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This is my summary of the MarketingProfs Business-to-Business Forum that took place in Boston June 8-9. I have included links to the slides from each session I attended as well as relevant links to outside resources mentioned in each session.
This is my summary of the MarketingProfs Business-to-Business Forum that took place in Boston June 8-9. I have included links to the slides from each session I attended as well as relevant links to outside resources mentioned in each session.

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Published by: Becky Pearce on Jun 11, 2009
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Recap of MarketingProfs Business-to-Business Forum June 8-9, 2009

    Connect the pieces (website, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) of our social media puzzle. Tell a “story” about who we are and what we do. Educate all associates on the social media tools we are using so they understand how they can contribute and what the benefit is to them. Determine where are our clients are on the web and make sure we are there.

INTERACTIVE SESSION: What Will Social Media do for my Business? Interactive Q&A
Moderator: Facilitator: Panelists: Greg Verdino, Chief Strategy Officer, crayon, LLC Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer, MarketingProfs Donna M. Tucci, Director, Web/New Media, Ingersoll Rand Aneta Hall, Emerging Media Manager, Pitney Bowes Monique Trulson, Manager of Web & E-Commerce, Hello Direct

        

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Create best practices and strategy for SM efforts. Define goals: Marketing vs. Branding vs. Recruitment, etc. TEACH/EDUCATE on how to use SM. What are the perceptions our clients/potential clients have? Everyone insists that you may not think people are talking about you but they ARE. Really, are they? We need to do more digging to find out. “If there is no “bad” people won’t believe the good.” Social media humanizes companies Monitor search terms and create RSS feeds for them. Where are our clients? How do we find out where they spend their time on the web? o ASK THEM. o ASK ASSOCIATES. They may know and interact with them and we don’t even realize it. Even more reason to provide guidance to all associates. o Do some basic Google searches for key individuals at each client. See where they are at. Mobile website is very important. If users cannot access from mobile devices they WILL get frustrated. Breakdown each SM component by department. How can they each use it and how does it benefit them? Highly recommended Microblogging behind a firewall (i.e. Yammer). o Flattens the organization. o Humanizes it for associates. o Serves as a training tool to get people comfortable with social. o Removes geographic barriers. Look for relevant Facebook Groups. Join them. (Look for Facebook resources on MarketingProfs site)

Personal summary of event by Becky Pearce - June 10, 2009

Recap of MarketingProfs Business-to-Business Forum June 8-9, 2009
SESSION: Social Media Hot Seat
Lab Leader:                    Jason Baer, Founder & President, Convince & Convert

        

Make sure all blogs use the same platform/format. Add profiles for blog writers. Add commenting feature for blog. Improve URLs so they make sense to the viewer. Check readability on website and all SM pages. Use more cross linking within blog posts and create a blogroll on our page. Both will build more awareness of our blog and create better SEO. Title tags? Use official corporate background on Twitter page. Commenting on other blogs we read will also improve visibility and SEO. Research relevant blogs and target those that could provide the most leverage. Use outside sites to post pictures, video, slideshows, documents, etc. This improves visibility and SEO. (See Scribd for documents.) Post white papers/research papers to Scribd. Get involved with LinkedIn Groups to show expertise. Plus increases visibility and SEO. Identify key search terms we want to be associated with. Use these terms wherever possible. Identify 2 and hit them hard. See Kadient as example. Better use of YouTube descriptions for SEO. Use key search terms we identify. Embed more video and photos into blogs, website, etc. rather than just linking to them. On Locations map, relate more to our own company. What can we say about our people in those locations? Community Service initiative is not prominent enough. Speaks volumes about who we are and could be important to potential clients. Could make us stand out. Creates a kinship with us they may not otherwise have. Not immediately clear what we do. Add “A Marketing Company” to logo. Make colors more consistent across all platforms. Twitter Feed page – consider not just showing company tweets but also relevant Twitter searches. Also agreed that we need to add photos of those Tweeting for the company and links to their personal Twitter accounts, if they have them and want to share. (Check on www.TheAdvancedGuard.com for white paper on using FB for business) Flickr feed on website –, creates a kinship, humanizes the company. (Look at Alltop for best blogs) TELL A STORY. Connect the pieces again somehow. Guide associates on how to talk about different topics. (Check on plug-in to add blogs to LinkedIn.) “Fun without being off brand.” Was used to describe video Kadient created and posted to YouTube. Consider taking presentations and breaking them down into multiple blog post. Always think about how things can be deconstructed and used in multiple ways/multiple platforms. (Look at Jay Baer’s 22 Ways to Dominate LinkedIn.)

