 38 2 fou sid i." Seymour: “I got thot bridal wreath Elizabeth Taylor’ be sp ob ef hea 29 ‘vite, Mr Michnik She ral pray Bet cae sree of ond fof these Ring and of be 0 #12 °Call Back” [ra/103) sand ten of those...” abe ‘Audrey: “Musbnik and Son, ‘an you bol?” (*Ring’l S ca yon bold plede?™ ("Ring") Seymour. “Thank you. Come of rau cam you belp me with these phones? (°Ring) Skid Row's Favorite Flin, con you bol? ("Thing") a cen you bel " Audrey: “Musbnit and Son, Adeey tat ne Now, you were thy bee convo ght ge pag one beep. oy te eas, pias peetate fesEAeA 2 peeketes ob bale a a Gocurpts) ‘Mushnit and Sen, Skid Rew's Favorite Flori, can you bold, please?” Vamp 3 2 say-ing... oY (xyloy me a a 1e-call Back Festa ar (Audrey) Flowers tothe fun“ealhome? Flowers for an enourage?—_ Leaning romSt AndrewsRoman & i For-ty dollars hold : Cath="lie Church at Ninth and Vine? f 4 (Bsc ' sa : 1 FFrse thing in the morn-ing. ‘They'll be there in the morn-ing! 251 W gh Seek NYC 1024 pe 55, #12 “cal Back” tr 131703) (Andrey) se] Atempo in - fat - ed i $F se9 Rose Bowl? Well, its the Rose Bowl #12-Calt Beek tear 03) (ateey) & F 2 1 ‘Audrey: "You cen’ keep the tournament waiting!” Mush = nile and do Can you hold? — ‘Can you hold? Jase a min-ute Tes juse atthe plane fore - cold 251 0.8% Sree NYC 10026 aniesm #12 Catt Back frar03) ee n,m 20 81 2_(Audees) Mush - nik and (Seymour) bbus-'ness like who'd have —— Geen ‘That was me— ‘That was me! On chan = nel So why sm feel = ing de = pressed? Pio Maso | oxy ub Seymour: get soe tickets tothe gone! Musbnit and Sen, Skid Rew Favorite Florina!” hece.,, t@leia, atf@.2 Se-ven thou-sand bou-ton-nieres? Car = na-tions or the yel-low ros-es? Seymour) lease I've on-ly got two ears. Al- Hol-ly hocks are hard-i-er Which ones would your wife pre-fer? ler-gie 0 Chrys-an-the-mums Were you Mit. rte Seice 251 W890 Set YC 10026 anes £10 0 #2 “Call Back 1103) Pa tog (Andrey) Sey-mour, chat re por -rer | (Seymour) wwaic-ing long I'm sor-ry sit One min-ute and I'll get her for you 105 She wants an-oth-er in-ter-view Seid to bring the plane with you thought we fin-ished yes-ter -dsy. ARON REE REE TTT ™ Sor-ry, thath the right a-moune ‘Aud-rey, it’s that new ae-count Dai-sies only come in whise Wate tai Seve 251 W.80hSret YC T0024 snes f 22 °Calt Oak" fearti032 a a Sir, I'm too worn out to fight. Sey-mour, tock! Its six “o'-eloek! Sor-ry those are out of stock SO No Fastec7 Call back in the morn-ing, won't you? Cll back in the morn-ing, will you? ra Call back in the morn-ing, can you? aEe cecutptey inthe morning, thank you Call back in che mora ing — (@el-orF) (orp) (Ting) ASEW AMA Sree NYC 30 412 Cal Rack” [esi at a ———— $$ 13 ’ pial oN OP; fare ‘Seymour “udrey “Little Shop Of Horrors” irks _ — Le _ . - "- ~~~ Syddenly Seymour t {reri103) rchestration: Danny Troob Wam (Audrey: “The gute..." Cae TAudeeyy "Not me one ik thir Low and my apport and 1." TAs he moves toward her] Gently a 2 ‘Seymour “Audrey, that all bebind