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CONTENTS THE ANCIENT... AND YOU AND 1 CORD OF LIFE 18 ECLIPSE... 18 THE PREACHER 140 APOCALYPSE. 144 ARRIVING UFO. 408 ASTRAL TRAVELLER 36 AWAKEN ... 343, BEYOND AND BEFORE 10 CIRCUS OF HEAVEN THE CLAP... CLEAR DAYS . CLOSE TO THE EDGE THE SOLID TIME OF CHANGE . ‘TOTAL MASS RETAIN . I GET UP, I GET DOWN. SEASONS OF MAN DEAR FATHER . DOES IT REALLY DONT KILL THE WHALE 374 THE FISH ...... 125 FIVE PER CENT FOR 126 FUTURE TIMES. .. 364 THE GATES OF DELIRIUM 278 GOING FOR THE ONE . S14 HAROLD LAND. 18 HEART OF THE SUNRISE . INTO THE LENS... I'VE SEEN ALL GOOD PEOPLE (SUITE) YOUR MOVE, ALL GOOD PEOPLE . LONG DISTANCE RUNAROUND . 120 LOOKING AROUND. 5 MACHINE MESSIAH AL MOOD FOR A DAY ON THE SILENT WINGS OF FREEDOM ONWARD . 398 PARALLELS 331 PERPETUAL 58 ‘THE PROPHET . 32 REJOICE ... 371 RELEASE, RELEASE. 383 THE REMEMBERING - 247 THE REVEALING SCIENCE OF GOD 220 RITUAL... 196 ROUNDABOUT. 96 RUN THROUGH THE LIGHT . 472 SIBERIAN KHATRU .. 162 From THE SIX WIVES OF HENRY VIII 168 SOUND CHASER ... SOUTH SIDE OF THE SKY. STARSHIP TROOPER (SUITE) LIFE SEEKER DISILLUSION B WONDEROUS STORIES. YESTERDAY AND TODAY. YOURS IS NO DISGRACE. Songs from: TIME AND A WORD THE YES ALBUM FRAGILE LOOKING AROUND Words and Music by JON ANDERSON and CHRIS SQUIRE, Moderately, in 2 Tacet Asust A Dae ° D fel Pare ae te, Ee there's not so much—— in life 1 mi would take me for. a while my smile Til make them up as 1 go on, © 1000, 1978 TOPOGRAPHIC MUSIC LIMITED aT/ch p/c p79 EEE! dts HHH og eo IM touch and I'l feel then I'll I'd rath- er wall out an-oth - er TM make and laugh at ev -'ry ere Bb/e F6 Bhmaj7 D Dao D749 Eb Bb m7 es 2 & the things- I've want-ed to. Eb Bb cm? Bb ab Bb eo 2 & germ take so much time— to get a- round to you, Ab Gbsab fe Hy reach out and catch_ and hold on, leav-ing trails of dust_ and lust, 8 Fb/Ab Gb ear" a nev-er e-ven ly'ng— or try'ng,— Keep on mov --ing, To Coda® no chord D.S.4 (no repeats) al Coda A/E D/E ° 0 D/E 0 ee ER Look - ing a - round with my feet on the ground, full of Sat - ie - ty me with your words that can be, full of A/E, D/E A D/A Ha? ' BEYOND AND BEFORE Words and Music by CHRIS SQUIRE and CLIVE BAILEY Moderately fast Tacet of win- ter home,_ Spar-kling trees " A cE, E ae pat-terns un -der - stood by you, ‘Time, like gold dust, brings mind down a few words to the wind, that's all that's left of win-ter's friend, sum - mer's Gg eB 2000 =, ‘Time, like gold dust, brings mind down. No chord 4 SWEEINESS Words and Music by JON ANDERSON, GHIUS SQUIRE ead CLIVE BAILEY Moderately slow Pergo Tacet ‘HH She brings the sun - shine to a To - day she brought me in, She brings the sun'- shine to a 20 EEE eae rain-y af ~ ter-noon; she puts the sweet-ness in, stirs it with a spoon, told me where she'd been; she put my mind at rest, put the sweet-ness in, rain-y af - ter-noon; she puts the sweet-ness in,” stirs it with @ spoon. ie fae Ee She watch-es for my moods, nev-er brings me down; she puts the sweet-ness in, I'll aak her for some time to go and look a ~ round; ‘she puts the sweet-ness in She watch-es for my moods, nev-er brings me down; she puts the sweet-ness in, © 1000, 1976 TOPOGRAPHIC MUSIC LIMITED Al Rights fo the Word ainitered by WB MUSIC CORP. 15 D Fh a ‘She knows just what to say. to make me feel so goodin= She knows just what to say__ tomake a sun-ny day, She knows just what to say to make @ sun-ny day. Fim ee EEE 10 coda BY I feel I don't want to —_hide,. I real-ly dontt feel that I real-ly dontt feel that 16 B/E Wey Tell me, ae how would you feel with no world of yourown and no - bod - y to hold? I just I'm s0 can't see the way; glad it's to-day and you're here, Coda a D.S.Mal Coda Fim A g 7 = ef Oh, how I need her so, I know shell nev-er ev-er go, ota} D/E Eg 98 She'll nev - er leave me, mel?) D/E E 909. ° eee e 7 HAROLD LAND Words and Muste by JON ANDERSON, CHRIS SQUIRE and BILL BRUFORD jm, G/B c FE Moderately + BES HE ‘Tacet Har-old Land witha wave of his hand eaid march-ing sol - diers in the rain as Har-old Land witha wave of his hand stood He paid his bills ‘A long thin line clutch-ing red rib-bons Bb Bey eae Ha ‘and stopped the milk, then put on his of hu-man mind, dam na - tion as their from a badge, did = n't look his © 1900, 1978 TOPOGRAPHIC MUSIC LIMITED ‘AI Riga forthe World adinatere by WB MUSIC CORP. ot Rag teas F/A Gm7/Bb F/A F/C Dm 19 gS i ss He tried to say his last fare - In the mud in cold-ness On-ly two years had passedbe - Pal o/c. G c/G G jm He £ ff —-__ == eee oo ee —— Root din ape point -ng sights he seen in —— Me ed Tee RS “het ‘Sad you~ while = re cous 2 3 doubt -ed oat be) = | wouldseanemmmnaae doubt - ed that he stead of ones so dear,, in - stead of ones 50 lead - ing the at - tack, lead - ing the at - fF 20 Dm Em/D 2. 2 Dm Em/D Em/D 3, 3, 3, He's go -inghome tothe land he loved so well. home, Em/D 3, He fought for two whole years,he nev-er fell, __ home, ing No chord he's go-ing — home._ Codat In con-ver~ sa-tion it could be said, 2Sbo well af- ter war your heart is dead, Well, it's not hard to un-der- no heart in Har-old Land. a 3680 a a. YESTERDAY AND TODAY Words and Music by JON ANDERSON: Slowly Amaj? A ‘Why is there you when there are few peo-ple a-round mak-ing me feel_ Stand in the sea, sing songs for me, sing hap-pi - ly, mak-ing me feel_ Amay7 SR Why is there me whenair is free, someI can Watch-ing your eyes, feel-ing your sighs, bet-ter than I should?, bet-ter than I _could.. © 1060, 1976 TOPOGRAPHIC MUSIC LIMITED, ‘Ai Right for the Word adeniatered by WB MUSIC CORP. Amaj?, ‘There's on-ly us sim-ply be-cause think-ing of s 2500 Ea you ev-'ry way, think of things that we do, think of {nee toe ee ou Retsgtent sede EE makes us both hap - Bb ee aa yes-ter-day and to - day, Ey all the way, things we do, ev = ‘ty day, things we do. Repeat and fade SURVIVAL Words and Music by ‘JON ANDERSON Moderately Bm7/B AfasaBy/E Bm7/E ff HH a a Bs SSS SSS SS A(addB)/E Bm7/A ry : + fr, oR se oa | is creep-ing in ‘and -where in a field a life ‘The egg breaks,all is out; ‘the crawl-ing bird be-gins to scream aa out. es Posy tal aaa” the begin - ing of the shape of things to come that "A. jone-Ii- ness arose and heard its name ringin for ‘An egg too proud to wince OS Ge per = ane bid? ® 1090, 978 TOPOGRAPHIC MUSIC LIMITED ‘Al Right forthe Word wdanintred by WB MUSIC CORP. ctm Bmaj7 chm c = eee ft, Ere te. fan rH The mother few oo tae BS boa a croagcoa start to run,. life has be- gun, fly fast the gun, lives be-gin,— sur - viv- al win, sur - viv -al's sin, Bb6 Ez Me te with-in the egg was not red -y toying how shai “Pate ts Tas cata cmnecoe sll f6-mala Emaj7 chm ae Tt. eet fr the world out-side would take it when it came, and life's the same. _for who thinks he still could gain by es- cap - ing fate?’ It's much too late, don't Don't doubt the fact there's wv h—T Gtm7 ¥ Mfe with=in— ‘Yes-ter-day’s end- ings will to- mor-row life give — you, a chm? ie ine to put ite strength in - to the S D/Ft cu Fo ayy liv-ing'’s right to liv-ing's right to D.S.Mal Coda s 1H BAFE gta sho BFE 4 28 THEN Words and Music by NON ANDERSON Moderately fast No chord = o Oa > in a time that's clos -er, is the on - ly an swer, Bm Ee will bee - ven bold- er then, is the root of can-cer then, © 1070, 1078 TOPOGRAPHIC MUSIC LIMITED will be com-pli-cat-ed, Life will be is just for the be -ing and there's the con - aum-mat-ed then. sight for see-ing then. re long as we us to re-ar- range it at the A little slower ny Am in a time thateclos-er, life will bee - ven bold-er ‘Thoughts will be et aaa °* — in our mindsfor-ev-er then, THE PROPHET Words and Music JON ANDERSON and CHRIS SQUIRE ‘Moderately Bm/E Amaj7— Bm/E a) eae le Amaj?— Bm/E Ama)? Bm/E Amaj7 Bm/E SEER ie ae a EE AER tale of yes - search-ing for__ the truth__. change his way _ peace ~ ful = ings with you will work— Proph-e - sy that some_ 4 {8 1970, 1976 TOPOGRAPHIC MUSIC LIMITED AL Rights forthe Word admtatered by WB MUSTC CORP. Ae eeranistered boy Amaj7 Bm/E Amaj7 Bm/E Find-ing pleas - ure Meet-ing wise old ‘Then youl nev - er 4 Amaj7 Bm/E eR Amaj7_— Bm/E ears, they did cliffs of life times you used Amaj7 Bm/E Amaj7 Bm/E ne ce Eee in his fe a mo ment’s pleas - ure, for Ga s'nal mean - ing, ‘when, you're gone there's Amaj7— Bm/E ae ae nev-er to de. more for just___ him some-one af - ter ft a7 ago ERS D.S.4al Coda tf = ide C.F S , FG, Apel? Bm/B Amal? Bm/E maj? Bm/E cae GHEE) Bnei ti. we F Amaj7 Bm/E ogee fap ASTRAL TRAVELLER Words and Muste by JON ANDERSON and DAVID FOSTER Moderately fast Tacet caught in the noose — 3, Won-der- ing when to do it a-gain_ of an-oth- er = — ‘1070, 978 TOPOGRAPHIC MUSIC LIMITED ‘AI Rights forthe Word acmlatered ty WB MUSIC CORP. ‘Al Rights Reserved Fim Fim ee te leay ~ ing with - out won-d'ring where lives the -val- ley be - low. we could_ ex - pect‘ great re- (As - tral trav - tler.)