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Letters of Mahatma Gandhi

Letters of Mahatma Gandhi

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September 5, 1935


I have your letter. Mahadev has replied to your earlier letter.
Today Mahadev is on the train to Prayag. Jawaharlal must have
slipped away last evening. Still, the trip could not be avoided.
A more exhaustive statement of accounts of the Tilak Swaraj
Fund than the one you have sent has already been published in octavo
size. This is not it. If this is all you have, then it is incomplete. It would
be proper to write that the printed version is available only at
Revashankarbhai’s or at the All-India office. I have not gone deeply
into it. You will have gone through my correspondence with J. which
is with Sardar. It is not to be published. I have nothing to say in my
defence. The [charges] against the Congress can be answered only by
producing the accounts. I am saving your letter for Mahadev. Enquire
at Revashankarbhai’s for other major items in the accounts.
I hope you are all in good health.

Blessings from


From the Gujarati original: Pyarelal Papers. Nehru Memorial Museum and
Library. Courtesy: Beladevi Nayyar and Dr. Sushila Nayyar

VOL. 67 : 25 APRIL, 1935 - 22 SEPTEMBER, 1935


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