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Human Rights Complaint by John Nagel: High-Tech Torture by the CIA

Human Rights Complaint by John Nagel: High-Tech Torture by the CIA


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A U.S. Citizen files an Organization of American States Inter-American Human Rights Commission Petition against the Government of the United States over the use of threats of kidnapping and murder by the CIA to silence an American witness to organized crime ties of the Obama administration and Obama/CIA involvement in Mexican drug trafficking. Victim also states that the CIA, NSA and DOD conspired to use top secret technology to torture him due to his being an eyewitness to Obama's underworld connections, pursuing him throughout Latin America. This pending human rights petition is grounded in personal experience and hard-nosed research into secret government weapons programs, unveiling a long history of non-consensual experimentation and rights abuses. Victim is preparing to seek asylum in an undisclosed nation due to his persecution by clandestine U.S. agencies.
A U.S. Citizen files an Organization of American States Inter-American Human Rights Commission Petition against the Government of the United States over the use of threats of kidnapping and murder by the CIA to silence an American witness to organized crime ties of the Obama administration and Obama/CIA involvement in Mexican drug trafficking. Victim also states that the CIA, NSA and DOD conspired to use top secret technology to torture him due to his being an eyewitness to Obama's underworld connections, pursuing him throughout Latin America. This pending human rights petition is grounded in personal experience and hard-nosed research into secret government weapons programs, unveiling a long history of non-consensual experimentation and rights abuses. Victim is preparing to seek asylum in an undisclosed nation due to his persecution by clandestine U.S. agencies.

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Published by: John Nagel on Sep 29, 2013
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Petition to the

Inter-American Human Rights Commission
Organization of American States (OAS)
Washington, D.C.
John M. Nagel
the United States of America
u!" #$, #%&'
(a)!e of Contents - OAS Human Rights Petition against the *nite+
States of America ,i!e+ u!" #$, #%&'
&. Preface- An American Witness to O)ama . CIA Organize+ Crime (ies
&.& /o) Woo+0ar+- (he Presi+ent1s 2an 6
&.# An Or0e!!ian De3ri4ation of Ci4i! Rights5An 6!ection Connection7 7
#. Petition to the Inter-American Human Rights Commission
#.& /ac8groun+ of 9ictim : ohn 2. ;age! 13
#.# Chrono!og" of Human Rights A)uses against 9ictim 21
<. Summar"- Se3tem)er #=, #%&# : anuar" #>, #%&' 21
<.& 6!ectronic (orture *sing ?;euro0ea3ons@ 21
'. Se3tem)er #=, #%&# 23
'.& An American /an8er 23
=. Se3tem)er #>, #%&# 24
=.& Internet Search for the /an8er1s Picture 24
=.# ?Si!ent Soun+@ Communications /egin 24
=.< Ai+na33ing (hreat at *.S. 6m)ass" 25
>. Se3tem)er #B, #%&# 27
>.& (he /an8er - a 2o) Co+father7 27
>.# (orturers ?Protecting the Presi+ent@5An 6!ection Connection7 28
B. Se3tem)er #D, #%&# 29
B.& 9ictim *n+ergoes ,orce+ ?Socia!ization@ as ?Secret Agent@ 29
B.# Woo+0ar+ Discusses Secret ?Came-Changing@ IraE (echno!og" 30
B.< Attac8s on /roa+casters 0hi!e on Air Chi!! 2e+ia ?2in+ Contro!@ Co4erage
B.' ?2in+ Rea+ing@ *sing Su)4oca!ization Recognition 31
B.= DARPA : ;ASA - Coog!e Patent Su)4oca!ization Recognition (ech 33
D. Se3tem)er #$ : Octo)er <&, #%&# 35
D.& Ongoing (hreats to ,ami!" 2em)ers 35
D.# Prominent in+i4i+ua!s name+ +uring torture sessions 36
D.< Po!ice Com3!aint ,i!e+ Against CIA 37
$. Octo)er <&, #%&# : Decem)er $, #%&# 38
$.& 9ictim (orture+ in 2eFico, Panama, Costa Rica, ;icaragua5 38
&%. Decem)er &%, #%&# : Decem)er &#, #%&# 39
&%.& A Pu)!ic Suici+e in Gegitimate Protest 39
&%.# 9ictim See8s Re!ief, 6F3osure of *.S. ;euro0ea3on W2D *se 40
&%.< Wi+es3rea+ *.S. 6m)ass" In4o!4ement 41
&&. Decem)er &<, #%&# : Date of fi!ing of this Petition 42
&&.& Getters to 2eFican Congress, 6m)assies in 2eFico 42
&&.# 2"sterious Death of 9ictim1s C!osest Associate 43
&#. O4er4ie0 of De4e!o3ment of Ps"chotronic Wea3onr" 44
&#.& ;euro0ea3ons 2ore Po0erfu! than ;uc!ear /om) 44
&#.# Ra+io (e!e3ath" a ,ocus of ;euroscience an+ the *.S. 2i!itar" 45
&<. (hree 2ain Com3onents of ;euro0ea3ons 48
&'. Statements )" *.S. an+ mu!ti!atera! )o+ies regar+ing 3s"chotronic
0ea3onr" 49
&'.& *.S. Arm" Research Ga) Confirms ;euroscience ,ocus 49
&'.# Russia See8ing ;euro0ea3ons 50
&'.< A 2icro0a4e Assau!t on the Hon+uran Presi+ent 51
&'.' A++itiona! 6!ectromagnetic (argeting Cases 52
&'.= A ,ai!e+ /i+ to /an S3ace-)ase+ 2in+ Wea3ons 53
&'.> 6* Par!iament Reso!ution Ca!!ing for a C!o)a! /an on ;euro0ea3ons 53
&'.B 28*!tra, the CIA1s Gong, Documente+ Histor" of ?2in+ Contro!@ 6F3erimentation
&=. 6Fcer3ts from se!ecte+ Aca+emic Artic!es on Ps"chotronic Wea3onr"
&=.& Humans Can Hear 2icro0a4e 6nerg" 62
&=.# >% 2inutes ?2in+ Rea+ing@ Segment 63
&>. Ps"chotronics Wea3onr" Potentia! of the *.S. /RAI; Initiati4e
&>.& /RAI; Initiati4e ,ocus on ;euroimaging 65
&>.# Asia Human Rights Commission Warns of ;euro0ea3onr" A)use 66
&>.< DARPA ,ocus on 6!ectromagnetic /rain Signa!s 66
&B. 64i+ence of *.S. 2i!itar" De4e!o3ment of Ps"chotronic or 2icro0a4e
Wea3ons 68
&B.& Definiti4e Proof of ;euro0ea3onr" - an Arm" Screenshot 68
&B.# 26D*SA : An *nc!assifie+ ;euro0ea3on 69
&B.< Acti4e Denia! S"stem (ADS) 70
&D. Se!ecte+ 2e+ia Re3orts of Actua! Ps"chotronic Wea3onr" *se
&D.& 2e+ia Co4erage of Ps"chotronics *se in IraE 71
&D.# (errorist /rain Patterns Gin8e+ to Woo+0ar+1s Secret 73
&D.< A /i!!ion-Do!!ar Ps"chotronic Arms Race 74
&$. Gist of Se!ecte+ Patents on (echno!og" 0ith Ps"chotronic Wea3onr"
Potentia! 75
&$.& Patents Co4ering Si!ent Communications (echno!og", as 0e!! as 2oo+ 2o+ification
(echno!og"- 75
&$.# Patents Co4ering Su)4oca! Recognition (6ssentia!!", ?Rea+ing of Interna!
Dia!ogue.(houghts@)- 77
&$.< Patents Co4ering /rain Acti4it" 9isua!ization an+ ;euroimaging, such as ?,unctiona!
2agnetic Resonance Imaging@ an+ ?,unctiona! 6!ectroence3ha!ograms@ 78
#%. Se!ecte+ com3anies an+ agencies in4o!4e+ in +e4e!o3ment of
3s"chotronic 0ea3onr" or e!ectronic 0arfare ca3a)i!ities 80
#%.& Pri4ate Sector Com3anies 0ith Potentia! to De4e!o3 ;euro0ea3ons 81
Organizationa! Chart of the *.S. Sur4ei!!ance an+ Inte!!igence Communit" 83
#&. (argete+ In+i4i+ua!s Phenomenon in *.S. an+ Wor!+0i+e
##. S3ecu!ation on /asic Com3onents of *.S. Ps"chotronic Wea3ons
S"stem 85
##.& A &< /i!!ion-SEuare-2i!e S3ace-/ase+ Ra+io (e!esco3e Arra" 85
##.# 2icro0a4e, *H, or 9H,7 Our 6ntire /o+ies are SICI;( (Signa!s Inte!!igence)
#<. 9ictim1s C!osing Statement 86
#'. Gife, Interru3te+ 95
#'.& A Pu)!ic Death 95
#'.# ;othing Coes as P!anne+ 96
#'.< A Suici+e ;ote 98
#'.' &#.&#.&# 98
#'.= What it ,ee!s Gi8e to (orture Someone to Death 99
#=. (he 6n+ of Pri4ac" 101
#=.& /rain (a3s 103
#=.# A Ca!! for Internationa! O4ersight 103
#=.< Woo+0ar+ Ho!+s /ac8 on ?Amazing@ ;e0 (echno!og" 104
#=.' A 9er" /rief Histor" of 2in+ Contro! in America 105
#=.= Our 6ntire /o+ies are SICI;( 106
#=.> Remote Sensing 9ia Ra+iote!esco3e 106
#=.B (argete+ In+i4i+ua!s- High (ech Po!itica! Prisoners 107
#>. Co3" of Po!ice Re3ort Against CIA in 2eFico 109
#B. 6-2ai! to ohn ;age! from *.S. ,e+era! 6!ection Commission
#D. An O3en Getter to Senate Inte!!igence Committee on Ps"chotronic
Wea3onr" 111
#D.& Ps"chotronic Wea3ons in IraE War I an+ II 111
#D.# 6choes of Sno0+en, Assange 113
#D.< 2icro0a4e, *H, or 9H,7 Our 6ntire /o+ies are SICI;( 114
1. Preface: An American Witness to Obama / !A Organi"ed rime #ies
2" name is ohn ;age!, an+ unti! #%&#, I !i4e+ as a ?Cringo,@ or American eF3atriate, in 2eFico
Cit" for &D "ears.
(his is m" stor"-
On anuar" #', #%&', an+ then again 0ith ne0 facts an+ a!!egations on une $, #%&', I fi!e+ a
com3!aint 0ith the Organization of American States (OAS) Human Rights Commission against
the Co4ernment of the *nite+ States.
I a!!ege that I came to !earn that the CIA eF3orte+ H#%% mi!!ion month!" of narcotics from 2eFico,
an+ often much more, using CIA agents 0ith +i3!omatic co4er an+ immunit", CIA contractors
an+ agents 0ith non-officia! co4er, CIA-3rotecte+ aircraft, an+ CIA inte!!igence to gain an
a+4antage o4er other +rug traffic8ing organizations.
I a!so a!!ege that I met an O)ama-connecte+, organize+ crime-affi!iate+ American )an8er in
2eFico Cit" in #%&# an+, after tr"ing to i+entif" him )" searching for an on!ine 3hotogra3h, 0as
su)seEuent!" threatene+ 0ith 8i+na33ing )" CIA ?+ut" officers@ at the *.S. 6m)ass" in 2eFico
Cit" an+ !ater 0ith mur+er on three se3arate occasions )" 3resume+ CIA agents at the 2eFico
Cit" air3ort.
It is 0orth noting that these threats at the *.S. 6m)ass" in 2eFico Cit" too8 3!ace 0hi!e Hi!!ar"
C!inton, !i8e!" can+i+ate for the #%&> 3resi+entia! e!ection, 0as Secretar" of State of the *nite+
States. Such 0as m" terror that 0hen m" 3ass3ort nee+e+ eFtra 3ages in #%&', I refuse+ to
enter a *nite+ States +i3!omatic missionI an accommo+ating consu!ar officia! at the *.S.
6m)ass" in San ose came outsi+e to ta8e m" signature an+ ta3e in the eFtra 3ages.
In a++ition, an+ e4en more shoc8ing!", I a!!ege that I 0as su)Jecte+ to 3s"cho!ogica! ?no touch@
torture using to3 secret techno!og" in or+er to turn me into a 4irtua! ?3o!itica! 3risoner@ +ue to
information I came to 3ossess a)out O)ama an+ the CIA1s in4o!4ement in the 2eFican +rug
tra+e, an+ to 8ee3 me si!ent a)out the O)ama a+ministration1s organize+ crime ties in the run-
u3 to the #%&# e!ection.
It can ta8e "ears for the Commission to +eci+e on the a+missi)i!it" of a case, an+ as of this
0riting I ha4e ha+ no 0or+ on the Petition1s status, a3art from an e-mai! confirmation that it has
)een recei4e+.
A!though, un+erstan+a)!", "ou ma" choose not to )e!ie4e a!! or 3art of m" account, e4er" 0or+
is true.
I ha4e sought to 3ro4i+e am3!e e4i+ence of m" bona fides )" sho0ing 3ictures of 3rominent
in+i4i+ua!s an+ organizations 0ith 0hom I ha4e associate+ 3rofessiona!!" an+ 3ersona!!" o4er
m" !ifetime, as 0e!! as eFtensi4e )iogra3hica! information.
64en if "ou choose to not )e!ie4e the assertions ma+e in m" s3ecific case, it is m" ho3e that
"ou 0i!! !ea4e this account con4ince+ that so ca!!e+ ?3s"chotronic@ 0ea3ons, or
?neuro0ea3ons,@ 0hich are +esigne+ to affect the e!ectromagnetic signa!s in the human ner4ous
s"stem, eFist in the *nite+ States1 arsena! an+ ha4e )een use+, inc!u+ing in IraE.
It is a!so m" intent to con4ince "ou that the 3otentia! for a)use of 3s"chotronic arms 3oses an
eFtreme human rights ris8 to the g!o)a! 3o3u!ation.
I 0as u!timate!" incite+ )" m" (orturers to attem3t a 3u)!ic suici+e in Decem)er #%&# in 3rotest
of m" treatment an+ 4irtua! ens!a4ement, fina!!" cutting m" o0n throat 0ith a )oFcutter an+
recei4ing a tota! of 'D stitches.
I chose suici+e as a means of !egitimate 3rotest against the human rights 4io!ations committe+
against me, an+ I ha+ !ost ho3e that m" re!ent!ess an+ )ruta! torture 0ou!+ e4er en+. At that
3oint, I ha+ )een tormente+ non-sto3 for near!" three months.
2" !ife ha+ )een threatene+ thousan+s of times, as ha+ the !i4es an+ securit" of m" fami!"
mem)ers, inc!u+ing m" +aughters, && an+ # "ears o!+ at the time.
I !ater !earne+ that the 3attern of m" torture 0as straight out of a CIA manua!, the A*/ARA
manua! on torture an+ interrogation.
A!!u+ing to that manua!, a Hon+uran arm" officia! traine+ in A*/ARA techniEues sai+, ?(he first
thing 0e 0ou!+ sa" is that 0e 8no0 "our mother, "our "ounger )rother. An+ )etter "ou
coo3erate, )ecause if "ou +onKt, 0eKre going to )ring them in an+ ra3e them an+ torture them
an+ 8i!! them.@
(hat is, essentia!!", 0hat 0as +one to me, Just using the ?si!ent communications@ techno!og" an+
?noLtouch@ 3s"cho!ogica! torture using the 0ea3ons 0hich are +escri)e+ an+ hea4i!"
+ocumente+ in m" Petition.
In an effort to esca3e m" (orturers, I ma+e four 3rotest suici+e attem3ts o4er a 3erio+ of ' +a"s.
In the fina! section of this 4o!ume, I +iscuss m" suici+e attem3ts an+ se4era! other 3oints raise+
in the Petition.
1.1 $ob Wood%ard: #he President&s Man
Among man" other to3ics re!ate+ to the +e4e!o3ment of 3s"chotronic 0ea3onr", I a++ress 0hat
I consi+er to )e the neg!igence of the Washington Post1s /o) Woo+0ar+, ostensi)!" the great
re3orter of his generation.
Des3ite ha4ing eF3ose+ Watergate, an+ then 0ritten ?A!! the Presi+ent1s 2en,@ among other
Pu!itzer-0inning 0or8, u!timate!", Woo+0ar+1s re3utation ma" eterna!!" )e tarnishe+.
/ecause, as "ou 0i!! !earn, 0hen or+ere+ )" to3 *.S. mi!itar" comman+ers, Woo+0ar+ a33ears
to ha4e a!!o0e+ himse!f to )e stif!e+ an+ 0i!!fu!!" neg!ecte+ to +isc!ose the use of ?3s"chotronic@
0ea3onr" in the #%%B ?surge@ of American troo3s to IraE in his #%%D )oo8, ?(he War Within- A
Secret White House Histor" #%%>-#%%D.@

Gary Cohn, Ginger Thompson, and Mark Matthews, “Torture was taught by CI! "e#$assi%ed manua$
detai$s the methods used in &onduras! gen#y denia$s re'uted,( The )a$timore *un, 2+ ,anuary 1--+,
a.ai$ab$e at/ http/00www1hart'ord2hwp1#om0ar#hi.es04303551htm$1
)ob 4oodward dis#usses a new top2se#ret weapons system o' the impa#t o' the atomi# bomb, whi#h
5i#tim states #ou$d in#$ude a psy#hotroni# weapons system, in an inter.iew with ndrea Mit#he$$,
a.ai$ab$e at/ http/00www1youtube1#om0wat#h6.7w8h9:;<=T"M1
S3ecifica!!", it is m" contention that it is at !east 3ossi)!e that Woo+0ar+ fai!e+ to re4ea!
techno!og" such as the ?9oice of Co+@ 0ea3on 0hich is 3art of the s"stem that I +escri)e in this
4o!ume, as 0e!! as a ne0 )iometrics s"stem for rea+ing ?terrorist )rain 3atterns,@ a conce3t
origina!!" +e4e!o3e+ )" Goc8hee+ 2artin scientist ohn ;orseen.
/ecause of Woo+0ar+1s si!ence, thousan+s of innocent 4ictims ma" ha4e nee+!ess!" suffere+I
some, !i8e me, ma" ha4e turne+ to suici+e 0hen torture+ 0ith the same min+ 0ea3ons s"stem
that Woo+0ar+ co"!" chose not to eF3ose - 0hich Woo+0ar+ has state+ is a ?game changing@
arra" of ?ne0 techniEues an+ o3erations@ that 0ou!+ ?amaze@ those 0ho !earne+ a)out it the
future, an+ 0hich, as "ou can see for "ourse!f, Woo+0ar+ has state+ has the secrec" an+
im3act of the 2anhattan ProJect +uring Wor!+ War II- http://www.youtube.com/watch?
v=wLhOU!"#$% .
Others cou!+ en+ u3 in menta! institutions, 0ith 0hich I ha4e )een threatene+ numerous times,
consi+ere+ a ?fa4ora)!e outcome@ )" the inte!!igence communit" for a +issi+ent 0ho is gi4en so-
ca!!e+ ?me+ica! !ea4e@ : remote 3s"cho!ogica! torture, 3ossi)!" e4en com)ine+ 0ith an inJection
0ith a coc8tai! of 3harmaceutica!s, +esigne+ to in+uce insanit" an+ 3ermanent
institutiona!ization an+ annu! the cre+i)i!it" of the 4ictim.
/o) Woo+0ar+, once eager to ta8e +o0n a 3resi+ent for 0rong+oing, 3erha3s o4er!" attache+
to his ro!e as a former ;a4a! Inte!!igence officer or not 0anting to !ose access to to3 go4ernment
officia!s, has refuse+ to +isc!ose, e4en no0, se4en "ears !ater, an"thing s3ecific that he 8no0s
a)out these amazing ?techniEues an+ o3erations@ use+ in IraE.
Of course, it is Euite 3ossi)!e that m" reasone+ guess a)out the nature of these ?techniEues an+
o3erations@ is 0rong.
Woo+0ar+ cou!+ )e referring to an entire!" +ifferent, )ut eEua!!" sinister, techno!og" 0hich can
trac8 humans using atomic size+ 3artic!es.
He cou!+, for eFam3!e, )e referring to the (erminator-!i8e Continuous C!an+estine (agging,
(rac8ing, an+ Gocating (C((G) 3rogram to target an+ monitor terrorists, 0hich trac8s in+i4i+ua!s
using techno!og" such as nanosca!e Euantum +ots an+ a+4ance+ remote sensor +rones to
monitor )iometrics an+ )ioe!ectrica! +ata such as a 3erson1s uniEue therma! signature or heart
e!ectricit" 3attern, as 0e!! as features such as !ong +istance facia! recognition an+ gait ana!"sis,
among other traits (chi!!ing!" )ut assure+!", C((G is a techno!og" soon to come to a 3o!ice force
or fe+era! sur4ei!!ance agenc" near "ou, !ea+ing to far more grie4ous a)uses of 3ri4ac" an+
further encroachment )" the sur4ei!!ance state than 0e ha4e seen so far).
"oug ?asternak,“,ohn @orseen, Aeading <our Mind and In=e#ting *mart Thoughts,( @ewsweek, ,an1 3,
2333, ar#hi.e a.ai$ab$e at
/ut the C((G 3rogram is seeming!" not as secret as the 2anhattan ProJect, as e4i+ence+ )" an
unc!assifie+ #%%B 3resentation 3u)!ishe+ )" Wire+ magazine.
An+, it is not c!ear that the C((G
3rogram 0ou!+ ha4e )een fu!!" +e3!o"a)!e at that time.
In an" case, it has )een in+e3en+ent!" re3orte+ that ?9oice of Co+@ 0ea3ons, a)!e to 3roJect
4oices into the )rains of targete+ humans, 0ere use+ in IraE, as note+ )" Wire+ 2agazine an+
the (oronto Star,
among other 3u)!ications, a maJor +e4e!o3ment in the use of 3s"chotronic
0ea3onr" in 0artime on 0hich Woo+0ar+ fai!e+ to re3ort.
Isn1t it 3ast time for Woo+0ar+ to inform the American 3eo3!e a)out a mi!itar" +e4e!o3ment
tantamount to the 2anhattan ProJect an+ the atomic )om)7
;o matter 0hat it is, I 0ant to 8no0.
Don1t "ou7
Or 0i!! /o) Woo+0ar+ ta8e his )iggest stor" to the gra4e7
1.' An Or%ellian (e)rivation of ivil *ights+An ,lection onnection-
Whether the ?techniEues an+ o3erations@ Woo+0ar+ 0as referring to inc!u+e+ so-ca!!e+
?3s"chotronic@ 0ea3ons or not, the fact is that, in m" case, +ue to m" 8no0!e+ge of the CIA1s
hea4" in4o!4ement in the 2eFican narcotics tra+e, I )ecame 0hat is 8no0n as a ?(argete+
or a 3erson 0ho is home+ in on )" )!ac8 *.S. go4ernment units an+ torture+ using
0ea3ons an+ s"stems +esigne+ to affect the )eha4ior or moo+ of human )eings, such as ?9oice
of Co+@ techno!og".
As a resu!t of these a)uses, o4er the 3ast "ear an+ a ha!f, I ha4e come to see m"se!f as a
+issi+ent of the *.S., m" countr" of )irth : )ut 0ithout the 3u)!icit" of m" comra+es in +issent,
6+0ar+ Sno0+en, Che!sea 2anning an+ u!ian Assange. /ecause I ha4e )een torture+, an+
e4en 4irtua!!" ?ens!a4e+@ )" the CIA an+ to!+ I am a 3o!itica! 3risoner of the *S Co4ernment, I
consi+er m"se!f to )e one of the !ea+ing +issi+ents in the 0or!+ to+a", on a !e4e! 0ith Aung Aan
Suu A"i or simi!ar acti4ists 0ho ha4e )een 3unishe+ for their )e!iefs or acti4ities.
2" )asic human rights ha4e )een s"stematica!!" +enie+ )" c!an+estine agencies using to3
secret, ostensi)!" ?non-!etha!@ ?9oice of Co+@ communications 0ea3onr" an+ other 3s"chotronic
arms against me.
(hese agencies inc!u+e the Centra! Inte!!igence Agenc", the ;ationa! Securit" Agenc" (;SA),
the Defense De3artment an+.or other secret *.S. inte!!igence agencies or their contractors
:n#$assi'ed presentation o' CTT8 'rom 233+ a.ai$ab$e at/
CTT8 and “5oi#e o' God( Te#hno$ogy des#ribed by the Toronto *tar/
http/00www1thestar1#om0news0233B03-0130pentagonsCse#retCweaponCwoodward1htm$ 1 5oi#e o' God
weapon des#ribed by 4ired MagaDine http/00www1wired1#om0233+0120the2.oi#e2o'2go01
Available at: http://noliesradio.org/archives/26610 .
0hich )egan to torture me starting Just 3rior to, an+ 3erha3s e4en s8e0ing the resu!ts of, the
#%&# e!ection -- +ue to the +amaging information I came to 3ossess a)out the White House an+
the CIA 0hi!e !i4ing in 2eFico Cit".
Mou 0i!! come to un+erstan+ the astonishing 0a"s in 0hich m" rights ha4e )een 4io!ate+ in the
fo!!o0ing Petition ma+e to the Organization of American States Inter-American Human Rights
/ear in min+ that these occurrences ha4e ta8en 3!ace ami+st the greatest turmoi! e4er seen in
*.S. an+ g!o)a! inte!!igence agencies, 0ith seeming!" un!imite+ ;SA s3"ing on *.S. an+ foreign
citizens an+ !ea+ers, a 0or!+ in 0hich, for eFam3!e, the CIA - an agenc" 0hich it is 0e!!
+ocumente+ has no 3ro)!em 0ith 8i+na33ing an+ torture - contro!s a gro0ing +rone air force.
(han8s to 0hist!e)!o0er 6+0ar+ Sno0+en, it is no0 0e!! 8no0n that the *nite+ States has
engage+ in g!o)a! s3"ing on a massi4e !e4e! against Americans, as 0e!! as against a!!ies such
Ita!", ,rance, Cerman", /razi!, S3ain an+ 2eFico, !arge!" in co!!usion 0ith the *nite+ Aing+om,
Cana+a, Austra!ia an+ ;e0 Nea!an+ : the ,i4e 6"es 6ng!ish-s3ea8ing nations, 0ho coo3erate
c!ose!" on inte!!igence matters.
(he ;SA1s acti4ities range from hac8ing Ange!a 2er8e!1s ce!! 3hone to e4en +i4erting com3uter
+e!i4eries an+ insta!!ing )ac8+oor 3rograms 0hich use ra+io transmissions to monitor a!!
com3uter acti4it", e4en 0hen off!ine.
And that’s just the beginning.
/ecause no0, ?out of contro!@ eFten+s to ?min+ contro!,@ an+ though I 8no0 it soun+s incre+i)!e,
"ou 0i!! see that this techno!og" has )een acti4e!" un+er +e4e!o3ment an+ that the *.S.
+efense.inte!!igence structure is intent on ?hac8ing our )rains.@
,or to+a"Ks 3o!ice.sur4ei!!ance state, our entire )o+ies are SICI;( (signa!s inte!!igence), su)Ject
to remote monitoring, torture an+ 0orse )" )!ac8 go4ernment agencies or off-)oo8s contractors
hire+ to 3ro4i+e the CIA 0ith 3!ausi)!e +enia)i!it".
I 8no0, )ecause as a resu!t of such torture, I too8 the +rastic action of m" 3u)!ic suici+e
attem3ts, cutting m" o0n throat in front of a maJor me+ia out!et in !egitimate 3o!itica! 3rotest
against the O)ama a+ministration an+ its actions against me an+ m" fami!".
I 0as 0e!! on the 3ath to +eath.
Available at: http://rt.com/op-edge/nsa-revelations-uk-reaction-832/
"5I" E1 *@GEA and T&9M *&@FEA, “@1*11 "e.ises Aadio ?athway Into Computers,( The @ew
<ork Times, ,an1 14, 2314, a.ai$ab$e at/ http/00www1nytimes1#om023140310150us0nsa2eGort2pries2open2
##ording to 4ikipedia, “plausible deniability is a term #oined by the CI in the ear$y 1->3s to
des#ribe the withho$ding o' in'ormation 'rom senior oH#ia$s in order to prote#t them 'rom
reper#ussions in the e.ent that i$$ega$ or unpopu$ar a#ti.ities by the CI be#ame pub$i# know$edge1(
.ai$ab$e at/ http/00en1wikipedia1org0wiki0?$ausib$eCdeniabi$ity1
Ho0 +i+ I get on this 3ath7
I1!! !et the fo!!o0ing Petition to the Inter-American Human Rights Commission eF3!ain 0h" I
ma+e m" suici+e attem3ts an+ ho0 I ha4e un+ergone )ruta! torture +ue to m" meeting an
O)ama-connecte+ )an8er, rumore+ to )e a ?2o) Co+father.@
A!so in this account, I e!a)orate eFtensi4e!" on m" situation an+ on the origin, nature an+ eFtent
of *.S. 3s"chotronic 0ea3onr", as 0e!! as its ris8s.
An+ a!though the fo!!o0ing account +ea!s 0ith conce3ts reminiscent of science fiction, it is
groun+e+ in 3ersona! eF3erience an+ eFtensi4e research into go4ernment ?neuro0ea3ons@
I as8 rea+ers on!" to sus3en+ their initia! reaction of +is)e!ief, an+ to treat the account 3ro4i+e+
here as if e4er" 0or+ 0ere true - )ecause that is in+ee+ the case.
(he Petition inc!u+e+ herein is +e+icate+ to the memor" of innocent 4ictims of 3s"chotronic
0ea3onr" an+ those 0ho ha4e )een su)Jecte+ to non-consensua! eF3erimentation - or 0ho ma"
)e in the future.
In other 0or+s, as "ou sha!! come to un+erstan+, it is +e+icate+ to e4er"one on 6arth : )ecause
no one is immune from this techno!og".
'. Petition to the !nter.American /0man *ights ommission
S,#!ON !. !N1O*MA#!ON ON #/, A22,3,( 4!#!M
AN( P,#!#!ON,*
1. !N1O*MA#!ON ON #/, A22,3,( 4!#!M5S6
P!ease 3ro4i+e the information a)out the 3erson or grou3 affecte+ )" the 4io!ation(s) of
human rights.
It is im3ortant to notif" the Commission imme+iate!" an+ in 0riting if the a!!ege+ 4ictim(s)
0ish. 0ishes to change re3resentation or )ecome the 3etitioner in his.her.their o0n
If there is more than one 4ictim, 3!ease a++ the +ata in the ?A++itiona! Information@
Section. ;ame of the a!!ege+ 4ictim-
JO/N M. NA3,2
SeF of the a!!ege+ 4ictim- , ❑ 2 O
Date of )irth of the a!!ege+ 4ictim- 517/8/19:96
2ai!ing a++ress of the a!!ege+ 4ictim (inc!u+ing the street or a4enue, num)er.name of the
)ui!+ing or house, a3artment, cit", state or 3ro4ince, 3osta! co+e, countr")-
(o8io BC
Co!. uarez
2eFico, D, %>%%%
(e!e3hone num)er of the a!!ege+ 4ictim (inc!u+e area co+es if 3ossi)!e)- ;<'<<<'=>=>?7
,aF num)er of the a!!ege+ 4ictim (inc!u+e area co+es if 3ossi)!e- ;<' <<<''=>=>?7
6mai! of the a!!ege+ 4ictim- Jnage!&%%%Photmai!.com
Is (are) the a!!ege+ 4ictim(s) +e3ri4e+ of !i)ert"7;o O Mes ❑
A++itiona! information a)out the a!!ege+ 4ictim(s)-
'.1 $acBgro0nd of 4ictim C John M. Nagel
9ictim states that he 0as )orn in ;e0 Mor8 Cit", 0as e+ucate+ in the *nite+ States, !i4e+ in
2eFico for more than &D "ears, that he is a *nite+ States Citizen an+ a !egitimate

9ictim states that he foun+e+ a )usiness in 2eFico an+ a!so 3re4ious!" 0or8e+ as the 2eFico
Cit" Corres3on+ent for a maJor Washington 3u)!ishing house.
9ictim notes that an ear!" in4estor in his )usiness 0as 2r. Wi!!iam . So!!o0a", a maJor g!o)a!
in4estor, mining eFecuti4e an+ 3resi+ent of (oronto-)ase+ A!on+i8e 2ines Gt+.
9ictim states that he has inter4ie0e+ an+ )een 3hotogra3he+ 0ith senior go4ernment officia!s,
inc!u+ing former 2eFican Presi+ent 6rnesto Ne+i!!o an+ 2r. osQ Rnge! Curria, current
Secretar" Cenera! of the Organization for 6conomic De4e!o3ment (O6CD).
9ictim states that he 0or8e+ in am)u!ances of the 2eFican Re+ Cross in #%&#, an+ that he has
sa4e+ the !i4es of 2eFican 3eo3!e, ris8ing his o0n !ife to +o so.
Whi!e 0ith the Re+ Cross, he 0as 3hotogra3he+ 0ith (a+ateru AonoQ, Presi+ent of the
Internationa! ,e+eration of Re+ Cross an+ Re+ Crescent Societies, as 0e!! as 2arce!o Guis
6)rar+, former 2a"or of 2eFico Cit".

9ictim states that he 0as a!so an 6mergenc" 2e+ica! (echnician (62() !icense+ in #%&% )" the
Phi!i33ine Societ" of 6mergenc" 2e+ica! (echnicians (PS62(), an+ he 0or8e+ in am)u!ances
in the Phi!i33ines.
9ictim states that he 0rote more than &,=%% +ai!" ne0s artic!es on the econom", internationa!
tra+e, regu!ations, !a)or affairs an+ the en4ironment as 2eFico Cit" Corres3on+ent for the
/ureau of ;ationa! Affairs, Inc. (/;A), a Washington-)ase+ 3u)!ishing house 0hich is no0 a
su)si+iar" of /!oom)erg ;e0s.
9ictim states that he has re3orte+ for an+.or has )een 3u)!ishe+ in numerous me+ia, inc!u+ing
the ourna! of Commerce, the 2anchester Cuar+ian, the Gon+on In+e3en+ent, the Christian
Science 2onitor, the Phi!a+e3hia InEuirer, the Dai!" Dea!, (ime 2agazine, the Washington
(imes an+ 6! ,inanciero Internationa!, among other 3u)!ications.
5i#timIs Curri#u$um 5itae is a.ai$ab$e at/ http/00www1#oneJione=e#uti.a1#om0Contents0,ohn
)usiness4eek pro%$e o' Mr1 4i$$iam ,1 *o$$oway a.ai$ab$e at/
.ai$ab$e at/ http/00www1i'r#1org0en0who2we2are0go.ernan#e0president01
The ?hi$ippine *o#iety o' Emergen#y Medi#a$ Te#hni#ians N?*EMTO is the on$y re#ogniDed go.erning
body 'or standards and #erti%#ations 'or pro'essiona$ emergen#y medi#a$ te#hni#ians in the ?hi$ippines1
.ai$ab$e at/ http/00www1psemt1org1
9ictim states that his 0or8 has )een reference+ )efore the *nite+ States Su3reme Court,
*nite+ States Internationa! (ra+e Commission,
an+ e!se0here.
9ictim states that he has inter4ie0e+ or re3orte+ on numerous senior *.S., 2eFican an+ other
foreign go4ernment officia!s an+ eFecuti4es, such as *.S. in4estor an+ !e4erage+ )u"out
s3ecia!ist 2r. Wi!)ur Ross of WG Ross S Co.,
former *.S. Am)assa+or to 2eFico ames
former *.S. Presi+ent Wi!!iam C!inton, former *.S. (reasur" Secretar" Ga0rence
Summers an+ man" others.
9ictim atten+e+ the *ni4ersit" of Southern Ca!ifornia1s Center for Internationa! ourna!ism,
0here he 0as a0ar+e+ a 3restigious ,e!!o0shi3 in Internationa! ourna!ism, 0hich )rought hiim
to 2eFico in &$$'. Whi!e a gra+uate fe!!o0 at *.S.C., 9ictim states that he met 3rominent
Journa!ists such as former C/S ne0s anchor Wa!ter Cron8ite an+ the Washington Post1s Da4i+
Ignatius. Whi!e at *.S.C, 9ictim stu+ie+ un+er internationa! re!ations s3ecia!ist A)raham
Go0entha!, among man" others.
9ictim states that he 0or8e+ at the In4estor1s /usiness Dai!" ;e0s3a3er in Gos Ange!es,
0as 2anaging 6+itor of the Washington Re3ort on the Hemis3here, a high!"-regar+e+
ne0s!etter 3u)!ishe+ )" the Counci! on Hemis3heric Affairs (COHA), a Washington-)ase+ thin8
tan8 on *.S. Gatin : American re!ations.
9ictim states that he gra+uate+ from the *ni4ersit" of ;orth Caro!ina at Cha3e! Hi!!, 0here he
earne+ a /.A. in Gatin American stu+ies.
EJamp$e o' #itation o' 5i#timPs work in :1*1 *upreme Court ?etition/ @o1 33235B, :@ITE" *TTE*
"E?ATME@T 9; TA@*?9ATTI9@, ET 81, ?ETITI9@EA* .1 ?:)8IC CITIQE@, ET 81 9@ ?ETITI9@ ;9A
4AIT 9; CEATI9AAI T9 T&E :@ITE" *TTE* C9:AT 9; ??E8*, ;9A T&E @I@T& CIAC:IT1 .ai$ab$e
at/ http/00www1=usti#e1go.0osg0brie's0233302pet0+pet02333235B1pet1aa1htm$1
EJamp$e o' #itation o' 5i#timPs work in Internationa$ Trade Commission pub$i#ation/ Magdo$na Fornis,
“MeJi#an Tru#ks Gain ##ess to :1*1 &ighways,( Internationa$ E#onomi# Ae.iew, Mar#h0pri$ 2332, p -1
.ai$ab$e at/ http/00web#a#he1goog$euser#ontent1#om0sear#h6
)usiness4eek pro%$e o' Mr1 4i$bur Aoss a.ai$ab$e at/
)iography o' mbassador ,ames ,ones a.ai$ab$e at/ http/00en1wikipedia1org0wiki0,amesCAobertC,ones1
braham ;1 8owentha$ is pro'essor emeritus o' internationa$ re$ations at the :ni.ersity o' *outhern
Ca$i'ornia, president emeritus o' the ?a#i%# Coun#i$ on Internationa$ ?o$i#y, an ad=un#t pro'essor
Nresear#hO at the 4atson Institute at )rown :ni.ersity, and a nonresident senior 'e$$ow at the )rookings
Institution1 &e was the 'ounding dire#tor o' both the 8atin meri#an ?rogram o' the 4oodrow 4i$son
Internationa$ Center 'or *#ho$ars and o' the Inter2meri#an "ia$ogue, and ser.ed as a ;ord ;oundation
oH#ia$ in 8atin meri#a, as dire#tor o' studies at the Coun#i$ on ;oreign Ae$ations, and on numerous
editoria$ and go.ernan#e boards1 &is ), M? and ?h" are a$$ 'rom &ar.ard :ni.ersity1 )iography
a.ai$ab$e at/ http/00watson1brown1edu0peop$e0'a#u$ty0$owentha$.
5i#tim was emp$oyed at 4i$$iam 9I@ea$ L Co1 ?ub$isher o' the In.estorIs )usiness "ai$y @ewspaper in
1--12 1--21
More about C9& a.ai$ab$e at/ www1#oha1org1
9ictim a!so states that he atten+e+ the Ga0rence4i!!e Schoo!, a *.S. 3re3arator" schoo! a!so
atten+e+ )", for eFam3!e, Ceoff 2orre!!, a !ongtime White House Corres3on+ent for A/C ;e0s,
0ho a!so ser4e+ as De3ut" Assistant Secretar" of Defense for Pu)!ic Affairs 0ith the *.S.
De3artment of Defense from #%%B-#%&&. Other Ga0rence4i!!e a!umni inc!u+e (heo+ore /oes8"
an+ onathan /oes8", sons of I4an /oes8", a 3rominent former Wa!! Street tra+er 0ho 0as
con4icte+ of insi+er tra+ing in the &$D%s.
9ictim states that he atten+e+ the /ro0ning Schoo! in ;e0 Mor8 Cit", a!ong 0ith stu+ents such
as ohn Naccaro, r., son of Cera!+ine ,erraro, eF-can+i+ate for 9ice Presi+ent of the *nite+
States (the finances of ,erraro1s hus)an+, ohn Naccaro, Sr., 0ere a significant issue in Wa!ter
2on+a!e1s &$DD 3resi+entia! cam3aign).
9ictim states that another c!assmate 0as An+re0 Nuccotti, son of ohn Nuccotti, the ;e0 Mor8
rea! estate +e4e!o3er for 0hom Nuccotti Par8 is name+, 0here the Occu3" Wa!! Street 3rotests
too8 3!ace.
9ictim states that his mother at one time ha+ a 3ersona! frien+shi3 0ith Da4i+ Aoch, a 3rinci3a!
in Aoch In+ustries.
9ictim states that he 0as confirme+ at Saint ames1 Church in ;e0 Mor8 Cit", an+ that 9ictim1s
re!igion c!asses 0ere im3arte+ )" Arch)isho3 Desmon+ (utu, the ;o)e! !aureate 0ho, at that
time, in the ear!" &$D%s, 0as a 4isiting minister at the Church.
9ictim states that he comes from a 3rominent *.S. fami!".
,or eFam3!e, the /ri+geham3ton, ;M home of his gran+mother, ,rancis Schieffe!in, 0as
3urchase+ )" Gee Ra+zi0e!!, sister of acEuei!ne Onassis, forming a com3oun+ 0ith the
neigh)oring Aenne+"-Smiths.
(he 9ictim1s cousin, Cha!8!e" . Ham)!eton, 0as 3resi+ent an+ 4ice-chair of Harris (rust )an8 in
Chicago an+ 0or8e+ for the )an8 for '% "ears.

