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Prophetic Messages for Today's Church

Prophetic Messages for Today's Church


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Through the spiritual gift of prophecy, Patricia Backora shares God's message of edification, exhortation and comfort (I Cor.14:3). The common theme of the Love of God in Christ runs through all seven categories. Believers must be rightly related to one another in the Love of Christ and remain true to the Word of God as it applies to the church.
Through the spiritual gift of prophecy, Patricia Backora shares God's message of edification, exhortation and comfort (I Cor.14:3). The common theme of the Love of God in Christ runs through all seven categories. Believers must be rightly related to one another in the Love of Christ and remain true to the Word of God as it applies to the church.

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Published by: Patricia Backora on Aug 03, 2009
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Sin and its Consequences

Sin is Repugnant to Me

Isaiah 59:1-2; Habakkuk 1:13; Hebrews 4:15; John 8:3-11

Yes My people, nothing will ruin your effectiveness as a Christian more than
losing your sensitivity to the seriousness of sin in My sight. These days it is more
fashionable to call sin by other names_behavioral excesses, quirks, hang-ups,
frailties, distinguishing traits, or even sickness.
If only you could see sin as I do. Because of sin, Adam was cut off from
fellowship with Me in the Garden of Eden. His childlike love for Me was replaced
with sickening dread that I would destroy him for what he’d done. He began to
view Me from a warped perspective. It has always angered man that I cannot
tolerate sin, that I can’t “ease up” on it just a little bit. People are, after all, “only

My Son was born into this world as a human baby. He was faced with all the
same temptations to sin as any of you. You have often found other people a
challenge to your patience. Jesus was tempted in the same way. Other children
considered Him a bit odd because He would not join them in their after-school
pranks. Some threw rocks at him, but He never retaliated in anger. He was even
teased because He enjoyed doing His share of chores, while other children He
knew would grumble about doing theirs.
As a young Man, He became acquainted with His ultimate destiny as the sin-
bearer Who would become the final Atonement for straying sinners. I gave Him
the inner fortitude to bear up under this sobering revelation. He knew inside it
was not My will for Him to marry as other men did. The other villagers even
thought He was peculiar on that count, for it was considered a sacred duty for all
healthy males, especially the firstborn, to marry and beget offspring to carry on
their family name. Jesus and His cousin John the Baptist broke with that norm.
Their lives on the earth would be of short duration. Moreover, My Son had a
higher destiny: a heavenly Marriage with the true Church at the time of the

Although Jesus knew these things, the devil even did his worst to tempt Him
in the area of lust. There were women in His area who had no scruples
whatsoever. They certainly approached Him as they did any other young man.
Most men who turned them down spat on the ground in disgust. They were
harlots, considered lower than dogs. My Son looked beyond their degeneracy and
pitied them. As He looked upon their hard, brazen countenances, He realized their
rough exterior was only a desperate defensive mechanism. These outcast women
had been robbed of tender hearts. They were afraid to appear vulnerable in a
world which denied them love. Jesus looked past their jangly ornaments and
provocative paint, and beheld My shattered image in them. He longed to save
them and give them a new life of holiness and purity. Either these harlots would
be moved to tearful repentance by His gentle admonitions or they would laugh in
His face for being too virtuous to resist their charms. This never caused My Son
to detest them; instead, He was saddened by their impending destruction. He
was most angry with those who had mistreated them throughout their lives and
contributed to the ruination of their souls.
There were many affluent men who considered themselves upstanding
members of the community and staunch members of the local synagogue. Yet
they would patronize these pitiful women on the sly, even girls young enough to
be their own daughters or granddaughters. These men prided themselves on their
knowledge of God’s laws, yet they cared not that they were leading young souls
down the slippery path to hell.

Afterward, to “make things right with God” they would offer up an animal
sacrifice at the Temple. I remember one smug sinner, who after cheating on his
wife in such a vile manner, offered Me an expensive, hand-picked bullock without
visible defects. He did not realize how much I loathed His gift. In My eyes, it was
a tainted offering, for it had not been given out of a contrite heart. He just
wanted to be able to boast that he never committed a sin “without paying for it
properly”. The man walked away from the Altar thinking, It was well worth it.
She was so much fun, and even God got something out of it. Such wicked men
further angered Me by their attitude toward the women they had abused. These
adulterous hypocrites despised their own harlot consorts because in those days, a
woman’s sins were considered to be far worse than those of a man. Jesus made
My views known on that point when He said to a crowd of men wanting to stone
an adulterous woman: “Let the one without sin be first to cast a stone at her.”
That crowd was full of murderous, adulterous, lying, cheating scoundrels. Some
of them had even patronized prostitutes on the sly. These depraved men
certainly did not want My son to expose them before their cronies for the
hypocrites they were.
Grudgingly they all dropped their stones and went home to sulk.
That forgiven woman became one of my most devoted followers, for she gave
back to Me the life I had saved from destruction.
Sin distorts My image in you. Sin makes you less than what I meant for you
to be. Sin stirs up wrath and wars. I can never condone sin, for sin violates My
own Law of Love.

The sins of the world put the nail prints in My dear Son’s Hands.
Now do you know why I hate sin so much?

The Governor’s Reprieve

Psalms 14:1-3; Romans 3:23

Some people wonder why I wait so long to put the wicked on trial for all
they’ve done. The sad truth is, I found all mankind guilty of sin a long time ago
and fallen mankind has already been condemned to death.
Every unconverted man or woman, and every child who has awakened to an
awareness of sin is already condemned to eternal separation from My presence
because all have sinned and fallen short of My Glory. This world is sitting on
death row.

Your only reprieve from eternal death is to accept the Governor’s pardon and
walk free from the prison cell of sin.

No Skin Off My Back?

