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Evil Illuminati Necromancy Spell Book! Recovered By B.P.


Various Spells;


Mummy animation spell; Ba+Ka+Image+Life+Instrument


Brainwashing, Puppet control spell incantation; "Persephone is my sister, because she is Goddess of the Dead, And I am God of the dead. I know her name is not Persephone though, this was just a sick freak's perversion of the name, "Isis". So the above has to be treated as fiction, outside of the words I know and below."


Necromancy Sanctify Spell; "Add this nightmare in my head, to the lands of the dead, don't give into the light, free myself in the night, let my pain be yours, and get lost in this horror." Motion with the right hand back and forth twice for this spell. (Sort of like a nightmare/reversal iron maiden/curse spell, and more, etc.) (Hand motion is sort of like a grandfather clock waving back and forth, or a pocket watch swinging)

Necromancy Summon Spells;


"Scourge Spawn" Create a summon made of venom, that resembles a large insect/crab with a shell, and legs and head coming from it. (Like, a defiler from the zerg race.) Scourge Spawn is summoned permanantly, unless it dies. Has good armor, and can move moderately fast. Has an attack that is a venomous bite. Will attack if threatened or commanded. Also likes to attack ones who are "Unjust" or "Who needs to be

punished." Will never attack anyone of me, or me. The Scourge Spawn is Fairly self reliant. Is created with my own life energy/;ife energy from others/my own blood/other's blood/ stolen souls/force energy, etc. any or all of the above. When they bite someone, they extract information from the victim's mind. They become more powerful as they bite and punish more people. Scourge Spawns have a hive mind with me and other's who are of me who would choose to share the hive mind. Scourge Spawns evolve into a higher stage of life form as they live and punish more. All Scourge Spawn, whatever stage may they be, can breed, and lay eggs, as long as they are female and male. Stage 2 for Scourge Spawn; Flying Spawn or Burrow Spawn. Flying Spawn have wings, and a stinger. Like 1st stage in appearance, with wings, and a new tail. Head is larger. Can communicate better with other Scourge Spawn, and are slightly psychic. Posion bite is stronger in stage 2 Scourge Spawn. Have an added Poison Sting attack. Burrow Spawn have a larger tail, and can hide underground by burrowing. Have larger claws that can dig. Have night vision. Can lie in wait for prey and sense above ground prey easy. Have x-ray vision as well. Are smarter, with

more armor, but slightly slower than 1st stage. Stage 1 Scourge Spawns choose themselves which stage 2 form to take. Stage 3 of Scourge Spawn; Tank like beetle. About as big as a Rhino. Looks like a half scarab, and a mixture of the original 2 forms it took. Has enhanced armor, speed, intellect, endurance and added horns and sharper claws for better attack. All attacks are still poisonous, even more now. Has ability to talk somewhat, and stand upright. Stage 3 alternative form; A cat like, Scourge Spawn retaining forms and appearance from first 2 stages of life as well. Can climb, has enhanced agility, some magick use with poison, has enhanced perception, intellect, and limited PSI use. (Greatest so far for PSI use among Scourge Spawn forms.) Has lighter armor than stage 2 burrower, but can regenerate. Can spit venom, has sharp claws, and has the ability to call other Scourge Spawn for help, or to coordinate punishments. Has limited rallying abilities for Scourge Spawn hive, and can link to me with their hive conscious better, and others who choose to link to the Scourge Spawn Hive Conscious Mind between us. All Stage 2 Scourge Spawns that evolve to Stage 3 select their Stage 3 form of choice.

Stage 4 Scourge Spawns; Stage 4 is optional, 1 form. There are later forms. Stage 4 Scourge Spawn; "Punisher Bug" Punisher Bug Scourge Spawn form is large and bipedal, slightly larger than a human. Has sharp claws, and a venomous bite. Resembles a alien drone with a crab shelled head and feelers. Has beady eyes. Can climb, and hunt very well. Has more free will and choice. Has good instincts, and can spit venom. More sexual than other forms, for breeding purposes. Can use technology somewhat. Has good armor, is faster than all humans, can regenerate, and leap far. Still retains claw like hands, but has five digits still. Has fangs, and a strong venomous tail attack. Can punish fast and hard, and grows and evolves more as it eats, learns, and punishes. Stage 4 Scourge Spawn can choose names for themselves, and want to often. They start to develop unique Id and Shadows in this Form/Stage.