(he 4ictim1s gran+father, A!+o /a!sam, 0as contro!!ing shareho!+er an+ treasurer of the
Ce!anese Cor3oration an+ on the )oar+ of the Har4ar+ *ni4ersit" chemistr" +e3artment.
9ictim a!so states that he is a so-ca!!e+ ?2a"f!o0er Descen+ant@ - a +escen+ant of the origina!
6uro3ean sett!ers of the *nite+ States in &>#%.
9ictim inc!u+es se4era! 3hotogra3hs 0ith 3rominent in+i4i+ua!s )e!o0.
9bituary o' Cha$k$ey ,1 &amb$eton *r1/ http/00arti#$es1#hi#agotribune1#om01-->23-2
Geft to Right- Ae4in Ha!!, 2cC!atch" ;e0s3a3ers, ohn 2. ;age!, former Presi+ent of 2eFico
6rnesto Ne+i!!o,
9ictim in secon+ ro0, !ast 3erson on right. Center of 3icture features (a+ateru AonoQ, Presi+ent of the
Internationa! ,e+eration of Re+ Cross an+ Re+ Crescent Societies, as 0e!! as 2arce!o Guis 6)rar+,
former 2a"or of 2eFico Cit" an+ 2a"or1s s3ouse, #%&#.
9ictim, right, 0ith former C/S ;e0s anchor Wa!ter Cron8ite, &$$<.
4hi$e C)* @ews an#hor, 4a$ter Cronkite was repeated$y re'erred to as “the most trusted man in
meri#a1( 5i#tim states that he was se$e#ted among a$$ students o' the :ni.ersity o' *outhern
Ca$i'ornia *#hoo$ o' ,ourna$ism at the time to #hauGeur Mr1 Cronkite to 8os nge$es Internationa$ irport
'o$$owing an honorary dinner attended by "iane *awyer, an#hor o' )C @ewsP Tagship program, )C
4or$d @ews, among other prominent =ourna$ists1
9ictim, right, 0ith +omestic 3artner an+ co!!eague, Com+eF 2eFico, &$$B.
9ictim, right, on +ut" at Gife!ine Rescue, 2ani!a, Phi!i33ines, #%&%.
'. !N1O*MA#!ON ON #/, 1AM!2D M,M$,*S
P!ease 3ro4i+e information regar+ing the c!ose fami!" mem)ers of the a!!ege+ 4ictim(s)
0ho are !i8e!" to ha4e suffere+ harm as a resu!t of the a!!ege+ 4io!ation of human rights.
;ame of the fami!" mem)ers an+ re!ationshi3 to the a!!ege+ 4ictim-
;anc" Sanchez, former +omestic 3artner of 9ictim an+ mother of 9ictim1s &st +aughter
Ani8 ;age! Sanchez, 9ictim1s +aughter
2arie Or+ane!, 2other of 9ictim1s #n+ +aughter
annah Or+ane!, 9ictim1s +aughter
Suzanne ;age!, 9ictim1s mother
2ai!ing a++ress of the fami!" mem)ers (inc!u+ing the street or a4enue, num)er.name of
)ui!+ing or house, a3artment, cit", state or 3ro4ince, 3osta! co+e, countr")-
(e!e3hone num)er of the fami!" mem)ers (inc!u+e area co+es if 3ossi)!e)-
,aF of the fami!" mem)ers (inc!u+e area co+es if 3ossi)!e)-
A++itiona! information on the fami!" mem)ers-
9ictim1s a!!eges that fami!" mem)ers ha4e )een re3eate+!" threatene+ as +escri)e+ in this 3etition.
8. (A#A ON #/, P,#!#!ON,*
P!ease 3ro4i+e information a)out the 3erson or grou3 that is su)mitting the 3etition.
!t is im)ortant to notifE the ommission immediatelE of anE change in mailing address.
Name of the )etitioner (In the e4ent that it is non-go4ernmenta! organization, inc!u+e the name of the
!ega! re3resentati4e(s) 0ho 0i!! recei4e the communications. If it is more than one organization or 3erson,
inc!u+e the a++itiona! information in the s3ace 3ro4i+e+)-
Acron"m of the organization (if a33!ica)!e)-
Mailing address of the )etitioner 5incl0ding the street or aven0eF n0mber/name of b0ilding or ho0seF
a)artmentF citEF state or )rovinceF )ostal codeF co0ntrE6:
(NO#,: (he Commission reEuires a mai!ing a++ress to sen+ notifications re!ate+ to "our 3etition.)
#ele)hone n0mber of the )etitioner 5incl0de area codes if )ossible6: ;<=: ''1.=111F ;<' <<<.'=>=>?7
,aF of the 3etitioner (inc!u+e area co+es if 3ossi)!e)- T=# === #%D-%DB'
6mai! of the 3etitioner-
In certain cases, the Commission can 8ee3 the i+entit" of the 3etitioner confi+entia!, if eF3ress!"
reEueste+. (his means that on!" the name of the a!!ege+ 4ictim 0i!! )e communicate+ to the State if
the IACHR +eci+es to 3rocess "our 3etition.
Do "ou 0ant the IACHR to 8ee3 "our i+entit" as 3etitioner confi+entia! +uring the 3roce+ure7
;o O Mes
A++itiona! information a)out the 3etitioner(s)-
See bacBgro0nd information abo0t 4ictim above 54ictim is Petitioner6. .
7. !S DOU* P,#!#!ON *,2A#,( #O A P*,4!OUS P,#!#!ON O* A *,GU,S#
1O* P*,AU#!ONA*D M,ASU*,S-
Ha4e "ou 3re4ious!" su)mitte+ a Petition to the Commission concerning these same
facts7 ;o H Mes
(If "es, in+icate the num)er of the Petition)- ;o.
Ha4e "ou su)mitte+ a reEuest for 3recautionar" measures to the Commission concerning these same
; o H Me s
1. M,M$,* S#A#, O1 #/, OAS A3A!NS# W/!/ #/, OMP2A!N#
!S SU$M!##,(
(H6 *;I(6D S(A(6S O, A26RICA
'. #/, 1A#S
Pro4i+e, in chrono!ogica! or+er, an account of the facts that is as thorough an+ +etai!e+ as
3ossi)!e. In 3articu!ar, s3ecif" the 3!ace, the +ate, an+ the circumstances in 0hich the
a!!ege+ 4io!ations occurre+.
2.2 Chrono!og" of Human Rights A)uses against 9ictim
3. Summar"- Se)tember '<F '=1' C Jan0arE #>, #%&'
3.1 6!ectronic (orture *sing ?;euro0ea3ons@
9ictim a!!e+ges that, +ue to numerous contacts that he ha+ 0ith the American inte!!igence
communit" in 2eFico, he came to !earn that the CIA eF3orte+ H#%% mi!!ion month!" of narcotics
from 2eFico, an+ often much more, using CIA agents 0ith +i3!omatic co4er an+ immunit",non-
officia! co4er agents, CIA-3rotecte+ aircraft, an+ CIA inte!!igence to gain an a+4antage o4er
other +rug traffic8ing organizations.
Due to his 8no0!e+ge of organize+ crime ties of the a+ministration of *.S. Presi+ent /arac8
O)ama an+ 3artici3ation )" the CIA in the 2eFican +rug tra+e, 9ictim a!!eges that he has )een
su)Jecte+ to numerous 4io!ations un+er OAS Human Rights (reaties inc!u+ing threats )" CIA
agents (+ut" officers) at the *.S. 6m)ass" in 2eFico, as 0e!! e!ectronic torture 3ur3orte+!"
inf!icte+ on him )" c!an+estine agencies of the Co4ernment of the *nite+ States using
micro0a4e. *!tra High ,reEuenc" (*H,). 9er" High ,reEuenc" (9H,) an+.or other simi!ar an+
re!ate+ 3s"chotronic 0ea3onr" techno!ogies,
9ictim a!!eges that he 0as incite+ )" the *.S. Co4ernment1s use of secret W2D 3s"cho!ogica!
torture techno!og" to attem3t suici+e on ' occasions in Decem)er #%&#.
9ictim a!!eges that e!ectronic torture : consisting 3rimari!" of so-ca!!e+ ?9oice of Co+@ si!ent
communications techno!og", su)4oca! recognition an+ remote neura! monitoring - has )een
inf!icte+ on him from Se3t. #=, #%&# unti! at !east the +ate of fi!ing of this Petition, in four +ifferent
OAS mem)er States : 2eFico, Panama, Costa Rica an+ ;icaragua.
9ictim states that a!! of the human rights a)uses against him ha4e )een +esigne+ to 8ee3 him
0hat his ca3tors ha4e ca!!e+ his ?4irtua! 3o!itica! 3risoner@ of the CIA +ue to his 8no0!e+ge of
organize+ crime times of the *.S. 3resi+entia! a+ministration an+ 3artici3ation in the 2eFican
+rug tra+e.
9ictim states that the aforementione+ techno!ogies are +escri)e+ in +e3th in 3oints && through
#% of this Petition.
9ictim notes that the OAS Permanent Counci! +enounce+ an+ con+emne+ the circumstances
!ea+ing to a com3!aint o4er micro0a4e torture ma+e )" ouste+ Hon+uran Presi+ent 2anue!
Ne!a"a in #%%$, an+ it urge+ the OAS Human Rights Commission to ?fo!!o0 u3 on this
In a++ition, 9ictim high!ights the fo!!o0ing #%&< statement from the Asian Human Rights
Commission on the use of so-ca!!e+ ?neuro0ea3ons-@
?(he threat is rea!...(there are) man" in+ications that )rain techno!og" for neuro0ea3ons is
scientifica!!" 3ossi)!e. A++itiona!!", some sa" such techno!ogies ha4e )een use+ s"stematica!!"
against se!ect 3eo3!e in 4arious Juris+ictions.@
9ictim states that, in a++ition to reso!4ing on his o0n situation, urgent attention is reEuire+ to the
main issues raise+ in this Petition to 3re4ent the 3ossi)i!it" of 4irtua! ?menta! ens!a4ement@ of
in+i4i+ua!s, sectors of the 3o3u!ation, or the g!o)a! 3o3u!ation as a 0ho!e through the use of
0ea3ons +esigne+ to affect the )eha4ior an+ emotions of human )eings.
9ictim notes that his torture has ta8en 3!ace in a conteFt in 0hich the Presi+ent of the 6uro3ean
Par!iament, 2artin Schu!z, has sai+ that *.S. secret ser4ices are ?out of contro!,@ an+ it is no0
8no0n that the *.S., 0ith the 8no0!e+ge of Presi+ent O)ama, has engage+ in s3"ing on a
massi4e !e4e!.
9rganiDation o' meri#an *tates N9*O “C9@"EM@TI9@ 9; T&E CT* 9; I@TIMI"TI9@ GI@*T
T&E EM)**< 9; )AQI8 I@ &9@":A*,( Nppro.ed by the 9* ?ermanent Coun#i$ at its meeting o'
9#tober 21, 233-O, a.ai$ab$e at/ http/00www1oas1org0#onse=o0reso$utions0de#431asp1
*ee *eptember 2+, 2313 statement 'rom the sian &uman Aights Commission on neuroweapons,
a.ai$ab$e at/ http/00www1humanrights1asia0news0ahr#2news0&AC2*TM21+4223131
.ai$ab$e at/ http/00www1#nb#1#om0id0131142-131
9ictim ca!!s attention to the statement from former ;ationa! Securit" Agenc" Contractor an+
0hist!e)!o0er 6+0ar+ Sno0+en, 0ho state+ in a #%&< Christmas a++ress-
?A chi!+ )orn to+a" 0i!! gro0 u3 0ith no conce3tion of 3ri4ac" at a!!. (he"K!! ne4er 8no0 0hat it
means to ha4e a 3ri4ate moment to themse!4es -- an unrecor+e+, unana!"ze+ thought.@
Sno0+en a!so has )een re3orte+ as stating that he fears for his !ife an+ hea!th +ue to threats
from the *nite+ States Co4ernment.
A!!u+ing to Sno0+en, (ime.com sai+-
?(he 0hist!e)!o0er, 0ho has )een grante+ as"!um in Russia, cite+ re3orts of anon"mous *.S.
officia!s 0ishing him harm. U(hese 3eo3!e, an+ the" are go4ernment officia!s, ha4e sai+ the" 0ou!+
!o4e to 3ut a )u!!et in m" hea+ or 3oison me 0hen I come out of the su3ermar8et an+ then 0atch
me +ie in the sho0er,K Sno0+en sai+.@
Sno0+en 0as res3on+ing to threats ma+e on the me+ia 0e)site /uzzfee+, 0hich sai+-
?One Arm" inte!!igence officer e4en offere+ /uzz,ee+ a chi!!ing!" +etai!e+ fantas". ?I thin8 if 0e ha+
the chance, 0e 0ou!+ en+ it 4er" Euic8!",@ he sai+. ?ust casua!!" 0a!8ing on the streets of 2osco0,
coming )ac8 from )u"ing his groceries. Coing )ac8 to his f!at an+ he is casua!!" 3o8e+ )" a
3asser)". He thin8s nothing of it at the time starts to fee! a !itt!e 0ooz" an+ thin8s it1s a 3arasite
from the !oca! 0ater. He goes home 4er" innocent!" an+ neFt thing "ou 8no0 he +ies in the
9ictim states that the threats ma+e against Sno0+en constitute 3roof that *.S. c!an+estine
agencies ha4e esta)!ishe+ assassination 3rograms an+ ha4e !etha! secret inJection 0ea3ons
that can )e use+ against +issi+ents an+ 0hist!e)!o0ers.
9ictim states that he, !i8e Sno0+en, has )een constant!" threatene+, as has his fami!".
In the conteFt of this +ocumente+ Or0e!!ian sur4ei!!ance an+ intimi+ation carrie+ out )" the
Co4ernment of the *nite+ States, 9ictim 3ro4i+es the fo!!o0ing account of numerous an+
ongoing human rights a)uses committe+ against him +uring this 3erio+-
Edward *nowden statement a.ai$ab$e at/ http/00www1youtube1#om0wat#h6.74RkpJMrJ4kI1
Fharunya ?aramaguru, “*nowden/ My 8i'e Is In "anger,( Time MagaDine website, 2> ,anuary 2314,
a.ai$ab$e at/ http/00wor$d1time1#om0231403102+0snowden2german2t.2#omments01
)enny ,ohnson, “meri#aIs *pies 4ant Edward *nowden "ead,( )uDD'eed1#om, ,an1 14, 23141
.ai$ab$e at/ http/00www1buDD'eed1#om0benny=ohnson0ameri#as2spies2want2edward2snowden2dead1
4. Se3tem)er #=, #%&#
7.1 An American $anBer
9ictim a!!eges that, on this +ate, he met an American /an8er on the street 0hi!e )u"ing coffee
near)" his 2eFico Cit" resi+ence, !ocate+ three )!oc8s from the *nite+ States 6m)ass" in
2eFico Cit".
9ictim a!!eges that the /an8er initiate+ the con4ersation, a33arent!" ha4ing 3rior 8no0!e+ge of
the 9ictim1s i+entit", an+ mentione+ that he 0as a 3o!itica! fun+raiser for *.S. Presi+ent /arac8
4ictim states that video evidence of said banBer and the 4ictim crossing )aths %o0ld be
available from Avenida *eforma almost direcctlE in front of the location of $anameI near
alle Praga at a33roFimat!e" $ a.m. 9ictim urges in4estigation of this 4i+eo for the 3ur3ose of
confiirming the i+entit" of this in+i4i4i+ua!.
9ictim states sai+ /an8er +i+ not i+entif" himse!f )" name. Ho0e4er, the /an8er to!+ 9ictim that
the *.S. go4ernment ha+ ?hea4i!" in4este+@ in 9ictim )ecause 9ictim ?he!3e+ to ca!m 4io!ence in
9ictim conc!u+e+ that the /an8er 0as referring to 9ictim ha4ing )een a 3rominent mem)er of
his communit", +ue to his ha4ing )een a Journa!ist an+ inno4ati4e )usinessman in 2eFico Cit",
as 0e!! as )eing a 2eFican Re+ Cross am)u!ance 0or8er. In #%&#, 9ictim a!so ma+e a
successfu! com3!aint to !oca! go4ernmenta! authorities (De!egacion CuauhtQmoc) a)out
organize+ crime acti4ities in 2eFico Cit", +es3ite re3eate+ +eath threats from organize+ crime
e!ements. 9ictim states that as a resu!t of his acti4ities, he gaine+ stature in his communit", an+
through a series of circumstances came to !earn of eFtensi4e CIA in4o!4ement in the 2eFican
+rug econom".
(he su)Jects !ater con4erse+.
(he American /an8er +i+ not e!a)orate further, )ut set an a33ointment to meet 0ith 9ictim at
&%-%% a.m., Se3tem)er #>, #%&#, at the Go))" /ar of the Sheraton 2aria Isa)e! Hote! in 2eFico
Cit" (a+Jacent to the *.S. 6m)ass"), to +iscuss a maJor financia! transaction concerning 9ictim1s
000.coneFioneJecuti4a.com Internet )usiness, te!!ing the 9ictim to 3re3are a ?+ea! memo@ for
sa!e of sai+ )usiness.
Copies o' the a'orementioned #omp$aint were de$i.ered to the :1*1 mbassador to MeJi#o, nthony
4ayne, as we$$ as the mbassadors o' other dip$omati# missions in MeJi#o, in#$uding ,apan, Forea and
the :nited Fingdom, among others1
<. Se)tember ':F '=1'
<.1 !nternet Search for the $anBer&s Pict0re
9ictim a!!eges that he atten+e+ sai+ meeting at the time an+ 3!ace esta)!ishe+ 0ith sai+ ?+ea!
memoFJ )ut that the American /an8er fai!e+ to atten+ the meeting.
9ictim su)seEuent!" (0ithin &= minutes of origina! meeting time), 0hi!e at a Star)uc8s coffee
sho3 in 2eFico Cit" -- 0ithin the Sheraton 2aria Isa)e! -- 3erforme+ an Internet search using
the Coog!e Search 6ngine to search images for ?O)ama ,un+raiser@ in an attem3t to i+entif"
the /an8er )" !ocating a 3hotogra3h of him on the Internet, so as to contact the /an8er for the
3ur3ose of conc!u+ing the financia! transaction, 0hich the /an8er ha+ suggeste+ 0ou!+ )e
high!" )eneficia! to the 9ictim.
9ictim a!!eges that he 4er" )rief!" searche+ for 3hotos of the /an8er on the Coog!e Search
6ngine, )ut 0as una)!e to !ocate him. 9ictim a!!eges that the 3h"sica! +escri3tion of the /an8er
is as fo!!o0s- 4er" ta!!, eF3ensi4e gre" suit, a)out >1>V : >1BFJ 4er" s!en+er.thin, 0ith s!ic8e+ )ac8
gre".)!ac8 hair, gaunt face an+ a ha08 nose, a33roFimate!" ==->% "ears o!+, American accent.
/an8er 0as 0earing eF3ensi4e suit. 9ictim reiterates that 4i+eo of the in+i4i+ua! in Euestion, a
re3ute+ 2o) Co+father, is a4ai!a)!e of him crossing 3aths 0ith the 9ictim.
5.2 KSilent So0ndJ omm0nications $egin
9ictim a!!eges that, a!most imme+iate!" after 3erforming the aforementione+ search for sai+
/an8er, he )egan to )e su)Jecte+ to 0hat he !ater un+erstoo+ to )e e!ectronic torture in the form
of hearing threatening 4oices in 6ng!ish 0hich other 3eo3!e cou!+ not hear, a33arent!" using
0e!!-+ocumente+ ?Si!ent Soun+ S3rea+ S3ectrum (SSSS)@
or simi!ar secret techno!og"
a!!o0ing for si!ent communication +irect!" into the human )rain.
9ictim states that a +etai!e+ +escri3tion of ho0 Si!ent Soun+ S3rea+ S3ectrum (SSSS)
techno!og" 0or8s, using the ?2icro0a4e Au+itor" 6ffect@ (a!so 8no0n as the 2icro0a4e Hearing
6ffect, the Ra+io ,reEuenc" Hearing 6ffect, or the ,re" 6ffect), as 0e!! as +etai!e+ information
a)out re!ate+ ?3s"chotronic@ 0ea3ons techno!ogies, is 3ro4i+e+ in sections && - #% of this
9ictim states that a!though man" 0ea3ons eF3erts )e!ie4e that most *.S. ?si!ent soun+@ an+
other 3s"chotronic 0ea3ons are high!" c!assifie+ secrets,
there is at !east one *.S. 0ea3ons
s"stem, +e4e!o3e+ )" the ;a4" as a ?Remote Personne! Inca3acitation S"stem@ an+ 8no0n as
9ne o' many eJp$anations o' *i$ent *ound *pread *pe#trum N****O, sometimes re'erred to “Uuad *(
si$ent #ommuni#ations te#hno$ogy, is a.ai$ab$e at/ http/00edu#ate2
yourse$'1org0#n0soundso'si$en#e11de#3B1shtm$1 The eJisten#e o' this te#hno$ogy and its use by the
:nited *tates Mi$itary during both :1*1 wars in IraR N1--1 and 233+O are dis#ussed in se#tion 1+ o' this
*ee Chery$ 4e$sh, EsseJ &uman Aights Ae.iew 5o$1 - @o1 1, ,une 2312, 311 .ai$ab$e at/
26D*SA (2o) 6Fcess Deterrent *sing Si!ent Au+io), 0hich is unc!assifie+ an+ is 8no0n to
ha4e ?si!ent soun+@ communication ca3a)i!it".
A +escri3tion of the 26D*SA 0ea3ons s"stem
is 3ro4i+e+ in section &> of this Petition. 6Ftensi4e e4i+ence is 3ro4i+e+ of the eFistence of such
?si!ent soun+@ techno!ogies an+ their use )" the *nite+ States, for eFam3!e in )oth *.S. 0ars in
9ictim a!!eges that the first such ?si!ent soun+@ communication that he hear+, secon+s after
3erforming the Internet search for a 3hotogra3h of the /an8er, 0as a +isem)o+ie+ 4oice stating-
?Mou1re toast.@
9ictim states that he !ater un+erstoo+ this 4oice to )e generate+ using the so-
ca!!e+ ?si!ent communications@ techno!og" +escri)e+ a)o4e, a!!o0ing for the remote 3roJection of
human 4oices +irect!" into the human )rain using targete+ ra+io freEuencies an+.or micro0a4es.
9ictim, )eing of soun+ min+, states that, at the time, he 0as o)4ious!" a!arme+ )" this
+isem)o+ie+ 4oice, 0hich he too8 to )e a threat. Due to the timing an+ nature of this threat,
9ictim conc!u+e+ that it 0as +irect!" re!ate+ to the search for the 3icture of the American /an8er
(9ictim asserts that 0hi!e 3re3aring this Petition, he has eFtensi4e!" searche+ the Internet for
3ictures of sai+ /an8er, )ut has )een una)!e to i+entif" him).
Su)seEuent!", 9ictim continue+ to hear +isem)o+ie+ 4oices 0hich continuous!" threatene+ the
9ictim 0ith +eath, as 0e!! as threatening 9ictim1s +aughter an+ her mother.
<.8 Lidna))ing #hreat at U.S. ,mbassE
9ictim a!!eges that, a!so on this +ate, 0hi!e sti!! in Star)uc8s a+Jacent to the *nite+ States
6m)ass" in 2eFico Cit", a mi++!e-age+ American ma!e in+i4i+ua! a33roache+ 9ictim 0here he
0as sitting an+, sti!! stan+ing, sai+, ?(his isn1t funn". Cet rea+" to ha4e "our ears 3inne+ )ac8@
Anohter a++e+, ?We ha4e a ho!+ing car.@
4ictim 0rges revie% and investigation of
Starb0cBs video and a0dio evidence verifEing his acco0nts and sho%ing that he %as
being threatened bE US officials.
After ma8ing these statements, sai+ in+i4i+ua! a)ru3t!" !eft Star)uc8s, not 0aiting for a res3onse
from 9ictim. 9ictim states that he un+erstoo+ these comments to )e threats that he 0ou!+ )e
8i+na33e+, mur+ere+ or )oth.
9ictim remaine+ in Star)uc8s )ut, concerne+ a)out his +aughter an+ her mother +ue to the
threats ma+e to him using 0hat he !ater un+erstoo+ to )e secret ?si!ent communications@
techno!og", attem3te+ to te!e3hone his +aughter1s mother to ensure the safet" of his fami!"
*ee origina$ @a.y #ontra#t and des#ription o' ME":* pro=e#t, a.ai$ab$e at/
“<ouIre toast( is an meri#an eJpression meaning “9ne that is doomed, in troub$e, or unworthy o'
'urther #onsideration1( "e%nition a.ai$ab$e at/ http/00www1the'reedi#tionary1#om0toast1
To “ha.e oneIs ears pinned ba#k( in meri#an idiom means “to be #hastised, s#o$ded or .erba$$y
dis#ip$ined in a .ery 'or#e'u$ manner, or, by eJtension, to be sound$y de'eated in a #ontest or an
argument1( "e%nition a.ai$ab$e at/ http/00www1word2dete#ti.e1#om0233+03+0ears2pinned2ba#k01
When attem3ting to ca!! his fami!" 4ia ce!!u!ar te!e3hone, 9ictim1s ce!!u!ar 3hone signa! 0as
su++en!" cut off, 0hich, in com)ination 0ith the aforementione+ threats of 8i+na33ing an+
mur+er an+ harm to 9ictim, contri)ute+ to 9ictim1s anFiet". 9ictim imme+iate!" !eft Star)uc8s
an+ a33roache+ the front gate of the *nite+ States 6m)ass" in 2eFico Cit", <% meters a0a",
an+ as8e+ to urgent!" s3ea8 to an 6m)ass" officer. 9ictim1s ce!!u!ar te!e3hone remaine+ 0ithout
9ictim asserts that he 0ent to *nite+ States 6m)ass" )ecause he fe!t that 6m)ass" staff might
ha4e 8no0!e+ge of, or )e a)!e to assist in, his situation +ue to the /an8er1s statement the
3rece+ing +a" that the *.S. go4ernment ha+ ?in4este+ hea4i!"@ in 9ictim +ue to his ?he!3ing to
ca!m the 4io!ence in 2eFico.@
9ictim asserts that large n0mbers of the staff of the U.S. ,mbassE in MeIico %ere a%are of
4ictim&s identitE +ue to his )eing a freEuent customer at Star)uc8s a+Jacent to the *.S.
6m)ass", an+ +ue to his )eing a 3rominent mem)er of his communit", as 0e!! as ha4ing )een a
Journa!ist 0ho freEuente+ the 6m)ass", in a++ition to )eing a )usinessman an+ ha4ing
+e!i4ere+ the aforementione+ com3!aint regar+ing !oca! organize+ crime acti4ities to AnthonE
WaEneF the U.S. Ambassador to MeIicoF among other +i3!omatic missions in the countr".
Su)seEuent!", t0o men 0ho i+entifie+ themse!4es as ?Dut" Officers@ came to ta!8 to 9ictim,
remaining 0ithin the 6m)ass" gates, 0hi!e the 9ictim remaine+ on the si+e0a!8 of Paseo +e !a
Reforma, the main a4enue outsi+e the *.S. 6m)ass" in 2eFico.
9ictim states that these Dut" Officers, or CIA officers, +i+ not i+entif" themse!4es )" name or
eFact 3osition in the *.S. 6m)ass". One Dut" Officer 0as )ear+e+, a33roFimate!" <% "ears o!+
an+ =1&&FJ the other 0as ta!!er an+ 4er" thin, a33roFimate!" #=-<% "ears o!+ an+ >@&FJ c!ean
9ictim eF3!aine+ his situation to these Dut" Officers an+ state+ that he fe!t that he ha+ Just )een
threatene+ 0ith 8i+na33ing or mur+er in Star)uc8s an+ that his ce!!u!ar te!e3hone ser4ice ha+
)een cut off. Dut" Officers assiste+ in contacting 9ictim1s fami!" using the ce!!u!ar te!e3hone of
one of the Dut" Officers. 9ictim as8e+ his fami!" to meet him at the 6m)ass".
Whi!e 0aiting for his fami!" mem)ers, 9ictim remaine+ outsi+e of the front gate of the *nite+
States 6m)ass". During this 3erio+, 9ictim o4erhear+ the )ear+e+ +ut" officer res3on+ to a
remar8 )" the secon+ +ut" officer, sa"ing, KWe&re not going to Bidna) an American off the
street.J 9ictim states that 2eFican 3o!ice guar+ing the 6m)ass" 0ere stan+ing near)" an+
0itnesse+ this inci+ent.
4ictim 0rges facial recognition and a0dio searches of his interactions %ith U.S. ,mbassE
)ersonnel so as to verifE his version of eventsF and that embassE officers %ere
threatening him.
9ictim )ecame a!arme+ at the a33arent suggestion that he might )e 8i+na33e+ )" the 6m)ass"
officia!s, conc!u+ing that it 0as 3ossi)!e that the *.S. 6m)ass", its staff, or the *nite+ States
Co4ernment or its contractors 0ere res3onsi)!e for 0hat he !ater un+erstoo+ to )e Si!ent Soun+
S3rea+ S3ectrum (SSSS) or simi!ar si!ent communications techno!og" an+ the 3re4ious
8i+na33ing.mur+er threat in Star)uc8s.
9ictim conc!u+e+ that it ha+ )een his !nternet search for the American $anBer&s )hotogra)h
0hich ha+ triggere+ the su++en an+ uneF3ecte+ use of e!ectronic 0ea3onr" against him, as 0e!!
the ?ho!+ing car@ remar8 from the in+i4i+ua! in Star)uc8s, an+ a!so the Dut" Officers1
con4ersation regar+ing 8i+na33ing of 9ictim.
9ictim imme+iate!" +istance+ himse!f from *.S. 6m)ass" Dut" Officers an+ 0aite+ for his fami!"
near 2eFican 3o!ice. 9ictim1s fami!" arri4e+ safe!" an+ 9ictim accom3anie+ fami!" to 9ictim1s
office. 9ictim1s ce!!u!ar te!e3hone ser4ice 0as e4entua!!" restore+ on this +ate.
(hat e4ening, 9ictim a!!eges that he 0as 3ractica!!" una)!e to s!ee3 +ue to constant
3s"cho!ogica! torture inf!icte+ )" American 4oices using 0hat he !ater un+erstoo+ to )e Si!ent
Soun+ S3rea+ S3ectrum or simi!ar ?si!ent communications@ techno!og", 3ur3orte+!" )"
3s"cho!ogica! o3erations (PSM-OPS)
o3erati4es of c!an+estine agencies of the Co4ernment of
the *nite+ States or their contractors, 0hich e4entua!!" a!ternate!" i+entifie+ themse!4es to the
9ictim as )eing either 0ith the *.S. Centra! Inte!!igence Agenc" (CIA), the ;ationa! Securit"
Agenc" (;SA) an+ *.S. De3artment of Defense (DOD).
9ictim a!!eges that these 4oices, transmitte+ using e!ectronic micro0a4e or simi!ar Ra+io
,reEuenc" (R,) communications techno!og", constant!" insiste+ that 9ictim 0ou!+ )e 8i!!e+ or
8i+na33e+, as 0ou!+ his +aughter an+ her mother.
:. Se)tember '?F '=1'
6.1 #he $anBer . a Mob 3odfather-
On this +ate, e!ectronic torture of 9ictim continue+ in the form of +isem)o+ie+ 4oices
threatening to harm 9ictim an+ his fami!".
A!so, 9ictim 0as to!+ )" 3ersons in his neigh)orhoo+, inc!u+ing *.S. an+ 2eFican inte!!igence
sources, that the /an8er t0o +a"s 3re4ious!" that there 0as a rumor in 9ictim1s neigh)orhoo+
that the /an8er 0as an American ?2o)@ organize+ crime !ea+er, or more s3ecifica!!", ?the
/ase+ on this information, 9ictim +e+uce+ a 3ossi)!e moti4e for the e!ectronic torture 0hich
)egan simu!taneous 0ith the Coog!e search for the /an8er1s 3hotogra3h- that, in a++ition to
)eing an O)ama fun+raiser, the /an8er 0as 3ossi)!" in4o!4e+ 0ith organize+ crime (3erha3s
)eing ?the Co+father@ as the rumor sai+), 0hich ma+e 9ictim1s search to i+entif" the /an8er a
3otentia! 3o!itica! !ia)i!it" for the *.S. go4ernment +ue to the a+ministration1s 3ossi)!e !in8s to
organize+ crime, i!!ega! cam3aign financing or other offenses.
##ording to 4ikipedia, ?sy#ho$ogi#a$ 9perations, or ?*<29?* “are p$anned operations to #on.ey
se$e#ted in'ormation and indi#ators to audien#es to inTuen#e their emotions, moti.es, ob=e#ti.e
reasoning, and u$timate$y the beha.ior o' go.ernments, organiDations, groups, and indi.idua$s1 The
purpose o' :nited *tates psy#ho$ogi#a$ operations is to indu#e or rein'or#e beha.ior 'a.orab$e to :*
ob=e#ti.es1( .ai$ab$e at/ http/00en1wikipedia1org0wiki0?sy#ho$ogi#a$C9perationsCN:nitedC*tatesO1
9ictim1s (orturers continue+ to torment 4ictim 3s"cho!ogica!!", main!" threatening his 3ersona!
safet" an+ that of his fami!", as 0e!! as accusing him of ha4ing ?crimina! associations@ 0hich the
9ictim states that he +oes not ha4e, as 0e!! as threatening to ha4e 9ictim arreste+, 3rosecute+
or eFtra+ite+ for offences of 0hich 9ictim has no 8no0!e+ge.
9ictim a!!eges that (orturers eF3!aine+ 0hat the" sai+ 0as the +ifference )et0een the ?2afia@
an+ the ?2o).@ Accor+ing to (orturers, ?2o)@ refers to the financia! si+e of organize+ crime,
0hi!e ?2afia@ refers to the o3erations an+ enforcement si+e of organize+ crime.
(orturers to!+ 9ictim using si!ent communication that torture 0as ?to teach a !esson@ to 9ictim,
)ecause 9ictim ha+ searche+ for 3ictures on the Internet in an effort to tr" to i+entif" an+ !ocate
the American /an8er.
9ictim1s (orturers - 0hich range in num)er from a33roFimate!" # to = in+i4i+ua!s at an" one time,
on a #'-hour, B-+a"-a-0ee8 )asis - re3eate+!" suggeste+ that torture of 9ictim 0ou!+ cease if
9ictim coo3erate+ 0ith (orturers. 9ictim a!!eges that he ma+e e4er" effort to 3!acate his
tormenters in an effort for the torture to cease, )ut that e4er" time he +i+ so, (orturers 0ou!+
ta8e a ne0 a33roach an+ continue torturing him.
:.' #ort0rers KProtecting the PresidentJ+An ,lection onnection-
9ictim a!!eges that his e!ectronic (orturers im3!ie+ that the u3coming #%&# 3resi+entia! e!ection
in the *nite+ States 0as one of the reasons he 0as )eing torture+, in or+er to 8ee3 9ictim
margina!ize+ so that 9ictim 0ou!+ )e una)!e to 3u)!icize his 8no0!e+ge of 3ossi)!e organize+
crime ties to the O)ama a+ministration, an+ thus 0ou!+ )e una)!e to negati4e!" inf!uence the
#%&# 3resi+entia! e!ection.
9ictim states that (orturers suggeste+ that torture 0ou!+ sto3 after the #%&# e!ections (0hich
9ictim a!!eges is untrue : 9ictim a!!eges that torture has continue+ on an ongoing )asis at !east
unti! the +ate of the fi!ing of this Petition).
9ictim states that (orturers to!+ 9ictim using si!ent communications techno!og" that their mission
0as ?to 3rotect the Presi+ent@ from an" 3o!itica! scan+a! that cou!+ affect his contest 0ith 2itt
Romne", the Re3u)!ican Presi+entia! Can+i+ate in #%&#.
9ictim urges an in-+e3th in4estigation into 3ossi)!e organize+ crime ties, i!!ega! cam3aign
financing or other re!ate+ offences committe+ )" the O)ama a+ministration.
Mitt AomneyIs biography is a.ai$ab$e at/ http/00en1wikipedia1org0wiki0MittCAomney1
7. Se)tember '>F '=1'
?.1 4ictim Undergoes 1orced KSociali"ationJ as KSecret AgentJ
9ictim a!!eges that his e!ectronic torture continue+, )ut 0ith a ne0 guise : on this +ate, 9ictim
0as to!+ using si!ent communications techno!og" that he 0as a ?secret agent@ 0or8ing for the
Co4ernment of the *nite+ States.
9ictim states that (orturers at one 3oint on this +ate to!+ 9ictim, ?Mou1re a CIA agent no0@ an+
)egan 0hat (orturers +escri)e+ as a ?socia!ization@ 3rocess ostensi)!" to e+ucate 9ictim as an
?agent,@ consisting 3rimari!" of 0hat (orturers referre+ to as ?Stum (ests,@
0hich in4o!4e+
ha4ing 9ictim attem3t to em3t" his min+ of thoughts for eFten+e+ 3erio+s of time.
(orturers to!+ 9ictim that the so-ca!!e+ ?Stum (ests@ 0ere +esigne+ to gauge the 9ictim1s a)i!it"
to ?em3t" his min+@ so that other ?enem" go4ernments@ 0ou!+ )e una)!e to 3ro)e 9ictim1s min+
using remote su)4oca!ization recognition, 0hich is, essentia!!", a 3ro4en ?min+ rea+ing@
techno!og" 0hich is +escri)e+ in greater +etai! !ater in this Petition.
9ictim states that (orturers to!+ 9ictim ?0e see 0hat "ou see, 0e hear 0hat "ou hear.@
9ictim states that (orturers, using the aforementione+ ?si!ent communications@ techno!og", to!+
9ictim that the" 0ere his ?han+!ers@ an+ that o)e+ience )" 9ictim to (orturers1 +eman+s 0ou!+
!ea+ to a re+uction in further torture or the en+ of torture, a!though this 0as untrue : the torture
0as constant!" intensifie+ +es3ite 9ictim1s )est efforts to 3!acate (orturers.
9ictim a!!eges that (orturers 0ou!+ ma8e 9ictim sit on his couch in his resi+ence tr"ing not to
thin8 for hours on en+. (orturers 0ou!+ )ruta!!" chastise an+ threaten 9ictim an+ his fami!" e4er"
time a stra" thought entere+ his hea+, ma8ing him start a ne0 ?Stum (est@ e4er" fe0 minutes,
suggesting that the torture 0ou!+ en+ if 9ictim cou!+ 3ass a ?Stum (est.@
9ictim states that he 0as to!+ )" (orturers that it 0ou!+ he!3 him to 8ee3 ?Stum,@ or 3re4ent ne0
thoughts from entering his hea+, if he constant!" 4isua!ize+ a ?0ire mesh that "ou can1t get
through,@ or e!se ?a )ar)e+ 0ire fence.@
9ictim states that he 0as to!+ that the 3ur3ose of the ?Stum (ests@ 0as for the 9ictim to )e an
effecti4e ?CIA agent.@
9ictim a!!eges that, +es3ite constant!" tr"ing to fo!!o0 (orturers1 instructions an+ 3!acate his
(orturers, he cou!+ ne4er 3ass a ?Stum (est@ )ecause thoughts 0ou!+ enter his min+, an+ this
form of torture, among others, !aste+ se4era! 0ee8s.
9ictim states that he e4entua!!" reache+ the conc!usion that (orturers ha+ no interest in the
9ictim 3assing a ?Stum (est@ : 9ictim conc!u+e+ that the so-ca!!e+ ?Stum (ests@ 0ere +esigne+
to contro! an+ ?h"3notize@ 9ictim into constant su)mission an+ o)e+ience to (orturers, 0hich
9ictim characterizes as )eing tantamount to ?menta! ens!a4ement.@
To “Feep *tum( means “to keep si$ent( or “to not ta$k1(
9ictim a!!eges that he 0as ne4er 3ai+ an" 0ages or )enefits an+ 0as ne4er officia!!" terminate+
as a CIA ?em3!o"ee@ as reEuire+ un+er 2eFican !a0 after )eing to!+ in 2eFican territor" that he
0as a ?CIA agentFJ an+ that it his intent to fi!e a re!ate+ !a0suit in #%&' )efore a 2eFican Ga)or
a!!eging the corres3on+ing 4io!ations of 2eFican !a)or !a0 )" the *.S. 6m)ass" in
2eFico +ue to the *nite+ States Co4ernment forci)!" ?em3!o"ing@ the 9ictim as a ?CIA agent@
using +uress, an+ then torturing 9ictim +ue to his a33arent 8no0!e+ge of the O)ama
a+ministration1s organize+ crime ties.
?.' Wood%ard (isc0sses Secret K3ame.hangingJ !raM #echnologE
9ictim notes that re3orter /o) Woo+0ar+ +iscusses, in an inter4ie0 0ith An+rea 2itche!!, a ne%
and to) secret %ea)ons sEstem use+ +uring the ?surge@ of troo3s +uring the *.S. 0ar in IraE
in #%%B.
Woo+0ar+ sa"s that this 0ea3ons s"stem is high!" secret, si!ent an+ !etha!, an+ eEuates the
significance of the +e4e!o3ment of this 0ea3ons s"stem as )eing tantamount to the ?2anhattan
ProJect,@ 0hich +e4e!o3e+ the *nite+ States1 nuc!ear )om).

Woo+0ar+ a!so com3ares this +e4e!o3ment to the in4ention of the tan8 or air3!ane in ear!ier
0ars. ?(here are secret o3erationa! ca3a)i!ities that ha4e )een +e4e!o3e+ )" the mi!itar" to
!ocate, target an+ 8i!!@ a+4ersaries, Woo+0ar+ to!+ >% 2inutes in #%%D.
9ictim notes that Woo+0ar+, in the aforementione+ inter4ie0 on the Surge of troo3s in IraE in
#%%B, states-
?(here are ne0!" +e4e!o3e+ techniEues an+ o3erations that contri)ute+ to the !o0ering of 4io!ence.
Peo3!e I ta!8 to sa" it1s the 3rime factor5it1s a )ig +ea!. Mou thin8 a)out the 2anhattan ProJect in
Wor!+ Wor+ II to +e4e!o3ing the atomic )om), it 0as a!! secret, a!! of a su++en t0o )om)s are
+ro33e+ on a3an an+ it1s the en+ of the 0ar5these techniEues an+ o3erations, "ou are not going
to see or hear, )ut the" are !etha! an+ effecti4e5 D=-$%X of actiona)!e inte!!igence comes from
these techniEues an+ o3erations5@
9ictim asserts that a 3s"chotronic 0ea3onr" 0ou!+ meet the +escri3tion of the ne0, si!ent an+
!etha! an+ secret 0ea3ons s"stem 0hich 3ro4i+es !arge amounts an+ accurate inte!!igence
+escri)e+ in the te!e4ision inter4ie0 0ith Woo+0ar+ a)o4e.
,unta 8o#a$ de Con#i$ia#ion y rbitra=e.
5ideo o' )ob 4oodward dis#ussing a new top2se#ret weapons system used in IraR, whi#h 5i#tim
states #ou$d on$y be a psy#hotroni# weapons system, in an inter.iew with ndrea Mit#he$$, a.ai$ab$e at/
>3 Minutes inter.iew o' )ob 4oodward a.ai$ab$e at/ http/00www1#bsnews1#om0news0woodward2
?.8 AttacBs on $roadcasters %hile on Air hill Media KMind ontrolJ overage
9ictim notes that there ha4e )een a num)er of e3iso+es of a33arent ?)rain attac8s@ on *.S. an+
foreign me+ia 0hich ha4e occurre+ 0hi!e re3orters ha4e )een in the mi+st of transmissions of
ne0s re3orts.
Some eFam3!es of this are seen in the fo!!o0ing shoc8ing 4i+eos of (9 re3orters an+ a 3ossi)!e
0a4e of )rain 0a4e +isru3tion, 3ossi)!" through transcrania! magnetic stimu!ation ((2S) or
other simi!ar techno!og", a4ai!a)!e at-
htt3-..000."outu)e.com.0atch74WRA&3A2t)$t8. A simi!ar 4i+eo is a4ai!a)!e at-
An+ersen Coo3er on C;; a!so sho0e+ signs of 0hat cou!+ )e a simi!ar 3ossi)!e attac8 here-
9ictim s3ecu!ates that such 3ossi)!e or seeming!" a33arent attac8s on mass me+ia re3orters
cou!+ )e one means of intimi+ating the ne0s me+ia, 3romoting a chi!!ing effect +ue the 3otentia!
re3ercussions of )rain0a4e +isru3tion as a conseEuence of re3orting ne0s on issues
unfa4ora)!e to a 3o!itica! 3art" in 3o0er.
?.7 KMind *eadingJ Using S0bvocali"ation *ecognition
A!so on this +ate, 9ictim states that he +isco4ere+ that communication 0ith (orturers 0as ?t0o-
0a"@ an+ that (orturers, in a++ition to 3roJecting 4oices into his )rain using 0e!!-+ocumente+
remote si!ent communications techno!og", cou!+ rea+ the 9ictim1s ?su)4oca!izations.@

Su)4oca!izations are +efine+ as our interna! +ia!ogue, or thoughts, 0hen 0e are thin8ing to
ourse!4es. Su)4oca!izations are a!so referre+ to as ?co4ert s3eech,@ ?si!ent s3eech,@ or
?imagine+ s3eech.@
9ictim asserts that this su)4oca! recognition an+ Remote ;eura! 2onitoring techno!og" +etects
the minute e!ectrica! currents in the human )rain 4ia remote scanning techno!ogies, a!so 8no0n
as ?,unctiona! ;euroimaging.J

.ai$ab$e at/ http/00en1wikipedia1org0wiki0*ub.o#a$Cre#ognition1
##ording to 4ikipedia, “imagined spee#h Nsi$ent spee#h or #o.ert spee#hO is thinking in the 'orm o'
sound V “hearing( oneIs own .oi#e si$ent$y to onese$', without the intentiona$ mo.ement o' any
eJtremities su#h as the $ips, tongue, or hands1 8ogi#a$$y, imagined spee#h has been possib$e sin#e the
emergen#e o' $anguage, howe.er, the phenomenon is most asso#iated with the signa$ pro#essing and
dete#tion within e$e#troen#epha$ograph NEEGO data as we$$ as data obtained using a$ternati.e non2
in.asi.e, brainV#omputer inter'a#e N)CIO de.i#es1( .ai$ab$e at/
;un#tiona$ neuroimaging is the use o' neuroimaging te#hno$ogy Nprimari$y what is known as
“'un#tiona$( EEG or MAIO to measure an aspe#t o' brain 'un#tion, o'ten with a .iew to understanding
the re$ationship between a#ti.ity in #ertain brain areas and spe#i%# menta$ 'un#tions1 "es#ription o'
this te#hno$ogy is a.ai$ab$e at/ http/00en1wikipedia1org0wiki0;un#tiona$Cneuroimaging1 ;un#tiona$
neuroimaging #an #onsist o' the use o' te#hno$ogies su#h as 'un#tiona$ magneti# resonan#e imaging
N'MAIO, 'un#tiona$ e$e#troen#epha$ograms N'EEGO and 'un#tiona$ positron emission tomography N?ETO to
s#an the e$e#tromagneti# a#ti.ity o' the brain remote$y1 $so see a 233B @)C news arti#$e, tit$ed “rmy
Other re!ate+ techno!ogies inc!u+e (ranscrania! 2agnetic Stimu!ation, 0hich uses
e!ectromagnetic currents to +isru3t o3eration of the )rain, as note+ in the 4i+eo a4ai!a)!e in the
footnote to this sentence.
Some of the man" 8no0n ca3a)i!ities of functiona! neuroimaging are +escri)e+ in the fo!!o0ing
>% 2inutes segment 0ith Ges!e" Stah! from #%%D, a4ai!a)!e at-
htt3-..000.c)sne0s.com.4i+eo.0atch.7i+W=&&$D%=n, 0hich 9ictim states 3ro4i+es an essentia!
foun+ation for un+erstan+ing the +irection of neuroscience an+ the 3ossi)!e misuse of this
techno!og" 0hen 0ea3onize+.
In the aforementione+ := Min0tes segmentF Stahl states-
?;euroscience research into ho0 0e thin8 an+ 0hat 0e are thin8ing is a+4ancing at a stunning
rate, ma8ing it 3ossi)!e for the first time in human histor" to 3eer +irect!" into the )rain to rea+ out
the 3h"sica! ma8eu3 of our thoughts - some 0ou!+ sa", to rea+ our min+s.@
In a++ition, 9ictim states that (orturers 0ere a)!e to 3erform this 4irtua! ?min+ rea+ing@ of his
?interna! +ia!ogue@ remote!", 3ossi)!" using ra+io te!esco3e techno!og" in com)ination 0ith 0hat
is 8no0n technica!!" as ?su)4oca!ization recognition,@ a techno!og" 0hich has )een +e4e!o3e+,
among others, )" the *.S. Defense A+4ance+ Research ProJects Agenc" (DARPA), the main
mi!itar" techno!og" research agenc" of the *.S. go4ernment.
Accor+ing to the Wi8i3e+ia entr" on ?co4ert s3eech-@
?In #%%D, the *.S. Defense A+4ance+ Research ProJects Agenc" (DARPA) 3ro4i+e+ a H' mi!!ion
grant to the *ni4ersit" of Ca!ifornia (Ir4ine), 0ith the intent of 3ro4i+ing a foun+ation for s"nthetic
te!e3ath". Accor+ing to DARPA, the 3roJect ?0i!! a!!o0 user-to-user communication on the )att!efie!+
0ithout the use of 4oca!ize+ s3eech through neura! signa!s ana!"sis. (he )rain generates 0or+-
s3ecific signa!s 3rior to sen+ing e!ectrica! im3u!ses to the 4oca! cor+s. (hese imagine+
s3eech signa!s 0ou!+ )e ana!"ze+ an+ trans!ate+ into +istinct 0or+s a!!o0ing co4ert 3erson-to-
3erson communication.@