Gen. 3: 1-6; Psalms 129:3; Isaiah 53:5;
II Cor. 11:3; I Tim. 2:14; I Peter 2:23

“Do it just it once,” an unconverted friend will whisper. “No one will ever
know. You gotta live a little. The store detective isn’t looking this way. It’s so
small, they’ll never miss it anyway. Just take one puff, to be sociable. It’s no skin
off God’s back if you tell a little white lie. Your wife will never find out, and I’ll
never ask you again. If you really loved me, you’d...”
The devil used the same pitch on Eve. But what was circulating in his
deranged mind and what he was saying out loud to her were two entirely different

In modern vernacular he said: “Listen, dear, I’m on your side, and I’m
looking out for your best interests. You’re such as bright person, with so much
potential for growth and development. It’s time to expand your horizons, spread
your wings and fly. Just take a little nibble, and see if I’m right.”
His real thoughts: Come on, eat, you stupid woman. So you and Adam really
think you’re destined to rule over the likes of me? You’re mere mud sculptures!

Come on now, make my day. Take a bite, and the rest of the plot will be a

Her halting reply: “But God said we mustn’t eat from, or even touch this tree,

or we’ll die!”

At that, satan used a little psychology on her, to make the tree seem all the
more desirable. “God,” he insinuated, “really doesn’t have your best interests at
heart as I do. In fact, he’s only jealously defending His own territory, fearful that
another being will usurp His position as the All- Wise One. He wants you to
remain perpetually locked in your infantile, dependent state of existence. He has
a sick need to keep you down, just to make Himself appear all the more glorious.
He Himself knows it would be no skin off His back if you took just a tiny taste,
and you yourself know that this tree is so prolific the piece of fruit you pick will
immediately be replenished, and He’ll never miss it.”
Satan was really thinking: I’ve got her now. Just look at the eagerness in
those starry eyes. Ah, she’s taking the bait. Now she’s sinking her teeth deep
into her own death. She looks quite pleased with herself, hardly aware that the
brightness of her form has muted, and the shadow of death is already cast upon
her countenance. But now her smile is fading, and her strength is diminishing.
She sees now that the Glory is departed from her, and fear is gripping at her

Once he had vanished from Eve’s sight, he continued to observe her, laughing
at her frantic pleas: “Serpent, come back! Oh, I’m so frightened! You must help

She almost flung the remainder of the fruit away. But now, in her fallen state,
she would unwittingly play a tragic part in the ruination of future generations of
mankind. Her powers of reasoning had been warped by that one act of rebellion
against Me. She would see it it that Adam also ate, and doom himself to join her
in exile from Paradise.

My, how the devil laughed at the two of them! He congratulated himself for
killing two birds with one stone, as Adam also fell into sin, and all of mankind with
him, except for the Lord Jesus Christ, Who was begotten not by a human father,
by Me.

Those dense mudballs, the devil thought. The crown of God’s creation, huh?
Too bad, God, You lose! Satan really did think he’d won a prize I was powerless
to redeem from the clutches of his dark kingdom. He didn’t count on the
stubbornness of My love for those precious souls whom he disparaged as “dense
mudballs”. He had no idea of the great sacrifice I was willing to make to redeem
them from death.

People tempt Christians with the same diabolical line: “Just this once. It’s no
skin off God’s back. But it was skin off the back of God in Christ as He suffered a
terrible scourging in Pilate’s Judgment Hall to restore the peace which that “one
little bite” cost the descendants of Adam and Eve.

The Thorn

Hebrews 6:8

Sin is like a thorn stuck in the bottom of your heel. It can seem small and
insignificant. But if you don’t bother to get it removed, it just digs deeper and
deeper. It impedes your walk and burrows deeper into you to cause pain and
destruction. It becomes so deeply entrenched that the cure becomes more
complicated and more painful.

I Am Lord

I am treated like a constitutional Monarch by lukewarm believers who are
keen on their own watered-down interpretations of My Word. A believer can

choose to shut his ears against My clear instructions, pretending not to hear Me
at all. He’ll decide for himself the limits of My jurisdiction over his life. Such a
headstrong individual wants My Kingdom to be a democracy, rather than a
theocracy under My Lordship.
Some saints who once were on fire for Me and My Word grow so cold they
limit Me to being a a divine figurehead they pray to on occasion for help.
Otherwise, they tell Me in so many ways to mind My own business and let them
live THEIR lives as they see fit_forgetting that I have purchased them with My
own redeeming blood. And there are those who treat me like their own personal
butler, where they call Me when they need Me to do something to make their lives
easier. Once I have served them, they give Me cursory thanks at best, dismiss
Me by tuning Me out like a TV, then get back to earthly concerns. Such careless
believers treat Me as if I’m part of the furniture. Never, Never, never lose your
sense of awe and reverence toward Me, or divine chastisement might result to
straighten out your flawed concept of just Who I Am. I Am the One Who sits
upon the Throne of Heaven, Who rules over all creation, and Who calls you to be
My servants as well as My sons. Never lose sight of the fact it is an unspeakable
privilege that I treat you also as My friend, that I go so far as to share the secrets
of My very own heart with you. That ought to incite deep thankfulness, as well as
exuberant joy in your heart. Treat Me as your choicest Treasure, the most
unspeakably wondrous Blessing in your life, ever approaching Me through the
Blood of My dear Son Jesus, because I am Holy, Holy, Holy in every aspect of My
triune Nature.

I must be the One and only Captain of your ship. Otherwise, your life is
headed for certain shipwreck.

I Never Change

Isaiah 55:9; Malachi 3:6; Hebrews 13:8; James 4:4

I am the Lord. I never change. I cannot, I will not lower My standards of
ineffable holiness to conform to the depravity of mankind. My ways are
infinitely higher than your ways, and My thoughts higher than your thoughts,
saith the Almighty God. My judgments are unsearchable. Indeed, human
imperfection cannot endure the Presence of My Glory. Yea, the very angels who
attend My Throne modestly lower their pure eyes as they commune with Me face
to face. For they are created beings though sinless, and must bow before their
Creator Who shines with an infinitely greater Brightness.
The humblest streets of Paradise are immaculate beyond all earthly standards
of cleanliness. Not one dust particle defiles their utter purity. The garments
worn by My redeemed saints shine with the brilliance of blue-white light. These
garments neither fade nor wear out with age. For these My precious ones have
been washed in the Blood of the Lamb, and their holiness is reflected even by the
garments they wear.

