Names: ____________________________Date:__________

1. Helen is travelling in Europe. Complete the sentences with she was, she’s
or she´ll be
1. Yesterday she was in Paris
2. Last week ________________in Barcelona.
3. Tomorrow ______________in Amsterdam.
4. At the moment _______________in Brussels.
5. Three days ago __________________in Munich.
6. At the end of her trip ______________very tired.
7. Next week __________________in London

2. Put in Will (´ll) or Won´t
1. Don´t drink coffee before you go to bed. You won´t sleep
2. Are you ready yet? Not yet. I ___________________be ready in five minutes.
3. It___________ rain, so you don´t need to take an umbrella.
4. A: I don´t feel very well this evening.
B: Well, go to bed early and you_____________ feel better in the morning.
5. It´s Brian´s birthday next Friday. He _________be 25.
6. I´m sorry I was late this morning. It ____________happen again.
7. I´m going away for a few days. I’m leaving tonight, so I ___________be at
home tomorrow

3. Complete the sentences. Use I´ll (I Will) with one of these verbs:
carry do eat send show sit stay

 My bag is very heavy.
 I don´t want this apple.
 Did you phone Jenny?
 Do you want a chair?
 Are you coming with me?
 How do you use this camera?
 Enjoy your holyday.

I´ll carry it for you.
Well, I’m hungry. _________________________ it.
Oh no, I forgot. _______________________ it now.
No, it’s OK. _________________________on the floor
No, I don´t think so. _______________________ here.
Give it to me and __________________________you.
Thank you. _____________________ you a postcard.