Wi8i3e+ia a++e+-
"e.e$oping *yntheti# Te$epathy V *imi$ar Te#hno$ogy Marketed as a 4ay to Contro$ 5ideo Games by
Thought,“ a.ai$ab$e at/ http/00www1nb#news1#om0id02+1>24310W1:tRgs)"nbI51 This arti#$e states/ “
new rmy grant aims to #reate emai$ or .oi#e mai$ and send it by thought a$one1 @o need to type an e2
mai$, dia$ a phone or e.en speak a word1 Fnown as syntheti# te$epathy, the te#hno$ogy is based on
reading e$e#tri#a$ a#ti.ity in the brain using an e$e#troen#epha$ograph, or EEG1 *imi$ar te#hno$ogy is
being marketed as a way to #ontro$ .ideo games by thought1( In addition, an 9#tober 2B, 233B
segment o' the C)* @ews program >3 Minutes entit$ed “Mind Aeading( des#ribes amaDing ad.an#es in
neuros#ien#e imaging, .iewab$e at/ http/00www1#bsnews1#om0.ideo0wat#h06id7511-B35n1
*ho#king .ideo o' T5 reporters =uJtaposed with .ideo o' trans#rania$ magneti# stimu$ation a.ai$ab$e
at/ http/00www1youtube1#om0wat#h6.7A1pFMtb-tk1 More at/ http/00www1youtube1#om0wat#h6
In'ormation on "A?Is syntheti# te$epathy and sub.o#a$iDation N#o.ert spee#hO programs a.ai$ab$e
at/ http/00en1wikipedia1org0wiki0ImaginedCspee#h1
?DARPAKs 3rogram out!ine has three maJor goa!s-
• (o attem3t to i+entif" 66C 3atterns uniEue to in+i4i+ua! 0or+s
• (o ensure these 3atterns are common to +ifferent users to a4oi+ eFtensi4e +e4ice training
• (o construct a 3rotot"3e that 0ou!+ +eco+e the signa!s an+ transmit them o4er a !imite+
2etho+s for +etection
(he 3rocess for ana!"zing su)JectsK si!ent s3eech is com3ose+ of recor+ing su)Jects1 )rain 0a4es,
an+ then using a com3uter to 3rocess the +ata an+ +etermine the content of the su)Jects1 co4ert
Su)Ject neura! 3atterns ()rain 0a4es) can )e recor+e+ using /CI (/rain-Com3uter Interface)
?.< (A*PA C NASA . 3oogle Patent S0bvocali"ation *ecognition #ech
In a++ition, a!!u+ing to the 3rece+ing DARPA 3roJect, a #%&< artic!e, ?Artificia! (e!e3ath" to Create
Pentagon1s (e!e3athic So!+iers,@
?8no0n as s"nthetic te!e3ath", the techno!og" is )ase+ on rea+ing e!ectrica! acti4it" in the )rain
using an e!ectroence3ha!ogra3h, or 66C. Simi!ar techno!og" is )eing mar8ete+ as a 0a" to contro!
4i+eo games )" thought. In A3ri! !ast "ear, a Dai!"mai! re3ort sai+ a team of *C Ir4ine scientists has
)een a0ar+e+ a H' mi!!ion grant from the *.S. Arm" Research Office to stu+" the neuroscientific
an+ signa!-3rocessing foun+ations of s"nthetic te!e3ath". ?I thin8 that this 0i!! e4entua!!" )ecome
Just another 0a" of communicating,@ sai+ 2i8e D1Nmura, from the *ni4ersit" of Ca!ifornia, Ir4ine
an+ the !ea+ scientist on the 3roJect. ?It 0i!! ta8e a !ot of research, an+ a !ot of time, )ut there are
a!so a !ot of commercia! a33!ications, not Just mi!itar" a33!ications,@ he sai+.
;ear!" a +eca+e 3rior to the aforementione+ DARPA research, ?su)4oca!ization recognition@
techno!og" 0as a!so +e4e!o3e+ )" the ;ationa! S3ace an+ Aeronautics A+ministration
In a #%%' ne0s re!ease, ;ASA announce+ ?;ASA De4e!o3s S"stem to Com3uterize
Si!ent, VSu)4oca! S3eech.@
Eko rmunanto, “rti%#ia$ Te$epathy to Create ?entagonIs Te$epathi# *o$diers,( "igita$ ,ourna$, 13
May, 2313, a.ai$ab$e at/ http/00www1digita$=ourna$1#om0arti#$e034-B3-1
@* news re$ease “@* "e.e$ops *ystem To ComputeriDe *i$ent, *ub.o#a$ *pee#h( a.ai$ab$e at/
http/00www1nasa1go.0home0hRnews023340mar0&UC343-3Csub.o#a$Cspee#h1htm$1 *tatement issued
Mar#h 1+, 2334 =oint$y by ,ohn )$u#k, mes Aesear#h Center, MoGett ;ie$d, Ca$i'1, N?hone $isted in
re$ease/ >530>342532>O1 as we$$ as by Mi#hae$ )raukus, @* &eadRuarters, 4ashington, N?hone $isted
in re$ease/ 232035B21-+-O1
(his ;ASA ne0s re!ease a++s-
?;ASA scientists ha4e )egun to com3uterize human, si!ent rea+ing using ner4e signa!s in the
throat that contro! s3eech5.VWhat is analE"ed is silentF or s0ba0ditorEF s)eechF s0ch as %hen
a )erson silentlE reads or talBs to himself,V sai+ Chuc8 orgensen, a scientist 0hose team is
+e4e!o3ing si!ent, su)4oca! s3eech recognition at ;ASAKs Ames Research Center, 2offett ,ie!+,
Ca!if. V$iological signals arise %hen reading or s)eaBing to oneself %ith or %itho0t act0al li)
or facial movementFV orgensen eF3!aine+. VA 3erson using the su)4oca! s"stem thin8s of
3hrases an+ ta!8s to himse!f so Euiet!", it cannot )e hear+, )ut the tong0e and vocal chords do
receive s)eech signals from the brain,V orgensen sai+.
In a++ition, 9ictim notes that Motorola MobilitE, then a su)si+iar" of 3oogle !nc., in #%&< fi!e+
a 3atent a33!ication for a ?s8in tattoo@ ca3a)!e of rea+ing su)4oca!izations 0hich cou!+ a!!o0
communication )" thought to a mo)i!e 3hone +e4ice using uns3o8en ?4oice signa!s,@ or neura!
signa!s ana!"sis such as those reference+ in the DARPA an+ ;ASA information a)o4e.
(his 2otoro!a 2o)i!it" 3atent a33!ication, ;o. WO #%&<&>><BB A&, is tit!e+ ?Cou3!ing an
e!ectronic s8in tattoo to a mo)i!e communication +e4ice.@
Sai+ 3atent a33!ication +escri)es using ?the au+io signa! from the e!ectronic tattoo to +etermine
if the au+io inc!u+es either a 4oice+ or un4oice+ com3onent an+ to +etermine the
3itch of a 4oice, shou!+ one )e +etecte+5a signa! 3rocessor com3rising circuitr" for receiving
vocal signals and com)aring to a )redetermined )attern5@

9ictim notes that, as +escri)e+ in the ;ASA ne0s statement cite+ a)o4e, ?4oice signa!s@ can )e
inter3rete+ to )e the minute e!ectrica! signa!s gi4en off )" the )rain )ut 0hich are not s3o8en :
as is eF3resse+ in the a)o4e information on DARPA an+ ;ASA.
9ictim a!!eges that aforementione+ 3atent a33!ication in+icates, in essence, that the thoughts of
human )eings cou!+ )e com3are+ to a +ata)ase of )rain0a4es of each 3erson so as to easi!"
categorize re3eating thoughts using a+4ance+ a!gorithm. 9ictim states that this +ata)ase cou!+
a!so contain the transcri3tions of the recognize+ su)4oca!izations of e4er" 3erson on 6arth,
ma8ing for c!assification of thoughts 0ith a high +egree of re!ia)i!it". 9ictim notes that as3ects of
this theor" ha4e )een a+4ance+ )" Dr. ohn Ha!!, a )oar+-certifie+ anesthesio!ogist, in his #%%$
Motoro$a Mobi$ityIs :1*1 patent app$i#ation @o1 49 23131>>3++ 1, “Coup$ing an e$e#troni# skin
tattoo to a mobi$e #ommuni#ation de.i#e,( whi#h des#ribes re#ognition o' .oi#e signa$s using a “skin
tattoo( is a.ai$ab$e at https/00www1goog$e1#om0patents04923131>>3++16
egionSo'SaSbodyLh$7enLsa7MLei7tyMa:r8GIu'gsT*ooFU)wL.ed73C"#U>Ew1 Motoro$a
Mobi$ity was a#Ruired by 8eno.o, the wor$dIs $argest make o' ?Cs 'or X21- bi$$ion in a dea$ announ#ed
2- ,anuary 2314, a##ording to )$oomberg arti#$e a.ai$ab$e at/ http/00www1b$oomberg1#om0news023142
)oo8 ?A ;e0 /ree+- Sate!!ite (errorism in America,@
as 0e!! )" former CIA engineering
contractor Dr. Ro)ert Duncan.
(he aforementione+ 2otoro!a 2o)i!it" 3atent a33!ication is reference+ in a anuar" B, #%&'
artic!e on the 6Ftremetech 0e)site, tit!e+ ?2otoro!a Patents e-(attoo that can Rea+ Mour
(houghts )" Gistening to *n4oca!ize+ Wor+s in Mour (hroat.@
(he aforementione+ artic!e states that-
?(he tattoo the" ha4e in min+ is actua!!" one that 0i!! )e em)!azone+ o4er "our 4oca! cor+s to
interce3t su)t!e 4oice comman+s L 3erha3s e4en su)4oca! comman+s, or e4en the fu!!" interna!
0his3erings that fai! to 3!uc8 the 4oca! cor+s 0hen not gi4en fu!! cere)ra! a33ro4a!. One might e4en
conc!u+e that the" are not Just 3atenting +e4ice communications from a 3atch of smarts8in, )ut
communications from "our sou!.@
9ictim notes that the senior 4ice 3resi+ent at 2otoro!a 2o)i!it" unti! its sa!e in an. #%&' to
Geno4o 0as Regina 6. Dugan, 0here her charge 0as to )ui!+ an+ !ea+ the A+4ance+
(echno!og" S ProJects (A(AP) grou3. Dugan has remaine+ as an eFecuti4e 0ith Coog!e
fo!!o0ing the sa!e of 2otoro!a 2o)i!it".
9ictim notes that Dugan s3ecia!izes in a+4ance+ ?remote sensing@ techno!og" an+ she forma!!"
ser4e+ as Director of the *nite+ States Defense A+4ance+ Research ProJects Agenc" (DARPA)
from u!" #%%$ to 2arch #%&#.

9ictim notes that (A*PA is the main techno!og" research agenc" of the *nite+ States 2i!itar",
0hich suggests to 9ictim that Dugan is intimate!" fami!iar 0ith secret an+ a+4ance+ techno!og"
"r1 ,ohn &a$$, “ @ew )reed/ *ate$$ite Terrorism, 233-, in meri#a,( a.ai$ab$e at
http/00www1satweapons1#om01 &a$$Is biography a.ai$ab$e at/
Aobert "un#an, “The MatriJ "e#iphered,( 233>, a.ai$ab$e at/
n arti#$e whi#h des#ribes the te#hno$ogy, “Motoro$a patents e2tattoo that #an read your thoughts by
$istening to un.o#a$iDed words in your throat,( is a.ai$ab$e at/
Ina ;ried, “8eno.o 4onIt Get Aegina "uganIs d.an#ed Aesear#h Group in Motoro$a "ea$,(
Ae#ode1net, ,anuary 2-, 2314, a.ai$ab$e at/ http/00re#ode1net0231403102-0$eno.o2apparent$y2not2
##ording to 4ikipedia entry on Aegina "ugan/ “"ugan Nborn Mar#h 1-, 1->3O is an meri#an
in.entor and businesswoman1 *he ser.ed as the 1-th "ire#tor o' the "e'ense d.an#ed Aesear#h
?ro=e#ts gen#y N"A?O1 *he was appointed to that position on ,u$y 23, 233- and was the %rst 'ema$e
"A? dire#tor1 In Mar#h 2312, she $e't her position to take an eJe#uti.e ro$e at Goog$e,( a.ai$ab$e at/
http/00en1wikipedia1org0wiki0AeginaCE1C"uganW#iteCnote2darpaCbio211 "A? oH#ia$ biography o'
"ugan reads/ “EJperien#ed in #ounterterrorism and de'ense against eJp$osi.e threats, "r1 "ugan %rst
ser.ed the @ation as a "A? program manager 'rom 1--> to 23331 "uring this %rst tour with the
gen#y, she dire#ted a di.erse X133 mi$$ion port'o$io o' programs in#$uding the “"ogIs @ose( program,
an eGort 'o#used on the de.e$opment o' an ad.an#ed, %e$d2portab$e system 'or dete#ting the
eJp$osi.e #ontent o' $and mines1( http/00www1darpa1mi$04orkrea0"own$oadsset1aspJ6id723-11
+e4e!o3e+ or im3!emente+ )" DARPA, inc!u+ing a+4ance+ ?su)4oca!ization recognition@ an+
other 3s"chotronic techno!ogies.
9ictim states that a++itiona! information on su)4oca! recognition techno!og" is 3ro4i+e+ in
sections &# an+ &B of this Petition.
>. Se)tember '9 C October 81F '=1'
>.1 Ongoing #hreats to 1amilE Members
During this 3erio+, 9ictim 0as constant!" su)Jecte+ to e!ectronic torture using si!ent
communications techno!og".
9ictim a!!eges that (orturers, for an entire +a", 3!a"e+ +igita!!" s"nthesize+ recor+ings using
4oices of 9ictim1s +aughter an+ her mother, 0ith 9ictim1s +aughter )eing ra3e+ an+ her mother
)eing mur+ere+ )" gunshot. 9ictim !ater 0as a)!e to confirm safet" of fami!" mem)ers.
9ictim a!!eges that he 0as re3eate+!" threatene+ 0ith e!ectronic torture, 8i+na33ing an+
hos3ita!ization of his then &&-"ear-o!+ +aughter an+ her mother, 0ho continue to resi+e in
2eFico, an+ agents c!aiming to )e from the CIA, ;SA an+ DOD sai+ that the" 0ou!+
e!ectronica!!" torture his fami!" for the rest of their !i4es, or mur+er them an+ ma8e their +eaths
a33ear to )e suici+es.
9ictim a!!eges that there 0ere a!so constant threats that he an+ his entire fami!", inc!u+ing a &-
"ear-o!+ +aughter of the 9ictim in the Phi!i33ines an+ her mother, as 0e!! as associates of the
9ictim, 0ou!+ )e mur+ere+ )" the CIA or its contractors.
9ictim a!!eges that (orturers re3eate+!" threatene+ 9ictim 0ith )eing 3!ace+ on a ?(error Gist@
an+ that his fami!" mem)ers an+ )usiness 0ou!+ )e 3!ace+ on such a !ist, 0hich (orturers sai+
0ou!+ restrict 4ictim1s a)i!it" to tra4e! or ma8e it im3ossi)!e for him to carr" out financia!
transactions reEuire+ for o3eration of his )usiness.
(orturers re3eate+!" threatene+ to +amage 9ictim1s )usiness interests, sa"ing that the" 0ou!+
?strang!e@ him financia!!". (orturers to!+ 9ictim that his *nite+ States Pass3ort ha+ )een
re4o8e+, !ea4ing him state!ess (again, this 0as a33arent!" untrueI 9ictim has continue+ to tra4e!
on his *.S. 3ass3ort).
>.' Prominent individ0als named d0ring tort0re sessions
(orturers for se4era! 0ee8s con+ucte+ the aforementione+ ?Stum (ests@ se4era! times a +a",
3romising that the torture 0ou!+ en+ if 9ictim cou!+ successfu!!" com3!ete a sing!e ?Stum (estFJ
0hich 9ictim states he 0as ne4er a)!e to +o, )ecause the 3arameters of the ?Stum (ests@ 0ou!+
constant!" change.
9ictim a!!eges that (orturers threatene+ to +efame him an+ 3ortra" him as a crimina!, sa"ing that
the" 0ou!+ ?co8e his houseFJ 0hich the" eF3!aine+ to mean 3!anting cocaine in his a3artment,
an+ ha4e 9ictim arreste+ )" 2eFican authorities an+ his home an+ )usinesses seize+.
9ictim a!!eges that (orturers sai+ the" 0ou!+ +efame an+ +iscre+it 9ictim )" c!aiming that he
is.0as a crimina!, insane, or that he ha+ ta8en narcotics or other +rugs to eF3!ain an" action to
resist or eF3ose (orturers or his a33arent 8no0!e+ge of organize+ crime connections to the
O)ama a+ministration.
9ictim a!!eges that (orturers to!+ 9ictim that he 0as +ee3!" in4o!4e+ in the *.S. an+ 2eFican
?econom"FJ 0hich (orturers eF3!aine+ to mean ?organize+ crimeFJ though 9ictim states
uneEui4oca!!" that he has no organize+ crime connections or crimina! associations.
9ictim states that CIA (orturers 0ere 3articu!ar!" 3ertur)e+ at the mention of Ne% DorB real
estate financier John N0ccotti in 9ictim1s )iogra3hica! information, stating that Nuccotti 0as
hea4i!" in4o!4e+ in the *.S. econom" an+ that he 0as the ?chairman of the )oar+ of the
chairmen of the )oar+,@ 0hich 9ictim un+erstoo+ to mean that Nuccotti 0as 4er" high!" 3!ace+ in
the *nite+ States financia! communit".
9ictim 0as a!!egess that he 0as to!+ )" his ostensi)!" CIA torturers that 4arious 3o!itica! figures
0ere a0are of ?e4er" +etai! of this situation,@ inc!u+ing senior 3resi+entia! a+4isor 9a!erie arrett
(0ho 0as sai+ to )e gi4ing or+ers from the White House), Senator SaF)" Cham)!iss an+
Senator Diane ,einstein (to 0hom he a++resse+ the !etter that a33ears that the en+ of this
account), Senator ohn 2cCain, Chicago 2a"or Rahm 6manue!, /i!! an+ Hi!!ar" C!inton, Ceorge
Soros an+ man" other 3rominent in+i4i+ua!s, an+ that that these in+i4i+ua!s either ?su33orte+@
his torture or o33ose+ it )ase+ on their 3o!itica! ca!cu!ations. 9ictim has no 0a" of 4erif"ing
these statements )" his torturers an+ +ou)ts their 4eracit".
9ictim a!!eges that (orturers to!+ 9ictim that )efore torture )egan, he ha+ )een se!ecte+ to ?!oo8
out for /arac81s )usiness@ in 2eFico, 0hich 0as eF3!aine+ to 9ictim as meaning organize+
crime interests, inc!u+ing narcotics traffic8ing. Ho0e4er, 9ictim a!!eges, (orturers to!+ him that
the" 0ere ?teaching a !esson@ to 9ictim )ecause 9ictim ha+ searche+ for a 3icture of the
American /an8er.
(orturers re3eate+!" threatene+ to ?suici+e@ 9ictim )" using e!ectromagnetic means to +amage
his menta! 3rocesses, a+ministering toFic 3harmaceutica!s to ma8e his +eath a33ear se!f-
inf!icte+, or e!se that 9ictim 0ou!+ )e gi4en ?me+ica! !ea4e@ : 0hich (orturers eF3!aine+ as
meaning )eing inJecte+ 0ith min+-a!tering me+ication to +amage his menta! 3rocesses )" CIA,
;SA or DoD agents or contractors, for the 3ur3ose of !ea4ing him hos3ita!ize+ for !ife in a
menta! institution.
9ictim has a!so )een re3eate+!" threatene+ 0ith ?me+ica! !ea4e,@ or re!ent!ess torture +esigne+
to !ea4e him 3ermanent!" institutiona!ize+.
>.8 Police om)laint 1iled Against !A
9ictim fi!e+ a com3!aint 0ith the 2eFico Cit" 3o!ice +e3artment against the Centra! Inte!!igence
Agenc" in or+er to +ocument, in a genera! manner, the threats )eing ma+e against him.
As 9ictim gra+ua!!" succum)e+ to constant torture, (orturers g!oate+ that the" ha+ ?infanti!ize+@
9ictim, re+ucing his 3ersona!it" to a chi!+!i8e, mo!+a)!e state, an+ a!so that the" ha+
?seFua!ize+@ 4ictim as a resu!t of torture, causing 9ictim to )rief!" ha4e )izarre seFua!
9ictim a!!eges that, in an effort to f!ee his torturers an+ fearing for his 3ersona! safet", 9ictim
ma+e fi4e attem3ts to !ea4e 2eFico +uring this 3erio+ 4ia the 2eFico Cit" Air3ort (/enito uYrez
Internationa! Air3ort).
During each attem3t to 3urchase air!ine tic8et at sai+ air3ort, (orturers 0ou!+ confuse an+
frighten 9ictim using si!ent soun+ communication so that he 0ou!+ not !ea4e 2eFico, sa"ing that
he 0ou!+ )e arreste+ if he returne+ to the *nite+ States an+ 0as on a ?(error Gist@ 3re4enting
9ictim from tra4e!!ing internationa!!" an+ that 9ictim 0as )eing fo!!o0e+ )" ?secret agents.@
(orturers +issua+e+ 9ictim from 3urchasing air!ine tic8et 4ia Internet, sa"ing that ?enem"
go4ernments@ 0ou!+ 8no0 9ictim1s 3!ans an+ interce3t him +uring his tra4e!s.
In a++ition, 9ictim a!!eges that he 0as threatene+ 0ith mur+er on three se3arate occasions )"
3ersons 0ith American accents +uring these attem3ts to !ea4e 2eFico 0hi!e in the 2eFico Cit"
On the first occasion, t0o Caucasian ma!es 0ith American accents threatene+ to ?shoot@ 9ictim
at !oa+ing.un!oa+ing area outsi+e 2eFico Cit" air3ort. On secon+ occasion, Caucasian man
3assing 9ictim sai+ 0ith American accent, ?I 0ant to mur+er "ou.@ On thir+ occasion, Caucasian
man 0ith !ong cur!" hair sai+ to 9ictim, 0ith American accent, ?I 0ish I ha+ a gunFJ as 9ictim
9ictim states that the MeIico itE Air)ort sho0ld have sec0ritE video and a0dio of the
a)o4e inci+ents an+ urges in4estigation of such 4i+eo recor+s. 9ictim a!!eges that he +i+ not
!earn the i+entit" of threatening in+i4i+ua!s, )ut that he +e+uce+ that, gi4en the circumstances,
the" cou!+ )e American agents 3ersecuting 9ictim )ecause of his a33arent 8no0!e+ge of the
O)ama a+ministration1s organize+ crime ties.
9ictim a!!eges that (orturers re3eate+!" threatene+ that automate+ ?3rograms 0ou!+ )e run@ to
transmit eFcruciating soun+s or emotions +irect!" to 9ictim1s )rain using a+4ance+ min+ contro!
techno!og", 8no0n as Vcom3uterize+ te!e3ath"@ or Vs"nthetic te!e3ath",@
0hich (orturers sai+
The #omp$aint, %$ed on 9#tober 3, 2312 with the MeJi#o City ?rose#utorIs 9H#e, reads/ “in re#ent
days, I ha.e re#ei.ed a number o' threats 'rom agents o' the Centra$ Inte$$igen#e gen#y o' the :nited
*tates whi#h in#$ude murder, kidnapping, making my death appear a sui#ide, in=e#ting me with
substan#es to impair my menta$ pro#essesY( #opy o' this #omp$aint is atta#hed to the end o' this
0ou!+ +amage 9ictim1s menta! 3rocesses an+ ren+er him hos3ita!ize+, no !onger a threat to the
O)ama a+ministration.
9ictim a!!eges that he recei4e+ threats from (orturers that c!an+estine agencies 0ou!+ ruin his
)usiness, )!oc8ing communication an+ )!oc8ing traffic to his Internet sites, as 0e!! as hac8ing
his e-mai! an+ )an8 accounts.
9. October 81F '=1' C (ecember 9F '=1'
9.1 4ictim #ort0red in MeIicoF PanamaF osta *icaF Nicarag0a+
On Octo)er <&, #%&#, 9ictim 0as fina!!" a)!e to resist torture sufficient!" to 3urchase air!ine
tic8et an+ +e3art 2eFico for San osQ, Costa Rica, 0here 9ictim1s mother resi+es.
9ictim 0as e!ectronica!!" torture+ 0ith threats 0hi!e air)orne, as 0e!! as 0hi!e in transit through
the Panama Cit" air3ort, an+ 0as continuous!" remote!" torture+ )" the same (orturers in the
countr" of Costa Rica, in !arge!" the same terms as +escri)e+ on 3re4ious +ates.
2ain!", (orturers 0ou!+ re3eate+!" threaten 9ictim an+ his fami!" 0ith 4io!ence an+ that he
0ou!+ eFtra+ite+ to the *nite+ States for uns3ecifie+ or manufacture+ offences, such as ha4ing
sent a threatening !etter forge+ in 9ictim1s han+ to Presi+ent O)ama.
9ictim a!!eges that, on one occasion, (orturers a0o8e 9ictim at <-%% a.m. 0hi!e in San osQ an+
to!+ 9ictim that Costa Rican 3o!ice 0ere en route to +etain him so he 0ou!+ )e eFtra+ite+ to the
*nite+ States for an uns3ecifie+ offense.
(orturers a+4ise+ 9ictim to f!ee at that time to the Costa Rican cit" of Gi)eria )" )us, 0hich
9ictim states he +i+ not +o. 9ictim states that there 0as no such action )" Costa Rican 3o!ice,
an+ that, as in 4irtua!!" a!! cases, torture 0as !imite+ to causing se4ere 3s"cho!ogica! +istress to
9ictim, rather than actua! 3h"sica! actions.
9ictim a!!eges that, +uring this 3erio+, 3s"cho!ogica! torture consisting of constant threats 0as
ongoing an+ that 9ictim 0as so )ruta!ize+ )" torture that 9ictim )egan to contem3!ate suici+e in
or+er to cease torture.
*ee 233B @)C news arti#$e, tit$ed “rmy "e.e$oping *yntheti# Te$epathy V *imi$ar Te#hno$ogy
Marketed as a 4ay to Contro$ 5ideo Games by Thought,“ a.ai$ab$e at/
http/00www1nb#news1#om0id02+1>24310W1:tRgs)"nbI51 This arti#$e states/ “ new rmy grant aims to
#reate emai$ or .oi#e mai$ and send it by thought a$one1 @o need to type an e2mai$, dia$ a phone or
e.en speak a word1 Fnown as syntheti# te$epathy, the te#hno$ogy is based on reading e$e#tri#a$
a#ti.ity in the brain using an e$e#troen#epha$ograph, or EEG1( *ee a$so In'ormation on "A?Is
syntheti# te$epathy and sub.o#a$iDation N#o.ert spee#hO programs a.ai$ab$e at/
1=. (ecember 1=F '=1' C (ecember 1'F '=1'
1=.1 A P0blic S0icide in 2egitimate Protest
9ictim a!!eges that after near!" < months of torture )" PSM-OPS 3s"cho!ogica! 0arfare
o3erati4es c!aiming to )e from the CIA, ;SA an+ DoD, he ma+e the o)4ious!" +ifficu!t +ecision
to ta8e his !ife in or+er to cease torture.
9ictim asserts that he u!timate!" +eci+e+ to ta8e his !ife 3u)!ica!!" as a form of 3rotest against
the constant torture an+ threats against 9ictim an+ 9ictim1s innocent fami!".
9ictim a!!eges that (orturers re3eate+!" to!+ him that his mother 0ou!+ )e mur+ere+ )" *.S.
agents an+ that 9ictim 0ou!+ )e )!ame+, 3rom3ting him to commit suici+e in or+er to sa4e his
mother1s !ife.
9ictim a!!eges that as a resu!t of these an+ other threats, he 0as incite+ to suici+e on '
occasions +uring this <-+a" 3erio+, inc!u+ing one fai!e+ suici+e attem3t 0ith 3harmaceutica!s
(#%T ta)!ets of )eta )!oc8er Ateno!o!) an+ < fai!e+ suici+e attem3ts using a 8nife to cut his throat.
9ictim states that for fina! suici+e attem3t, he 3!anne+ to 8i!! himse!f in front of a mass me+ia
out!et in 3u)!ic 3rotest of his continuous an+ )ruta! torture.
9ictim states that on Decem)er &#, #%&#, he use+ a ?)oFcutter@ 8nife to cut his o0n throat
outsi+e of the Ga ;acion ;e0s3a3er in San osQ, Costa Rica. 9ictim states that Ga ;acion
ne0s3a3er shou!+ ha4e +ramatic, gris!" 3hotos : a 3hotogra3her 0as 3resent - an+ securit"
camera 4i+eo footage an+ numerous 0itnesses. 9ictim states that this 3u)!ic suici+e attem3t,
reminiscent to him of /u++hist mon8s 0ho ha4e use+ se!f-immo!ation to 3rotest Chinese
occu3ation of (i)et, 0as interru3te+ )" Costa Rican 3o!ice forces.

9ictim a!!eges that his (orturers acti4e!" encourage+ him to commit suici+e, 3s"cho!ogica!!"
torturing 9ictim, sa"ing ?there1s a 3u!se 3oint, ohn, there1s a 3u!se 3oint@ re3eate+!" as 9ictim
attem3te+ to !ocate an+ se4er an arter" in his o0n nec8.
9ictim a!!eges that (orturers a!so threatene+ to ra3e an+ 8i!! 9ictim1s +aughter an+ her mother,
an+ 8i!! 9ictim1s mother if 9ictim +i+ not com3!ete suici+e attem3t.
9ictim states that he 0as a)!e to cut his Jugu!ar 4ein an+ )egge+ his rescuers to remo4e
3ressure from his 0oun+s an+ a!!o0 him to +ie in or+er to cease torture.
9ictim a!!eges that he 0ante+ to +ie )ecause of the +ee3 3s"cho!ogica! an+ emotiona! +amage
inf!icte+ through ongoing torture )" 3s"cho!ogica! o3erations 3rofessiona!s using so-ca!!e+
9.er 123 Tibetans ha.e se$'2immo$ated in Tibet and China sin#e ;ebruary 2+, 233- in protest o'
Chinese inter.ention in the nation1 Ae'eren#e a.ai$ab$e at/ https/00www1sa.etibet1org0resour#es0'a#t2
?9oice of Co+@ or ?9oice to S8u!!@ (a!so 8no0n as 9#A) si!ent communications min+ contro!
techno!og" against him, 0hich is +escri)e+ in greater +etai! in section &# of this Petition.
9ictim 0as hos3ita!ize+ Decem)er &#, #%&#, in Hos3ita! 2eFico in Costa Rica 0here he
un+er0ent emergenc" surger" as a resu!t of his 0oun+s to his nec8 an+ Jugu!ar 4ein, recei4ing
a tota! of 'D stitches. 9ictim notes that his )!oo+ test 0as free of an" i!!icit +rugs 0hen teste+ at
Hos3ita! 2eFico. 9ictim su)seEuent!" ha+ a norma! CA( Scan an+ 66C at Hos3ita! 2eFico.
1=.' 4ictim SeeBs *eliefF ,I)os0re of U.S. Ne0ro%ea)on WM( Use
9ictim a!!eges that he ma+e his 3u)!ic suici+e attem3ts, an+ is fi!ing this Petition, )ecause he
0as ma+e to un+erstan+ that he cou!+ not 0in against the torture an+ 3o0er of the *nite+
States Co4ernment, the CIA, ;SA, DoD an+ other un8no0n or secret agencies 0hich 9ictim
states ha4e eFtra-!ega!!" 3ersecute+ him.
9ictim states that his intent in fi!ing this Petition is to see8 re!ief from torture 3ur3orte+!" inf!icte+
)" agents or contractors of the O)ama a+ministration, the *nite+ States of America an+ its
c!an+estine agencies, 0hich ha4e ta8en eFtreme!" +amaging actions against his innocent
3erson, se3arating him from his fami!", torturing him 0ith threats against his an+ his fami!"1s
securit", !i4es an+ )usiness interests, threatening to 3rosecute him for fa)ricate+ crimina!
offences an+ inciting him to suici+e on four occasions.
9ictim states that he is a!so see8ing to eF3ose the use of 3s"chotronic 0ea3ons s"stems )" the
*nite+ States of America on foreign an+ +omestic 3o3u!ations.
9ictim a!!eges that 3s"chotronic 0ea3ons s"stems ha4e )een 3erfecte+ so that an" 3erson on
6arth can )e sing!e+ out an+ torture+ using such techno!og", a gross 4io!ation of internationa!
!a0 0hich 3uts the fun+amenta! human rights e4er" in+i4i+ua! on 6arth at ris8 for remote
monitoring, torture or 4irtua! ens!a4ement.

9ictim states that ra3i+ +e4e!o3ments in techno!og" ma8e the 3eri! of neuro0ea3ons a matter in
nee+ of urgent attention )" mu!ti!atera! organizations such as the Organization of American
States (0hich con+emne+ the use of e!ectronic 0ea3onr" against the ouste+ Presi+ent of
Hon+uras in #%%$),
the 6uro3ean Par!iament an+ the *nite+ ;ations.
9ictim notes that the Asian /0man *ights ommission has state+ that-
“5oi#e o' God( or “5oi#e to *ku$$( Na$so known as 52FO are terms gi.en by the :1*1 rmy to e$e#troni#
weaponry ab$e to pro=e#t .oi#es in the brains o' .i#tims1 This te#hno$ogy is des#ribed in greater depth
in point 12 o' this ?etition1
Inter.iew with "r1 Aobert "un#an, a 'ormer CI engineer who parti#ipated in the :1*1 psy#hotroni#
weapons program, a.ai$ab$e at/ http/00www1youtube1#om0wat#h6.7;s5d3mb=og1
9rganiDation o' meri#an *tates N9*O “C9@"EM@TI9@ 9; T&E CT* 9; I@TIMI"TI9@ GI@*T
T&E EM)**< 9; )AQI8 I@ &9@":A*,( Nppro.ed by the 9* ?ermanent Coun#i$ at its meeting o'
9#tober 21, 233-O a.ai$ab$e at/ http/00www1oas1org0#onse=o0reso$utions0de#431asp1
?(he threat is rea!5(there are) man" in+ications that )rain techno!og" for neuro0ea3ons is
scientifica!!" 3ossi)!e. A++itiona!!", some sa" such techno!ogies ha4e )een use+ s"stematica!!"
against se!ect 3eo3!e in 4arious Juris+ictions.@
9ictim states that he is a!so fi!ing this Petition )ecause it is of 4ita! im3ortance for human rights,
human +ignit" an+ !ega!it" that this information )e +issimu!ate+ an+ the nations an+ 3eo3!es of
the 0or!+ )ecome a0are of the un!a0fu! reach of America1s c!an+estine agencies using so-
ca!!e+ ?min+ contro!@ techno!og", inc!u+ing Remote ;eura! 2onitoring, a+4ance+ ?su)4oca!
recognition@ (S9R) to rea+ an+ recor+ one1s thoughts, an+ Si!ent Soun+ S3rea+ S3ectrum or
simi!ar micro0a4e or *H, techno!og" for using si!ent communications to inf!ict so-ca!!e+ ?no-
touch@ torture.
9ictim a!!eges that he ha+ !ost ho3e of )eing a)!e to sur4i4e this situation since, 3ur3orte+!"
through the CIA, ;SA an+ DoD, the O)ama a+ministration an+ the Co4ernment of the *nite+
States ha+ insiste+ that the" 0ou!+ ne4er !ea4e him in 3eace )ecause of the secret that he has
a)out the /an8er 3ossi)!" )eing a ?2o) Co+father@ 0ith a financia! or 3ersona! connection to
Presi+ent O)ama or O)ama1s cam3aign +onors.
9ictim a!!eges that man" 2eFicans in the neigh)orhoo+s of CuauhtQmoc, uYrez, an+ Con+esa
in 2eFico Cit" ha4e 8no0!e+ge of the situation +escri)e+ )" 9ictim, an+ that he fears for the
!i4es of his fami!" mem)ers, 0ho his (orturers state are un+er constant threat.
1=.8 Wides)read U.S. ,mbassE !nvolvement
9ictim a!so asserts that there is 0i+es3rea+ 8no0!e+ge an+ a0areness of 9ictim1s torture,
situation an+ circumstances among the staff of the *nite+ States 6m)ass" in 2eFico Cit",
inc!u+ing among re3resentati4es of the Drug 6nforcement Agenc" (D6A), the Centra!
Inte!!igence Agenc" (CIA) an+ the ,e+era! /ureau of In4estigation (,/I) in the 6m)ass", among
man" others, an+ 9ictim strong!" urges the OAS Human Rights Commission to recommen+ to
the Co4ernment of the *nite+ States an eFtensi4e, in-+e3th in4estigation into 8no0!e+ge of
9ictim1s torture among officia!s 0ith the *nite+ States 6m)ass" in 2eFico Cit" +uring the 3erio+
of 9ictim1s torture.
9ictims a!!eges that (orturers c!aiming to )e agents of the CIA, ;SA an+ DoD to!+ him
re3eate+!" that the" 0ou!+ in4ent crimina! charges against him, such as cons3irac" or ha4ing
ties to organize+ crime 0hich he +oes not ha4e.
9ictims a!!eges that he 0as a!so to!+ that he 0as going to )e accuse+ of crimes that he +i+ not
commit, such as mur+er or ra3e using D;A co!!ecte+ from his house, an+ others, an+ (orturers
c!aime+ to ha4e ma+e a fa!sifie+ !etter in 9ictims han+0riting threatening the Presi+ent of the
*nite+ States.
*ee *eptember 2+, 2313 statement 'rom the sian &uman Aights Commission on neuroweapons,
a.ai$ab$e at/ http/00www1humanrights1asia0news0ahr#2news0&AC2*TM21+4223131
Chery$ 4e$sh, “Torture MagaDine,( sian and G$oba$ ?erspe#ti.es, 5o$ume 2, Issue 2, ,une 2 ugust
2313, p1 451 4e$sh has been re#ogniDed as a non2$etha$ weaponry eJpert by the :nited @ations
Institute 'or "isarmament Aesear#h N:@I"IAO1
9ictim states that for the a)o4e reasons 9ictim 0as incite+ to ta8e the +rastic action of a 3u)!ic
suici+e attem3t in !egitimate 3rotest against the O)ama a+ministration an+ its actions against
9ictim an+ his fami!".
9ictim states that he regar+s his incite+ suici+e attem3ts as )eing tantamount to attem3te+
mur+er, an+ urges an in-+e3th in4estigation into the a!!egations 3resente+ here in or+er to
i+entif" an+ 3rosecute the authorities res3onsi)!e.
11. (ecember 18F '=1' C (ate of filing of this Petition
9ictim a!!eges that he has continue+ to )e continuous!" e!ectronica!!" torture+ fo!!o0ing his fina!
suici+e attem3t, !arge!" in the same terms as +escri)e+ 3re4ious!", inc!u+ing 0ith continuous
an+ ongoing threats to 3h"sica!!" an+.or 3s"cho!ogica!!" harm an+.or torture 9ictim an+ 9ictim1s
fami!" mem)ers.
9ictim a!!eges that, 0hi!e in hos3ita! reco4ering from critica! 0oun+s resu!ting from his fina!
suici+e attem3t, (orturers continuous!", using si!ent communications techno!og", threatene+
9ictim1s fami!" mem)ers an+ incite+ 9ictim to attem3t to remo4e stiches from his nec8 0hi!e
recu3erating (0hich 9ictim attem3te+ )ut 0as una)!e to +o).
(orturers using si!ent soun+ communication a!so to!+ 9ictim that hos3ita! atten+ants 0ere ?CIA
Agents@ an+ that his intra4enous me+ication ha+ )een contaminate+ to 3oison an+ 8i!! 9ictim or
+amage his menta! 3rocesses an+ !ea4e 9ictim institutiona!ize+.
11.1 2etters to MeIican ongressF ,mbassies in MeIico
9ictim states that, on ,e)ruar" &&, #%&<, in an effort to eF3ose the a33arent corru3tion an+
ma!feasance of the O)ama a+ministration an+ its ongoing torture of 9ictim, an+ in an effort to
ma8e torture of 9ictim sto3, 9ictim 0rote >%% !etters to the 2eFican Congress an+ to foreign
em)assies an+ mu!ti!atera! organizations in 2eFico eF3!aining his situation in genera! terms.
Among other things, sai+ !etter, origina!!" 0ritten in S3anish an+ +ate+ ,e). &&, #%&<, states
5?On Se3tem)er #= of !ast "ear, I 0as contacte+ )" a 2afia )an8er 0ho mentione+ a connection
0ith /arac8 O)ama. I +o not 8no0 his name, )ut he mentione+ that the *nite+ States ha+ in4este+
hea4i!" in me )ecause I he!3e+ to ca!m the 4io!ence in 2eFico.
Does O)ama ha4e ties to the Co+father7
I ha4e ne4er ha+ an"thing to +o 0ith organize+ crime an+ I ne4er recei4e+ mone" from that
/an8er, 0ho 0as 4er" ta!!, >1>@ or more, thin, 0ith gre" hair an+ a ha08 face. /ut !ater I hear+
rumors that he 0as the ?Co+father.@
Since that +ate, I ha4e )een constant!" threatene+ an+ torture+ )" agencies of the *nite+ States
go4ernment, 0ho ha4e i+entifie+ themse!4es main!" as )eing 0ith the CIA an+ the ;ationa!
Securit" Agenc" (;SA), inc!u+ing a 0oman 0ho i+entifie+ herse!f as C!arissa or Garissa GenoF
(3ro)a)!" a fa!se name).
I 0as threatene+ 0ith 8i+na33ing in front of the *nite+ States 6m)ass" in front of 2eFican 3o!ice
0itnesses, an+ in a++ition I 0as threatene+ 0ith mur+er on three se3arate occasions )" a33arent
CIA agents in the 2eFico Cit" air3ort (the go4ernment shou!+ ha4e 4i+eo), since I 0as attem3ting
to !ea4e the countr" +ue to m" fear that the information I 3ossess 0as 3ossi)!" +amaging to the
*nite+ States go4ernment.
;e4erthe!ess, +ue to the terror cause+ )" these agents in the air3ort, I 0as una)!e to !ea4e unti!
Octo)er <&, #%&# for Costa Rica.
Since then, I ha4e continue+ to recei4e mu!ti3!e threats of 8i+na33ing, torture, mur+er an+ )eing
inJecte+ 0ith me+ication to a!ter m" menta! 3rocesses )" CIA agents, to !ea4e me hos3ita!ize+ for
!ife. I ha4e a!so )een threatene+ that m" +eath 0ou!+ )e ma+e to a33ear a suici+e, an+ that the
CIA 0ou!+ ?run 3rograms@ on m" )rain to +amage m" menta! 3rocesses.
I ha4e a!so )een threatene+ constant!" 0ith torture, 8i+na33ing an+ hos3ita!ization of m" +aughter,
an &&-"ear o!+ American citizen an+ her mother, 0ho continue to resi+e in 2eFico, an+ that the"
cou!+ )e torture+ for the rest of their !i4es, or that their +eaths 0ou!+ )e ma+e to a33ear to )e
11.' MEsterio0s (eath of 4ictim&s losest Associate
Short!" after +rafting the aforementione+ !etter to the 2eFican Congress an+ 6m)assies in
2eFico, 9ictim a!!eges that his !a3to3 com3uter 0as remote!" +estro"e+ using 9ictim1s Internet
connection. 9ictim a!!eges that (orturers to!+ 9ictim at the time through si!ent communications
techno!og" that, ?We frie+ "our mother)oar+.@
*3on ser4icing the !a3to3 unit, 9ictim 0as to!+ that not on!" 0as com3uter1s mother)oar+
+estro"e+, )ut a!so the har+ +ri4e, 8e")oar+ an+ other com3onents of the !a3to3 com3uter ha+
)een ren+ere+ tota!!" unusa)!e, reEuiring re3!acement, an+ that a!! +ata on the com3uter ha+
)een irretrie4a)!" !ost.
9ictim a!!eges that e!ectronic torture in the terms +escri)e+ in this an+ 3re4ious 3oints ha4e
continue+ +uring this 3erio+, at !east u3 to the +ate of fi!ing of this Petition. 9ictim states that, as
he has +rafte+ this Petition, (orturers ha4e constant!" threatene+ him an+ his fami!" mem)ers,
inc!u+ing re3eate+!" as8ing 9ictim- ?What the fuc8 are tr"ing to +o to the American 3resi+enc"7@
an+ stating that the 9ictim 0ou!+ )e remote!" 8i!!e+ )" +isru3ting e!ectromagnetic fie!+s in his
)rain or heart, or e!se )e 3!ace+ on ?me+ica!!" !ea4e@ )" a!tering the norma! functioning of
9ictim1s )rain an+ ren+ering him institutiona!ize+.
9ictim a!!eges that +uring this 3erio+, he 0as a!so torture+ in the OAS mem)er State of
9ictim states that (orturers ha4e re3eate+!" threatene+ to V3rosecute "ou for e4er"thing "ou
ha4e e4er +one for the rest of "our short !ife.@
9ictim states that the +eath of 9ictim1s c!osest associate, Rocio Ruiz Ramirez (0ho 0as 8i!!e+ in
!ate #%&< in 0hat 0as re3orte+ to )e an acci+enta! +eath), cou!+ )e re!ate+ to 9ictim1s a33arent
8no0!e+ge of the O)ama a+ministration1s organize+ crime ties.
9ictim urges an in4estigation
into the +eath of Rocio Ruiz Ramirez.
9ictim a!!eges that (orturers ha4e c!aime+ a!ternate!" that the" use offshore *.S. )ases, are
)ase+ at sea, or that since he is a *.S. citizen a)roa+, the *nite+ States Constitution +oes not
a33!" to 9ictim.
1'. Overvie% of (evelo)ment of PsEchotronic Wea)onrE
9ictim states that so-ca!!e+ ?3s"chotronic 0ea3ons@ -- or 0ea3ons of mass +estruction (W2Ds)
0hose 3ur3ose is to +irect!" affect the human )rain -- ha4e )een the *.S. go4ernmentZs main
too! for +e3ri4ing 9ictim of his fun+amenta! human rights as guarantee+ un+er OAS Human
Rights (reaties.
9ictim states that the 4er" nature of neuro0ea3ons ma8es it im3ossi)!e to +etect out0ar+
e4i+ence of their use. (herefore, he attem3ts to 3ro4i+e am3!e e4i+ence of the eFistence of
neuro0ea3ons an+ their use, in an effort to +is3e!, to the eFtent 3ossi)!e, +ou)ts 0hich ma"
reasona)!" arise o4er the eFistence an+ use of such techno!og".
9ictim states that 3s"chotronic 0ea3ons can a!so )e referre+ to 4arious!" as neuro0ea3ons,
e!ectronic 0ea3onr", e!ectromagnetic 0ea3onr", freEuencies, ra+io-freEuenc" (R,), ra+io
signa!s, ra+io 0a4es, micro0a4es, micro0a4e signa!s, !o0-freEuenc", eFtreme!" !o0 freEuenc"
(6G,), 6G, freEuencies, e!ectromagnetic fie!+s or non-!etha! min+ contro! 0ea3onr", among
man" other terms.

