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KV-27XBR91/27XBRo9 RM-Y106 RM-Y107 US Model KV-27XBR51 Chassis No. SCC-E28D-A KV-27XBR55 Chassis No. SCC-E28A-A Canadian Model KV-27XBR51 Chassis No. SCC-E35D-A KV-27XBR55 Chassis No. SCC-E35A-A ANU: IA CHASSIS ‘Television system ‘Channel coverage Preture tube Antenna Input MODELS OF THE SAME SERIES KV.27X@R51/27XBR55 _KV-27XBR50 KV-27XBR10/27XBR60 KV-27XBR15/27XBR65 SPECIFICATIONS ‘American TV standards, VHE:2- 13 UHF: 14 ~ 69 Cable TV: ~ 125 Microniack Tintron tube 27nen pleture measures Giagonally 28: picture tube measured di- ‘agonally ‘7S-ahm external antenna terminal for VHRUKF VIDEO 1,2an31N SVIDEOIN(4-pin mini DIN) Ys1Vpp,75 ohms ‘unbalanced, syne negative €6:0226 Vp-p (Burst signal) 750hms Yvideo (phono jacks}: Ve-p. ‘7-ohms unbalanced, sync negative ‘Audio (phono jacks): 500 mms (100% modulation) Impedance: 47 klohms ‘Output MONITOR OUTPUT ‘SVIDEO OUTPUT (t-pin mini DIN) Yi1 Vp, 7500s unbalanced, syne negative €:0.286 Vp-p Burst signal) 75