__ Mem-o-ries fly—— CLEAR DAYS Words and Muste by JON ANDERSON’ Moderately slow, in 2 nce knew once knew her laughter was as hap- and who are we. to ask_ gle EG PORORAR MUTE LTE Rights for dae Word ndnsstened by WE MUSIC CORP. ‘Al Rights Reeerved SWEET DREAMS Words and Music by JON ANDERSON and DAVID FOSTER Fast F/G fH Ee dreams dreams F/G gS. 3800 © 1970, 1975 TOPOGRAPHIC MUSIC LIMITED [AY Right forthe Wor anisatered by WB MUSIC CORP. re i Fm G 3000 ‘Cmaj7 ey ff = — 5 =F ee ee ae weet words «=f Z = + = will be bet - F/G re F/G cmaj7 Fm c/G ‘000 —s ° these thoughts will al. - ways Repeat and fade Coma f/E fp Sah * HS F/G a7 TIME AND A WORD Words and Mute by JON ANDERSON and DAVID FOSTER Moderately slow, in 2 Tacet s a] eae morn-ing when you rise, do you pen up your eyes, see ~ OO ———— © 1970, 1975 TOPOGRAPHIC MUSIC LIMITED ‘Ait Rights for the Word dmintered by WB MUSIC CORP. ‘A Righty Reserved 2000 heard of a time thet will help us the word that will stop us gto7 9000 ° get things In per- spec - Fm6 right for me, Em 9200 word is love andit's right for me,_ ERg right for me,— A VENTURE ‘Words and Music by ‘JON ANDERSON cm a Gm m7 ea a 1.Once a peace - ful man laid his old head down by 2 He con- trolled_ the hors - es with a hand clap or @ m7 Gm G7 om a ea ‘Thought a - bout. his child - hoodlife, his fa - ther and for-giv- er, could -n't Drink. he could n't com - bat, but he knew he was no sin = ner, could -n't © 1971, 972 TOPOGRAPHIC MUSIC LIMITED, Am Rights fo the Word adednaterea by WB MUSIC CORP. fork ecianinistered by Gm ea cm Gm tr Gmsus4 a Deust a+ lone Deust A. de-cent man would re - al ad -ven-ture—_ just to aa D.S.% al Coda & 8 Repeat and fade auf Hide Bm7 3 or © 1071, 1972 TOPOGRAPHIC MUSIC LIMITED. ‘At Right forthe World ettatered by WB MUSIC CORP. Vorid adesintstesed by A & Coda PERPETUAL CHANGE Words and Music by JON ANDERSON and CHRIS SQUIRE ‘And watch the hills roll out_ of ‘And_m the move ment on— the 3 r © 1071, 1972 TOPOGRAPHIC MUSIC LIMITED AIL Rughta forthe Word amlnatered by WB MUSIC CORP. ‘Ai Rights Reserved ‘poco a poco crese. a & a ‘And there you are, Making it up—_ but you're sure that it is a star,___ — And boy you'll see = sion shin - ing down in front of me, a ce —~ And then you'll say. E- ven in time we__. shall con- trol the day, ez ay — When what you'll see Deep in- side__ base con -trol - ling you and me. el > cu = liar point 1 — As truth is Per-pet- u = al Asuss D st ‘And there you are, Saying we have_ the moon, so now the stars, dis-as - ter, gaz - ing down on you and me, ‘And there you're stand -ing, fa” & ie —<——=_ Say-ing we have_ the whole world in our hands, When all you'll see, the world’s con-trol - ling you and me. You'll see Per - pet- u- al Change, _ You'll see Per-pet- u- al Change. Ee a Making it up, but you're sure that it ‘And boy— you'll see It’s an il-lu- sion shin- ing down in front of me,______ And then’ you'll say. a E-ven in time_ con trol the day_______ When all you'll see, Asuss EB a Deep in side base con-trol~ ling you and me. ee" S353 3 SAE a as pawns oftheir game. =—3— \S 3 \S D me 2 z g Repeat and fade Sar SS Repeat and fade Am7 YOURS IS NO DISGRACE Words and Music by ‘JON ANDERSON, CHRIS SQUIRE, STEVE HOWE, TONY KAYE and BILL BRUFORD Moderately ETeust ‘@ morn - ing came,.a smile—up-on your face, Yes- ter day- ‘ace, mom - ing glo- ry, sil - lyhu-man race, Cae- sar’s pal If the sum - mer change te 5 E7sust 7 © 1071, 1978 TOPOGRAPHIC MUSIC LIMITED ‘tt Right for the Work wdatntered by WB MUSIC CORP. ere E, Esus4 69 ships con - fide me and tell ‘me where you are, > ing, pur wolf - hound, show me where you are, Gsust + cum + stane - es, that’s just where__ you pb Eb/Bb Ebsust Eb Bb a ae 14 bass0- ETsus4 EE smile up -on__ your face, loco ~ legato Cae-sar's pal - ace, mom- ing glo - ry, sil - hu -man race, ae i SS sum- mer change — to + ter, yours ¢ Asus4 D a Yours Is No_Dis-grace. Yours Is No— Dis - grace. Death de-fy-ing, mu- ° |__7 P— ce ee Hy ar - mies scat- ter the cart Crawling out of dirt- cp D E/D op ea wt a Cae-sar’s pal - ace, mom-ing glo - ry, sil-ly hu ~ man, sil- ¢ Bm fae re | 3: + ly bueman, sil - ly hu = man race. eee Ee If the — sum~ mer change_to win - ter, yours is no,— ¢ Bm ic Ey ee DS4 alCoda Yours Is No Dis - grace. Yours Is No Dis- grace, ‘rh, white key gis. fingernails, hand moves backward) a 84 basso - Lun black key glist Jade to top of keyboard 7, 88 basso . . YOUR MOVE Words and Music by JON ANDERSON Tacet TON a + doi ddd Tye wen all__ good peo” = ple. turatheir headseach day so sat ~_ Is = ed-T'm on— % = a a tothe cor - ner of your life.— the white Queen run 50 © 1971 TOPOGRAPHIC MUSIC LIMITED ‘AL Right forthe Wort adnlatstered by WB MUSIC CORP. cd Emaj7 Fin a a & She has- n't got i to make you wise, "Cause it’s time, with your time and__ its news. -y black square, Emaj7 rs = 3 your-self____with your - self, @ s t Move on back two = = = Fim Emaj7 ee E. & ae + ment to me,— In-i-tial it with a loving "Cause it's time,. it’s time 78 Fk Emaj7 Fim i @ es in time with your time and___ its news Queen tose. Did-dit did-dit_ © did-dit_— did - ait {2nd time onty) oa’. me = round. , _# a did-dit did-dit —did-dit E, Fin Emaj7 Don't sur- tound___your -self____with your- self, __ Dont mr = round = Send an instant com - og at "Cause it’stime,_ it’s time intime with your time and_. eS a —— - eet a Did-dit did-dit diddit did-dit —didedit' did-dit' did-dit' did - da. 2 SSE g Es Diddit did-dit «—did-dit Fant E A Bsust Ea a & diddit diddit. © diddit’ did da. <2 "Cause it’stime,.it’s time in time with your time and___its news et ALL GOOD PEOPLE Words and Muse by Moderately beight shuffle CHRIS SQUIRE A EE & Pla ay three times > ip oO Tve seen all good peo - ple tum their heads each day___ 50 WF: B a ae 5 T've seen all_ good peo - ple tum_their heads__ each © 1071, 1972 TOPOGRAPITIC MUSIC LIMITED AN Right for the Wort red by WB MUSIC CORP. A 1.82. B aa I've seen all___good peo - ple tum their heads each day_ so sat - IF a tempo n io Bb a ie z Ive seen all good peo - ple tum. their heads each sat- T've seen all good peo- ae feo turn their heads each day___s0 Hae : E Bb g ar turn— their heeds— LIFE SEEKER Words and Music by JON ANDERSON + ter Blue = bird fly - ing high a- + ship Troop - er, go sail ing on by, —— Shine your wings — Catch my soul, = - 071, 1o7eToroGRAMHC MUSIC LIMITED All Rights forthe World administered by WB MUSIC CORP. for - ward to catch the ver = -y_ night, the mys - tries on your way. the mo - ment yea - ger eyes. 7 cr D7 cz, Bm? fae ae Though you've them, please don’t say a word. ‘Though you've them, please don't tell @ soul. ve What you don't know What you can’t see Speak to me of sum-mer,- Speak to me of — sum- mer up— of oth - er roads, travel on in old. ac-cus - tomed Set-ting up— of oth - er roads, travel on_ in old— ac-cus = tomed still re- mem - ber still re- mem - ber the proud sons and = daugh the proud sons. and daugh fe To Coaay, in the know - ledge ofthe land, — spoke to me in sweet ac-cus - tomed in the know - ledge of — the land, — spoke to me— in sweet ac-cus - tomed eee hold firm- ly on to me, Catch my know ledge e or aee please don’t say a word. Brighter tempo, 2-beat feeling ié- i DISILLUSION © 1971, 1972 TOPOGRAPHIC MUSIC LIMITED All Rights fr the Word adzusatered by WB MUSIC CORP. administered by Take what 1 Play 4 times "ay Eb a SS. ———— 8 SS 1S SS SS SS Se Ply 4 times Eb ¢ ae + ASG poco erese a —— en] + = oS est : cra © 1071, 1972 TOPOGRAPHIC MUSIC LD [AM Rights for the We ITED "WB MUSIC CORP. 94 = se SSS oco erese, —=- + oe Repeat and jade g ts = Medium beat Em Fim G Fm ROUNDABOUT Words and Music by JON ANDERSON and STEVE HOWE, G rim Em EE ae Fim i c Fim E: =e Ti be the Round The mu-sic dance. a bout, and sing, — Sx the words will make they make the chil Ds Ca, Bm Am you out-'n out, drenreal-ly ring, Bm a I spend the day. 1 spend the day, Bmi/A Gmaj7 fr thru the sound and in and out the the sound and in and out the ©1071, 1972 TOPOGRAPHIC MUSIC LIMITED & RONDOR Mts ‘All Rig forthe World adesnintere by WH HY eH ae] your your way, way, Gogust Ef valley. SS = ‘AI'Rights Reserved morning driv ing morning driv~ ing IC (London) LTD. ‘CORP. 97 * am oy it ale alanterse & ee fa ee moun -tains come out__. of the sky__and they stand__ there, __ Gece an a Ee One— mile o- ver we'll be thereand we'll see you, tito ° Ho ai oir jt ten__ true sum-mers we'll be there and laugh ing too, twen - ty-four be - fore my love you'll see I'll be there_ with you. Fim G. Fim G) FémEm Fim G. eet Bm Em aera a are @ a Fim Go Has FimEm Tacet mG 1 Fimg.) Fim G. FimEm Fim G Fim G) FimEm aes aS a rae your sil-hou-ette______will charge_the view Am Bm ¢ i Fin G. Etim Se Fhe Fitts D, ¢, Bm amy Bm ae @ idee 8 of dis - tance at —_ it mom-ing driv ing Bpi/a 3 Gogues, Ds. al Coda thru the sound and e- ven in the val- ley, Em A 6 68 & 8&8 & @& cloud the ea-gle search-ing down_ on the —3 —e s ae 8 & A im A Og = EB Hay swirling wind the sail-or seesthe rim_ of the ‘The ea - gles danc-ing wings—cre-ate as 7 @ € @e@ @ & € @ i weath-er spins. out of hand. —3— — 3 Goclos-er hold the land,— feel part-ly no more than__grains of =3— —3— 3s A 8 & 8 i we stand to lose all time, a thousand an-swers by in =s— our = 3 : . mA Em Fs] ei ef a> next to your deep-er fears_we standsurround-ed bya mil- lion years. Till be the Round - a+ bout, the words will make______you out “n’_out.