you new. You dan't bave anything be ashamed fspressivg —— J eur a ory nice eran and Taos knew on were, Underneath the bruises and the banda, you knew what Ise? A gird respected — = Vamp Wash off your mas-ea Life up your esd — Cueto proceed (Seymour “I ill." 5 (ns) Here, ake my Klee Clean as the morn ‘= - Is nex Wipe that lipestick a-way—— know things were bad, sand - ing be - side you LZ 251 189m Seed N¥C L024 113 -Suddeny Symone” Ue t193) Show me your face,— _ now they're o You don't need no pes #13 “Suddenly Seymour? (e87109) make-up Don't have to pre - tend. Sod-den ly Gla le der = stand ing Sey-mours__ your (ontn 9 uss to Rocke ‘Sutonly Seymour” ISU Seymour 2 34 2s wweneedmekind - ly Dad-dylefeear = ly, Maca was poor Td meet a2 man’ and Tid fol-low him blind = He'd snap his fin - gers, " Servis 281 W $9 Set NYC 0I24 pees + 113 Suddenly Seynour tena} is stand-ing— be --side me 5 swee un - der - sand ing Sey = mours— my tts to Cook 1 Seymowe Tell me this feel ~ ing Ae (Andee) (yn ie fiend mfp (Corgan) lo-sersike've— been Tee 1 smideny eyononr r artsy Lasts ‘ill forse - ver — ~ fie Please un-der-stnd— chat its stil strange and fight - ‘ning sy Sudden ~ ly 251-0. 3904 Sent NYC 1024 11 -Suldenly Seymour ewes} Candeey) © ‘Sey - our SeyauilCrys ci Ror Ssud- den - ty Sey-mour SF Corus) Chimes) _————~., Sud-den ly Sey ~ movr——___ Yes, you ean. 3 NedrepiSeymons Seymour the girl that's in - side me(yov) With sweet un = der= 4 Ceili: the giel thars—— in - (ssiBriGtront) (Sevomoued * " SR ng == Hy Seymour” tsar sem ing wo ine a With sweet un = der Auden With sweet un der - stand ing. With sweet un = der - siChitMRons ——————— ok ———————== 2 ON sand-ingWith sweet un = der > stand” — ing Sey-mour’s yourmyye. ~ ON With sweet un - der - stand Seymour's your a (Timp) vice 251.8% Sire NYC 10024 anna PIANO! 14 ‘Audrey I (1-82) 's i Suppertime tra/ta103), “Little Shop Of Horrors” mn: Danny Sue (Mushnikl: “Epecially when they only remove our garbage once a mont! tnsidionsy 208 vamp 3 Audrey th "Cue to proceed (Mushnikk) ™P “Thist A dents’ wniform!” (lar wiped whenever this figure appears) Gam ee eS Hes gor your num -i ber nows— Mp (Sued F wounn = Mushunike "Tanw it lat week and did’ chink rice He knows just what. you've done Kaeo et fab ee fee fpPe ees mp (Sun Gym) ¢ 5 Ava the lire ved dots seemed innocent enough You got no pce to_—hide-— a HU -Suppetine” te 180031 = Butchen Latch you kising the dense’ grfiend. You got no - where And it begins rok like a mative _——— ae He knows your life of crime on te ey feteree y2—ton) To think its sup per = cime— VF (seat Wise) 5 z nd Seymour: “Tn innecnt! Ins innocent!