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/. ALL THE PRESIDENTS MEN Screenplay by William Goldman Based on the Book by Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward WILDWOOD ENTERPRISES, INC. MAY 10, 1975 ALL THE FRESIDENT'S MEN FADE IN: ON WHITE 1 Just white. The screen isn't blank, that's something white up there. But what? It's impossible to tell. It doesn't go away though. It just stays there, the whole screen white and then suddenly -- ‘BLAMMMMMMMI 2 There is what sounds like a shot and it reverberates and whatever the hell it was has made a small mark: in the white and the whole effect should be startling. Now, on the white, we can see what the mark is and it's this: the letter J BLAMMMMMM! 3 Another terrifying sound and now we see what that is: the letter U Now a sound begins to be heard. Soft but getting 4 louder and louder and it's a celebration. SCREAMS and CHEERS and ‘BLAMMMMMMMMI the letter N It's clear now that the white we saw at the beginning was a piece of paper and the sound is that of a type- writer cutting into the paper, the keys forming words. What ie finally typed out is t: he following: JUNE 1, And the celebration sound now starts becoming clear 5 too, because we bleed away from the white into News- reel footage and it's R. M. Nixon at the moment’ of his @reatest triumph, coming back from Russia, Nixon the Peacemaker and all around him are the trappings of power, the band and the secret service escort and the helicopters and the crowds cheering louder and louder. The footage is bleck and white and just sensational and as it reaches a cacophonous peak, a new tinny tiny sound starts, gradually growing louder too and when it becomes more than a little noticable we cur To: 6 ae <6 ‘and OMITTED : and ’ 7 . 7 y 1 "8 INT, GARAGE ie at} ‘A young Black Security Guard (FRANK WILLS) making his rounds. He tours the Watergate garage, looking for nothing in particular. He @ out of the garage, . stops, stares and we site . ap le.” Wills walks over to it, a ee bee the door, sees that ‘the tape keeps it from 24 a ‘He hesitates, shrugs, mtters to himself, : = pulls the t tape tron the door -- ees 10 = 2 on We PAN with him as he leaves the garage and heads -Seeross the street toward a Howard Johnson sign. He “enters the coffee shop. ane CUT TO: 12 _ Onl thé TV site a rather elaborate radio. BALDWIN 18 finishing a Howard Johnson's milkshake. A sheaf of 5 $100 bilis is on the bed. =, 13 THRU WINDOW - WILLS IN THE COFFEE = NIGHT 13 . Raving » cup of coffee and daydreaming. : ae eared ~ cur To: - wu BALDWIN - NIGHT ‘ feces et we Now alone in his room, moves to his balleony. cur TO: