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Siti Hajjar Binti Abd Razak & Desi Susanti Binti Yusrizal Tutorial week 13.

A Day in Super-Junior Camp Everyone puts their stuffs and belongings on the land. We are very excited to involve in this camp. I was on cloud nine when finally my parents decided to allow me to join this camp. There are ten facilitators that will conduct this camp and call the shots. Hello everyone, welcome to Super Junior camp. I can see bright eyes and bushy tails on all of you. Now, we will do the first activity, treasure hunt. You will do it in a group. If anyone has as any question, fire away now. For the first activity, the facilitator would have to make their decision of who would be the winner by selecting the pick of the bunch. Therefore, to be a winner, my group has to think out of the box on each task given. In treasure hunt activity, the first task is we have to cross the river. I get cold feet when I see the river water is flowing extremely. Some participants are shouting and crying, as they are very afraid. However, the facilitator firmly said action speak louder than words. Finally, I cross the river quick as a flash and with bundle of nerves. The second task is we have to solve the riddles. All the groups discuss under their breath as they do not want the other group to hear what they discussed. Some of the riddles are just like childs play but some other riddles are very hard to solve. After half an hour, we are managing to solve all the riddles and we have a fighting chance of being a winner. My group runs very fast to go to the final checkpoint and finally the facilitator announced that we are the winner and we are the crme de la crme.