__ 3 pif Ee Ett SOUTH SIDE OF THE SKY Words and Muste by gE JON ANDERSON and CHES SQUIRE Moderately a mountain tobe crossed, was myfriendson - ly cry, somewhere we could moun tains some - times lost, & e gs the South Side, for the day 197, 197 TOPOGRAPHIC MUSIC LIMITED & RONDOR MUSIC London) LTD. ‘by WB Al Right for the World administer 103 Itseemed from all of e- lost ee a 2 Of warmth when you die, — G Fin on that It seemed from all of e- D Am D Dm Am Dm Am ee Coda ‘moun - tains some- times lost, — dis- re- gard the cost gz B Feel_ warmth when you Were we ev- er warm - er A milion miles Gim ee Repeat and fade It seemed from allof Repeat and fade 108 MOOD FOR A DAY oy STEVEHOW FA | ee SS He has Moder a : e ES _— # ai nf Bm? © 1971, 1972 TOROGRAMMIC CSIC LIMITED & RONDOR MUSIC (ondon) LTD. ll Right forthe World adminiatered by WB MU 109 Brighter tempo Very slow! gy sowly N12 HEART OF THE SUNRISE Words and Music by_ Moderately JON ANDERSON, CHIIS SQUIRE and BILL BRUFORD, Love comes_ to you and you fol - low, Db a to the Heart___ Of The Sun - rise. bm Ebm dis - tance, (©1071, 1972 TOPOGRAPHIC MUSIC LIMITED & RONDOR MUSIC (London) LTD. All Right forthe World ndmlaistered by WE MUSIC CORP. farid edintatatoued by with its arms Moderately slow ly Ber Bm ee Lost on a wave and then af-ter, , to the Heart Of The 7 Db mo a a . — Sf SSE [SS x eo Sharp dis - tance, 114 om7 Be Abe the wind with so man - y a - round 5 the ey 7 re fen Lost in their eyes as you —huray_by,. Wyse: & a Counting the brok- en ties they de - cide. Bye: M5 Love comes to you and then af - ter, a i i that you're dream - ing, to the Heart Of The Sun - dis tance, the wind with its arms all a ~ Ss Be = 116 > ie is Ebm dis tance, How can___the wind with so man - y a- round_ me, T feel lost in the hee eee, ss we Se NSE SS f Db Br, DY, BY, their eyes as you 7 Ebmo Eh i ae Count -ing the brok-en ties they de - cid # 535-3 ~3I5 32 S35 i= Straight line mov- ing and re - mov-ing sharpness of the col-or sun - shine, Long last treat-ment of the tell ing that re- lates to all the words, sung, oe = o85 35 —3s nS ‘Straight light search-ing all the meanings of the song, Dreamer, eas- y in the chair that real-ly fits you. — He a E Love comes to you Fm Bbm with its arms 5 ——_ Fm7qa1) 7 LONG DISTANCE RUNAROUND Words and Music by fy ‘JON ANDERSON Moderately Long Dis tance Run A- round, 9/6 wait - ing 1 still re- mem ( 1971, 1978 TOPOGRAPHIC MUSIC LIMITED & RONDOR MUSIC (London) LTD. ’All Rights for the World adallatered by WB MUSIC CORP. ‘Ail Rights Reserved 121 Em Am? 7 & & He Did we real-ly tell ties, c Bb? ees F ty = let-ting in the sun- shine, Did we real-ly count to sam - mer lis - ten-ing, 122 59/6 En : a” good = bye, Did we really tell tes, a eee ee 123 c F co El a” & Ee > 3 letting inthe sun - shine,. Did we realty count to. >, Ce rie 8 bassa -- eo 124 you said good - bye. (yf duet) ea Ee D.S% at Coda Em maj? Emaj? ag Coda > fe Baer ae & look -in’for the sun - shine. (Percussion) p Percyssion) s lay twelve times ~ gradual crese. Efx Play seven Times Repeat and fade (© 1971, 1072 TOPOGRAPHIC MUSIC LIMITED & RONDOR MUSIC (London) LTD. 'All giao the Wer difnintere by WES MUSIC CORP. ee ” FIVE PER CENT FOR NOTHING By BILL BRUFORD Very bright (Percussion) Tell Tell 127 WE HAVE HEAVEN Words and Music by JON ANDERSON Tell the Moon - dog, tell the March Hare, Tell the Moon - dog, tell the March Hare, the Moon - dog, tell the March Hare, Tell the Moon - dog, tell the March Hare, the Moon - dog, tell the March Hare, Tell the Moon - dog, tell the March Hare (©1971, 1978 TOPOGRAPHIC MUSIC LIMITED & RONDOR MUSIC (Londoa) LTD. "Al Right for the World administered by WB MUSIC CORP. 128 5: - ~ i——— Tell the Moon - dog, tell the March Hare, Tell the Moon - dog, tell the March Hare, the Moon - dog, tell the March Hare, Tell the Moon - dog, tell the March Hare, en, d————— the Moon - dog, tell the March Hare, Tell the Moon - dog, tell the March 129 the Moon - dog, tell the March Hare, Tell, the Moon - dog, tell the March Hare, Like Heav Tell the Moon- dog, tell the March Hare, Tell the Moon - dog, tell the March Hare, Tell the Moon - dog, tell the March Hare, Tell the Moon ~ dog, tell the March Hare Yes, he is Yes, Tell the Moon - dog, tell the March Hare, Tell the Moon - dog, tell the March Hare, Tell the Moon - dog, tell the March Hare, Tell the Moon - dog, tell the March Hare, 131 Three times, getting louder a tell the March Hare, ‘Tell the Moon - dog, tell the March Hare, here, here, + é ‘the Moon - dog, tell the March Hare, Tell the Moon - dog, tell the March Hare, (Door slam) = footsteps running away) SSS xf dim. Songs from: CLOSE TO THE EDGE YESSONGS ‘TALES FROM TOPOGRAPHIC OCEANS RELAYER 133 AND YOU AND I 1. CORD OF LIFE Words by JON ANDERSON: Music JON ANDERSON, BILL BRUFORD, STEVE HOWE and CHRIS SQUIRE Moderately D cp A/D cp D ° é Jo 2 ° A man_con-celveda mo - Changed on = ly for a sight 4p, ment's an - swers to the dream, — of * sound, the space-a - greed. 2 stay- ing the flow-ers Be-tween the pic -ture dai- ly, sens - ing all the themes. of time be-hind the face of need, (©1072, 1977 TOPOGRAPHIC MUSIC LIMITED & RONDOR MUSIC (London) LTD. {All Right forthe World adminiatered by WIS MUSIC CORP. forid administered tby 134 _ As a found - a-tion left to cre-ate the com-ing quick -ly to terms of all ex- op re- gained and re~-gard - ed pres - sion laid, —— e - mo - tion re-vealed as the 0 - cean GD ° ‘both the same, ere all com-plete in the sight of seeds_ of life— with = lor, as = sault - ing all in = ter = est shown, pre - sent — their fruit 136 Em 9000 locked in ~ Deus4 Bb ° ba in-ter-est shown, to turn_ to one an-oth-er, to the sign —~ a they won't. tell___ you, watch- ing the world, watch - ing —all___ ofthe world, watch- ing > Ctm/ct And you and I dant GR climb Fim AE fe EE 2773, o = ver the sea to the — val- ley, Asch 9 pyre Fim F745 Fim7 Aish Ftm aga 8 ey 1 Ae a and you and I reach out for rea-sons to gems ROLIPRE = 2. ECLIPSE Wont by JON ANDERSON Muste by BILL BRUFORD and CHRIS SQUIRE, Stowly o D E 9 299 eo 200 i 99 BT/FR 87 Ach Eg B7(00324)/FA fa EB aa” BE Hi B 87 EB Fhm7/ct B/FE ee el ae Com-ing quick-ly to terms_of all_ ex-pres - ion laid,___ (© 1972, 1977 TOPOGRAPHIC MUSIC LIMITED & RONDOR MUSIC (London) LTD. ‘AI Rights for the World adraiaiatered by WB MUSIC CORP. Oe ministered by ml) 139 EB Fhm7/ct BFE B/A be a est eee move-ment re- gained_ and re- gard - ed F r E Fim? B/GE, A oF a omy all complete in— the sight of seeds of life_ with Fim/A Gtm — Segue THE PREACHER THE TEACHER w 3. THE PREACHER THE TEACHER Words by JON ANDERSON Muse Moderately JN ANDERSON, BILL BRUFORD, STEVE HOWE and CHRIS SQUIRE B(no $a) ae B/G E(ao 32dVA E(no 3rayB EEE amd E(no 3rd) (no 354)/B E/Gh (np 3eay/a 0x08 Sad preach-er nailed up -on. col-oured door, of time; B(p0 38) /B (no 3rd) E(no 35a)/B in-sane teach-er be there— re-mind - ed of _ the rhyme... E/Gt E (no 3rd)/A E(no 3rd)/B E(no 3rd) x00 ‘0. x00 00 0 ‘There'llbe mo mu-tant en-e-my we — shall Fr r r (© 1972, 1977 TOPOGRAPHIC MUSIC LIMITED & RONDOR MUSIC (London) LTD. ‘Alt Rights forthe World adminintered by WB MUSIC CORP. 41 Blog 3a /Ft odo B(no 373) /B Fh? Fhm/ct = lit - i-cal ends, as sad re-mains,_ will die, Cr E(no 3rd) E(no 3rd)/B Cim7/ct = F¥m9—Cfm7/ct Fimo 0400 4, HR eR a Reach out as for-ward tastes be-gin— tw en-ter you. chm Fim E Femi AB Alch 00 ae fe [E fe areal at, I lis-tened hard, but could not see B/G, E/A ER, life_tem-po change.out ‘The preach-er trained. in all 142 Ap Arch aut an, B/G E/A Fimii/B B Et ime the teach-er travel: k= ING © be shown the seme, in he CEPLENT Ctm cimiyct Fim st at, era a end, we'll a- gree, we'll ac-cept, we'll im - mor - tal - ise r cim Fhm/a Fim ctm7 Fhm/a truth of the man ma-tur - his eyes,_ all com-plete in the r tt Sima Ape A Gtm7 Chm Chm a a cc i, ea sight of seeds of life with y. _ Chm7 Gtm7 chm7 ee ft. _ fee" aR Com-ing quick-ly to terms—of all_ ex - pre: Slowly Fim Gtm/B Ap, Asch 2 Boo a fe GR Gal ABE i 2 clearer fi- ture, morn-ing, eve - ning, nights with Comue APOCALYPER 144 Words: JON ANDERSON Muste by JON ANDERSON, BILL BRUFORD, STEVE HOWE and CHRIS SQUIRE 4, APOCALYPSE Moderately slow ryat ah a 3 toe E big 4 crossing the shapes of the morning. — clear -er, to-wards— the move-ment. BB Chm7/B B Sins BDH a i " And you and I reach 0 - ver thesun for the riv~ er.— ‘And you and 1 called 2, B chm7/B T Gtmo Emaj7 B Clim ,& HA ie Ee o-ver val-leys of end-les (©1978, 1977 TOPOGRAPHIC MUSIC LIMITED & RONDOR MUSIC (London) LTD. ‘All Righta for the World administered by WB MUSIC CORP. 145 CLOSE TO THE EDGE 1. THE SOLID TIME OF CHANGE Words and Music by JON ANDERSON and STEVE HOWE, Moderately $ Bm7 amy, Ht Het i D 9. Gmaj9 c§ Bm? Am? S G/F ea ooo x000, S00 Em? A/Bbe cp Bb/C E7-5/B> Bb7 Eb7sus4 Ei atte) $7 Ab7-5 Db-5 Db Bb7 yf, fa Ba Hae BEB i ff © 197,197 TOFOGRAPIC MUSIC LIMITED & RONDOR MUSIC (London) LTD. "Al Raghia for the World adeuniatered by WB. 146 808 fie GGee GG E pm, /A Am | Bm/A Am | Bm/A Am | Ben/A Am G/A Am, Bm/A sp could call you from the depths of your dis - grace, re - ar-range your liv- er to the sol - id men = tal grace, sess - ing points to no-where,lead - ing ev -'ry sin - gle one. e n chieve it all with mu - sic that came quick - ly from a © far, dew ~ drop can ex-alt us lke the music of the sun, taste thefruit of man record take a-way the plain in which Gm7 1 3 Fim Fim/B J -)GER EB 148 Dm7-5 c FE (d a 8 GE & FE Dm?