® oR) Se 14 °Suppertime” tr 118103} re RR 2 2 eit The ow dagen explain i! ayo pr of lal ep Muh Tow hl cp. Tepe a Te bce tw, ond bel fo en eye ge” hs No The on Fa ni Buty tb te ih or, gion. Sey en de aa So? 2% ————SS Vamp ‘Cue to proceed (Mushnik: “Then coe with me to rhe police and tell them that.” - Mushnile “Jue 20 my cocience will est ea You know hes on. your wail (pore nD aI q ” vali q - Ifyou don’, PI bave to go tell them myself Hes gon,- na um—— you in. ” + W1ESuppertine” tr ani8oa} Now, will you come? ‘They're gonna put you in jail, Seymour: *0...Okay.” ites UL 5 Do A= Prime For my sup = per - ime af (Ssartote) m ’ CU Cry Liggt vl 251 W894 Sreet NYC L002 2nse2s02 * #4 -Suppertine” 818103), Come on Come on— Your fu-nure with Aud = rey ——__ _- ————_ . Come on—. Ain't no ime— to turn squeam-ish ———_ — .: swear on all my spores— vale] vol » pg Ct) your. Mushnite “Otay, Semeur ltr ga." Seymour, ve oe the “r..dom' you want collet he con dept them in th ering? "Mush “You put dem in the Seymour “Erm.” eS SS ee SO 2 e-Supperine esses} world willbe vol Mush “et shwcends of dolar, Wares ie?™ is aN crysis ond #14 *Suppertime” [8118031 Coyscit: e—== 5 ‘Seymour: "Inthe ee * Mushail “Inthe plant?” dli¢] ‘ail6} c 96 pg Seymour Ital ted he uf pl Neti wont ever — there, right?” Mushnike: “The monty’ nude the plamt?™ a aI 1¢) a6) 38 ————__ 0, ——————5 Sup-per— time) Mush "So bow amt Tniponed ro gen a” Se : é. a 304 405 Vamp Vamp n E Snr: SPS Lapapee Ketones Starters th time Lao (CtrCymehmallets Sth time) me * Ue-Suppertine” signa} oscvon earcumciatiniy me 7 ire (Mie) TT, a 251 WAN Sent NYC Lamba 22402 saa2 _fpteeee fereere lfeewenn ie DUM. saongor ena jas) om LE Vasip Vamp apusciy 133 Cue to proceed , . {Plant Begins to close on Mushnik] Cm (x —. ‘amp \\j. eres. poco « poco we . ne Se ‘Bae ae = te 1 #14 -Suppertine” te 1803) "GLI flow" proe Segue as one “The Meek Shall Inherit” Syfiu new" pee 0 Sees 251 WED Sie NYC 10028 B12 302.e992 5 PIANO[CONDUCTOR 15 Orin (as various characters) (172-88) Seymour “Little Shop Of Horrors” The Meek Shall Inherit ' ee Orchestration: Danny Troob (uareet segue rom “Suppertime”} steady d= 100 : inh eB BN oN oe Ronnette: "The Mandigo) ere be is gir! I foond binnt There's Seymour! Chitfon/Crystal (adlib): “Seymour! Seymour! Ooooh! Seeeeyriour!” mf ety) SNS oR RES Crystal: "Can we have yonr atgraph?” Chiftons "We sri you on Chenne Five News! Crystal: “You loked so bender!” (Chiffon “And yu gonna be rich! Seymour “Please gir, not noo.” Crystal =] SSS anf it true Audrey To is Grand Marsball Ter or spr = == = == my v iy. or21700) {fir the Rose Bowl?® Chiffon "Ie ie rne the shop i decorating the Senior Prom?” Now plese.” Ronnette: “There's anather big hots lookin’ for you, Seymour: “Yer, 7 aller Scpnswr. From uptown. Her been akin’ all over AC * ANS “Meekiahere (103) Vamp ‘obere ne 2 Yor fom Proceed on (Bernsteink: jercam be find you? You're fens, “Thank ™ Seymore” Bernstein: I that bint™ a ‘eoure nat. But are you gonna be Boppy when yo do.” Beraten at 25 Sey -mour sweetheart doll - face bub-be-Iab a Io Mae Sree 251 9.800 Sret YC 10024 pecans a #15 “Meekltoherit” 803) erntein) 20 at 323 Hey, Sey-mour Krel-born, you prince you My name is Bem-stein, I'm with N. B.C. Ky p (Balt Tee) $l cag om T came down here to con - vince you To do a