1'.1 Ne0ro%ea)ons More Po%erf0l than N0clear $omb
9ictim states that is 0e!! +ocumente+ that the human )rain an+ )o+" are e!ectrochemica!
)io!ogica! s"stems that communicate 0ith e!ectrica!, magnetic an+ e!ectromagnetic signa!s,

an+ that 3s"chotronic 0ea3ons are +esigne+ to +etect, co!!ect an+.or a!ter e!ectromagnetic
ra+iation (62R) in these )ioe!ectrica! s"stems.
Ao#io AuiD AamireD was ki$$ed during this period in an apparent ma$'un#tion o' a hot water “boi$er( in
her home! arti#$e on her death is a.ai$ab$e at/ http/00www1e$uni.ersa$1#om1mJ0#iudad2
Chery$ 4e$sh, @E:A94E?9@*/ Inside *tory o' the mind #ontro$ pro=e#t , Torture MagaDine, sian
and G$oba$ ?erspe#ti.es, 5o$ume 2, Issue 2, ,une2ugust 2313, a.ai$ab$e at/
Ibid, p1 441
?au$ Aos#h and Marko Marko., ed1 )ioe$e#tromagneti# Medi#ine, N@ew <ork/ M1 "ekker, 2334O1
Timothy 81 Thomas, ?arameters, *pring 1--B, pp1 B42-21 .ai$ab$e at/
9ictim notes that 3s"chotronic 0ea3ons are re3eate+!" referre+ to in aca+emic an+ mi!itar"
research as ha4ing the 3otentia! to )e ?more 3o0erfu! than nuc!ear 0ea3ons.@
9ictim states that 3s"chotronic 0ea3ons or neuro0ea3ons are norma!!" to3 secret armaments
in nationa! go4ernments1 arsena!s an+ that, +ue to their in4isi)!e nature, go4ernments 0ou!+
natura!!" see8 to 8ee3 such 0ea3onr" high!" c!assifie+ an+ +en" its eFistence.
Ho0e4er, 9ictim states that there are eFce3tions, such as, for eFam3!e, the *.S. mi!itar"1s
unc!assifie+ si!ent soun+ M,(USA )ro@ectF
0hich is +iscusse+ in greater +etai! in section &>
of this Petition.
,or eFam3!e, Cher"! We!sh, 0ho has )een recognize+ as a non-!etha! 0ea3onr" eF3ert )" the
*nite+ ;ations Institute for Disarmament Research (*;IDIR),
0rites in a #%&# artic!e for the
6sseF Human Rights Re4ie0-
?(his 3a3er eFamines ho0 an+ 0h" a!! maJor reforms efforts to )an nonconsensua! eF3eriments
ha4e fai!e+. It eFamines emerging e4i+ence of secret neuro0ea3onsI neuroscience-)ase+
0ea3ons that ma" )e com3ara)!e to the atomic )om) an+ the significant +anger of further
nonconsensua! eF3eriments )eing carrie+ out to+a".@
A!!u+ing to the im3ortance of secrec" of neuro0ea3ons for nationa! go4ernments, We!sh a++e+
in the same 6sseF Human Rights Re4ie0 artic!e-
?+eca+es of secret research su33orts the argument that, un!i8e the atomic )om) - 0hich )ecame
8no0n to the 3u)!ic 0hen it eF3!o+e+ o4er a3an - some 62R neuro0ea3ons are !i8e!" )e
surre3titious inte!!igence 0ea3ons, 0hose 3o0er !ies in 8ee3ing them secret. Surre3titious
0ea3ons 0ou!+ !i8e!" remain c!assifie+, ne4er to )e re4ea!e+ to the 3u)!icI the" 0ou!+ )e si!ent,
un+etecta)!e, an+ !ea4e no trace e4i+ence )ehin+ - thus creating a more ominous threat to
fun+amenta! human rights than the atomic )om).@

Russian Presi+ent 4ladimir P0tin has a!so state+ that 3s"chotronic 0ea3onr" is 3otentia!!"
more 3o0erfu! than nuc!ear 0ea3ons.
ME":* is a pro=e#t de.e$oped by the :1*1 @a.y, %rst #ontra#ted to the 8os nge$es2based
4a.eband Corporation, whi#h was pur#hased in 233B by the *ierra @e.ada Corporation1 .ai$ab$e at
Chery$ 4e$sh is #ited as an eJpert in non2$etha$ weaponry in the :nited @ations Institute 'or
"isarmament Aesear#h N:@I"IAO 2332 Media Guide to "isarmament in Gene.a, 251 .ai$ab$e at/
Chery$ 4e$sh, “Co$d 4ar @on#onsensua$ EJperiments/ The Threat o' @euroweapons and the "anger it
wi$$ &appen gain,( EsseJ &uman Aights Ae.iew, 11 .ai$ab$e at/
Ibid1 p1 31
?utin made this statement in Aossiiskaya GaDeta in a 23 ;ebruary 2312 arti#$e etit$ed “)eing strong/
@ationa$ se#urity guarantees 'or Aussia,( authored by ?utin, a.ai$ab$e at/
1'.' *adio #ele)athE a 1oc0s of Ne0roscience and the U.S. MilitarE
In #%&%, 3rominent 3h"sicist ,reeman D"son +iscusse+ the significance of 62R for
un+erstan+ing ho0 the )rain functions-
?(o ma8e ra+iote!e3ath" 3ossi)!e, 0e ha4e on!" to in4ent t0o ne0 techno!ogies, first the +irect
con4ersion of neura! signa!s into ra+io signa!s an+ 4ice 4ersa, an+ secon+ the 3!acement of
microsco3ic ra+io transmitters an+ recei4ers 0ithin the tissue of a !i4ing )rain...It is eas" to imagine
ra+iote!e3ath" as a 3o0erfu! instrument of socia! change, use+ either for goo+ or for e4i! 3ur3oses.
It cou!+ )e a )asis for mutua! un+erstan+ing an+ 3eacefu! coo3eration of humans a!! o4er the
3!anet. Or it cou!+ )e a )asis for t"rannica! o33ression an+ enforce+ hatre+ )et0een one
communa! societ" an+ another.?

9ictim asserts that, +ue to inno4ations in ra+io te!esco3es an+ ra+io freEuenc" techno!og", as
0e!! as +ramatic a+4ances in neuroimaging techno!og",
the im3!antation of ?microsco3ic ra+io
transmitters an+ recei4ers@ that D"son +iscusses a)o4e are not a technica! reEuirement for
ra+iote!e3ath" to ta8e 3!ace.
9ictim s3ecu!ates that 3o0erfu! arra"s of ra+io te!esco3es an+ transmitters, 3ossi)!" s3ace-
)ase+ in the *.S. reconnaissance sate!!ite s"stem, can remote!" access, or ?hac8@ the human
)rain )" rea+ing the minute e!ectromagnetic signa!s gi4en off )" )rain0a4es.
/ecause of the ?in4isi)!e@ nature of 3s"chotronic . e!ectromagnetic 0ea3onr", 9ictim states that,
throughout the remain+er of this Petition, eFtensi4e references are 3ro4i+e+ as e4i+ence that
3s"chotronic 0ea3onr" is technica!!" feasi)!e an+ has a!rea+" )een +e3!o"e+ )" the *nite+
States 2i!itar", inc!u+ing in Cu!f War I in &$$&, as 0e!! as the #
IraE War +uring the so-ca!!e+
?surge@ in #%%B.
2e+ia re3orts of e4i+ence of such usage are 3resente+ in section &B of this
;reeman "yson, ZAadiote$epathy/ "ire#t Communi#ation 'rom )rain to )rain,Z in This 4i$$ Change
E.erything/ Ideas that wi$$ shape the 'uture, ,ohn )ro#kman, ed1, N@ew <ork/ &arper ?erennia$, 2313O,
14>214+, EJ#erpt a.ai$ab$e at/ http/00www1edge1org0response2detai$0133131 *ee a$so Committee on
Mi$itary and Inte$$igen#e Methodo$ogy 'or Emergent @europhysio$ogi#a$ and Cogniti.e0@eura$ *#ien#e
Aesear#h in the @eJt Two "e#ades, “Emerging Cogniti.e @euros#ien#e and Ae$ated Te#hno$ogies,(
@ationa$ Aesear#h Coun#i$, N4ashington, "C/ @ationa$ #ademies ?ress, 233BO, 2231 .ai$ab$e at/
>3 Minutes .ideo on “Mind Aeading( detai$ing stunning ad.an#es in neuros#ien#e and remote
neuroimaging whi#h a$$ows 'or remote reading o' thoughts, reported by 8es$ey *tah$, is a.ai$ab$e at/
M1 1 ?ersinger, “9n the ?ossibi$ity o' "ire#t$y ##essing E.ery &uman )rain by E$e#tromagneti#
Indu#tion o' ;undamenta$ $gorithms,( ?er#eption and Motor *ki$$s, ,une 1--51 .ai$ab$e at/
Aeporter )ob 4oodward dis#usses in an inter.iew with ndrea Mit#he$$ a new and top se#ret
weapons system used during the “surge( o' troops during the :1*1 war in IraR in 233+1 4oodward says
that this weapons system is high$y se#ret, si$ent and $etha$, eRuates the signi%#an#e o' the
de.e$opment o' this weapons system as being tantamount to “The Manhattan ?ro=e#t,( whi#h
de.e$oped the nu#$ear bomb1 .ai$ab$e at/ http/00www1youtube1#om0wat#h6.7w8h9:;<=T"M1
(here is 3!entifu! a++itiona! e4i+ence that the *.S. mi!itar" has a strong focus on neuroscience
an+ ne0 3s"chotronic 0ea3onr".
A #%%D re3ort on neuroscience an+ its 0ea3onization, contracte+ )" the Defense Inte!!igence
?DARPA has )een 0or8ing on 66C an+ f;IRS-)ase+ /CIs ()rain : com3uter interfaces) that use
the human 4isua! s"stem as the in3ut +e4ice to a com3uter s"stem to increase the s3ee+ of +ata
3rocessing in 4isua! search mo+e. (he i+ea is that a!though current techno!ogica! ca3acities 0ith
com3uter 4ision are not e4en c!ose to the s3ee+ an+ so3histication of the human e"e, there is a !ag
time )et0een the 4isua! menta! 3rocess an+ a motor out3ut to the com3uter s"stem. /" using 66C
or f;IRS to +irect!" measure the )rain1s res3onse 0hen it +etects a target, the search 3rocess can
occur more Euic8!" than 0ith an o3erator1s motor res3onse. Ci4en the current !e4e! of
miniaturization of com3uter memor", a 0eara)!e com3uter 0ith an efficient )rain-)ase+ in3ut.out3ut
+e4ice (a ?menta! mouse@) an+ an efficient search strateg" cou!+ a!!o0 access to huge amounts of
store+ +ata in mi!!isecon+s, effecti4e!" augmenting the user1s !ong-term memor". Such +e4ices
cou!+ a!!o0 mi!itar" troo3s to access 4isua! ma3s an+ inte!!igence 0hen the" a33roach a ne0 area
or to access me+ica! information in the fie!+.
?O0ing to their a080ar+ size an+ sha3e an+ their cost, some techno!ogies such as 26C an+
2RI.f2RI are !i8e!" to ta8e a )ac8seat in ena)!ing cogniti4e enhancement, 3ro4i+ing the un+er!"ing
neuroscience u3on 0hich more fie!+a)!e techno!ogies, such as 66C an+ f;IRS, can )e )ase+. It
is, for eFam3!e, un!i8e!" that )rain:com3uter interfaces )ase+ on f2RI cou!+ )e !oa+e+ onto Jets or
s3aceshi3s in the neFt t0o +eca+es, 0hereas an 66C or f;IRS-)ase+ s"stem cou!+ 4er" 0e!! )e
so +e3!o"e+ in that timeframe.@
(he re3ort a++e+-
?(hese functiona! neuroimaging techno!ogies, some mature, others emergent, are common3!ace in
research an+ c!inica! en4ironments an+ are ha4ing an im3act on +efense 3o!ic" +ecisions (Peters
et a!., #%%D). Recent a+4ances an+ +e4e!o3ments a!!o0 for functiona! neuroimaging ca3a)i!it" 0ith
rea!-time or near-rea!-time +ata acEuisition an+ ana!"sis that is )ecoming chea3er, 3orta)!e, an+
more user frien+!". Continue+ refinement of these techno!ogies is !i8e!" to !ea+ to increase+
+issemination of this techno!og", 0ith a33!ications eF3an+ing 0e!! )e"on+ the current 3rimar" fie!+s
of neuroscience research an+ c!inica! me+icine. Areas 0here the a33!ication of a+4ance+ functiona!
neuroimaging techno!og" are !i8e!" are )usiness (mar8eting, economics, human resources), human
3erformance, ris8 assessment, the fie!+ of !a0, an+ the mi!itar", a!! of them ha4ing great re!e4ance
to nationa! 3o!ic" an+ +efense issues. Progress continues to )e ma+e in )oth functiona!
neuroimaging an+ neuro3h"sio!ogica! metho+s to0ar+ the ho!" grai! of neuroimaging, name!",
mi!!isecon+-!e4e! tem3ora! reso!ution 0ith 3recise s3atia! !oca!ization.
?A+4ances in neuro3h"sio!ogica! an+ cogniti4e science research ha4e fue!e+ a surge of research
aime+ at more effecti4e!" com)ining human an+ machine ca3a)i!ities. Resu!ts of this research
“C:AAE@T C9G@ITI5E @E:A9*CIE@CE AE*EAC& @" TEC&@989G<,( @ationa$ Aesear#h Coun#i$,
ug1 13, 233B, p1 52, a.ai$ab$e at/ http/00www1nap1edu0#ata$og1php6re#ordCid7121++1
cou!+ gi4e human 3erformance an e+ge at )oth the in+i4i+ua! an+ grou3 !e4e!s. (hough much of
this research +efies )eing assigne+ rigi+ )oun+aries )et0een +isci3!ines, for the sa8e of
con4enience the committee has organize+ this section into four +iscussion areas- (here is no
+ou)t in the min+ of the committee mem)ers that genomics an+ 3roteomics 0i!! 3!a" an
increasing!" !arge ro!e in the future of cogniti4e neuroscience. Ho0e4er, gi4en the fact that
genomics.3roteomics is !arge!" recognize+ )" the entire technica! communit" as )eing im3ortant,
an+ a33ears to )e gro0ing, the committee +eci+e+ to not a++ a fin+ing re!ate+ to this to3ic.
[ /rain-machine interfaces. (his categor" inc!u+es +irect )rain-machine interfaces for contro! of
har+0are an+ soft0are. (he )asis of )rain-machine interfaces (/2I) is the ca3ture of 4arious forms
of +"namica!!" 4ar"ing energ" emissions from the 0or8ing )rain )" means of functiona!
neuroimaging +e4ices.@
A!so, the re3ort sai+, ?A fourth eFam3!e is a )rain-machine interface (/2I) for the contro! of
Wea3ons s"stems. With )rea8throughs in training an+ the +etection of )rain acti4it" for /2Is to the
reEuire+ !e4e! of com3!eFit" an+ s3ecificit", 4irtua!!" an" concei4a)!e 0ea3ons s"stem cou!+ )e
contro!!e+ )" this means.@
9ictim notes that the a)o4e research 0as 3erforme+ o4er > "ears )efore fi!ing of this Petition,
accessing non-c!assifie+ a+4ances in neuroscience, an+ that DARPA an+ other co4ert go4ernment
agencies are 8no0n to )e #%-<% "ears ahea+ of the 3ri4ate sector an+ aca+emia, suggesting that
the actua! state of neuro0ea3ons +e4e!o3ment is far more a+4ance+ then is )e!ie4e+, e4en )"
ostensi)!e eF3erts.
18. #hree Main om)onents of Ne0ro%ea)ons
9ictim states that research into 3s"chotronic 0ea3onr" in+icates that the 3rinci3!e ca3a)i!ities of
these 0ea3ons s"stems inc!u+e, )ut are not !imite+ to, the fo!!o0ing techno!ogies-
a) Si!ent s3eech communication techno!og" +esigne+ to 3roJect 4oices +irect!" into the
human )rain, such as ?Si!ent Soun+ S3rea+ S3ectrum (SSSS)@ (one such techno!og"
0as 3atente+ )" the *nite+ States of America, as re3resente+ )" the Secretar" of the
*.S. Air ,orce, in #%%#,
an+ the 0ea3onization of such techno!og" eFists in an
unc!assifie+ form as the 26D*SA 3roJect : see section &B of this Petition)I

)) ?Su)4oca! Recognition,@ or the ca3acit" to ?rea+@ a 3erson1s interna! thoughts (such
techno!og", +iscusse+ 3re4ious!" in this 3etition, 0as origina!!" +e4e!o3e+ )" ;ASA -
3atent 3en+ing - an+ a #%&< 3atent a33!ication )" 2otoro!a 2o)i!it" 3ro4i+es for an
Ibid1 p B41
Ibid1 1>11
?atent >,4+3,214 )1, :1*1 ?atent 9H#e, 22 9#tober 2332 N:1*1 ir ;or#e Aesear#h 8aboratoryO
MET&9" @" "E5ICE ;9A IM?8EME@TI@G T&E A"I9 ;AEU:E@C< &EAI@G E;;ECT, a.ai$ab$e at/
?atent a.ai$ab$e at/ http/00www1goog$e1#om0patents0:*>5B++2-1
?e!ectronic tattoo@ a)!e to communicate su)4oca!izations to a mo)i!e communications
c) ?Remote ;eura! 2onitoring,@ or the ca3acit" to ?see 0hat the su)Ject sees an+ hear
0hat the su)Ject hears,@ )" accessing the 4isua! an+ au+itor" corteFes 0hich, as 0ith
remote su)4oca!ization recognition as +escri)e+ in 3oint )), 9ictim s3ecu!ates is
carrie+ out using an arra" of high!" sensiti4e s3ace-)ase+ ra+io te!esco3es 3resent in
the *.S. reconnaissance sate!!ite s"stem (further +etai!s on the theor" that sate!!ite-
mounte+ ra+io te!esco3es can )e use+ to +etect minute e!ectromagnetic signa!s from
!i4ing )eings on 6arth are 3ro4i+e+ in section #% of this Petition).
A!! of these 3s"chotronic . neuro0ea3ons s"stems function )" transmitting micro0a4e, 6G,,
*H,, 9H, or simi!ar e!ectromagnetic ra+iation, as 0e!! as +etecting the minute e!ectrica! signa!s
gi4en off )" the e!ectrochemica!. e!ectromagnetic 3rocesses in the human )rain.
9ictim a!so 3ro4i+es a num)er of +etai!e+ references regar+ing the techno!ogies in4o!4e+ in
3s"chotronic 0ea3ons )e!o0.
(hese references inc!u+e-
aa) statements. actions )" *.S. an+ g!o)a! 3u)!ic officia!s an+.or go4ernmenta! or mu!ti!atera!
))) eFcer3ts from se!ecte+ aca+emic artic!es on 3s"chotronic 0ea3ons,
++) 3s"chotronic 0ea3onr" 3otentia! of the *.S. /RAI; initiati4e,
ee) e4i+ence of mi!itar" +e4e!o3ment of 3s"chotronic 0ea3ons,
ff) se!ecte+ re3orts on actua! mi!itar" use of this 0ea3onr",
gg) se!ecte+ 3atents 0ith a33!ications for 3s"chotronic 0ea3onr",
hh) comments on the 3henomenon of ?(argete+ In+i4i+ua!s,@ an+
ii) s3ecu!ation on the functioning of the *.S. 3s"chotronic 0ea3ons s"stem.
17. Statements bE U.S. and m0ltilateral bodies regarding )sEchotronic %ea)onrE
17.1 U.S. ArmE *esearch 2ab onfirms Ne0roscience 1oc0s
Accor+ing to the )iennia! re3ort, the ?#%&<-#%&' Assessment of the Arm" Research Ga)orator"-
Interim Re3ort,@ the Pane! on Human Sciences at the Arm" Research Ga)orator" (ARG)
con+ucte+ its re4ie0 of the ARG1s ?trans!ationa! neuroscience@ 3rogram at A)er+een, 2ar"!an+.
?atent a.ai$ab$e at/ http/00www1nasa1go.0home0hRnews023340mar0&UC343-3Csub.o#a$Cspee#h1htm$1
“231322314 ssessment o' the rmy Aesear#h 8aboratory/ Interim Aeport,( rmy Aesear#h
8aboratory Te#hni#a$ ssessment )oard! 8aboratory ssessments )oard! "i.ision on Engineering and
(he Arm" Research Ga)orator", 0hich the re3ort sai+ ha+ a )u+get of H&%,B=%,%%% in #%&<,
recognizes that ?trans!ationa! neuroscience..re3resents on!" a 3ortion of ARG1s human sciences
core techno!og" com3etenc" 3ortfo!io@
: meaning that much more research is carrie+ out, )ut
is not re3orte+.
(he Arm" Research Ga) continue+-
?(he goa! of the trans!ationa! neuroscience ((;) 3rogram is to integrate mo+ern neuroscience 0ith
human factors, 3s"cho!og", an+ engineering to enhance the un+erstan+ing of so!+ier function an+
)eha4ior in com3!eF o3erationa! settings. (;, as it is +efine+, is a uniEue an+ im3ortant effort
0hose o)Jecti4es, if successfu!!" accom3!ishe+, cou!+ )e a game changer for so!+ier an+ mission
?(; has concentrate+ its efforts on three research thrusts-
1. Brain–computer interaction (BCI) technologies. 6na)!e mutua!!" a+a3ti4e )rain:
com3uter interaction techno!ogies for im3ro4ing so!+ier-s"stem 3erformance.
2. Real!orld neuroimaging. Assess those as3ects of )rain function that can )e usefu!!"
monitore+ outsi+e of the !a)orator" setting an+ assess an+.or +e4e!o3 the
techno!ogies that are )est a+a3te+ for this 3ur3ose.
3. Brain structure–function couplings. (rans!ate 8no0!e+ge of +ifferences in in+i4i+ua!s1
)rain structure an+ function to un+erstan+ an+ 3re+ict +ifferences in tas8
A!so, the ARG sai+- ?In #%&#, HR6D com3!ete+ the reno4ation of its A)er+een hea+Euarters. (his
reno4ation inc!u+e+ the construction of the ne0 2I;D !a)orator" for the neuroscience grou35@
17.' *0ssia SeeBing Ne0ro%ea)ons
Russian Prime 2inister 9!a+imir Putin 0rote in a ,e)ruar" #%&# artic!e that, among other things-
?0ea3ons s"stems )ase+ on ne0 3rinci3!es ()eam, geo3h"sica!, 0a4e, genetic, 3s"cho3h"sica!
an+ other techno!og") 0i!! )e +e4e!o3e+. A!! this 0i!!, in a++ition to nuc!ear 0ea3ons, 3ro4i+e
entire!" ne0 instruments for achie4ing 3o!itica! an+ strategic goa!s. Such hi-tech 0ea3ons s"stems
0i!! )e com3ara)!e in effect to nuc!ear 0ea3ons )ut 0i!! )e more ?acce3ta)!e@ in terms of 3o!itica!
an+ mi!itar" i+eo!og"5Our num)er one 3riorities are nuc!ear forces, aeros3ace +efense, mi!itar"
?hysi#a$ *#ien#es! @ationa$ Aesear#h Coun#i$ #hap1 4, pp1 4+ 2 52 a.ai$ab$e at/
communications, inte!!igence an+ contro!, e!ectronic 0arfare, +rones, unmanne+ missi!e s"stems,
mo+ern trans3ort a4iation, in+i4i+ua! com)at 3rotection gear, 3recision 0ea3ons an+ +efense
ca3a)i!ities against such 0ea3ons.?
In 2arch #%&#, the then Russian Defense 2inister Anato!i Ser+Ju8o4 sai+- ?(he +e4e!o3ment of
0ea3onr" )ase+ on ne0 3h"sics 3rinci3!esI +irect-energ" 0ea3ons, geo3h"sica! 0ea3ons,
0a4e-energ" 0ea3ons, genetic 0ea3ons, 3s"chotronic 0ea3ons, etc., is 3art of the state arms
3rocurement 3rogram for #%&&-#%#%.@ Ser+"u8o4 ma+e this statement at a meeting 0ith Prime
2inister 9!a+imir Putin.
17.8 A Micro%ave Assa0lt on the /ond0ran President
In #%%$, the Cuar+ian an+ other ne0s3a3ers re3orte+ on the a!!ege+ micro0a4e targeting of
ouste+ Hon+uran Presi+ent 2anue! Ne!a"a +uring a siege )" the Hon+uran mi!itar" of the
/razi!ian 6m)ass" in (eguciga!3a.
Ne!a"a c!aime+ 0as he su)Jecte+ to Ve!ectron )om)ar+ment 0ith micro0a4esV 3ro+ucing
Vhea+ache an+ organic +esta)i!ization.@
A com3!aint 0as fi!e+ )" Ne!a"a 0ith the Permanent o0ncil of the Organi"ation of American
States 5OAS6, an+ an OAS statement +enounce+ an+ con+emne+-
?the hosti!e action )" the +e facto regime against the em)ass" of /razi! in (eguciga!3a an+ the
harassment of its occu3ants through +e!i)erate actions that affect them 3h"sica!!" an+
3s"cho!ogica!!" an+ 4io!ate their human rights. (he Permanent Counci! ca!!s on the +e facto regime
to 3ut an imme+iate en+ to these actions, to res3ect the 9ienna Con4ention on Di3!omatic
Re!ations an+ internationa! instruments on human rights, an+ to 0ith+ra0 forth0ith a!! re3ressi4e
forces from the areas surroun+ing the 6m)ass" of /razi!, 0ithout neg!ecting the +ue securit" of the
2ission. (he Permanent Counci! a33ea!s for guarantees for the right to !ife, integrit", an+ securit"
of Presi+ent osQ 2anue! Ne!a"a Rosa!es an+ of a!! 3ersons in an+ aroun+ the 6m)ass" of /razi!,
as 0e!! as for the 3rotection of their +ignit", an+ it urges the Inter-American Commission on Human
Rights to fo!!o0 u3 on this situation.@
In a++ition, in an Octo)er =, #%%$ inter4ie0 0ith the *.S. te!e4ision 3rogram ?Democrac" ;o0\,@
Ne!a"a sai+ that, as Hon+uran Presi+ent, he ?of course@ ha+ 8no0!e+ge of micro0a4e 0ea3onr"
?utin made this statement in Aossiiskaya GaDeta in the 23 ;ebruary 2312 tit$ed “)eing strong/
@ationa$ se#urity guarantees 'or Aussia,( authored by ?utin, a.ai$ab$e at/
.ai$ab$e at/ http/00en1ria1ru0mi$itaryCnews02312332201+23324211htm$1
;abiano Maisonna.e, “Manue$ Qe$aya :ndergoes *trange *iege inside )raDi$ian Embassy,( Guardian
on$ine, 25 9#tober 233-1 .ai$ab$e at/ http/00www1theguardian1#om0wor$d0233-0o#t0250honduras2
9rganiDation o' meri#an *tates N9*O “C9@"EM@TI9@ 9; T&E CT* 9; I@TIMI"TI9@ GI@*T
T&E EM)**< 9; )AQI8 I@ &9@":A*,( Nppro.ed by the 9* ?ermanent Coun#i$ at its meeting o'
9#tober 21, 233-O, a.ai$ab$e at/ http/00www1oas1org0#onse=o0reso$utions0de#431asp1
in the Hon+uran arsena!. An eFcer3t of the transcri3t of sai+ inter4ie0, con+ucte+ )" Am"
Coo+man, fo!!o0s-
PR6SID6;( 2A;*6G N6GAMA-
We ha4e )een re3resse+ an+ !imite+ to the em)ass". (ear gas has )een fire+. Our e!ectronic !ines,
our te!e3hone !ines ha4e )een cut. We14e a!so )een un+er attac8 from micro0a4es an+ the soun+
cannon, a !ong-range acoustic +e4ice.
What +o "ou mean, acoustic +e4ice, a soun+ cannon7
PR6SID6;( 2A;*6G N6GAMA-
]trans!ate+^ (here are t0o 8in+s of uncon4entiona! 0ea3ons that ha4e )een use+ against us )" the
regime. (here1s a high-freEuenc" 3itch that has )een use+ against 3rotesters. An+ another 0ea3on
that has )een use+ against us is an e!ectronic +e4ice that issues micro0a4es, 0hich is 4er"
harmfu! for "our hea!th. It causes hea+aches.
As 3resi+ent, +o "ou 8no0 a)out this in the Hon+uran arsena!7
PR6SID6;( 2A;*6G N6GAMA-
]trans!ate+^ DesF of co0rse. We a!! suffere+ this. We a!! 0itnesse+ it. (here1s 3hotogra3hs an+
4i+eos of this occurring.
An+ 0ho is using this outsi+e L the tear gas, the soun+ cannon, 0hate4er "ou ca!! it, the high-
freEuenc" machine7 Is it Hon+uran so!+iers7
PR6SID6;( 2A;*6G N6GAMA-
]trans!ate+^ (here are mi!itar" forces that ha4e surroun+e+ the em)ass". (he em)ass", in fact, has
)een turne+ into a concentration cam3.@
17.7 Additional ,lectromagnetic #argeting ases
Another case of 3o!itica! 3ersecution using e!ectronic 0ea3onr" 0as c!aime+ in #%&&, 0hen the
running mate of (ai0an o33osition 3resi+entia! can+i+ate, ames Soong, state+ that he ha+
come un+er attac8 from ?e!ectromagnetic 0a4es@ 3er3etrate+ )" a !oca! inte!!igence unit.
5ideo and trans#ript o' the "emo#ra#y @ow[ inter.iew o' Manue$ Qe$aya by my Goodman a.ai$ab$e
at/ http/00www1demo#ra#ynow1org0233-013050oustedChonduranCpresidentCmanue$CDe$ayaCspeaks1
,ens Fastner, “Taiwanese E$e#tion 8ooms,( sia *entine$, 15 "e#ember 23111 .ai$ab$e at/
An a++itiona! eFam3!e of a!!ege+ use of e!ectromagnetic ra+iation neuro0ea3ons an+ torture is
the case of (e8 ;ath Riza!, a 3rominent go4ernment consu!tant to the South Asian countr" of
/hutan, )efore he eF3ose+ corru3tion among senior officia!s. He then )ecame a 3o3u!ar
3o!itica! figure an+ reno0ne+ human rights acti4ist. (e8 ;ath Riza! s3ent se4era! "ears of
im3risonment in /hutan an+ a!!ege+ that he 0as a 4ictim of go4ernment min+ contro! torture
0ith secret e!ectromagnetic ra+iation (62R) min+ contro! 0ea3ons. (he *.S. De3artment of
State an+ Amnest" Internationa! c!assifie+ Riza! as a 3o!itica! 3risoner an+ he 0on his re!ease
from 3rison an+ authore+ a )oo8 a)out his eF3eriences.

17.< A 1ailed $id to $an S)ace.based Mind Wea)ons
In other 3u)!ic action regar+ing 3s"chotronic 0ea3onr", on Octo)er #, #%%&, *.S. Congressman
Dennis . Aucinich (D-OH) intro+uce+ a )i!! in the *nite+ States House of Re3resentati4es, the
S3ace Preser4ation Act of #%%&, 0hich 0ou!+ o)!igate the American 3resi+ent to engage in
negotiations aime+ at the )an of s3ace-)ase+ 0ea3ons.
In this )i!!, the +efinition of a 0ea3ons s"stem inc!u+e+-
?an" other unac8no0!e+ge+ or as "et un+e4e!o3e+ means inf!icting +eath or inJur" on, or +amaging
or +estro"ing, a 3erson (or the )io!ogica! !ife, )o+i!" hea!th, menta! hea!th, or 3h"sica! an+
economic 0e!!-)eing of a 3erson)5 through the use of !an+-)ase+, sea- )ase+, or s3ace-)ase+
s"stems using ra+iation, e!ectromagnetic, 3s"chotronic, sonic, !aser, or other energies +irecte+ at
in+i4i+ua! 3ersons or targete+ 3o3u!ations for the 3ur3ose of information 0ar, moo+ management,
or min+ contro! of such 3ersons or 3o3u!ations.@
(he )i!! recei4e+ an ?*nfa4ora)!e 6Fecuti4e Comment@ from the *.S. De3artment of Defense,
4ia the House Arme+ Ser4ices Committee, an+ the 3rece+ing !anguage 0as remo4e+ from the
fina! )i!!.

9ictim s3ecu!ates that sai+ ?*nfa4ora)!e 6Fecuti4e Comment@ from the De3artment of Defense
cou!+ )e +ue to the mi!itar" a33!ications of such 0ea3onr", inc!u+ing the use of eFtreme!"
sensiti4e s3ace-)ase+ ra+io te!esco3e sate!!ite arra"s of 0hich a!!o0 for +etecting miniscu!e
e!ectromagnetic signa!s from human )egins an+ other !ife forms.
Tek @ath AiDa$, Torture/ Fi$$ing me so't$y, N)hutan, ;riends o' )hutan, 2313O1 .ai$ab$e at
Fu#ini#hIs origina$ proposed $anguage o' &1A1 2-++ 2 *pa#e ?reser.ation #t o' 2331, 13+th
Congress N233122332O, a.ai$ab$e at/ http/00beta1#ongrsess1go.0bi$$013+th0house2bi$$02-++0teJt6
&istory o' a#tion on &1A1 2-++ 2 *pa#e ?reser.ation #t o' 2331, 13+th Congress N233122332O,
a.ai$ab$e at/ http/00beta1#ongress1go.0bi$$013+th2#ongress0house2bi$$02-++0a$$2a#tions06R7K+)
rti#$e noting remo.a$ o' Fu#ini#hIs $anguage 'rom the *pa#e ?reser.ation #t o' 2331, Mo=mir
)aba#ek, “The Threat o' In'ormation, E$e#tromagneti# and ?sy#hotroni# 4ar'are,( G$oba$ Aesear#h, 2-
*eptember 23351 .ai$ab$e at/ http/00www1g$oba$resear#h1#a0the2threat2o'2in'ormation2e$e#tromagneti#2
A!though his 3ro3ose+ !anguage in the S3ace Preser4ation Act of #%%& 0as remo4e+, the actua!
+e3!o"ment of those means 0as u!timate!" confirme+ )" Congressman Aucinich, 0ho 0as
su)seEuent!" Euote+ to assert that those 0ea3ons actua!!" eFist an+ that ?those 3eo3!e 0ho
contro! them are +ea+!" serious an+ inten+ to use them, if 0e +on1t sto3 the 0ea3onization of
17.: ,U Parliament *esol0tion alling for a 3lobal $an on Ne0ro%ea)ons
In anuar" &$$$, the 6uro3ean Par!iament 3asse+ a reso!ution 0here it ca!!e+ ?for an
internationa! con4ention intro+ucing a g!o)a! )an on a!! +e4e!o3ments an+ +e3!o"ments of
0ea3ons 0hich might ena)!e an" form of mani3u!ation of human )eings.?

A su)seEuent &$$$ 6uro3ean Par!iament re3ort )" S(OA (Scientific an+ (echno!ogica! O3tions
Assessment), 3art of the Directorate Cenera! for Research of the 6uro3ean Par!iament,
on Cro!d Control "echnologies +iscusses stan+ar+s for the use of ?non-!etha! 0ea3onr"@

(he re3ort a++e+ that the aforementione+ 6* Par!iament reso!ution ca!!s for an-
?internationa! con4ention for a g!o)a! )an on a!! research an+ +e4e!o3ment, 0hether mi!itar" or
ci4i!ian, 0hich see8s to a33!" 8no0!e+ge of the chemica!, e!ectrica!, soun+ 4i)ration or other
functioning of the human )rain to the +e4e!o3ment of 0ea3ons 0hich might ena)!e the
mani3u!ation of human )eings, inc!u+ing a )an on an" act0al or 3ossi)!e +e3!o"ment of such
Remar8ing on 3s"chotronic 0ea3onr", inc!u+ing the ca3a)i!it" of the *.S. 2i!itar", the S(OA
re3ort sa"s-
?N,W $!O.W,APONS 1O* *OW( ON#*O2
64i+ence emerge+ +uring the course of this stu+" in+icating that a+4ances in neuroscience
mo+e!!ing of rece3tor sites in the human )rain, cou3!e+ 0ith ne0 8no0!e+ge of the human genetic
co+e (emerging from )oth the Human Cenome ProJect an+ the Human Di4ersit" ProJect), is a!rea+"
o3ening a 3ath for ma!ign use of the )io!ogica! sciences for targete+ human contro!. Whi!st the
research is sti!! em)r"onic, there is a ris8 of )eha4ior mo+ification, race s3ecific cro0+ contro!
r#hi.e o' arti#$e in the )erke$ey "ai$y ?$anet 'rom 3 ,une 2335 Ruoting Aepresentati.e Fu#ini#h
a.ai$ab$e at/
European ?ar$iament Aeso$ution on the En.ironment, *e#urity and ;oreign ?o$i#y 'rom ,anuary 2B,
1---, point 2+, a.ai$ab$e at/ http/00www1europar$1europa1eu0p.20p.26
Ibid1 1+1
.ai$ab$e in the 1--- *T9 Aeport N*#ienti%# and Te#hno$ogi#a$ 9ptions ssessmentO, part o' the
"ire#torate Genera$ 'or Aesear#h o' the European ?ar$iament, pub$ished on Crowd Control
Technologies, .iii, a.ai$ab$e at/
0ea3ons an+ area +enia! techno!ogies emerging 0ith 3rofoun+ im3!ications 0hich nee+ to )e
further assesse+ in terms of )oth current ca3a)i!ities an+ 0hat the resu!ts of these 3roJects might
mean in terms of the state of the art, 0hich is ra3i+!" changing. Ci4en that the 6C has a!rea+"
agree+ to )an an" 0ea3ons 0hich +irect!" 0or8 on the )asis of targeting or other0ise interfering
0ith the o3eration of the human )rain, a ne0 S(OA stu+" is 3ro3ose+, co4ering the 3otentia!
ma!ign im3!ications of human genetic mo+ification research an+ re!ate+ genome 3roJects on human
contro! 0ea3ons of the future.@
In s3ecific reference to *.S. non-!etha! 0ea3onr" 3roJects, the S(OA re3ort a++s-
?Whi!st the fu!! range of man" of these high!" secreti4e 3rograms ma" ne4er )e 8no0n, some of the
3roJects ha4e )een re3orte+ as )eing associate+ 0ith 3articu!ar research !a)oratories. 6g. Gaser
research (ARPA, ARD6C, Gos A!amos, Arm" Communication 6!ectronic Comman+)I O3tica!
munitions (ARD6C.Gos A!amos an+ Phi!!i3s Ga)oratories)I Acoustics (SARA, ARD6C, Gos A!amos)I
6!ectromagnetic 3u!se (ARD6C, Gos A!amos, Harr" Diamon+ Ga)orator", 6g!in Air ,orce /ase)