Scourge Spawn Zombie StrainScourge Spawns can burrow into minds of humans, to become one with them, creating a host like zombie scourge spawn within that body. Any stage may choose to do this with a punished one at any given time.

II. "Bound Reverence";

Creature bound in chains, Bipedal, slightly human like, mostly monstrous in image/manifestation. Can use it's chains as a weapon. Can disassemble and reassemble it's body parts. Attacks everything not of us. Becomes smarter and stronger as it attacks more and more people. The Bound Reverence summons have a link with me. Bound Reverences can use a special attack that uses more energy from them, but can steal some of their opponents life energy to become stronger and heal if needed. Bound Reverences can make their attacks anger their victims more and more, if the Bound Reverences choose. "Tormentor Spawn"


"Gliding Specter" Gliding Specter looks like a comical ghost, as if you would see in a cartoon, but more sinister. Gliding Specters can move easily from one dimension to the next, and teleport any distance they should so choose. Gliding Specters tend to attack people who have personality quirks they don't like. They never will attack me, or anyone of me. Gliding

Specters who find quirks in people they really don't like, will attack more fiercely. Gliding Specters become smarter, stronger, and have a stronger aura/presence as they attack more people and age. Gliding Specters have a permanent link with me, and anyone else who would choose to. Gliding Specters like the Dead/Undead Pilgrimage Altar/Monument/Oracle. Gliding Specters can possess their victims at their own choice to torment and harass them, speaking to the victim about their most annoying traits they have, the Gliding Specters stating how annoying they really are.


Twisted Marionette Host; Twisted Marionette Host appears like a hideous bipedal demonic like creature with no eyes, lips, or ears. It has three finger like claws, and is red and white all over it's body. Often appears with open wounds covering it's body. Twisted Marionette Host attacks it's enemies by digging it's hands into the taget's head. It selects it's targets based on what is the most 'worthy' to them, for their sole purpose is to overwhelm the target

and possess them. They have a decent amount of intellect to start off, and every target they possess, they gain all their abilities and skills permanently. Can choose to go into a new target at anytime from the old one. Twisted Marionette Host also has a defensive move where they can throw back people with a blast from their hands that is not unlike a force/ telekinetic blast. Twisted Marionette Host have a constant telepathic link with me if they choose to. They have a good amount of awareness, and also grow stronger over time, and with the more targets they possess and attack.

V. "Return Of The Bane" This summons a manifestation of the target's worst emotional fear, which appears like a corrupted mirror image of themselves. The creature will constantly nag about the person's flaws, and attack them every now and then with a personal nightmare that will play in their head, and the only way to make the nightmare stop running through their head, is to come to terms and repent for it. Return Of The Bane grow in strength and intellect over time and attacks upon target. They gain speed, health, and defense over time and attacks upon the target.

Returns Of The Banes can telport, and choose new targets at their discretion. Returns Of The Bane have a great amount of lucidity. Returns Of The Bane grow more life like in image and manner over time and attacks upon the target. Multiple Returns Of The Bane can be summoned upon 1 target.

Necromancy Curses;


Grudge Target is triggered to have negative thoughts about the wielder of this spell continually. The target of Grudge will have intense problems proceeding with daily habits, like eating, sleeping, breathing, etc. until they verbally or physically attack someone. If they do verbally or physically assault someone, they are allowed 1 or 2 hours free from Grudge before it starts again. Grudge starts it's effects again afterwards.

Use the Necromantic Grudge Spell/Curse to cause the target to be assaulted by it's family and friends both verbally and physically. The Necromantic Grudge

Spell/Curse will not stop until the victim is effected physically or psychologically in a severe way. (For example, takes severe mental or physical trauma.) Is delivered with 1 finger on the left hand pointed in the direction of the intended victim. (People who have injustice to you in various degrees will be affected more by this spell than others, according to the wrong done to the wielder.)

II. "Hands of Death" Curse; The target will be very chaotic with anything they touch, and any living life form they come into contact with has a chance of dying by their own hands. Last for a good amount of time to start off. Grows in effect and time amount with more and more use. Is good to target things that use their hands much for the type of work they do.