week-ly TV show for “Sey - mour Keel - born's Gar-den-ing For half an ho-ur, on Sun-days, at pe + 115 “Meeker” 03} ic expen 12 ,tBerstcn) "“———, rn “5 ad T. Vis first home gar-den-ing pro = gram SS You'll make a mint and our rat-ings, will... soar! tp coe They say the meek shall in = her - ic nie You know the book does-n't lie. Ten They say the meek shall in - her -ie You know the book does-nt lie Gon nf (stant) —< ase Service 251 W890 Sire NYC 10024 aniasen be * #15 “Mecklbaherit (8031, iy) 2 es not 2 ques-ton of mer =i Tes not de-mand and sup - ply (ou te "Tes not a ques-tion of merit Its not de-mand and sup - ply ‘They say the meek. gon-na get it And you'te a‘ meck lit guy—— ‘They say the meek gon-na get it ‘And you're a meek lit - de guy—— You know the meek are gon- na get whats com - in’ to 'em by and You lecw the meek are gon- na get whats com - in’ Yem by and (tee co AS -Meekichent” 03) 251 W.S0h Seeet NYC 10026 aun yrs #15 “Meek/tahert” [e103] rrr ‘Vamp until cue (Mrs. Lucel: ‘Se delighted tr acquaintence.” Ss = 4 4 e a Td ike a word with you, lov = er 5 bbe ie Ym sure you know me the ed-i-tors wife (Bell Tee) on OF the De-cem-ber third is- sue of Tyr 2d po 2 (tes tac) Miter Saxe Service 135 -Meckltohert” 0) se Yer the front of Life Manga (orp Now thaes an hon-or we so seldom Well send some - one down, 3 ee 251 9.80 Sect NYC 10026 —= anes + 115 “Meckitaherit” 8103) (es taco) rel Thurs - day cpg, For show of you and your beau.- ti ~ ful plane. Ei ny They say the meek shall in - her -it You know the beok does-n't lie Tes not 4 ques-tion of mer =~ it (crip "Fes noe a ques-tion of me —~ ie us ‘They say the'meek gon-na get it ‘They say the meek gon-na” get it You know the meck ate gon - na You know the meck are gon = na (tpt) asc Sie Mase Service 151.390 Sires NYC 10034 0 #15 “Meeknhere r/o) es ot de-mand and sup = ply es nor de-mand and sup - ply ‘And you're a meek lit - de guy—— meek it~ de guy—— get whats com = in’ to em by get whats com = in’ to anes ae ae 115 “Meckltehert“ 8103) tay rey eS Hcy} (MandrXyte) Pir rrr per tr TP especy $ rrr sper e Vamp ° Froceed on (Snip . “We've been trying wreath alg #18 “Metstnert” 1031 — wo (sj ome = = = uf Pa ‘Vamp until cue (Sniph: Tea] “Skip Snip, Wile Morris Agency” Sip lant a 15 10 we For-get the ca'- ble we sent you Wes nice to meet me the ples-sure is yours OK @ 4} Orstasco (Bat Tee om Now lee my firm — re-pre - sent you We wan-na book you on lee tur~ing a eo cit Miler Stas Service 251 W890 Set NYC 10026 pnsases2 Se" EE oe ee Pec 13 195 “Meeklinhert” fr 103) 1st, (up) 152 159 - Col = lege cam ~ pus Rotary ‘Thekind of book-ings my of - fice can a | etre Taisen == 158 159 150 we asymcy 161 364 Seymour, Re ed-u-ea-don-al, la-ca-tre wo, My fa-tures Toco WU verse Solo (espressivo) ( 2 sprees mf oe #15 “Mee tokerit” frat) (6Gim-Botere feed (6B scUFI—iBmay Tes much 00 keep chat plant a = live__________ {take these tp Mater Masi Serie 251 W890 Sreet YC 10026 S_ oo as. 195 Meckltnherit“ 8103) 1 of = fer That — means more aay > anlage con = mee, Thar means Tm will = ing to keep on ti, ; = ars ica jee gs “ on = ly... far. yon can bend! itp aco ru Pal] 201 3 ——?