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Legend for Prefixes: "-" Existing in collection. "*" Missing in collection. "?" Parts/Whole serie maybe in collection, im not sure. 1. The Tao of Philosophy - Slices of Wisdom - Images of God - Coincidence of Opposites - Seeing Through the Net - Myth of Myself - Man in Nature - Limits of Language 2. Philosophies of Asia *The Relevance of Oriental Philosophy *The Mythology of Hinduism *Eco-Zen - Swallowing a Ball of Hot Iron - Intellectual Yoga Introduction to Buddhism -Taoist Way of Karma - 3. Myth and Religion - Not What Should Be, But What Is! - Spiritual Authority - Jesus: His Religion? - Democracy in Heaven - Image of Man - Sex in the Church 4. Buddhism: Religion of No Religion - The Journey from India - The Middle Way - Buddhism as Dialogue - Religion of No Religion - Wisdom of the Mountains - Transcending Duality - Diamond Web

5. Eastern and Western Zen I - Swimming Headless - Wisdom of the Ridiculous - Uncarved Block, Unbleached Silk - Zen Bones - Biting an Iron Bull - Zen Tales 6. Eastern and Western Zen II - Introduction to Zen * Early Chinese Zen I & II Early Chinese Zen III & IV - The World as Just So I & II & III & IV Experiencing the Illusion of the Self 7. Philosophy and Society * Veil of Thoughts Divine Madness We as Organism - What Is Reality? - Mysticism and Morality - On Being God 8. Philosophy and Society II - On Time and Death ? The Cosmic Drama Philosophy of Nature Spectrum of Love Game of Yes and No - The Smell of Burnt Almonds 9. Philosophy of the Tao - Philosophy of the Tao I & II - Philosophy of the Tao III & IV Landscape, Soundscape Being in the Way I & II Being in the Way III & IV

10. Way Beyond the West Study of Asia - Constitution of Nature ? Parallel Thinking Love of Waters Ghosts (Wittgenstein) Karma: Law of Retribution? - Fundamentals of Buddhism The Gateless Gate - Buddhist Mysticism Bhagavad Gita - Return to the Forest (on Joseph Campbell) - The Odyssey of Aldous Huxley 11. Zen and the Arts The Democratization of Buddhism - Zen and the Controlled Accident I -> IV A Contemplative Ritual - Why Not Now? Zenrin Poems 12. Images of God Game of Yes and No * Out of the Trap The Web of Life * The Joker The World as Self The World as Emptiness