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Generic Name (Brand Name) Generic Name: Diazepam Brand Name: Valium Indication for the Patient: Adjunct

in the management of: 1) Anxiety 2) Preoperative sedation 3) Conscious sedation - Provides light anesthesia and anterograde amnesia - Treatment of status epilepticus/ uncontrolled seizures - Skeletal muscle relaxant - Management of the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal Classification: Antianxiety agents, anticonvulsants, sedative/hyptonics, skeletal muscle relaxants

Route/ Dosage Route: IM Dosage: 10mg Frequency: As needed

Mechanism of Action - Depress the CNS, probably by potentiating GABA, an inhibitory neurotransmitter. - Produces skeletal muscle relaxation by inhibiting spinal polysynaptic afferent pathways. - Has anticonvul-sant properties due to enhanced presynaptic inhibition.Therapeutic effects: (1) Relief of Anxiety (2) Sedation (3) Amnesia (4) Skeletal muscle relaxant (5) Decreased seizure activity

Side Effects/Adverse Effects - CNS: 1) dizziness 2) drowsiness 3) lethargy 4) hangover 5) headache 6) depression - EENT: 1) blurred vision - RESP: 1) respiratory depression - CV: 1) hypotension - GI: 1) constipation 2) diarrhea 3) nausea 4) vomiting - DERM: 1) rashes - LOCAL: 1) pain (IM) 2) phlebitis (IV) 3) venous thrombosis - MISC: 1) physical & psychological dependence 2)tolerance

Nursing Considerations - Monitor BP, PR,RR prior to periodically throughout therapy and frequently during IV therapy. - Assess IV site frequently during administration, diazepam may cause phlebitis and venous thrombosis. - Prolonged high-dose therapy may lead to psychological or physical dependence. Restrict amount of drug available to patient. Observe depressed patients closely for suicidal tendencies. - Observe and record intensity, duration and location of seizure activity. The initial dose of diazepam offers seizure control for 15-20 min after administration. - IM injections are painful and erratically absorbed. If IM route is used, inject deeply into deltoid muscle for maximum absorption. - Caution patient to avoid taking alcohol or other CNS depressants concurrently with this medication. - Effectiveness of therapy can be demonstrated by decrease anxiety level; control of seizures; decreased tremulousness.