-5 ¢ ae Crossed a line a - round_ the chang - Get -ting o - ver all the dime. reach-ing out to call__ leaving all the chang - —, if ee a i Passed a-round a mo- ment clothed_ in morn-ings fast- er than we see. We re-lieve the ten - sion on - ly to find out the mes - ter‘s name, rt Close to the edge, FE Dmil Cc c/B Am7. Em/A Em/G fas aie ee aes _——., (d=d), Sea -sons will pass you by. Now that it's all © = veranddone, now that you find, now that you're whole. —" No “Segue TOTAL MASS RETAIN 150 2. TOTAL MASS RETAIN Words and Music by JON ANDERSON and STEVE HOWE, Moderately Am G ° 3000 are eyes con-vinced, eclipsed with the young-er moon at-tained with love, Am ay] changed as al - most trained a-midst clear man - nafrom a - bove. cr? v OF Stent neces ee corre wece oe te ‘Al Righta for the Word adminintered by WB MUSIC CORP. a a 151 Am, Bm jm Bm ae a my hate and held the word with-in my hand. the time, Gm9 pea 3 te, am, Bm on, He cour - ageclaimed the vic - tims stand - ing still for all to as ToS 152 Am Bm ° cae isa. ar - moured mov - ers took ap-proach to. «=o -_—sver=look «the © sea._____ There Am g om Bm Am since the cord, the H-cense,or the. rea - sons we un-der-stood will be. Down at the edge,close by a riv- er. Close to the end, down by the cor-ner. ‘the cor-ner. the riv-er. Close to the edge, Down at the edge, 33 aR ag <——~_ 153 Em? Em7-5 el Sud-den call should-n't take a - way. Guessing prob -lems on = ly to the star - tled =mem-o - ry, All in all, the jour - ney de - ceive the men - tion, Pass-ing paths that climb____ half - ? D Em? G Em7-5 ° 900x000 AS a-part from an - y re-al- As we cross from side to side,_ ty that__ you've we hear the us B Bm7 Dgus%A G7gus4 $i 155 8. I GET UP, I GET DOWN Words and Mustc by JON ANDERSON and STEVE HOWE Slowly E6 Epeirh oP q E23 a In her white lace, A = oO Be you couldclear-ly see the la - dy sad - ly look - ing, Emaj7 0.00 ‘say - ing that she'd take the blame_ for the cru - ci-fix-ion of her own T get up, © 197,107” TOFOGRAPIC MUSIC LIMITED & RONDOR MUSIC (Loon) LTD, ‘Al Rights for he Word adelniatered by WB MUSIC CORP. yh wey renee f Ws E6 (add F#) 56 Bada FH) FR Emaj7 paar) Two mil - lion peo - ple bare - ly The eyes of hon - es - ty. can 8 In charge of who is there in charge of ‘The truth is writ-ten all a - long the A Am6 ° clapn han ‘Two hun -dred wom - en watch one wom-an cry, t00 How man- y — millions do we de - ceive each Do 1 look on blind -ly and say 1 see the How old will I be be-fore I come of age. for [rs Ie B (add F#) 187 ws E(edaFh) B6 | 9 ‘Ono Bfoaag) BER Badd F#) Esus4 B fog a Segue SEASONS OF MAN 4, SEASONS OF MAN Words and Music JON ANDERSON and: HOWE Moderately Em D 2900 Three times on FRE time space be- tween the notes = stant vogue of be~ tween re-lates the col - tri-umphs dis - lo - cate the fo our to man, so it - cus shape as -cend knowi-edge of Three times Am o He song and chance de-vel - op time, lost so - cial tem - p'rance rules ‘1972, 1977 TOPOGRAPHIC MUSIC LIMITED & RONDOR MUSIC ‘All Rights forthe World admnntered by WB MUSIC CONE ‘AI Rita Reserved C (Loedon) LTD. the scenes,__ seems. love. 7 a = bove,_ 159 (d=d) the man who showed his out-stretched arm to space, __ he and point - ed,re-veal - ing all the hu - man race, 1 cord- ing to turned a-round Am ws i OER shook my head and smiled a whis-per,know-ing all a-bout the place. Bb Gm7-5 Bb a i & me On the hill we viewed the si-- lence - of the fr fr 160 Bbmé F called to wit - cy - cles Gm? Bb Gm7-5 F “fe fie Ge 86 And we reach all this with Gm7 eon. EE bee b, Close to the edge, Down atthe end, ? be Bb Se tween by the said_ = Ane, oe a = a (fa ial Gi ae plapet (dedjp be Now that it's all © = ver and done, pass you by. Sea - sons will called to the seed, ight tothe sun. Now that you find, now that you're Bb Bb/D. Am/E, ey ERS Sea - sons will pass you by.___I get up, (J = J) HEE s Repeat and fade Las a Lar) er: b, > —— T getup, —_ Repeat and fade 162 SIBERIAN KHATRU Words by JON ANDERSON Muste by. JON ANDERSON, STEVE HOWE and RICK WAKEMAN Moderately G x000 _S bird of prey; bem == ty be= gins does she sing? ‘Who holds the ring’. stainless nail, torn ‘through the dis - Sing, How. — at the foot of you, Do you be-lieve_ the man - ner? = And—_ring,and you will find — me—— com - ing. tance of man as they re-gard— the sum - mit.—— (© 1072, 1977 TOPOGRAPHIC MUSIC LIMITED & RONDOR MUSIC (London) LTD. ‘al Riga for the World adminintered by WB MUSIC CORP. 163 —< — — stain-less nail, ___ reign-ing king, they re-gard- the sum - mit, as they pro-duce. the move - ment.— as they pro-duce- the move - ment. tance of man— crets from you — en that sing— = 1 @ goes through the mo Hold out and hold up; Ffm7 ee 34 Hold out the morn-ing that comes in-to view.— ene blue = tall, fy. cian fF hold down the win ~ dow. (ou bound, — Ww iad F r 164 Moe Em 3500 1 chm7-5, £000 Hold down the win Warm side, the ‘tow D.S.#al Coda? 167 Bm9/G Bm9 ae eae oa r3 — Riv-er running right on 0 ver, then o-ver my head. (Out = board, 3) Six times Gm sust Bm(add C#) 4, fi mp gradual cresc. Ste times Bm 11 168 Excerpts From THE SIX WIVES OF HENRY VIII By RICK WAKEMAN Moderately bright © 1073, 197 RONDOR MUSIC (London) LTD. CControted in he USA. & Canada by ALMO MUSIC CORP. ‘Tateeuntional Copyragiie Sened Atl Beene CORP 169 m1 Moderately loco wv 172 Very fast Sf 173 174 Moderately fast Broadly 176 Moderately ‘molto legato VW Ped. (hold till last bar) 7 THE ANCIENT Words by JON ANDERSON and STEVE HOWE Muste by JON ANDERSON, STEVE HOWE, CHRIS SQUIRE, ALAN WHITE and RICK WAKEMAN Moderately fast No chord BIO! A little slower im DC oto 8 bas? A fu“ 182 Moderately D 8 ° Am? Bb with — the knowl-edge and mag-ic of the source, Bb cee to the maj-es-ty of mu-sic, they marched as one with the 184 Amaj7(add Dt) ag te Amaj7(add Dt) He EH Moderately slow Bom? ag Moderately slow ‘abn? vd! A little faster Ao ree ‘Moderately slow xdb0 186 Moderately N.C. Moderately slow Bbm7 Moderately slow a oH Moderately slow r3nr3n 7 a 3a $a 3 c “00 Hey D 8 om, | at Hd HI S 3880 con FH! Moderately N.C, _ HTB wc. So the flow-'ring cre- a - tiv-i- ty of life__wove its web face to 22 dh as: Hin.c. Ae face PRK Ge aha -low. ‘nd thelr gods sought out and. con ~ quereds_ iid 189 Freely Moderately leaves of green stay green- er EE move-ment real-ly light? that they had heard a bout. Does one child know the se - 191 Or does it all come out a - long__ 87 A 7 A le] a = long with-out_ ef! LB kall- ing __ and just_ take lamb cry out be - fore we shoot it dead? 192 ea fees ie : Are there man-y more— in com-fort_ un der-stand - Is the move-ment in the head? Theard a mil - lon voic - es fee act-ing to the sto - ry that they had heard E75 Ha BE one child know the se all come out Doo doo doo doo E7 HEE] 193, E7 Or does it E7 a+ long — with-out — a+ long with-out— doo doo doo doo doo doo. you, —— a = long with-our_ you, _ you? Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo Doo doo doo doo. no -35 I - 3 = Mgierately HH] EHH FH! V 7 ) 7 i ~ RITUAL fonds by JON ANDERSON und STEVE HOWE ‘Muste by JON ANDERSON, STEVE HOWE, CHRIS SQUIRE, ALAN WHITE and RICK WAKEMAN D A Em Fim G o oo 9.000 2990 ue: - x fe © 1973, 1977 TOPOGRAPHIC MUSIC, AML Rights for he World administered by WB MUSIC CORP. 197 199 Moderately slow D 8. #000, p 180 e EB Gtm 89 — prez Gan © = pen doors, we find our EB Gtm ma j9 oo, BBE ate. cH Sure-ly day-breaks cross our path and stay may-be a- while, ——____ Boo Gtm FFE ate, Let them run, let them chase,— 201 tant doore will o - pen eyes gradual crese. Em ct Dmaj9 FE as life seems like, life seems like a FHO7 E Gh odo os fe ERE TM just sing a-while Gtm A Ao TN just say hel-lo_ and say may -be that's all. Gim D fea ) Hur-ry home, as love is true, — will help us through the night. Gtm ez Ti we're com-ing 203 Dinas Em o a} Bm7 life seems like, life seems like a Bm7 , Em Bm? Em AT Fto7 er] — a8 we look— and use the pas-sions that flow. ooo FHo7 z HE FER ee —™, we re-ceive all we ven - wire to give. May-be we'll just stand a-while, and Change we must as sure-ly time— does; Held chang-es call the cours in - side, we en - ter day-breaks Em Dmajg 9000 pn? ask -ing for, ask - ing for gradual crese. FO7 sent______ as we sing our music's to- tal re - tain. source, FH°7 FF FHO7 207 We won't ten-der our song Deusé D) Bm7 I will be there, and I will be there. AT Dmajg Ani, clear-er com- pan - 208 oe Am? oO they move a- round, tell___ me that, : — move a- round, sure - ly sing as they don'tseem to mat-ter at all,__ ——=_——s FAT B 6 FIT Twice as fast 0 Boo B i ( Moderately slow ° 2930 a leo 213 He Hold me,my love. Hold me to - day; call me round. ‘Trav-el we say, wan-der we choose love tune, od a Lay up-on ——me;_hold me _a-round last ing hours. _ We love when_ we 2090 ERS We drift the shad - ows. and course our way back home, _ eo c leu cy Look me, my love sen-tenc~ dane -ing a - way.— we re - ceiveas our song mem-o-ries long hope in a way.— D 8 = EET Nous sommes du— so - lel. — Hold me a-round, last - ing ours — 216 Nous sommes du— so - leil. 217 Nous sommes du so - lel. Nous sommes du so - leil. Nous sommes du— so- lel, Em G 000 218 A e SS mf ——— gradual cresc. 219 SSS SS —_ | SSS as ¥ + em uy Pm em Bm Very slow Fim Ime gradual decresc. THE REVEALING SCIENCE OF GOD Words by JON ANDERSON and STEVE HOWE Music by JON ANDERSON, STEVE HOWE, CHRIS SQUIRE, ALAN WHITE and RICK WAKEMAN ‘Moderately No chord ‘Dawn of light ly-ing be - tween“a si-lence and sold sourc-es P_ gradual cresc. chased a-mid firsions of won-der in movments hard-ly seen for -gotten, tures of chance danc-ing leaves cast spells of chal-lenge, a-mused but 221 real in thought, _—. Dawn of thought transfered through mo-ments of days un-der -search-ing earth re-veal “ing gradual cresc, cor-rtdors of time pro-vok - ing memro-ries dis-joint - ed but with pur - pose, __ — crav- ing pen-e-tra-tions of - fer links with the self struc-tors sharp and as we wok to the air, pic-ture of Dawn of our pow'r we a - muse re-de-scend-ing as ‘fast as mis-used ex - pres-sion, as on - ly to teach love as to re-veal late in-to cor-ners, 223, fii fii danced from the o - cean, —________ Dawn of love sent with-in |__—_———~ a errede) eo eleeries elem) eer fi us cohours of a-wak- "ning @- mong the man-y won't to —fol-low, era) edt en rarer arsed raed) tunes of 2 dif-f'rent age, __ ‘as the links span our end-less ca-ress-es for the lTilm a ed free-dom of life ev-er-last-ing. 224 ‘Moderately slow, with a beat + Foo 8 A EB to the sun- light Soft sum -mermov-er dis. - 225 Called out a tune but! nev-er saw_ the face, — us & 180 heard but notre -placed,— Cast out ren-dered for the light of day, c 2900 lost in lights ar -ray,— 227 Signed prom-ise FH _ fe = caught with - in —— 228 1 must have wait- ed all = my fe _ for this__ — mo-ment, mo-ment, mo - ment. ‘(Mo-ment, mo ~ ment, mo - ment, The fu - ture poised with the —splen-dor just be - gun, _ light we were as and crowd - ed— through the cur-tains of lig-uid = in- to And for @ mo- ment — when our world had filled the skies, mag- ic burned our eyes— set for our strange de-vice. on the treas- ure 231 Ez what hap - pened? D Chm Fim p fi ft D4: ri ‘mo-ment, mo- ment.