Significant!", the S(OA re3ort a++s,
?(he most contro4ersia! non-!etha! cro0+ contro! an+ anti-materie! techno!og" 3ro3ose+ )" the *.S.
are so ca!!e+ Ra+io ,reEuenc" or Directe+ 6nerg" Wea3ons that can a!!ege+!" mani3u!ate human
)eha4ior in a 4ariet" of unusua! 0a"s. Some micro0a4e s"stems ha4e )een 3ro3ose+ 0hich can
raise )o+" tem3erature to )et0een &%= to &%B +egrees ,, to 3ro4i+e a +isa)!ing effect in a manner
)ase+ on the micro0a4e coo8er 3rinci3!e. Ho0e4er, the greatest concern is 0ith s"stems 0hich
can +irect!" interact 0ith the human ner4ous s"stem. (here are man" re3orts on so ca!!e+
3s"chotronic 0ea3ons 0hich are )e"on+ the )rief of this stu+" )ut one comment can )e ma+e. (he
research un+erta8en to +ate )oth in the *.S. an+ in Russia can )e +i4i+e+ into t0o re!ate+ areas-
(i) in+i4i+ua! min+ contro! an+ (ii) cro0+ contro!. (hat the *.S. has un+erta8en a 4ariet" of min+
contro! 3rograms in the 3ast such as 28*!tra an+ 28D6G(A
is a matter of 3u)!ic recor+ an+
those using e!ectromagnetic ra+iation such as PA;DORA ha4e )een the focus of researchers in
3ara-3o!itics for man" "ears. 2ore recent!", authors such as /egich an+ Ro+eric8 ha4e a!!ege+
significant )rea8throughs in the a)i!it" of mi!itar" high freEuenc" e!ectromagnetic techno!ogies to
mani3u!ate human )eha4ior.@
.ai$ab$e at/
.ai$ab$e at/
aCen1pd', 451
Mk:8TA, a pro=e#t o' the :1*1 Centra$ Inte$$igen#e gen#y NCIO is dis#ussed in greater detai$ in
se#tion 13 o' this ?etition1
"r1 @i#k )egi#h is the e$dest son o' the $ate :nited *tates Congressman 'rom $aska, @i#k )egi#h *r1
&e #o2authored with ,eane Manning the book “nge$s "onPt ?$ay This &A?! d.an#es in Tes$a
Te#hno$ogy,( and has theoriDed that that the &igh $titude urora$ Aesear#h ?ro=e#t N&A?O, an $aska
radio antenna array whi#h has been #$assi%ed as a mi$itary weapon by the European :nion ?ar$iament,
is used, among other things, to broad#ast mind #ontro$ 'reRuen#ies1 )iography o' )egi#h is a.ai$ab$e
(he S(OA re3ort, s3ea8ing on *.S. acti4it" on 3s"chotronic 0ea3ons, continues-
?What is a+mitte+ )" the mi!itar" authorities in the *.S. is that research 3rograms using so ca!!e+
+irecte+ energ" 0ea3ons for anti-3ersonne! an+ anti-materia! 3ur3oses are 3rocee+ing into
3rotot"3e stages. (he mi!itar" uti!it" of these 0ea3ons is that the" 3ro4i+e a tuna)!e or rheostat
a)i!it", a nee+ that is emerging as 3art of the ne0 *.S. mi!itar" inter4ention +octrine of so ca!!e+
!a"ere+ +efense. (his means in 3ractice an onion st"!e of ris8 0here an"one coming into contact
0ith the outer she!! ma" )e sic8ene+, 3ara!"ze+. 6ntering su)seEuent !e4e!s ma" !ea+ to )eing
3h"sica!!" harme+, +isa)!e+ or 3ermanent!" maime+ 0hi!st the core of the zone is 3rotecte+ )"
!etha! techno!og", contact 0ith 0hich is fata!.@
In 2a" &$$$, a conference of neuroscientists s3onsore+ )" the *; too8 3!ace in (o8"o. Its fina!
+ec!aration forma!!" ac8no0!e+ge+ that-
?(o+a" 0e ha4e inte!!ectua!, 3h"sica! an+ financia! resources to master the 3o0er of the )rain itse!f,
an+ to +e4e!o3 +e4ices to touch the min+ an+ e4en contro! or erase consciousness5We 0ish to
3rofess our ho3e that such 3ursuit of 8no0!e+ge ser4es 3eace an+ 0e!fare.@
In &$$D, the ,rench ;ationa! /ioethics Committee 0arne+ that ?neuroscience is )eing
increasing!" recognize+ as 3osing a 3otentia! threat to human rights.?
,urther e4i+ence of the eFistence of ?si!ent soun+@ communications, an+ that the" ha4e )een
3erfecte+, is sho0n )" a +ocument 0hich a33eare+ on the 0e)site of the *.S. 6n4ironmenta!
Protection Agenc" in &$$B, 0here its Office of Research an+ De4e!o3ment 3resente+ the
De3artment of Defense1s 3roJect- ?Communicating 9ia the 2icro0a4e Au+itor" 6ffect.@
(he +escri3tion on the 6PA 0e)site sai+-
?An inno4ati4e an+ re4o!utionar" techno!og" is +escri)e+ that offers a !o0-3ro)a)i!it"-of-interce3t
ra+iofreEuenc" (R,) communications. (he feasi)i!it" of the conce3t has )een esta)!ishe+ using
)oth a !o0 intensit" !a)orator" s"stem an+ a high 3o0er R, transmitter. ;umerous mi!itar"
a33!ications eFist in areas of search an+ rescue, securit" an+ s3ecia! o3erations5@

at/ http/00www1earthpu$se1#om0sr#0#ategory1asp6#atid7131 Aesour#es re$ated to psy#hotroni# weaponry
on )egi#hIs Internet site are a.ai$ab$e at/ http/00www1earthpu$se1#om0sr#0#ategory1asp6#atid7121
European ?ar$iament *T9 Aeport, 1---, .ai$ab$e at/
aCen1pd', $iii1
r#hi.e o' the do#ument 'rom the 1--- :@ sponsored #on'eren#e o' neuros#ientists in Tokyo is
a.ai$ab$e at/
“d.an#es in @euros#ien#es May Threaten &uman Aights,( @ature, .o$1 3-1, ,anuary 22, 1--B, 31>1
Mo=mir )aba#ek, “?sy#hotroni# and E$e#tromagneti# 4eapons/ Aemote Contro$ o' the &uman
@er.ous *ystem,( G$oba$ Aesear#h, 21 ,anuary, 23131 http/00www1g$oba$resear#h1#a0psy#hotroni#2and2
17.? MBUltraF the !A&s 2ongF (oc0mented /istorE of KMind ontrolJ ,I)erimentation
Significant!", the *nite+ States Centra! Inte!!igence Agenc" (CIA) has a !ong an+ 0e!!-
+ocumente+ histor" of engaging in eFtensi4e non-consensua! research on thousan+s of
innocent 4ictims for 3ur3oses of ?min+ contro!@ eF3erimentation on Americans, 3rimari!" through
t0o 3rograms, 28*!tra an+ 28De!ta,
0hich resu!te+ in numerous !a0suits an+ sett!ements
+ue to the CIA carr"ing out eF3eriments 0ithout the 8no0!e+ge an+ consent of the 4ictims.
Accor+ing to Wi8i3e+ia, the CIA1s 28*!tra 3roJect 0as-
?the co+e name of a *.S. go4ernment co4ert research o3eration eF3erimenting in the )eha4iora!
engineering of humans (min+ contro!) through the CIA1s Scientific Inte!!igence Di4ision. (he
3rogram )egan in the ear!" &$=%s, 0as officia!!" sanctione+ in &$=<, 0as re+uce+ in sco3e in &$>',
further curtai!e+ in &$>B an+ officia!!" ha!te+ in &$B<. (he 3rogram engage+ in man" i!!ega!
acti4ities, in 3articu!ar it use+ un0itting *.S. an+ Cana+ian citizens as its test su)Jects528*!tra
in4o!4e+ the use of metho+o!ogies to mani3u!ate 3eo3!e1s menta! states an+ a!ter )rain functions,
inc!u+ing the surre3titious a+ministration of +rugs (es3ecia!!" GSD an+ other chemica!s, h"3nosis,
sensormicro0a4e or *H, torture an+ +e3ri4ation, iso!ation, 4er)a! an+ seFua! a)use, as 0e!! as
4arious forms of torture5(he re4e!ations a)out the CIA an+ the Arm" 3rom3te+ a num)er of
su)Jects or their sur4i4ors to fi!e !a0suits against the go4ernment for con+ucting eF3eriments
0ithout informe+ consent5Se4era! 3!aintiffs recei4e+ com3ensation through court or+er, out-of-
court sett!ement, or acts of Congress.@
(he Wi8i3e+ia information on the !A&s MBUltra 3roJect continues-
?In Decem)er &$B', (he ;e0 Mor8 (imes a!!ege+ that the CIA ha+ con+ucte+ i!!ega! +omestic
acti4ities, inc!u+ing eF3eriments on *.S. citizens, +uring the &$>%s. (hat re3ort 3rom3te+
in4estigations )" the *.S. Congress, in the form of the Church Committee, an+ )" a 3resi+entia!
commission 8no0n as the Roc8efe!!er Commission that !oo8e+ into +omestic acti4ities of the CIA,
the ,/I, an+ inte!!igence-re!ate+ agencies of the mi!itar".
?In the summer of &$B=, congressional h0rch ommittee re)orts an+ the 3resi+entia!
Roc8efe!!er Commission re3ort re4ea!e+ to the 3u)!ic for the first time that the CIA an+ the
De3artment of Defense ha+ con+ucte+ eF3eriments on )oth un0itting an+ cognizant human
su)Jects as 3art of an eFtensi4e 3rogram to inf!uence an+ contro! human )eha4ior through the use
of 3s"choacti4e +rugs such as GSD an+ mesca!ine an+ other chemica!, )io!ogica!, an+
3s"cho!ogica! means.
?(he congressiona! committee in4estigating the CIA research, chaire+ )" Senator ,ran8 Church,
conc!u+e+ that V]3^rior consent 0as o)4ious!" not o)taine+ from an" of the su)Jects.V (he
"es#ription o' the CIIs MF:$tra program is a.ai$ab$e at/
committee note+ that the VeF3eriments s3onsore+ )" these researchers ... ca!! into Euestion the
+ecision )" the agencies not to fiF gui+e!ines for eF3eriments5
?,o!!o0ing the recommen+ations of the Church Committee, Presi+ent Cera!+ ,or+ in &$B> issue+
the first 6Fecuti4e Or+er on Inte!!igence Acti4ities 0hich, among other things, 3rohi)ite+
VeF3erimentation 0ith +rugs on human su)Jects, eFce3t 0ith the informe+ consent, in 0riting an+
0itnesse+ )" a +isintereste+ 3art", of each such human su)JectV an+ in accor+ance 0ith the
gui+e!ines issue+ )" the ;ationa! Commission. Su)seEuent or+ers )" Presi+ents Carter an+
Reagan eF3an+e+ the +irecti4e to a33!" to an" human eF3erimentation.@
A!so, accor+ing to Wi8i3e+ia, ?On the Senate f!oor in &$BB, Senator (e+ Aenne+" sai+- (he De3ut"
Director of the CIA re4ea!e+ that o4er thirt" uni4ersities an+ institutions 0ere in4o!4e+ in an
VeFtensi4e testing an+ eF3erimentationV 3rogram 0hich inc!u+e+ co4ert +rug tests on un0itting
citizens Vat a!! socia! !e4e!s, high an+ !o0, nati4e Americans an+ foreign.V Se4era! of these tests
in4o!4e+ the a+ministration of GSD to Vun0itting su)Jects in socia! situations.V At !east one +eath,
that of Dr. O!son, resu!te+ from these acti4ities. (he Agenc" itse!f ac8no0!e+ge+ that these tests
ma+e !itt!e scientific sense. (he agents +oing the monitoring 0ere not Eua!ifie+ scientific
In a re3ort on 28*!tra from the *.S. Congress in &$BBF ?PRO6C( 28*!tra, (H6 CIA1S
the fo!!o0ing inter4ie0 is
Senator SCHW6IA6R. Su)3roJect =', 28*!tra, 0hich in4o!4e+ eFamination of techniEues to cause
)rain concussions an+ amnesia )" using 0ea3ons or soun+ 0a4es to stri8e in+i4i+ua!s 0ithout
gi4ing 0arning an+ 0ithout !ea4ing an" c!ear 3h"sica! mar8s. Someone +u))e+ it V3erfect
concussionVLma")e that 0as 3oetic !icense on the 3art of our staff rather than "our 3oets o4er
there. I 0on+er if "ou cou!+ Just te!! us 0hat )rain concussion eF3eriments 0ere a)out7
A+mira! (*R;6R. (his 3roJect, ;o. =', 0as cance!e+, an+ ne4er carrie+ out.
Senator SCHW6IA6R. We!!, I +o )e!ie4e the first "ear of the 3roJect in &$== 0as carrie+ out )" the
Office of ;a4a! Research, accor+ing to the information that "ou su33!ie+ us. (he CIA seems to
ha4e )een 3artici3ating in some 0a" at that 3oint, )ecause the recor+s go on to sa" that the
eF3erimenter at O;R foun+ out a)out CIAKs ro!e, +isco4ere+ that it 0as a co4er, an+ then the
3roJect 0as transferre+ to 28*!tra in &$=>. Again, this is a!! from the )ac8u3 materia! "ou ha4e
gi4en us. So, it 0as cance!e+ at some time. I am not +isagreeing 0ith that, )ut a33arent!" for at
!east a "ear or t0o, some)o+" 0as in4estigating the 3ro+uction of )rain concussions 0ith s3ecia!
)!ac8 Jac8s, soun+ 0a4es, an+ other metho+s as +etai!e+ in the )ac8u3 materia!5
CONGRESS FIRST SESSION AUGUST 3, 1977,” ! "#! .ai$ab$e at/
Some)o+" ma+e a +ecision to ma8e that transfer, an+ to ma8e this an 28*!tra su)Ject. (here ha+
to )e some sort of re4ie0 that !e+ to a +ecision to continue that 8in+ of concussionLtota! )!ac8out,
maFimum amnesia, an+ 0hate4er e!se it 0as "ou 0ere intereste+ inLstu+" an+ testing.
It goes on to ta!8 a)out a )!ast range an+ a #,=%%-sEuare-foot !a)orator". (he +ocument notes that
V(hree )!ast test series ha4e )een run to +ate5It +escri)es a s3ecia! )!ac8Jac8 +e4ice, Va
3anca8e-t"3e )!ac8-Jac8 gi4ing a high 3ea8 im3act force 0ith a !o0 unit surface 3ressure.V I agree
the recor+s are inconc!usi4e as to the resu!ts of this 0or8, )ut it certain!" seems that some testing
0as +one.?
Short!" after 28*!tra 0as ostensi)!" terminate+, the *; Committee on Disarmament +iscusse+
6!ectromagnetic Wea3ons, from &$B$ to &$$D. A re3ort on that acti4it", (he *nite+ ;ations an+
Disarmament- &$'=-&$D= )" the *; De3artment for Disarmament Affairs (&$D=) ;e0 Mor8, *;
Pu)!ication Sa!es ;o. 6.D=.I_.>, +escri)es e!ectromagnetic 0ea3ons issues from &$B= through
&$D=, 0hich continue to+a".
(his *; Re3ort a!!u+es to-
?;e0 t"3es of 0ea3ons of mass +estruction an+ ne0 s"stems of such 0ea3onsI ra+io!ogica!
(he re3ort a++s, ?(he Euestion of ne0 0ea3ons of mass +estruction has )een un+er continuous
consi+eration in the Cenera! Assem)!" an+ in the Conference on Disarmament for a num)er of
"ears. (he item VProhi)ition of the +e4e!o3ment an+ manufacture of ne0 t"3es of 0ea3ons of mass
+estruction an+ ne0 s"stems of such 0ea3onsV 0as first inc!u+e+ in the agen+a of the Cenera!
Assem)!" in &$B= at the initiati4e of the So4iet *nion, 0hich su)mitte+ a +raft internationa!
agreement. (he to3ic is at 3resent on the agen+a of the Conference on Disarmament.
(he ,ina! Document of the &$BD s3ecia! session of the Cenera! Assem)!" state+ in 3aragra3h BB
that in or+er to he!3 3re4ent a Eua!itati4e arms race an+ so that scientific an+ techno!ogica!
achie4ements might u!timate!" )e use+ so!e!" for 3eacefu! 3ur3oses, effecti4e measures shou!+ )e
ta8en to a4oi+ the +anger an+ 3re4ent the emergence of ne0 t"3es of 0ea3ons of mass
+estruction )ase+ on ne0 scientific 3rinci3!es an+ achie4ements. (he same "ear, the Cenera!
Assem)!", at its regu!ar session, a+o3te+ t0o se3arate reso!utions on the issue, one s3onsore+ )"
the Western States an+ the other )" the 6astern 6uro3ean States, ref!ecting the res3ecti4e
?Su)seEuent!", the So4iet *nion c!arifie+ its 3osition )" ca!!ing for a com3rehensi4e agreement on
the 3rohi)ition of ne0 0ea3ons of mass +estruction that 0ou!+ )e accom3anie+ )" a !ist of s3ecific
t"3es to )e )anne+, 0ith the 3ossi)i!it" of a++ing to the !ist in the future an+ the 3ossi)i!it" of
conc!u+ing se3arate agreements on s3ecific ne0 t"3es of 0ea3ons as the" emerge+. (o that
The :nited @ations and "isarmament/ 1-4521-B5 by the :@ "epartment 'or "isarmament Gairs1
N1-B5O @ew <ork, :@ ?ub$i#ation *a$es @o1 E1B51IM1>1 This report des#ribes e$e#tromagneti# weapons
issues 'rom 1-+5 through 1-B51 This East 4est po$iti#a$ disagreement, as des#ribed in an eJ#erpt 'rom
pages 114211>, #ontinues today1 EJ#erpt a.ai$ab$e at/ http/00mind=usti#e1org0-1htm1
en+, in &$B$, the So4iet *nion su)mitte+ a +ocument to the Committee on Disarmament in 0hich it
!iste+ some t"3es of 3otentia! 0ea3ons of mass +estruction, such as-
?Ra+io!ogica! 0ea3ons (using ra+ioacti4e materia!s) 0hich cou!+ 3ro+uce harmfu! ra+iation effects
simi!ar to effect of a nuc!ear eF3!osionI Partic!e-)eam 0ea3ons )ase+ on the use of charge+ or
neutra! 3artic!es to affect )io!ogica! targets. Sufficient!" 3o0erfu! )un+!es of 3artic!es cou!+ )e
3ro+uce+ in acce!erators use+ for researchI in some o3erating acce!erators, the energ" of
acce!erate+ 3artic!es attaine+ hun+re+s of mi!!ions of e!ectron 4o!ts. Re+uction of the size an+
0eight of acce!erator s"stems an+ 3o0er sources cou!+ 3ermit their use as 0ea3onsI Infrasonic
Vacoustic ra+iationV 0ea3ons.
?(he" 0ou!+ uti!ize harmfu! effects of infrasonic osci!!ations on )iocurrents of the )rain an+ ner4ous
@6!ectromagnetic 0ea3ons o3erating at certain ra+io-freEuenc" ra+iations, 0hich cou!+ ha4e
inJurious effects on human organs. Within a fe0 "ears, +e4ices ca3a)!e of +irectiona! transmission
of e!ectromagnetic ra+iation of enormous 3o0er o4er +istances of se4era! hun+re+ 8i!ometers
might )e +e4e!o3e+, an+ ra+iation +ensit" in eFcess of safet" stan+ar+s cou!+ )e 3ro+uce+ o4er
areas measuring +ozens of sEuare 8i!ometers.
?In res3onse, the *nite+ States an+ other Western countries, 0hi!e eF3ressing rea+iness to 0or8
out agreements on s3ecific t"3es of 0ea3ons 0hich might )e i+entifie+, too8 the 3osition that a
sing!e treat" on the su)Ject of a!! 3otentia! ne0 0ea3ons of mass +estruction 0ou!+ ha4e to )e so
genera! in its sco3e an+ so 4ague in its +efinitions that it 0ou!+ not )e effecti4e.@
1<. ,Icer)ts from selected Academic Articles on PsEchotronic Wea)onrE
In an artic!e entit!e+ ?2onitoring an+ 2ani3u!ating /rain ,unction- ;e0 ;euroscience
(echno!ogies an+ (heir 6thica! Im3!ications,@
the authors state-
2an" of the ne0 socia! an+ ethica! issues in neuroscience resu!t from one of t0o +e4e!o3ments.
(he first is the a)i!it" to monitor )rain function in !i4ing humans 0ith a s3atia! an+ tem3ora!
reso!ution sufficient to ca3ture 3s"cho!ogica!!" meaningfu! f!uctuations of acti4it". (he secon+ is the
a)i!it" to a!ter the )rain 0ith chemica! or anatomica! se!ecti4it" that is sufficient to in+uce s3ecific
functiona! changes.
As further e4i+ence of the intentions of the *.S. mi!itar" an+ inte!!igence communit" regar+ing
3s"chotronic 0ea3onr", in une &$$=, 2ichae! Persinger, 0ho 0or8e+ on the *.S. ;a4"1s non-
!etha! e!ectromagnetic 0ea3ons 3roJect, 3u)!ishe+ a scientific artic!e 0here he states-
?Contem3orar" neuroscience suggests the eFistence of fun+amenta! a!gorithms )" 0hich a!!
sensor" trans+uction is trans!ate+ into an intrinsic, )rain-s3ecific co+e. Direct stimu!ation of these
Martha ,1 ;arah and ?au$ Aoot 4o$pe, “Monitoring and Manipu$ating )rain ;un#tion @ew
@euros#ien#e Te#hno$ogies and Their Ethi#a$ Imp$i#ations,( May2,une 2334, p1 35, a.ai$ab$e at/
co+es 0ithin the human tem3ora! or !im)ic cortices )" a33!ie+ e!ectromagnetic 3atterns ma"
reEuire energ" !e4e!s 0hich are 0ithin the range of )oth geomagnetic acti4it" an+ contem3orar"
communication net0or8s. A 3rocess 0hich is cou3!e+ to the narro0 )an+ of )rain tem3erature
cou!+ a!!o0 a!! norma! human )rains to )e affecte+ )" a su)harmonic 0hose freEuenc" range at
a)out &% Hz 0ou!+ on!" 4ar" )" %.& Hz.@
Persinger a++e+-
?(he technica! ca3a)i!it" to inf!uence +irect!" the maJor 3ortion of the a33roFimate!" siF )i!!ion
)rains of the human s3ecies 0ithout me+iation through c!assica! sensor" mo+a!ities )" generating
neura! information 0ithin a 3h"sica! me+ium 0ithin 0hich a!! mem)ers of the s3ecies are
immerse+5 is no0 margina!!" feasi)!e.?
9ictim notes that near!" &' "ears ha4e 3asse+ since
these chi!!ing o)ser4ations 0ere ma+e, +uring 0hich there ha4e )een innumera)!e a+4ances in
In other aca+emic e4i+ence of the *.S. 2i!itar"1s focus on e!ectromagnetic fie!+s an+ their
interaction 0ith human )eings, 9o!ume II of the ,ina! Re3ort on /iotechno!og" Research
ReEuirements for Aeronautica! S"stems of the American Air ,orce, from &$D#, states-
?Whi!e initia! attention shou!+ )e to0ar+ +egra+ation of human 3erformance through therma!
!oa+ing an+ e!ectromagnetic fie!+ effects, su)seEuent 0or8 shou!+ a++ress the 3ossi)i!ities of
+irecting an+ interrogating menta! functioning, using eFterna!!" a33!ie+ fie!+s5@
In another eFam3!e of ear!" s3ecu!ation into the 3ossi)i!it" of 0ea3onizing neuroscientific
3rinci3a!s, in a semina! &$$D artic!e on the 3otentia! of neuro0ea3ons, ?(he 2in+ Has ;o
,ire0a!!,@ in Parameters, a 3u)!ication of the *.S. Arm"1s Strategic Stu+ies Institute, (imoth" G.
(homas 0rites of the nee+ for, an+ 3ossi)!e use of, 3s"chotronic 0ea3onr" in the *.S.
(homas 0rites in Parameters-
?(he human )o+", much !i8e a com3uter, contains m"ria+ +ata 3rocessors. (he" inc!u+e, )ut are
not !imite+ to, the chemica!-e!ectrica! acti4it" of the )rain, heart, an+ 3eri3hera! ner4ous s"stem, the
signa!s sent from the corteF region of the )rain to other 3arts of our )o+", the tin" hair ce!!s in the
inner ear that 3rocess au+itor" signa!s, an+ the !ight-sensiti4e retina an+ cornea of the e"e that
3rocess 4isua! acti4it". We are on the thresho!+ of an era in 0hich these +ata 3rocessors of the
M1 1 ?ersinger, “9n the ?ossibi$ity o' "ire#t$y ##essing E.ery &uman )rain by E$e#tromagneti#
Indu#tion o' ;undamenta$ $gorithms,( ?er#eption and Motor *ki$$s, ,une 1--51 .ai$ab$e at/
5o$ume II o' the ;ina$ Aeport )iote#hno$ogy Aesear#h AeRuirements 'or eronauti#a$ *ystems o' the
meri#an ir ;or#e, 1-B2, a.ai$ab$e at/ http/00www1dti#1mi$0#gi2bin0GetTA"o#6"7"11B45B1
;rom ?arameters, *pring 1--B, pp1 B42-21 .ai$ab$e at/
human )o+" ma" )e mani3u!ate+ or +e)i!itate+. 6Fam3!es of un3!anne+ attac8s on the )o+"Ks
+ata-3rocessing ca3a)i!it" are 0e!!-+ocumente+. Stro)e !ights ha4e )een 8no0n to cause e3i!e3tic
seizures. ;ot !ong ago in a3an, chi!+ren 0atching te!e4ision cartoons 0ere su)Jecte+ to 3u!sating
!ights that cause+ seizures in some an+ ma+e others 4er" sic8.@
(homas a++e+, ?Defen+ing frien+!" an+ targeting a+4ersar" +ata-3rocessing ca3a)i!ities of the
)o+" a33ears to )e an area of 0ea8ness in the *.S. a33roach to information 0arfare theor", a
theor" oriente+ hea4i!" to0ar+ s"stems +ata-3rocessing an+ +esigne+ to attain information
+ominance on the )att!efie!+. Or so it 0ou!+ a33ear from information in the o3en, unc!assifie+
3ress. (his *.S. shortcoming ma" )e a serious one, since the ca3a)i!ities to a!ter the +ata-
3rocessing s"stems of the )o+" a!rea+" eFist. A recent e+ition of *.S. ;e0s an+ Wor!+ Re3ort
high!ighte+ se4era! of these V0on+er 0ea3onsV (acoustics, micro0a4es, !asers) an+ note+ that
scientists are Vsearching the e!ectromagnetic an+ sonic s3ectrums for 0a4e!engths that can affect
human )eha4ior.V
A recent Russian mi!itar" artic!e offere+ a s!ight!" +ifferent s!ant to the 3ro)!em,
+ec!aring that Vh0manitE stands on the brinB of a )sEchotronic %arV 0ith the min+ an+ )o+" as
the focus. (hat artic!e +iscusse+ Russian an+ internationa! attem3ts to contro! the 3s"cho-3h"sica!
con+ition of man an+ his +ecision-ma8ing 3rocesses )" the use of 9H,-generators, Vnoise!ess
cassettes,V an+ other techno!ogies.@
(homas continues, ?An entire!" ne0 arsena! of 0ea3ons, )ase+ on +e4ices +esigne+ to intro+uce
su)!imina! messages or to a!ter the )o+"Ks 3s"cho!ogica! an+ +ata-3rocessing ca3a)i!ities, might )e
use+ to inca3acitate in+i4i+ua!s. (hese 0ea3ons aim to contro! or a!ter the 3s"che, or to attac8 the
4arious sensor" an+ +ata-3rocessing s"stems of the human organism. In )oth cases, the goa! is to
confuse or +estro" the signa!s that norma!!" 8ee3 the )o+" in eEui!i)rium.@
1<.1 /0mans an /ear Micro%ave ,nergE
In other e4i+ence, &$B=, neuro3s"cho!ogist Don R. ustesen, then +irector of Ga)oratories of
6F3erimenta! ;euro3s"cho!og" at 9eterans A+ministration Hos3ita! in Aansas Cit", 3u)!ishe+ an
artic!e in ?American Ps"cho!ogist@ tit!e+ ?2icro0a4es an+ /eha4ior@ on the inf!uence of
micro0a4es on !i4ing )eings.
In the artic!e, ustesen Euote+ the resu!ts of an eF3eriment +escri)e+ to him )" his co!!eague,
ose3h C. Shar3, 0ho 0as 0or8ing on Pan+ora, a secret 3roJect of the American ;a4".
ustesen 0rote a)out the so-ca!!e+ ?,re" effect,@ a!so 8no0n as the Ra+io ,reEuenc" Hearing
6ffect or the 2icro0a4e Au+itor" 6ffect, that ?Human )eings can ?hear@ micro0a4e energ"5@
ustesen1s artic!e states-
"oug$as ?asternak, “4onder 4eapons, The ?entagonPs Ruest 'or non$etha$ arms is amaDing1 )ut is it
smart6,( :1*1 @ews and 4or$d Aeport! > ,une 1--+, a.ai$ab$e at/
"on ,ustesen, “Mi$itariDation o' @euros#ien#e,( )u$$etin o' the tomi# *#ientists, 13 pri$ 233+1
.ai$ab$e at/
?Ci4en a thermo+"namic inter3retation, it fo!!o0s that information can )e enco+e+ in the energ"
an+ ?communicate+@ to the !istener. Communication has in fact )een +emonstrate+5/" +irecting
the ra+iations at his o0n hea+, com3!eF messages 4ia the Continenta! 2orse Co+e 0ere rea+i!"
recei4e+ )" Cu". Shar3 an+ Cro4e (note #) foun+ that a33ro3riate mo+u!ation of micro0a4e energ"
can resu!t in +irect ?0ire!ess@ an+ ?recei4er!ess@ communication of s3eech. /" ra+iating themse!4es
0ith these U4oice mo+u!ate+1 micro0a4es, Shar3 an+ Cro4e 0ere rea+i!" a)!e to hear, i+entif", an+
+istinguish among the $ 0or+s. (he soun+s hear+ 0ere not un!i8e those emitte+ )" 3ersons 0ith
artificia! !ar"nFes.@
In the a)o4e artic!e, ?2i!itarization of ;euroscience,@ the author states that-
?(he science in Euestion no0 is not 3h"sics, )ut neuroscience, an+ the Euestion is 0hether 0e can
contro! its mi!itarization.@
In #%%<, an artic!e on Professor ames Gin, a !ea+ing researcher into micro0a4e energ" an+
)ioe!ectromagnetism, sai+, ?His 0or8 on the micro0a4e hearing 3henomenon has )een crucia!
to un+erstan+ing the au+itor" 3erce3tion of 3u!se mo+u!ate+ micro0a4es. In 3articu!ar, Gin1s
e!egant ana!"tica! an+ eF3erimenta! stu+ies of the theor" of micro0a4e-in+uce+ thermoe!astic
tissue interaction ha4e ma+e the micro0a4e hearing 3henomenon one of the most 0e!! +efine+
an+ )est un+erstoo+ effects of 3u!se-mo+u!ate+ micro0a4e ra+iation.@
In the #%%B artic!e in the Washington Post, ?2in+ Cames,@ the author states-
?An aca+emic 3a3er 0ritten for the Air ,orce in the mi+-&$$%s mentions the i+ea of a 0ea3on that
0ou!+ use soun+ 0a4es to sen+ 0or+s into a 3ersonKs hea+. V(he signa! can )e a Kmessage from
Co+K that can 0arn the enem" of im3en+ing +oom, or encourage the enem" to surren+er.
?In #%%#, the Air ,orce Research Ga)orator" 3atente+ 3recise!" such a techno!og"- using
micro0a4es to sen+ 0or+s into someoneKs hea+. (he 3atent 0as )ase+ on human eF3erimentation
in Octo)er &$$' at the Air ,orce !a), 0here scientists 0ere a)!e to transmit 3hrases into the hea+s
of human su)Jects.V
1<.' := Min0tes KMind *eadingJ Segment
In a++ition, the te!e4ision sho0 >% 2inutes in #%%$ feature+ a segment, tit!e+ ?2in+ Rea+ing,@
0hich eF3!icit!" an+ 3ro3hetica!!" sho0s the stunning a+4ances of neuroimaging techno!og" an+
the a)i!it" to i+entif" 0hat eF3erimenta! su)Jects are thin8ing of.
9ictim notes that near!" =
)ioe$e#tromagneti#s @ews$etter o' the )ioe$e#tromagneti#s *o#iety, @umber 1+2, May0,une 2333, p1
1, a.ai$ab$e at/ http/00www1bioe$e#tromagneti#s1org0news$etter0news1+21pd'1
*haron 4einberger, “Mind Games,( 4ashington ?ost, ,anuary 14, 233+1 .ai$ab$e at/
>3 Minutes .ideo on “Mind Aeading( detai$ing stunning ad.an#es in neuros#ien#e and remote
neuroimaging whi#h a$$ows 'or remote reading o' thoughts, dating as 'ar ba#k as 233B, reported by
"ears ha4e 3asse+ since this segment on non-c!assifie+ neuroimaging techno!og" 0as
)roa+castI there ha4e )een numerous a+4ances since then, an+ the *.S. mi!itar" . inte!!igence
structure has 4ast!" more a+4ance+ techno!og" than the 3ri4ate sector, )eing consi+ere+ #% :
<% "ears ahea+ of commercia!!" a4ai!a)!e techno!og".
An+ most recent!", the *nite+ ;ations Information Center, the 6uro3ean Par!iament an+ the
*.S. 6n4ironmenta! Protection Agenc" reference+ a anuar" ##, #%&< artic!e in the ;e0s
/eacon Ire!an+ )" a !ea+ing eF3ert on 3s"chotronic 0ea3onr", the use of 0hich is not current!"
)anne+, though )anning has )een un+er +iscussion in the *.;., 0ith China an+ Russia !arge!"
)!oc8ing such a )an, accor+ing to the ;e0s /eacon Ire!an+.
(hat artic!e, ?Ps"chotronic an+ 6!ectromagnetic Wea3ons- Remote Contro! of the Human
;er4ous S"stem,@ ma8es assertions such as-
?/ritain1s Dai!" 2ai!50rote that research in e!ectromagnetic 0ea3ons has )een secret!" carrie+ out
in the *.S.A an+ Russia since the &$=%1s an+ that 3re4ious research has sho0n that !o0-freEuenc"
0a4es or )eams can affect )rain ce!!s, a!ter 3s"cho!ogica! states an+ ma8e it 3ossi)!e to transmit
suggestions an+ comman+s +irect!" into someone1s thought 3rocesses. High +oses of micro0a4es
can +amage the functioning of interna! organs, contro! )eha4ior or drive victims to s0icide.@
As further e4i+ence of the eFistence of 3s"chotronic min+ contro! techno!og", famous a3anese
scientist 2ichio Aa8u, ;e0 Mor8 (imes )est-se!!ing author of Ph"sics of the Im3ossi)!e, Ph"sics
of the ,uture an+ H"3ers3ace, tac8!es 0hat he ca!!s the most fascinating an+ com3!eF o)Ject in
the 8no0n uni4erse- the human )rain, in a )oo8 to )e 3u)!ishe+ in ,e)ruar" #%&', ?(he ,uture
of the 2in+.@

Accor+ing to 3romotiona! materia! for the ?,uture of the 2in+-@
?,or the first time in histor", the secrets of the !i4ing )rain are )eing re4ea!e+ )" a )atter" of high
tech )rain scans +e4ise+ )" 3h"sicists. ;o0 0hat 0as once so!e!" the 3ro4ince of science fiction
has )ecome a start!ing rea!it". Recor+ing memories, te!e3ath", 4i+eota3ing our +reams, min+
contro!, a4atars, an+ te!e8inesis are not on!" 3ossi)!eI the" a!rea+" eFist.@
In a++ition, Dr. /arrie (ro0er, a former *.A.-)ase+ inte!!igence agent an+ eF3ert on secret
*.S. an+ *.A. eF3eriments using micro0a4e techno!og", asserte+ in a #%&# 4i+eo inter4ie0
that so-ca!!e+ ?9oice to S8u!!@ techno!og" has )een eFtensi4e!" eF3erimente+ 0ith an+
8es$ey *tah$, is a.ai$ab$e at/ http/00www1#bsnews1#om0.ideo0wat#h06id7511-B35n1
rti#$e on mind #ontro$ resear#h a.ai$ab$e at/ http/00www1indymedia1org1uk0en02313032053>3351htm$1
Mo=mir )aba#ek, “?sy#hotroni# and E$e#tromagneti# 4eapons/ Aemote Contro$ o' the &uman
@er.ous *ystem, 22 ,anuary 2313, a.ai$ab$e at/ http/00news2bea#on2ire$and1in'o06p7132311 This is an
eJ#e$$ent primer on the #urrent status o' psy#hotroni# weaponry1
?romotiona$ materia$ 'or FakuIs up#oming book, The ;uture o' the ;ind, to be pub$ished in ;ebruary
2314, is a.ai$ab$e at/ http/00knop'doub$eday1#om0book0B-4140the2'uture2o'2the2mind01
(ro0er sai+-
?9oices are the easiest5)ecause a!! "ou ha4e to +o is stimu!ate the coch!ea (hearing ce!!s in
the inner ear) 0ith a set resonance freEuenc". 9oices are 4er" eas". An+ it isn1t 3eo3!e
imagining 4oices, the" 3h"sica!!" hear them5Mou can 3h"sica!!" ma8e 3eo3!e hear
4oices...an+ it can )e an" con4ersation. It can )e an")o+" "ou 0ant to hear, a soft ange!ic
4oice, a go+, it can )e something that scares "ou !i8e a +e4i!, it can )e an"thing.@
9ictim notes that it is genera!!" consi+ere+ that the 3s"chotronic 0ea3ons ca3a)i!ities of the
*.S. go4ernment, the ;SA an+ other ?)!ac8@ *.S. agencies such as the CIA, the ;ationa!
Reconnaissance Office, the ;ationa! Ceos3atia!-Inte!!igence Agenc" (;CA) an+ cor3orations
com3rising the *.S. nationa! mi!itar".inte!!igence in+ustria! com3!eF, 0hich ha4e un!imite+
fun+ing for research an+ +e4e!o3ment of secret 3ro3rietar" techno!og", are consi+ere+ to )e at
!east #%-<% "ears ahea+ of aca+emia an+ non-c!assifie+ sectors of 3ri4ate in+ustr" 0hen it
comes to non-!etha! 3s"chotronic 0ea3ons research : though the non-c!assifie+ 3ri4ate sector
is catching u3.
1:. PsEchotronics Wea)onrE Potential of the U.S. $*A!N !nitiative
On A3ri! #, #%&<, the White House announce+ a high!" am)itious ne0 neuroscience research
3rogram, the ?/rain Research through A+4ancing Inno4ati4e ;eurotechno!ogies (/RAI;)
Initiati4e@ to focus stu+ies on the human )rain.
It is nota)!e that this is the secon+ such maJor
initiati4e on )rain research )" the *.S. in recent +eca+es. Presi+ent Ceorge H.W. /ush
+esignate+ &$$%-&$$$ as the ?Deca+e of the /rain,@ an+ there 0as a!so a research focus on
neuroscience +uring that 3erio+.
Regar+ing the current /RAI; Initiati4e, the White House sai+ that 3ossi)!e outcomes are to-
?Re+uce !anguage )arriers through techno!ogica! a+4ances in ho0 com3uters interface 0ith
human thought.@
Other state+ goa!s of the Initiati4e are to-
• ?*n+erstan+ ho0 )rain acti4it" !ea+s to 3erce3tion, +ecision ma8ing an+ u!timate!" actionI@
• ?De4e!o3 ne% imaging technologies an+ un+erstan+ ho0 information is store+ an+
3rocesse+ in neura! net0or8sI@ an+
• ?Pro+uce a so3histicate+ un+erstan+ing of the )rain, from in+i4i+ua! genes to neuron circuits
to )eha4ior.@

.ai$ab$e at/ http/00truththeory1#om0231203B0140dr2barrie2trower2eJposes2go.ernments2se#ret2
4hite &ouse statement on the )AI@ Initiati.e 'rom 2 pri$ 2313 is a.ai$ab$e at/
4ikipedia entry on "e#ade o' the )rain in the 1--3s, a.ai$ab$e at/
1:.1 $*A!N !nitiative 1oc0s on Ne0roimaging
A!so, the White House sai+-
?(he /RAI; Initiati4e 0i!! acce!erate the +e4e!o3ment an+ a33!ication of ne0 techno!ogies that 0i!!
ena)!e researchers to )rod0ce dEnamic )ict0res of the brain that sho0 ho0 in+i4i+ua! )rain
ce!!s an+ com3!eF neura! circuits interact at the s3ee+ of thought. (hese techno!ogies 0i!! o3en
ne0 +oors to eF3!ore ho0 the brain recordsF )rocessesF 0sesF storesF and retrieves vast
M0antities of informationF and shed light on the com)leI linBs bet%een brain f0nction and
(he White House a++e+-
?In the !ast +eca+e a!one, scientists ha4e ma+e a num)er of !an+mar8 +isco4eries that no0 create
the o33ortunit" to un!oc8 the m"steries of the )rain, inc!u+ing the seEuencing of the human
genome, the +e4e!o3ment of ne0 too!s for ma33ing neurona! connections, the increasing reso!ution
of imaging techno!ogies, an+ the eF3!osion of nanoscience. (hese )rea8throughs ha4e 3a4e+ the
0a" for un3rece+ente+ co!!a)oration an+ +isco4er" across scientific fie!+s. ,or instance, )"
com)ining a+4ance+ genetic an+ o3tica! techniEues, scientists can no0 use 3u!ses of !ight to
+etermine ho0 s3ecific ce!! acti4ities in the )rain affect )eha4ior. In a++ition, through the integration
of neuroscience an+ 3h"sics, researchers can no0 use high-reso!ution imaging techno!ogies to
o)ser4e ho0 the )rain is structura!!" an+ functiona!!" connecte+ in !i4ing humans.@
In a++ition, O)ama, announcing the initiati4e, sai+ it cou!+ im3act ?the !i4es of not Just mi!!ions,
)ut )i!!ions of 3eo3!e on this 3!anet,@ an+ he as8e+ rhetorica!!", ?0hat if com3uters cou!+
res3on+ to our thoughts or our !anguage )arriers cou!+ come tum)!ing +o0n75(hatKs the future
0eKre imagining. (hatKs 0hat 0eKre ho3ing for.@

Ho0e4er, 9ictim asserts that man" of the ca3a)i!ities of the so-ca!!e+ ?/RAI; Initiati4e@ a!rea+"
eFist, an+ that it is 0i+e!" )e!ie4e+ )" eF3erts that man" more sinister an+ a+4ance+ ?min+
contro!@ ca3a)i!ities are in the c!assifie+ *.S. arsena!, )ut that these ca3a)i!ities ha4e )een 8e3t
secret )" the *.S. go4ernment an+ ha4e )een use+ to torture 9ictim +ue to his 8no0!e+ge of
organize+ crime ties of the O)ama a+ministration.
1:.' Asia /0man *ights ommission Warns of Ne0ro%ea)onrE Ab0se
9ictim a!so notes that the sco3e of the ?/RAI; Initiati4e@ has raise+ a!arm among some human
rights organizations.
.ai$ab$e at/ http/00www1whitehouse1go.0the2press2oH#e023130340320'a#t2sheet2brain2initiati.e1
.ai$ab$e at/ http/00www1whitehouse1go.0the2press2oH#e023130340320'a#t2sheet2brain2initiati.e1
.ai$ab$e at/ http/00www1whitehouse1go.0the2press2oH#e023130340320remarks2president2brain2
*ee Chery$ 4e$sh, EsseJ &uman Aights Ae.iew 5o$1 - @o1 1, ,une 2312, a.ai$ab$e at/
,or eFam3!e, the initiati4e has )een criticize+ +ue to its 3otentia! for further 0ea3onization of
neuroscience as a resu!t of intensifie+ research, 0hich cou!+ !ea+ to 0i+es3rea+ a)uses of such
techno!og", not on!" for offensi4e mi!itar" uses, )ut a!so for use against a nation1s o0n citizenr",
for eFam3!e, to contro! 3o!itica! +issi+ents.
As an eFam3!e, an Interim Re3ort on the /RAI; Initiati4e 0as re!ease+ )" the ;ationa!
Institutes of Hea!th (;IH) in Se3tem)er #%&<. (his re3ort high!ighte+ that-
?+irect!" acti4ating an+ inhi)iting 3o3u!ations of neurons, neuroscience is 3rogressing from
o)ser4ation to causation, an+ much more is 3ossi)!e. (o ena)!e the immense 3otentia! of circuit
mani3u!ation, a ne0 generation of too!s for o3togenetics, 3harmacogenetics, an+ )iochemica! an+
e!ectromagnetic mo+u!ation shou!+ )e +e4e!o3e+ for use in anima!s an+ e4entua!!" in human
3atients. 6m3hasis shou!+ )e 3!ace+ on achie4ing mo+u!ation of circuits in 3atterns that mimic
natura! acti4it".V
/ut such un)ri+!e+ research is not 0ithout its critics. (he Asian Human Rights Commission, for
eFam3!e, 0hich 3u)!ishes #ort0re Maga"ine, sai+ in a statement in res3onse to the ;IH Interim
Re3ort that-
?(he threat is rea!. (he ;IH Interim Re3ort is another of man" in+ications that )rain techno!og" for
neuro0ea3ons is scientifica!!" 3ossi)!e. A++itiona!!", some sa" such techno!ogies ha4e )een use+
s"stematica!!" against se!ect 3eo3!e in 4arious Juris+ictions. 2an" +efinitions on certain 3roce+ures
an+ 3ractices ha4e to )e re4isite+ +ue to the man" !ega! !oo3ho!es that a!!o0 for rea! crimina!s to
commit i!!ega! acti4ities5Current!", the +ia!ectic on the ne0 neuroscience 3rograms is eFtreme!"
one si+e+ an+ !ac8ing in an a0areness of the !i8e!ihoo+ of neuro0ea3onsI there is a great nee+ for
a more )a!ance+ +ia!ogue on a g!o)a! !e4e! in the future as 0e!!.@
1:.8 (A*PA 1oc0s on ,lectromagnetic $rain Signals
As 3art of the /RAI; Initiati4e, the *.S. Defense A+4ance+ Research ProJects Agenc" (DARPA)
sai+ in #%&< that it 0ou!+ )e ?in4esting rough!" H=% mi!!ion in #%&' for the goa! of un+erstan+ing
the +"namic functions of the )rain an+ +emonstrating )rea8through a33!ications )ase+ on these
Referring to the 3resi+entia! $*A!N initiati4e announce+ in #%&<,
the DARPA statement
?(he Presi+ent1s initiati4e reinforces the significance of un+erstan+ing ho0 the )rain recor+s,
3rocesses, uses, stores an+ retrie4es 4ast Euantities of information,@ eF3!aine+ DARPA1s Director,
.ai$ab$e at/ http/00www1nih1go.0s#ien#e0brain03-1>23132InterimK23AeportC;ina$K23Composite1pd'1
.ai$ab$e at/ http/00www1humanrights1asia0news0ahr#2news0&AC2*TM21+4223131
*tatement 'rom :1*1 "A? on the 9bama administrationIs 2313 “)rain Aesear#h through
d.an#ing Inno.ati.e @eurote#hno$ogies( initiati.e is a.ai$ab$e at/
Arati Pra)ha8ar.? (his 8in+ of 8no0!e+ge of )rain function cou!+ ins3ire the +esign of a ne0
generation of information 3rocessing s"stems5.@
DARPA sai+ in the statement that it 3!ans to eF3!ore t0o 8e" areas to e!icit further un+erstan+ing
of the )rain.
?;e0 too!s are nee+e+ to measure an+ ana!"ze e!ectrica! signa!s an+ the )iomo!ecu!ar +"namics
un+er3inning )rain function. Researchers 0i!! a!so eF3!ore, a)stract an+ mo+e! the 4ast s3ectrum
of )rain functions )" eFamining its incre+i)!e com3!eFit".
?DARPA1s 3!anne+ in4estment inc!u+es ne0 3rograms to a++ress the areas out!ine+ an+ ongoing
efforts +esigne+ to-
• a+4ance fun+amenta! un+erstan+ing of the )rain1s +"namics to +ri4e a33!ications
(Re4o!utionizing Prosthetics, *estorative ,ncoding MemorE !ntegration Ne0ral
(evice, Reorganization an+ P!asticit" to Acce!erate InJur" Reco4er", 6na)!ing Stress
• manufacture sensing s"stems for neuroscience a33!ications 5*eliable Ne0ral !nterface
#echnologEF $last 3a0ge6, an+
• ana!"ze !arge +ata sets (Detection an+ Com3utationa! Ana!"sis of Ps"cho!ogica! Signa!s).@
In a++ition, DARPA sai+ that it is focusing on `uantum-Assiste+ Sensing and *eado0t
(`uASAR) through an am)itious 3rogram 0hich-
?0i!! 3ush to0ar+ fun+amenta! o3erating !imits )" +e4e!o3ing atom an+ atom-!i8e sensors that
o3erate near the stan+ar+ Euantum !imit (S`G), constructing h")ri+ Euantum sensors that com)ine
the o3tima! sensing an+ rea+out ca3a)i!ities of +is3arate Euantum s"stems an+ entang!ing mu!ti3!e
sensors.+e4ices to o3erate )e!o0 the S`G. (hese t"3es of +e4ices 0i!! fin+ )roa+ a33!ication
across the DoD, 3articu!ar!" in the areas of )io!ogica! imaging, inertia! na4igation an+ ro)ust g!o)a!
3ositioning s"stems.@
.ai$ab$e at/ http/00s#ien#e1dod$i.e1mi$0231303401-0understanding2the2brain2supporting2nationa$2
.ai$ab$e at/ http/00www1darpa1mi$09urC4ork0"*90?rograms0Uuantum2
1?. ,vidence of U.S. MilitarE (evelo)ment of PsEchotronic or Micro%ave
1?.1 (efinitive Proof of Ne0ro%ea)onrE . an ArmE Screenshot
As further an+ Euite com3e!!ing e4i+ence of the use of 3s"chotronic 0ea3onr" )" the *.S.
2i!itar", a no0-off!ine on!ine g!ossar" 3u)!ishe+ )" the *nite+ States Arm" Center for Gessons
Gearne+ (CAGG), 3ro4i+e+ a +escri3tion is gi4en of so-ca!!e+ ?4oice to SB0ll (evices.@ (hese
+e4ices are sometimes a!so referre+ to as ?4oice of 3od@ 0ea3ons or 4'L, an+ their 3ur3ose
is to 3roJect 4oices or soun+s +irect!" into the human )rain.
(his *.S. Arm" CAGG g!ossar" entr" rea+s as fo!!o0s-
?9oice to S8u!! De4ices@