—_ ‘This night ~ mare must come 0 5 ccurptalky z t Mier Mae Servica 251 WADA Seat NYC 1c0Nd ansesen Terence cermin ne ww #15 Meckllnherit™ 8103) 204 (Seymour tive, Sey-mour old boy, though it means you'll be broke a-gain and un-em-ployed, its the 8 I HI 3 ats — — Slower, very freely on-ly sl-wtion, can't be a-void-ed The vog!-a-ble must be destroyed! Bur then there's 1 = = = > > a NO | | pocorn Oy And sgh, Love-ly Aul-rey If life were tw-dry and im-po-ished abe - fore i ary PY, HO YY = 415 Meckitaherit-ra/03} (Beymouny 2 Nike me She may not want me With-our my plang, she might not love me an-y uc) J pe (ps ono a Ce] ded say tegato2, with best m 228 (Seymour) 230_ Snips —9- ji Where do 1 sign? lyrical ss lone tory é Right on the Tom T ‘They say the mee all in. = her - | it You know the book does-'nt lie —__ ~~ ——. Miter Masi Service 381 W a8 Se 7103 10014 aaa a) ars Pa a. 115 “Mecknhert 8103) line ‘That-' “I do fine. This co-py's (Crys ip i iow 2 eta acannon | 2 Its not de-mand and sup - ply. ripe. +; Couldn't 56, wrong: Bye bye, so long. coscnie GeyalCnitton: 5 ‘Roni iy Af on this fact you re - ly ad aaa * You'll make a for-cine, we swear ) —_ 29 ‘ Gayichit ioe Pox wow the meck ate gon-o8 get whath com - nt weal You know the meek are gon=na accel. eerese. poco a poco 5 115 “Mesidtoheit” (e031 Seymour ‘You know the meek are get whats com - in’ to ‘em! You know che meck are gon=na get what com - in” (ote Faster, miore forcefully ~“, oe i Seymoae. s wy. OB MEY ang ees a cs he mf cen ot senate seme snk seea Applause segue 251 Wh Sree NYC 0024 Pras ie PJANCECONDUCTOR, 15A 5 “Little Shop Of Horrors” ~~ Thunder And Lightning — es) rchestration: Danny Troob { tApplause| peeve from “The Meek Shall Inherit”) Stomy and Gate 1 fee pe Pee 50 . = OTSutptalya) _ wotnen (ler Mase Service Hoa toner 26031 CD tempor Lights up? 251 WANA Sret 46 10028 2a sense Cen 1 thes an ST OPEN. Fr __ . __ “Little Shop Of Horrors” Seymour Plots . zany ‘Warning [Seymour]: “Then its settled.’ u a Orchestration: Danny Troob Canal Osshestalin: Donny Tosh Fy Audeey: “A gua?” Seymour. “...and bullets... and ret poison... and'e machete. : [PM marrow mari igh ofr i megenine ker ou ica, yuk bis be da™ cermin 2 3 a Audrey: “Seymour! , swe BE PALous* 47 . : ° — 47 Z iN 4 = Ply Ay HacyeTE | op Z § +a - er = = igh. They rp bp, tk tht TV ah nd ne, ut, oral together. No mar night lg Net llng fo od Rdg What eng? Wha Ho oe ft Sd eh ee Ne ag Seypour| TE Be eared of" 2 z ae 7 NUT EEOC H yyae ceeded? ° bar Pasa iar BLO?" — Genth til ‘and ance weve thee we'll ive bapply ever after I promize. Nice litle Louse, 2 any 3 wen 14158 “Plots” [325.001 pice ULE Foust —_ a rice Hele car and plants. No plants at all” Aisdfey: “Seymour, pt thn peli” 65 (ast ‘8 ® ie a 4g, S€ymour “Ii explain everything to you tomerrem Just go home new, Audrey. Pleat Adega ace you in hited.” 