There are no relative standards of holiness. Adultery is always adultery,
regardless of the underlying circumstances which give rise to it. Fornication is
fornication. Lying is lying. And they who die in such sins shall not inherit My
Kingdom. Instead, these souls shall be cast into outer darkness with the devil
and his demons.

My wrath must shortly descend like lightning upon this corrupt world. For
thousands of years My Hands have been outstretched to this evil world, pleading
for sinners to respond to My offer of salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ. I
have restrained My Hand of judgment throughout this present dispensation of
grace and offered mercy to Adam’s fallen race.
The greater part of humanity has treated My overtures with either gross
contempt or indifference. The world goes on warring, whoring, looting, lying,
stealing, killing, and blaspheming just as it always has. Indeed, the world is even

more vile now than it was when I unleashed the Great Flood. I say to My
earthly saints, you must never partake of the evil spirit of this present age. Far
better to be ostracized by the world than to have to stand before Me tongue-tied
wiith shame, devoid of an excuse. For truly, those who love the ways of this
present world are at enmity with Me.

Lessons From Lot

Genesis 18:16-32; and chapter 19; Proverbs 4:23; Luke 9:62; 17:32

Abraham was a righteous man who walked with Me and kept his distance from
wicked Sodom. His nephew Lot typified the believer who doesn’t want to seem
fanatical or out of sync with those around him.
Abraham was unselfish and considerate. When he realized that he had to part
ways with his nephew so their their cattle and sheep would have sufficient
pasturage, he offered Lot first choice of the land.
Earthly-minded Lot immediately chose the fertile plain around Sodom.
Abraham would remain in the Land of Canaan with his flocks and herds.
The devil isn’t stupid enough to think you’ll set foot in Sodom all at once. At
first, Lot simply pitched his tent at a safe distance outside the city. Still, he gazed
upon the place with longing eyes. His heart was in Sodom before the rest of him
moved there! If the devil has your heart, he’s already won.
Before long, Lot was living a cozy life in Sodom. Being a righteous man, he
was very troubled about the depraved moral condition of the city. But he felt
unable to make much of a difference. Had he not shuddered at the thought of
returning to the rigors of the pastoral life, he might not have remained under the
influence of that city. The devil can use the comforts of the flesh to keep people
in bondage to him.

Eventually, Sodom and her four sister cities came under attack. Lot and his
family were taken captive, along with other residents of those wicked cities.
When a saint compromises with the devil, he is weakened by sin and taken
captive by his lust, just like an unbeliever!
But his Uncle Abraham had not compromised with the world, but remained
separate from it. He was strong in the Lord. He took some well-trained men and
went to rescue Lot. The enemy was vanquished. Lot was set free, with all he
owned restored to him. Believers who are strong should wage spiritual warfare to
liberate saints taken captive by satan.
The King of Sodom was so grateful he offered to reward Abraham for his valor.
But Abraham told him he wouldn’t accept anything from him, not so much as a
shoestring. Abraham would not be contaminated by anything from Sodom, and he
didn’t want the wicked to be able to boast that they had been the source of his
wealth. While Lot was eager to enjoy all the benefits of life in wicked Sodom,
Abraham held all its treasures in disdain.
Instead of taking that experience as a warning to consider his ways, Lot
returned to the city. Some believers are content to remain weak witnesses to
what the devil does in society, instead of becoming strong witnesses testifying of
My saving power.

Wicked Sodom did not give thanks to the God of Abraham for its deliverance.
Instead, it grew still more evil and debased. I got so disgusted with the
perversion and cruelty of the Cities of the Plain that I decided I had to utterly
destroy them. Sin can so consume a person or society that it is past all hope of

When Abraham learned of My intention, he pleaded with Me to spare Sodom
for the sake of Lot and any other righteous people who might be living there. At
length, he pleaded with me, wondering how many godly residents Sodom would
need for Me to change My mind. At every turn the number proposed by
Abraham and agreed to by Me decreased. Fearfully and finally, he asked Me if I

would change My mind if there were only ten righteous people in the city. I said I
would spare the city if even ten righteous could be found there.
Abraham left the negotiations somewhat confident that Sodom would be
spared. Surely ten upright individuals could be found, even in that sordid city.
Even random probability would dictate that, reasoned Abraham.
Sodom was so sold out to wickedness that there were no absolutely no
restraints on degenerate behavior. Two angels were sent to Sodom to warn Lot to
leave immediately, with his family. Soon all the perverts in town were gathered
outside Lot’s house, demanding that Lot turn the angels over to them for their
sinful gratification.

Lot felt helpless in the face of such an onslaught. He offered to throw out his
own daughters, in order to spare the visitors, but the crowd would not listen.
They said Lot had no right to tell them how to live, and they would assault him,
too. Any believer who traffics with the world and partakes of its evil culture soon
loses his courage and fears the devil. Satan will laugh at you if you sojourn in his
spiritual territory!

The angels struck the crowd of perverts with blindness, so they were unable
to harm Lot. The angels told Lot to go warn anyone who might be related to him.
He went to warn his sons-in-law, but they only made fun of him. If you refuse to
take a stand for righteousness now, your witness to unbelievers will be in vain
when the day of judgment looms!
Lot had narrowly escaped homosexual attack, but he was still was reluctant
to leave the city with the angels. By then, he’d grown so used to life in Sodom, he
actually feared being set free from the devil’s domain. If you remain long enough
in satan’s domain, you will develop soul ties to sin which are hard to sever, and
the devil will imprison you with fear! Satan deceives his captives into thinking
they can easily make a break with sin any time they choose.
The angels had to take Lot, his wife, and two daughters by the hand and lead
them out forcibly, they were so loath to leave. Furthermore, the angels
commanded Lot and his family not to look back as they fled to the city of Zoar.
But Lot’s wife looked back with longing at the home she’d held so dear. She
perished in the overthrow of the Cities of the Plain, and was turned into a pillar of
salt. Many who have escaped the pollutions of this world through the knowledge
of the Lord Jesus Christ are even now looking back to their own destruction!
Lot and his daughters had no sooner found shelter in a cave than the two
girls cooked up a diabolical scheme to ensure they wouldn’t end up childless.
Both of them, on succeeding nights, got their father drunk so they could rouse
lust in him. Lot fathered his own grandsons, Moab and Ben-ammi, progenitors of
the Moabites and Ammonites, peoples whom Israel would later war against. Lot
and his daughters had gotten out of Sodom, only to take some of Sodom with
them. Children pay dearly when their parents sojourn in Sodom!