;on!etha! 0ea3on 0hich inc!u+es (&) a neuro-e!ectromagnetic +e4ice 0hich uses micro0a4e
transmission of soun+ into the s8u!! of 3ersons or anima!s )" 0a" of 3u!se-mo+u!ate+ micro0a4e
ra+iationI an+ (#) a si!ent soun+ +e4ice 0hich can transmit soun+ into the s8u!! of 3erson or
anima!s. ;O(6- (he soun+ mo+u!ation ma" )e 4oice or au+io su)!imina! messages. One
a33!ication of 9#A is use as an e!ectronic scarecro0 to frighten )ir+s in the 4icinit" of air3orts.@
A ?screen shot@ of the *.S. Arm" g!ossar" entr", 3ro4i+e+ )" the American ,e+eration of
Scientists (,AS), can )e seen )e!o0-
The :1*1 rmyIs “5oi#e to *ku$$( g$ossary entry was origina$$y pub$ished on the site o' the “Center
'or rmy 8essons 8earned( at http/00#a$$1army1mi$0produ#ts0thesaurCe03331>2+51htm, but was
permanent$y remo.ed in 233B, prompting an arti#$e by 4ired MagaDine on the disappearan#e o' the
“5oi#e to *ku$$( g$ossary entry, a.ai$ab$e at http/00www1wired1#om0dangerroom0233B0350army2remo.es2
pa01 &owe.er, numerous #opies and “s#reen shots( o' the origina$ “5oi#e to *ku$$( entry eJist, in#$uding
a #a#he o' the page on the Internet site o' the ;ederation o' meri#an *#ientists, a.ai$ab$e at/
http/00www1'as1org0sgp0othergo.0dod0.ts1htm$1 n additiona$ “s#reen shot( o' the rmyIs origina$ “5oi#e
to *ku$$( g$ossary entry is a.ai$ab$e at/ http/00www1s$a.ery1org1uk052Fweapons1=pg1
.ai$ab$e at/ http/00www1s$a.ery1org1uk052Fweapons1=pg1
1?.' M,(USA C An Unclassified Ne0ro%ea)on
In other +efiniti4e 3roof of the eFistence of neuro0ea3onr", it has )een +ocumente+ that at !east
one unc!assifie+ 3s"chotronic 0ea3on, a)!e to remote!" 3roJect 4oices into the human )rain
using the micro0a4e hearing effect, has )een +e4e!o3e+ )" the *.S. 2i!itar" : the M,(USA
5Mob ,Icess (eterrent Using Silent A0dio6 3roJect.
(he 26D*SA 3roJect 0as origina!!" contracte+ )" the *.S. 2i!itar" to the Gos Ange!es-)ase+
Wa4e)an+ Cor3oration, 0hich 0as !ater acEuire+ )" the ;e4a+a-)ase+ Sierra ;e4a+a
Cor3oration in #%%=.
Accor+ing to Wi8i3e+ia-
K26D*SA (2o) 6Fcess Deterrent *sing Si!ent Au+io) is a +irectiona!, non-!etha! 0ea3on +esigne+
for cro0+ contro! an+ eF3!oiting the micro0a4e au+itor" effect. It uses micro0a4e 3u!ses to
generate uncomforta)!" high noise !e4e!s in human s8u!!s.
26D*SA 0as initia!!" +e4e!o3e+ )" the Wa4e/an+ Cor3orationI the Sierra ;e4a+a Cor3oration
)ought 0a4e)an+ in #%%=.@
In'ormation on the #ti.e "enia$ *ystem a.ai$ab$e in arti#$e by "a.id &amb$ing, @ew *#ientist, ,u$y
233B, a.ai$ab$e at/ http/00www1news#ientist1#om0arti#$e0dn142532mi#rowa.e2ray2gun2#ontro$s2#rowds2
May 2335 news re$ease on a#Ruisition o' 4a.eband Corp1 by *ierra @e.ada Corp1 “CU:I*ITI9@ 9;
45E)@" C9A?9ATI9@ N4)O )< *IEAA @E5" C9A?9ATI9@ N*@CO1 *ierra @e.ada Corporation
announ#es its re#ent a#Ruisition o' 4a.e)and Corporation N4)O, a Ca$i'ornia2based high2te#h #ompany
known 'or inno.ation in the %e$d o' mi$$imeter wa.e NMM4O te#hno$ogies, in#$uding beam2steering
antennas and imaging radar systems1( .ai$ab$e at/ http/00www1sn#orp1#om0pressCmoreCin'o1php6
.ai$ab$e at/ http/00en1wikipedia1org0wiki0ME":*CNweaponO1
A *.S. ;a4" contract +ata)ase from #%%', 0hich inc!u+es initia! research on the 26D*SA 3roJect,
?S*22ARM I;,OR2A(IO;
O)Jecti4e of Phase 6ffort
(he main goa! of the Phase I 3roJect 0as to +esign an+ )ui!+ a )rea+)oar+ 3rotot"3e of a
tem3orar" 3ersonne! inca3acitation s"stem ca!!e+ 26D*SA (2o) 6Fcess Deterrent *sing Si!ent
Au+io). (his non-!etha! 0ea3on is )ase+ on the %ell.established micro%ave a0ditorE effect
5MA,6. MA, res0lts in a strong so0nd sensation in the h0man head 0hen it is irra+iate+ 0ith
s3ecifica!!" se!ecte+ micro0a4e 3u!ses of !o0 energ". (hrough the com)ination of 3u!se 3arameters
an+ 3u!se 3o0er, it is 3ossi)!e to raise the au+itor" sensation to the ?+iscomfort@ !e4e!, +eterring
3ersonne! from entering a 3rotecte+ 3erimeter or, if necessar", tem3orari!" inca3acitating 3articu!ar
Summar" of Resu!ts from the Phase I 6ffort
(he maJor resu!ts of the Phase I effort 0ere that - An o3erating freEuenc" 0as chosen - Har+0are
reEuirements 0ere esta)!ishe+ (commercia! magnetron, high-4o!tage 3u!se former) - Har+0are 0as
+esigne+ an+ )ui!t - Po0er measurements 0ere ta8en an+ the reEuire+ 3u!se 3arameters
confirme+ - 6F3erimenta! e4i+ence of 2A6 0as o)ser4e+
Potentia! A33!ications an+ /enefits
Potentia! a33!ications of the 26D*SA s"stem are as a 3erimeter 3rotection sensor in +eterrence
s"stems for in+ustria! an+ nationa! sites, for use in s"stems to assist communication 0ith hearing
im3aire+ 3ersons, use )" !a0 enforcement an+ mi!itar" 3ersonne! for cro0+ contro! an+ asset
3rotection. (he s"stem 0i!!- )e 3orta)!e, reEuire !o0 3o0er, ha4e a contro!!a)!e ra+ius of co4erage,
)e a)!e to s0itch from cro0+ to in+i4i+ua! co4erage, cause a tem3orari!" inca3acitating effect, ha4e
a !o0 3ro)a)i!it" of fata!it" or 3ermanent inJur", cause no +amage to 3ro3ert", an+ ha4e a !o0
3ro)a)i!it" of affecting frien+!" 3ersonne!.@
1?.8 Active (enial SEstem 5A(S6
Another unc!assifie+ so-ca!!e+ ?non-!etha!@ *.S. 0ea3ons s"stem 0hich uses micro0a4es to
cause a ?heating effect@ on cro0+s or in+i4i+ua!s from a range of & 8i!ometer or more is the
?Acti4e Denia! S"stem,@ 0hich has )een +e3!o"e+ in recent *.S 2i!itar" o3erations in IraE an+
Accor+ing to Wi8i3e+ia-

Aeported in @a.y *)IA *TTA #ontra#t sear#h database, a.ai$ab$e at/
"es#ription o' the #ti.e "enia$ *ystem N"*O a.ai$ab$e at/
?(he Acti4e Denia! S"stem (ADS) is a non-!etha!, +irecte+-energ" 0ea3on +e4e!o3e+ )" the *.S.
mi!itar", +esigne+ for area +enia!, 3erimeter securit" an+ cro0+ contro!. Informa!!", the 0ea3on is
a!so ca!!e+ the heat ra" since it 0or8s )" heating the surface of targets, such as the s8in of targete+
human su)Jects. Ra"theon is current!" mar8eting a re+uce+-range 4ersion of this techno!og".
?(he ADS 0as +e3!o"e+ in #%&% 0ith the *nite+ States mi!itar" in the Afghanistan War, )ut 0as
0ith+ra0n 0ithout seeing com)at. On August #%, #%&%, the Gos Ange!es SheriffKs De3artment
announce+ its intent to use this techno!og" on 3risoners in the Pitchess Detention Center in Gos
Ange!es, stating its intent to use it in Vo3erationa! e4a!uationV in situations such as )rea8ing u3
3risoner fights.
?(he ADS is current!" on!" a 4ehic!e-mounte+ 0ea3on, though *.S. 2arines an+ 3o!ice are )oth
0or8ing on 3orta)!e 4ersions. ADS 0as +e4e!o3e+ un+er the s3onsorshi3 of the DoD ;on-Getha!
Wea3ons Program 0ith the Air ,orce Research Ga)orator" as the !ea+ agenc". (here are re3orts
that Russia is +e4e!o3ing its o0n 4ersion of the Acti4e Denia! S"stem.@
1>. Selected Media *e)orts of Act0al PsEchotronic Wea)onrE Use
Accor+ing to 3s"chotronic 0ea3ons s3ecia!ist 2oJmir /a)ace8, 3s"chotronic techno!og" 0as
use+ in Russia +uring a 3utsch against Cor)ache4.
/a)ace8 0rites-
?(he use of those 0ea3ons is time an+ again reemerging in times of 3o!itica! crisis. Accor+ing to
Russian +ai!" ne0s3a3ers, +uring the fai!e+ 3utsch against 2i8hai! Cor)acho4 in &$$&, genera!
Ao)ets 0arne+ the +efen+ers of the Russian White House that min+ contro! techno!og" cou!+ )e
use+ against them (Aomsomo!s8a"a Pra4+a, Se3tem)er B,&$$&, O. 9o!8o4, S!uchi o tom chto nam
+a4i!i na 3s"chi8u ne3ot4erz+a!is. Po8a?).
After the 3utsch, the 4ice 3resi+ent of the Geague of In+e3en+ent Scientists of the *.S.S.R, 9ictor
Se+!ec8i, 3u)!ishe+ a +ec!aration in the Russian +ai!" Aomsomo!s8a"a Pra4+a 0here he state+-
?As an eF3ert an+ a !ega! entit" I +ec!are that mass 3ro+uction 5 of 3s"chotronic )iogenerators
0as !aunche+ in Aie4 (this is in+ee+ a 4er" serious issue). I cannot assert for sure that that 0ere
eFact!" Aie4 generators that 0ere use+ +uring the 3utsch5 Ho0e4er, the fact that the" 0ere use+
is o)4ious to me. What are 3s"chotronic generators7 It is an e!ectronic eEui3ment 3ro+ucing the
effect of gui+e+ contro! in human organism. It es3ecia!!" affects the !eft an+ right hemis3here of the
corteF. (his is a!so the techno!og" of the *.S. ProJect Nom)ie =?. He further state+ that +ue to the
ineF3erience of the 3ersonne! 0ho o3erate+ them the attem3t to use the generators fai!e+.@
Mo=mir )aba#ek, “?sy#hotroni# and E$e#tromagneti# 4eapons/ Aemote Contro$ o' the &uman
@er.ous *ystem, G$oba$ Aesear#h, 21 ,anuary, 23131 http/00www1g$oba$resear#h1#a0psy#hotroni#2and2
1>.1 Media overage of PsEchotronics Use in !raM
In a++ition, there has )een me+ia co4erage a)out the use of 3s"chotronic 0ea3ons in )oth *.S.
0ars in IraE.
,or eFam3!e, the I(9 ;e0s /ureau 3u)!ishe+ an artic!e +uring the first *.S. Cu!f War entit!e+- ?Hi-
(ech Ps"cho!ogica! Warfare Arri4es in the 2i++!e 6ast,@ /u!!etin, #< 2arch &$$&, from I(9 (Gon+on)
;e0s /ureau Gt+.
A transcri3t of this I(9 ;e0s artic!e fo!!o0s-
(2arch #<, &$$&)--Sources in Dhahran to+a" re4ea!e+ 0hat might ha4e )een the true reason for
the seeming!" i!!ogica! an+ a33arent!" suici+a! attac8 )" IraEi troo3s on the +eserte+ cit" of A!-
AhafJi, !ocate+ Just &# mi!es south of the Au0aiti )or+er. (he re3ort in+icates that the to3 3riorit"
o)Jecti4e of the IraEi stri8e across the )or+er 0as a successfu! attem3t to +estro" a sma!!, 3orta)!e
,2 ra+io station that ha+ )een insta!!e+ on the roof of the ta!!est )ui!+ing in the to0n of A!-AhafJi )"
the *. S. Defense De3artmentKs PSM-OPS /ranch.
With the +estruction of Sa++am HusseinKs mi!itar" comman+ an+ contro! s"stem, communications
0ith IraEi troo3s in Au0ait are no0 !arge!" carrie+ out in a 4er" 3rimiti4e manner )" uti!izing IraEKs
commercia! ,2 ra+io stations !ocate+ in the sma!! IraEi to0ns a+Jacent to Au0aitKs 0estern )or+er.
2i!itar" or+ers are enco+e+ an+ then transmitte+ )" /agh+a+Ks mi!itar" ,2 ra+io station MIHS.
(hese signa!s are recei4e+ an+ re-)roa+cast, in turn, )" +esignate+ ,2 stations !ocate+ )et0een
/agh+a+ an+ the Au0aiti )or+er unti! the 3rogramming arri4es at the +esignate+ Vcontro!V station of
the +a" 0hich then )roa+casts +irect!" to the troo3s in Au0ait on eFact!" &%%.%% 2Hz (megahertz),
0hich is continuous!" monitore+ )" a!!.
In or+er to nu!!if" this IraEi mi!itar" !ine of communications (GOC), the *.S. PSM-OPS organization
attache+ to the *.S. Centra! Comman+ in Dhahran insta!!e+ a 3orta)!e ,2 )roa+cast transmitter, a
gaso!ine-e!ectric generator an+ a continuous ta3e recor+ing s"stem on to3 of the ta!!est )ui!+ing in
the +eserte+ cit" of A!-AhafJi. (he station transmitte+ on &%%.%% 2Hz an+ its 3o0er out3ut 0as
a+Juste+ to co4er u3 the transmission of the IraEi station o3erating on eFact!" the same freEuenc".
(he c!an+estine station 3rogramming consiste+ of 3atriotic an+ re!igious music an+ intentiona!!"
4ague, confusing an+ contra+ictor" mi!itar" or+ers an+ information to the IraEi so!+iers in the
Au0aiti (heater of Comman+ (A(O). (he size an+ 3o0er of enem" forces 0as a!0a"s intentiona!!"
eFaggerate+. Surren+er 0as encourage+.
Accor+ing to statements ma+e )" ca3ture+ an+ +eserting IraEi so!+iers, ho0e4er, the most
+e4astating an+ +emora!izing 3rogramming 0as the first 8no0n mi!itar" use of the ne0, high tech,
“&i2Te#h ?sy#ho$ogi#a$ 4ar'are rri.es in the Midd$e EastP, )u$$etin, 23 Mar#h 1--1, 'rom IT5
N8ondonO @ews )ureau 8td1 .ai$ab$e at/
t"3e of su)!imina! messages referre+ to as u!tra-high-freEuenc" Vsi!ent soun+sV or Vsi!ent
A!though com3!ete!" si!ent to the human ear, the negati4e 4oice messages 3!ace+ on the ta3es
a!ongsi+e the au+i)!e 3rogramming )" PSM-OPS 3s"cho!ogists 0ere c!ear!" 3ercei4e+ )" the
su)conscious min+s of the IraEi so!+iers an+ the si!ent messages com3!ete!" +emora!ize+ them
an+ insti!!e+ a 3er3etua! fee!ing of fear an+ ho3e!essness in their min+s.
It 0as necessar" for the IraEi tan8 comman+ers or another cre0 mem)er to !isten to the ,2 station
#' hours each +a" for Euic8!" changing +e3!o"ment or+ers. (he" 0ere )eing eF3ose+ to the Vsi!ent
soun+sV +uring the same !istening 3erio+s.
In a++ition, reno0ne+ *nite+ States re3orter /o) Woo+0ar+, author of ?A!! the Presi+ent1s
2en,@ 0ho he!3e+ to )ring +o0n the ;iFon a+ministration, has s3o8en a)out a ?incre+i)!e@
0ea3ons s"stem eEui4a!ent to the *.S. +e4e!o3ment of the 2anhattan 3roJect, 0hich is
tantamount to the nuc!ear )om) an+ shrou+e+ in secrec", 0hich 0as use+ in the #n+ *.S. War
in IraE, +uring the so-ca!!e+ ?surge@ of *.S. troo3s.
Woo+0ar+ +escri)es the 0ea3ons s"stem as )egin si!ent )ut !etha!, an+ the )asis for u3 to $%X
of actiona)!e *nite+ States inte!!igence in the 0ar. Woo+0ar+ !ater sai+ that in the future, 3eo3!e
0ou!+ fin+ out a)out the incre+i)!e techno!og" use+ for this 3ur3ose. In another inter4ie0 on the
same to3ic, Woo+0ar+ a++e+ that ?the to3 secret o3erations, some +a" in histor" ... 0i!! )e
+escri)e+ to 3eo3!eKs amazement.V
1>.' #errorist $rain Patterns 2inBed to Wood%ard&s Secret
9ictim s3ecu!ates that on!" a 3s"chotronic 0ea3onr" s"stem of the t"3e +escri)e+ in this
Petition 0ou!+ meet a!! the characteristics +escri)e+ )" Woo+0ar+.
9ictim further s3ecu!ates that one of the core techno!ogica! inno4ations in4o!4e+ in the 0ea3ons
s"stem to 0hich Woo+0ar+ refers is the a)i!it" to remote!" +etect an+ +etermine the ?)rain
3atterns@ an+ intentions of in+i4i+ua!s inc!u+ing, for eFam3!e, terrorists.
As e4i+ence of this, 9ictim high!ights the 0or8 of Dr. ohn ;orseen, a Goc8hee+ 2artin
Cor3oration scientist an+ neuroscience researcher, 0ho 0as cite+ in a ;e0s0ee8 magazine
co4er stor" from #%%%, ?ohn ;orseen- Rea+ing Mour 2in+ an+ InJecting Smart (houghts.@
In the stor", ;orseen state+ that he ha+ su)mitte+ a ?3!an to the Pentagon, at its reEuest, to
i+entif" a terrorist1s menta! 3rofi!e@ )" remote!" sensing an in+i4i+ua!1s ?)rain 3attern.@
4oodward inter.iew on C@@ on the use o' new te#hniRues and operations during the surge in IraR/
Aeporter )ob 4oodward dis#usses in an inter.iew with ndrea Mit#he$$ a new and top se#ret
weapons system used during the “surge( o' troops during the :1*1 war in IraR in 233+1 4oodward says
that this weapons system is high$y se#ret, si$ent and $etha$, eRuates the signi%#an#e o' the
de.e$opment o' this weapons system as being tantamount to “The Manhattan ?ro=e#t,( whi#h
de.e$oped the nu#$ear bomb1 .ai$ab$e at/ http/00www1youtube1#om0wat#h6.7w8h9:;<=T"M1
;e0s0ee8 sa"s-
?;orseenKs theories are groun+e+ in current science. 2a33ing human )rain functions is no0
routine. /" 4ie0ing a )rain scan recor+e+ )" a magnetic resonance imaging (2RI) machine,
scientists can te!! 0hat the 3erson 0as +oing at the time of the recor+ing:sa", rea+ing or 0riting.
6motions from !o4e to hate can )e recognize+ from the )rainKs e!ectrica! acti4it".
?So cou!+ the mur+erous thoughts of a terrorist, asserts ;orseen, 0ho 0rote his thesis at the ;a4a!
War Co!!ege on a33!"ing neuroscience research to antiterrorism. /e has s0bmitted a research.
and.develo)ment )lan to the PentagonF at its reM0estF to identifE a terroristOs mental )rofile.
A miniaturize+ )rain-ma33ing +e4ice insi+e an air3ort meta! +etector 0ou!+ screen 3assengersK
)rain 3atterns against a dictionarE of brain )rints. Norseen )redicts )rofiling bE brain )rint
%ill be in )lace bE '==<.@
9ictim s3ecu!ates that ;orseen1s conce3t of remote!" i+entif"ing )rain 3atterns of terrorists 0as
the ?game changing@ techno!ogica! +e4e!o3ment to 0hich /o) Woo+0ar+ re3eate+!" refers to
as )eing high!" effecti4e +uring the IraE surge, as 0e!! as other as3ects of the 3s"chotronic
0ea3ons s"stem +escri)e+ in this Petition. ;orseen +ie+ in #%%B.
2ore recent!", the ?/rain In4a+ers@ segment on esse 9enturaKs Cons3irac" (heor" te!e4ision
3rogram foun+ that Vmin+ contro!V techno!og" has )een use+ against Occu3" Wa!! Street
3rotesters an+ significant num)ers of *.S. citizens )" the O)ama a+ministration.
1>.8 A $illion.(ollar PsEchotronic Arms *ace
In a #%&< artic!e, ?$illion dollar race: Soviet Union vied %ith U.S. in Kmind control
the author 0rites that:
?Com3eting 0ith the *.S. +uring the Arms Race, the So4iet *nion 3ut eFtensi4e effort in
uncon4entiona! research see8ing to outf!an8 its ri4a! in un+erstan+ing )eha4ior contro!, remote
inf!uencing an+ 3ara3s"cho!og", a ne0 sur4e" has re4ea!e+.
(he sur4e" 3u)!ishe+ )" Corne!! *ni4ersit" Gi)rar" is )ase+ on o3en scientific an+ Journa!istic
materia!s an+ 3ro4i+es an o4er4ie0 of uncon4entiona! research in the *.S.S.R. an+ then in its
successor, Russia, in the 3erio+ )et0een &$&B an+ #%%< : as com3are+ to the *.S.A.@
?(he re3ort )" Serge Aern)ach sho0e+ that uncon4entiona! 0ea3ons too8 the scientists in )oth
countries to areas )or+ering sci-fi5@
(his artic!e on this *.S. : Russia ?3s"chotronic arms race@ a++s-
,esse 5entura, “)rain In.aders,( Conspira#y Theory te$e.ision show, segment a.ai$ab$e at/
*ee “)i$$ion do$$ar ra#e/ *o.iet :nion .ied with :* in mind #ontro$ resear#h,( 1+ "e#ember 2313, AT
website, a.ai$ab$e at/ http/00rt1#om0news0psy#hotroni#2arms2so.iet2weapon23+-01
?In the So4iet *nion, among the areas of 3articu!ar interest, 0ere, for instance, ?the im3act of 0ea8
an+ strong e!ectromagnetic emission on )io!ogica! o)Jects, Euantum entang!ement in macrosco3ic
s"stems, non!oca! signa! transmission )ase+ on the Aharono4-/ohm effect, an+ Uhuman o3erator1
3henomena,@ the sur4e" sa"s.
In the >%s an+ the B%s, the So4iet *nion 0as acti4e!" researching the inf!uence of e!ectromagnetic
fie!+s on human 3h"sio!ogica! an+ 3s"cho!ogica! con+itions. Se4era! authors 3oint to the a33!ication
of research resu!ts in the form of ne0 0ea3ons in the *.S.A an+ the So4iet *nion.
?O4er the 3ast "ears, *.S. researchers ha4e confirme+ the 3ossi)i!it" of affecting functions of the
ner4ous s"stem )" 0ea8 e!ectromagnetic fie!+s (62,s), as it 0as 3re4ious!" sai+ )" So4iet
researchers. 62,s ma" cause acoustic ha!!ucination (1ra+iosoun+1) an+ re+uce the sensiti4it" of
humans an+ anima!s to some other stimu!i, to change the acti4it" of the )rain (es3ecia!!" the
h"3otha!amus an+ the corteF), to )rea8 the 3rocesses of formation 3rocessing an+ information
storage in the )rain. (hese nons3ecific changes in the centra! ner4ous s"stem can ser4e as a )asis
for stu+"ing the 3ossi)i!ities of the direct infl0ence of ,M1s on s)ecific f0nctions of NS.@
19. 2ist of Selected Patents on #echnologE %ith PsEchotronic Wea)onrE Potential
(he fo!!o0ing is a se!ecte+ !ist of 3atents or 3atent a33!ications an+ their a)stracts 0hich co4er
techno!og" 0ith the 3otentia! to )e use+ in 3s"chotronic 0ea3onr" s"stems.
(he" are segmente+ into three main categories-
&) 3atents co4ering si!ent communications techno!og", as 0e!! as moo+ mo+ification
#) 3atents co4ering su)4oca! recognition (essentia!!", ?rea+ing of interna!
+ia!ogue.thoughts,@ an+
<) 3atents co4ering )rain acti4it" 4isua!ization an+ neuroimaging, such as ?functiona!
magnetic resonance imaging@ an+ ?functiona! e!ectroence3ha!ograms,@ 0hich can )e
use+ for ?Remote ;eura! 2onitoring,@ or accessing the 4isua! corteF an+ au+itor" corteF
of the )rain to ?see 0hat the 4ictim sees, hear 0hat the 4ictim hears.@
19.1 Patents overing Silent omm0nications #echnologEF as %ell as Mood Modification
Patent :=11991F omm0nication SEstem and Method !ncl0ding $rain Wave
AnalEsis and/or Use of $rain ActivitEF Jan 7F '===
A s"stem an+ metho+ for ena)!ing human )eings to communicate )" 0a" of their monitore+ )rain
acti4it". (he )rain acti4it" of an in+i4i+ua! is monitore+ an+ transmitte+ to a remote !ocation (e.g. )"
?atent des#ription a.ai$ab$e at/ https/00www1goog$e1#om0patents0:*>311--16
sate!!ite). At the remote !ocation, the monitore+ )rain acti4it" is com3are+ 0ith 3re-recor+e+
norma!ize+ )rain acti4it" cur4es, 0a4eforms, or 3atterns to +etermine if a match or su)stantia!
match is foun+. If such a match is foun+, then the com3uter at the remote !ocation +etermines that
the in+i4i+ua! 0as attem3ting to communicate the 0or+, 3hrase, or thought corres3on+ing to the
matche+ store+ norma!ize+ signa!.
Patent :7?='17 $1F Method and (evice for !m)lementing the *adio 1reM0encE
/earing ,ffectF Oct ''F '=='
A mo+u!ation 3rocess 0ith a fu!!" su33resse+ carrier an+ in3ut 3re3rocessor fi!tering to 3ro+uce an
enco+e+ out3utI for am3!itu+e mo+u!ation (A2) an+ au+io s3eech 3re3rocessor fi!tering, inte!!igi)!e
su)Jecti4e soun+ is 3ro+uce+ 0hen the enco+e+ signa! is +emo+u!ate+ using the R, Hearing
6ffect. Suita)!e forms of carrier su33resse+ mo+u!ation inc!u+e sing!e si+e)an+ (SS/) an+ carrier
su33resse+ am3!itu+e mo+u!ation (CSA2), 0ith )oth si+e)an+s 3resent.
Patent :<>??'9 $'F A))arat0s for A0diblE omm0nicating S)eech Using the
*adio 1reM0encE /earing ,ffectF J0l 1F '==8
A mo+u!ation 3rocess 0ith a fu!!" su33resse+ carrier an+ in3ut 3re3rocessor fi!tering to 3ro+uce an
enco+e+ out3utI for am3!itu+e mo+u!ation (A2) an+ au+io s3eech 3re3rocessor fi!tering, inte!!igi)!e
su)Jecti4e soun+ is 3ro+uce+ 0hen the enco+e+ signa! is +emo+u!ate+ using the R, Hearing
6ffect. Suita)!e forms of carrier su33resse+ mo+u!ation inc!u+e sing!e si+e)an+ (SS/) an+ carrier
su33resse+ am3!itu+e mo+u!ation (CSA2), 0ith )oth si+e)an+s 3resent.
Patent <F1<9F?=8F Silent S0bliminal PresentationF '? October 199'

A si!ent communications s"stem in 0hich nonaura! carriers, in the 4er" !o0 or 4er" high au+io
freEuenc" range or in the a+Jacent u!trasonic freEuenc" s3ectrum, are am3!itu+e or freEuenc"
mo+u!ate+ 0ith the +esire+ inte!!igence an+ 3ro3agate+ acoustica!!" or 4i)rationa!!", for in+ucement
into the )rain, t"3ica!!" through the use of !ou+s3ea8ers, ear3hones or 3iezoe!ectric trans+ucers.
(he mo+u!ate+ carriers ma" )e transmitte+ +irect!" in rea! time or ma" )e con4enient!" recor+e+
an+ store+ on mechanica!, magnetic or o3tica! me+ia for +e!a"e+ or re3eate+ transmission to the
?atent des#ription a.ai$ab$e at/ https/00www1goog$e1#om0patents0:*>4+32146
?atent des#ription a.ai$ab$e at/ https/00www1goog$e1#om0patents0:*>5B++2-6
?atent des#ription a.ai$ab$e at/ https/00www1goog$e1#om0patents0:*515-+336
Patent 8F<::F87? AF PsEcho.Aco0stic Pro@ectorF '8 1ebr0arE 19?1
/roa+!", this +isc!osure is +irecte+ to a s"stem for 3ro+ucing aura! 3s"cho!ogica! +istur)ances an+
3artia! +eafness of the enem" +uring com)at situations. 6ssentia!!", a high +irectiona! )eam is
ra+iate+ from a 3!ura!it" of +istinct trans+ucers an+ is mo+u!ate+ )" a noise, co+e or s3eech )eat
signa!. (he in4ention ma" uti!ize 4arious forms an+ ma" inc!u+e mo4a)!e ra+iators mounte+ on a
4ehic!e an+ oriente+ to con4erge at a +esire+ 3oint, in+e3en+ent!" 3ositione+ 4ehic!es 0ith a
common freEuenc" mo+u!ator, or means em3!o"e+ to mo+u!ate the acoustica! )eam 0ith res3ect to
a fiFe+ freEuenc". During com)at, frien+!" forces 0ou!+ )e eEui33e+ 0ith a reference generator to
3ro4i+e aura! +emo+u!ation of the 3roJecte+ signa!, there)" "ie!+ing an inte!!igi)!e )eat signa! 0hi!e
enem" 3ersonne! 0ou!+ )e ren+ere+ 3artia!!" +eaf )" the 3roJecte+ signa! as 0e!! as )eing una)!e
to 3ercei4e an" inte!!igence transmitte+ in the form of a mo+u!ate+ )eat signa!.
Patent <F'>9F78>F Method and SEstem for Altering onscio0snessF '' 1ebr0arE
A s"stem for a!tering the states of human consciousness in4o!4es the simu!taneous a33!ication of
mu!ti3!e stimu!i, 3refera)!e soun+s, ha4ing +iffering freEuencies an+ 0a4e forms. (he re!ationshi3
)et0een the freEuencies of the se4era! stimu!i is eFhi)ite+ )" the eEuation gW#.su3.n.', 0here-
fWfreEuenc" of one stimu!usI gWfreEuenc" of the other stimu!i or stimu!usI an+ nWa 3ositi4e or
negati4e integer 0hich is +ifferent for each other stimu!us.
19.' Patents overing S0bvocal *ecognition 5,ssentiallEF K*eading of !nternal
Patent WO #%&<&>><BB A&, Cou3!ing an 6!ectronic S8in (attoo to a 2o)i!e
Communication De4ice, ;o4 B, #%&<
A s"stem an+ metho+ 3ro4i+es auFi!iar" 4oice in3ut to a mo)i!e communication +e4ice (2CD). (he
s"stem com3rises an e!ectronic s8in tattoo (&&%) ca3a)!e of )eing a33!ie+ to a throat region of a
)o+". (he e!ectronic s8in tattoo can inc!u+e an em)e++e+ micro3hone (&%<)I a transcei4er for
ena)!ing 0ire!ess communication 0ith the 2CDI an+ a 3o0er su33!" (&%') configure+ to recei4e
energizing signa!s from a 3ersona! area net0or8 associate+ 0ith the 2CD. A contro!!er (&%&) is
communicati4e!" cou3!e+ to the 3o0er su33!". (he contro!!er can )e configure+ to recei4e a signa!
from the 2CD to initiate rece3tion of an au+io stream 3ic8e+ u3 from the throat region of the )o+"
for su)seEuent au+io +etection )" the 2CD un+er an im3ro4e+ signa!-to-noise ratio than 0ithout
the em3!o"ment of the e!ectronic s8in tattoo.
?atent des#ription a.ai$ab$e at/ https/00www1goog$e1#om0patents0:*35>>34+6
?atent des#ription a.ai$ab$e at/ https/00www1goog$e1#om0patents0:*52B-43B6
?atent app$i#ation des#ription a.ai$ab$e at/ http/00www1goog$e1#om0patents04923131>>3++16
Patent '=F=:=F1'9F897 A1F Method for omm0nicating Using SEnthesi"ed
S)eechF 1< J0ne '==:F 5!nternational $0siness Machines or)oration6
(he 3resent in4ention is a metho+ for communicating using s"nthesize+ s3eech inc!u+ing the ste3s
of- ca3turing su)4oca! s3eech signa!s from a first 3art"I a33!"ing su)4oca! s3eech recognition to
the signa!s to generate s3eech teFtI an+, transmitting the generate+ s3eech teFt to a secon+ 3art".
Patent #%&%%%&>B=# A&, S"stem an+ 2etho+ for ;euro!ogica! Acti4it" Signature
Determination, Discrimination, an+ Detection, a33!ication fi!e+ an #&, #%&%
A s"stem an+ metho+ are 3ro4i+e+ for automatica!!" corre!ating neuro!ogica! acti4it" to a
3re+etermine+ 3h"sio!ogica! res3onse. (he s"stem inc!u+es at !east one sensor o3era)!e to sense
signa!s in+icati4e of the neuro!ogica! acti4it", an+ a 3rocessing engine cou3!e+ to the sensor. (he
3rocessing engine is o3era)!e in a first s"stem mo+e to eFecute a simu!taneous s3arse
a33roFimation Joint!" u3on a grou3 of signa!s sense+ )" the sensor to generate signature
information corres3on+ing to the 3re+etermine+ 3h"sio!ogica! res3onse. (he s"stem further
inc!u+es a +etector cou3!e+ to the sensors, 0hich is o3era)!e in a secon+ s"stem mo+e to monitor
the sense+ signa!s. (he +etector generates u3on se!ecti4e +etection accor+ing to the signature
information a contro! signa! for actuating a contro! action accor+ing to the 3re+etermine+
3h"sio!ogica! res3onse.
Patent (, 1='=1===8'8= A1F Method for ontrolling Machine Using
ontactless /0man/Machine !nterfaceF !nvolves *ecording Noise Signal of
Signal #ransmitter $ased on #ho0ghts 3iven bE /0mans So #hat (ata
(erived from Noise Signals is Stored in ,lement of *ecordF a))lication filed
Se) '9F '=11
(he metho+ in4o!4es 3ro4i+ing a signa! transmitter 0ith a com3onent for eFhi)iting a noise signa!.
(he o3tica! 3roJection of ca!i)ration +ata is 3erforme+ through the arrangement of signa! transmitter
in s3atia! 3roFimit". (he noise signa! of signa! transmitter is recor+e+ an+ recei4e+ )ase+ on the
thoughts gi4en )" humans so that the +ata +eri4e+ from the noise signa!s is store+ in an e!ement of
recor+ +ue to com3arison 0ith ca!i)ration +ata an+.or gi4en reference +atum. An in+e3en+ent c!aim
is inc!u+e+ for contact!ess human.machine interface.
?atent des#ription a.ai$ab$e at/ https/00www1goog$e1#om0patents0:*233>312-3-46
?atent des#ription a.ai$ab$e at/ https/00www1goog$e1#om0patents0:*2313331>+526
19.8 Patents overing $rain ActivitE 4is0ali"ation and Ne0roimagingF s0ch as
K10nctional Magnetic *esonance !magingJ and K10nctional
Patent <F<=?F'91 AF Method and an Associated A))arat0s for *emotelE
(etermining !nformation as to a PersonOs ,motional StateF A)ril 1:F 199:
In a metho+ for remote!" +etermining information re!ating to a 3ersonKs emotiona! state, a 0a4eform
ha4ing a 3re+etermine+ freEuenc" an+ a 3re+etermine+ intensit" is generate+ an+ 0ire!ess!"
transmitte+ to0ar+s a remote!" !ocate+ su)Ject. Wa4eform energ" emitte+ from the su)Ject is
+etecte+ an+ automatica!!" ana!"ze+ to +eri4e information re!ating to the in+i4i+ua!Ks emotiona!
state. Ph"sio!ogica! or 3h"sica! 3arameters of )!oo+ 3ressure, 3u!se rate, 3u3i! size, res3iration rate
an+ 3ers3iration !e4e! are measure+ an+ com3are+ 0ith reference 4a!ues to 3ro4i+e information
uti!iza)!e in e4a!uating inter4ie0eeKs res3onses or 3ossi)!" crimina! intent in securit" sensiti4e
Patent <F:'9F:?> AF Personal #racBing and *ecoverE SEstemF 18 MaE 199?
A33aratus for trac8ing an+ reco4ering humans uti!izes an im3!anta)!e transcei4er incor3orating a
3o0er su33!" an+ actuation s"stem a!!o0ing the unit to remain im3!ante+ an+ functiona! for "ears
0ithout maintenance. (he im3!ante+ transmitter ma" )e remote!" actuate+, or actuate+ )" the
im3!antee. Po0er for the remote-acti4ate+ recei4er is generate+ e!ectromechanica!!" through the
mo4ement of )o+" musc!e. (he +e4ice is sma!! enough to )e im3!ante+ in a chi!+, faci!itating use as
a safeguar+ against 8i+na33ing, an+ has a transmission range 0hich a!so ma8es it suita)!e for
0i!+erness s3orting acti4ities. A no4e! )io!ogica! monitoring feature a!!o0s the +e4ice to )e use+ to
faci!itate 3rom3t me+ica! +is3atch in the e4ent of heart attac8 or simi!ar me+ica! emergenc". A no4e!
sensation-fee+)ac8 feature a!!o0s the im3!antee to contro! an+ actuate the +e4ice 0ith certaint".
Patent U.S. 89<1187 AF A))arat0s and Method for *emotelE Monitoring and
Altering $rain WavesF A)r '=F 19?:
A33aratus for an+ metho+ of sensing )rain 0a4es at a 3osition remote from a su)Ject 0here)"
e!ectromagnetic signa!s of +ifferent freEuencies are simu!taneous!" transmitte+ to the )rain of the
su)Ject in 0hich the signa!s interfere 0ith one another to "ie!+ a 0a4eform 0hich is mo+u!ate+ )"
the su)JectKs )rain 0a4es. (he interference 0a4eform 0hich is re3resentati4e of the )rain 0a4e
acti4it" is re-transmitte+ )" the )rain to a recei4er 0here it is +emo+u!ate+ an+ am3!ifie+. (he
+emo+u!ate+ 0a4eform is then +is3!a"e+ for 4isua! 4ie0ing an+ route+ to a com3uter for further
3rocessing an+ ana!"sis. (he +emo+u!ate+ 0a4eform a!so can )e use+ to 3ro+uce a com3ensating
signa! 0hich is transmitte+ )ac8 to the )rain to effect a +esire+ change in e!ectrica! acti4it" therein.
?atent des#ription a.ai$ab$e at/ https/00www1goog$e1#om0patents0:*B1154+26
?atent des#ription a.ai$ab$e at/ http/00www1goog$e1#o1in0patents0:*5>2->+B1
?atent des#ription a.ai$ab$e at/ https/00www1goog$e1#om0patents0:*3-511346
Patent U.S. :=11991 AF omm0nication SEstem and Method !ncl0ding $rain
Wave AnalEsis and/or Use of $rain ActivitEF Jan 7F '===
A s"stem an+ metho+ for ena)!ing human )eings to communicate )" 0a" of their monitore+ )rain
acti4it". (he )rain acti4it" of an in+i4i+ua! is monitore+ an+ transmitte+ to a remote !ocation (e.g. )"
sate!!ite). At the remote !ocation, the monitore+ )rain acti4it" is com3are+ 0ith 3re-recor+e+
norma!ize+ )rain acti4it" cur4es, 0a4eforms, or 3atterns to +etermine if a match or su)stantia!
match is foun+. If such a match is foun+, then the com3uter at the remote !ocation +etermines that
the in+i4i+ua! 0as attem3ting to communicate the 0or+, 3hrase, or thought corres3on+ing to the
matche+ store+ norma!ize+ signa!.
Patent U.S. '=1'='<7=>? A1F ,lectronic $rain Model %ith Ne0ron #ablesF
a))lication Oct 7F '=1'
A metho+ of emu!ating the human )rain 0ith its thought an+ rationa!ization 3rocesses is 3resente+
here, as 0e!! as a metho+ of storing human-!i8e thought. (he in4ention 3ro4i+es for inc!usion of
3s"cho!ogica! 3rofi!es, eF3erience an+ societa! 3osition in an e!ectronic emu!ation of the human
)rain. (his 3ermits a rea!istic human-!i8e res3onse )" that emu!ation to the 3eo3!e an+ the
interacti4e en4ironment aroun+ it.
Patent U.S. >18<9<? $'F Access ontrol SEstem $ased on $rain PatternsF Mar
18F '=1'
(he in4ention inc!u+es a contro! s"stem an+ a metho+ for access contro! of an a33!ication s"stem,
0ith e!ectrica!!" measura)!e +ata acEuire+ as the resu!t of a )iometric reaction of a user, the
)iometric reaction triggere+ )" stimu!ator" information 3resente+ to the user. An acEuisition means
for acEuiring the e!ectrica!!" measura)!e +ata, a 3ro4ision means for 3ro4i+ing reference +ata an+ a
com3arison means for com3aring the +ata are 3ro4i+e+ in the contro! s"stem. (he reference +ata
is 3ro4i+e+ re!ating to the stimu!ator" information an+.or the acEuire+, e!ectrica!!" measura)!e +ata.
(he acEuire+ measura)!e +ata is com3are+ 0ith the 3ro4i+e+ reference +ata )" means of the
com3arison means. An authorization of the user to the a33!ication s"stem ta8es 3!ace on the )asis
of the com3arison resu!ts. /" means of this contro! s"stem it is 3ossi)!e to +"namica!!" authorize
an+ i+entif" a user 0ith a)so!ute re!ia)i!it" an+ to unam)iguous!" authenticate sai+ user.
Patent WO '==1=>?1<8 A1F SEstem for (etecting $rain ActivitEF Nov ''F '==1
A s"stem (&%) for i+entif"ing )rain acti4it", com3rises a 3!ura!it" of e!ectro+es (&'), sai+ e!ectro+es
)eing arrange+ on a su33orting structure (&#) to )e 3!ace+ on a s8u!! of a 3erson, sai+ e!ectro+es
?atent des#ription a.ai$ab$e at/ https/00www1goog$e1#om0patents0:*>311--16
?atent des#ription a.ai$ab$e at/ https/00www1goog$e1#om0patents0:*231232543B+6
?atent des#ription a.ai$ab$e at/ https/00www1goog$e1#om0patents0:*B135-5+1
?atent des#ription a.ai$ab$e at/ https/00www1goog$e1#om0patents04923313B+15316#$7en1
(&') 3ro+ucing signa!s in accor+ance 0ith the )rain0a4es of sai+ 3erson, am3!if"ing means for
am3!if"ing the e!ectrica! signa!s sense+ )" sai+ e!ectro+es, +ata 3rocessing means (#>) for
3rocessing sai+ am3!ifie+ signa!s, i+entif"ing a s3ecific menta! state from sai+ signa!s an+
generating a signa! in+icati4e of sai+ recognize+ menta! state, an+ transmitter means for
transmitting a signa! corres3on+ing to sai+ i+entifie+ menta! state to a com3uter (##).
'=. Selected com)anies and agencies involved in develo)ment of )sEchotronic
%ea)onrE or electronic %arfare ca)abilities
(here are an" num)er of 3u)!ic an+ 3ri4ate!" he!+ com3anies 0hich ha4e +e4e!o3e+ or
re!ease+ techno!og" or com3onents 0hich ha4e 3s"chotronic a33!ications, as 0e!! as *.S.
go4ernment agencies 0hich 0ou!+ han+!e as3ects of a neuro0ea3ons 3rogram.
(he com3anies inc!u+e-
'=.1 Private Sector om)anies %ith Potential to (evelo) Ne0ro%ea)ons
A"im0th !ncor)orated
Azimuth +esigns an+ manufactures uniEue e!ectronic s"stems. Azimuth is a !ea+er in e!ectronic
ra3i+ 3rotot"3ing, rugge+ization, !egac" s"stems re+e4e!o3ment an+ mi!itar" a33!ications.

