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Letters of Mahatma Gandhi

Letters of Mahatma Gandhi

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Published by: cheedikrishna on Jul 16, 2009
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May 26, 1935


I got your letter. I don’t like your falling ill. The disease must
be cured. Kamala told me that you had gone to see her. It was also
good that you went and stayed with Jayaprakash for some time. If,
similarly, the marriage also is settled, all your problems will have been
solved. See that you don’t fall ill before that. Eat neem leaves. Take
hip-baths and go out for regular walks. I will leave Borsad on the 31st
and reach Wardha on June 2. My weight is 104. My present food is
milk, neem leaves and mango juice. Tamarind is not available just
now. In place of it, I take the juice of lemons. My health is good.
Only Ba and Mahadev are with me. Bal and Anandi joined from
Bombay. Most probably Ba will stay on for a month. There are many
girls at present with Gangabehn1

in Bochasan.

Blessings from


From a photostat of the Gujarati: G.N. 3449


Gangabehn Vaidya

VOL. 67: 25 APRIL, 1935- 22 SEPTEMBER, 1935


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