— ‘mo - meat, — Moderate Hard Rock beat Gim faa" Gtm c Am cim A A cin an tag! 4h. Tall - est ate, Life flow-er— Moderately slow at. leu > o Ea move fast, they tell me, but I just can't be-lieve that I__ can Am, Em? ‘There's some-one @~ mid the chal-lenge—we look 2 - round in u - Get-ting o-ver o-ver-hang - ing trees, let them rape the for - est. ‘Thoughts would send our Get-ting 0 - ver wars. Bm a - eft or so it seems. so clearly. Shel-tered with our pas - sion clear -ly — 237 Em7 they real - ly ia ‘There's some-one Moderate Hard Rock beat Am leu and I just can't be -lieve our song will leave Gtm 5 att, ie Sky - line Moderately slow Gim A at, And through the rhy of mov-ing sent through the rhy Move o-ver glo-ry to sons 3 of old fight-ers os ‘Young Chris-tians see —— from the be- gin old peo-ple feel ‘That's what they'ce say -—ing.— ——— ——— 241 Slowly DA c.g Bsus? Deus? Csus2 move fast, they me, but I just can't be- lieve — they real - ly C7sus4 Bsust FHT im ee ‘There's some - one 242 a6 eR ny —, a a u-ni-ver-sal Moderately slow ate Get-ting 0 - ver 0 ~ ver-hang-ing let them rape Ctm sus2 Bm? ae“ Ey ‘They might stand and leave them Get-ting o- ver wars we do not mean, _ we charm the move - ment suf - fers, call out all our mem-o-ries Bm? HEE >: . clear - ly a_part_ we of - fer gradual cresc. Signed prom -ise caught with + in —_ 245 Chm Fim a = We must have wait-ed all our —no- ment Moderately N.C. Past pres-ent mov-ers — mo-ments we'll pro - cess the fu-ture, know, send flow-ered rain- bows. A-piece a 246 part chased flow-ers of the dark and lights. of +— songs d fol-low and show all we feel for and know of, You seek-ers of the truth ac-cept-ing that live and breathe and hope and chase and love for you and you and you,__w —F 247 THE REMEMBERING JON ANDERSON and STEVE HOWE, Music by JON ANDERSON, STEVE HOWE, CHRIS SQUIRE, ALAN WHITE and RICK WAKEMAN ‘Moderately slow D G D 8 x000 8, a sails a - float as to call light the soul shall sing of the vel vet sail - ors course on of the vel vet sail ors course on. Shine or moons send me (© 1073, 1977 TOPOGRAPHIC MUSIC, INC AI Rights forthe Word admiatered by WB MUSIC CORP. ‘All Rights Resceved 248 mem-'ries trail o-ver days of for - got - ten tales course the com- pass to oa time that we've all seen on in-toa time that we've the mem - ‘ry carry on — a- mong — your dreams, — ‘The strength re-gains us re-gains us As we shall speak to Dm Em Dm Em 3 on coo 9200 Ha} FE fer, al- sothe ends meet the —riv-er's son, sothe ends meet the —riv-er's son, the sto- ry. shall_we car-ry est of the Am7 ° we —_ dream! Dream as and I do think ver-y well — Bm FF a, Dd re ed that the song might take you si -lent-ly. They there's some - one, of sum-mers 252 Bm = Ee 1 do feel ver-y well __— Ft ono 2 = fae =D EEE si- lent - ly. They whis-pers of clay, al-ter-nate ways.— o coo o Moderately slow| mes - sag - es bring light Dm Em, ee dif - fer, al - 80 Em, Dm Em Dm ee Ea tiv-er's son, 60 the ends meet the river's son. Et o-ver, and the fruit of life reach a-while,_ we search our past, we start a-new, _ — the mu-sic sings of love you walk a-round the sto - ry. sands of com-pan - ions the strength of the meet-ing ies— with you. Wait all the more— re - gard— your school gates re- mind us class. _ Chase all con-fu - sion hills of long for-got-ten _yes- ter-days.— a-mongst- — your mem-'ries told re-turn - ing ways as cer-tain as we walk to - Em Em Dem 000 9000 9000 we walk a-round the sto-ry. Out in the cit days pass as sec - 257 leu the key, the strength of the mo - ment lies —_ with + cmaj7 rl ‘Moderately NG. eyes,i-mag-ine all the glo- ri - ous chal-lenge, iron met-al cast to oth - s ono a 80 3900, 9809 EB Force the bit be-tween the mouth of free-dom. Did-n't we e eo ee BFW c Re-lay-er, all the dy - ing cried be - fore you. 261 Dm (Reals) ec we've re-joiced in all their _mean- ing. Re-lay-er, we ad-vance, we re-trace our sto - ries eee Hi Like a dream-er, all our lives re on-ly lost be- We re-live in sea-gull's pag-es A, D(addE) A ‘Things are all in col-ours, and the size of oth: 263 A D(addB) bet? Fray ate sail you —to-ward all the pas~ sion 265 —__ Re-lay-er, sail the fu- tile ware they Re-lay-er, we ad-vance,we re-trace our Moderately slow B hills of long for-got- ten yes -ter-days.. xSbo eo Ee — your mem-'ries told re-turn - ing cer-tain as we walk to - day. ti Press 0 - ver mo-ments leav- ing you. ‘The strength of the mo - shine o - ver moun - tains, les with you,. D otm eae _ eae" car- ry Chm don't e - ven need to try. We are one, and-I do think ver-y well. As the truth un - folds you, mf gradual cresc. al-ter-nate tune,. z (d=) FH =) ©. Foo acho ie al-ter-nate view, al-ter-nate view, 272 SOUND CHASER Words and Music by. JON ANDERSON, STEVE HOWE, PATRICK MORAZ, CHRIS SQUIRE and ALAN WHITE Moderately No chord Fe B fa ae SS mo-ment spent -spread tales- of change—with-in the sound, — © 1974, 1075 TOPOGRAPHIC MUSIC, INC ASI Right for the World adralalntered by WB MUSIC CORP. “An ugha Rearend” 273 Ft P E ee form through rhy-thm e -lec-tric free-dom moves to— coun - ter - bal-ance stars ex =~ pound our con - science all oS 274 E Gtm A 20 bares new en - coun- ters spark— guid - img_ lines ___ we touch them, our bodies bal-ance out the— we ac-cel-er-ate our— days 275 felt a sound,— 276 Ebmaj7 Bb D7sus4 C7sus4$ — Eb7sus4 Bb Hee «| EE ae Gee bounds. And to imow that tem - po touch re - Db Gh Ab Db cb Ab ie ae fe" im fe im trance of danc- es as rhy-thm takes an-oth-er turn, _ a a cs ise on-ly reach —to_look in your eyes, —3—- —— 277 Tempo I Tacet Cha- cha -cha_ cha-cha— cha - cha~ cha— Cha- cha -cha— cha-cha— cha-cha- cha— cha~ cha cha- cha - cha— cha cha.— 278 THE GATES OF DELIRIUM Words and Music by JON ANDERSON, STEVE HOWE, PATRICK MORAZ, CHRIS SQUIRE and ALAN WHITE Fast ‘No chord ©1974, 1978 TOPOGRAPHIC MUSIC, INC. AL Rights for te Word adininiatered by WB MUSIC CORP. Ae ee eee 279 3. 3 3 3003 Sb Stand and fight we do con-sid-er, re - mind-ed of__ c x000 SS to fields in debts of hon - or. ée - fend soar - ing tal- ons, 281 ° peace-ful lives will not de-liv-er free - dom, fight - ing we know, Fo # the point to re - ac - tion at -tack - ing. HH Hi Choose and re-nounce_throw-ing chains to the Kill or be kill-ing He Cast-ing gi-ent shad off vast pen-e - trat-ing force fric- tion spans— the spir-its 283, Dmaj7 Dmpaj7 leo G x000 G Dmaj7 x00 ° 284 seresms of an - guish, pow-er spent pas- sion be - spoils our soul re lou. G x000 cre-ate our 285 ee Ht: Words cause our vio- lence guide the Lead-er's hand in paths of glo-ry to the cause, maj? Dmaj F c Dmaj7 x900 a 288 — should we leave our chil - dren? Lis - ten, —___ our lives stare in si-lence; help. 289 Lis - ten, — friends us of your poi- son; give them as they give us, burn thelr chil - dren's ‘The first_ will run, loco, spit - it sings in crash-ing tones, we_=— gain the bat- tle. drum ae ae cries will shrill, the air will pen won't stay the de- => — ae ae mon's wings, the hour ap proach-es pound-ing out the Dev-il's ser - mon. 293 AM 180 the light, pass with-in and soothe this less night_ wait here for you, Hee ts — the time,_ all we move to gain will our heart is _o-pen, the light, ours to shape for all time, the right; the sun_ will lead u our rea-son to be here. soon the light, PF c G. ° x080 E ours to shape for all time, ours the sun will lead us, (ds our rea-son to be here, molto rit. es et OU we 27 TO BE OVER Words and Mustc by JON ANDERSON, STEVE HOWE, PATRICK MORAZ, CHRIS SQUIRE and ALAN WHITE Moderately fast No chord ‘© 1978, 1975 TOPOGRAPHIC MUSIC, INC. [Al Right forthe World adaintered ty WB MUSIC CORP. rtd ecianiatatased ty sail - ing down iim-ing streams, doors Eee SS your dreams. your fear, think it o - Bal-ance the thoughts. that re - lease with-in you. B Fim cim ee fe, B chm ou. g ‘m 200 Fim o Foo Fh o Boo doubt your part, be read-y to N.C. (instrumental) a 305 gradual decresc. Songs from: YESTERDAYS GOING FOR THE ONE TORMATO DRAMA YESSHOWS 307 DEAR FATHER Words and Music JON ANDERSON and SQUIRE ‘Moderately fast Tacet Am7 fae Here are the books of look; you need them to ‘They're on their own, need- ing’ a face, a __ place, Gm7 Eb to see what goes on to see what goes on — © 1078 TOPOGRAPHIC MUSIC, INC A Rights for Be World adintred by WH MUSIC CORP. jorkd administered toy Here in my ‘They're who you Fait at Ea ~ catch the wind hold on tight to show why they're wrong, hear what goes on— in the need to go on in the Here is all you see, Here is all you see, made— for you— from me. is made— for you from me. If there's If there's an - y- thing you'd like to say that could help an- y com pli - ca - tion that you'd like to talk ‘cause I've been wait-ing for so— long for ‘cause I've been wait-ing for so— long for Em pariry you to come a-long, help me on that ——— when you you to come a-long, can work it when you— 310 heav-en has heav-en has 8 an- y-thing you think you should know? Is there an-y -thing be-fore I an- y-thing you think you should know? Is there an-y -thing be-fore I ther, I'm hun = gry, I'm cold; dear Fa - ther, feel - ing ter - ther, you must be put-ting’ me on; dear =» Fa ther, ‘cause most of thelr. att ri- bly old; dear Fa - ther, I don't think — minds are gone; dear Fa - ther, they run on tun - der - stand me, I'm Ss — a not feel-ing good like not feel-ing good like Fa- ther,'cause I'm not read-y for this; dear Fa - ther, I don't think 1 312 Fa - ther, won't you let— — me go home; dear Fa = ther, I don't think 1 ~ —= 313 Fa- ther, Lord, they'd cru - cl -fy me; dear Fa -ther,1__ just could - — ~, —, = Fa - ther, ‘cause that's not where it's F/c Bb/c ce. F/C Bb/C 314 GOING FOR THE ONE Words and Music by ‘JON ANDERSON. 