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Appendix B: Conversion Formulas

This book emphasizes the fundamentals of different types of pumps, their similarities, and their differences. The number of formulas is not overwhelming, and the few formulas used are simple and straightforward. The user should have no difculties understanding the formulas and their derivations. The units used in the book are U.S. system units. Listed below are a few formulas covering major pump variables, such as ow, pressure, and power for converting U.S. system units of measure to metric units: Flow: GPM(US) GPM GPM = GPM (Imp) = m 3 HR , = liters sec , 4.403 1.2 15.9 Pressure and Head: psi psi psi = atmospheres, = BARS, = MPa 14.7 14.5 145 Power: HP 0.746 = KW Other conversion formulas, if required, may be found in most engineering books and tables.16

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