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Grimm, Jacob - Teutonic Mythology Vol 1

Grimm, Jacob - Teutonic Mythology Vol 1

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the Summer.

In a part of Hesse that lies on the Werra, is a village named

Ermschwerd, which in early documents is called Ermeswerder,

Armeswerd,* Ermencsioerde (Dronke's trad. fuld. p. 123), Ermcnes-

wcrethe (Vita Meinwerci an. 1022. Leibn. 1, 551),=Irmineswerid,

insula Irmini, as other gods have their isles or eas. This interpre-

tation seems placed beyond a doubt by other such names of places.

Leibn. scr. 1, 9 and Eccard, Fr. or. 1, 883, De orig. Germ. 397


Roinniiil's Hessen 1. p. G6 note. Westphalia (Minden 1830) i. 4, 52.
The tunc is iriveu in Scluunann's Musical, zeitun;^ lor 183G.


Variants : mit stangeu und prangeu (wliicli also means staves) ; niit

hamer im tani,'cn (tongs).


This explanation has of course been tried : some have put Hermann for
Hermen, others aiUl a narrative verse, Avhich I do not suppose is found in the

people's mouth : '

un Hcrmen shiug dermen, slaug pipen, slaug trummen, de

fiirsten sind kummen met all eren niannen, liebt Varus uphangen '.


The same vowel-ciiange is seen in Ermensulen (deed of 1:298 in Baring's

Clavis dipl. p. -193 no. l.j), a Weslplialian vilkige, now called Armcvseul.



give Irmineswagen for tlie constellation arctus, plaustrum coeleste,

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