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Letters of Mahatma Gandhi

Letters of Mahatma Gandhi

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September 14, 1935


I have your belated reply. But better late than never. As for the
funds which you claim as donations given to you personally, as I have
not studied all the ramifications I would like you to abide by
Shankerlal’s judgment. Without admitting any error of judgment and
without any reflection being cast upon you, you could simply get the
funds converted into donations for the A.I.S.A. Rajkumari has
decided to stop the khadi Bhandar in her own place. Therefore the
sooner we close the Simla Bhandar the better. I shall be prepared to
give Puri the training in self-sufficient khadi whenever he could be
conveniently sent. I understand what you say about keeping the
accounts in our Bhandars in Urdu and you are right in what you say. I
am carefully going into everything in connection with Harjivan.
Without perhaps meaning it, he succeeds in displeasing his associates.
I am trying to induce him to leave Kashmir work and take rest for the
time . . . he recovers, his services can be utilized for less . . . . I would,
therefore, like you to give me your suggestion for the conduct of the
Kashmir Bhandar and its branches . . . your warning that all
correspondenceand the questions regarding the management of khadi
work in the Punjab should be through you, if you are to keep yourself
in touch with the movement and are to be really responsible for its
growth in the Punjab. All Bhandars that are being run at a loss are
certainly to be closed as quickly as possible, including, of course, the
Peshawar Bhandar.

What you tell me about Khan Pirbux and Dr. Alam makes
painful reading. We have to cut our way through all weathers, fair or
foul and rely upon God’s help in so far as we may be walking along
the path of truth and love.

Blessings from


From the original: Dr. Gopichand Bhargava Papers. Courtesy: Nehru Memorial

Museum and Library

VOL. 67 : 25 APRIL, 1935 - 22 SEPTEMBER, 1935


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