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coma On) sxBET involvement in the seizing of Nikola Tesla's research papers and other documents and ecientific instruments after his death on January 7, 1943. They poured ee that Tesla was @ scfentific ae genius and imenter who was Yugoslavia of Serbian arents on ef f56 ene" as wetgols later in rae Austria. ague, aki aris, eee bt8, “tn ori ‘early 1881 ene hom Thoma: faon'a laborator a couple of years, then started his own lab tee being paid a million dollars for rights to his patente on his polyphas “ystems of alternating current dynamo ch legd to the harnessing of Niagra Falls for producing electricity and then the power system of the whole country. He was natu: a 1889. He predicted wireless communication (radio). lis eriments in Colorado and elsewhere legd to his producing artificlal Lightning in the Billions ‘of volts. He aleo had Titer ned on ike beeing of neon pers floure: cent teres Led he eer made little money oo cer ions," although he tontim Gs txperteerte Te ‘leading eo eee potential torch, which he never patented. reclusive in his later years, living in various hotels in New York City. In the 1930's he claimed he had developed the concept and method of building a "death ray", which could destroy planes at many miles distant, for defending Americe. Also, there are report of resonance machines or devices whereby he could shake one or many large city buildings from some distance away. Both = and id that Tesle donated “sone” of his papers (or les thereof) to the Tesla Institute in ie Belgrade, Yugoslavia, set up in the 1930's in his bonor by tl 4 povernment, “Biographies on Tesla claim chat aither the custodian Sf Alten Property and/or the FBI seized his papers and other : Yenedise effects, fncluding a safe or safes, and other property diately after his death in 1943. This ip elaborated on in gasccoriet of certain pages of Margaret Cheney's book, (g ‘ime" Ye said that after World fax ¥y te ta Papers were ela Institute in Belgrade By hts who had become Tit 0 the // re’were reports that some microfilming of resla’s Pe overnment agents while they were still in storage EnPhew vorE°under Rosesovie's cuscouy” . -2- af \s4 ‘ os fomgmmn» &0 ss Algo; the Soviet Oyton has ellepediy had edheos -- to some of Tesia’s 3, possibly in Belgrade and/ else where, which influenced their early res¢arch into directed ehergy weapons, and Butler feels access to wuch of Tesla's papers on lightning, beam weapons and/or "death rays" would ive him more insight into the Soviet beam eeernel program. -. is Butler's area of expertise and responsibility. He ~ thas been unable to locate any Tesla parece or copies of same in the classified or unclassified aries at 'B. However, there are reports that some porti of them were shipped by the Custodian of Alien Property Office in Washington, D.C. to a technical research lab at WPAFB, possibly the Zquipment Lab", now closed for some years or reorganized into another organization. ? oie. he both desirous of Learning| ght locations ef such papbre ef Sesia gp Sov. ghiat in the o for both intelligence and research purposes erefot would like to examine FBI files relating to Nikola Tes: ; possibly any on Sava Kosanovic, his nephew who received the Zz bulk of his pape: Tesla's death, and may possibly have been the subject of FBI investigation. travels to the Washington, D.C. area on FID bus: riodically and can review FBI files at FBIHQ relating to Tesla and Kosanoyic. REQUEST OF THE BUREAU The Bureau te requested to conduct full indices checks on both Nikole Tesla and Sava Kosanovic. Should there be such files at FBIHQ,-as well as at ated that Bureau consider Branting the FID, official access to ‘same, in the curity. . : NEW_yoRK ‘AT_NEW YORK, NEW YORK Will conduct same indices check as requested of Bureau and advise the Bureau and Cincinnati of results and confirm such files and references till exist there 3+ 7. ios «peg o CINCINNATI fi sg AEDAYTON, OBTO * : faa a ry ' i, maintain contact with a Ob) A amt bite - boats abe cena othe 2 te] ake 136