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These are binary codecs for use with MPlayer.

They are useless for normal Windows players (like Windows Media Player, QuickTime, RealPlayer, ...) as they only contain the DLLs without installer and other fancy stuff needed to use them with common Windows players. Put the files contained in this archive in a directory where MPlayer will find them. The default directory is /usr/local/lib/codecs/ ($prefix/lib/codecs/) if you are compiling from source, but you can change that value by passing the '--with-codecsdir' option to './configure'. If you use a prebuilt MPlayer package it will most likely be /usr/lib/codecs, see the documentation of your package for details. In the past /usr/local/lib/win32 or /usr/lib/win32 was the default directory, some packages as well as a few other Unix players like xine and avifile still use it, refer to their documentation for further details. On Windows if you are using a prebuilt MPlayer, put the contents of this package in the codecs folder within your main MPlayer installation folder.

stos son codecs binarios para el uso con MPlayer. Ellos estn a favor intiles de jugadores del normalWindows (como Windows Medios de comunicacin Jugador, QuickTime, RealPlayer,...) los asthey slo contienen el DLLs sin instalador y otro neededto de material elegante selos con jugadores de Windows comnes.Ponga los archivos contenidos en este archivo en un directorio donde MPlayer lega findthem. El directorio predefinido es /usr/local/lib/codecs / ($prefix/lib/codecs /) los ifyou estn compilando de la fuente, pero usted puede cambiar ese valor pasando the'--concodecsdir ' la opcin a '. /configure ' .If usted usa un prebuilt que MPlayer empaquetan probablemente ser /usr/lib/codecs,see la documentacin de su paquete para detalles.En el pasado /usr/local/lib/win32 o /usr/lib/win32 estaban el directory,some predefinido empaqueta as como a unos otros jugadores de Unix les gustan el xine y stilluse del avifile l, refirase a su documentacin para detalles extensos.En Windows si usted est usando un prebuilt MPlayer, ponga los volmenes de thispackage en el plegador del codecs dentro de su MPlayer instalacin