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Mario's Hat

By: Pixel-Kakashi
Here are the instructions for Mario's hat,

The parts are layed out as below:

Cut out parts A1 to A5

*Note: You don't need to score the folds, just the tabs on A3
Glue A1 to A3 using the graphic from the last page
as reference

Now glue A2 to the first two parts

Now glue part A4

Now you got the first part of the hat

Now cut out parts B1 to B4

Next glue B1 to A1 like in the picture below



Do the same with B2 and A2

Glue B3 to the parts you just glued (A1 + B1)

Do the same with B4 on the other side

Now cut B9 and B10 (they look like eyebrows, I know)

Glue B9 under B3 and B10 under B4

From now on, the model is pretty straight foreward,
there's only 4 pieces left on the sheet, so cut them
out and glue them in order to form the "M"
Keep glueing the other parts in order
(C1-C6 and D1-D6)

C6 D2
C5 D3
C3 D4

Now cut C7-C9 and D7-D9 and glue them

to the back

C7 D7
C8 D8
C9 D9
It's almost over now, just a few more pieces,
it's quite simple, just keep glueing them in order.
And we're done!

Now you can enjoy your very own Mario Hat

Thanks for building this model.