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gec 280 § ee Test 1 READING 1 hour PART ONE ‘Questions 1-7 «Look a he staternents below and the text onthe opposite page about the use of coaching in staff development. ‘= Which section (A. 8, C or D} does each statement (1-7) eter to? ‘For each statoment (1-7), mark one letter (A, B, Cor D) on your Anewer Shect. ‘© You will need to use some of these letters more than once Example: (the best coaches being committed to theirwork and feeling pleased with what they achieve ABCD 1 the contact between coach and employee not solving all difficulties at work 2 the discussion of how certain situations could be better handled if they eur again 3 coach encouraging an employee to apply what has been taught to routine work situations 4 coaching providing new interestto individuals whe are unhappy in theircurrent positions 5 coaching providing @ supportive environment to discuss performance {6 employees being asked to analyse themselves and practise greater self-awareness. the on 7 coaching enabling a company to respond rapidly oa lack of expe I omen | f | Reading | more people siting down together to talk through issues i.0t work, and analysing how they were managed and how fl miore effectively on subsequent occasions. Coaching thus fiftisation from one person to another in an on-thesjob situation. I$ of te coach used to aise and guide the incu E Gliows successes and feilures to be evaluated in a non- | c It can take place any time during an individual's career. istindvidualato function more effectively, anditise powerful js Whore skill-based taining end, and helps individuals to use gh in day-to-day work end management situtions, Individual |dbrianding situation with thet coach, which requir them to Evid and question their reasons for doing thing, a Bl assies the career dovelopment of snother individual ouside uborcnate relationship. In theory, the coaching relationship fs tb every problem, but n pace falls shor ofthis. However, br cscussion and feedbsck on topics such a people management Batters, confidence-ulding and time management. Trough on can moet skils shortages, discuss targete and indice how fh with challenging stuations al at short notice. sual those who gt atisacon from the succes ters and Ble eoihing roe. Giving peopiecoacing espnstiliescancuppon fhe by encouraging management potential rough smalaeale or by proving ed jb estan to managers wha el Diy presrtjbs. Acoath loa concent adver sccutomed tet) PART TWO. | Questions 12 « Retclthe artiste bolow abn a catering compen: Ns ckeees from the apposite page toil gach ofthe gaps. 1 €0cn gap 18-12), mark one later |A-G) an your Answer Sh ‘Dp not ube any liter more than once. © Thereis an examaie at tha bopinring, 0) Urwstry Sever oor oer an Fs Grapevine Corsets. pebany Seatene's lboaginassendert caterers. uth olarovet tokrcn Se Shehadneverslarnsas oune bana as hod certoniy never coniderad a cisee: iy corer 1D. Fs. Howe neurones ofoet e937 In T98S, whe te rehuros to Felhtagh as ucowered thatthe ficawey ‘ehod wetted wat up erenls Ones se Dough bat odie hota he ene oe brew nohing about esto 8) " ato cific fre, But esentiln ers ot ‘ahha Ine experience she nenctox ha lol "eos boom war good forbs, wh esoe unber of ofice Wwolkat warting takeaway ‘ooo for tat neh 8). ‘te wore 3 2ac cue wenn beret racke’ Roberken fecal As the economy ‘changes ardhe ones packaJ fice Hoss sae fo Gocame vacant beceme ciect ‘hat Roberton woula need 10. avant, (M0)... changes the destin ef he ‘root te dectted tha the company wk Meanwhile, Roberkon's mah camara ‘des earsing company ft Eaiburgh sie ae Cuomo Peary os rs of the Soutied Spc havg auigoun anche oberon baught 4 cipeerre ec ‘ne gleup'sneosquares. ‘atenspam |