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The Lost Gods of England Brian Branston Topic ekcteofesiae athe centuries have superimposed. Itisat the i four country customs, it red unlucky to catch our first ‘of the new moon through glass, sepresent Yggdeasil, upports the universe, continued to worship ached these shores. The ‘lost’ inhabit our subconscious, they jgely govern our thoughts and our 1k, withits wealth of jons, Brian Branston, mythological rick wrote wl agrecable book teaches usa lotabour the northern gods. .. satisfactorily explains their importance, and with their help rediscovers the pantheon of the Anglo- Saxons.’ Raymond Mostimer said ‘Oneis, glad tohave learntall-and morethaa all-that isknown about the Anglo-Saxon gods. MrBranston’s book includesa variety of curious illustrationsand out- of-the-way facts.” with 124 illustrations 19 in colour The Lost Gods of England Brian Branston with 124 illustrations, 19 in colour Book Club Associates London To HUGH BARRETT farmer and FRED STREETER gardener 1 Wayland’s Bones 11 Who were the English? 11 Old English Heathenism Iv Wyrd v_ Who was God? vi Woden vit Thunor vill Frig 1x Frey and Freya x The Bleeding God x1 Old Norse and Old English Myth x1 Balder into Christ List of Illustrations Index CONTENTS 35 37 72 93 109 127 135 1$7 189 203 209

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