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Psychic Sexual Command User Story

I looked down at the redhead leisurely giving me oral sex and find it impossible to keep the grin off my face as I watched the play of her pouty lips slide up and down my thick, black penis. In just six months my life had changed dramatically. Id gone from being a total loser working in a 7-11 to make ends meet to being the Master of a stable of beautiful, wealthy women. All thanks to an argument..... I was stuck doing a double shift since my relief didnt show up...again. I hated graveyard shift. Id been held up many times and always worried that the next one would be the last. Oh I could quit but Id just end up at some other 24 hour convenience store. Its the only sort of job Id ever held and for a high school dropout it was the only sort of job I was going to get. Of course, convenience stores dont pay much so I worked lot of hours to make the rent on my dump of an apartment. It was three am and a slow night. The Spicy Bites were looking damn good so I figured Id have a couple. Just then a car pulls up and a hot blonde gets out of the passenger side, slams the door and storms into the store and heads straight for the slushy machine. The driver is some pretty boy who scampers in after her. He is begging her to listen and understand about something. She is reaching for a cup then spins to face her boyfriend and the look on her face scares even me. I wouldnt want to be in that poor bastards shoes. You asshole! Reading a book like that? What, Im not enough for you? I dont do enough for you? No Susan, you dont understand.... Whats there to understand Mark? You have a book on making women do what you want. Making them sex slaves! I had been listening...well, with her screaming at the top of her lungs I didnt have a choice but now I really perked up. A book for sexually enslaving woman? I wanted to know where to get that. I paid extra close attention. Susan, I am only reading it out of curiosity.... BULLSHIT MARK, BULLSHIT! You harass me endlessly for all the books I read. Youre so cheap you made me quit the book club and check out books from the library, yet you pay twenty dollars for a book about sexually dominating women with the power of your mind and it was just curiosity? For gods sake the only thing you ever read is the sports and the only thing youre ever curious about is whats for dinner! Susan that isnt fair... The truth rarely is asshole! Now its that book or its me. Susan... The book or me Mark. I want that book gone Mark, right fucking now! If its still in the car when we get home, Im packing my shit and going to my sisters and the wedding will be off...for good! You can use your book to get yourself one of those bimbos from that strip club you visit in when youre supposed to be playing cards! Like that she turned her back, grabbed a cup and loaded up on cherry slushy. The she stormed out and hopped in the car. The dude strolls up to the register, pays for the slush and walks out. I watch him open his car door, reach in and take something out. Walks to the garbage can and tosses it in. He gets in the car and burns rubber out of the parking lot. I hustle out, remove the lid and reach into the garbage praying the book didnt land in anything wet or slimy. I lucked out, it was in mint condition. I put the lid back on the garbage can and

hustle back in the store. Back in the light I take a look at the book. Its thin and tan. On the cover is a drawing of a sexy woman wearing a sword. I notice its very cheaply put together. But from the title I could see why dude shelled out the $20 bucks. PSYCHIC SEXUAL COMMAND by MARK DESADE. Probably bullshit, but I was interested in psychic stuff anyway so I figured Id at least read it. It was less than one hundred pages so it wouldnt take up much time and what the hell, It hadnt cost me a dime. I put the book with my stuff and started doing my work so I could get the hell out on time. Id read the book tomorrow. I had no idea at that moment that doing so would change my life and for the better. Its three weeks later and Im excited as I get ready to go to the library. Id read the book and I dont know why but had decided to give it a try. The first bit was BORING as hell, but for some reason I stayed with it and after reading it through front to back for five straight days, I got to practicing. I found that I could actually get people to do little stuff, like my boss giving me a two dollar raise when I only had a dollar coming(that was way overdue) or making Rickey, my relief show up early for his shift. The success excited me but I moved cautiously. All I did with women was make them look at me or get them hot for no apparent reason while they sat on the bus. It was sweet! And would get sweeter. I was going to the library because there was a woman who I saw there regularly who was PIPING hot! She was Asian...Chinese and simply gorgeous. I wanted her. So Id gone into trance down to the special place I built like the book instructed. I had this thing for the mad scientists in old sci fi and horror flicks so my special place wasnt a peaceful glade or sunlight hillside, no. It was modeled on Dr. Frankensteins castle. Of course I tricked it out some, gave it some modern conveniences and even a few futuristic things, like a halo room and a screen for seeing my target anywhere in space/time. Its awfully sweet! Once I was in my castles lab I had powered up the screen and focused in on my target. Pulling dials and knobs I sent a psyche ray deep into her subconscious. I programmed her to be irresistibly attracted to me. Then I programmed that she would be submissive to me and obey all my orders. A red light went off telling me that I had to pull back on the level of submissiveness. She was very strong willed and the submissiveness would have to be gradual. Fine. I turned the dial back from 20 and the red-light didnt go out until I was at 4. It would take forever to make her submissive that way! But I wanted her intelligence and will intact, I had no interest in a mindless bimbo. Then I got an idea. I decided I could make some inroads if I interacted directly with her dreams I went into the dream lab. The dream lab wasnt really a lab the way you think of a was a room with nothing but what looked like an early model electric chair in the center. But dream lab sounded cool so I went with it since that was what the chair did, it let me program dreams...other peoples dreams. I sat down and was automatically strapped in. I went deeper into trance and found myself in her dream. She was dreaming of some guy she worked with. They were flirting. Well, I couldnt have that now could I? I tweaked the dream and suddenly the guy she was talking became a werewolf. She screamed and ran. The werewolf followed. With a thought I was dressed like Indiana Jones and moving with the speed of thought I pulled her out of the way as the werewolfs claws slashed the air where she had been. I pushed her behind me as the werewolf turned to face me, howling with rage. I slashed at him with my whip and it kept him at bay, but soon he grabbed it from my hands and I quickly drew my gun and shot him. The wolf staggered back then with growl prepared to leap. I made a simple change with a thought and shot him again. He was dead before he hit the ground. Indiana Jones didnt load up with silver bullets.