David’s Damaged Authority

Numbers 32:23; II Samuel Chapters 11, 12, and 13; Proverbs 17:25; and
19:13; Romans 6:23

David found fleeting pleasure in those stolen moments, lying with the wife of
one of his most loyal army officers. The young Bathsheba felt a mixture of
bewilderment, awe and shame. Just why had he asked her to come lie with him?
Didn’t the King have many other wives and concubines to satisfy his longings?
Did this great ruler’s authority, she wonder, even extend to taking any woman of
his choice, whatever her marital status? What would her long-absent husband
Uriah say, if he should find out? And once he came home to her, how could she
ever look him in the eye again? Surely her beautifully expressive eyes would let
him know something was amiss.

As she was about to discover, something else would give her dark secret away.
There were signs in her body which portended the birth of a child_and it was not
to be Uriah’s. He had been gone from home far too long.
David began to sweat when a courier brought some upsetting news. He had
gambled with his body and hers, and lost. It had taken just one sin session to
get them both into this awful mess. What could he do now? There seemed to be
but one answer, however distasteful it was to him. Get Uriah home at once!
On the pretext that he wanted only a detailed report on the progress of the
war with the Ammonites, David had Uriah dispatched from the battle front to the
Royal Palace. After conferring with him just long enough to avert suspicion, David
dismissed him to go home and spend the night with his wife.
But Uriah foiled his King’s plot. The next morning, David discovered that his
conscientious army officer had refused to go home, preferring instead to sleep in
the army barracks. He would not, he said, enjoy the pleasures of home while all
the other soldiers were out on the battlefield fighting for their country.
David resorted to desperate tactics. That evening, he invited Uriah to dinner
and got him drunk. But it didn’t work. Uriah just wouldn’t go home to sleep with

By now David was beside himself with dread of what was to come. He could
be deposed as King, or even stoned to death for adultery, along with Bathsheba.
Now sin had come between him and his God. David knew He could not ask the
Lord to help him deceive Uriah, because His ways are infinitely higher than those
of man, and He would not aid and abet his sin. Name-it-and-claim-it theology
would not have provided an easy way out for David.
David sent a sealed letter by courier to General Joab, instructing him to set
Uriah at the forefront of the fighting, where the battle was hottest. The first
phase of his plan worked. Uriah was killed almost immediately, and David thought
his problem was solved. After a respectable period of mourning, he brought
Uriah’s grieving widow back to the Palace to be his bride. Surely, he thought, no
one would be any the wiser after the baby was born. People might even think it
was his own child born prematurely.
But Nathan the Prophet knew the truth. He told David a shocking parable,
which forced the erring King to own up to his sin. David tearfully repented and
was forgiven, but was told he would have to be severely punished.
Trouble began immediately. David’s little son fell sick with a high fever. David
fasted and prayed for seven days, but the child died. David’s reputation was
besmirched. His foes gloated over his humiliation. The very atmosphere of the
Palace began to be soured by strife. There would be no peace there after that,
only thinly veiled hostilities between rival factions. Some of David’s wives, sons,
and courtiers quarrelled over who would ascend to the Throne after he died.
Spying ears were hard pressed against doorways throughout the Palace, and no
one felt truly secure. Through David’s great sin, evil spirits of hatred, vice and
contention had been unleashed upon the royal court, and would be deeply
entrenched for generations to come.

David sat dejectedly on his Throne. Never had he had known greater
heartache. His villainous son Amnon had pretended to be sick in bed. What was
wrong? the King had asked. Stomach ache, Amnon replied; from
overindulgence, perhaps, but perhaps a change of diet would aid his digestion.
Undiscerning to the danger, David had been duped into sending Amnon’s
beautiful half-sister Tamar to the schemer’s home so she could bake him some
honey cakes to help him feel better. Amnon lured his godly sister into his bed
chamber and violated her. Afterward he threw her out of his house in disgust.
Now was the awful moment when Amnon must face the King’s judgment.
Amnon knew that this time his indulgent dad might not go so easy on him. He’d
better keep his wits about him, he thought, and do his best to pacify the old man.
This was an extremely serious offense he’d committed, a felony punishable by

death. His cunning brain got to work, and he hit on a solution. He had a real ace
up his sleeve for sure!

Never in his entire life had Amnon seen the King so enraged over anything. He
began to shake. He hoped he wouldn’t have to drop his big bombshell to save his
skin. That could be dangerous.
This time it wasn’t his amiable dad calling him in for a paternal chat; this was
the offended King of the Realm sitting in judgment on a capital case. After David
finished giving his despicable son such a blistering sermon that he feared for his
life, the lad whimpered: “Who are YOU to talk? YOU made me into what I am!
YOU know what YOU did to get Bathsheba_or have YOU already forgotten? YOU
didn’t have to die for YOUR sin. YOU didn’t even lose YOUR throne! If YOU got
off so easy, then why shouldn’t I? Whatever punishment YOU inflict on me, YOU
should also suffer YOURSELF!”
David reeled from the hammering blows of those words. He remembered how
the Prophet Nathan had stood before his Throne, and told him that damning
parable about a rich man who’d stolen his poor neighbor’s only pet lamb to kill
and cook for his dinner guest, rather than slaughtering an animal from his own
vast flock. The prophet’s ringing indictment reverberated through his mind: YOU
are the man!