Personal summary of event by Becky Pearce - June 10, 2009

Recap of MarketingProfs Business-to-Business Forum June 8-9, 2009
SESSION: Developing Online Communities that Increase Customer Loyalty
Moderator: Panelist: Diane Hessan, President & CEO, Communispace Joanne Del Toro, Director, Online Communities, Network Solutions Gretchen Harding, Senior Marketing Manager, Intuit Nathan Beverly, Marketing Strategy & Insights Manager, WellPoint Corporate Marketing

           

Several people on panel said they were able to gain stories/testimonials through their customer communities that they later were able to use in their other marketing efforts. Share customer insight with associates once we have it. Build trust. Don’t hard sell through the community. How do you keep people engaged? Allow them to engage with each other. Make them feel like their ideas/feedback are being listened to and applied to changes in the business. Must respond, engage and follow up. Must be a well-moderated site to help discussion along. The more moderators the better to get different perspectives. Allow EVERY user to moderate inappropriate content. Everyone should be able to immediately report inappropriate content. Moderate and monitor but NOT filter. Can also setup automatic filters for certain content. Specific terms, phrases, etc. Don’t allow anyone to post anonymously. Don’t feel obligated to create a community. Consider starting small (cheap) and growing. If you don’t have at least 100 customers that will be on the site then don’t bother. It’s not a large enough community for customers to feel like they are gaining something and are part of a community.

SESSION: BOOST your Campaign: 5 Rules for Successful, Integrated Design
Speaker: George Hague, Senior Marketing Strategist, J. Schmid & Associates, Inc.

Brand Objective Offer Sell Track
   What is our One Simple Truth? What are our customers really buying? What are our client’s pain points?

Personal summary of event by Becky Pearce - June 10, 2009

Recap of MarketingProfs Business-to-Business Forum June 8-9, 2009
SESSION: Developing Robust Online Content to Keep Prospects and Customers Engaged
Moderator: Panelists: Matthew T. Grant, PhD, Thought Ronin, www.MatthewTGrant.com Mike O’Toole, President & Partner, PJA Advertising & marketing Phil Juliano, VP of Marketing, Novell Christopher S. Penn, CTO, Student Loan Network Valerie Maltoni, Director, Marketing Communications, SunGuard Availability Services

           

Create a blueprint. Make customers part of the construction. User-driven content is the most influential. Create “shareable” content (useful, entertaining, educational, etc.) and provide the tools needed to share it from the blog. Add search box to site then tie Google Analytics to the search box so we know what people are looking for when they get to our site. Search different sites for questions people are asking in our industry. Then provide that info via blogs, white papers, etc. on our site. More obvious place for Contact Us. What is our call to action? (check into Autodesk – more than 100 company blogs) Educate employees on maximizing their LinkedIn profile. Use Customer Service inbox to drive ideas for content. What could we use? How do we get frontline associates to tell us what the hot topics are and then provide that content? Look for industry conferences and present on social media.

SESSION: Marketing 2.0: Integrating Social Media into Your Marketing Mix
Speaker:      Sandy Carter, Vice President, SOA, BPM and WebSphere, IBM Corporation

 

Social Media is just a tool in Marketing Strategy IBM Social Media Council – Get together to discuss what’s happening in SM and how to use for B2B. (Check into IBM Study in Business Week) Must be volunteer based. Don’t force people to get involved with SM. It then it will show through. IBM mixes personal and professional and allows anyone to blog. Provide social media guidelines that were created by their associates. Were able to improve their ranking on the Interbrand list from 3 to 2 because of their SM since it humanized the brand by putting a personal face on it. Even provide an alumni community to support associates who have left the company. Helps to prevent bad word of mouth when associates leave. Designed a widget that they use to push materials out after conferences. Allows IBM to track views and downloads. IBM’s most productive sales team is the team behind their live chat – their sales are 10x that of other sales teams.

Personal summary of event by Becky Pearce - June 10, 2009

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