Sierra Nevada or)oration
S;C 3urchase+ the Wa4e)an+ Cor3oration (origina! +e4e!o3er of the M,(USA s"stem, +escri)e+
ear!ier) in #%%=. Sierra ;e4a+a s3ecia!izes in +efense an+ s3ace techno!og". Sierra ;e4a+a
Cor3oration is a 3rime integrator of s"stems an+ e!ectronics. S;C is a high-tech e!ectronics,
engineering, an+ manufacturing cor3oration that continues to eF3an+ its 3ortfo!io of ca3a)i!ities,
3rograms, 3ro+ucts an+ ser4ices.
Mantech or)oration
A mu!ti-)i!!ion-+o!!ar 3u)!ic com3an" that 3ro4i+es techno!og" for +efense, inte!!igence, !a0
enforcement, science, a+ministration, an+ other fie!+sLthroughout the nation an+ in man"
countries throughout the 0or!+.
.ai$ab$e at/ http/00www1aDimuthin#1#om1
.ai$ab$e at/ http/00www1sn#orp1#om0aboutCsn#1php1
.ai$ab$e at/ http/00www1mante#h1#om0about0"o#uments0ManTe#hCorporate)ro#hureC,une23121pd'1
3eneral (Enamics
Cenera! D"namics is a mar8et !ea+er in )usiness a4iationI com)at 4ehic!es, 0ea3ons s"stems an+
munitionsI shi3)ui!+ing an+ marine s"stemsI an+ mission-critica! information s"stems an+
techno!og". (he com3an" 0as forme+ in &$=# through the com)ination of the 6!ectric /oat
Com3an", Conso!i+ate+ 9u!tee (CO;9AIR) an+ se4era! others.
2ocBheed Martin
A4iation, aeros3ace an+ +efense contractor. Goc8hee+ 2artin Information S"stems S C!o)a!
So!utions is com3rise+ of #>,%%% 0or8ers in information techno!og" so!utions, management
ser4ices, an+ a+4ance+ techno!og" eF3ertise.
Northro) 3r0mman
;orthro3 Crumman is a !ea+ing g!o)a! securit" com3an" 3ro4i+ing inno4ati4e s"stems, 3ro+ucts
an+ so!utions in unmanne+ s"stems, c")er, C'ISR, an+ !ogistics an+ mo+ernization to go4ernment
an+ commercia! customers 0or!+0i+e.
S*! !nternational
Among other areas, focuses on a+4ance+ sensing techno!ogies, inc!u+ing high-3erformance,
inte!!igent sensing +e4ices, 0hich are use+ for monitoring threats to nationa! securit". ,or a 4ariet"
of nationa! +efense an+ inte!!igence nee+s, SRI +e4e!o3s an+ 3erforms fie!+ tests on no4e! o3tica!
an+ )io!ogica! sensors.
,lectronic Warfare Associates 5,WA 3overnment SEstemsF !nc.6
Ano0n for its e!ectronic 0arfare eF3ertise an+ engineering 3ro0ess in c")er-securit" an+ c")er-
+efense, ra+ar +e4e!o3ment, 6W soft0are an+ har+0are 3ro+ucts, as 0e!! as eF3ertise in test S
e4a!uation, miniaturization S microe!ectronics, 6W training an+ simu!ation 3ro+ucts, an+ its uniEue
tagging, trac8ing an+ !ocating techno!og".
.ai$ab$e at/ http/00www1genera$dynami#s1#om0about0#orporate2o.er.iew01
.ai$ab$e at/ http/00www1$o#kheedmartin1#om01
.ai$ab$e at/ http/00www1northropgrumman1#om0bout:s0?ages0de'au$t1aspJ1
.ai$ab$e at/ http/00www1sri1#om01
.ai$ab$e at/ http/00www1ewa2gsi1#om0ewaCgsiCworking1htm1
WEle 2aboratories
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ser4ices to the De3artment of Defense, ;ASA, an+ a 4ariet" of commercia! customers. With ',>%%
high!" s3ecia!ize+ an+ +e+icate+ em3!o"ees at =%-3!us 3rimar" faci!ities nation0i+e, the com3an"
generates annua! re4enues of a33roFimate!" H&.& )i!!ion from its core customers, the De3artment
of Defense, ;ASA, an+ the nation1s !ea+ing aeros3ace contractors.
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United States (e)artment of the #reas0rE
Office of #errorism and 1inancial !ntelligence 5#1!6
'1. #argeted !ndivid0als Phenomenon in U.S. and World%ide
9ictim states that, )ecause of his 8no0!e+ge of 3otentia!!" eFtreme!" +amaging information
a)out the O)ama a+ministration1s !in8s to organize+ crime, he has )ecome 0hat is 8no0n as a
?(argete+ In+i4i+ua!.J
(argete+ In+i4i+ua!s are of a ne0 8in+ of go4ernment 3o!itica! 3risoner 0hose min+ is in4a+e+
on a routine )asis )" 3s"chogenic 0ea3ons of the ;SA, CIA an+ DOD, or other more sinister
agencies 0hose names c!assifie+, 0ho +eem them to )e +issi+ents.
(argete+ In+i4i+ua!s can )e 3ersons seen as a threat to the go4ernment, an+ !ose their free+om
not necessari!" through im3risonment, )ut rather are ta8en as 4irtua! 3o!itica! 3risoners of the
a+ministration in 3o0er 0ithout +ue 3rocess, tria! or sentencing.
(argete+ In+i4i+ua!s ma" )e torture+ at 0i!! )" 3s"-o3s officers ma8ing use of the u!timate secret
0ea3on of mass +estruction : the 3s"chogenic 0ea3ons s"stem 0hich 0ire!ess!"
communicates through ?s"nthetic te!e3ath",@ !ea4ing no 3roof, no e4i+ence of the horrific
+amage e!ectronic sta!8ing can +o to the 3s"che.
(his torture inc!u+es the use of aforementione+ ?9oice of Co+@ techno!og", the eFistence of
0hich has )een confirme+ )" a former senior CIA technica! eF3ert, Dr. Ro)ert Duncan, on the
esse 9entura Cons3irac" (heor" 3rogram, among man" other sources.
Accor+ing to a #%&# artic!e, ?2ass Secret (orture Of American Citizens Confirme+ )" CIA
Dr. Ro)ert Duncan re4ea!e+ to esse 9entura that-
?the go4ernment is +oing this@ 0ith ?9oice of Co+ (9OC) 0ea3ons@ that he (Duncan) he!3e+
+e4e!o3. Duncan state+ that the antenna 0ea3on a)use is ?a)so!ute!"@ ha33ening to American
citizens to+a", 0ho are )eing ?0orse than a)use+, the" are )eing torture+.@ Duncan has +egrees
from Har4ar+ an+ 2I(, an+ 0or8e+ for the go4ernment an+ CIA imme+iate!" u3on gra+uation. He
sa"s he no !onger 0or8s on the 9OC antenna 3rogram, a!though he 0as one of the chief engineers
+uring its ince3tion.@
(he artic!e on Duncan a++e+-
,esse 5entura, “)rain In.aders,( Conspira#y Theory te$e.ision program, a.ai$ab$e at/
“Mass *e#ret Torture o' meri#an CitiDens Con%rmed by CI Engineer,( @ow'a#t 4ebsite, 1B
"e#ember 2312, a.ai$ab$e at/ http/00now'a#t1#om0mass2se#ret2torture2o'2ameri#an2#itiDens2#on%rmed2
?Duncan sai+ that the CW6; to0er emergenc" s"stem cou!+ easi!" )e transforme+ an+ use+ to
)roa+cast the signa!s to cause the 3ainfu! effects that thousan+s of (I1s ((argete+ In+i4i+ua!s) ha4e
re3orte+. Duncan sai+ the reason for the antenna 0ea3on attac8s on targete+ citizens is ?%orld
dominationF control the )o)0laceF from s0bconscio0slE to conscio0slE.@ 9entura re3!ie+ ?no0
0e ha4e a moti4e, contro!!ing the 0or!+, contro!!ing +issenters, contro!!ing "ou an+ me.@
''. S)ec0lation on $asic om)onents of U.S. PsEchotronic Wea)ons SEstem
9ictim s3ecu!ates that the *nite+ States 2i!itar". Inte!!igence ser4ices ma" ha4e carrie+ out
e!ectronic torture of 9ictim using the fo!!o0ing conste!!ation of techno!og"-
''.1 A 18 $illion.SM0are.Mile S)ace.$ased *adio #elesco)e ArraE
9ictim s3ecu!ates that it ma" )e technica!!" 3ossi)!e for there to )e a massi4e s3ace-)ase+
ra+io te!esco3e arra" using ra+io antennas 3resent in the *.S. reconnaissance sate!!ite s"stem.
Since ra+io antennas o3erate most efficient!" in an arra" of sma!!er ra+io te!esco3es, an+ since
*.S. reconnaissance sate!!ites or)it at #=,%%% mi!es a)o4e the 6arth, a rough ca!cu!ation of the
size of this ra+io te!esco3e arra" 0hich surroun+s the 6arth 0ou!+ )e a33roFimate!" &< )i!!ion
sEuare mi!es.
An antenna of such an enormous size 0ou!+ gi4e this radio telesco)e arraE incredible
sensitivitE, 3ossi)i!i" a!!o0ing it to 3ic8 u3 the minute e!ectrica! signa!s emitte+ )" human
)eings on 6arth.
Such a s"stem, com)ine+ 0ith su3ercom3uters such as those use+ )" the ;ationa! Securit"
Agenc" (;SA), 0ou!+ a!!o0 for )oth +etecting an+ inter3reting humans1 su)4oca!izations
(interna! thoughts, or co4ert s3eech), as 0e!! as 3erform ?remote neura! monitoring@ )" +etecting
signa!s in the 4isua! an+ au+itor" corteFes.
*n+er the s"stem that 9ictim s3ecu!ates is )eing use+ for 0i+es3rea+ torture, the )rain 0a4es
corres3on+ing to s3ecific images, 0or+s or 3hrases are automatica!!" categorize+ )" a+4ance+
a!gorithms )" su3ercom3uters, an+ matche+ against a +ata re3ositor" of 3ast )rain 0a4e
recor+ings, as +escri)e+ in the aforementione+ ?3atent *.S. >%&&$$& A, Communication
S"stem an+ 2etho+ Inc!u+ing /rain Wa4e Ana!"sis an+.or use of /rain Acti4it",@ 0hich states-
?A s"stem an+ metho+ for ena)!ing human )eings to communicate )" 0a" of their monitore+ )rain
acti4it". (he )rain acti4it" of an in+i4i+ua! is monitore+ an+ transmitte+ to a remote !ocation (e.g. )"
sate!!ite). At the remote !ocation, the monitore+ )rain acti4it" is com3are+ 0ith 3re-recor+e+
norma!ize+ )rain acti4it" cur4es, 0a4eforms, or 3atterns to +etermine if a match or su)stantia!
match is foun+. If such a match is foun+, then the com3uter at the remote !ocation +etermines that
the in+i4i+ua! 0as attem3ting to communicate the 0or+, 3hrase, or thought corres3on+ing to the
matche+ store+ norma!ize+ signa!.@
(hese su3ercom3uters 0ou!+ a!so store the uniEue ?)rain 3atters@ of a!! in+i4i+ua!s on 6arth,
a!!o0ing co4ert agencies to remote!", an+ in a targete+ manner, access the )rains of an" gi4en
in+i4i+ua! at an" gi4en time.
?Si!ent Soun+@ communications cou!+ )e 3roJecte+ in a targete+ manner into the min+s of
4ictims using 3u!se+ micro0a4es. *H, or 9H, transmissions, !e4eraging the micro0a4e
au+itor" effect, as +escri)e+ 3re4ious!" in this Petition.
''.' Micro%aveF U/1 or 4/1- O0r ,ntire $odies are S!3!N# 5Signals !ntelligence6
(he micro0a4e. *H, or 9H, signa!s cou!+ )e transmitte+ in an" num)er of 0a"s- 4ia sate!!ite,
4ia ce!!u!ar te!e3hone to0ers, micro0a4e transmitters or em)e++e+ in te!e4ision or ra+io
)roa+cast signa!s. So-ca!!e+ CW6; to0ers, 0hich are micro0a4e to0ers )ui!t in the *.S. +uring
the Co!+ War to 3reser4e communications +uring a nuc!ear stri8e, cou!+ a!so )e use+ to transmit
so-ca!!e+ ?9oice to S8u!!@ techno!og", as eF3!aine+ a)o4e )" former CIA engineer an+ contractor
Dr. Duncan.
9ictim states that research 3resente+ in this Petition 3ro4i+es o4er0he!ming e4i+ence that such
techno!ogies eFist an+, in fact, are )eing use+ to carr" out eF3erimentation, 3erha3s !ea+ing to
routine, non-+emocratic targeting of in+i4i+ua!s, sectors of the 3o3u!ation an+ the 3o3u!ation as
a 0ho!e, 0hich 9ictim states 0ou!+ )e a gross 4io!ation of the human rights of e4er" human
)eing on 6arth.
9ictim urges a serious an+ in-+e3th in4estigation of the 3s"chotronic 0ea3ons ca3a)i!ities of
nation states, an+ 9ictim states that a g!o)a! )an on such 0ea3ons shou!+ )e a high 3riorit" for
mu!ti!atera! organizations such as the 6uro3ean Par!iament, the *nite+ ;ations (*;), the
Organizations of American States (OAS) an+ other agencies.
9ictim notes that, as 3re4ious!" state+ )" the Asian Human Rights Commission in this Petition,
?#he threat is real+)rain techno!og" for neuro0ea3ons is scientifica!!" 3ossi)!e. A++itiona!!",
some sa" such techno!ogies ha4e )een use+ s"stematica!!" against se!ect 3eo3!e in 4arious
'8. 4ictim&s losing Statement
9ictim states that urgent attention to the main issues raise+ in this Petition is reEuire+ to 3re4ent
the 4irtua! ?menta! ens!a4ement@ of in+i4i+ua!s, sectors of the 3o3u!ation, or the g!o)a!
3o3u!ation as a 0ho!e.
9ictim notes that his torture has ta8en 3!ace in an en4ironment in 0hich the Presi+ent of the
6uro3ean Par!iament, 2artin Schu!z, has sai+ that *.S. secret ser4ices are ?out of contro!,@ an+
"es#ription o' G4E@ towers a.ai$ab$e at/ http/00en1wikipedia1org0wiki0@0:AC2
it is no0 8no0n that the *.S. has, 0ith the 8no0!e+ge of the Comman+er in Chief /arac8
O)ama, engage+ in s3"ing on a massi4e !e4e!.
9ictim c!oses this statement of the human rights a)uses committe+ against him 0ith a statement
from former ;ationa! Securit" Agenc" contractor an+ 0hist!e)!o0er 6+0ar+ Sno0+en, 0ho
state+ in a #%&< Christmas a++ress-
?A chi!+ )orn to+a" 0i!! gro0 u3 0ith no conce3tion of 3ri4ac" at a!!. (he"K!! ne4er 8no0 0hat it
means to ha4e a 3ri4ate moment to themse!4es -- an 0nrecordedF 0nanalE"ed tho0ght.@
Edward *nowden statement a.ai$ab$e at/ http/00www1youtube1#om0wat#h6.74RkpJMrJ4kI1
8. AU#/O*!#!,S A22,3,(2D
I+entif" the 3erson(s) or authorities 0ho "ou consi+er
res3onsi)!e for the facts a!!ege+ an+ 3ro4i+e an"
a++itiona! information as to 0h" "ou consi+er the
State res3onsi)!e for the a!!ege+ 4io!ation(s).
9ictim a!!eges that the Co4ernment of the *nite+
States of America an+ its mi!itar" . inte!!igence
agencies, inc!u+ing the Centra! Inte!!igence Agenc"
(CIA), the ;ationa! Securit" Agenc" (;SA) an+ the
De3artment of Defense (DoD), acting on )eha!f of
Presi+ent /arac8 O)ama, are res3onsi)!e for his
9ictim a!so consi+ers the *nite+ States 6m)ass" in
2eFico to ha4e co!!u+e+ in a)uses of his human rights
an+ that there is 0i+es3rea+ 8no0!e+ge of the 9ictim1s
situation among em)ass" staff, inc!u+ing Am)assa+or
Anthon" Wa"ne an+ re3resentati4es of the D6A, the
CIA an+ the ,/I.
9ictim )e!ie4es these agencies to )e res3onsi)!e for
his ongoing torture )ecause he 0as re3eate+!" to!+ )"
his (orturers that the CIA, ;SA an+ DoD 0ere
res3onsi)!e for his torture, an+ in a++ition 4ictim 0as
threatene+ 0ith 8i+na33ing in 3erson )" after hours
CIA +ut" officers at the *.S. em)ass" in 2eFico Cit".
7. /UMAN *!3/#S A22,3,(2D 4!O2A#,(
In+icate the rights that "ou consi+er ha4e )een
4io!ate+. If 3ossi)!e, s3ecif" the rights 3rotecte+ )"
the American Dec!aration of the Rights an+ Duties
of 2an, the American Con4ention on Human
Rights, or the other Inter-American human rights
treaties. If "ou 0ish to consu!t a !ist of the rights or
treaties, see the Petition an+ Case S"stem-
Informationa! /rochure, in 3articu!ar the section
referring to #uman Rights in the InterAmerican $%stem.
4!#!M&S *!3/#S 4!O2A#,( !N AM,*!AN
(,2A*A#!ON O1 #/, *!3/#S AN( (U#!,S O1
Artic!e I. Right to !ife, !i)ert" an+ 3ersona!
Artic!e II. Right to eEua!it" )efore !a0.
Artic!e 9. Right to 3rotection of honor,
3ersona! re3utation, an+ 3ri4ate
an+ fami!" !ife.
Artic!e 9I. Right to a fami!" an+ to 3rotection
Artic!e 9III. Right to resi+ence an+
Artic!e _I9. Right to 0or8 an+ to fair
Artic!e _9. Right to !eisure time an+ to the
use thereof.
Artic!e _9II. Right to recognition of Juri+ica!
3ersona!it" an+ ci4i! rights.
Artic!e _9III. Right to a fair tria!.
Artic!e __9. Right of 3rotection from ar)itrar"
Artic!e __9I. Right to +ue 3rocess.
4!#!M&S *!3/#S 4!O2A#,( !N AM,*!AN
ON4,N#!ON ON /UMAN *!3/#S
Artic!e '. Right to Gife
Artic!e =. Right to Humane (reatment
Artic!e >. ,ree+om from S!a4er"
Artic!e B. Right to Persona! Gi)ert"
Artic!e D. Right to a ,air (ria!
Artic!e &%. Right to Com3ensation
Artic!e &&. Right to Pri4ac"
Artic!e &<. ,ree+om of (hought an+
Artic!e &B. Rights of the ,ami!"
Artic!e #%. Right to ;ationa!it"
Artic!e #'. Right to 6Eua! Protection
S,#!ON !!!. 2,3A2 *,M,(!,S
PU*SU,( #O *,SO24, #/,
1A#S A22,3,(
Descri)e the actions 3ursue+ )" the a!!ege+ 4ictim
or the 3etitioner )efore the Ju+icia! )o+ies. 6F3!ain
an" other reme+" 3ursue+ )efore +omestic
authorities, inc!u+ing a+ministrati4e agencies, if
As this has )een a case of cross-)or+er human rights
4io!ations, the *nite+ States constitution or !a0s +o
not a33!" to this case. 9ictim has )een in Gatin
America for the +uration of torture, therefore no
+omestic reme+ies ha4e )een sought.
9ictim fi!e+ a com3!aint against the Centra!
Inte!!igence Agenc" )efore 2eFican Ju+icia! authorities
to 3!ace threats against 9ictim on the recor+. A co3" of
this com3!aint is attache+ to this Petition.
9ictim is una)!e to access a++itiona! +omestic
reme+ies in the *.S. Court s"stem )ecause he has
)een continuous!" outsi+e of the *nite+ States of
America +uring the 3erio+ in 0hich his human rights
ha4e )een 4io!ate+.
9ictim notes that his case fa!!s into the eFce3tions on
eFhausting +omestic reme+ies as state+ in the OAS
A. +omestic !a0s +o not 3ro4i+e +ue 3rocess to
3rotect the rights a!!ege+!" 4io!ate+I
/. the a!!ege+ 4ictim has not )een a!!o0e+ access to
+omestic reme+ies or has )een 8e3t from eFhausting
themI or If it has not )een 3ossi)!e to eFhaust
+omestic reme+ies, choose from the fo!!o0ing o3tions
the one that )est eF3!ains 0h" it 0as not 3ossi)!e-
(O ) the +omestic !a0s +o not
ensure +ue 3rocess for the
3rotection of the rights
a!!ege+!" 4io!ate+I
( ) access to +omestic reme+ies has not
)een 3ermitte+, or eFhausting them
has )een im3e+e+I
( ) there has )een un0arrante+ +e!a" in issuing
a fina! +ecision in the case.
P!ease eF3!ain the reasons-
Since the 4ictim, a *.S. Citizen, has not )een in *.S.
territor" since his situation )egan, the *nite+ States
constitution an+ its !a0s are not a33!ica)!e to him. (he
OAS Human Rights Committee is the so!e )o+" a)!e
to re4ie0 this situation in an eF3e+itious manner.
9* &:M@ AIG&T* ?ETITI9@ 2 ,9&@ M1 @GE8 5*1 :1*11
In+icate 0hether there 0as a Ju+icia! in4estigation. In+icate 0hen it )egan, 0hen it en+e+, an+ the resu!t. If
it has not conc!u+e+, in+icate 0h".
If a33!ica)!e, in+icate the +ate of notification of the fina! +ecision-
S,#!ON !4. A4A!2A$2,
1. ,4!(,N,
(he a4ai!a)!e e4i+ence inc!u+es an" +ocuments that ma" 3ro4e the 4io!ations a!!ege+ (for
eFam3!e, the 3rinci3a! 3!ea+ings an+ eFhi)its in Ju+icia! or a+ministrati4e recor+s, eF3ert
re3orts, forensic re3orts, 3hotogra3hs, an+ 4i+eo or fi!m recor+ings, among others).
♦ If 3ossi)!e, attach a sim3!e co3" of these +ocuments. ((he co3ies +o not nee+ to )e
certifie+ or !ega!!" authenticate+).
♦ Please do not attach originals.
♦ If it is not 3ossi)!e to sen+ the +ocuments, "ou shou!+ eF3!ain 0h" an+ in+icate 0hether
"ou 0i!! )e a)!e to sen+ them in the future. In an" e4ent, "ou shou!+ in+icate 0hich
+ocuments are re!e4ant to 3ro4ing the facts a!!ege+.
♦ (he +ocuments shou!+ )e in the !anguage of the State, so !ong as it is an officia!
!anguage of the OAS (S3anish, 6ng!ish, Portuguese, or ,rench). If this is not 3ossi)!e,
the reasons shou!+ )e eF3!aine+.
Gist or in+icate the e4i+ence that is the )asis of "our Petition, an+, if 3ossi)!e, i+entif" 0hich
e4i+ence "ou are attaching or sen+ing 0ith "our Petition-
9ictim is attaching a 3o!ice com3!aint against the Centra! Inte!!igence Agenc".
9ictim attaches a !etter 0ritten an+ +e!i4ere+ to the 2eFican Congress, mu!ti!atera! organizations
an+ foreign em)assies in 2eFico.
9* &:M@ AIG&T* ?ETITI9@ 2 ,9&@ M1 @GE8 5*1 :1*11
9ictim 3ro4i+es eFtensi4e +ocumentar" e4i+ence an+ research in his Petition on the 0ea3ons
s"stem he a!!eges has )een use+ to 3ersecute him, in the form of references an+ Internet !in8s to
re!e4ant sources.
'. W!#N,SS,S
I+entif", if 3ossi)!e, the 0itnesses to the a!!ege+ 4io!ations. If those 3ersons ha4e gi4en
statements to the Ju+icia! authorities, sen+, if 3ossi)!e, a sim3!e co3" of the 0itness statements
gi4en to the Ju+icia! authorities, or in+icate 0hether "ou 0i!! )e a)!e to sen+ them in the future.
In+icate 0hether it is necessar" to 8ee3 the i+entit" of the 0itnesses confi+entia!.
Due to the uniEue circumstances of the e!ectronic torture inf!icte+ on 9ictim, the resu!ts of the
torture are not 4isi)!e to the na8e+ e"e an+ thus it is not 3ossi)!e to 3ro4i+e e"e0itness e4i+ence of
torture against 9ictim.
S,#!ON 4. O#/,* OMP2A!N#S 2O(3,(
In+icate 0hether these facts ha4e )een 3resente+ to the Human Rights Committee of the *nite+ ;ations
or an" other internationa! organization-
;o O Mes If "es, in+icate 0hich organization-
S,#!ON 4!. P*,AU#!ONA*D M,ASU*,S
In certain serious an+ urgent situations, the Commission ma" as8 a State to a+o3t
3recautionar" measures to 3re4ent irre3ara)!e harm to 3ersons or to the su)Ject matter of
the 3rocee+ings.
,or the criteria the Commission has use+ in 3ractice, "ou ma" go to 000.ci+h.org , 0here a
summar" of the grante+ 3recautionar" measures is 3erio+ica!!" 3u)!ishe+.
If "ou 0ish to su)mit an a33!ication for 3recautionar" measures, 3!ease refer to the Petition an+
Case S"stem- Informationa! /rochure, in 3articu!ar the section entit!e+ Serious an+ *rgent
In+icate 0hether there is a serious an+ urgent situation of ris8 of irre3ara)!e harm to 3ersons
or to the su)Ject matter of the 3rocee+ings.
;o Mes O
9* &:M@ AIG&T* ?ETITI9@ 2 ,9&@ M1 @GE8 5*1 :1*11
If "es, 3!ease eF3!ain the reasons-
9ictim argues that ongoing torture inf!icte+ u3on him, 0hich has !aste+ a33roFimate!" &B months as
of the +ate of fi!ing of this Petition, constitutes a ?serious an+ urgent@ situation.
9ictim a!!eges that the continuous torture inf!icte+ u3on him Justifies a ca!! for 3recautionar"
9ictim notes that a simi!ar com3!aint 0as fi!e+ )" ouste+ Hon+uran Presi+ent Ne!a"a 0ith the
Permanent o0ncil of the Organi"ation of American States 5OAS6, an+ an OAS statement
+enounce+ an+ con+emne+-
?the hosti!e action )" the +e facto regime against the em)ass" of /razi! in (eguciga!3a an+ the
harassment of its occu3ants through +e!i)erate actions that affect them 3h"sica!!" an+
3s"cho!ogica!!" an+ 4io!ate their human rights. (he Permanent Counci! ca!!s on the +e facto regime
to 3ut an imme+iate en+ to these actions, to res3ect the 9ienna Con4ention on Di3!omatic
Re!ations an+ internationa! instruments on human rights, an+ to 0ith+ra0 forth0ith a!! re3ressi4e
forces from the areas surroun+ing the 6m)ass" of /razi!, 0ithout neg!ecting the +ue securit" of the
2ission. (he Permanent Counci! a33ea!s for guarantees for the right to !ife, integrit", an+ securit"
of Presi+ent osQ 2anue! Ne!a"a Rosa!es an+ of a!! 3ersons in an+ aroun+ the 6m)ass" of /razi!,
as 0e!! as for the 3rotection of their +ignit", an+ it urges the Inter-American Commission on Human
Rights to fo!!o0 u3 on this situation.@
9ictim a!so argues that constant threats against his +aughter an+ his +aughter1s mother, 0ho
resi+e in 2eFico, Justif" a ca!! for 3recautionar" measures.
In a++ition, 9ictim argues that constant threats against his +aughter an+ his +aughter1s mother,
0ho resi+e in the Phi!i33ines, a!so Justif" a ca!! for 3recautionar" measures.
9ictim states that constant threats against his mother, 0ho resi+es in Costa Rica, a!so Justif" a ca!!
for 3recautionar" measures.
,N( O1 P,#!#!ON
9rganiDation o' meri#an *tates N9*O “C9@"EM@TI9@ 9; T&E CT* 9; I@TIMI"TI9@ GI@*T
T&E EM)**< 9; )AQI8 I@ &9@":A*,( Nppro.ed by the 9* ?ermanent Coun#i$ at its meeting o'
9#tober 21, 233-O, a.ai$ab$e at/ http/00www1oas1org0#onse=o0reso$utions0de#431asp1
9* &:M@ AIG&T* ?ETITI9@ 2 ,9&@ M1 @GE8 5*1 :1*11
'7. 2ifeF !nterr0)ted
2ore than a "ear after m" four suici+e attem3ts, I am tr"ing to resume a !ife interru3te+.
At the age of '', after !i4ing 0ith m" mother in San ose, Costa Rica for o4er a "ear, I am no0
3on+ering ma8ing a forma! reEuest for as"!um status as a torture 4ictim in a 6uro3ean countr".
I ho3e to soon )e eF3!aining to immigration officia!s that I am a ?e!ectronic refugee,@ una)!e to
return to m" home countr" )ecause I ha+ )een an a33arent e"e0itness to the O)ama
A+ministration1s organize+ crime ties an+ 0as su)seEuent!" tormente+ using high-tech
Wea3ons of 2ass Destruction (W2D).
Cetting as"!um ma" )e a +ifficu!t 3ros3ectI there is a goo+ chance the" 0i!! not )e!ie4e me, or
that the" 0i!! !a)e! me as menta!!" i!!.
It 0ou!+ not )e the first time.
/ut it is a ris8 I ha4e to ta8e.
I 0i!! tr" to eF3!ain to them that I ha4e )een torture+ so far for &B months an+ 0as incite+ to
suici+e on four times o4er a series of +a"s from Decem)er $- Decem)er &#, #%&#, un+ergoing
)ruta! ?no-touch@ 3s"cho!ogica! torture in 0hat I see as )eing tantamount to four counts of
attem3te+ mur+er 0ith mu!ti3!e accessories, starting 0ith m" (orturers.
'7.1 A P0blic (eath
Staging a 3u)!ic suici+e is not as eas" as it might seem.
Mes, "ou can get attention. /ut it might not )e the 8in+ of attention "ou1re see8ing.
A !egitimate 3rotest can )e 4ie0e+ as a +e!usion to a 3s"chiatric communit" traine+ to )e!ie4e
that neuro0ea3ons are m"thica!, futuristic techno!ogies.
2" first suici+e attem3t 0as ma+e in 3ri4ate.
I too8 a fu!! )oF of Ateno!o! , a )eta-)!oc8er 0hich I ho3e+ 0ou!+ s!o0 m" heart sufficient!" so
that I 0ou!+ +ie in m" s!ee3.
At this 3oint, I sti!! ha+n1t consi+ere+ ma8ing m" suici+e 3u)!ic, an+ there 0as no rea! +rama in
m" )e+room - I Just too8 the )oF of 3i!!s, !a" +o0n in the ear!" afternoon an+ s!e3t.
;o 0itnesses.
9* &:M@ AIG&T* ?ETITI9@ 2 ,9&@ M1 @GE8 5*1 :1*11
It 0as a sincere attem3t to en+ m" !ife, )ut it fai!e+I I c!ear!" +i+ not ta8e a fata! +ose. I a0o8e
three hours !ater 0ithout e4en a hea+ache.
2" neFt attem3t, ma+e the fo!!o0ing afternoon, a!so )or+ere+ on comica!.
After m" first attem3t 0ith 3harmaceutica!s, I ha+ +etermine+ that a 3u)!ic suici+e 0ou!+ )etter
ser4e the +ua! goa!s of en+ing m" suffering, as 0e!! as a!erting the 0or!+ to the threat of
3s"chotronic 0ea3ons.
(o that en+, I +eci+e+ to commit suici+e in front of a nationa! me+ia in Costa Rica, Ga ;acion,
the countr"1s ne0s3a3er of recor+.
2" aim 0as to use m" 3u)!ic suici+e as a 3!anne+ 3o!itica! 3rotest of 0hat I ha+ come to
un+erstan+, after eFtensi4e research, as )eing ?si!ent soun+@ torture inf!icte+ )" a team of PSM-
OPS 3rofessiona!s, 3erha3s !in8e+ to the White House an+.or organize+ crime.
As state+ in the Petition, I sought to emu!ate /u++hist mon8s 0ho ha4e se!f-emo!!iate+ in
3rotest of Chinese occu3ation.
2" !ife an+ the !i4es of m" fami!" mem)ers ha+ )een threatene+ thousan+s of times )" m"
2" 3u)!ic suici+e, m" thin8ing 0ent, 0ou!+ !ea+ to attention an+ eF3osure of the human rights
a)uses committe+ against me. It 0ou!+ a!so re!ease me from the torment of constant threats
against me an+ m" fami!".
'7.' Nothing 3oes as Planned
Da"s )efore, I ha+ 3urchase+ a sma!! H=.%% s0itch)!a+e 8nife from a Chinese im3orter in San
64en ne0, the )!a+e 0as not shar3 : I e4en ha+ to as8 a neigh)or to he!3 me shar3en it 0ith a
I arri4e+ at Ga ;acion on a Sun+a" : an+ there 0as a chi!+ren1s Christmas 3art" ta8ing 3!ace in
the 3ar8ing !ot.
(o a4oi+ a )!oo+" 3u)!ic suici+e ami+ the stuffe+ anima!s, 3resents an+ )a!!oons, I 0aite+ for
more than t0o hours at the )us sto3 across the street 0hi!e the 3art" 0oun+ +o0n.
A3art from some curious g!ances from a securit" guar+, no one 3ai+ an" attention to me an+, it
)eing Sun+a", the ne0s3a3er 0as !arge!" c!ose+, frustrating m" 3!an to use m" suici+e to
attem3t to a!ert the me+ia of m" torture an+ O)ama1s a33arent corru3tion.
9* &:M@ AIG&T* ?ETITI9@ 2 ,9&@ M1 @GE8 5*1 :1*11
,ina!!" the f!o0 of chi!+ren into an+ out of the 3ar8ing !ot su)si+e+ an+, +es3ite a !ac8 of
0itnesses, sitting in an a!co4e of the !oc8e+ front +oor of Ga ;acion, I trie+ to use m" ne0 8nife
to cut m" o0n throat.
/ut I cou!+n1t +o it, )ecause the )!a+e 0as no shar3er than a )utter 8nife, +es3ite m" attem3ts
to hone it.
After a fe0 ha!f-hearte+ attem3ts to cut into m" nec8, I ga4e u3 an+ too8 a taFi to the
su3ermar8et near m" mother1s home, )ought a ne0 3aring 8nife 0hich I ho3e+ 0ou!+ )e shar3
enough to cut through s8in, an+ 4o0e+ to tr" again another +a".
(hree +a"s !ater, I 0as rea+" for another 3u)!ic attem3t.
2" (orturers, 0ho ha4e sai+ that the" are 3rofessiona!!" traine+ CIA.;SA or mi!itar" agents or
outsource+ PSMOPS o3erati4es, c!ear!" eF3ert in interrogation an+ ?no-touch@ torture, fina!!"
ha+ incite+ me, )" constant!" threatening that m" fami!" mem)ers 0ou!+ )e torture+ an+ 8i!!e+,
to again attem3t 3u)!ic suici+e, not Just once, )ut t0ice in the same +a".
I ha+ )" no0 0ritten mu!ti3!e suici+e notes 0hich I inten+e+ to ser4e as testimonia!s to the
me+ia eF3!aining 0h" I chose +eath o4er the un)eara)!e +ai!" )ur+en of constant torture )" hi-
tech thought 3o!ice.
One !etter 0as a++resse+ to m" 0ife an+ +aughter.
Others 0ere a++resse+ to officia!s 0ho I nai4e!" ho3e+ 0ou!+ use them to eF3ose O)ama1s
corru3tion an+ the anti-+emocratic measures ta8en )" his a+ministration against me.
2" efforts to use m" 3u)!ic suici+e an+ accom3an"ing notes to eF3ose the torture inf!icte+ on
me, ho0e4er, 0ou!+ u!timate!" )e in 4ain.
Without har+ e4i+ence, 4ictims of 3s"chotro3ic 0ea3ons are routine!" treate+ as 3s"chotic,
+e!usiona! or schizo3hrenic, rather than the 4irtua! 3o!itica! 3risoners an+ torture 4ictims that
the" are.
(here are occasiona! nota)!e eFce3tions of e!ectromagnetic torture 4ictims )eing ta8en
serious!", ho0e4erI eFam3!es 0ou!+ )e ouste+ Hon+uran 3resi+ent 2anue! Ne!a"a, as 0e!! as
(e8 ;ath Riza! an+ ames Soong, a!! mentione+ in m" 3etition.
Referring to the !atter t0o, Cher"! We!sh, recognize+ as an eF3ert in so-ca!!e+ ?non-!etha!
0ea3ons@ )" *nite+ ;ations Institute for Disarmament Research, 0rote-
?;o0 t0o 3rominent figures ha4e a!!ege+ 3o!itica! o33ression 4ia min+ contro! 0ea3ons, raising
serious ne0 concerns a)out the 3ersistent a!!egations. (e8 ;ath Riza!, an internationa!!"
recognize+ acti4ist, eF3ose+ corru3tion in /hutan an+ the Aing sent him to 3rison in &$DD. Riza!
c!aime+ that he 0as torture+ in 3rison 0ith e!ectromagnetic ra+iation (62R) min+ contro!
techno!ogies in a 4er" )ruta! me+ie4a! fashion. (he *.S. De3artment of State an+ Amnest"
9* &:M@ AIG&T* ?ETITI9@ 2 ,9&@ M1 @GE8 5*1 :1*11
Internationa! 3resse+ for his re!ease an+ after ten "ears in 3rison, Riza! recei4e+ a go4ernment
3ar+on. In #%&&, Riza! 0rote the )oo8 "orture& 'illing (e $oftl% an+ e!oEuent!" +escri)e+ his horrific
eF3erience. Another case 0as recent!" re3orte+ in Asian ne0s3a3ers. Rue" Gin, the running mate
of (ai0an o33osition 3resi+entia! can+i+ate ames Soong, c!aime+ he ha+ come un+er attac8 from
Ve!ectromagnetic 0a4esV !aunche+ )" a !oca! inte!!igence unit.@
'7.8 A S0icide Note
(his is m" !etter to ; an+ A, m" 0ife an+ +aughter, hasti!" 0ritten as I 0as )eing threatene+ 0ith
their torture or mur+er, an+ as I 3re3are+ to sa4e them through m" o0n +eath.
2" )e!o4e+ 8ittens-
Mou +on1t 8no0 ho0 much I !o4e "ou )oth. Mou are the !o4es of m" !ife.
*nfortunate!", there is a situation )e"on+ m" contro!, an internationa! cons3irac". I can no !onger )e
0ith "ou, )ecause I ha4e )een torture+ )" the a+ministration of /arac8 O)ama, the CIA an+ the
;ationa! Securit" Agenc".
I 0ant "ou to 8no0 that I am tota!!" innocent, )ut the torture has )een such that I can no !onger
stan+ it. Mou +on1t 8no0 ho0 much I !o4e an+ a+ore "ou, an+ I 0i!! )e 0aiting for "ou in hea4en.
(he go4ernment of the *nite+ States is too 3o0erfu!, an+ I can no !onger fight it.
A an+ ;, I !o4e "ou more than an"thing.
I !ea4e this 0or!+ in 3eace )ecause I 8no0 that I am innocent, )ut I cannot resist the constant
I ha4e )een the 4ictim of circumstances )e"on+ m" contro!, an+ I can fight no !onger.
I !o4e "ou more than an"thing, an+ I1!! )e 0aiting for "ou.
I !o4e "ou fore4er.
'7.7 1'/1'/1'
2" first suici+e of m" fina! t0o suici+e attem3ts, on Decem)er &#, #%&#, or &#.&#.&#, 0as
3!anne+ to ta8e 3!ace at Channe! B ne0s, across the street from a !arge, !eaf" centra! 3ar8 in
San ose 0hich ho!+s the ;ationa! Sta+ium.
I got there as the re3orters 0ere starting their 0or8+a". Camera cre0s 0ere !oa+ing u3 )!ac8
S*9s as the" 3re3are+ to s3rea+ out through the cit" to get their stories for the night!" ne0s.
Chery$ 4e$sh, “Mind #ontro$ targeting/ *#ien#e %#tion or a new 'orm o' hi2te#h torture6,( a.ai$ab$e
at/ http/00mind=usti#e1org0torture1htm1
9* &:M@ AIG&T* ?ETITI9@ 2 ,9&@ M1 @GE8 5*1 :1*11
I 0as ho3ing to )e the !ea+ stor".
/ut once there, I foun+ that I 0as una)!e to cut m" throat an+ en+ m" !ife 0ith 0itnesses, !et
a!one for nationa! )roa+cast, an+ I so retreate+ to the near)" 3ar8 to ma8e m" attem3t in
(here, +es3erate to en+ m" torture, I 0a!8e+ a fe0 hun+re+ meters, foun+ a tree, !a" +o0n,
scattere+ m" suici+e notes aroun+ on the groun+, an+ )egan cutting into m" nec8.
Cutting "our o0n throat is a +ifficu!t 3ros3ect.
Mou norma!!" ha4e to 0or8 u3 to ma8ing cuts 0hich are +ee3 enough to cause serious +amage.
(here are usua!!" 0hat are referre+ to as ?hesitation mar8s,@ or the 3re!iminar" sha!!o0 efforts to
incise the s8in )efore "ou fin+ that that the 3ain of a 8nife an+ the 3ros3ect of re!ief through
+eath +o not com3are 0ith the 3s"cho!ogica! 3ain of constant torture.
(hat1s 0hen the +ee3 cuts )egin.
It 0as m" im3erati4e to +ramatica!!" 3rotest the actions ta8en )" the O)ama a+ministration
against me.
2" torturers egge+ me one, urging me to fin+ a ?3u!se 3oint@ an+ en+ the !ife of the so!e
e"e0itness to O)ama1s organize+ crime ties. ?(here1s a 3u!se 3oint, ohn, there1s a 3u!se 3oint,@
the" re3eate+.
I 0as a)!e to ma8e some sha!!o0 cuts to m" nec8, )ut )efore I cou!+ cut a maJor )!oo+ 4esse!, a
3asser)" ca!!e+ 3o!ice.
Horse-mounte+ officers arri4e+ an+ he!+ me +o0n. I trie+ to eF3!ain m" circumstances to them,
)ut the" +i+n1t !isten or care. ;or +i+ the" ha4e an" interest in m" suici+e notes, 0hich the"
co!!ecte+ an+ 8e3t, )ut +i+ not rea+, assuming that I 0as a !unatic.
A Re+ Cross am)u!ance arri4e+ minutes !ater to ta8e me to a near)" emergenc" room.
(here, I recei4e+ D stitches.
When the +octor ste33e+ a0a", I got u3 an+ s!i33e+ out the emergenc" room eFit, m" shirt sti!!
soa8e+ 0ith )!oo+.
,rom there, I Euic8!" 0ent an+ )ought an ineF3ensi4e ne0 (-shirt.
2" (orturers urge+ me to attem3t suici+e again, an+ ha4ing a!rea+" fai!e+ once that +a", I
0ante+ to +ie more than e4er.
9* &:M@ AIG&T* ?ETITI9@ 2 ,9&@ M1 @GE8 5*1 :1*11
I )ought a )oFcutter 8nife for three +o!!ars, an+ hai!e+ a taFi to Ga ;acion.
(he +ri4er as8e+ me a)out the stiches on m" nec8 an+ the )!oo+- I to!+ him I ha+ s!i33e+
c!im)ing o4er a fence.
'7.< What it 1eels 2iBe to #ort0re Someone to (eath
I can sti!! fee! the 3o3 0hen the )oFcutter 3ierce+ the s8in on m" nec8 as I sought to se4er m"
caroti+ arter", crouche+ neFt to a 3ar8e+ car B= meters from Ga ;acion ne0s3a3er in San ose,
Costa Rica.
(his time I cut the !eft si+e of m" nec8, ha4ing a!rea+" fai!e+ 0ith the right si+e ear!ier.
/!oo+ came, an+ I 8e3t cutting into m" nec8, stic8ing m" fingers in the 0oun+s to search for a
maJor )!oo+ 4esse!.
I e4en cut out a sma!! 3iece of musc!e, the sternoc!ei+omastoi+.
It !oo8e+ a 4er" sma!!, ra0 fi!et minon. I thre0 it un+er the car.
64en 0ith m" training as an 6mergenc" 2e+ica! (echnician, it 0as +ifficu!t to +irect m"
)oFcutter at a maJor )!oo+ 4esse!.
/ut m" (orturers egge+ me on, threatening m" 0ife an+ +aughter 0ith +eath or torture if I +i+n1t
finish the Jo).
A fe0 3asser)" g!ance+ ner4ous!" at me )ut +i+ not inter4ene as
I fina!!" cut m" Jugu!ar 4ein an+ )!oo+ 3oure+ +o0n m" shirt. I stoo+ u3 to a33roach Ga ;acion
an+ finish the Jo) in front of a maJor me+ia out!et.
(his time, a We+nes+a", there 0ere tens of 0itnesses, )ut as I neare+ the ne0s3a3er, 3o!ice
cars, sirens screaming, starte+ to arri4e.
Within secon+s I 0as surroun+e+ )" o4er a +ozen officers, 0ea3ons +ra0n, inc!u+ing a
su)machine gun, shouting or+ers at me to ?3ut +o0n the 8nife\,@ 0hich I refuse+ to +o.
A 3hotogra3her ho!+ing a camera 0ith an enormous !ens 3hotogra3he+ the scene.
(he 3o!ice chase+ me, an+ as I ran )" the 3hotogra3her, she screame+.
Po!ice officers tac8!e+ me an+ 0rest!e+ me to the groun+.
I insiste+ that I 0as not 3s"chotic, )ut ma8ing a 3o!itica! 3rotest. I )egge+ them to remo4e
3ressure from m" 0oun+s.
9* &:M@ AIG&T* ?ETITI9@ 2 ,9&@ M1 @GE8 5*1 :1*11
(he" ignore+ me, an+ a fireman cut off m" shirt as a )an+age to tr" to stem the f!o0 from m"
)!ee+ing nec8.
In the am)u!ance, I focuse+ on m" 0ife an+ +aughter for 0hat I ho3e+ 0ou!+ )e m" !ast
An+, sti!! thin8ing of them, I fainte+.
When I 0o8e u3, I 0as intu)ate+ an+ on a gurne".
I ha+ sur4i4e+ emergenc" surger" to re3air m" Jugu!ar 4ein an+ c!ose massi4e gashes in m"
nec8 reEuiring '% more stiches.
As I regaine+ consciousness, m" (orturers chatte+ amongst themse!4es. Once sai+ to another,
?so that1s 0hat it1s !i8e to torture someone to +eath.@
An+ a!! that night, after I ha+ )een transferre+ to the 6ar, ;ose an+ (hroat reco4er" room, the"
torture+ me more, urging me to ri3 out the stiches that ha+ sa4e+ m" !ife hours )efore.
I free+ m"se!f from restraints an+ trie+ re3eate+!" to 3u!! the stiches out, )ut cou!+ not.
'<. #he ,nd of PrivacE
Regar+!ess of 0hat "ou thin8 of m" concrete case, it is m" ho3e that m" Petition has con4ince+
"ou that 3s"chotronic 0ea3onr" is a rea!it" 0hich, !eft unchec8e+, 3oses a gra4e +anger to the
human rights of the g!o)a! 3o3u!ation.
In to+a"1s conteFt of an out-of-contro! 3o!ice.sur4ei!!ance state, is it rea!!" so har+ to imagine that
the *.S. mi!itar" 3ossesses an+ has use+ such ?min+ contro!@ 0ea3onr" against enemies an+
e4en against its o0n 3o3u!ation7
(he a+4ent of the 3erfection of 3s"chotronic 0ea3ons is ta8ing 3!ace at a time of re4e!ations of
mass sur4ei!!ance using tra+itiona! means, such as the ;SA1s co!!ection of meta+ata on *.S.
te!e3hone ca!!s, its s3"ing on Internet traffic an+ count!ess other 4io!ations of our ci4i! an+
human rights.
Some se!ecte+ stories from #%&< - ear!" #%&' sho0 Just ho0 far the *.S. inte!!igence communit"
has run amo8 - an+ that on!" co4ers 0hat 0e 8no0 a)out than8s to Sno0+en.
;SA Vis har4esting hun+re+s of mi!!ions of contact !ists from 3ersona! e-mai! an+ instant messaging
accounts aroun+ the 0or!+.VL Washington Post
;SA Vhas secret!" )ro8en into the main communications !in8s that connect Mahoo an+ Coog!e +ata
centers aroun+ the 0or!+.VL Washington Post
;SA Vis secret!" 3igg")ac8ing@ on Internet a+4ertisersK Vcoo8iesV an+ !ocation +ata ?to 3in3oint
targets for go4ernment hac8ing an+ to )o!ster sur4ei!!ance.VL Washington Post
9* &:M@ AIG&T* ?ETITI9@ 2 ,9&@ M1 @GE8 5*1 :1*11
;SA Vofficers on se4era! occasions ha4e channe!e+ their agenc"Ks enormous ea4es+ro33ing 3o0er
to s3" on !o4e interests.VL Ne% DorB #imes
;SA Vis gathering near!" = )i!!ion recor+s a +a" on the 0herea)outs of ce!!3hones aroun+ the
0or!+.VL Washington Post
(here has )een an eF3!osion of ne0 techno!ogies : such as 8i!!er.s3" +rones an+ increasing!"
so3histicate+ consumer ro)otics, not to mention ineF3ensi4e commercia!!" a4ai!a)!e /rain :
Com3uter Interfaces (/CIs) 0hich a!!o0 for contro!!ing com3uters or other techno!og" )"
thought a!one.
/ut +oes an"one rea!!" )e!ie4e that it is Just the meta+ata, an+ not the content of our
con4ersations that is routine!" store+, fi!tere+, sifte+ through, c!assifie+ an+ !istene+ to if +eeme+
If so, those are the 3eo3!e I rea!!" fee! sorr" for : after a!!, it has )een common 8no0!e+ge that
the 6che!on 3rogram a!one has )een recor+ing a!! te!e3hone con4ersations since as far )ac8 as
the &$>%s, 0ith the ,i4e 6"es nations sharing signa!s inte!!igence.

