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“WERE ef 1S The famous "FREE ENERGY" motor. Here are drawings and instructions to help you build your own working model. A precision instrument, originally built by Howard Menger in 1956 and received national attention on radio, television and ig described on page 172 in Howard Menger's first book, "From Outer Space'To You" published in 1959 in the U. S., France and Germany. The Magnetic Motor will, once started, run by itself, without batteries, for an indefinite length of time, dependin&™” on your "tuning" and skill in adjustments . Werdon't-claimn per petual-motion of course, but this motor has fascinated children and adults for hours. It is great for scientific and educational study of the energy potential available in permanent magnets. It could be used in schools and colleges. Magnets are still somewhat of a mystery to the scientists of today! Maybe YOU will discover secrets as yet unknownl EXCLUSIVE with HOWARD MENGER EG 6 845 28TH AVENUE. ; VERO BEACH, FLORIDA 32860 a) (407) 562 ¢1163-US.A 4 THERE 1S No suCH THING § AS FREE ENERGY, OR PERPETUAL MOTION AS FAR AS WE KNOW, THE ONLY THING THAT'S PERMANENT IS CHANGE! IL} (1) Morse shoe magnet with hole for shaft (2) and sleeve bearing (3). . .(4) washer: (8) cotter ping. (8) hook to hold spring (7)...@)finger adjustment screw for spring ‘angion on horse shoemagnet )) plastic, brass or copper or wood base glued together or soldered. [f plastic, use methylene chloride (carefully). (10) two sleeve bearings to support shaits tii). This may be one single shaft if the dise magnet (12) has a hole in its center. If not, the shafts must be glued on center on each side, o* drill and tap. (12) this is a brass disc. drilled and tapped as showa for shaft (11), (13) is also drilled and tapped for three short shafts (14) all the sam? length, to be ctly equidistant and threaded for the three lead or brass EAN? abified’ and tapped $4 they may be “tuned” as weights to overcome the natural equilibrium the magnets (1) and (12) are seeking while in moti ca will eateh on quickly once you get it built and running, and you may improve on it with your own ideas. Remember ...this is not perpetual motion. It is an educational toy for young and old, It has an element of mystery. waiting to be solved. Tt magnetic energy in motion. With proper “tuning who ‘snows how 1 Tun? Build it any size you wish - size depends on now large magnets are At first you may Want to start the motion by hand. holding the karseshoe magaet (1) opposite the disc magnet (12) without using the spring and finger adjustment. Your parts suppliers are: General Electric Co., Edmore, Mich, 48629. ai Engineering Co., y,arengo, Ill. 60152, also hardware stores, siga shops. machine shops. plastic and hobby shops, model builders shops, etc. EXCLUSIVE with HOWARD MENGER hows tie magnetic motor running by manipulating the Sorse shoe magnet (1) in a left U) right horizontal motion. The model shown is not tunable becaise it uses a flywheel instead of PEOTO #2 (:op view) three brass balls as shown in drawings. You could , however. place a flywhee' on the left side, which would help to keep it in motion. There are also electro-magnetic applications and extrapolation in my Aulvanced mode's which have rua for long periods of time and are capable of regen- eration and peoducing electric power, either stationary or in a moving vehicle. Good luck and good experimenting. Page 2 L. x HOWARD MENGER 845 28TH AVENUE VERO BEACH, FLORIDA 32960 (407) 662+1183-US.A ‘ A- DISC MAGNET WITH HOLE B- HORSESHOE MAGNET C- GRASS AQUOSTABLE SPRING ENSEMBLE D~DRASS BALLS, DRILLED & TAPPER FoR 2 SHAFTS, BRASS, THREADED BiTH ewps-¢F) E - BRASS DISC, PRILLED & TAPPED For SHAFTS F 4 FA q FG FA § FB ARE GLvED With APOKY OSETHER (N HOLE OF DISC A F- 3 BRASS SHAFTS G- BRASS, COPPER, Woop OP Ye" eastic BASE H-SLEEVE, oR GALL BEARINGS poe SHAFTS FAG FB cI- BRASS SHAFT GLVEP To BASE, FITS wWTo SLEEVE BEARIVG J - J- sieeve BEARING K- SPRING, 8 RETAN NOTES OF IMPORTANCE : You MAY 0 SE JUST ONE SINGLE SHAFT WeSteab OF Rela 4 ¢ FS. ISE METHYL CHUORIDE To Gwe UiesMes. bo WoT BREATH (TW!