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Water – The Natural Element
Educational Objective:
To acquaint children with the power of natural elements

Main idea
How to learn to perceive life in its forms. Talks about water, why is it necessary for our life, where it comes from, what's happening with it, how does it look, what is its flavor, aroma, color, what water means for our life. Water in our country gives life to plants, animals and us humans, it evaporates and humidifies the air, flows in the rivers abundant with fish. It nourishes the land and wells from which we drink. It comes to the surface in springs, is contained in the lakes and ponds, and eventually returns to the sea.

Will it be like this always? What do the streams and rivers look like today, where springs have disappeared, can we find clean water somewhere? Are we interested in water in our country, do we care about it or is it somebody else’s duty???

Objective: To learn to perceive life in all of its forms

Activities: Learn and discover through experiments with water and fire • monitoring weather - small, large, storm clouds, sun, wind, rain - weather records in the calendar • water cycle - discussions with encyclopedias and illustrations, observations outside

• walk into the forest to the well, trickle, observing where it flows, how it becomes a creek • playing in the sand, creating paths and streams, monitoring water - how and where it flows

• observation of the plants with water and without water • tracing the puddles with chalk, tracking how the water evaporates overnight

• motion games on the topic of weather • water cycle demonstration: sponge sucks water like a cloud, wringing the water to container as if it rains, sponge sucks water in the container, it evaporates and creates a cloud • poems and songs about water

Thank for your patience

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