An+ that is Just one among +ozens of secret s3" 3rograms that ha4e )een eF3ose+.
(he threat is es3ecia!!" e4i+ent no0, 0hen e4en our un4oice+ thoughts, not to mention 0hat 0e
hear an+ see on a rea! time )asis, can )e su)Ject to remote sensing, an+ our )rains can Euite
easi!" )e ?hac8e+.@
It shou!+ )e 3ainfu!!" c!ear that e4en if one is not a go4ernment ?target,@ the fu!! content of
e4er"thing 0e sa" is recor+e+, e4en 0hen 0e are ?off!ine.@
(o+a", inte!!igence ser4ices are a)!e to )ui!+ a com3!eF 0e) of information 0hich com)ines the
!i4e micro3hones an+ cameras in our ce!!3hones an+ com3uters as 0e!! as other means, such
as trac8ing our on!ine an+ mo)i!e mo4ements, sate!!ite CPS trac8ing, 4oice recognition, facia!
recognition, gait ana!"sis an+ remote finger3rint scanning, nanotechnogies an+ sur4ei!!ance
cameras, 0ith rea! time access to our entire !ife recor+s, concor+ances of contacts an+ other
more cutting e+ge techno!ogies, such as remote neura! monitoring using the minute e!ectrica!
currents gi4en off )" the human )o+" an+ 3ic8e+ u3 through remote neuroimaging s"stems,
)rain2Computer Inter'a#e is a$ready a.ai$ab$e 'or under X133 on maDon1#om/
The ;i.e Eyes are nations whi#h are signatories to the :F:* greement 2 the post2war top se#ret
agreement 'or inte$$igen#e sharing between the :nited *tates and the :nited Findom1 *igned by
representati.es o' the 8ondon *igna$s Inte$$igen#e )oard and its meri#an #ounterpart in Mar#h 1-4>,
the :F:* greement 'ormed the basis 'or #o2operation among the #ountries throughout the Co$d 4ar1
.ai$ab$e at/ http/00www1nationa$ar#hi.es1go.1uk0ukusa01
*ebastian nthony, “&a#kers ba#kdoor the human brain, su##ess'u$$y eJtra#t sensiti.e data,(
EJtremete#h, ugust 1+, 2312, a.ai$ab$e at/ http/00www1eJtremete#h1#om0eJtreme0134>B22ha#kers2
9* &:M@ AIG&T* ?ETITI9@ 2 ,9&@ M1 @GE8 5*1 :1*11
3ossi)!" in a s3ace-)ase+ s"stem or e4en using groun+-)ase+ ra+io te!esco3es, an+ a!! of it
fi!tere+ through ;SA a!gorithms.
(his s"stem inc!u+es a!! or some of +ia)o!ica! 3s"chogenic 0ea3ons s"stem 0hich has )een
use+ against me for o4er &B months an+ counting.
As state+ in the Petition, techno!og" to !e4erage the so-ca!!e+ ?micro0a4e au+itor" effect@ or the
Vra+io freEuenc" hearing effectV has )een !ea3t for0ar+ so that inte!!igence ser4ices are a)!e to
home in on the s3ecific )rain 3attern of their 4ictims, using sate!!ites, Wi-,i, ce!!u!ar to0ers an+
other sources of s3ectrum ra+iation to 3ro+uce a 8a!ei+osco3e of actiona)!e inte!!igence : not
un!i8e ho0 the ;SA can remote!" hac8 com3uters using ra+io 0a4es.
(hin8 of the te!e4ision sho0 Person of Interest or (erminatorKs S8"net, Just &%% times 0orse :
)ecause no0 sur4ei!!ance inc!u+es monitoring an+ trac8ing of "our thoughts, eF3eriences an+
*sing ?s"nthetic te!e3ath"@ an+ ?Si!ent Soun+ S3rea+ S3ectrum@ or simi!ar c!assifie+ techno!og"
0ith the same 3ur3ose, 3s"chotronic 0ea3onr" is a)!e to im3!ant an+ recei4e thoughts of
human )eings 0ire!ess!", ena)!e Vremote 4ie0ing@ )" PSMOPS teams, 0hich are usua!!"
mi!itar"-traine+ an+ then contracte+ out )" the Defense De3artment, ;SA or the CIA, or are 3art
of the agencies themse!4es.
(he go4ernment an+ maJor cor3orations in the *nite+ States, such as Coog!e, ho!+ +ozens of
3atents 0hich are re!ate+ to 3s"chotronics, an+ there is e4er" e4i+ence that DARPA an+ other
+ar8 go4ernment agencies ha4e in4este+ )i!!ions of +o!!ars in a+4ance+ neuroscience
'<.1 $rain #a)s
In to+a"1s conteFt of Or0e!!ian sur4ei!!ance, 0here e4en the Presi+ent of the 6uro3ean
Par!iament, 2artin Shu!z, has state+ that the *.S. inte!!igence structure is ?out of contro!,@ it
shou!+ come as no sur3rise that 0e are no0 su)Ject not on!" to 3hone ta3s, )ut a!so to ?)rain
In m" Petition, I 3ro4i+e irrefuta)!e e4i+ence that the *.S. mi!itar" an+ c!an+estine ser4ices ha4e
secret!" +e4e!o3e+ an+ use+ 0hat are terme+ )" the *.S. Arm" to )e ?9oice of Co+@ or ?9oice to
S8u!!@ +e4ices 0hich emit 3u!se+ micro0a4e. *!tra High ,reEuenc" (*H,). 9er" High ,reEuenc"
(9H,) transmissions, a!!o0ing for targeting the uniEue )rain 3atterns of in+i4i+ua!s an+
3roJecting su)!imina! messages, or e4en actua! 4oices 0hich others cannot hear, +irect!" into the
I a!so sho0 that remote neuroimaging techno!og" an+ su)4oca!ization recognition are 3ossi)!e,
an+ that users of such techno!og" are a)!e to home in on a 3articu!ar human )rain, or a !arger
.ai$ab$e at/ http/00web1ar#hi.e1org0web02313133-234B510http/00www1ra.en11net0si$soun21htm1
*ee re$ease AE8I)8E @E:A82I@TEA;CE TEC&@989G< NAE2@ETO, a.ai$ab$e at/
9* &:M@ AIG&T* ?ETITI9@ 2 ,9&@ M1 @GE8 5*1 :1*11
grou3 of )rains.
Research in the Petition a!so sho0s ho0 that the )rain 0a4es of norma! thought 3atterns can )e
+isru3te+ remote!" using micro0a4es, (ranscrania! 2agnetic Stimu!ation, an+ man" other
e!ectromagnetic techno!ogies.
25.2A Ca!! for Internationa! O4ersight
In this conteFt, is time for an urgent re4ie0 )" the *.S. Senate .House Se!ect Committees on
Inte!!igence on the +e4e!o3ment, +e3!o"ment an+ fun+ing of 3s"chotronic 0ea3ons in the *nite+
States an+ a)roa+, as 0e!! as a re4ie0 of m" s3ecific case of e!ectronic torture !o+ge+ )efore
the Organization of American States (OAS) Human Rights Commission.
A serious an+ in-+e3th in4estigation is nee+e+ of the 3s"chotronic 0ea3ons ca3a)i!ities of
nation states, an+ a g!o)a! )an on such 0ea3ons shou!+ )e a high 3riorit" for mu!ti!atera!
organizations such as the 6uro3ean Par!iament, the *nite+ ;ations (*;), the Organizations of
American States (OAS) an+ other )o+ies.
In m" Petition, I 3oint out that, in anuar" &$$$, the 6* Par!iament 3asse+ a Reso!ution on
3s"chotronic 0ea3ons, ca!!ing for ?an internationa! con4ention intro+ucing a g!o)a! )an on a!!
+e4e!o3ments an+ +e3!o"ments of 0ea3ons 0hich might ena)!e an" form of mani3u!ation of
human )eings.@
;o0, I ca!! on the 6* Par!iament to resume stu+" of this 4ita! issue, 0here techno!ogica!
inno4ation in neuroscience is c!ashing 0ith human rights interests, an+ to !ou+!" an+ urgent!"
3resent its resu!ts to the *nite+ ;ations.
An+ again, the Asian Human Rights Commission, 3u)!isher of the magazine "ortureAsian and
)lobal *erspecti+es, in #%&< raise+ the a!arm o4er the +e4e!o3ment an+ use of 3s"chotronic
0ea3ons, stating- ?(he threat is rea!5.some sa" such techno!ogies ha4e )een use+
s"stematica!!" against se!ect 3eo3!e in 4arious Juris+ictions5@
It is a!so time to 3a" c!ose attention to the statement from former ;ationa! Securit" Agenc"
Contractor an+ 0hist!e)!o0er 6+0ar+ Sno0+en, 0ho sai+ in his #%&< Christmas a++ress-
?A chi!+ )orn to+a" 0i!! gro0 u3 0ith no conce3tion of 3ri4ac" at a!!. (he"K!! ne4er 8no0 0hat it
means to ha4e a 3ri4ate moment to themse!4es -- an 0nrecordedF 0nanalE"ed tho0ght.@
(he *.S. Congress shou!+ not forget 3ast 0rong+oing in the form of non-consensua! min+
contro! eF3eriments con+ucte+ )" the Centra! Inte!!igence Agenc" (CIA) through ProJect
28*!tra, eF3ose+ )" the Church Committee in the &$B%s, 0here +eca+es of non-consensua!
a)use an+ torture 0ere un4ei!e+.
/ecause no0, there is a ne0 28*!tra 3roJect un+er0a", an+ man" eF3erts sa" that 28*!tra
research 0as ne4er ha!te+ : that the *.S. min+ contro! research 3rogram 0as sim3!" mo4e+
9* &:M@ AIG&T* ?ETITI9@ 2 ,9&@ M1 @GE8 5*1 :1*11
into a ne0 arra" of ?)!ac8@ 3roJects an+ eF3eriments.
(he research 3resente+ in m" Petition irrefuta)!" +emonstrates that it is at !east 3!ausi)!e that
such ?neuro0ea3ons@ eFist an+ are )eing use+ to monitor the American 3eo3!e, in 4io!ation, at
the 4er" !east, of the 'th, =th an+ Dth Amen+ments to the Constitution on search an+ seizure,
se!f-incrimination an+ torture, res3ecti4e!", not to mention )razen 4io!ations of the rights
enshrine+ in internationa! human rights treaties.
(his ?9oice of Co+@ techno!og" has )een re3orte+ as )eing use+ )" *.S. mi!itar" forces in IraE
War I an+ II, an+ there ha4e )een 0a4es of com3!aints )" ?(argete+ In+i4i+ua!s@ in the *.S. an+
aroun+ the g!o)e 0ho c!aim this techno!og" is )eing use+ to 3unish, torture an+ eF3eriment on
'<.8 Wood%ard /olds $acB on KAma"ingJ Ne% #echnologE
As re!ate+ in the Petition, e4en fame+ re3orter an+ Associate 6+itor of the Washington Post /o)
Woo+0ar+ attri)ute+ a +ec!ine in 4io!ence +uring the #%%B ?Surge@ in IraE to a ?ne0@ an+ secret
0ea3ons s"stem, the +e4e!o3ment of 0hich Woo+0ar+ sa"s 0as tantamount to the 2anhattan
ProJect, 0hich as of ear!" #%&' has "et to )e re4ea!e+.
A!!u+ing to this stunning techno!ogica! a+4ance on >% 2inutes, Woo+0ar+ sai+-
?(his is 4er" sensiti4e an+ 4er" to3 secret, )ut there are secret o3erationa! ca3a)i!ities that ha4e
+e4e!o3e+ )" the mi!itar" to !ocate, target an+ 8i!! !ea+ers of A! `ae+a in IraE insurgent !ea+ers,
renega+e mi!itia !ea+ers, 0hich is one of the true )rea8throughs.@
Woo+0ar+ a++e+-
?It1s one of those things5go )ac8 to an" 0ar, Wor!+ War I, Wor!+ War II, 0ith the ro!e of the tan8
an+ the air3!ane, it1s the stuff of 0hat mi!itar" no4e!s are 0ritten.@
It is m" thesis that the 0ea3ons s"stem Woo+0ar+ refers to inc!u+es as3ects of the
3s"chotronic 0ea3onr" ca3a)i!ities as +escri)e+ in m" Petition to the Inter-American Human
Rights Commission.
It is a!so !i8e!" that this 0ea3ons s"stem inc!u+es sate!!ite-)ase+ remote neuroimaging in
com)ination 0ith a+4ance+ a!gorithms that a!!o0 for i+entif"ing terrorist )rain 3atterns.

I strong!" encourage Woo+0ar+ to come for0ar+ 0ith more +etai!s of the ?ne0 techniEues an+
o3erations@ to 0hich he refers if he 0ants an" chance of remo4ing the stain on his character of
>3 Minutes inter.iew o' )ob 4oodward a.ai$ab$e at/ http/00www1#bsnews1#om0news0woodward2
"oug ?asternak,“,ohn @orseen, Aeading <our Mind and In=e#ting *mart Thoughts,( @ewsweek, ,an1
3, 2333, ar#hi.e a.ai$ab$e at/
9* &:M@ AIG&T* ?ETITI9@ 2 ,9&@ M1 @GE8 5*1 :1*11
ha4ing )een intimi+ate+ )" a four-star *.S. mi!itar" genera! into remaining si!ent on the to3
secret 0ea3onr" he +escri)es, 0hich he has sai+ 0ou!+ ?amaze@ the 3u)!ic u3on its +isc!osure.
Woo+0ar+ re3orte+ on the re!ati4e!" minor crime stor" of Watergate an+ earne+ fame an+
riches, )ut 3asse+ on one of the )iggest stor" of a!! time : the use of ?min+ rea+ing@ 0ea3ons in
Due to Woo+0ar+1s neg!ect, count!ess thousan+s ha4e nee+!ess!" suffere+ un+er non-
consensua! go4ernment eF3erimentation 3rograms, an+ gro0ing num)ers 0i!! continue to suffer
as these 0ea3ons are no0 turne+ against Americans an+ segments of the g!o)a! 3o3u!ation.
'<.7 A 4erE $rief /istorE of Mind ontrol in America
It is nota)!e that neuroscience research into ho0 to contro! the human )rain in America has its
!egac" in ;azi scientists 0ho came to the *nite+ States fo!!o0ing Wor!+ War II.
Some #,%%% Cerman ?3ro3u!sion@ an+ ?min+@ scientists entere+ the *.S. un+er O3eration
Pa3erc!i3, organize+ )" the Office of Strategic Ser4ices (OSS), for recruiting the )est of Cerman
scientists, 0ho 0ere gi4en ne0 )ac8groun+s in or+er to enter the *nite+ States 0ithout
Interest in min+ sciences intensifie+ +uring the Aorean War, 0here man" American POWs 0ere
su)Jecte+ to )rain0ashing )" the Aoreans an+ the Chinese.
(he CIA, the successor agenc" to the OSS, in the &$=%s s3ent )i!!ions financing 3s"cho!og"
an+ 3s"chiatr" +e3artments of maJor *.S. uni4ersities in 0hat came to )ecome 8no0n as the
28*!tra 3rogram.
A significant e4ent in research into 3s"chotronic 0ea3onr" 0as the )om)ar+ment of the *.S.
6m)ass" in 2osco0 0ith !o0-!e4e! micro0a4es +uring the Co!+ War.
(his so-ca!!e+ ?2osco0 Signa!@ targete+ the *.S. 6m)ass" from &$=< to &$B>, an+ s3ar8e+ a
f!urr" of research into micro0a4es an+ their effect on the human )o+" as the *.S. trie+ to
+etermine the 3ur3ose an+ the effects of the signa! un+er ProJect Pan+ora.
25.5Our 6ntire /o+ies are SICI;(
(o+a", micro0a4e. *H, or 9H, signa!s can )e transmitte+ in an" num)er of 0a"s- 4ia sate!!ite,
4ia ce!!u!ar te!e3hone to0ers, micro0a4e transmitters or em)e++e+ in te!e4ision or ra+io
)roa+cast signa!s.
So-ca!!e+ CW6; to0ers, 0hich are micro0a4e to0ers )ui!t in the *.S. +uring the Co!+ War to
Inter.iew o' )ob 4oodward dis#ussing a new top2se#ret weapons system, whi#h 5i#tim states #ou$d
on$y be a psy#hotroni# weapons system, with ndrea Mit#he$$, a.ai$ab$e at/
.ai$ab$e at/ http/00en1wikipedia1org0wiki09perationC?aper#$ip1
.ai$ab$e at/ http/00=enni'er$ake1wordpress1#om0231203-01-0the2mos#ow2signa$01
9* &:M@ AIG&T* ?ETITI9@ 2 ,9&@ M1 @GE8 5*1 :1*11
3reser4e communications +uring a nuc!ear stri8e, cou!+ a!so )e use+ to transmit ?9oice to S8u!!@
(here is o4er0he!ming e4i+ence that other such techno!ogies eFist an+, in fact, are )eing use+
to carr" out eF3erimentation, 3erha3s !ea+ing to routine, non-+emocratic targeting of in+i4i+ua!s,
sectors of the 3o3u!ation an+ the 3o3u!ation as a 0ho!e, 0hich 0ou!+ )e a gross 4io!ation of the
human rights of e4er" human )eing on 6arth.
Do "ou rea!!" 0ant the *.S. inte!!igence structure to 8no0 "our +ee3est secret thoughts7 (hose
of "our chi!+ren an+ gran+chi!+ren, an+ their chi!+ren7
(he /rain In4a+ers segment on former go4ernor esse 9enturaKs Cons3irac" (heor" sa"s that
this so-ca!!e+ Vmin+ contro!V techno!og" has )een use+ against Occu3" an+ huge num)ers of
*.S. citizens )" the O)ama a+ministration.
An+ it has )een use+ against me, too.
'<.: *emote Sensing 4ia *adiotelesco)e
It is a!so m" theor" that this s"stem re!ies on Vremote sensing@ 3erforme+ )" ra+io te!esco3es in
the *.S. reconnaissance sate!!ite s"stem, or e4en groun+-)ase+ ra+io te!esco3e arra"s.
When !in8e+ in an ?arra"@ of mu!ti3!e ra+io te!esco3es (0hich I theorize has )een +one 0ith the
*.S. s3" sate!!ite s"stem), the size of the recei4ing ?+ish@ is eEua! to the surface area co4ere+
)" the +ifferent com3onent antennas of the arra".
(hus, a num)er of sate!!ites can )e use+ to form a sing!e, incre+i)!" sensiti4e, enormous ra+io
antenna, a)!e to +etect, from s3ace, e4en the e!ectromagnetic signa!s gi4ing off )" !i4ing )eings
on 6arth, inc!u+ing the emissions of the human )rain.
(he surface area of the earth is a)out #%% mi!!ion sEuare mi!es. *.S. s3" sate!!ites or)it at
#=,%%% mi!es a)o4e the 6arth. (hus, 0e ha4e the most sensiti4e ra+io antenna V+ishV e4er
in4ente+, a s3herica! ?+ish@ of rough!" &< )i!!ion sEuare mi!es, or)iting a)o4e us at a!! times,
3ointing +o0n at 6arth an+ a)!e to easi!" 3ic8 u3 AGG of 6arth1s e!ectromagnetic signa!s, 0hich
are then fi!tere+, recor+e+, 4ette+ )" ;SA an+ DARPA a!gorithms.

An+ this techno!og" is )eing use+ against humans.
I thin8 that is 0hat 6+0ar+ Sno0+en meant 0hen he sai+ in his Christmas message that a chi!+
)orn to+a" 0ou!+ ne4er 8no0 0hat is it !i8e to ha4e a ?3ri4ate moment to themse!4es5an
EJamp$e o' a pra#ti#a$ app$i#ation o' "A? mind resear#h in *eptember 1B, 2312 news re$ease,
a.ai$ab$e at/ Tag Team Threat Ae#ognitiona$ Te#hno$ogy In#orporates Mind, Ma#hine, a.ai$ab$e at/
http/00www1darpa1mi$0@ewsE.ents0Ae$eases0231203-01B1aspJ1 *ee a$so "ete#tion and Computationa$
na$ysis o' ?sy#ho$ogi#a$ *igna$s
9* &:M@ AIG&T* ?ETITI9@ 2 ,9&@ M1 @GE8 5*1 :1*11
unrecor+e+ thought.@
,actor this in 0ith the fact that, +uring the &$=%s through the &$B%s, there 0ere thousan+s of
innocent 4ictims of the 28*!tra CIA min+ contro! 3rogram.
(he consensus among eF3erts is that the 28*!tra 3roJect ne4er rea!!" sto33e+ : it continue+
un+er +ifferent 3roJect names.
'<.? #argeted !ndivid0als: /igh #ech Political Prisoners
Due to the s3ecter of non-+emocratic targeting of in+i4i+ua!s, sectors of the 3o3u!ation or the
3o3u!ation as a 0ho!e, I consi+er it to )e m" o)!igation to cha!!enge the t"rann" of the O)ama
a+ministration in this matter, an+ I am un0i!!ing )e intimi+ate+ )" the threats of +eath, torture
an+ arrest ma+e )" O)amaZs secret agents against me an+ m" fami!", as 0e!! as the threats to
+efame me in an" num)er of 0a"s if I +isc!ose this information.
So-ca!!e+ (argete+ In+i4i+ua!s are often those seen as )eing a threat to the go4ernment, an+
!ose their free+om not necessari!" through im3risonment, )ut rather are ta8en as menta!
3risoners of the O)ama a+ministration, or an" future a+ministration, 0ithout tria! or sentencing,
a)!e to )e torture+ at 0i!! )" PSM-OPS officers ma8ing use of the u!timate secret 0ea3on of
mass +estruction : the 3s"chogenic 0ea3on 0hich 0ire!ess!" communicates an+ terrorizes its
4ictims through ?s"nthetic te!e3ath",@ !ea4ing no out0ar+ 3roof or e4i+ence of the horrific
+amage e!ectronic sta!8ing can +o to the 3s"che.
After more than &B months an+ sti!! counting, m" torture continues, an+ PSM-OPS officers issue
constant threats to V3rosecute me for e4er"thing I ha4e e4er +one for the rest of m" short !ife,@
though m" !ife has )een re!ati4e!" honora)!e an+ honest.
2ean0hi!e, I am 3ersecute+ )" the O)ama ;SA Cesta3oZs rea!-!ife ?thought 3o!ice,@ so!e!"
)ecause I am an innocent ci4i!ian 0ith 8no0!e+ge of 3ossi)!" +amaging information a)out the
If an" goo+ has come from m" menta! torture )" the O)ama a+ministration, it has )een the
o33ortunit" for me to 3ractice ci4i! +iso)e+ience to a+4ance 0hat I see to )e the most im3ortant
human rights cause of our time : free+om from e!ectromagnetic t"rann" in a!! an+ an" of its
So far, I ha4e )een fighting m" )att!e against the 3s"chotronic 0ea3onr" of the O)ama
a+ministration using the Internet.
I am tr"ing to fue! outrage o4er an unre!enting attac8 on our ci4i! !i)erties an+ human rights, an+
I ha4e 0ritten this )oo8 to re!ate m" e"e0itness account of the corru3tion an+ 0rong+oing of the
9* &:M@ AIG&T* ?ETITI9@ 2 ,9&@ M1 @GE8 5*1 :1*11
I am a!so 3re3aring a !a0suit to )e fi!e+ )efore a 2eFican !a)or )oar+, c!aiming un3ai+ 0ages
an+ +amages from the *nite+ States 6m)ass" for sa!aries that 0ere ne4er +is)urse+ +uring the
3erio+ 0hi!e the O)ama a+ministration has torture+ me.
An+ as I ha4e state+, it is m" intent to see8 as"!um in a 6uro3ean nation as a torture 4ictim.
As far as I 8no0, I am the so!e ci4i!ian e"e0itness of O)amaKs 3ossi)!e organize+ crime ties.
An+ if I ha+ not sur4i4e+ )eing re3eate+!" incite+ to suici+e )" O)amaKs agents, I 0ou!+ not )e
here to te!! this stor".
IZm Just 0aiting to see 0hat the O)ama a+ministration 0i!! +o to me neFt.
9* &:M@ AIG&T* ?ETITI9@ 2 ,9&@ M1 @GE8 5*1 :1*11
':. o)E of Police *e)ort Against !A in MeIico
9* &:M@ AIG&T* ?ETITI9@ 2 ,9&@ M1 @GE8 5*1 :1*11
'?. ,.Mail to John Nagel from U.S. 1ederal ,lection ommission

an. #<, #%&'
Coo+ afternoon, m" name is Ruth Hei!izer an+ I am an attorne" in the ,e+era! 6!ection
CommissionKs (VCommissionKsV or V,6CKsV) Office of Com3!aints 6Famination an+ Gega!
A+ministration. I am res3on+ing to "our emai!.
(he Commission has Juris+iction o4er the ,e+era! 6!ection Cam3aign Act of &$B&, as
amen+e+ (the VActV) an+ Cha3ters $= an+ $> of (it!e #>, *nite+ States Co+e. (he
CommissionKs res3onsi)i!ities inc!u+ing +isc!osing cam3aign finance information, enforcing the
3ro4isions of the !a0 such as the !imits an+ 3rohi)itions on contri)utions, o4erseeing the 3u)!ic
fun+ing of Presi+entia! e!ections. See htt3-..000.fec.go4.a)out.shtm!. After carefu! re4ie0 of
"our emai! an+ !in8 concerning "our Organization of American States Human Rights Petition, 0e
ha4e +etermine+ that the" +oes not state an" acts that a33ear to constitute a 4io!ation un+er our
In a++ition, the Act an+ Commission regu!ations reEuire that com3!aints meet certain
s3ecific reEuirements, inc!u+ing that the" )e in 0riting, signe+ an+ notarize+. (herefore, 0e
cannot acce3t emai!e+ com3!aints.
(he statutor" an+ regu!ator" reEuirements for fi!ing a com3!aint are as fo!!o0s-
(&) A com3!aint must )e in 0riting. (# *.S.C. b '<Bg(a)(&)). As note+ su3ra, emai!s
are not acce3ta)!e. In a++ition, the com3!aintKs contents must )e s0orn to an+ signe+ in the
3resence of a notar" 3u)!ic an+ sha!! )e notarize+. (# *.S.C. b '<Bg(a)(&)). (he notar" must
in+icate as 3art of the Jurat that such s0earing occurre+. (he 3referre+ form is VSu)scri)e+ an+
s0orn to )efore me on this aaa +a" of aaa, aaaa.V
(#) A forma! com3!aint shou!+ contain a c!ear an+ concise recitation of the facts
+escri)ing a 4io!ation of the Act, an+.or a Commission regu!ation or regu!ations, o4er 0hich the
Commission has Juris+iction (&& C.,.R. b &&&.').
(<) A forma! com3!aint shou!+ )e accom3anie+ )" su33orting +ocumentation if 8no0n
an+ a4ai!a)!e to the 3erson ma8ing the com3!aint. (&& C.,.R. b &&&.').
(') A forma! com3!aint must contain the fu!! name an+ a++ress of the 3erson ma8ing
the com3!aint. (&& C.,.R. b &&&.').
(=) A forma! com3!aint shou!+ c!ear!" i+entif" as a res3on+ent each 3erson or entit"
0ho is a!!ege+ to ha4e committe+ a 4io!ation. (&&
9* &:M@ AIG&T* ?ETITI9@ 2 ,9&@ M1 @GE8 5*1 :1*11
'>. An O)en 2etter to Senate !ntelligence ommittee on PsEchotronic Wea)onrE
anuar" <&, #%&'
Senator (iane 1einstein
Senator SaIbE hambliss
U.S. Senate Select Permanent ommittee on !ntelligence
Dear Senators ,einstein an+ Cham)!iss-
He!!o. 2" name is ohn ;age! an+ I am an American citizen. /ut for the reasons I gi4e )e!o0, !
%ill never ret0rn to the *nite+ States of America.
/efore I te!! m" stor", I urge "ou to ta8e action )" ho!+ing Congressiona! hearings on the su)Ject
of the ?(argete+ In+i4i+ua!s 3henomenon@ in the *nite+ States an+ a)roa+,
as 0e!! as on m"
s3ecific case of e!ectronic torture, +etai!s of 0hich a33ear in the attache+ Petition fi!e+ )efore
the Organization of American States (OAS) Human Rights Commission.
Whi!e so-ca!!e+ 3s"chotronic 0ea3ons once )e!onge+ to the rea!m of science fiction, stunning
a+4ances in neuroscience an+ remote )rain scans ha4e !e+ to amazing ne0 ca3a)i!ities.
/ecause no0, science can 3eer into the human )rain using remote sensing techno!og" an+ can
!itera!!" ?rea+ "our min+@ using so-ca!!e+ functiona! 66Cs, 2RIs an+ other scanning techno!og"
0hich has )een 3erfecte+ )" the *.S. mi!itar", 0ith the 3ri4ate sector Euic8!" catching u3.
(his 3rocess, carrie+ out through remote )rain scanning on a massi4e sca!e, is 8no0n as
?su)4oca!ization recognition,@ an+ there ha4e a!rea+" )een 3atents fi!e+ an+ a0ar+e+ for
a+4ances in this techno!og", most recent!" )" 2otoro!a 2o)i!it" (a su)si+iar" of Coog!e Inc
0hich Coog!e on an. <%, #%&' sai+ it 0ou!+ se!! to Geno4o).
'>.1 PsEchotronic Wea)ons in !raM War ! and !!
Another techno!og" affecting the min+, +e4e!o3e+ )" the *.S. Arm", is ?4oice of 3od@ or K4oice
to SB0llJ 3u!se+ micro0a4e. *!tra High ,reEuenc" (*H,).9er" High ,reEuenc" (9H,)
;or more on Targeted Indi.idua$s see ,esse 5entura, “)rain In.aders,( Conspira#y Theory te$e.ision
show, segment a.ai$ab$e at/ http/00www1youtube1#om0wat#h6.7a'a&kmyy5so1
;or more on 'un#tiona$ neuroimaging, see this 233B segment, 8es$ey *tah$, “Mind Aeading,( >3
Minutes, a.ai$ab$e at/ http/00www1#bsnews1#om0.ideo0wat#h06
id7511-B35n http/00www1#bsnews1#om0.ideo0wat#h06id7511-B35n1
rti#$e on Goog$e In#1 announ#ement o' sa$e o' Motoro$a Mobi$ity to 8eno.o a.ai$ab$e at/
9* &:M@ AIG&T* ?ETITI9@ 2 ,9&@ M1 @GE8 5*1 :1*11
0hich a!!o0s for targeting s3ecific )rains of in+i4i+ua!s an+ 3roJecting either
su)!imina! messages or e4en actua! 4oices 0hich others cannot hear +irect!" into the )rain.

/rain 0a4es of norma! thin8ing can )e +isru3te+ remote!", as e4i+ence+ in the fo!!o0ing
shoc8ing 4i+eo from //C ,our 9i+eo, 0hich a!so ma" sho0 0hat cou!+ )e an effort to
mani3u!ate or intimi+ate *.S. me+ia )" ma8ing re3orters gar)!e their 0or+s on the air-
htt3s-..000."outu)e.com.0atch74W8Go'<+'h(*. C;;1s An+erson Coo3er a!so suffere+ such
an a33arent e3iso+e.
(his ?9oice of Co+@ techno!og" 0as re3orte+!" use+ )" *.S. mi!itar" forces in IraE War I an+ II.
64en Washington Post Associate 6+itor an+ author /o) Woo+0ar+ attri)ute+ a +ec!ine in
4io!ence +uring the ?Surge@ in IraE to a ?ne0@ an+ to3-secret 0ea3ons s"stem, the +e4e!o3ment
of 0hich has )een tantamount to the 2anhattan ProJect, the features of 0hich +irect!"
corres3on+ to 3s"chotronic 0ea3ons.
In anuar" &$$$, the 6* Par!iament 3asse+ a Reso!ution on ?2in+ Contro!@ Wea3onr", ca!!ing
for ?an internationa! con4ention intro+ucing a g!o)a! )an on a!! +e4e!o3ments an+ +e3!o"ments
of 0ea3ons 0hich might ena)!e an" form of mani3u!ation of human )eings.@

A #%&< interim re3ort on the Presi+ent1s /RAI; (/rain Research an+ Inno4ation in
;euroscience) Initiati4e sai+, V+irect!" acti4ating an+ inhi)iting 3o3u!ations of neurons,
neuroscience is 3rogressing from o)ser4ation to causation, an+ much more is 3ossi)!e5V
Su)seEuent!", the Asian Human Rights Commission, 3u)!isher of (orture 2agazine raise+ a!arm
o4er Presi+ent O)ama1s /RAI; Initiati4e (/rain Research an+ Inno4ation in ;euroscience), an+
in #%&< it +enounce+ the +e4e!o3ment an+ use of 3s"chotronic 0ea3ons.
"es#ription o' 5oi#e o' God, *haron 4einberger, “The 5oi#e o' God 4eapon
Aeturns,( 4ired MagaDine, 21 "e#ember 1, 233+, a.ai$ab$e at
http/00www1wired1#om0dangerroom0233+0120the2.oi#e2o'2go01 *ee a$so *te.e
Corman, “?*<9?* Te#h/ 5oi#es in your head,( 23 "e#ember, 233+, a.ai$ab$e at/
nderson Cooper suGering a possib$e atta#k using trans#rania$ magneti# stimu$ation or a simi$ar
te#hno$ogy/ http/00www1youtube1#om0wat#h6.7A1pFMtb-tk1
5ideo o' )ob 4oodward dis#ussing a new top2se#ret weapons system, whi#h 5i#tim states #ou$d
on$y be a psy#hotroni# weapons system, in an inter.iew with ndrea Mit#he$$, a.ai$ab$e at/
http/00www1youtube1#om0wat#h6.7w8h9:;<=T"M1 5ideo o' 4oodward on >3 Minutes/
European ?ar$iament Aeso$ution on the En.ironment, *e#urity and ;oreign ?o$i#y 'rom ,anuary 2B,
1---, point 2+, a.ai$ab$e at/ http/00www1europar$1europa1eu0p.20p.26
#7AE*98L?9*71 1
Interim report on the 9bama )AI@ Initiati.e is a.ai$ab$e at/
*ee *eptember 2+, 2313 statement 'rom the sian &uman Aights Commission on neuroweapons,
a.ai$ab$e at/ http/00www1humanrights1asia0news0ahr#2news0&AC2*TM21+4223131
9* &:M@ AIG&T* ?ETITI9@ 2 ,9&@ M1 @GE8 5*1 :1*11
A!!u+ing to this re3ort, the Asian Human Rights Commission continue+-
K#he threat is real. (he ;IH Interim Re3ort is another of man" in+ications that )rain techno!og" for
neuro0ea3ons is scientifica!!" 3ossi)!e. A++itiona!!", some sa" such techno!ogies ha4e )een use+
s"stematica!!" against se!ect 3eo3!e in 4arious Juris+ictions5 +efinitions on certain 3roce+ures an+
3ractices ha4e to )e re4isite+ +ue to the man" !ega! !oo3ho!es that a!!o0 for rea! crimina!s to
commit i!!ega! acti4ities.J
It is in this conteFt of Or0e!!ian sur4ei!!ance that m" OAS Human Rights Petition 0as ma+e,
regar+ing the use of e!ectronic torture against me 0hi!e !i4ing in 2eFico an+ tra4e!!ing through
OAS mem)er States.
(his torture has not sto33e+ since Se3tem)er of #%&#, an+ the outcome for me has )een a
high-tech remote monitoring me!o+rama, as can )e seen in the Petition )e!o0.
'>.' ,choes of Sno%denF Assange
In m" case, I note that m" torture has ta8en 3!ace in a conteFt in 0hich the Presi+ent of the
6uro3ean Par!iament, 2artin Schu!z, has sai+ that *.S. secret ser4ices are ?out of contro!,@ an+
it is no0 0e!! 8no0n that the *.S., 0ith the 8no0!e+ge of Presi+ent O)ama, has engage+ in
s3"ing on a massi4e !e4e!, inc!u+ing against a!!ies Ita!", ,rance, Cerman", /razi!, S3ain an+
2eFico, in co!!usion 0ith the ,i4e 6"es states.
I high!ight the statement from former ;ationa! Securit" Agenc" Contractor an+ 0hist!e)!o0er
6+0ar+ Sno0+en, 0ho sai+ in his #%&< Christmas a++ress-
?A chi!+ )orn to+a" 0i!! gro0 u3 0ith no conce3tion of 3ri4ac" at a!!. (he"K!! ne4er 8no0 0hat it
means to ha4e a 3ri4ate moment to themse!4es -- an 0nrecordedF 0nanalE"ed tho0ght.@
Sno0+en a!so has a!so state+ that in an inter4ie0 that he fears for his !ife +ue to threats from
the *nite+ States Co4ernmentI 9ictim states that he, too, fears for his !ife +ue to the man"
threats ma+e against him.
A!!u+ing to Sno0+en, (ime.com sai+-
?(he 0hist!e)!o0er, 0ho has )een grante+ as"!um in Russia, cite+ re3orts of anon"mous *.S.
officia!s 0ishing him harm. U(hese 3eo3!e, an+ the" are go4ernment officia!s, ha4e sai+ the" 0ou!+
!o4e to 3ut a )u!!et in m" hea+ or 3oison me 0hen I come out of the su3ermar8et an+ then 0atch
me +ie in the sho0er,1 Sno0+en sai+.@
.ai$ab$e at/ http/00www1#nb#1#om0id0131142-131
Edward *nowden statement a.ai$ab$e at/ http/00www1dai$ymotion1#om0.ideo0J1ae'b3Csnowden2
9* &:M@ AIG&T* ?ETITI9@ 2 ,9&@ M1 @GE8 5*1 :1*11
Senators, 3!ease +o not forget the 3ast a)uses in the form of non-consensua! min+ contro!
eF3eriments )" the Centra! Inte!!igence Agenc" (CIA) in the form of ProJect 2A*G(RA, eF3ose+
)" the Church Committee in the &$B%s.

(he Church Committee un4ei!e+ #% "ears of a)use in a series of non-scientific min+ contro!
eF3erimentation 3roJects using, for eFam3!e, GSD, s!ee3 +e3ri4ation an+ other forms of torture.
Senators, I can assure "ou that this 0ea3onr" eFists an+ is )eing use+ to monitor the American
3eo3!e in 4io!ation, at the 4er" !east, of the '
, =
an+ D
Amen+ments to the Constitution.
I 8no0, )ecause I cut m" o0n throat in 3rotest of the use of this 0ea3onr" against me.
28.3Micro%aveF U/1 or 4/1- O0r ,ntire $odies are S!3!N#
2icro0a4e. *H, or 9H, signa!s can )e transmitte+ an+ +etecte+ in an" num)er of 0a"s- 4ia
sate!!ite, 4ia ce!!u!ar te!e3hone to0ers, micro0a4e transmitters or em)e++e+ in te!e4ision or
ra+io )roa+cast signa!s.
So-ca!!e+ CW6; to0ers, 0hich are micro0a4e to0ers )ui!t in the *.S. +uring the Co!+ War to
3reser4e communications +uring a nuc!ear stri8e, cou!+ a!so )e use+ to transmit so-ca!!e+
?9oice to S8u!!@ techno!og", Dr. Ro)ert Duncan, a former CIA contractor has state+.
2" research 3ro4i+es o4er0he!ming e4i+ence that such techno!ogies eFist an+, in fact, are
)eing use+ to carr" out eF3erimentation, 3erha3s !ea+ing to routine, non-+emocratic targeting of
in+i4i+ua!s, sectors of the 3o3u!ation an+ the 3o3u!ation as a 0ho!e, 0hich 0ou!+ )e a gross
4io!ation of the human rights of e4er" human )eing on 6arth.
I urge a serious an+ in-+e3th in4estigation of the 3s"chotronic 0ea3ons ca3a)i!ities of nation
states, an+ I assert that a g!o)a! )an on such 0ea3ons shou!+ )e a high 3riorit" for mu!ti!atera!
organizations such as the 6uro3ean Par!iament, the *nite+ ;ations (*;), the Organizations of
American States (OAS) an+ other )o+ies.
I urge "ou to rea+ m" OAS Petition, if not for me, then to he!3 3rotect the human rights of our
generation an+ future generations.
I assure "ou, no one is imm0ne from this techno!og".
ohn 2. ;age!
Chur#h Committee report a.ai$ab$e at/
9* &:M@ AIG&T* ?ETITI9@ 2 ,9&@ M1 @GE8 5*1 :1*11

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