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SuceesStart for Sponsors

SuceesStart for Sponsors

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Published by: Danielle Holtzman on Jul 30, 2009
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You’ve sponsored a new to achieve

SPONSOR’S guide Sponsors’ Frequently Asked Questions
How much time will it take to train a new Consultant?
Each new person’s needs will be different. It’s important to keep the training process easy (and not overwhelming!) for both you and your new Consultant. Invite her to one of your upcoming parties and plan for about three brief training phone calls to get her started.

team member.

Are you ready to lead your new Consultant

Success Start Rewards?

Learn to help your new Consultant to start her
Southern Living At HOME business...in style! As she earns Success Start rewards, you can earn up to

Why should i emphasize booking at least four parties before the kit arrives?
Everyone wants to feel successful as early as possible. With parties on your new Consultant’s calendar, she’ll be motivated to learn quickly. Build on her desire to feel successful. Experienced sponsors know that it’s best to explain the how-tos of the business after she has her parties in place.



M Ra


in cash.

What if my new Consultant needs marketing materials before her kit arrives?

Grow your Business Grow your Team

In the event your new Consultant’s parties are scheduled soon after her kit arrives, you may need to lend her a small supply of catalogs and/or invitations.

Do I need to create my own training materials?
Absolutely not! The key to growing a team is to make everything you do simple, fun, and easy to duplicate. Lead your new Consultant to make use of company resources and materials.

Is it a good idea to give my new Consultant extra gifts or prizes when she achieves Success Start?
The Success Start rewards are exciting and generous—there is no need for you to invest in extra gifts! Your words of encouragement and praise will mean more than any gift you could ever purchase.

A sponsor’s role is to help a new Consultant get started with simplicity and style.

© 2009 Southern Living At HOME Southern Living At HOME is a registered trademark of Southern Living, Inc., and is used under license.

L e v e L i S a L e S R e w a R d S ::

days 1–30

L e v e L i i S a L e S R e w a R d S ::

days 1–60

S P O N S O R i N g R e w a R d ::

days 1–60

Lead your new Consultant to sell $1,000 PRS in her first 30 days with a minimum of two parties* Steps to start-up success:
• • • • • • Start rewards.

Lead your new Consultant to sell $2,500 PRS in her first 60 days with a minimum of four parties** Steps to build momentum:
• •

Lead your new Consultant to sponsor ONE new team member in her first 60 days*** Steps to start-up success:
• •

Inspire your new team member to see herself earning Success Guide your new Consultant to book at least four parties before her
Starter Kit arrives.

Write the dates of her first four parties on your calendar. Call on the day of each party:
• • • • • • • • • • How are you feeling about tonight’s party? I’m excited for you! I’ll be thinking about you tonight. I can’t wait to hear all about it. How did you feel about your party? What went well? What was the most fun for you? Would you do anything differently? Who did you meet last night? Who will you call today?

Lead by example. Maintain a strong commitment to sponsoring. Talk with your new team member about how much she’s enjoying
her new business. Ask her to think about who she knows who might enjoy it, too.

Invite her to attend one of your parties—this will build excitement
for the fun of the business.

• In all you do, make it easy for others to duplicate you. Keep your business simple and fun—and you’ll be successful.
Consultant’s Reward:

Ask her to call you on the day her Starter Kit arrives. Focus on first things first. Before teaching the how-tos of the
business, be sure she has at least four bookings on her calendar. calls between the day her Starter Kit arrives and the day of her first party.

Call the day after each party:

• “Roll Out in

Build a strong relationship by holding at least three one-on-one

Style” Kit Carrier
Holds an entire Starter Kit, plus more!

Celebrate your new team member’s success!


Sponsor’s Reward*:

• •

Emphasize building confidence in products, learning to partner
with Hostesses, and creating a party experience. training materials provided in her Starter Kit.

Keep it simple for you and for your new recruit. Lead her to use the When she gets rewarded, you get rewarded!
Consultant’s Reward:

If you are on the road to Director: • Send a hand-written card to congratulate your new recruit for her start-up success. If you are a Director: • Recognize personal team Success Start achievers at meetings and in your team communications. •

in cash!


Invite your new recruit to team meetings, local training events,
and National Convention.
Consultant’s Reward:

or’s Spons S: BONU

Entertaining Bucket and Tray

Red Mountain Iron Entertaining Stand


Sponsor’s Reward:

Total Value: over $130.00

in cash!


• Astoria Flatware Caddy • Gallery Collection


Eight Five-piece Place Settings

Total Value: over $370.00


Sponsor’s Reward:


in cash!


h! in cas


You earn an additional $200

Sponsor’s Bonus when your new Consultant earns all three Success Start Rewards!

Plus…Your new Consultant earns FREE Convention registration and you’ll both be recognized on stage!

*Your new Consultant has 30 days from her Starter Kit ship date to enter a minimum of $1,000 PRS. Her official Starter Kit ship date is located on the Workstation under Order History. **Your new Consultant does not need to qualify for Level 1 Sales Rewards in order to achieve Level 2 Sales Rewards; however, if she does qualify for Level 1 Sales Rewards, she only needs to enter an additional $1,500 PRS to achieve Level 2 Sales Rewards. ***Your new Consultant has 60 days from her Starter Kit ship date to sponsor one new team member. Her new team member will then have 30 days from her Starter Kit ship date to qualify by entering $1,000 PRS. Official Rules are located on your Workstation.

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