20 So «HEE Get the i - dea cross a- round the track un-der - Get in the way as the tons of wa - ter neath the flank of @ vers-es I've sang don't add much weight to. the rac - ing with you sto-ry in my head, ‘so I'm thor- ough -bred rac - ing chas - er. crash - ing through the rud - de: think-ing I should go writea_ = punch __ line. r PF = © 1977, 1978 TOPOGRAPHIC MUSIC LIMITED A Rights for the Word adtaiatered by WB MUSIC CORP. "All Rights Reserve? J q 315 HEH Ei FR Get-ting the feel as a riv - er flows. Would you lke to go and Once at the start, can you gam- ble that you real - ly sure - ly so hard to find’ in my cos - mic mind, so 1 think I'll take a as af shoot the moun-tain mass - es?. ‘And here you stand no, real-ly mean to fin - ish, af-ter see- ing all your Took out of the win - dow, When I think a= bout you, lata tall - er than the grass_ sees. ‘And should you real-ly chase_ sense of fear di- min ish? ‘As you treat dan-ger as 1 don't feel low. And should I real-ly chase Pure col-lec- tion, as you throw a - way ‘mis - con- cep a os hard, the truth of sport plays rings : = hard, the truth of sport plays rings a - round_ you. rg 4 Em7, Bb Vr. MC Em7 Bb Ge Em? 317 Bb bwi-light.__ To Coda} Round- a- bout, sound-ing out, B oo 318 Coda Bb D.S.4 (no repeats) al Coda your time. roll- ing. your time, roll ing. Tak - en Turn-stile ‘Mo-ments 319 to move.— tim-ing._— in flight.— ‘Talk a-bout send-ing ‘Three times ctm Gim 36 9 00 ae fe, Le fe ree times TURN OF THE CENTURY Words and Music by JON ANDERSON, STEVE HOWE and ALAN WHITE, Moderately Am(ada 5) Eee] No chor = — Re-al-iz - ing a form —out of stone, — = = = Ro-an—— shaped his heart thru his work-ing hands. Work to mould his pas-sion in-to 321 co ac Da/e et clay trans - form > 3 3 Fm7-5 cold of night, 322 Emaj7 m Dm7 Am Ee ag He Winter calls;— he cries, yo For his la-dy, deep her i mf Dm ey il - ness; tod: 3 ae Steel time has caught her and will for —3— all yea - sons take (aa her. a Dm/C gc i LH — — ee In the still light of dawn, she dies; help - 1e88— hands soul — Ie = — We once Bm/D Bm /F# Gmaj7/Ft As Win-ter calls, — Dm/C Gc Dm /C ie EE Eee] Now Ro-an, no more tears, set to work; his strength so trans-formed— him. — | ~ I~, — >. = == L — oo C6 Dm/C G/c Dm/C ERE FA is EE Re-al-iz - ing a form out of stone,— his work l~, I~, ~ 324 hear him? Could she. see him? —_. <———~»: ——~+: ce CoradaB) Br EF m3 rt dazed in this light. He would touch her. He would hold her, — — 3 Laugh-ing as they danced, high-est col-ours touch-ing others, Didher eyes— at the turn_ eresc. Oe Dm/c cc Dm/o 6 ae Ee tH fe tell me plain - ly how we'll meet, how we'll love? Dm/c G/c Dm/C i Oh, let life. so trans - form — =~ eae, = Bbmajo b/c eR HER Like leaves, we touched; __ we danced. We once knew the sto- — —, b, (aa = Bb Fada) 326 Dm7 6 eat Tacet aos Po oO Amaj7/B Ggtm7e FAm7/E E6 Fim/E B/E Fém/E la 7] iE Fa Was the sign. of the day —with a touch, as I Kiss your fin - eae ee tie eee 56 Ftm/E B/E Fim/E EE ER 7 We walk hands-in the sun, mem-o-ries when we're young; love | rrr B6 Fim/B B/E 28 Btm/E 6 F¥m/E Was it sun— thru the haze — that made all your looks EEE aswarm as = moon = light? — As a pearl,-deep your eyes;_ r FRR iP to ff Fim/E B/E F#m/E ey fue ag _— tears have flown a- way. All the same light,_ rf rf ff 56/8 Fim/B B Fhm/B aaa et Did her eyes— at the turn — of the cen- tu-ry tell me plain - ly rr rF 329 9B Ftm/B B Bysus BT when we meet, how we'll look? As we smile,time will leave me clear - ly, — Fim Fém/Gt eee Like leaves, we tou rea chn7 Gim7 Ams aH | fi ate, St. E/B, Esust A those man-y years — tf molto rit. PARALLELS Words and Music by (CHRIS SQUIRE, Moderately, with a strong beat © F c A c FE G A aE ee ® : 31 Bb Am, Eee Hl When you've tried_ most ev - —'ry = thing, Te ‘been all_- a = round__— the world — © 1077, 1078 TOPOGRAPHIC MUSIC LIMITED, AIL Rights forthe Word admaintred by WB MUSIC CORP. jorkd ecisalatatcred by and noth - and seen__ when you've come— Young and old, you've been play - ing with fire, fill = ing in. my spac - es. G c G A ia iq i HHH It's the be - gin - ning of a_new love It's the be - gin - ning of a new love You've got the way to make— it all hap- pen. Set it spin - ning, turn -ing Could be an ev - er-o ~- pen-ing flow - er. No hes-1 - ta-tion’ when we're c A EE i When we are win-ning we can stop and shout, mak-ing love___ No ex-pla-na-tions; need to work it out. ‘You know F c Emp7, R ¢ Em7 D ff] i iBe a ee Hi Ei Par-al-tel our sights, _ —, c Bm? P c 2 that ¢ Em? i fe fm fal le bo o e 0 Par-al-lel our heights, dis- play our rights Tacet It's the be - gin ning of anew love__ Could be an ev - Fim cp arch Bm HH Ht a leu No ex-pla-na-tons; need to work it out, © You know__ we've got__ It's the be - gin - ning of__ a new love__ in-side, ee You've got theway to. make_ it all_hap - pen, Set it spin-ning, turn-ing are win-ning we can stop and shout, mak-ing love to - wards_ _per-fec- No chord WONDEROUS STORIES Words and Music by ‘JON ANDERSON Moderately 7 morn - ing; Love laid lands not’ far, nor Me; I see deep- SS turned on _up-stream cap -tured high where ev ~ ‘ry - thing; you're Ss Ss = hy: => YS + ee bound for my for- giv er In the giv ~ ing = of my aan ae Cece ee close, and were— you there to stand so cau - tious - ly— at == —— =e SS St ae ee See + LF ] 27 RP tr : = © 1977, 1978 TOPOGRAPHIC MUSIC LIMITED ‘AIL Rights for the World udiminiatered by WB MUSIC CORP. CF sctnd did sl-lence In haste I quick-ly Ashe spoke, my spirit A Eg A/E 1 beg to leave to hear your «der = ous ate r was lo, 1 bed to leaves "to your won-d'rous sto- siya. “T bid it ton rectum to Jour won-d'rous sto- — = oA/E,ToCodag, E of/E, gE HF, BE Beg tohear_ your won - der-ous Had tohear—yourwon - der-ous Hear - ing, hear - ing your won - der-ous sto 341 AVE, Eo A/E 09 A/E, HE Fee A Hee Hear - ing your won - ous sto - ries, nie ny D.S.4al Codad Re-turn_ to hear your won-d'rous sto ries, A/B E AB LHF FRR HH Re-turn to hear your won-d'rous B Ase ER a/E A a0 Fae) AWAKEN Words and Music by JON ANDERSON and STEVE HOWE, © 1077, 1978 TOPOGRAPHIC MUSIC LIMITED ‘All Rights for he Workd edninistered by WB MUSIC CORP. Emaj9 pea High vi-bra-tion go on Dmaj9 cmajo to the sun, oh let my heart dream -ing, past a mor - tal as chm Emaj9 Wish the sun— to stand — still, ———————————= Dmajo a rege reach-ing out__ to touch_ our Cmajs Ee — — Past all mor-tal as we, _ Here we can be ‘Twice as fast Em(no3rd) | D/E c b/c vai wl ee Eminogrd)—D/E Em(ao3rd) —D/E D/E Bm(no 3rd) Em(no 3rd) D/E Em(no 3rd) D/E Em(no 3rd) Streams Reign Age D/E — Em(no 3rd) D/e en Gen-tle Mass Touch. en Gen-tle Mass en Gen-tle Mass 7 Em(no 3rd) D/E 1 By ' Bm(no 3rd) D/E Em(no 3rd) E Em(no 3rd) D, EB Hi A-waki- enGen-tle Mass Touch. Em(no 3rd) - "en Gen-tle Mass Touch- ing. Em(no 3rd) D/E Em(no3rd) 999. ‘en Gen-tle Mass Touch-ing. D/E Int (d=d.) fee eR Bb/G Abjeb Db obyab B/Ft asct a beret Work-ings of man set to ply out his - tor-i-cal life; re - re- géin- F/C Bb Bb/G Ab/Eb Db a a a ee ing the flow-er of the fruit_ of his tree. Gb/Bb B/FE fy ft asce D/A All re - stor-ing you, Work-ings of man cry -ing out from the fire— blind-ness to see that the warmth — of his be - fae «* prom-ised for his clearly, Ab/Bb Db chypb B/FE Asch D/A G aft. 4 HH EA fe man driv- en C/E F/C om cm Fm o &¢ & & in-hi - bi-tions so— that— all is left for you, Bbm Ebm Abm Ftm Fea FEE oe. +, o left for you,— left for you, — left for you— fi 353, B g Asch D/A G C/E F/C Bb EWG em ae da He Aiyeh Db’ cysh” wrt”, 8 Ach BAG oe F/C fe aft f fet EE) EEE” Es + Bb Sm cm Fm Bbm Ebm Abm Fim fe Moderately a N.C. Four times Emo ; Badd) 8 c B hoe Emo cl mf gradual crese. 366 Bb a Hark thr dark tles that tun-nel us out of sane ex-- ist-ence. 3 Bb/G ea Db ca aft di - rect aseyes see young stars— as - sem - ble, In chal-lenge as, Mas-ter of As ex - ists 3 light, G C/E F/C. Bbc Ab/ab close - ly guid - byab B/FE E i aR fet fe in our heart. S 8 000 ed Mas-ter of Soul, 3 F/C Db aR ayct D/A Raa set to touch all im-pen -e-tra-ble youth, 3 Bb 358 Bb/G Ab/Eb Db fa FEE pee ae. with all that's clear. — Be _hon-est_ with your-self; obyab BFE g Bao ayed D/A G/B R/C Bb Bb/G = Ab/Eb Db Gb/Bb B/FE & Sai = asct D/A C/E F/C Mas-ter of Time, o-ver all 3 ‘Bb Bb/G —abeb Kea) E Bs, And as we look for-ev-er clos - er, — G A Bsus4 C(no3rd) D9 —— Bb/G —Ab/Eb Db chyBb B/FE —-Bb/G d af, Ae, 5 ia A Ab Db Gb B/D = E/B A DyFE G/D 9 20 x ’ Do Ffm7-5 Am6 Emaj9 Pepa peepee. Pepe feist Slowly High vi-bra-tion go on Dmaj9 4, to the sun,_oh let my heart dream- ing, majo past a mor - tal Emajo Wish the sun— to stand cmaj9 EEE cimo Dmajo = still, reach-ing out__ to touch— our — Past all mor-tal as we. —— 1m’ 363, Died BYE Chm7/e Daddey/e chm7/e ra Like the time_ I ran a-way, Deda E)/B ctm7/e Dead B/E He ete turned a- round —and youwere stand-ing close to me-— ctm7/E D(add E)/E cim7/E D(add B)/A louena! ® oa Like the time. I ran a-way, turned a-round.and you were stand-ing close to me.- Freely s cim7/B Died) Cim7e | B 0 00 BEE RE FUTURE TIMES Words and Music by JON ANDERSON, STEVE HOWE, CHRIS SQUINE, RICK WAKEMAN and ALAN WHITE Moderately fast No chord Wed) © 1978, 1979 TOPOGRAPHIC MUSIC LIMITED & RONDOR- MUSIC (London) LTD. All ight forthe World ndniniatered by WB NUSIC CORP. on behalf of TOPOGRAPHIC MUSIC LIMITED grap py In the foun-tains of the U - ni-verse set time in ac-cord Dan - ta- It - on will ride a -gain, rag-ing forth un-der-land. G6/D Ee sits the boy child Sol - o-mon ev-er turn-ing round and round ‘The course of e-- vil stand-ing straight grind to grind, 3800 in the cit - ies of the South - ern Sky set points U-ni-verse Hot met- al will a - bound the land churn-ing out shout P 6D D Hat dreams he of glo - ry mal SH ~ ng round and round} ‘as the form re - gards our blaz~ ing hand D 66/D (vocal background fe To Coda: (“Facet nd fine) i cadet of the course of in = no~cence, (High - est danc - ing) G/D Fu-ture times will of the course of ia <—— D.S.