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77078580 5 Jenis Teks Monolog Sederhana Bahasa Inggris Untuk SMP

77078580 5 Jenis Teks Monolog Sederhana Bahasa Inggris Untuk SMP

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Ada beberapa jenis teks yang perlu diketahui, diantaranya: Narrative, Recount, Procedure, Descriptive dan Report. I. Narrative Teks narrative adalah teks yang menceritakan sesuatu yang imajinatif atau khayalan dengan tujuan untuk menghibur pembaca (to entertain the readers). Ciri - ciri teks narrative: • • • • • • • • Biasanya berbentuk cerita atau dongeng. Terdapat permasalahan dan langkah yang diambil untuk memecahkan masalah itu. Contoh: tale (dongeng), folktale (cerita rakyat), legend (legenda), dan fable. Menggunakan Simple past tense Orientation: Pendahuluan yang berupa pengenalan tokoh, tempat, waktu (who, when, where). Complication: Pemunculan masalah Resolution: Pemecahan / penyelesaian masalah Reorientation: Penutup berisi ungkapan yang menunjukkan bahwa cerita sudah berakhir. *Reorientation bersifat optional (boleh ada, boleh tidak). Text I Long, long time ago, there lived a beautiful girl named Cinderella. Because her parents passed away, she lived with her step mother and step sister. Cinderella was very sad everyday because she had to do the house work alone. One day, the king wanted to find the wife for his son. He invited all the beautiful girls to come. Cinderella was very sad because her step sister did not let her go. Her sister went to the palace without Cinderella. Luckily, The Angel came and helped Cinderella danced with the prince. He felt in love with her; then he married her. They lived happily ever after.

Generic structure (susunan teks)




Questions 1. With whom did Cinderella lived? a. Her father b. Her mother a. her mother b. her step mother 3. What story is this a. Recount c. Procedure c. Her mother and sister d. Her step mother and step sister c. the angel d. the prince

2. Cinderella could go to the palace because of the help from….


To Rahmat’s house c. Recount c. They went at 9 a. but Rahmat and his girl friend enjoyed the trip very much. Events: Rangkaian peristiwa yang terjadi pada tokoh. tempat terjadi. when). Description b. Orientation Events Reorientation Questions: Where did Rahmat’s girl friend go last month? a. Procedure 2|Page . At 4 o’clock. What kind of story is this? a. Sea World 2. They were sometimes afraid of seeing very big fish. Narrative a. There were many kinda of fish they saw. Rahmat and his girl friend went to Ancol. first they went to the Sea World. The communicative purpose is to… II. The trip was tiring. To Indomaret 1. retell d.m. kejadian atau peristiwa seseorang. give the report d.b. To Ancol b. Text II Last month. In Ancol. tell the procedure 4. they bought Aqua and snacks at Indomaret. Recount Teks recount bercerita mengenai pengalaman. On the way. To school d. Ciri – ciri teks recount: • • Menggunakan simple past tense Goal/ tujuan: to retell (menceritakan peristiwa) yang telah terjadi pada seseorang Generic Structure: • • • Orientation: Pengenalan pelaku. They went to Ancol to see the Sea World. entertain the readers b. Dunia fantasi b. Reorientation: Penutup yang biasanya diikuti komentar si pelaku tau tokoh tentang kejadian yang dialaminya. Gelanggang Samudra c. dan kapan berlangsungnya (who. Report c. What place did they visist in Ancol? a. they went home. Narrative d. where. from their house by taxi. Istana Boneka d.

I put rice in the pot that contains the water. the rice is ready. What kind of text is it? a. reorientation d. Narrative d. event b. 5 3. steps c. Procedure Teks procedure adalah teks yang bertujuan untuk menceritakan bagaimana membuat/melakukan sesuatu berdasarkan serangkaian langkah (steps).3. biasanya berupa judul Materials: Bahan – bahan yang dibutuhkan Steps: Cara/langkah melakukan kegiatan ini Generic Structure Text III How to Cook Rice I make rice almost everyday. First. Ciri – ciri teks procedure: • • • • Menggunakan kalimat perintah Aim/goal: Tujuan melakukan kegiatan. Procedure c. to use the pot c. aim. aim. and I serve it to my guests. materials. entertain b. describe someone d. Descriptive b. The communicative purpose is to…. When it becomes hot. I put some water in a pot and then I put the pot on the fire. to help mother b. Recount 4. to breathe d. steps 3|Page . 4 d. The organization of the text is… a. 1. The last paragraph is…… a. How many steps are there to cook the rice? a. 2 b. tell the procedure III. orientation 4. retell someone’s story c. Finally. procedure c. What is the purpose of the text? a. materials. After that I cook the rice over a medium fire for about 15 minutes. to know how to cook rice 2. a. 3 c.

I t is small. Description: Brownie is a chinese breed. tempat. The communicative purpose is to ….b. When I cuddle it. 1. It is a dog. retell story b. the fur feels soft. Procedure 2. aim. Description: berisi ciri – ciri khusus yang dimiliki benda. big d. Brownie is fluffy. materials IV. a. tell something specifically c. aim. atau orang yang akan dideskripsikan. steps. What kinds of text is it? a. materials d. It has got thick brown fur. Narrative d. tempat. Brownie doesn’t like bones. The synonim of fluffy is…. small b. and I call it brownie. tell something in general d. Descriptive Teks descriptive adalah jenis teks yang digunakan untuk mendeskripsikan seseorang. Descriptive c. benda. fluffy. Generic Structure: Text IV Identification: I have a pet. Recount b. a. soft 4|Page . steps. and cute. entertain the readers 3. harsh c. atau binatang secara spesifik. Ciri – ciri teks descriptive: • • • Menggunakan Simple present Identification: Pendahuluan tentang apa dan siapa yang kan dideskripsikan.

Generic Structure: Text V General classification: The largest meat –eating animal in the world is the brown bear that lives in Alaska. 1. buatan. The paw is very sharp so that it can kill if it hurts us. Recount The child of the bear is called … a. Report Teks report adalah teks yang digunakan untuk mendeskripsikan binatang.. so don’t ever try to wound the mother of the cub. Brownie will keep away from people. it weighs only about a half kilo. sesuatu/ benda secara umum. Narration The communicative purpose is …. Descriptive d. Tell the procedure d. Description and classification b. Describe something specifically b. a brownie d. Report b. dan sosial yang ada atau terjadi di lingkungan kita. Amerika. Describe something in general 5|Page . What kind of text is this? a. kualitas dan perilaku. a. Description d. Description: Menerangkan sesuatu/fenomena yang dibahas meliputi bagian. a. a paw The first paragraph is …. Narrative c. 4.V. Ciri – ciri teks report: • • • • • Membahas tentang pengamatan hasil studi Menggunakan Simple present tense Goal/tujuan: menggambarkan participant apa adanya secara umum (general) General classification: Pengantar mengenai sesuatu/fenomena yang akan dibahas. When it was born. the brown bear can outfight a tiger. General classification c. 3. misalnya berbagai benda/fenomena alam. a brown bear c. but when it is angry. a cub b. Description: A grown brownie may be up to 10 feet tall. 2. Retell the story c. It weighs about 800 kilograms.

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