20 i Tu Cdn Bertie or Seymour: “I'm fine.” Audrey: “You're mre” 2m Seymour: “Don't worry about me. Don't worry about anything.” 26 a pein ag (Caton Audrey’ Exit] — ft. FY "ter Mase Service B51 WAM Set YC T0034 pnsesea PIANO 3 . ‘Audrey a OPEN 1 ‘Audrey It S4 (113-99) “Little Shop Of Horrors” __ Sominex/Suppertime~Reprise {r9Na03] orchestration: Danny Troob (Cue (Seymour: "Lok it my lan offer Ye or na? Cue to proceed [Seymour]: “And don't think you're geting desert.” a 1 audrey enters] A itfe leaves} Gvibesrr) © vamp Audrey (lasts): T couldn sleep T took 2 Som-i- nex (6Dre—"tck tock") vi-ces in my head kept sey-ing: Go to Sey - mour Talk to Sey - mou I drank some 2 10 Somine’Suppertime ep” ir 6/8 U3) Aueey) “ Bur gee, the feel = ing was - ave Sey ~ mour, swedt = heart Tall’ me dar = lings. What Sein gp - ing 2 6 Tia] Apempo diSuppertine” a ye ee ® ; Audrey: “Wr. one Hex tee SS et ST wo (omearswlpedal) 7 coe PE RELESP 2, 2 23 Who said ehee?™ You're look ~ CEERG EET CLOERtEeyr rRtLef Miter Mase Service 251 W. 80h Sree NYC 10024 212 1625832 re wr (10 SominetSappertine- Rep [ral14u3} 27 ——— You're look = in’ migh = ‘Audrey: “Seymour? Seymour?" I =, ILS, I> =, I~ LS, CLOMteeyr CEEMteer teeter crete 3. 038) 98 ‘Audrey: “Ob my Ged!” This plant is salk-ing A —=<—— (Tp squeeze") fe atrtongos)| Miller teste Gomt. 116 “Sominen Supporto Rep” [103] ac ‘Audrey UBelive i, baby. fetal.” Audrey: “Ans I drecming this?® Audreyll: ‘No! — And you ain im Kancas, neither.” Cue to proceed (Audrey “Samesbingroery wrong bere” > Vamp ‘Audreylls “Reler and go with i, dol ‘mea fever, will ya ruectbeart?” Audcey: “A fever?” Audveyll: “I need nme water in the werst way. Look at my branches.” Cueto proceed (Audrey tlk “Pima gone, bone.” onteee ™? Mf (+SzsiTpts) Play Mier Masi Service 251 9.890 Sire NYC 1024 anes * #16" Sominesiouppertime=Kep." fr s4stus} Sot, Hard YMotown Sead S ss} 1 st Audrey: “I don’t know if I should” ) ‘Audrey: “And jour branches are dry, poor thing” Don't need 0 ‘Audrey: Ti gee the can” Don't need no of v " ¥ II = = a em deh ayn And now its supper = time! ‘Vamp BSL WCW Se NC 0084 ei uh e 'g LY See gg fic of SSS ° LoL 3 WC — enn a o eee EE = = | gd ee a Gotimp—isty Slow segue 2h3esm PiaNO{CONDUCTORT , 17 : ' ‘Audrey 1G . (113-106) ttle Shop Of Horrors” ,Green~Reprise Somewhere That’s GES Cue [Seymour]: “Audrey, are you allright?” Audrey: “Tex. No {She falls to her knees} Orchestration: Danny Troob Andante, ‘Seymour: “Don't die, Audrey. I need you. Plas, plese don't die.” Audrey; “You knew, the plan just sid the arya] 2 3 “ - ‘MP dolee plus aruce iit) . "GZ 7 Te Vaca der. fememy [rE SHIT. “And tha’ Mare SH Audrey: “And that's what made itso big and strong and yet 2 femons?