David’s expression melted from lionlike indignation to deep penitence.
Amnon’s insolent rebuke had hit its mark, and stung the King’s heart heart
deeply. Here he was, King over the Lord’s Heritage, with the power of life and
death over all his subjects, and he had just lost authority in his own home. His
own son didn’t reverence him. All David could do was meekly mutter: “You’re
right about that, son. Who am I to punish you?”
Amnon smirked with serpentine satisfaction. Now things were going his way,
he thought. His father was subdued. He was no longer yelling insults at him. He
seemed rather composed now, meek as a lamb. Amnon thought he’d won, that
he was off the hook completely.
But David wasn’t quite finished castigating the impudent lad. “I cannot lay
my hand upon you, perverse son of wickedness. Indeed, your crime merits
punishment far worse than any mere man could visit upon you. It is true I am
unworthy to mete out such terrible retribution as you deserve. You have judged
rightly, son. I, who protected my sheep from the perils of the wilderness, have
led you astray. I must answer to God for what I’ve done, but don’t flatter
yourself by thinking no evil shall ever be visited upon you. You also must face the
Judge of all the earth, that One Whose ways you hold in contempt. You shall be
punished as I am being punished, even by the Hand of the Most High.”
“Truly my sin was a sin worthy of death. But because I have humbled myself
before my Maker, He has blotted out my transgression, great as it was, and He
has redeemed my soul from the Pit. In mercy He has allowed His unworthy
servant to remain upon this Throne, which is rightfully His. And once He sees fit
to depose me by death, He alone shall have the right to decide Who occupies it

“Naturally, Father, it must be I,” said Amnon nervously. “I am your first-born

son, am I not?”

“You were my rightful heir, Amnon, but no more,” said David wearily. “It is
not for me to say who shall get what is the Lord’s to give. The Lord has already
chosen a man to sit upon My Throne when I am gone.”
Greatly unsettled, Amnon sputtered, “But, Sire, I’m still your first-born son! I
have a right to reign on your Throne! You’re no better than I am, and you know
it! Where, in heaven’s name, is the justice in all this madness? Or, have you
already reserved the Throne for Bathsheba’s latest son?”
David winced, struggling to control his temper. “Amnon, you have forfeited
your own inheritance as firstborn son, even as the Patriarch Reuben did when he
lay with his father’s concubine Bilhah. Regardless of which wife I cherish the
most, only the Hand of God shall set one of my many sons upon the Throne of

Israel. Moreover, you are a fool to think that this Throne could ever shield me
from the awful judgment which is yet to descend upon my head. All the wealth of
my kingdom was insufficient to redeem the life of my innocent little son who was
struck dead by the Hand of the Almighty because of my folly. God only knows
who else must die because of me. And through your sin, my house has been
struck again with sorrow. My desolate daughter might as well be dead. Indeed,
her heart has already withered because you killed it. As for me, death would
have given me too quiet an end. No, but I must live to pay for the theft of my
poor neighbor’s little lamb, and be requited in kind for the innocent blood I shed
to cover up my crime.”

Amnon raised his eyebrows and shrugged. He plucked some grapes from a
fruit bowl. All this to-do over a mere woman, he thought, giving his father a
vacuous look.

“Do you not care,” inquired David, “that your mother now bears the reproach
of your sin; that ever since the terrible news reached the Palace, she and
Maachah have been at each other’s throats, and my other wives and concubines
have been quarrelling, taking sides against each other in the matter?”
“That silly flock of hens,” chuckled Amnon. “Always cackling and pecking at
each other. Women are like that. Never mind, Father. They’ll tire of quibbling
over it soon enough.”

Fire rekindled in David’s eyes. “You fool! How DARE you speak to me like
that! After all your mother suffered with me in the desolate wilderness of my
exile, do you think she deserves such an arrogant ass as you for a son, heaping
yet more affliction upon her head? Were it not for the high esteem in which I
hold this good and decent woman, I would thrust you through with my sword at
this very moment!”

Amnon cringed. It would not do to rouse the ire of this seasoned old lion of
war. “Oh, please, sire” he whimpered. “I spoke out of turn. I’m so sorry for
upsetting the womenfolk. I swear, I’ll say nothing more to offend you. And,” he
added diplomatically, “God grant you respite from all the turmoil of this place!”
“Oh,” sighed David, “ that I could flee this quarrelsome place and take refuge
in the hills of Judah, there to tend my docile flock once more. But that is not to
be. You, Amnon, are a pestilence sent to vex me and afflict me for what I have
done. I must remain here to be tormented by the likes of you. No, I cannot
escape God’s righteous judgment. In great fearfulness I await the full measure
of my just punishment which is yet to descend upon my head. Daily I live in
dread of it. Had my fate been placed in the hands of my enemies, I would long
ago have been slain. I live, rather, to endure the chastening of My Maker. Oh,
that I could flee and find rest! Even so, Sheol itself could not hide me from Him,
for there is no place hidden from His sight. All my ways are open and manifest
before Him.”

A tear stole down David’s cheek. “You do not fear God, son, nor do you seek
His pardon. I know in my heart that even if I were to offer up ten thousand
bullocks today on your behalf, the Lord would not accept one such as you. I fear
that He is even now your enemy, and that you shall die even before I do.”
Amnon’s face whitened, but he dared not voice his thought: Surely my father
is growing more fanatical and fear-ridden by the day. “Oh, surely not, Sire, I’m
in the best of health.”

The King was a broken man. “Please go,” he sobbed, his head bowed. “ I
fear for you so much I can no longer be angry with you. The sight of your face
makes me sick. A foolish son is a grief to his father, and bitterness to her who
bore him. Go now, and leave me alone in my sorrow.”
Amnon slinked away, muttering that David wasn’t fit to be King of Israel, and
just let him or his God try to stop his ambitions for glory.
But Amnon was stopped. Tamar’s equally ambitious, and hot-headed brother
Absalom held a grudge against the King for leaving Amnon’s punishment in God’s
hands. Not even the whispered rumor that Amnon might have been demoted as

heir to the Throne quenched Absalom’s burning lust for revenge. To David’s great
grief, he lived to see his lascivious son murdered by Absalom, who fled to
Geshur, homeland of his mother Maachah. Absalom later took advantage of his
father’s merciful nature so he could return to Israel in order to stage a revolt.
What indescribable agony to David’s sensitive soul, just knowing his own son
hated him enough to want to kill him!
How Absalom broke his father’s heart. Absalom hated David for sparing
Amnon’s life after the outrage perpetrated on his sister. He drove him into
political exile and went hunting for him to kill him_the very same trials David had
suffered at the hand of King Saul in his youth. Absalom mustered an army to try
to seize the Throne of Israel by a military coup. This was one of the worst trials of
David’s life, being persecuted by a treacherous son who was bent on murdering
him to get his throne. Absalom succeeded in persuading many of the choicest
warriors of Israel to join in his rebellion against his own father. Moreover, he
insulted his own father by seducing ten of his concubines. He knew full well this
vile deed would be interpreted as a claim to the Throne of Israel.
But Absalom’s diabolical bid for power was unsuccessful. For his insurrection,
he was executed by General Joab. His tender-hearted father was grief-stricken for
the rest of his days.