Cyber Love Curse Target of the Cyber Love Curse will pick up a fascination for pornography in all forms, and will become very interested in cyber sex and phone sex. They will become more and more inclined to watch things like hentai and cartoon porn over time. Over a short amount of time, the target will start to prefer said sexual methods above over the real thing. They will cease having sexual relations over masturbation and artificial sex like cyber and phone relations.


"Family Hatred" The target of the attack will attempt to engage in all forms of violence with anyone they consider family to them, even if they are not blood related. AS long as the person considers anyone like family, or family to them, they will engage in all forms of violence with them.

Necromancy Attack Spells;


Demon/Shadow Person

Possession; Creates a demon that appears like a shadow person, and sends it into the target. The demon is of the common 7 deadly sins type. The demon/shadow person will cause negative effects on the target until exorcized Can only be removed by a powerful exorcist. Demon/shadow person will attack anyone who attempts to remove it. Demon/Shadow Person has intense intelligence, and strength.]


"Soul Blast" An ability to channel the forces of the underworld into souls that home in on the target and do etheric and physical damage to them. Amount and strength of souls increases over time and use. The souls gain more and more conscious over time and use. The souls indicate when the best time, and target, for them to be used against. Gains colors, visibility, and more of a frightening appearance with time and use.


Necromantic Disease Spell; Toxic Weakness;

Target of this spell has their ability to filter out poisonous and hazardous materials weaken, which makes them have a low resistance to drugs and the like, or anything that causes effects to a immune systems. Increases likelihood of overdose and the like. Increases chances that poison can affect the target.

IV. Lamprey Tendril Drain; Lamprey eel like tendrils extend from my hands, and latch onto my target, draining them of life rapidly, transferring it to me. Spell grows in strength with time and use. Lamprey Tendrils increase in strength with time and use. Range extends and numbers of tendrils over time and use. Speed of tendrils increases with time and use. Speed of Lamprey tendril's life drain increases with time and use.


"Mummy Hand Blast" Transforms chosen hand into a Mummy's hand, unleashing a swarm of insects, locusts, wasps, mosquitoes, and bees towards the selected target, to damage and poison them.

Gives myself more synergy with Mummies. Can be used many times quickly, not using too much mana, while still damaging the opponent short and long term in a good amount. Insects from the Mummy Hand Blast stay summoned, and are free to roam after they attack the chosen target. Mummy Hand Blast can be charged for more damage and greater effect. Grows stronger over time, and can add to the amount and types of insects as the spell grows stronger. Speed and power of insects increases with more use. Adds curse effects that make the target vomit.


Death Coil+Veronica 2 strain Virus =Transmit zombie virus from a distance Necromancy Death Zombie Coil, Veronica 2 Strain infector;

The Veronica 2 strain zombie maker death coil spell spirals inside their body, like a parasitic creature. Once inside their body, it moves up the victim's neck from the chest, and into it's brain. The spell coming from the hand always points in the direction of the person's home/current location. This spell can be charged for more damage and stronger effects.

Necromantic Support Spells;

I. Necromancy Fear Aura; (Necromantic Spell/Ability/ Aura) The Necromantic Fear Aura gives you and all of the surrounding dead and undead extra healing, speed, and generates more fear in humans. Necromantic Fear Aura is passive, and strengthens as my ability increases, and more people are defeated and feel fear.


Chain Binding Circle; (Made by me, and only for me, or those I approve of) Use against something or someone who is being annoying. Forms a circle and binds them in chains. Any actions they take afterwards will deliver them physical and ehteric pain. Lasts until they go to sleep for the evening. Pain increases in both etheric and physical type as they struggle more and more, over time. if they do not move much/make noise, etc. then the pain is reduced, depending on their behavior. Chains fasten automatically around the target according to how they are postured. Chains grow vines around them to become more living and sentient if the chains choose to. Vines can also have thorns on them if the chains, that are alive and sentient, would choose as well. Chains can choose to tighten more if I am in more pain, etc. Chains can choose to share a connection with me, like a conscious hive mind, if they wish.

I will try to snag more from those evil Illuminati the next time I go into their headquarters! Salutes you