¥al Coda g/D (One) One, the word will en-ter 2 aH (Two) Two, the duel will al-ter them.— (Three) Three_jewels_coun-te -nance di -vine Eee way de-light, a - way. (Four) Four, the fight to (Five) Five, the is-lands of A Bae Gin) Six, the tears that sep: Six,the tears that sep-a-rate. Segue REJOICE Moderately slow D un = til the ear we pick ly winds REJOICE Words and Music by ‘JON ANDERSON: 371 for - ward out for - ward out rats round round it up oe of change. gain. te feel - feel - this this ten the ing ing and and round round and and round round Time flies; on and on— Dawn's new light con - quer - ing © 1078, 1979 TOPOGRAPHIC MUSIC LIMITED AL Righta for the Word adalaatered by WD MUSIC CORP. forid administered by 372 it | goes set - ting sun. __ time - less ease har - vest breeze ZS round and round and round and round un- til it comes to car-ry you hom: hour of pas- sion gent- ly hold our heads— on high with you. 8 ly hold our heads on high. 373 D,C. (lyric 1) at Coda® coee er} round and round and round and round and round and = round and round and round and round and round and round and round and 374 DONT KILL THE WHALE Words and Music by JON ANDERSON and CHRIS SQUIRE Moderately, with a beat Bm oe eat ta c Fim7 igo FA7 Bm fi pr You're first. I'm last. You're thirst. I'm "Re - joice,"they sing; they wor - ship ‘© 1078, 1970 TOPOGRAPHIC MUSIC LIMITED. Alt Rughts for the Word admlaintered by WB MUSIC CORP. fort adentatstered by 375 HB fay asked their Fim fe of - Judge fe stand “die for their grace. Don't Kill the whale. — to jus - t-fy Kill - ing our last heav - en own space. — Ina mo- ment of love they Ey Don't hunt the whale. — In beau-ty, vi-sion, do we If time will al-low, we will HI fer ‘much. — if we rea- son with des - dn-y, gon -na all who came, In the wake of our new age, to Jose our touch, Don't Kill the whale. for the frail, Don't kill the whale. Dig it, dig it. 377 dig it, dig it. Bn Bm11 Bm (378 MADRIG. Words and Mustc by JON ANDERSON and RICK WAKEMAN Moderately slow, in 2 D gp ayet A Bm s i ae" Ee] a $ ofa dig ~ tant Iife :re- place them with love. o/D Fol - low me. ‘gu-preme." Fol - low me. High -_est all as one with you, © 1078, 1979 TOPOGRAPHIC MUSIC LIMITED & RONDOR MUSIC (Londoe) LTD. Al sight forthe World ndannletered by WB MUSIC CORP. o behalf of TOPOGRAPHIC MUSIC LIMITED "All Rights Reserved D Ste 379 G/D Bm Em/B BR FRR thet fire -light, I could match the sev-enth age. __ 2090 Fim D iii ee if that fire - light, I could match Sazcred ships do, the a = ways been here. ayct A 381 + tal trav-el-lers o/D A/D U_sni-verse we have yet to go. Count - less ex - pan - sions danc - ing with the spir-it Em/B 87-9 ERE 983 RELEASE, RELEASE Words and Mustc by JON ANDERSON, ALAN WHITE and CHRIS SQUIRE Fast C#migo 3rd) ee “tate Ait it out, lift us up, don't look back, dium of our gen - er-a = tion? show us now, amid the rack of — con-fu - sion. right, kick it out, high, ‘sat - is-fy hate youstom OE Gerigkt of a of ergs 4 don} We'veneardbe-tore in a plan, set it out for all to un-der-stand it ete but we just — don't seem-to move. — ‘The pres-sure'son;.. Tacet cet is there lack of con-cen - tra - tion? ae tra - tion?___ ebm sus 4 Eid wond'rin' may - be as sim-ple as pb/eb you're— gon - na Bbm sus 4 rH +n you won't see me in front, but youcan't leave me be - hind. Db Ab cb Ab Ab (eee i ame ge first to the needs of each oth-er's days, __ : ei a Zi S ~ dee oe . to lose in the vold sounds of | an-ar- chy's call - ing Gb 7 Ab Eb Db Ab 7 ft. 6h. pep pa ate pet. i a a" fs All un=ac-count - in the cra - zi-ness_ of In the cra- zi-ness._ all, re - lease die dedi ir or a-ban - don your hope bb Ab e& fm all, re-lease all, oy st, ee Be code 387 Bb tr rd = don your hope EB A He ee Ge B Fh” fe Ge Be Re-lease, re-lease, B Fe a ae E -nough con - trol-lers show some signs of ap-pre-ci-at - ed loy-al - ties. 388 gE B A B Ft i fp el = Re-lease, re-lease. B B i i i) HE signs of ap-pre - ci-at- ed loy - al - ties. Chm eae ‘You got- ta, got ta, got - ta, got- ta, got- ta get it right.— is it all far be-yond our rea - son— of = der stand - ing? An-tic- i - pate. the love of cre- hear you shout, Tacet fur-ther the right of B/E FYE E Fee Eee i] fur- ther the right, Coda D.S.4al Coda® all of | cre-a - tion, Fim/E B/E te Re-lease,re - leas Kick it out, fur = ther the right, Fim/E Ey Re-lease, FRE re-lease, E Re-lease, re - lease. CIRCUS OF HEAVEN Words and Muste by JON ANDERSON’ Moderately bright ‘No chord The day the Cir-cus Jo + cal folks lined the streets— wait - ing anx-jous -ly for the © 1078, 1979 TOPOGRAPHIC MUSIC LIMITED AL Rughta forthe World admtlatered ty WB MUSIC CORP. pa -rade to be > gin all 393 eee ye —— —S SS es = —— head -ed the Mys - ti - cal sur-round-ed by what seemed # ort an = oth = er mo-ment in fers en solemn fy = ing doth « ing real = ly stood there be 0 ame tent rie ing one out in in - cred - i - ble sound, ___ bring- ing out the strang-est heads, just te viv = id tev" each “Wits sion trane-port. ed” in dreame “of Al -ex'= an - der the Grea" ely =" ware more broth- ers —=—=——- SF = t = z ———— ZF - | ¥ 3 394 Ez B7 Aan et — = SS Se eS thou- sand gold -en an-gels at play, Be - hind were Cen- aura, elves, bright cit-vered re- gal hore~es rode by: sev en gold - en” char tots thou- sand feet “high trom ‘the floor, Towns-peo - ple flocked in - side with vi- sions in per- fect har-m'ny round. ‘An - y dreams he mul - t= tudes, ‘in = vent ~ing light. Gre-cian gal-leons, the ‘Sack of fought and killed their friend-ship in | hate,____ all. seen by Zeus’ per - form - ing —— Se SS fair- ies all in col-ours of Jade, on the ver- y fi - nal in tow, a won-der to be- hold, the Sev - en Lords of the Moun-tains of their eyes all a - mazed to greet the Sev-enth Lord of the they like to have seen from his-tor - { - cal or myth-1 - cal Troy to theGar-dens of Bab- y - lon, a play of mil-lions roared a - scenes of the mag- i - cal way, the day the cir-cus came to HE ey ee day. For what seemed on - ly time. There then a - rose where Sev-enth Age. ‘A fan - fare rang scenes. Then,there a - bove their Tong. The’ gi - gan - tie Am Bm c Bm Am Bm C/G ft ae fe oe ae Gi Out - side great an-i- mals as Bm/FE Am/C Bm C/G am Am Ei ae ep Ge an-gels high in star ~ light danc - ing tun ing their P Bm C/G Bm Am/G et a in-di-go and gold, drop-ping vio - let, red em - ‘ald Bm/FE C/G Bm/A Am m/c ort pc am abt pyc Bm cee ee ked_ up = on, ———— = D Et "Was that some ~ thing - 397 pe am Bm/D D/Ft qmay7 a & £ beau - th - ful7*___ (spoken) "Oh, it was 0.K. But there were no clowns, or lions, D7/A 9-5 no bears, no candy-floss, tof-fee apples; no clowns."” = Ss : ve t apemtne EH ete ee r 398 ONWARD Words and Muse by CHRIS SQUIRE Slowly - a ee EEE He fT ee Con-tained. in ev - ‘ry-thing_1 do Dis-played. in all_ the things-1 see. ev - ‘ry-thing_ I write, you're the light Por-trayed— in all_ the things you say, you're the day © 1978, 1979 TOPOGRAPHIC MUSIC LIMITED _AULRight for he Word edmleiaterea by WB MUSIC CORP. jontd ecieaioumtened by 399 Fr bb Dm Bb 2 a fe burn - ing bright - ly n= war ot ; Pere inel | ademas on-ward through the night, — through the night, — = ward through the night of my_life._ ON THE SILENT WINGS OF FREEDOM Words and Music by JON ANDERSON and CHRIS SQUIRE Moderately fast ae ‘Kao se@) Cag 3r€)/A 24 24 P24 ——S— On the si - lent wings of Free + — domy winds of Ce-les-tial Sea: sons dream of our love E- ter - nal oo mf Bm(no 3rd)/A Em(no 3rd)/A Poh Fat, m2 2 F254 2. re where we of - fer our - selves— midst the bal - anc - ing of that would car- ry me on, midst the bal-ance of be - that will e - ven-tual - ly bring our liv = ing once more. oe eeeeia—ee [rae ‘AG ‘Am? ‘©1078, 1979 TOPOGRAPHIC MUSIC LIMITED All Rights forthe Wold admantered by WB MUSIC CORP. Oe ere macred by Is. ‘Bm7/A Em/A (d=2) i Where we are com-ing where. we go,we on - ly know — with — sound. Where we arecom-ing from or _—where_we go, we A Am7 (d= da fata? back of your for-ty-sec - ond scream_ down, flight of re -gard-le: feel -ings —— midst the chal -lenge of midst the do" you choose 'S you hur - be 403 chal-lenge of 404 dark - est night so faith - ful, —— (no 3rd) A6 ate, 25 ren — midst the tor-ture of be - ing one? ——— 405 A(no 3rd) c D x9 ° ray f25 r25 2 pass- ing light of Eas - ing, seen you in - side— com-mon goal of — Free- dom, ————_ of - fer our - selves. midst the be - ing midst the bal gradual cresc. o Bm(add E) ° | Ei dal i Where we are com-ing from— or where_we go, we Where we are com-ing from, where we arecom-ing from where we go, we 407 : D Am? G c Bb Fr Cc) Am/G Bb fae Ga a fa t Round, round, round, round, round, round, round, round, round,round.La la la Cc Gm F c, Gm F Bb fa ate fare Gm aid ee la la la Ia la— le La lala a le la & ARRIVING UFO. Words and Music by JON ANDERSON, STEVE HOWE and RICK WAKEMAN Moderately fast s a I could not take it, oh, 50 se -ri-ous - ly, real -'ly, when you Ar + riv + ing through the = ons of’ times im = mor - tal You sey there's no rea - son to conjure with the called and said you'd seen a U. F. 0. pow -er of the fu-ture to be - hold, force as it has beenknown to be seen, But then ft dawned on me the © mes-sage in writ - ing