Death is the wages of sin. Sin robs saints of victory and authority, and is an
open door for the devil to oppress them in every area of life.

The Gift Certificate

John 4:7-14; Romans 5:15-21; Hebrews 10:29

Enclosed in the pages of My Holy Word you’ll find the most valuable Gift
Certificate of all time: My free offer of eternal life through the Sacrifice of My
Own dear Spotless Son, Who personally paid for it. All you have to do is repent
and accept the offer of My Life living in and through you, and you shall never die.
In like manner the Samaritan woman at the well thirsted for Living Water which
only I was able to give her.
But what is the reaction of the vast majority of humanity to My generosity and
kindness? It is like the spoiled little rich girl who had an eye only for big,
impressive showy gifts that appealed to her snobbish pride. One morning the
petulant child began to rip through a huge pile of prettily wrapped gift boxes.
She would admire one toy or dress, cast it aside and shout: “What else did I get
for MY birthday?” And as she plowed through her gift pile she would forget to
thank all those doting friends and relatives who tried to keep her happy. She
almost overlooked a mere envelope contributed by a poor aunt. The child opened
it last of all and sighed: “Oh, it’s just a card, big deal.”
Swallowing her tears, her aunt choked: “Open it, dear, there’s a gift inside,

just for you.”

At first the little girl’s eyes went round as saucers. All she noticed was the
number. “It says it’s worth ten dollars! I can buy all the candy I want now,
without asking Mama!”

“They don’t sell candy at the Bible Book Shop where it’s redeemable,” said her
aunt. “I was hoping you’d pick out a nice little Bible or some other Christian book
for yourself, to remember me by.”
The child’s face fell as she realized it wasn’t just any ten dollars she had, that
it must not be spent on frivolous things but things good for her soul.
Angrily she ripped the certificate to shreds, spat on it and stomped on it,
making a horrific commotion. “I hate you, you old witch! Go home! You’re just a
crazy religious nut! I wish you hadn’t come to spoil MY birthday!”
The aunt bowed her head. Sad tears rolled down her cheeks. “I went without
my medicine all this week just so I could buy that for you. And don’t worry about

me spoiling any more of your birthdays. One day soon I’ll be going home to Jesus
and you’ll never get another gift certificate from me again.”
One of these days My own Gift Certificate will expire and lost sinners will
never hear Me calling them to repentance ever again.

Strongholds of satan

Luke 6:39; II Cor.10:4

Many religious folks are in bondage, saith the Lord, to strongholds of the
flesh, those things which are pleasurable to the five senses. But they are utterly
deaf, blind, and insensitive to those things which please Me. They are bound by
the cords of their own sins. Like Pharaoh, their sins are grievous, harsh
taskmasters wielding a whip over them and demanding endless service to satan,
so that they cannot go forth and serve Me in pureness of heart.
Spirits of adultery are filling the pews of various churches, and especially the
pulpits. Image-conscious pastors and elders are happily trading in their old
spouses for fresher faces "to enhance their images" as better complements to
their ministries. My Spirit weeps within them as He prepares to take His
departure from those who say they can do it again and again and still get easy
forgiveness. Those ministers of deceit teach their people that "God understands"
because "He knoweth our frame". In such a manner even Holy Scripture can be
misused for the devil's own ends. And such a minister will hallow "love" born of
cheating and adutery. He reasons that it would be mean-spirited and unloving not
to give in to the world’s definition of love.
Truly the blind are leading the blind, supposing that I shall be forever patient
with their perverse ways of darkness. Preaching against sin has gone out of
fashion because sin is still popular among so many church leaders. How can
someone mired in deep quicksand lead another person out? Some dare to sing of
the cleansing blood which will easily, painlessly and conveniently wash away
every dark episode of infidelity in their lives, though they intend to repeat the
same bad behavior. Lip service is given to repentance from the pulpits of America
on down. Other countries considered far less religious have already admitted that
they are post-Christian, and their so-called cathedrals are now empty. They
admit they are reverting to the paganism of their ancestors. But how can it be
considered any better for churchgoers to have a casual, unfeeling attitude toward
My grace and toward the meaning (and proper duties) of repentance? Both the
so-called post-Christian culture and the church-going world-embracing culture
are in deep trouble with Me. But while I sorrow over those who say that
Christianity is dying out in their lands, I fear even more for those who are too
blind to see the danger they’re in because satan tells them they’re perfectly okay.
Church-going compromisers with sin are deceived by the enemy into a false
sense of eternal security. They think that despite their continual, repeated
rebellion against Me that they are still safe in the Ark of My Salvation and the
quicksand beneath them will never give way beneath the weight of their filthy

Let those who walk carelessly in matters of morality and repentance beware:
You can fool your own heart, but you cannot pull the wool over the eyes of the
Good Shepherd. I know you better than you know yourselves. Yet those who
continually walk before Me in true repentance and humility of heart, trusting in
My Blood may rest in the peace which I impart to souls justified by faith.
Ye adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not that the friendship of the world is
enmity with God? whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy
of God (James 4:4).