* Seymour: “ve dene go a ws pedal beperserty—Gioe me he plans, ic ier bring you all the wonder thingy you deere ™ atte, seu nent ened og enone aati gue ag tke usa) — . peed SYmROUE ou don' mow what you're eying.” Audey: “But Ida [bce ane gif Team ge on yd HER Pa oct Tue CUE LA yen _————a tit ON 3 cee eres 25119 Sree 10026 20382-5812 He recunap tr arewass oo as) 3 SS wash my tender leaves, You'll smell “my sweet per = fue, ————————~ your vo —_— _ 34 water me, and care for me, You'll see” me bud ard bloom: Tm @) ey nein (Bally —= comin Oh, don’t you amr? fg . to = OO ————————" SS Miter Stasie Service 251.6. 00h Sree WHE tans where chats Atempo a a XE (BsCITinp) Segue as one “Déath Of Audrey” Miter Mie Service 251 9.59% Sree NVC 10026 2niesn: PIANOIEONDUGTOR\ 17A its fia — _ a 7 oo “Little Shop Of Horrors” Death Of Audrey var {Direct segue from “Somewhere That’s Green-Reprise”} Orchestration: Danny Troob Sty bout Lets poss 1s Gnndns : , ; dn VN (ocumptsl Kya) citpta east B ; ‘Chinen rt FZ _ coweniimons” 2 pro » HA" Deith OF Aaya 400B) McryslchisRom (otptencay of ay, anf (rusted) dion. rit, Mote Semice 51 $9 Sr 4 a et C102 2282-3802 Pia O{CONDUCTOR 17B ymour (113-106) SW Pe “bitte Shop OF Horrors Deat. ; OF Yarn Warning [Seymoul: “Bigger than Hua-Hoop. Cue \stdzey 1) “Med gg” oD ante 1 a 3 4 = 4) Tempo di “Da Doo” *) Seymour “Every bowsebold —shousands of yon.. cating That's what Dimer ng ana oo Jones bad in (oben rosin, Heuecec* : b. ESE ay mg £ wf, Pe Mure |evb) 7 (BatDe) cxgutit) ‘Audrey Il: “NO SHIT, SHERLOCK!" Seymour: "Here not taking abe ne bungay plant bere. We're talking about ~ world conquest!” “ Wete Congue gr" wo ee) Seymour: “in ate the ony hing I ever loved” Arey tober 8 Say 1 Kom TH z Seymour Feed ver: Audeey th OTN Se vexour “Tener momma" “eEoMEr Take “Too Bap! GIVE UP, KRELBOU! sae And that And chat and that and cha and chae! Avdrey TI: AAR op f ore Seymour: “Never! Here! Rat poten! Eat that! EAT IT! EAT IT! BAT IT? EAT IT" & cersutpie 4 rset fevcrrpenya, 19 on the outside, Bue in there! In that pad — Thus Back wel = Sey ee crs : Ee = oF. FH 7 3 ae Li ck yon to Bie! IM gee you fro the inside! Open up! Opem up: Open up! No cm ge yr on aE fee Ga serese EE SSet tr ese = ; a LEELEELLELLMMCErrEerrerec errr! 212362.s2 . 1178 “Death Of Seymour” [r 81271031 SF sien §=9—_3__, a RK SS —————————————————————— Y Se pt PUP TRANSPOSLO 13-108) “Little Shop Of Horrors”. —.- ‘Finale eee Orchestration: Danny Troob Quasi Religioso Coyschiton Cm EHP a Te, mp $l 18° Fnate” rsa) 2 _ —— SS Se + SS IS Fe to the e-venss you have just wit-nesse)— Sim-i-lar e-vents in ci-ties a-cross A~ Sub-se-quent eqns (KH mer -i-cg E - vents which bore 2 striking re - sem-blance——— to the ones you have just seen be-gin. oc cur Coste Tee) vr Maal Serie 251 W.30 Sreet NYC 1024 2nyesa 16 Finale” (Te 8191031 trom ee = ee he evvens you hme fot -neseD==— Uns - peng fl fom Mine w Ca-i- cy ‘anew breed of fly wap———— ‘And got —-— sweet-tlked in - to feed - ing it Blood Thus the (4Sua. Cyr Gotp) foto acckl fcr plants pro-eeed-ed > grow and grow, Which was es, - sen= ally (Cleve - land! 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