I turned to the woman and she hugged me fiercely, shaking with fear. I whispered calming words to her until she calmed down then made subtle changes to her mood to get her aroused. As she became amorous, the setting shifted to a luxurious bedroom with a huge bed. Our clothes faded away and we kissed, out tongues dueling as if our lives depended on it. I lay her on the bed and fucked her then. First slow then fast, soft then hard, I treated her like a queen and used her like a whore. I brought her to the brink of orgasm and left her there while continuing to ride her hard. I listened to the sweet sound of her begging me to let her cum. I laughed as she cried in frustration, the pressure and the pleasure building. I kept her there, on the edge of the storm for years, millennia, it was a dream after all and I had all the time I could ever want; time enough to break her and I would. I looked her in the eyes as I pounded her relentlessly and asked what she would give me if I let her cum. ANYTHING! she screamed and I told her that when she came, she would then be mine and submit to me. Yes! she screamed and I gave her release. It was like a star going nova. I was flung away and hurled through space and when I landed I was in the dream lab. The chair released me and I immediately went back to the main lab. I turned the knob again to 20 and the red-light went off. I turned it back and it shut off at 18. Almost home. I gave her another shot of the psyche ray. This time when I checked she was at twenty. Beautiful. I shut down the program and closing my eyes, I slowly brought myself out of trance. I was sitting at my kitchen table, just the way Id left myself. I grinned and went to bed. I had a big day ahead of me. I enter the library but dont go to the computers though some are free. Its why I came to the library, to use the computer. But today I didnt want to. Emails could wait. I just wanted her. Ten minutes later she came in and headed straight for the computers as usual, but I willed her to look at me. She did and stopped cold halfway to the computers. I smiled and walked to her. She didnt move, rooted to the spot, eyes wide as if in shock. Hell, after last night maybe she was. I got to where she stood and held out my hand. Hi, Im Sam. She just stared at me then slowly reached up and took my hand. The moment she grasped it something passed between us and she gasped. I smiled. I-Im Mei Ling. Hey, Im going to the coffee shop down the street for a chai tea, join me. She opened her mouth then closed it then spoke. Im sorry but no. I dont know you and I need to check my email. I smiled to put her at ease. Okay, I understand. Well, if you get done with your emails pretty quickly then come on down, Ill just be there for an hour or so. Nice meeting you Mei Ling. I walked off confident that I wouldnt get out the door before she changed her mind. I was right. She caught up with me and put a hand on my arm. Ummm...Sam? Email can wait; Id love a cup of coffee. Great! Lets go. Were back at my apartment, on my bed Im fucking Mei Ling so hard its hurting her; but she loves it. She loves it because I want her to love it. It hadnt even taken a whole cup of coffee to convince her to come back to my place and once inside the door I let the beast out. I dragged her into the bedroom, tore off her clothes and wasted no time in slamming balls deep into her tight pussy and fucking her with everything I had. The powerful orgasms I was giving Mei Ling had her thrashing like a wild woman. I make certain to completely exhaust her and with the overwhelmingly powerful orgasms I gave her she was done after just twenty minutes. I was still rock hard. I turned over on my back hands behind my head, grinning like a clown at the ceiling