spelt ves : sels of a dif-f'rent im - pres -sion, You say I'm a fool, a be -liev - er, (© 1078, 1970 TOPOGRAPIIIC MUSIC LIMITED & RONDOR MUSIC (London) LTD. All sgh forthe World admisteed by WB MUSIC CORP. on behalf of TOPOGRAPHIC MUSIC LIMITED ‘AT Rights Reserved was this voice of time just say-ing there's got to be a link -ing of rive, oh, that per -en-ni-al ght im - press a bold-er Em-pire of En- - rive to start such eci-enc-es a - new. Here it is, the com- ing of out- 410 To Coda c F E F p cre aa fis, got to be a cen-tre, ‘comes. flood ing — In the ships we see the Such a pure de-light,the c 3990 & = Coda x000 at Words and Music by GROFF DOWNES, TREVOR HORN, STEVE HOWE, CHRIS SQUIRE and ALAN WHITE PARTI Slowly, in 2 No chord } : ? rroprr prt = 5 FF Fee 4 = — s~ TH I wt 1 a A to ( ' =! = tI aii oan TH ah Ot 412 ‘Moderately fast, in 4 E,, BQddey/E A(addBy/B Biadd B)/E E (Jed) Hs He B(addE)/E A(addB)/E B(add E)/E a fF 3— Le arale3s sa] o35 5373 B BeddEyE — A@ddD)/E Bead EY/E E, BaddEy/E A(addsy/E Bledd EYE ie Hag Hl Ha es es ot el een Pall pero 41g E,, BaddBYE A(addB)/E Badd B)/E B(add B)/E. ® feet HE 3 HE 3 3{— Run down street where the glass shows that sum-mer hes gone. = i= Ij ie if B/E Badd E)/E B(add E)/E an (eaaBy/e Bd EYE $= 3 ‘Age, in the door-ways, re - sent-ing the pace_ of the dawn msm se E A(addB)/E —-B(add E)/E EB Bladd E)/B 98, ® @ Ha Hl All of them stand-ing in faceeereeeee A@edaBy/E Badd E)/E E Biadd E)/E A(addB)/E -B(addE)/E @ ig Hl Hae = 3 AML of them wait -tng for time, —s3—_— I— a4 E Beadd E)/E AteadBy/E B(add B)/E 8 3 ts heal - er, the ma - chine Mes - si - ah -—s— oss E Bladd E)/B ‘A(adaB)/E i ee hut = = BB — 35 s (et eel —3— Ca- bles that car - ry the life to the cit - tes we —3— 5 5 e Y— —_—__—— 7 Or 3 (pool oe] —3— 3 ‘Threads that lnk dia -monde of light to the sa - tan - fe mille, iT falta 3 = oj 5 ——$$__—— —_ of-fered the chance, -—35 Gina B ey fi nal- ly un-learn our —_les-sons and al-ter our Cr3ss TI 8 TI, Am7/G Gmaj7/A Am? 2, AN, Eb Db a7 PART I E Emaj7 6 Bmaj7 Emaj7 6 Emaj7 Eg Bmaj7 6 Emaj7 E Emaj7 6 Emaj7 Emaj7 fe a reat a ft ee Blac make their ma of chance. Friends make their way of es- 6 Emaj7 E Emaj7 6 Emaj7 | 7 ff Es-cape tofree-dom, I need to _be there, SS cape_in- to ays-tems of chance, 4 ae E Emaj7 6 Emaj7 E Emaj7 oF ae eH ta tat Wait-ing and watch-ing, the ta-bles are turn-ing. I'm wait-ing (1-73, 56 Emaj7 oop D rH bref a ce Em 419 Bm/E Am/E Sy ot B Ea aE 9000 Am/B Em Bm/E Am/E 3 Kaa eo 420 421 Slowly, in 2 (¢ J=d J) Eee Am oP Boe Am 2,900 Moderately Am Beus? Cmaj7/e ae uc. itd Esus2 Cmaj7/E Bous2 Cmaj7/E E7eust Cmaj7/E sus? Cmaj7/E Bsus? 29 % 0000 97900 © 9 909000 0 B Bae fl les Cmaj7/E Reus? Cmaj7/E E7eus4 Cmaj?/E Eous2 Cmaj7/E Bous2 Cmaj7/E 194 fey este ee feo Eous2 Cmaj?/E E7euetCmaj7/B Reus? — Cmaj?/B Baus? Cmaj7/E Reus? Cmaj7/E 2.904 ° 00 0 °, @ ta 00 000 batt E7sus4 Cmaj7/E Reus? Cmaj7/E fou Gna /e Esus2 Cmaj7/E E7suet lee te Em(edd F#) Cmej7/B Rous? Cmaj7/E Baus? Cma{i/E Reus? 900090 0900 9. * n.c. ERE 423 PART II Moderately fast N.C. Bea = +5 co z F 3 3a rsaesae 34 mars ols. D/G Ba 3 AML of us wait - ing for 3—_ (9-54) G c a B a to feel it all the way — may ~ be we'll change, of - fered the chance, cI rs pia rT rer i 3-5 7 3 rrr 3 ’ T fi -nal-ly un-learm our les sons and al-ter our n-3—4 ese F734 Bb Fm/Eb Ebmaj7/F Fm? Abmay? abm/Ab Aba abmo rr ag g 7 re Eb Fm7/E> 9 : a Bb/E Fm? Ab ‘Ab ab Asn Slowly, in 2 Em D ¢ Am D oJ feet on — , os 8 8! a1 a aI Am Bm7/E Cmaj7/e @, oo Bsus? Cmaj7/E, Fou? Gmaj/e E7gug Cmaj7/E Bsus, Cmafi/E Em Am ‘Bm7/E Cmaj7/B Baus? Cmaf/E E7gue4 — Cmaji/E Bsus? Bou Cmayye Bsus? Cmaj7/E E7euss Cmaj7/E Eos? Cmaj7/E Em 9 ° 9,900 EE: HH iE WHITE CAR Words and Music by GEOFF DOWNES, TREVOR HORN, STEVE HOWE, CHRIS SQUIRE and ALAN WHITE, ‘Moderately fast E(no 3rd) Dfeo 3rd) AE Asus 4/E 000 Dm Em Dm c c F/A Bb 9 1 1090, 1981 TOPOGRAPHIC MUSIC LIMITED & ISLAND MUSIC LTD. [AL Right forthe Word scetsatered by WB MUSIC CORP. oa behalf of TOPOGRAPHIC MUSIC LIMITED ‘gh for the United Staten & Canna conrlled by ACKEE MUSIC, INC. on bebalf of ISLAND MUSIC LTD. Bb(addc) Dm c/D Dm Freely a Bbsus 2/D ‘Dino 3rd) DOES IT REALLY HAPPEN? Words and Music by GEOFF DOWNES, TREVOR HORN, STEVE HOWE, CHRIS SQUIRE and ALAN WHITE ay ° Moderately fast No chord F/A D/A 90 oog we ~_# 1960, 1961 TOPOGRAPHIC MUSIC LIMITED & ISLAND MUSIC LTD. ‘Ait Rights for dhe Wort adminetered by WB MUSIC CORP. on behalf of TOPOGRAPHIC MUSIC LIMITED igh dhe United Staten & Canada controied by ACKEE MUSIC, INC. on behalf of ISLAND MUSIC LTD. 433 c A G Bb/F OF yo, Ge x00 i i ae ‘That's what you say. Couldit real-ly Could this be true?_ Does it ev-er 00 x900 ° af HE Does that ex - _plain?_ This is the ‘And can you prove — that wheels go sea - son for this dis - play. round in ~ sons. Bm/F$ Am7/E AT Ef Hl look — intime to move- to-geth - er, step _ intime to move_to-geth - er. } time Is the menue be- c Bm/FS ab/F ©, omEh fe) Gl Gf cm/s oG Bm/FF x9 #0 3000, Bea & ee fore it's. be-gun. Slips a - way like run-ning_ wa - ter. Live for_ the pleas-ure,_ <5 b c Bm/F$ Bb/E c Cm/Eb G/B Gm/shG Bm/FE bo add be a live by the gun, Her - it - age for son and _ daugh - ter. Down to_ the slaugh-ter,_ u3 b Bm/FH Hl. a up forthe fun, Up for_ an-y 280 You walk. F/A ieee F/A 437 D/A 00. D/A 00. you draw will make— 438 FIA the meas - ure— be - fore it's__be -gun, Tacet for— the pleas - ure, son and daugh- ter. Down to___the elaugh- ter,_ ‘That's what you say. — Could it real-ly hap-pen Does that ex - plain 4a c/s Fig BG for this dis - play?__ i @&@ @ Gin & t AlG, D/IG C/G Dm/G G Bb/G 0 xe 30 ath F/G, INTO THE LENS Words and Music by GEOFF DOWNES, TREVOR HORN, STEVE HOWE, CHRIS SQUIRE and ALAN WHITE Moderately, in 4 No chord nf Fim/B DB Gtmo/B Cmaj7 /B et} 34 35 EH 443, B Fim Fim6 Fim7 at be : 5 i FI es Slowly and freely Gmal7 A/G, Bm Gmay A/G, Bm é Eee eee ae DyFt Bm Gmaj? A/G, bi EH Mem-o-ries, how they fade so faat.— Look back, that is =—3—> —3— Gmaj7 A/G D/FE Bm gee ao (a — ~ Ss. Tied_down, now you see too late. Lov - ers, they will nev-er wait. =35 =3— Moderately bright Cm I amacam-er-a. am a cam-er-a. Gm/c Gmaj7 A —— al nev -er let you go. How you lose them D Bm cm loom ea feel the feel - ing start._ Tam a cam-er-a, cm mm cam-er- a. I am a cam-er-a, cm fae’ fe. cam-er-a,canrer-a. Gm/Bb Abmaj7 Gm7 eee tt, cam-er-a,cam-er-a. may find time will Abmaj? Gm? ‘Abmaj7/c Gm7/C coEE ft. fa to just re - mind you Yes 447 by the wa-ter - side,_ c D Cmaj7 Am(adaB) ° He F/A Ab F/A Ab st, at. a (ded)om cmaj7/B 9 Fim Fim6 Fim7 "Fim F4m6 Fim? Fim Fm6 Fim? aes ys GHEE Gg 35 3a 34 r35 Bm 2 al-ways let the fesi- ing show. — Gmaj7_ A/G D, age Gmaj7 A7 D, 8 Bm EH FR ER How you nev-er broke-your heart 8 Bm He ea ER ifyou feel the feel - ing Gm/c cm ea 3f, I am a cam-er-a, cam-er-a, cam-er- a. Cm Gm/c He” “ Tam acam-er-a, cam-er-a,cam-er-a, 452 Og B DB Fim BED Bm Fim may find time will blind you. This to just HEH Bm BB, wes camera > Tam a camser=a, E/Gt 455 E/ct G E/ct G Bm 992, x 300 EB DA EB DA Bm7 B/Gt 487 Bouss Fim OD em Fim Fimo Fhm7 maa IT 35 IS TEMPUS FUGIT Words and Music by GEOFF DOWNES, TREVOR HORN, STEVE HOWE, CHRIS SQUIRE and ALAN WHITE Moderately fast A m6 B o DB A F 0 09 0 20 =, EEE EEE FEE He a r—3—4 -—3— © 1940, 1981 TOPOGRAPHIC MUSIC LIMITED & ISLAND MUSIC LTD. ‘Ai Right forthe Wort edminstered by WB MUSIC CORP on behalf of TOPOGRAPHIC MUSIC LIMITED ‘RynsTor the United Staten & Canada controlled by ACKEE SIUSIC, INC. on behalf of ISLAND MUSIC LTD. c Em oo 2000 2000 bo g > bu Cc e im Bm A Em once aR sf ro Fem/A Fhm/A Em/A 2. 90 Ffm/A °. 8 Em/A ‘0 000 Fim/A Em/A ° 6-908 Em 2000 Em Bm Bray — at the sight Ls A c A s Bm ee And the near - er 461 T came, Em Bm oe oo 2000 2,000 Em D ef git see whenI'm wil D/Fi C/G p/Ft Em x0 x00 9900 Em Bm A 2900 oe If you were there, you would want. In - no ~ cence, you could hold___ the ma - Em Bm G 900 2000 Em D 000 9 ing your best_ sit- u-a Ey — — = jhe dawn, _ it meant noth G Em x000 9900 = ing to us. Fim/A Bm/A o 0000 And the_mo - ment I see_ you Ftm/A Em/A Fim/A Em/A ° 9200 ° 2000 it's s0__good__to be near_ you, ‘And the_feel- + 7 ? f Fhm/A Em sn ee eee To Codagy makes me_want_ | to be with— you ing you give_ me Fim/A Em/A B7sust 9900 — = 2, from the mo - ment you tell_ me HE] leo e Em, prt c/a. D/A 000 x . 68 D c — 7 =~ PEL Em 0000 Bm A G — If you could see all the roade—_ 1 have trav - elled to - wards_ Bm ee eae = a-ble last__ e-qui-ltb - ri-um, Rm like an ath - lete and die— Em Bm x00 2,000 > 2 of 9 0 G00 creat D.s.¥al Coda ‘470 Coda Fim/A Em/A ¢ 0 900 EEE Fim/A Em/A ° 2 000 will the si - lence be bro - ken? Fhm/A Em/A ° 2000 Do we watt for an an - wer? Fhm/A ° He Se an 472 RUN THROUGH THE LIGHT Words and Muste by GEOFF DOWNES, TREVOR HORN, STEVE HOWE, CHRIS SQUIRE und ALAN WHTTE Moderately slow x ae fad 7p a GB OF/A G/B Am/c were dreams_ 1960, 1961 TOPOGRAPHIC MUSIC LIMITED & ISLAND MUSIC LTD. All Right for dhe Word dmanistered by WB MUSIC CORP. on beh of TOPOGRAPHIC MUSIC LIMITED ‘gh forte Unie States & Canna controlled by ACKEE MUSIC: INC on behalf ef ISLAND MUSIC LTD. 473 cp FIA G/B Am/c GB OR/A GB Am/c cp OR/A G/B Am/C fae 474 F/A ev - 'ry-thing is all through the light of day.__ F/A cB Am/c GB OR/A ‘ry move - ment 475 Gf Am/c Gp OR/A fen Fe GB Am/c GB OP/A GB Am/c GB OF/A ae ae pie ti 476 ‘ry thing is all Run through the light of day. A (d=) eee Tacet 1 a7 G/A a be HH ae [3. a § 4 ro net . “Se 2 (ded 1 GR Eade ” o 2 o Ame oe os a ——_ CoB F/A, G/B Am/C HE a BE Soe op F/A cop 20. Am/c 479 ca GR Am/c el the light) gradual cresc. You run throughthe light of night. Youcome to the light of day. G/A A (ded) fist. etree! Repeat and fade A teitt : ete te, z