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Letters of Mahatma Gandhi

Letters of Mahatma Gandhi

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I gladly publish the foregoing2

. I am asking Lala Mohanlal, the
Secretary of the Punjab Harijan Sevak Sangh, to deal with the letter.
All the needs of Harijans in the matter of wells that come under the
observation of the local Sangh will certainly be brought to the notice
of the Punjab Sanitary Board. The Harijan Sevak Sangh’s policy is
not to duplicate the work done by the Government but wherever


This is extracted from “Weekly Letter” by Mahadev Desai, who had
explained: “In a recent article entitled “All Life Is One” , 22-6-1935Gandhiji answered
all questions directed at some of the seeming contradictions between his belief and
action. In reply to similar questions addressed to him privately he sent a reply
[presumably “Letter to Krishnachandra”, 3-7-1935 which makes his position and
those of aspirants clearer, if possible.”


This was a letter dated June 28, 1935, from K. A. Rahman, Secretary,
Sanitary Board, Punjab, not reproduced here. The addressee, who had read an article
about drinking-water for Harijans in the Punjab in Civil and Military Gazette, dated
June 27, 1935, had pointed out that “in recent years lakhs of rupees have been spent
in providing good drinking-water for villagers” and that there was no “distinction
between Harijans and non-Harijans”.

VOL. 67: 25 APRIL, 1935- 22 SEPTEMBER, 1935


possible to supplement it. The Sangh is building wells only where
necessity is proved. I may mention here, that though in law
everywhere in British India public wells are open to Harijans in
common with the others, in practice it has been found that Harijans
are forcibly debarred from their use by caste Hindus and sometimes
even others. Harijans dare not use these wells without inviting severe
corporal punishment from caste Hindus. So far as my information
goes, things are not very different in the Punjab.

Harijan, 13-7-1935

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