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Discoveries often are associated with technological and scientific development in society, many of them obtained so far have enriched the culture and quality of life, but some are against human values, I believe that the discoveries are generally beneficial to us, but it depends

with the use made with them, that determine the if they are good or unfavorable to society. Many of the discoveries have been in favor of us, and they have helped us to solve many problems for example in the field of medicine, illnesses that in the past caused mass deaths, these days can be fought by the discovery of penicillin in the same case the discovery of the wheel, electricity, printing had a positive impact in our society. Otherwise if we analyze the discoveries that have been detrimental to humanity as is the case of atomic bomb, gunpowder and dynamite. The human is the unique responsible for having distorted the use of them against of the life. The same applies to the discovery of Machu Picchu and in general all Per, if it had been a discovery in order to respect and revaluation of our culture and their ways of living, and not of ambition and greed, might have been different the way how we made history until now. These are ways to see how the discoveries are and are not good and beneficial to human. In my point of view I think that is human is the unique responsible to generate better options in life, provided we understand that everything we do must lead to personal and social wellbeing.
Pierina Rodriguez Gavidia