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Questions 1-5 Look at the text in each question, What does it say? Mark the correct later A, B or C on your answer sheet eae . oo | Af sPeeD caneRas : INUSEON THIS fy & ROAD Do not teke photographs when speeding on this road (Cameras are used to check your speed on this road You may use your high-speed camera on this road, oe Music in the Park | Tickets for Sunday's performance Take 2 tablets twice a day after meals. No ticket is needed if you want to goto the perorman, on Sunday, There are no more tickets let for the performance on Sunday, ‘Sunday's concert is cancelled because no tickets hev been sola, ‘A Eat 2 meals a day, B Take 2 tablets every day. © Eat before taking these tablets, vd, have Hints on answering Reading, Part 1 + Read careilly, and think about the text: e.g., Where would it appear? What is ts purpose? Are there vbual clues that help me? + Think about the general meaning. Don't panic i you don't know every word. + Don't choose an answer just because it contains some of the words in the text, The right answer wil often rephrase the text using diferent words. + Never leave an answer blank, If you're not sure cf the answer, ques! e | [A There are 2 ways of crossing the road. | A LOOK BOTH WAYS BEFORE CROSSING ROAD. 1B Cheok for cars betore crossing the road. © You ean erass the road in 2 places. B Do not bend when you ate taking photographs. A. Phone Mary when you get home. Mary is arranging @ meeting tonight. © Mary will call when she gets back meee ne Mtg Questions 610 ‘The people below all want to buy books. On the opposite page there are descriptions of B books. Decide which book would be the most suitable forthe following peopl. For questions 6-10, mark the correct letter (AH) on your answer sheet, Ae fa os fo g me Gwer's 2 grandsons ike waiching TY programmes = aout how to make things. Gwen does wan To cpord = Alo of monoy on ars and cats, Nether boy hes started u School yet, 80 she'd lke to buy 2 book wih sila project com on Christine is a working mother with 3 children (ages 5, 8 a tnd 10) ahisband and a dog. She doe aot cfooreue i feading at work, so in her spare time she enjoys reading ~ humorous books about families like her own. pie} on sn The Mark isa musician who enjoys tacing books about the in Ines of popular TV personae, He Sent Ine garg school very much, 8 he especialy hos ead soit i famous poole who avo detked echo 2 oor be wr E Alanis. a football fanatic s0 he is looking for a book ° = Aout the sport Ho alo hioeted in fashion, Anis = Married end has 2 young ehitgren, He dovsn' Ike cao Teadng about people who Rave had afte Wes = ito = mi als Paul loves reading magazines and books about 20th. Contury superstars. He also spends a lot of time looking al photographs of famous people and is very fond of al types of music. 10