Love Does Not Deny My Holiness

Exodus 32:33; Ezekiel 3:17; 33:7;

Isaiah 56:10-11; 58:1; Matt.5:32; 19:9;
Rom.1:18-32; Titus Chapter 2; Heb.12:14

Certain watchmen of the church are lowering their guard, saith the Lord. I
have appointed them to sit as protectors of My flock to warn against the incursion
of bad doctrine and outright immorality into the sanctuary of the Lord. Sternly
but lovingly they have, in times past, sounded the alarm whenever they could see
that a wayward sheep was about to be led away by satan in chains of darkness.
Their eyes were anointed with a divine unction to be able to see dangers of
humanism, deceit and devilish standards of so-called love which have ended up
destroying many of My people's marriages and homes.
But what do I see now but pagan philosophies of men replacing the clearly
written standards of My own Holy Word? So-called sensitivity training is rapidly
eplacing the Biblical ministry of exhortation and shepherding under the guidance
of the Lord Jesus Christ. People are being allowed to come to the Table of the
Lord without first being willing to part from their sins. People have been upset
by having their pastor tell them why they cannot continue in an adulterous
relationship, so they "move the letter" of their church membership elsewhere.
But who places people in the real Body of Jesus Christ the Church, except I, the
Lord? Men cannot place you in My Body, nor can they expel you from My Body.
They can order you to leave their gathering, but only I have the authority to blot
you out of My book. And as you abide in Christ, trusting in the merits of His shed
Blood in full assurance of faith, I will never do that.
People get their feelings hurt when they are taught that one man cannot sleep
with another man and still keep My command to depart from fornication. A
woman gets offended when told it is wrong to try to split up another woman's
marriage to steal her husband. Young girls are provoked when they are told it is
wrong to wear mini-skirts to get boys to lust after them. Men accuse their pastor
of being a legalistic busybody when he teaches that it is wrong to download porn
to stimulate their carnal lusts.
Yea, there are renegade watchmen of the church who cringe at the thought
that they could make a backslider feel bad about what he or she is doing wrong.
So they decide it's okay to just not mention the bad and the ugly and only talk
about "love" to make the sinner feel better about himself or herself. In fact, they
have reached the point where the only "sins" they'll watch for anymore to keep
out of the church are politically incorrect transgressions like "intolerance" and
"judgmentalism". In the name of "peace", any feel-good doctrine is all right, and
any type of "relationship" is okay "so long as it's a "loving and stable

My Son made quite clear His stance on the controversial issue of marriage,
divorce and remarriage. One man, one woman, for life. That commandment is all
too easily broken and set aside by Christian couples, even in cases where no
infidelity of any kind has occurred to justify a legal dissolution of the marriage.
Yet the most popular of so-called Christian leaders are leading the way in
teaching My people to be unfaithful to My commandments. If you are faithful to
Me and My Word richly abides in you, you will be far more likely to see your own
marriage partner as I see him or her: as a precious gift not to be lightly cast
aside or abused in any way. But what do I see instead?
Adultery, adultery everywhere in the camp of the saints round about Me. And
just what is your definition of a stable relationship? The most respected icons of
today's Christian pop culture have those among them who think they've done just
fine if they've hung onto a mate for several years. Even if little children are born
to their union, these selfish pleasers of the flesh will not put their first families
first. Instead, they'll flit from bed to bed to gratify their carnal lusts. But my
sleeping guard dog watchmen of the church turn a blind eye to it all before
turning over to go back to sleep.

My word couldn't possibly be clearer on what constitutes holiness. Holiness is
a separation unto Me, and a denial of worldly lusts, accomplished through the
power of Christ within you, not through self-effort. Holiness has nothing to do
with the style of your shirt or the length of your hair. But heart attitude is
everything. If you wear skimpy clothing with the express purpose of getting
someone to lust after you, you are not abiding in the holiness of Christ your Lord.
If only you could get a correct concept of the utter purity of the divine nature
and the terribleness of lust and sin in My sight, you would never again consider it
unloving or barbaric to be true to My command to pursue holiness and to warn
the unruly. I speak particulary to the elders and pastors among My people. It is
no fun to lose part of your congregation because they want to be free to indulge
their lusts without criticism, but in the end, it is not people who will hold you to
account but the Lord Who purchased you with His own precious Blood.
Without holiness no one shall be able to abide My Presence throughout
eternity. I cannot and will not be misrepresented before this wicked and perverse
generation, anymore than I would have been willing for the lukewarm Lot to
misrepresent Me before the men of Sodom.
The watchmen have grown more timid because others have told them they
have no right to talk about right and wrong. After all, the watchmen are human
too, and subject to the same common temptation to sin. But I commissioned My
prophet Isaiah to cry aloud and spare not, and to lift up his voice like a trumpet,
not in a timid whisper. He was to show My people their sins. Jeremiah often
complained to me that he was unliked and unpopular because he was not allowed
to say things which people enjoyed hearing. He asked Me why he could not
preach a more pleasant message. But he was willing to obey and even suffer for
My sake to deliver warnings to his own nation of Israel. The consequences of
disobedience to Me would have been far graver than what these brave prophets
suffered, and their loss would have been eternal, even far worse than the
temporal consequences they endured.
The fear of man is a deep snare. If you watchmen of the church truly fear the
Lord, you'll understand that My love must sometimes be tough enough to sternly
warn a straying sheep away from the Precipice of Destruction, and away from the
mouth of hell which has enlarged herself to swallow up the perverse of heart.
Be gentle. Lead by example. Don't be overly critical of another person's likes
or dislilkes, especially when you are sure they are not expressly prohibited by My
Word. But be on guard against the wiles of the devil in your midst. Be aware of
how the enemy can use even lawful things to serve as slippery slopes which lead
to a bad testimony before outsiders. Be compassionate, remembering that you
also are in continual need of My mercy and grace. But be firm in your leadership
as you lead people away from satan and sin and toward the heavenly City of God,
wherein dwelleth only Holiness unto the Lord.

The Dead Tree

Psalms 37:35; Jeremiah 17:7-8; Mark 11:12-14; 20-21; I Peter 5:8

When Adam first sinned against Me in the Garden, was it not through wilfully
partaking of the fruit of the forbidden tree? Indeed, sin makes inroads through
deception, for satan deceived Eve into partaking of it first by drawing her
attention to the beauty and alluring fragrance of that fruit. He told her that I was
being selfish and unfair, reserving the best for Myself, and giving her and her
husband only that which was inferior. Thus, satan was able to introduce a spirit
of prideful competitiveness into a world which had previously been governed by
harmonious cooperation with Me.
The fruits of that one act of disobedience proliferate even today, six millennia
later. Everyone outside My Spirit of Love is ultimately motivated by self-interest
and greed. Lust and warfare abound. People refuse to come to Me because they
prefer the darkness and hate the Light.