while listening to Mei Lings soft breathing. I get up and put on my robe and go sit at the kitchen table. I put myself into trance and take myself down to level, and enter into my Castle. Youre wondering, if this guy has this power, why use some imaginary fortress with imaginary super-science to work his will? Its really very simple: Because its fun. Duh. I go directly to the main lab and check the level of submissiveness. It was at twenty and the redlight stayed off. Mei Ling was mine. I decided to make a couple of physical changes as well. I bring up a graph of Mei Lings body and working het breasts the image morphs, adding a cup size. I consider and decide fuck it; I make it three cup sizes. I turn the image with a few clicks her ass swells to a nice dome shape. I fiddle with her body a bit, making her more toned and strengthening her back so her new breasts dont create a problem there. I increased her libido significantly, give her greater allure and give her more stamina. I lock in the changes and shut down the machinery. I come up from level and eagerly rush to see my handiwork. I nearly spurt upon seeing her lying there. Amazing. Her eyes snap open and she is looking directly at me. I feel an odd compulsion and move towards her without thinking. When Im close enough she yanks me down on the bed and proceeds to fuck me into oblivion. I came again and again and again. Whenever I thought I was done she managed to get me hard again. I command her to stop and she ignores me, continuing to suck my cock. Mei Ling, I order you to stop! She stops sucking my cock but before I can even sigh with relief she climbs back onboard and starts riding me again. My cock was killing me it was so sore. I made eye contact and impressed the thought sleep into het mind. She stops playing mechanical bull and falls over. I lay there exhausted, sore and because of the feeling of dissatisfaction I picked up from her when I put her to sleep, humiliated. What the hell happened? I hadnt even really been able to link to her. Had to be the changes I made. I went too far. I sighed. I really didnt want to change her back in anyway. She was perfect, but way too much for an ordinary man. The light bulb went off in my head. That was it! Id turned her into Wonder Woman but I remained Clark Kent. I was tired but I didnt want to wait. I went back to my Castle and this time turned my machine on myself. I was pretty skinny. I packed on thirty pounds of quality muscle. I tacked on a couple of inches to my cock. After a moments thought a add an inch in girth. I give myself enormous stamina. I tweak this and I tweak that until Im just right. I lock in the changes and I come up from level and go look in the mirror. Infinitely better. I feel Mei Ling stir, sexual need crying out for satisfaction. I grin at my reflection. This time, I wouldnt the one who was sore. I found out Mei Ling was a housekeeper and when I learned who for my cock sprang to attention and dollar signs clouded my vision. Lillian T. was the founder of a multipurpose site, a sort of eBay/ combo that was kicking ass and was rumored to soon be going public. Lillian was already a billionaire, but the stock offering was going to make her a Forbes top ten easy. She was also hands down one of the most beautiful women Id ever seen. Fiery red hair, piercing sea green eyes, a toned 38C-22-38 body that looked 25 rather than 42. I still jacked off to that photo shoot shed done for a mens magazine a year before. Well I wouldnt be jacking off anymore. I quit my job immediately and when my former boss complained that I wasnt giving him two weeks notice I made him get on his knees and beg me to stay in front of a store full of customers. I laughed and walked out. The next night found us at Lillian Ts 10,000 square foot show place. Mei Ling and I were in her

bedroom, Mei Ling naked on Lillians bed playing with her tits and pussy for my pleasure. Who are you? What is the meaning of this! Lillian was home now and pretty pissed seeing a naked woman performing on her bed. She hadnt noticed me yet, too focused on her housekeeper who she just recognized. Mei Ling! What happened to you? How did you get like this? I just saw you yesterday! That would be my doing I said, and Lillian turned around quickly shocked. Who are you? Im your new Master Lillian. Im calling the police! How Lillian, will you call the police, when you cant do anything but think of licking Mei Lings pussy? dont... The woman looked very confused. Go ahead Lillian and take off your clothes, all of them. She began taking them off, still looking confused. Her body was magnificent. My compliments to her trainer. When she was completely nude my cock throbbed with anticipation of my next order. Lillian, I want you to eat Mei Lings pussy. I want you to make Mei Ling cum. Her resistance was gone. Yes Master. Lillian was quite good eating pussy...too good. I used my slight but growing telepathy powers and found out that she was in fact bi-sexual. I grin; my life just kept getting better. I order them into a sixty-nine and and if I hadnt made the changes to myself that I did, Id have cum in my pants. I dont know what it is about two women in a sixty-nine that gets me so hot, I just know I love it. And from now on I could have a live show anytime I wanted, and not some bullshit porn movie. I continued to watch them as I undressed and approached the bed. Lillian instinctively raised up and took my cock into her mouth when I was close enough. I didnt telepathy to see that oral was her thing. I soon pulled from her mouth and climbed onto the bed, positioning myself behind Lillian and sliding into her hot, wet, box. Mei Ling continued to her ministrations with her tongue and it was the most incredible feeling Id even had. Id always wanted a threesome with two gorgeous women and her I was, the fantasy reality. It was the hottest sex of my life. The next day I officially moved in. Mei Ling would continue on as housekeeper. Lillian would run her business as usual. Over time she would connect me with other wealthy women for me to seduce and control. Oh I had no ambition for any type of political power or anything like that. No. I merely wanted a life of wealth and ease. Id be the Lion King and all the kitties would bring me the goodies, just like on those nature shows. Which brings us to now. I continue to grin as Lillian changes the pace of her cock sucking, going faster and faster, looking to bring me off. Even with my enhanced stamina, I wouldnt last much longer and I didnt want to. Soon enough I cum and I blast her mouth with what seems to be a gallon of cum and she swallows every drop with ease. Yeah, I made a few changes to her as well so she could keep up. As she begins to clean my still hard cock, I grin stretches until it hurts, but I just cant help it. This was a sweet deal. Psiman.. Book link

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