Even professing Christians treat My Word like a buffet table. They claim
heaping helpings of prosperity, health, and all the good and pleasant things of
life. But many look askance at Scriptures which exhort men to a holy life, charity
toward their brethren, and fidelity in marriage. These godly admonitions are
dismissed as legalism by lascivious backsliders.
I have had to judge many precious saints and take them out of this world
because false teachers misled them into thinking that fleshly immorality is OK
so long as you remember to say “I’m sorry, Lord,” after each sin session.
Through their attitude and example heretics say that My Word is no longer
relevant, and only feelings (or absence of them) matter. Yet very few realize that
it is the devil who makes husbands and wives lose feelings for each other. He is
constantly out on the prowl, seeking careless souls to devour.
These reprobates straddle the border, one foot in the world, the other in My
Kingdom. They inhabit imaginary gray areas, ducking My penetrating Light which
exposes their “lifestyle” as ugly, repulsive sin.
Sin put My only-begotten Son on the Cross. How dare people say I withhold
My best from them? I spared not My own Holy Child from shame and spitting,
from scourging, humiliation and crucifixion. I spared not My own heart on that
awful, but victorious day when My precious Son triumphed over the powers of hell
through His own obedient Sacrifice of Himself. This world could have been
obliterated out of existence, and My Son rescued from His tormentors, but He
wanted to save every repentant descendant of Adam.
Yet so many lukewarm believers refuse to make even the smallest sacrifices
of obedience. Many reason: The Lord wants me to be happy and fulfilled as an
individual. Only he or she can make me complete. So why remain chained to a
husband or wife who no longer appeals to me?

MY people, do not deceive yourselves. I never change. Hopping from one
bed to another is a vile, filthy abomination in the world, and even more so among
believers. Such transgressors shall not go unpunished.
Even professing believers have been attracted to that massive, overspreading
tree of sin which dominates the landscape of the world. Its very size and
influence are intimidating to those who should be making a firm stand for truth in
these closing days before Tribulation wrath descends upon the earth.
Behold, they think in their hearts, sin is so firmly entrenched in this earth
that it can never be uprooted. Look at the sheer enormity of our foe!

Yea, the wicked one spreads himself out like a green bay tree. His roots and
branches spread out in every direction to fill the entire earth. In pride and greed
he puffs himself up, competing and seeking to dominate. Even believers can
easily be overawed by his all-pervasive influence and power in worldly society,
even as Israel was intimidated into inaction by the sight of the giant Goliath.
But I have cursed that evil tree. It is a dead tree. The fig tree cursed by
Jesus was stripped of its life force the moment He uttered those fateful words of
judgment. At first sight, nothing had happened to it. But the next day, as he and
his disciples were passing by, they saw that it had dried up from its roots. The
world system dominated by Lucifer is already cursed, and it is soon to perish.
Those who take shelter beneath its already-rotting branches are in danger of
being crushed by them as they break off and fall.
The sap of life no longer nourishes a dead tree. Neither leaves nor fruit
appear on its lifeless limbs. It is fit only to be a habitation of birds, until such
time it is chopped down and cast into the fire as fuel.
I have promised that the righteous who are planted beside the River of Life
shall never be moved by the evil one. Their leaves shall be green, and they shall
never cease to yield fruit. The heat and the drought of this world shall never
affect them, for their strength is in Me, saith the Lord Almighty.

God’s Warning to the Unrepentant

Isaiah 66:24; Matt. 18:6-9; Mark 9:42-48; Luke 16:19-31

I the Lord am the only escape from that fire which is to come, a fire far worse
than could ever rage in this world, an everlasting fire which is as inextinguishable
as My just wrath against all wickedness.
Why do I hate sin and perversion so much? Because it destroys innocent
souls which I have made in My own image. Daily I am grieved at the bloodlust of
evil men. By day and by night the cries of innocent babes and children arise to
My Throne. I hear the screams of little children victimized by brutality and by
the lust of men so evil they are beneath the vilest beasts of the earth. I am well
able to restore purity and peace in precious souls who had to suffer in such a
world as this, but I can do nothing for those who refuse to forsake their sins.
I see many people in middle age and old age reminiscing with loved ones and
friends about the pranks they pulled when they were young, the mean things
they did to others in the name of “fun”. These perverts still make sport of the
ones they victimized. They laugh and joke about the lonely soul they singled
out for derision and isolated in the freezing solitary cell of utter loneliness.
Well, I have news for such sinners. Hell is a furnace of fire, but it is also a
place of utter loneliness. Billions of bullies will end up in hell for their wickedness.
Every last one of them imprisoned in that dark region of torment will feel a
rejection far worse than they inflicted on their fellow human being. They will feel
the icy cold of desolate loneliness clawing at their cruel hearts. And the presence
of other sinners in hell will provide no relief for their well-deserved punishment!
I say to such ones: Don’t brag that you’ll be throwing wild parties in hell, and
all your friends will be down there too. When you’re crying with remorse and
need comfort, they’ll be unwilling and unable to comfort you because they will
also be in the same wretched state of torment. Love and caring will be totally
absent in those who gave their whole lives to victimizing others. They will be
utterly wrapped up in their own miseries. Every last vestige of civility will have
faded from their personalities, and they will, in hell, be finally stripped of their
masks. Their wild savagery will be manifest for all to see, and by then they will
be beyond all hope of redemption from a condition of sin which will be
permanent. Every trace of what passes for goodness will be utterly gone like a
mist faded away, for those debauched souls will not have founded their lives
upon that One Whose righteousness alone is enduring.
When there are no innocent souls available for them to harass, the wicked will
make each other’s hell even worse by showing their true colors: mean and
selfish beasts who exist only to stoke the fires of their perverted lusts.
The worst punishment in hell is I won’t be around to comfort anybody who

chooses to go there!

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